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university mission statement

          T  he University of Santa Monica

           is dedicated to communicating

           the principles and practices of

          Spiritual Psychology worldwide

               through the process of

             Soul-Centered education.

university Message
usM: discovEr answErs to                       Evoking answErs to thrEE                       3) How can I make a meaningful
EssEntial quEstions                            EssEntial quEstions                               contribution in the world?

Right now, more than any time in history,      1) Who am I?                                   Through participating in the educational
people are evaluating their lives through                                                     process experienced at USM, students
                                               The University’s Master’s Degree               make a meaningful contribution in their
the filter of these essential questions:
                                               Programs engage students experientially        world in two distinct yet related ways.
1) Who am I?                                   in the principles and practices of Spiritual   First, by healing unresolved issues we
                                               Psychology. This technology empowers           literally subtract from the sum total of
2) Why am I here, and what is
                                               them to convert their everyday life            negativity on the planet and add to the
   my purpose?
                                               experiences into rungs on the ladder           sum total of positivity. Thus, at USM
3) How can I make a meaningful                 of Spiritual Evolution where the answer        we say, “Every time one person resolves
   contribution in the world?                  to this question can be discovered.            one issue, the whole of humanity moves
                                               Classes are conducted in a Soul-Centered       forward.” Second, the more we evolve
For over 30 years, the University of
                                               educational environment, pioneered             Spiritually, the more clearly our life’s
Santa Monica, the Worldwide Center for the
                                               by Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnick, that             purpose reveals itself and the more
Study and Practice of Spiritual Psychology™,
                                               acknowledges Spiritual Reality and             empowered we become to make more of
has been diligently and lovingly providing
                                               begins with the recognition that we are        a meaningful contribution in our world.
innovative Master’s Degree Programs in
                                               not human beings with a Soul; we are
Spiritual Psychology. The University’s
                                               Souls having a human experience.
Soul-Centered experiential educational
model evokes in students their own             2) Why am I here, and what is                  thE usM graduatE:
answers to these three essential questions        my purpose?                                 living thEir answErs
resulting in more purposeful and fulfilling
                                               As we learn and implement the practi-          One knows the true nature of the tree by
lives. Each individual student is recog-
                                               cal technology of Spiritual Psychology         the fruit it produces. And so, for us at the
nized, honored, and respected for the
                                               in our daily lives, we discover, amaz-         University of Santa Monica, our gradu-
Essence of who they truly are.
                                               ingly, that what has stood in the way of       ates, their lives, relationships, careers,
                                               Spiritual progression as well as a more        and their contributions in the world are
                                               fulfilling life is what we call “unresolved    the true measures and celebrations of
                                               issues”—negative reactions within each         how a University of Santa Monica
                                               of us that are triggered by various situa-     education can transform a human life.
                                               tions, circumstances, and people. As we        We invite you to see their stories on our
                                               learn to heal these unresolved issues, we      Web site and, ideally, connect with them
                                               become clearer and more connected to           in person. To experience the miracle of
                                               our life’s purpose and naturally grow into     our graduates is to experience the miracle
                                               enhanced levels of success and fulfillment.    of the University of Santa Monica.

“   It is becoming more and more clear
that increasing numbers of people globally
are responding to what we refer to as an
Evolutionary Impulse. Perhaps you are
someone who has realized that true
happiness and fulfillment are not goals to be
achieved by success in the material world.
Rather, they are the result of awakening
into the realization of who you truly are,
what your purpose is, and how you can
make a meaningful contribution in your
world. If so, welcome to the ranks of those

who are discovering what it means to be

Loyal to Your Soul.

Drs. Ron & Mary Hulnick
  President & Chief Academic Officer
  University of Santa Monica
usm: educating for wisdom

                                              As we look around the world today,
                                              could it be that a new paradigm of
                                              thought and practice is needed? If, at
                                              any moment we turn on our televisions,        To laugh often and much;
                  ike each of us, the world   we may witness the devastation of an
of education is evolving. In each era,        earthquake in one part of the world, the      To win the respect of intelligent
institutions of higher learning have          bellowing of oil into the sea in another,     people and the affection of children;
brought forward new paradigms of              the refugees of a war in yet another, and
                                                                                            To earn the appreciation of honest
thought and practice to assist the world      economic instability seemingly every-
                                                                                            critics, and endure the betrayal of
in overcoming the challenges of the times.    where. Is what the world needs at this
                                                                                            false friends;
And so, for hundreds of years, institutions   juncture more knowledge? Or might
of higher learning have been operating        now be the time for a new paradigm that       To appreciate beauty;
within the paradigm of Knowledge,             heralds the transcendent and healing
                                                                                            To find the best in others;
meaning the acquisition of information,       power of Wisdom, which is the result of
in service to fueling passages marked by      converting information through life           To leave the world a little bit better,
monikers like the “Industrial Age” and        experience?                                   whether by a healthy child, a garden
the “Information Age.”                                                                      patch, or a redeemed social condition;
                                              Would it be in service to humanity for
                                              there to be an institution of higher learn-   To know that even one life has
                                              ing whose purpose was not to equip            breathed easier because you lived.
                                              students with more knowledge but to
                                                                                            This is to have succeeded.
                                              provide them with opportunities for the
                                              healing and transformation of their own                        Ralph Waldo Emerson
                                              consciousness, along with principles and
                                              practices that empower them to make a
                                              meaningful contribution in their world?
                                              Enter the University of Santa Monica,
                                              Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnick, and the
                                              timely educational paradigm of Spiritual

“   The University of Santa Monica embodies
the true meaning of education: to draw
out from within. The Programs are both
academically rigorous as well as deeply
healing. Structured so that working adults
can attend over a series of weekends and
weeklong summer sessions, the Programs
in Spiritual Psychology are much needed

wisdom training for our times. Come
and join a family that inspires as well
as educates.
Dr. Joan Borysenko
  Guilt is the Teacher, Love is the Lesson
  Your Soul’s Compass: What is Spiritual Guidance?
  Fire in the Soul: A New Psychology of
      Spiritual Optimism
symbolism of the usm logo




       GOLD FIGURE                Large Outer Circle      smell
  The Divine Being having         Light of Knowing
      a human experience;
 consciously experiencing and     Top Circle              Intuition
                                  Spirit of Wisdom            &
   radiating the loving and
   wisdom of the Authentic        Center Circle           knowing
 Self; the person who is living   Knowledge            (6th and 7th senses
   the ultimate competency,                              now awakening
  the loving consciousness.       Bottom Circle          in more people)

“   I mean just imagine taking a course at
a university where the goal of the course
would be to love your Soul more. What
if that were set up as the objective of the
course? You’re going to love your Self
more at the end of this course than you
did at the beginning. . . . That’s a very
different point of view. Can you imagine

the radical transformation in education?
Dr. Thomas Moore
  from Moore On Creativity
  Care of the Soul
  The Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life
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University Mission Statement                                          1

University Message                                                    2

USM: Educating for Wisdom                                             4

Symbolism of the USM Logo                                             6

A Message From Our Founder                                           11

A Message From Our Directors                                         12

Worldwide Center for the Study & Practice of Spiritual Psychology™   14

Soul-Centered Education                                              15

University History                                                   17

Educational Values: Preparing for Soul-Centered Living               20

General Information                                                  22

Institutional Approval                                               24

Organization and Leadership                                          25

Traveling to the University                                          27

The Students                                                         28

M.A. Program in Spiritual Psychology                                 30

M.A. in Spiritual Psychology Program Overview                        32

The Heart of the Spiritual Psychology Program                        33

The First Year                                                       34

The Second Year                                                      35

M.A. Program in Spiritual Psychology Course Descriptions             36

M.A. Program in Spiritual Psychology Graduation Requirements         38

“   Every time one person resolves
one issue, the whole of humanity
moves forward.
H. Ronald Hulnick, Ph.D.

  University of Santa Monica
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M.A. Program in Spiritual Psychology with an Emphasis in Consciousness, Health, & Healing   40

CHH Program Overview                                                                        42

CHH Course Descriptions                                                                     43

Consciousness, Health, & Healing Graduation Requirements                                    44

Graduate Admission                                                                          46

Master’s Programs Admission                                                                 47

M.A. in Spiritual Psychology Application                                                    49

M.A. in Consciousness, Health, & Healing Application                                        50

Transfer Credits                                                                            52

Academic Policies & Regulations                                                             55

USM Faculty                                                                                 61

USM Administration & Staff                                                                  63

Map & Directions to USM                                                                     64

Further Information                                                                         66

Index                                                                                       67

