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					                                                                                    Press release

                                                                                   5th edition:
                                                                             Three students awarded

                                 The academic defence of the Legal & Tax Prize, organised by Allen & Overy and
                                  HEC Paris - in partnership for the second time this year with the daily business
                                  newspaper La Tribune - took place on June 30th, 2008.

                                 A jury of 16 members (see the complete jury on page 2) including high-profile
                                  individuals from the business world, as well as representatives of HEC Paris School
                                  of Management and lawyers from Allen & Overy LLP, Paris, selected three winners
                                  among six finalists:

                                                                        First prize*:
                                  Agathe Rameix (International Taxation and Law specialisation): "The EU State aid
                                  prohibition applied to French tax legislation"

                                                                     Second prize**:
                                  Anthony Seghers (International Law and Management Master): "The financial and tax
                                  optimisation of a specific LBO: the Owner Buy Out"
Paris, 9th July, 2008

Allen & Overy LLP                                                     Third prize***:
contacts:                         Michel Vanderstraeten (International Taxation and Law specialisation): "In what measure
Jean-Claude Rivalland –           would the CCCTB be a profitable solution to transfer pricing problems in Europe?"
Isabelle Epp
+33 (0) 1 40 06 54 28
                              *   First prize:  5,000 Euros and a paid work placement for a minimum period of 3 months in
HEC Paris Contacts:                            Allen & Overy Paris office.
Richard Perrin –              ** Second prize: 3,500 Euros
Stéphanie Lorette             *** Third prize: 1,500 Euros
+33 (0) 1 39 67 94 39

                              The award ceremony will take place on September 16th, 2008, 19.00 pm, in Paris, in the
                              presence of Erik Izraelewicz, chief editor and deputy director of La Tribune.
                        JURY MEMBERS – 2008

Caroline Bergeron             Group vice Head of Legal - LVMH
                              Head of legal for Europe, competition and group legal
Frédéric de Brouwer           function - Société Générale

Benoît Dutour                 Head of Legal – Nestlé France

Blandine Fauran               Head of Legal & Taxation – Les Entreprises du Médicament

François Funck-Brentano       Head of Legal - Lazard Frères & Compagnie

Cécile Georges                Head of Legal - ADP GSI

Willy Mathot                  General Counsel - Ipsen

Marianna Nitsch               Head of Legal - GE Real Estate

Isabelle Perret-Noto          Head of Legal - Cetelem

Laurent Pitet
                              HEC Paris – Scientific Director of the Mastère "International Law and
François Lenglart             Management"

Nicole Stolowy                HEC Paris – Senior Associate Professor "Business Law and Taxation"

Carine Chassol                Allen & Overy LLP – Banking and Finance

Estelle Dion                  Allen & Overy LLP – Tax

Olivier Fréget                Allen & Overy LLP – Competition

Jean-Claude Rivalland         Allen & Overy LLP – Mergers & Acquisitions

A strong integrated international network
Allen & Overy is a premier international legal practice with some 5,500 staff, including
some 2,600 lawyers, working in 29 major cities worldwide.

The office currently numbers some 130 lawyers of whom 26 are partners. The practice
has full French, English and US law capability in all the key areas of expertise:

         banking and finance                                                   competition/anti-trust law
         international capital markets                                         public and environmental law
         mergers & acquisitions                                                intellectual property/information
         tax                                                                    technology
         litigation/arbitration                                                real estate/transactionnal
         employment law

                                       Legal and Tax Prize

       The Legal & Tax Prize was created in 2004 after Allen & Overy became a member of
        the HEC Foundation.

       The organisers: two international structures leaders in their fields: A&O, a magic
        circle law firm; and HEC, the first European Business School since 2005.

       The Prize is awarded for the three best theses, submitted by six to ten students of
        the HEC International Taxation and Law specialisation and of the International Law
        and Management Master (in partnership with the ESCP-EAP).

       The jury, composed of high-profile business men and women, as well as
        representatives of HEC Paris School of Management and lawyers from Allen & Overy
        LLP, Paris, interviews the finalists.

       The prizes will be presented to the winners during the award ceremony in the
        presence of a guest of honour; Patricia Barbizet (Artemis) in 2005, Jacques Veyrat
        (Neuf Cegetel) in 2006 and Alain Weill (NextRadioTV) in 2007.

In this document "Allen & Overy" means "Allen & Overy LLP and/or its affiliated undertakings".
The term 'partner' is used to refer to a member of Allen & Overy LLP or an employee or consultant with equivalent standing and qualifications.

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