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					                            The Orange Peel                                                           January, 2010
                                                                                                      Volume 1, Issue 1

The Official Newsletter for California Association of Health Facilities, Orange County Chapter

                                This issue brought to you by:
                                                                       Companion Home Health & Hospice
Special Interest Articles                                              2200 W. Orangewood Ave. #250
                                                                       Orange, CA 92868
Meet your new 2010 OC                                                  Contact: Mark Uranga
CAHF Board.                                                            P: (714) 560-8188
                                                                       F: (714) 450-3977
Details on the February

All Star Meeting Recap.           INTRODUCING THE 2010 BOARD

                                  Pictured Above: (Top Row) Anita Bunting, Anant Desai, Scott Boyd, Tiffany Karlin, Mark Shroepfer
                                  (Bottom Row) Mark Uranga, Mike Dodge, Rita Rehaste and Julie Collins

Individual Highlights                                               Treasurer:
                                   INTRODUCING YOUR                                                  Members at Large:
                                                                    Mark Schroepfer                  Julie Collins
Town Hall Breakfast         2      2010 OCAHF BOARD                 ManorCare Fountain Valley        RehabCare Group

December Meeting
                                   OF DIRECTORS:                    Education Chair:                 Rita Rehaste
                                                                    Thais Andrade                    Sanders, Collins & Rehaste
Highlights                  3
                                   President:                       Sunrise Brighton Gardens of
                                   Mike Dodge                       Yorba Linda                      Thank you for volunteering
Advancing Excellence
                                   Hy-lond Home - ResCare
                                                                                                     your time and expertise to
Campaign                    4                                       Nurse Council:
                                   Vice President:                  Marsha Peterson                  our cause!
                                   Mark Uranga                      Sunrise Senior Living
                                   Pacific Haven HealthCare                                          HAPPY NEW YEAR O.C.
                                   Center                           Membership Chair:
                                                                    Bill Shifferli                   PROVIDERS AND
                                   Secretary:                       College of Medical Arts          VENDORS!
                                   Anita Bunting
                                                                    Associate Reps:                  The Good News is….
                                   Public Advocacy:                 Anant Desai                      We made it through 2009!
                                   Tiffany Karlin                   Interface Rehab, Inc.            The Bad News is….
                                   Accurate Business Results                                         We get to do it all over
                                                                    Scott Boyd                       again, only BETTER!
                                                                    Accelerated Care Plus            Stay connected and
                                                                                                     informed with OCAHF.

“To meet your needs and

                             WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!
address your concerns, we

really need to hear from
                             Have some great                 second annual Angels
the Members directly.”                                       Baseball Night (to raise
                             ideas to share?                 funds for our Chapter, date     ARE YOU ON OUR
                                                             TBA), and a Nurse               CURRENT MAILING LIST?
- Mike Dodge, President      Do you have an important
                                                             Recognition Event (May 19,
                             issue you would like to see
                                                             2010). You don’t want to
                             addressed at a Chapter
                                                             miss these exiting events!
                             Meeting? Worried about
                             Fall Risks? Looking for Staff   Other topics for discussions,
                             Retention Tips? Other great     requested speakers,
                             questions or subjects for       thoughts and ideas are
                             discussion? Let us know!        welcome! Thoughts and
                                                             ideas from staff are also       If not, or if you know
                             At each Chapter Meeting
                                                             welcome.                        someone else who would
                             we will host a presentation                                     like to be, please contact:
                             based on the topics you         Please contact Mike
                             would like to see discussed.                                    Anita Bunting,
                                                             Dodge with your issues,
                                                                                             OCAHF Secretary
                                                             topics and ideas at:            (760) 845-0018
                             Mark your calendars!
                             Coming soon is our Town
                             Hall Legislative Breakfast
                             (February 12, 2010), our

                             DON’T MISS THE TOWN HALL BREAKFAST
                            OCAHF will hold a                *Jeff Miller (71st District);
                            Town Hall Legislative            *Mimi Walters (State            Villa Valencia
                                                             Senator, 33rd District); and    24552 Paseo de Valencia
                            Breakfast on                                                     Laguna Hills, CA92653
                                                             *Loretta Sanchez (Member
                            February 12th 2010               of Congress, 47th District).
                                                                                             For more information
                                                             Attendance will be limited      regarding the Town Hall
                            Please join your fellow
                                                             to the first 80 people who      Legislative Breakfast,
                            OCAHF members for a Town
                                                             register for the Breakfast.
                            Hall Legislative Breakfast.                                      please contact
                                                             Breakfast details are as        Mike Dodge at:
                            We have invited the following                          
                            Legislators (or their
                                                                                               Come Meet and
                            *Lou Correa (34 District);
                                                             February 12th, 2010
                                                                                                  Greet Your
                            *Tom Harmon (35th District);
                            *Jim Silva (67th District);
                                                             Registration: 8:30 a.m.           Local Legislators!
                                                             Breakfast: 9:00 a.m.