                                                            the truth of their beingness. That shall
                                                            be the teacher of the new age.
                                                            We shall be able to see the evolutionary
                       t is time we place the spiritual     scale of the students and what they need
              energy down into the physical world, and      at this moment in their own transfigura-
              the way to do this is through education.      tion, in their own translation, in their own
              We shall teach and learn to cure ourselves    transcendental education. New vistas
a Message     rather than alleviate symptoms. We shall      will be opened, permitting entry into the
              transcend to the point of going through       consciousness of love.
              something for the last time. Completion
from our      will be a part of the spiritual ecology.      The thrill of the University of Santa Monica
                                                            will be learning functional information
              Education will be taught from divergent       that is readily usable. Students shall learn
Founder       points of view. We shall have those           how to live in this world, to be in the here
              teachers who can evoke from students          and now, and be involved in the unique
              the level of consciousness of knowing.        process of spiritualizing themselves.
              Teachers and students alike shall be
              reaching for that next plateau of con-        The University of Santa Monica is going
              sciousness, regardless of what God we         to be based on a foundation that is a
              worship and how great we think we are.        process of Love where everybody is
              We are going to open the next level to        teaching and learning, and somebody is
              eternal traveling consciousness.              guiding the information. We will teach
                                                            and learn from the center of Love.
              The education of the new age is tran-
              scendental. It is education where you do      We shall bring in students who will go
              not fail, where individual difference is      through the difficult but necessary tran-
              recognized and considered holy. We do         scendence of the mechanical level, and
              not allow individual students to fall out     who will finally answer that inner call
 John-RogeR   because they cannot sustain the energy        that shall evoke their beingness. If you
              of holding onto a subject matter. If          participate in this process of transcen-
              necessary, the whole group stops and          dence, you will know what education
              counsels in order to raise the enthusiasm     truly is, because you as the student will
 ChanCelloR                                                 then become education; you then become
              and interest. In other words, we shall
              elevate the consciousness of learning.        meditation; you then become all things
                                                            and you become nothing; you make non-
              Through the University of Santa Monica,       sense and you make all sorts of sense; you
              a Wisdom School will effect realization of    become a paradox to the profane and you
              truth beyond the verbal level. Each student   become a wayshower to those who are
              and teacher will become truth. Part of the    looking; and those who are there find in
              educational process is to understand who      you the oneness. It shall be difficult, but
              you are as a being on this planet. The last   to whom much is given, much is expected.
              frontier is inner space—reaching the truth
                                                            When you get a degree at the University
              that you are. We shall take the truth of
                                                            of Santa Monica, it won’t be that you
              any approach, but we are not interested
                                                            passed a prescribed line of study — it will
              in people standing up and talking about
                                                            be that you can do what it says you can do.
              truth. We shall have people who reveal
                                                                                                 — 1976

                                               “state of awareness” as a filter for all
                                               communication. We are learning the art
                                               of “how” to more effectively approach
                                               each other for the maximum benefit of               a Message
         hroughout recorded history, those     all concerned.
aware of themselves as travelers upon a
                                               Another area we find ourselves involved             from our
spiritual journey have always pondered
                                               in is that of meaningful and enduring
an essential question: “How can I live a
                                               universal human values. We see our-                directors
loving, committed, and productive life in
                                               selves strengthening our individual
this world while being true to my spiritual
                                               integrity by accepting personal responsi-
quest?” The University of Santa Monica
                                               bility for our choices and our own inner
specializes in the practical application of
                                               environment and honoring our agree-
universal spiritual teachings in everyday
                                               ments with our Selves and others. We
life, and we continually use this question
                                               are acutely aware of the need to provide
as a reference point for the relevancy of
                                               relevant educational experience, which
our educational process. No matter how
                                               empowers students to successfully make
many times we ask this question, we
                                               their way in the world with awareness
always arrive at the same answer: “I can
                                               that they are Divine Beings having a
be true to both aspects of my journey, first
                                               human experience.
and foremost, by learning to reside in the
Unconditional Love that is the Essence of      As we move forward, our basic challenge
who I am and then by sharing that Love         remains one of providing an educational
in my relationships with others—as well        environment within which students and            h. Ronald hulniCk, Ph.d.
as by demonstrating integrity and excel-       teachers alike are discovering our own                  PResident
lence in all my endeavors.”                    answers to these essential questions:
Thus, the arena of Spiritual Psychology        1) Who am I?
emerges as a common denominator                2) Why am I here, and what is my
bridging between the spiritual and that           purpose?
aspect of the spiritual we often refer to      3) How can I make a meaningful
as the physical world. We are constantly          contribution in the world?
rediscovering that by enhancing and            At the same time, we are developing and
refining our relationship with our Self        applying principles, skills, and strategies
and others, students, faculty, staff, and      for being personally effective within the
volunteers alike experience relevancy,         context of current global reality.
meaning, friendship, and fellowship.
It is the educational process of refining      By carefully blending universal spiritual
our relationships with our Authentic Self,     values with academic excellence and
Spirit, others, and the world that results     practical skill development, we enthusi-
in achieving program competencies.             astically look ahead with a willingness          M aRy R. h ulniCk , P h .d.
                                               to be responsive to the needs of the future.     C hieF a CadeMiC o FFiCeR
In particular, we are confirming the prin-     An Unconditionally Loving attitude is
ciple that the content of what we share        the ultimate competency. It is with this
with each other is far less important than     purpose in our hearts and minds that we
the context of “how” we share it. We are       offer the University’s current Programs.
acknowledging the importance of our

“   It is essential therefore that the Self
be recognized in all its areas of expres-
sion, especially those which have to
do specifically with the development,
health, and well-being of all individuals.

“Education in its truest sense means
helping an individual along the path to
the Self. All the abilities and experience
we have studied . . . can be recognized
and stimulated: inventiveness, empathy,
courage, concentration, aesthetic appre-
ciation, intuition, attention to detail,
analytical and synthetic thought, aware-
ness of invisible worlds and the expansion
of consciousness, just to mention a few.
In this way, education is no longer purely

a transfer of information, but an evocation
of the ‘universal human being.’
Piero Ferrucci
WORLDWIDE center for the study and
practice of spiritual psychology™

                                              And, as scholars, poets, and wise people     In more than 30 years of working with the
                                              in general have been saying for centuries,   principles and practices of Spiritual Psychology,
                                              there is a deeper level within each of us    we have found ways of learning to be with
                                              that we refer to as the Authentic Self or    each other both in terms of Soul-Centered
              hen we, as human beings,        Soul; the spiritual dimension of human       skills and attitudes that lead toward experi-
look out at the world, we cannot help but     consciousness. This is the level of aware-   encing the deeper divine levels of wholeness
wonder what we are doing here and what,       ness that people who meditate seek to        and inner fulfillment while, at the same time,
if anything, is our purpose. We experi-       explore, and (as those who say they          enhancing the outer quality of people’s lives.
ence ourselves operating in a physical        have succeeded report) all that is ever
world reality and yet are also aware of       found there are Peace, Love, and Infinite    These skills and attitudes include work-
ourselves as having mental, emotional,                                                     ing with the creative power of intention,
                                              Compassion. It is at this level that we,
and, sometimes, spiritual experiences.                                                     the healing power of Unconditional
                                              as human beings, begin to experience
                                                                                           Loving and Forgiving, and the peaceful
                                              who we truly are as spiritual beings with
Until recently, the field of psychology                                                    power of Acceptance. We have found
                                              spiritual purpose independent from the
tended to identify its area of concern                                                     ways of developing beyond the five-sense
                                              personality dictates of the mind and
as the field of behavior and/or the per-                                                   modality into the sixth sense of intuition
sonality, which has been conceived as                                                      and the seventh sense of direct knowing.
the interplay between the mental and          How, then, are we to proceed if we are       We are learning how the physical body
emotional levels of consciousness. In this    going to concern ourselves with a psy-       responds to mental and emotional input,
system, individuals are assisted in navi-                                                  and we are reaping the rewards associat-
                                              chology that goes beyond the personality?
gating away from unhealthy thinking                                                        ed with heartfelt expressions of gratitude
                                              We call this field Spiritual Psychology.
patterns, related emotional reactiveness,                                                  and service. We are also learning how
                                              It is a field pioneered, innovated, and
and inappropriate behavior and towards                                                     to spend more time at the Authentic Self
                                              masterfully developed by Drs. Ron and
positive mental habits, appropriate emo-                                                   level, where we reside in Unconditional
                                              Mary Hulnick at the University of Santa
tional responses, and effective behavior.                                                  Loving and healing truly occurs.
                                              Monica, and it is why USM is the world-
This movement from negative to positive
                                              wide authority and Worldwide Center          At the University of Santa Monica, we
polarity has been associated with moving
                                              for the Study and Practice of Spiritual      recognize the fundamental spiritual real-
toward a productive and fulfilling life as
                                              Psychology.                                  ity and purpose of human existence and
played out in the physical world. When
                                                                                           define Spiritual Psychology as the study
these assumptions are coupled with            It would appear that such a study would      and practice of the art and science of
appropriate interventions, the results can,   require knowledge of every individual’s      human evolution in consciousness. And
in fact, be quite effective.                  divine purpose in order to determine a       whether we know our purpose or not, the
                                              particular course of action that would       assumption of purpose provides us with
These days, however, greater numbers
of people are asking questions of a more
                                              best serve each person. And perhaps          a universal value system independent
fundamental nature. We want to know           such knowledge is precisely the direc-       of culture and religion. Such a system
who we are at a level far deeper than that    tion in which we are moving. As with any     recognizes the unique contribution of
promised merely by success in the world.      good mystery, it is impossible to know       every individual based on the premise of
                                              where we are going before we get there,      each person’s God-given right to realize
                                              as the journey itself is revelational.       his or her spiritual destiny. It is exciting to
                                                                                           consider the possibility, through Spiritual
                                                                                           Psychology, that humans may at last find
                                                                                           their rightful place among the stars.

