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					                                 Best Pinocchio’s Tuscany villas in Rome

Enjoy the day in Adventures of Pinocchio (a well known cartoon chracter) theme Villas with a great
atmoshphere for the children. A Fantastic view of 18th century sculpture garden with lots n lots of
activities for the chidren which the little ones will really love(Lake como rentals).

You would like to think that the Adventures of Pinocchio by Carlo Lorenzini (better known as Carlo
Collodi) would be as well known as it is without the Disney film, but inevitably that film is the most
common first contact with the child-view world of man-eating whales and expanding noses. The second
could be a visit to the town from which (Positano Villa Rentals) the author took his name, Collodi in the
Northern Tuscany.

The town itself sits on a steep ridge rising behind the Villa Garzoni, an 18th Century palace itself well
worth visiting for its sculpture garden, but the reason for taking the kids there is the theme park. It’s not
Alton Towers with terrifying rides and long queues, but rather a gentle evocation of Carlo Collodi’s
childhood which inspired the book. It started in 1956 with the unveiling of Emilio Greco’s statue
“Pinocchio and the Fairy” and Venturini’s “Square of the Mosaics”, joint winners of a competition to
inaugurate the park( Villas in Veneto).

Since then 21 other sculptures have been added as well as a restaurant. There are activities for the
children and a collection of historic merry-go-rounds which the little ones will really love.

The place is a great day out, but also a gateway to one of the less-frequented areas of Tuscany, the
Garfagnana. Often said to be the region’s wettest area, the vegetation is lusher than usual, with wooded
hills and valleys. Try Barga, for instance. It’ll be cooler up there than in Florence, Lucca and the Arno
Valley. If you need somewhere to stay, here’s a selection of Villas Venice Italy and Venetian Villas in the
Lucca area.

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