                                                                                Maria Ioja
                                                  We recognized six (6)
                                                                                Restorative Nurse Assistant
                                                  OCAHF Facility Superstars
                                                                                Manor Care

                                                  who were presented with a
                                                  Certificate of Appreciation   Elia Rosso
                                                  by their nominating           C.N.A., Team Leader
                     RECAP                        Administrator.                Leisure Court

                                                  The superstars (pictured
                                                                                Each Superstar received
                     The 2010 California          below) are:
                     Association of Health                                      Registration, a Certificate
                                                  Profina Alcaraz
                     Facilities – Orange County                                 of Appreciation and a
                                                  Director of Social Services
                     Chapter Board of Directors   Pacific Haven                 $25.00 Starbucks Gift Card
                     was sworn-in by Joe Diaz,                                  (sponsored by Sanders,
                     CAHF Staff.                  Cheryl Bukosky
                                                                                Collins & Rehaste, LLP,
                                                  LVN, Charge Nurse
Special Thanks                                    Brighton Gardens              Attorneys at Law).
                     CONGRATULATIONS TO
  go out to:
                        THE 2010 OCAHF            Gloria Estipona               Be on the look out for your
                                                  RN, Supervisor                next Super Star!
   Board                                          Hy-Long Home



   JSA Search

   Joe Diaz –
   CAHF Staff

   Carole Lillis –
   Region V Chair

   Steve Flood –
   Region V Vice-

   Starry Hang,
   Care West

   Julie Roy,

   Embassy Suites

                            Do you have an employee who always goes above and
                          beyond? Someone who takes extra care of your residents and
                           employees? Do you have a staff member who commands
                            respect and brings positive energy to your facility just by
                           being there? Someone who comes up with new ideas and
                             creative ways to resolve day to day issues? This is your
                                         SUPERSTAR! Recognize them!

                            SHOUT OUT FOR SPONSORS
California Association of                                  * 15 minutes to describe to
                            Get your name up
Health Facilities                                          attendees how your               Fun Fact: The
2201 K Street               in lights (sort of!)           agency can help them.
                                                                                            longest living
Sacramento, CA 95816
                            OCAHF is looking for a few     Facility Profile:                cells are brain
Phone                                                                                       cells, which can
(916) 441-6400              good sponsors. Following
                                                           Submit a photo and one
                            are the sponsorship levels     page description of your         live an entire
Fax                         available:                     facility for inclusion in the    lifetime. Take
(916) 441-6441                                             next Orange Peel!
                                                                                            care of those
                            Headliner for Orange Peel:
E-mail                                                     Other Items:                     brain cells!         * Our newsletter is
                            distributed to members         There are other Raffle Prizes
“Providers Giving Quality   and non-members and is         and Fundraisers available
Care”.                      posted on the CAHF Blog.       as well. Please contact
                            Diamond Sponsor:               Anita Bunting if you are
                                                           interested in sponsoring!
                            * Name is included in our
                            Agenda;                        Anita Bunting,
                                                           OCAHF Secretary
                            * Table top distribution of    (760) 845-0018
                            your Agency information;                                        (Courtesy of

                            Advancing Excellence Campaign
                            Nursing Home                  and state effort designed        The AEC offers free
                                                          to help nursing homes            webinars and
                            Campaign                      improve quality of care          downloadable videos,
                                                          and life in nursing homes.       new ideas, resources
                            CAHF’s CEO Jim Gomez          Supported by many                and training to track
                            has set a new goal for        groups, including CMS,           progress and compare
                            2010… to have 600             CAHF and Aging Services          your nursing home to
                            California LTCs join          of California, the AEC           others in the state.
                            Advancing Excellence          provides free resources to
                            in America’s Nursing          assist nursing home
We’re on the Web!                                                                          See the attached flyer
                            Home Campaign.                management and care.
See us at:                                                                                 for more information on
                            Read his letter                                                                     the AEC.
                            attached.                     Goals of the campaign
                                                          are to improve care,
                            The Advancing
                                                                                               JOIN THE
                                                          reduce care issues and
                            Excellence Campaign           increase resident, and
                            (the “AEC”) is a national     family satisfaction.                EXCELLENCE
                                                                                            CAMPAIGN TODAY!

                     is hosting a

              at the community of

              VILLA VALENCIA
       24552 Paseo de Valencia Laguna
                Hills, CA 92653

            FEBRUARY 12, 2209
          Breakfast begins at 9:00 am


                For information contact:

         For Information contact: Mike Dodge
        OCAHF President (714) 531-8741 ext 117

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