                                   SOUL-CENTERED education
                                   WHAT IS                                        into more conscious individuals, family
                                                                                  members, and world citizens. The intent
                                   SOUL-CENTERED                                  is to graduate individuals who, by virtue

 “   Soul-Centered education       EDUCATION?
                                   The words instruction and education are
                                                                                  of what they have learned through the
                                                                                  Program, are fully capable of living more
recognizes spiritual reality and   often used interchangeably in today’s
                                                                                  effectively and creatively in the world
                                                                                  today. The competent graduate demon-
                                   world of learning. Rightly used, instruc-
begins with the assertion that,                                                   strates a Learning Orientation to
                                   tion refers to the process of imparting
                                                                                  Life and an Unconditionally Loving
                                   information or knowledge in a systematic
  rather than human beings                                                        consciousness.
                                   manner and then being able to retrieve it
                                   upon demand when deemed necessary.             An important product of the University
       who have a Soul;                                                           of Santa Monica is the quality of our
                                   Education, which derives from the Latin
                                                                                  learning environment. As a conscious
     we are Souls having a         word educare, literally means “to draw
                                                                                  educational community, we are continu-
                                   forth from within.” A true educational
                                                                                  ally cultivating and evolving in service
   human experience. This          system is highly experiential and designed
                                                                                  to all participating. At USM, everyone is
                                   to provide information, knowledge,
                                                                                  a student, including currently enrolled
  principle evokes a radical       opportunities, and encouragement that
                                                                                  students, staff, faculty, and alumni. Our
                                   assists students in the exciting discovery
                                                                                  intention is congruence between what is
paradigm shift, which results      of their unique talents and abilities. It
                                                                                  taught and the process through which it
                                   also challenges them in ways of sharing
                                                                                  is taught.
                                   their gifts in their world. Much more
    in a psychological and         than simply learning how to earn a living,
                                   it is a process for learning how to live a     WHAT CHARACTERIZES
  educational process whose        fulfilling life.                               SOUL-CENTERED
   goal is to bring forth the      Soul-Centered Education, then, is a process    EDUCATION?
                                   by which the inherent nature of each Soul      With Spiritual Psychology as USM’s
     beauty, wisdom, and           is revealed, not only conceptually but also,   curriculum, Soul-Centered education
                                   and more importantly, experientially. In       refers to USM’s delivery system. Classes
   compassion inherent in          such a process, knowledge is transformed       are taught in a manner consistent with
                                   into wisdom as one learns how to utilize

                                                                                  the curriculum. As such, the educational
    every human being.             the sometimes rough-and-tumble crucible        process is:
                                   of everyday life experience in service to
                                   their spiritual evolution as well as living    n	   Sacred
    Mary R. Hulnick, Ph.d.         a more effective, meaningful, and fulfill-          First and foremost, Soul-Centered
                                   ing life.                                           education respects the inherent worth
     Chief Academic Officer
                                                                                       and value of each and every human
    University of Santa Monica     At the University, we recognize that, by
                                                                                       being. This orientation assumes the
                                   going through the process of learning
                                                                                       importance of deeply held values
                                   the principles and practices of Spiritual
                                                                                       including Unconditional Loving,
                                   Psychology, students participate in an
                                                                                       Acceptance, Compassion,
                                   experiential educational process of higher
                                                                                       and Peace.
                                   learning through which they can develop

n	   Highly Experiential                        n	   Inspirational
     While the acquisition of knowledge is           As students experience greater levels
     important, it is only when knowledge            of creativity and develop the inter-
     is applied experientially that results          personal and project management
     can be observed and students can                skills necessary to give them positive
     discern for themselves the value of             expression, they create opportunities
     what they are learning. Thus, each              to fulfill their deepest aspirations.
     class becomes an experiential learning          This leads to each student discovering
     laboratory.                                     and implementing effective and ful-
                                                     filling ways for making a meaningful
n	   Relevant and Practical                          contribution in their world.
     All new information has value in that

     it is immediately usable rather than       n	   Academically Excellent
     simply theoretical. By the time the             At USM, we recognize that there is                 Spiritual Psychology
     very first class is complete, students          always a newly developing, as well as
     have learned principles and practices           an ancient, body of knowledge worth                is about freedom
     they can immediately apply in service           knowing. The goal is to honor those
     to enhancing the quality of their lives.        who have preceded us and, by stand-                and compassion;
                                                     ing on their shoulders, see further
n	   Transformational                                than they saw, thus adding depth                not as concepts, but as
     When a Soul-Centered educational                and dimension to the art and science
     process is sacred, highly experiential,         of USM’s curriculum in Spiritual                    realities born of
     relevant and practical, participants            Psychology.
     experience themselves transforming
     in two distinct, yet mutually related
     ways: their consciousness awakens,
                                                n	   Alive and Dynamic
                                                     An accurate indicator of a Soul-
                                                                                                     our own experience.
     expands, and uplifts, and their lives           Centered educational process is the
     transform positively. These are natu-           presence of aliveness, engagement,
                                                                                                    H. Ronald Hulnick, Ph.D.
     ral and automatic consequences.                 and vitality in each and every student.                  President
                                                     One of the most often shared com-               University of Santa Monica
n	   Creative                                        ments by students is, “I could hardly
     As transformation occurs, students              wait to return to class this month.”
     open up to new levels of creativity that
     had previously been dormant. Within        n	   Fun
     an atmosphere of mutual support                 The joy of learning speaks for itself.
     and encouragement, coupled with a               Whoever said learning couldn’t be
     supportive educational structure and            fun? At USM, we laugh a lot, not at
     process, newly recognized creative              each other but with each other, as we
     inspirations are channeled into posi-           share our humanity and uncover the
     tive expression.                                joy of the Authentic Self.

                                                These nine elements are hallmarks of,
                                                and integral to, the USM Soul-Centered
	                                               educational experience.

                      university history

                                                                   In 1980, the University Board engaged
                                                                   the services of Dr. H. Ronald Hulnick
                                                                   and Dr. Mary R. Hulnick as President
                                                                   and Academic Vice President, respec-
                                 he University of Santa
                                                                   tively, to implement the University’s
                      Monica, formerly known as Koh-e-nor
                                                                   first Program, now the two-year Master
                      University, was founded in March of
                                                                   of Arts in Spiritual Psychology. Having
                      1976 in Los Angeles, California. The
                                                                   trained professional counselors and being
                      inspiration for the University came from
                                                                   licensed professionals themselves, the
                      its Founder, distinguished educator,
                                                                   Hulnicks were aware of the tremendous
                      internationally known lecturer, and best-
                                                                   need for teachers, health-care profes-
                      selling author, John-Roger. His vision
                                                                   sionals, attorneys, managers, ministers,

                      was of a graduate school of the highest
     The secret                                                    parents, and others to have a practical
                      caliber, where students from across the
                                                                   working knowledge of the fundamental
                      globe could come and learn how to live
                                                                   psychological principles and skills asso-
                      in this world, to be in the here and now,
                                                                   ciated with effective relationships.
  of education        and to be involved in the unique process
                      of spiritualizing themselves.
                                                                   The Hulnicks envisioned an internation-
      lies in                                                      ally known graduate school serving many
                      The first several years saw the Board
                                                                   students from diverse backgrounds whose
                      of Trustees clarifying the University’s
                                                                   educational and professional objectives
                      purpose and direction while also engag-
                                                                   were different from those usually met
   respecting         ing in fundraising efforts to provide the
                                                                   by institutions of higher education. Their
                      institution with working capital.
                                                                   focus was upon relevant information
                                                                   practically applied within a context of
  the pupil.
                ”     In 1978, John-Roger met Dr. H. Ronald
                      Hulnick and Dr. Mary R. Hulnick, both of
                      whom were on the faculty of New Mexico
                                                                   cooperation, support, and caring. This
                                                                   approach tends to result in a synergistic
                                                                   learning environment where high standards
Ralph Waldo Emerson   State University in the Department of
                                                                   of achievement can be attained and
                      Counseling and Educational Psychology,
                      where they trained professional counsel-
                      ors at the master’s and doctoral levels.
                                                                   In September of 1981, the first Master’s
                      For the next two years, the Hulnicks and
                                                                   students were admitted. And in
                      John-Roger shared a continuing dialogue
                                                                   January of 1982, the University received
                      about educational philosophy and the
                                                                   Authorization to operate under California
                      importance of practical mastery education.
                                                                   Education Code Section 94310(3). In June
                      These three noted educators found they
                                                                   of 1983, the University applied for and
                      shared a dream of enlivening, relevant,
                                                                   received State Approval under California
                      Soul-centered education and committed
                                                                   Education Code Section 94310(2). This
                      to working together to bring forward an
                                                                   meant that USM had achieved the highest
                      educational institution based on these
                                                                   level granted by the State of California.
                      values-centered precepts.
                                                                   Through their diligence, enthusiasm,

university history continued
sustained effort, and firm belief in Soul-       In 2006, USM was approved to offer its         has been truly remarkable. For many,
Centered education, the Hulnicks have            second Doctorate: the Psy.D. in Spiritual      USM is the answer to the inner call they
co-created a dynamic educational                 Psychology with an Emphasis in Soul-           are experiencing having to do with their
institution emphasizing relevant, usable         Centered Leadership. Its purpose is to         own awakening and the evolution in con-
information, skills, and experiences             educate students in the facilitation of        sciousness on the planet at this time.
designed to support each student in the          Soul-Centered Living in a variety of
                                                                                                As set forth in this Academic Catalogue
revelation of their Authentic Self, as well      personal and professional settings.
                                                                                                and attested to by USM graduates, the
as a greater demonstration of mastery and
                                                                                                University of Santa Monica provides an
excellence in their lives. Over time their       In 2008, the University focused its energies
                                                                                                effective learning model that is dynamic,
dream of education for the whole person          into designing and planning to launch
                                                                                                creative, soul-centered, supportive, and
has resulted in Graduate Programs oper-          an on-line classroom in order to reach
                                                                                                competency based. The University of
ating on the leading edge where psy-             a wider audience. These non-degree
                                                                                                Santa Monica is committed to educating
chology interfaces with spirituality.            seminars and classes will be offered in
                                                                                                for the future!
                                                 addition to the residential Master of
In 1992, the University recognized a             Arts Programs in Spiritual Psychology.
                                                                                                USM is in alignment with The Call to
refinement of its mission and began refer-
                                                                                                Education as set forth at the December
ring to itself as the Center for the Study and   In 2008, in service to coalescing the
                                                                                                1999 Parliament of the World’s Religions
Practice of Spiritual Psychology. On July        University’s resources behind the vision
                                                                                                in Cape Town, South Africa: “We envi-
1, 1992, the University received approval        of serving many more people throughout
                                                                                                sion a world in which:
from the California State Department of          the world through a distance learning
Education to offer a Master’s Program in         format, USM decided to no longer offer         n	   learning, as a singularly enlivening
Counseling Psychology with an Emphasis           its Counseling Psychology Program,                  human pursuit, is available to all;
in Spiritual Psychology, which fulfilled         which fulfilled the educational require-
the educational requirements for licens-         ments to become a Marriage and Family          n	   intergenerational learning is cherished;
ing as a Marriage and Family Therapist           Therapist in the state of California. The      n	   ethical, moral, and spiritual questions
in California.                                   University phased out its CP Program                are an integral part of academic and
                                                 gradually, “teaching out” and graduating            civil discourse;
In 1997, USM launched another leading-           its last group of Counseling Psychology
edge program: the M.A. Program in                Master’s students in August 2009.              n	   the world’s ethnic groups, cultures,
Spiritual Psychology with an Emphasis                                                                and spiritual communities are taught
in Consciousness, Health, and Healing.           While USM graduated nine students                   lifelong about each other in such a
This Program is uniquely designed and            in 1982, the current enrollment of the              way that each becomes appreciative
focuses on the place where psychology            University numbers over 500 students                of the other;
and spirituality interface with conscious-       participating in the Programs in Spiritual     n	   every human being has the opportunity
ness, health, and healing.                       Psychology and Consciousness, Health,               to grow in personal and intellectual
                                                 and Healing.                                        responsibility and committed service
USM received approval from the state                                                                 to the entire community of life;
to offer a Doctoral Program, the Psy.D. in       The number of students graduating has
Counseling Psychology with an Emphasis           grown from nine to more than 250 annu-         n	   understanding and reverence for the
in Spiritual Psychology, in March 2005.          ally. USM’s faculty has also grown from             vital yet fragile Earth provides the
This is an advanced degree that                  the original two founding faculty mem-              groundwork and incentive for
prepares students for MFT licensing with         bers to over 20 full- and part-time faculty         sustainable living.”
a specialization in Spiritual Psychology.        members. USM’s growth and expansion

“   I found the communication skills taught
in the M.A. Program to be of profound
value. For example, through exploring the
skill Accessing Intuition, I began to value and
respect intuition as a sophisticated, higher
order of logic. This and other skills such as
Heart-Centered Listening, Facilitating Creative
Solutions, and Seven Steps to Issue Resolution
have assisted me in both my personal and
professional life. I have been able to utilize
the outer skills and the inner growth gained
through the Program to help me strengthen
the client base of our marketing, design, and
image management firm to include multi-
national corporations operating on a global

level. Perhaps the single most important
learning has been this: Every issue that is
brought to us is designed to serve our growth and
Ingrid Avallon
  Senior Partner, Avallon/Thackwell
  Pacific Palisades, California
                                  EDUCATIONAL VALUES:
                                  ACADEMIC                    PSYCHOLOGICAL               WISDOM
                                  EXCELLENCE                  MATURITY
                                                                                          Educating for Wisdom—
                                  Educating for Academic      Educating for Psycho-       This dimension chal-
                                  Excellence—This dimen-      logical Maturity—This       lenges us to enter into

                                  sion challenges us to       dimension challenges us     a broader perspective
                                  bring forward enthusi-      to balance our mental       where we see that
                                  asm for learning through    and emotional ener-         human experience can-
                                  stimulating academic        gies so that we are free    not be fully known by
                                  discipline. Regularly       to face the world from      reasoning and intel-
                     t the        scheduled classes are       a positive viewing          lect alone. Rigorous
                                  taught by competent         point. All Programs         academic training is
University of Santa Monica,       professionals who care      are geared towards          therefore balanced with
                                  about sharing their         Self-enhancement, Self-     relevant experience.
                                  expertise with students     awareness, and sound        The process of educa-
 the educational process is       willing to learn and        psychological compre-       tion is one of receiving
                                  progress. Classroom         hension. Participants       information, organiz-
                                  format blends discus-       study, discuss, evaluate,   ing and integrating
 built upon a foundation of       sion of information pre-    and practice principles     the information into
                                  sented in class and from    and techniques from         Knowledge, and testing
                                  assigned readings with      various psychological
   educational values all                                                                 it through the crucible of
                                  relevant experience of      systems influencing         experience. The result
                                  that information. The       Spiritual Psychology        is Wisdom.
  considered intrinsically        fundamental academic        including Person-
                                  subject matter is drawn     Centered, Gestalt,          The competent graduate
                                  from the behavioral         Rational-Emotive,           knows that all experience
essential as well as practical,   sciences and includes,      Psychosynthesis, Neuro-     has meaning and the
                                  yet is not limited to,      Linguistic Programming,     value of life lies in using
                                  principles and tech-        and Spiritual Psychology.   all experience to one’s
 each of which challenges         niques from the fields of                               advancement as an
                                  Human Communication,        The competent graduate      opportunity for forward
    learners to fulfill its       Counseling, Transpersonal   is Accepting of Self and    progress.
                                  Psychology, Holistic        others, psychologically
                                  Health, and Research        mature, aware that there
     unique objectives.           and Evaluation.             is a resolution to every
                                                              issue, and trained to
                                  The competent gradu-        move from a negative to
                                  ate approaches life as an   a positive interpretation
                                  ongoing classroom where     of all experience.
                                  endless possibilities are
                                  present for new learning.

preparing for soul-centered living
INTEGRITY                     PERSONAL                       SOCIAL                       SPIRITUAL                    HEART-CENTERED
                              SUCCESS                        RESPONSIBILITY               AWARENESS                    LEARNING
Educating for Integrity—                                                                                               ENVIRONMENT
This dimension chal-          Educating for Personal         Educating for Social         Educating for Spiritual
lenges students, faculty,     Success—This dimen-            Responsibility—This          Awareness—This               Educating from the
and staff to relate to        sion challenges us to          dimension challenges         dimension challenges us      Heart—This dimen-
each other from a place       transform old habits that      us to live an energetic      to transcend the limits      sion challenges us to
of authenticity and in        no longer support who          and effective life coop-     of physical reality while    maintain the funda-
alignment with universal      we are becoming into           eratively with others.       also living success-         mental principle of the
spiritual principles. This    new patterns designed          Classes unfold in a          fully within that reality.   University: Learning
is done through mutual        to produce enhanced            supportive learning          Attention is given to        occurs best in a loving
honest, caring expression     levels of success in the       environment and some-        the integration of body,     environment where
and a deep respect for        world. Students are            times include outside        mind, emotions, and          the worth and dignity
each person’s individu-       encouraged to take             projects involving           Spirit within each and       of each individual is
ality. A cornerstone of       charge of their own            interaction with the         every student. We            acknowledged, valued,
Integrity is the willing-     learning process. In           community-at-large.          share our values and the     and respected. At the
ness to accept personal       this way, we learn to          Students learn how to        meanings we ascribe to       University of Santa
responsibility for how        be masters not only of         be personally respon-        our experiences while        Monica, care is taken
we respond to all of life’s   what we learn but also         sible for their attitudes    also demonstrating an        in creating an atmo-
challenges. In short, the     of how we learn.               and choices within the       openness to changing         sphere where excellence
learning opportunity is                                      larger context of the        those values and mean-       in academic pursuits
for us all to “walk our       The competent graduate         “highest good of all         ings when we recognize       and powerful personal
talk.”                        demonstrates personal          concerned.”                  others that are more in      regeneration can occur
                              discipline involving set-                                   alignment with who we        within the context of
The competent gradu-          ting and accomplishing         The competent gradu-         are as Divine Beings.        Acceptance, empathy,
ate demonstrates an           goals, making and keep-        ate is accepting of other                                 and heartfelt caring.
awareness that the inner      ing commitments, striving      people, looks for enrich-    The competent gradu-
process of authentic          for excellence in all areas,   ment through cultural        ate sees the divine          The competent gradu-
empowerment occurs            and using effective inter-     diversity, cooperates with   dignity inherent in          ate meets the world first
when the actions we           and intra-personal skills.     authority, acknowledges      all human beings and         and foremost with a
take are congruent with                                      their responsibility as a    all experience. An           Compassionate heart.
our deeply held values                                       contributing member of a     Unconditionally Loving
and are also done with                                       global community, and        attitude is recognized
care and consideration                                       demonstrates a service       as the ultimate compe-
for others.                                                  orientation to life.         tency.

general information

                                             ACADEMIC YEAR                                  TUITION AND EXPENSES
                                             Classes for all Programs begin each            Full details, including quarterly and
                                             fall in late September or early October.       yearly tuition summaries for each
                                             Classes are held monthly (October-June)        Program, are clearly outlined in the
         ounded in 1976, the University      in a weekend format, plus one week each        Financial Information booklet and are
of Santa Monica has over 500 students        summer. This schedule allows adults            also available on our Web site.
enrolled in its Graduate Programs each       with busy personal and professional
academic year. The University’s core         lives to participate. To receive a Class
Program is the two-year Master of Arts                                                      STUDENT LOANS
                                             Schedule for the next academic year, call
in Spiritual Psychology. This Program        the University of Santa Monica or visit        USM does not participate in federal or
accepts 276 highly qualified students each   the Web site.                                  state financial aid programs. For informa-
year with classes beginning in October.                                                     tion on Student Loans and Financial Aid,
                                                                                            please contact the Admissions Office.
                                             UNIVERSITY FACILITIES
SOUL-CENTERED GRADUATE                                                                      USM has also been very successful in
CURRICULUM                                   The University of Santa Monica adminis-
                                                                                            assisting students in gaining Employer
                                             trative offices and classrooms are located
The University of Santa Monica pro-                                                         Assistance to cover their tuition expenses.
                                             on the corner of Wilshire Boulevard and
vides its students with opportunities for                                                   Please contact the Admissions Office for
                                             21st Street in Santa Monica, California.
Spiritual Evolution through the applica-                                                    more information.
                                             The facilities are spacious, attractive, and
tion of the principles and practices of      located close to many excellent restaurants
Spiritual Psychology to everyday life        and hotels.                                    INFORMATION EVENINGS
experience. This educational process
results in students experiencing greater                                                    Information Evenings provide an excellent
connection with who they are, their life’s   HOUSING                                        opportunity to learn more about USM’s
purpose, and enhanced levels of success                                                     Programs, meet the faculty, and talk
                                             The University offers classes on evenings
and fulfillment, thus empowering them                                                       with current students and graduates.
                                             and weekends and does not provide
to make a meaningful contribution in                                                        Information Evenings are held on select
                                             housing. Students are expected to find
their world.                                                                                dates throughout the year. For a com-
                                             and arrange for housing for themselves.
                                                                                            plete listing, visit the Event Calendar
                                             Hotel accommodations are available
                                                                                            on our Web site.
                                             nearby, ranging from $139-$189 per night.

                                             THE USM CATALOGUE
                                             This Catalogue is effective from October 1,
                                             2010, through December 31, 2012.
                                             The University of Santa Monica reserves
                                             the right to make any revisions in this
                                             Catalogue that it deems necessary, includ-
                                             ing changes in curriculum, procedures,
                                             policies, guidelines, and tuition.

general information continued
STUDENT SERVICES                             7. Parking
                                                Parking passes for parking near the
Below is a listing of services provided to
                                                campus are distributed to all students
prospective and current students:
                                                for class weekends.                        “Insist on yourself; never imitate.
1. Admissions Counselor
                                             8. Student Evaluation                        Your own gift you can present every
   Applicants are assigned a designated
                                                Students receive relevant written
   Admissions Counselor who will                                                           moment with the cumulative force
                                                feedback, coaching, and evaluations
   provide in-depth information about                                                         of a whole life’s cultivation;
                                                of home assignments. Papers are
   USM’s Programs, Admission require-
                                                submitted on Friday evening of a class    but of the adopted talent of another,
   ments, tuition & fees, and answer any
                                                weekend and are returned on the fol-
   other questions.                                                                       you have only an extemporaneous,
                                                lowing Sunday before the completion
2. Student Advising                             of class.                                     half possession. That which
   Assistance is available for students                                                        each can do best, none but
   relative to their academic program
                                             LIBRARY RESOURCES                                 his Maker can teach him.”
   including questions about home
   assignments, policies, attendance         Arrangements have been made with a                  Ralph Waldo Emerson
   requirements, class schedules, etc.       comprehensive local university library
3. Faculty Advising                          (UCLA) for USM students to have library
                                                                                          “Take any step toward our destiny
   Course instructors and adjunct faculty    privileges. During the fall quarter of
                                             enrollment, each student receives detailed       through creative action. . . .
   provide coaching, class discussion,
   and written and verbal feedback           information regarding the UCLA Library         The universe turns towards us,
   to students during class weekends.        services, including information on how           realizing we are here, alive,
   Access to faculty advising is available   to obtain a library card. The University
                                             of Santa Monica will reimburse students        and about to make our mark.”
   between classes if necessary.
                                             up to an amount of $100 for their UCLA                   David Whyte
4. Academic Materials
                                             Library card.
   Students receive these materials in
   class: Course Syllabi and Handouts,
   Notebook binders, and Booklets of
5. Registration Services
   Students are registered for courses
   and provided with nametags for class.
6. Financial Services
   The Finance Office handles questions
   about tuition payments and payment
   plans, Student Loans, and other finan-
   cial matters.

institutional approval

                                              The legislation specifically mandates       October 1997
                                              that schools be reviewed every five years   Received State approval to offer the M.A.
                                              and evaluated by qualified representa-      Program in Spiritual Psychology with
                                              tives chosen by the Bureau for Private      an Emphasis in Consciousness, Health,
        he University of Santa Monica         Postsecondary Education. If, on the basis   and Healing. This Program is uniquely
is approved by the California Bureau          of this in-depth evaluation, a school is    designed and focuses on the place where
for Private Postsecondary Education to        found worthy, it is granted approval and    psychology and spirituality interface
grant master’s and doctoral degrees and       subsequent re-approval.                     with consciousness, health, and healing.
online/distance learning programs.                                                        April 2005
                                              HISTORY OF PROGRAM                          Received approval from the BPPVE
The University’s status of “Institutional
                                              APPROVALS                                   to offer a Doctoral Program (Psy.D.)
Approval” is the highest status an insti-
tution can achieve under the California       September 1981                              in Counseling Psychology with an
Private Postsecondary Education Act.          First Master’s Program students were        Emphasis in Spiritual Psychology.
This status was created as a consequence      admitted. This initial Master’s Program     June 2006
of state legislative action, SB 190, which    developed into the current two-year M.A.    Received state approval for a second
was signed into law in 1989.                  in Spiritual Psychology.                    Doctoral Program: the Psy.D. in
USM received its initial Approval to          January 1982                                Spiritual Psychology with an Emphasis
offer degrees in California in June of 1983   Received Authorization to grant degrees,    in Soul-Centered Leadership.
under the California Education Code           operating under California Education
Section 94310(2), which was administered                                                  April 2007
                                              Code Section 94310(3).                      Received approval from BPPVE to include
at that time by the State Department
of Education. In 2007, the Laws that          June 1983                                   distance (on-line) learning programs to
provided oversight for state-approved         Applied for and received State Approval     supplement and complement residential
schools expired and the Bureau for            under California Education Code Section     instruction.
Private Postsecondary and Vocational          94310(2).                                   January 2010
Education (BPPVE) was dissolved. In the                                                   Received re-approval to offer all Programs
period of time from July 2007 to October      July 1985
                                              Received approval from the Department of    under newly formed Bureau for Private
2009, USM voluntarily continued to be                                                     Postsecondary Education (BPPE).
in compliance with state requirements         Immigration (INS) to issue student visas,
for Approved Institutions.                    thus supporting more directly the mission   July 2010
                                              of establishing the principles and prac-    The University of Santa Monica is
New legislation was signed into law           tices of Spiritual Psychology worldwide.    approved to work with the U.S. Veteran’s
on October 11, 2009. A new Bureau,
                                              July 1992                                   Administration (V.A.) to participate in
the Bureau for Private Postsecondary
                                              Received approval from the Bureau for       the GI Bill tuition assistance program for
Education (BPPE), was established, and
                                              Private Postsecondary and Vocational        eligible active military, veterans, reservists,
the new law took effect on January 1, 2010.
                                              Education (BBPVE) to offer a Master’s       or dependents of a veteran.
USM was granted re-approval for the
next several years by operation of law        Program in Counseling Psychology with
on January 1, 2010.                           an Emphasis in Spiritual Psychology,
                                              which fulfills the educational require-
                                              ments for licensing as a Marriage and
                                              Family Therapist in California.

organization & leadership

The University of Santa Monica is a            H. Ronald Hulnick, Ph.D.       Dr. H. Ronald Hulnick and Dr. Mary R.
private, nonprofit educational institution     President                      Hulnick, President and Chief Academic
recognized by the U.S. Internal Revenue        University of Santa Monica     Officer, respectively, of the University
Service as organized and operated for                                         of Santa Monica, have been involved in
                                               John E. McBride
educational purposes and, therefore,                                          graduate education for more than thirty
exempt from taxation, pursuant to IRC                                         years. They are well-respected leaders
                                               Flexway Trucking
Section 50l(c)(3).                                                            and educators in the field of personal
                                               Scott Mednick                  and relationship counseling. Both Ron
The governing body is the Board of             Film Producer                  and Mary are licensed in the State of
Trustees, which consists of six members                                       California as Marriage and Family
each serving a two-year term. Trustees         Matthew Molitch, J.D.          Therapists, and Mary is also a licensed
are elected at an annual meeting or a spe-     Retired Chairman               Psychologist. Ron and Mary are the
cial meeting held for that purpose by the      The Clark Group, Inc.          founding faculty and designers of the
members of the corporation. The Board          John Morton, D.S.S.            Master’s Programs and co-facilitate many
meets at least four (4) times a year to con-   Vice Chancellor                classes along with other USM faculty.
duct corporate business. The Trustees are      Minister, Spiritual Director
responsible for choosing the officers of the                                  The Executive Leadership Team consists
corporation and for delegating authority       Richard Powell                 of the President, CAO, CFO, and senior
to the President.                              Retired President & CEO        staff. The Executive Leadership Team
                                               Big 8 Supermarkets             is responsible for the overview of daily
The President reports directly to the                                         operations; formulation and overview
Board of Trustees. The Chief Academic          Kelli Benston Tabb, Esq.       of organization systems, policies, and
Officer and Chief Financial Officer report     Business Affairs               procedures; reporting systems; organiza-
to the President.                              IMAX Corporation               tional quality assurance; and leadership in
                                                                              all the areas of the University.
                                               BOARD MEMBER EMERITUS

                                               John Bateman, M.D.

“   My USM education is the most precious
gift I have ever given myself. To be a
part of such a rich and diverse educational
environment is one of my most valuable
life experiences to date, and I treasure the
friendships that I have established with
my classmates. Through flying in from
Texas each month for two years, I have
developed a deep commitment to myself
and to my goals. Using the principles and
skills taught in the Spiritual Psychology
Program, I have been able to create a level
of excellence in every area of my life that
wildly exceeds the dreams I had when I

started the Program. If you are considering
attending USM, then start dreaming BIG!
Billy Myers
  Systems Analyst
  University of Texas
traveling to the university

                                         I        n the 25-plus years the University
                                         of Santa Monica has been offering classes,
                                         students living in all regions of the
                                         country have traveled to Santa Monica
                                         to participate in the M.A. Programs.
                                         Graduates have commuted from all parts
                                         of the United States including Alaska
                                         and Hawaii. Additionally, students from
                                         many cities within California, including
                                         San Francisco, Santa Barbara, and San
                                         Diego, have selected the University’s
                                         Programs in Spiritual Psychology and
                                         Consciousness, Health, and Healing as
                                         the next step in their development and
                                         education. Distance need not be a barrier
                                         to participating in these Programs!

                                         Entering classes have increasingly had
                                         an international flavor over the years as
                                         students have either relocated to (or trav-
                                         eled each month to) the Los Angeles
                                         area from England, Australia, France,
                                         Germany, Ireland, Mexico, Norway, Latin
            university of santa monica
                                         America, and South Africa to attend the

                                         In order to accommodate the grow-
                                         ing number of students traveling to
  USM students travel from many          the University from outside California,
  countries and regions outside
  North America including:
                                         a program has been established that
  Australia                              arranges for special rates for certain
  Canada                                 air and ground travel, as well as hotel
  England                                accommodations. If this applies to you,
  France                                 please call the USM office and ask for the
  Germany                                Student Travel Discount Information flyer.
  Latin America
  South Africa

the students

                                               n   An educational model based upon           A significant number of students already hold
                                                   an experiential learning process          advanced degrees in a variety of disciplines.
                                                   rather than the mere acquisition of       Past graduates have included numerous
                                                   information. The goal of learning         individuals from each of the following groups:
        tudents at the University of Santa         is supporting students in integrat-
Monica are adults with varied educational,                                                       Mental health professionals including
                                                   ing the principles and practices of

professional, and personal backgrounds.                                                          psychiatrists, psychologists, marriage
                                                   Spiritual Psychology in service to the
Many come from great distances, even                                                             and family therapists, social workers,
                                                   resolution of issues, the revelation of
internationally, to participate. Because                                                         etc.
                                                   the Authentic Self, and living highly
classes meet for a minimum of two                  purposeful and fulfilling lives.          n   Educators who are teaching at all levels
consecutive years (for First and Second                                                          and administrators of educational
year the schedule is one weekend a             n   An educational process designed to            institutions.
month for nine months plus one week                assist the adult learner to understand
each summer), deep bonds are forged as             himself or herself in the context of
                                                                                             n   Healthcare professionals, including
students form a profound support group             innate strengths, gifts, and abilities.       physicians, nurses, chiropractors,
for one another.                                                                                 physical therapists, and practitioners of
                                               n   An education for global citizenship           alternative medicine.
As students progress through the                   for mature students whose goal is         n   Those who would like to enhance the
Program, they recognize themselves as              to cultivate global awareness and a           quality of their relationships with their
an integral part of a mutually supportive          service orientation to life.                  family members.
group of individuals committed to par-
ticipating in a Soul-Centered educational      USM’s Graduate Programs appeal to             n   Managers, supervisors, and consultants
process emphasizing enhanced spiritual         those who recognize the sacredness and            seeking to enhance both their leadership
awareness, the continual improvement of        healing potential of human existence              and interpersonal skills.
the quality of their lives, and living more    and who intend to incorporate this rec-       n   Individuals with a high level of inter-
in alignment with their Soul’s purpose.        ognition more fully into their lives.             face with the public, including sales and
                                                                                                 marketing representatives, lawyers,
As students complete the Program, they         The University of Santa Monica pro-               realtors, ministers and practitioners,
take their place within a community            vides its students with opportunities for         social activists, athletes, peace officers,
of individuals who are committed to a          Spiritual Evolution through the applica-          military personnel, government
Learning Orientation to Life and to Soul-      tion of the principles and practices of           workers, etc.
Centered living.                               Spiritual Psychology to everyday life
                                               experience. This educational process          n   Artists from a wide range of creative
The University provides a Soul-Centered        results in students experiencing greater          disciplines, including authors, painters,
learning environment focusing on both          connection with who they are, their life’s        poets, sculptors, dancers, classical and
personal and professional development,         purpose, and enhanced levels of success           modern musicians, photographers, and
including:                                     and fulfillment. This empowers them to            actors from stage, television, and film.
                                               make a meaningful contribution in their           Those on a spiritual path who would
n	   An educational opportunity for                                                          n
                                               world.                                            like to be of greater service to them-
     mature adults whose professional
     responsibilities, established families,                                                     selves and others who are seeking their
     and/or learning styles make atten-                                                          next steps personally and professionally.
     dance at traditional institutions
     difficult, if not impossible.

“   If ever there were two Soul-Centered
Skills at the heart of Spiritual Psychology
worth mastering, they would be Acceptance
and Forgiveness—Acceptance of all life has
to offer, including things I don’t like, and
Forgiveness of the judgments of all I’m still
learning to Accept.
H. Ronald Hulnick

  University of Santa Monica




m.a. program in Spiritual psychology
A pSyCHOLOGICAL/                               Since the University of Santa Monica is      DISTINGUISHING FEATURES OF THE
                                               dedicated to mastery education, excellence   SPIRITUAL PSYCHOLOGY PROGRAM
SpIRITUAL AppROACH                             is evaluated in terms of demonstrating

                                               the skills and competencies of Spiritual     n   The University of Santa Monica has
                                               Psychology as experienced through Soul-          developed a highly empowering
                                               Centered education. An Unconditionally           approach to interpersonal communi-
                                               Loving attitude is recognized as the             cation. Presented are over 35
                                               ultimate competency. With this goal in           empowering Soul-Centered Basic Skills,
         he University of Santa Monica         mind, all faculty face the same challenge:       which are tools for spiritual evolution.
offers a unique Program leading to             Can relevant information be presented
a Master of Arts Degree in Spiritual           appropriately so as to stimulate the
                                                                                            n   Principles, tools, and practices
Psychology. It is a dynamic graduate           mental capacities to think about it, the         from the emerging field of Spiritual
Program on the leading edge where              emotional abilities to feel it, and the          Psychology are presented. Students
psychology interfaces with spirituality.       spiritual awareness to discern the value         are challenged to apply what they are
Classes emphasize relevant, usable infor-      of it?                                           learning in order to improve the quality
mation, skills, and experiences designed                                                        of their lives. Students are required
to support students into a greater dem-        As this challenge is met, students are           to do something with the information
onstration of mastery and excellence and       empowered to implement this informa-             other than simply consider it. New
the experience of greater fulfillment in       tion as an interactive process of taking         information is followed by practical
their lives.                                   positive steps and creating enhanced             application. The result is a positive
                                               success and fulfillment in all aspects of        and enduring learning experience.
The two-year Program, which consists           their lives. Accomplishing this requires
of 55 quarter units of coursework, is
                                                                                            n   Students identify, research, commit
                                               a balanced approach with emphasis on
conducted in a supportive educational                                                           to, and achieve meaningful personal
                                               experiential learning.
environment. During both years, classes                                                         and professional goals during the
meet one weekend a month for nine              This experiential educational paradigm           two-year Program. At USM, the
months and for one week during the             evokes in students their own responses           educational experience results in a
summer quarter.                                to the essential questions, resulting in         lasting, positive metamorphosis in
                                               highly purposeful and fulfilling lives.          each participant’s life.
The Program is designed sequentially with
                                                                                                The monthly weekend class format
                                               This Program is unique and specialized
emphasis placed upon applying what
                                                                                                allows students living in other states
has been learned in order to take one’s        in that completion prepares graduates
                                                                                                and countries to participate.
next steps. Competency is defined as           to deal more effectively with themselves
learning to participate ever more effec-       and others and, as such, prepares one        n   The University offers a supportive
tively with one’s Self, with the significant   for any occupation and for a much greater        learning environment, which nurtures
others in one’s life, and as a contributing    degree of success and fulfillment in that        the awakening of the human spirit
member of the global community.                occupation. This degree does not prepare         inherent in everyone. Learning takes
                                               one to sit for any license.                      place in an uplifting Soul-Centered
                                                                                                learning environment, which focuses
                                                                                                on the revelation of the Authentic Self
                                                                                                within each student.

M.A. in Spiritual psychology
The following outline is a plan through     First YEar
which students who enroll in the M.A.
in Spiritual Psychology Program can         The First Year consists of 23 Quarter Units offered over 10 months:
complete their Master’s degree in two
                                            A. The first three courses, each three months in duration, are offered in a nine-weekend
years. The entire Program consists of          format, one weekend per month for nine months:
55 quarter units.
                                               PSY 501          Foundations of Spiritual Psychology                 6 Quarter Units
The Master’s Degree Program in Spiritual       PSY 515          Theories & Techniques Influencing
Psychology is the foundational curriculum                       Spiritual Psychology                                6 Quarter Units
for the M.A. Program in Spiritual              PSY 520          Advanced Spiritual Psychology                       6 Quarter Units
Psychology with an Emphasis in
Consciousness, Health, and Healing.         B. PSY 528          Five-Day Spiritual Psychology Laboratory is offered
                                                                in the summer.                                      5 Quarter Units
Quarter Units required to complete the         FIRST YEAR TOTAL = 23 QUARTER UNITS
M.A. in Spiritual Psychology Program:
FIRST YEAR             23 Quarter Units
SECOND YEAR            32 Quarter Units
                                            second YEar
                                            The Second Year consists of 32 Quarter Units offered over 10 months:
TOTAL                  55 Quarter Units
                                            A. Four courses offered concurrently in a nine-weekend format, one weekend per month
                                               for nine months:
                                               PSY 504          Human Growth and Development                        6 Quarter Units
                                               PSY 512          Marriage and Family Relationship:
                                                                The Skills of Intimacy                              5 Quarter Units
                                               PSY 516          Soul-Centered Co-Creation                           5 Quarter Units
                                               PSY 523          Research and Evaluation For Action:
                                                                Behavioral Science Methods                          6 Quarter Units
                                            B. One course offered as an Independent Study over the same nine months:
                                               PSY 517          Practicum in Soul-Centered Co-Creation              5 Quarter Units
                                            C. A Spiritual Psychology Practicum offered in the summer or early fall:
                                               PSY 530          Six-Day Spiritual Psychology Practicum
                                                                (Usually held in retreat)                           5 Quarter Units
                                            D. Master’s Comprehensive Examination
                                               The Master’s Comprehensive Examination is a written paper, which is completed
                                               at the end of the Second Year prior to enrolling in PSY 530 – Six-Day Spiritual
                                               Psychology Practicum.
                                               SECOND YEAR TOTAL = 32 QUARTER UNITS

the heart of the
spiritual psychology program

                                                                                             BENEFITS OF USM’S M.A.
                                                                                             PROGRAM IN SPIRITUAL

                    t USM, learning takes place on a variety of levels throughout the        n	   Experiencing enhanced spiritual
Program. The principal focus is on increasing and enhancing each student’s facility for           awareness through knowing yourself
accessing the source of Wisdom, Compassion, and natural knowing within themselves,                as a Divine Being having a human
which we call the Authentic Self. As this facility is strengthened, skills are learned and        experience.
tools are developed through which the Authentic Self, functioning through what we
                                                                                             n	   Manifesting greater success and ful-
refer to as the Inner Counselor, can work in support of each student’s awakening.
                                                                                                  fillment personally and professionally.
During the two years of study, students learn and practice over 35 distinct Soul-Centered
                                                                                             n	   Transforming your consciousness
Basic Skills developed by Ron and Mary Hulnick and six major Facilitation Strategies that
                                                                                                  and your life by integrating the
have been formulated by prominent psychologists and translated into the perspective
                                                                                                  principles and tools of Spiritual
of Spiritual Psychology. In addition, students develop, implement, and refine their own
personal strategies for success that can be applied in all areas of their lives, including
relationships, health, career, creative endeavors, finances, and service.                    n	   Mastering powerful Soul-Centered
                                                                                                  Basic Skills—tools for spiritual
During the course of the two-year Program, students become proficient in skills for               evolution.
dealing effectively with:
                                                                                                  Resolving (healing) your own issues
BEHAVIORAL ISSUES—Including relationships, money, work, health, etc. The
                                                                                                  (anything that disturbs your peace).
behavioral level relates to the physical world and working successfully within it.
                                                                                                  Aligning with your Soul’s purpose.
MENTAL ISSUES—Including attitudes, beliefs, judgments, misunderstandings,

misinterpretations, philosophies, etc. On this level, we work with the mind to bring         n	   Fulfilling your deepest aspirations
clarity and a positive orientation to all of life’s experiences.                                  through discovering effective and joy-
EMOTIONAL ISSUES—The emotional level is the level of feelings. On this level,                     filled ways of making a meaningful
students work toward emotional maturity. This work can be quite challenging until                 contribution in the world.
the appropriate methods of self-healing are learned.                                         n	   Participating within a community of
SPIRITUAL ISSUES—This involves healing at the deepest levels. To do this work, we                 like-hearted individuals.
learn to access and resolve whatever appears to separate us from the awareness of who
                                                                                             n	   Discovering your own answers to
we truly are as Divine Beings. The result is revelation and experience of the Beauty,
                                                                                                  the essential questions:
Joy, Wisdom, Compassion, and Unconditional Loving of the Authentic Self.
                                                                                                  1) Who am I?
                                                                                                  2) Why am I here, and what is my
                                                                                                  3) How can I make a meaningful
                                                                                                     contribution in the world?

the first year

                                              SOUL-CENTERED BASIC SKILLS                    Soul-Centered Basic Skills, information,
                                              Learning 26 Soul-Centered Basic Skills        and success strategies presented in the
                                              in service to integrating a Learning          first three quarters.
                                              Orientation to Life.
                     primary focus of the                                                   SOME OF THE 35 SOUL-CENTERED
First Year is enhancing the facility for      SELF-COUNSELING                               BASIC SKILLS INCLUDE:
utilizing one’s “Inner Counselor,” the        Learning, through the process of Self-
                                                                                            Heart-Centered Listening
source of Wisdom, Compassion, and             Counseling, to connect with your Inner
natural knowing within each of us             Counselor, a source of Wisdom, Uncon-         Identifying, Owning, and
accessible at the level of the Authentic      ditional Loving, and Compassion that          Accepting Projections
Self. This is done in part by practicing      resides at the level of the Authentic Self.
                                                                                            Giving Effective Feedback
the University’s unique approach to
Soul-Centered Basic Skills. These skills      The First Year of the Spiritual Psychology    Receiving Feedback Effectively
are experienced within an educational         Program consists of 23 quarter units          Prizing
framework emphasizing a Learning              offered as four courses. The first three
Orientation to Life in service to the         courses are offered in an empowering          Accessing Intuition
evolution of consciousness. At the            nine-weekend format during the fall,
University of Santa Monica, learning                                                        Asking Open-Ended Questions
                                              winter, and spring quarters.
takes place on a variety of levels, includ-
                                                                                            Facilitating Creative Solutions
ing the physical, mental, emotional, and      PSY 501
spiritual. All of the skills and techniques   Foundations of Spiritual Psychology           Facilitating Positive Self-Talk
learned in the Program support the            6 Quarter Units
development of the most important tool                                                      Reframing Issues as Blessings
of all: effective Self-Counseling.            PSY 515                                       Silence
                                              Theories & Techniques Influencing
During the First Year, student learning       Spiritual Psychology                          Identifying and Clarifying
focuses in five primary areas:                6 Quarter Units                               Our Heartfelt Dreams
INDIVIDUAL EVOLUTION                                                                        Exploring, Expressing, and
Learning to relate to yourself with greater   PSY 520                                       Encouraging Feelings
Compassion and Awareness of yourself as       Advanced Spiritual Psychology
a Divine Being having a human experience.     6 Quarter Units                               Facilitating Compassionate
Learning to relate with others in more        Five-Day Spiritual Psychology Laboratory
accepting, compassionate, discerning,         5 Quarter Units
and open-hearted ways.
                                              The fourth course of the First Year, a
CREATING SUCCESS IN THE WORLD                 capstone, is held during the summer
AND FULFILLMENT IN LIFE                       quarter. This powerful and enlivening
Learning to actively create and express       five-day laboratory experience is
in ways that bring your life into greater     designed to assist students in synthesiz-
alignment with your heartfelt goals and       ing and more effectively utilizing the

the second year

                                                 MARRIAGE & FAMILY                           PSY 516
                                                 RELATIONSHIP: THE SKILLS OF                 Soul-Centered Co-Creation
                                                 INTIMACY                                    5 Quarter Units
                                                 Learning to transform a challenging
             uring the Second Year,              relationship through using applied          PSY 523
students use everything they have                research methodology, developing            Research and Evaluation for Action:
learned in the First Year of the Spiritual       greater mastery in Self-Counseling, and     Behavioral Science Methods
Psychology Program as a foundation for           mapping a family genogram in service        6 Quarter Units
demonstrating mastery in their lives.            to the exploration and healing of inter-
                                                 generational patterns.                      PSY 517
HUMAN GROWTH & DEVELOPMENT                                                                   Practicum in Soul-Centered Co-Creation
Learning to cultivate attitudes and habits       RESEARCH AND EVALUATION FOR                 5 Quarter Units
of effective self-care and nurturing of          ACTION: BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE                  Offered as an Independent Study.
others, as well as the study of develop-         METHODS
mental age stages as they apply to the           Learning to apply research methodology      PSY 530
healing of memories.                             and technology to the study and positive    Six-Day Spiritual Psychology Practicum
                                                 transformation of relationship. Tracking    5 Quarter Units
SOUL-CENTERED CO-CREATION                        patterns in consciousness is done in
Learning to produce successful results           service to creating desired change.         The sixth course, a six-day practicum, is
in physical world reality as a co-creative                                                   taken during the summer quarter of the
process through identifying, designing,          PRACTICUM                                   Second Year. This is the final class and
implementing, and completing a per-              A week-long laboratory held in retreat.     culminating experience of the Master’s
sonally meaningful project that, when            This is the culminating experience of the   Program. Usually given in retreat, this
accomplished, represents “a difference           Spiritual Psychology Program.               course is an opportunity for students to
that truly makes a difference” in their lives.                                               further synthesize, integrate, and demon-
                                                                                             strate the skills and knowledge learned
PRACTICUM IN SOUL-CENTERED                       The Second Year consists of 32 quarter      throughout both years of the Program.
CO-CREATION                                      units taken as six courses, four of which
Learning to effectively demonstrate self-        are offered concurrently in a nine-week-    During the summer quarter of the
support as well as support for others as         end format during the fall, winter, and     Second Year, students also prepare their
related to the accomplishment of their           spring quarters:                            Master’s Comprehensive Examination. This
heartfelt projects. Effective teamwork is                                                    written paper is completed at the end of
emphasized, utilizing the principles and         PSY 504                                     the Second Year, prior to participation in
tools learned throughout the Spiritual           Human Growth and Development                the PSY 530 Practicum.
Psychology Program.                              6 Quarter Units

                                                 PSY 512
                                                 Marriage and Family Relationship:
                                                 The Skills of Intimacy
                                                 5 Quarter Units

m.a. program in spiritual psychology
course descriptions
First                     PSY 515                     PSY 520                      PSY 528                     sEcond
                          Theories & Techniques       Advanced Spiritual           Five-Day Spiritual
YEar                      Influencing Spiritual       Psychology                   Psychology Laboratory       YEar
                          Psychology                  6 Quarter Units              5 Quarter Units
PSY 501                   6 Quarter Units                                                                      PSY 504
Foundations of                                        Building upon the            This laboratory is          Human Growth
Spiritual Psychology      Theoretical and expe-       context and transforma-      designed to assist stu-     and Development
6 Quarter Units           riential exploration of     tional tools presented       dents in synthesizing,      6 Quarter Units
                          foundational theories and   in PSY 501 and PSY           further assimilating,
Introduction to the       techniques of psycho-       515, this course assists     and effectively utiliz-     Includes theoretical and
principles and practices logical transformation       students in further inte-    ing the Soul-Centered       experiential exploration
of Spiritual Psychology   and spiritual evolution.    grating and applying         Basic Skills, healing       of the biological, psy-
essential for learning    Designed to provide         the principles, practices,   attitudes, and universal    chological, social, and
how to live one’s life    a practical working         and competencies of          values associated with      regenerational aspects
within the Context of     knowledge of, and           Spiritual Psychology         the subject matter of       of human growth and
Universal Spiritual       appreciation for, the       in service to facilitating   Spiritual Psychology. It    development. Major
Reality as contrasted     “giants” in the field       physical, mental,            provides an opportunity     current theories/
with small-self, ego-     of psychology includ-       emotional, and spiritual     for students to demon-      models of psychological
centered reality. Small   ing Rogers, Perls, Ellis,   growth.                      strate a higher level of    change and personal
group processes as well Assagioli, etc. Assists                                    mastery in applying the     development are pre-
as theoretical material   students in developing,                                  principles, techniques,     sented and explored,
are designed to provide clarifying, and integrat-                                  and competencies of         including those of Erik
experiences of principles ing their own approaches                                 Spiritual Psychology with   Erikson. Observation of
and practices studied,    to working with                                          themselves and others.      developmental stages is
and to assist students in themselves and others                                                                used as a learning tool.
developing proficiency    within the framework                                                                 Emphasis is placed on
in Soul-Centered Basic    of Spiritual Psychology.                                                             exploring one’s own
Skills including: Seeing  This course also provides                                                            development, both
the Loving Essence,       foundational principles                                                              past and present, in
Heart-Centered Listening, and tools for learning to                                                            service to the healing of
Perception Checking,      effectively work one’s                                                               memories—including
Responsibility I—Choice,  process.                                                                             intergenerational
Responsibility II—Owner-                                                                                       patterns—and learning
ship, Giving Effective                                                                                         to use all experience to
Feedback, and Receiving                                                                                        our advancement.
Feedback Effectively.

m.a. program in spiritual psychology
course descriptions continued
PSY 512                      PSY 516                      PSY 517                      PSY 523                      PSY 530
Marriage and Family          Soul-Centered                Practicum in Soul-           Research and Evaluation      Six-Day Spiritual
Relationship:                Co-Creation                  Centered Co-Creation         for Action: Behavioral       Psychology Practicum
The Skills of Intimacy       5 Quarter Units              5 Quarter Units              Science Methods              5 Quarter Units
5 Quarter Units                                                                        6 Quarter Units
                             In service to experienc-     This practicum is taken                                   The Spiritual Psychology
This course focuses          ing the potential inherent   in conjunction with PSY      Increasing emphasis          Practicum is a six-day
upon the family and          in the process of Soul-      516 and is designed to       on research to answer        laboratory class designed
intimate relationships       Centered Co-Creation,        provide ongoing sup-         society’s pressing needs     as the culminating
as potentially some of       each student par-            port for each student in     coupled with the demand      experience of the
the greatest opportuni-      ticipates in identifying,    successfully identifying,    for more accurate            Spiritual Psychology
ties on the planet for       envisioning, designing,      envisioning, designing,      methods of evaluation        Master’s Degree
growth and learning. It      implementing, and            implementing, and            to assure accountability     Program. It meets the
involves integrating and     successfully complet-        completing a major           of funds and effort,         requirements of Part II
applying directly the        ing a major project that     project utilizing the        indicates that the con-      of the Master’s Compre-
principles and practices     has heart and meaning        process of Soul-Centered     cerned student become        hensive Examination.
of Spiritual Psychology      for them. Emphasis is        Co-Creation. Class           familiar with appropri-      Each day, students
to the process of trans-     placed on exploring and      format consists of           ate methods of research      have the opportunity
forming one significant      expressing creativity        small group Project          and evaluation. Methods      to synthesize, integrate,
relationship. Patterns       while effectively utiliz-    Team meetings, held          of scientific inquiry        and demonstrate the
and dynamics of indi-        ing the principles and       a minimum of twice           are studied, including       principles, skills, and
vidual, couples, and         practices of Spiritual       a month. This course         probability, hypothesis      tools learned through-
family relationships         Psychology for empow-        provides opportunities       testing, experimental        out the M.A. Program.
are identified, and con-     ering and supporting         for demonstrating effec-     strategy, correlation        Emphasis is upon
sidered within a spiri-      oneself in producing         tive integration of the      studies, and single-         practical application of
tual context. Methods        successful results in        principles and practices     subject designs, as          Spiritual Psychology
designed to cultivate        physical world reality       of Spiritual Psychology      employed in basic and        Program competencies
fulfilling couples’ and      and growing in               in communicating with        applied research con-        as well as demonstra-
families’ relationships      consciousness.               Team members; sup-           texts. Fundamental           tion of comprehension
are explored and prac-                                    porting Team members         research issues are          of the academic subject
ticed. Students learn                                     in demonstrating clear       discussed. Students are      matter supporting these
experientially how to                                     intention, creativity, and   involved in one research     competencies. Enroll-
utilize the everyday life                                 resourcefulness; and         project centering around     ment in the Practicum is
experiences of their                                      providing encourage-         a current relationship       required in the quarter
relationships as rungs                                    ment and effective           and another focused on       prior to graduation. The
on the ladder of spiritual                                feedback to Team mem-        patterns of consciousness.   Practicum is usually held
evolution.                                                bers as they complete                                     in retreat.
                                                          a project that is both
                                                          heartfelt and substantive.

m.a. program in spiritual psychology
graduation requirements
MASTER OF ARTs IN spiritual pSyCHOLOGy                                                       MASTER’S COMPREHENSIVE


                                                                                             During the summer quarter of the Second
                                                                                             Year, each student preparing to graduate
                                                                                             at the end of that quarter must participate
        tudents studying for the Master of Arts Degree in Spiritual Psychology are           in the Master’s Comprehensive Examination.
required to satisfactorily complete a minimum of 55 quarter units of coursework              This examination consists of two parts:
and spend a minimum of two (2) academic years completing their degree program.
Required coursework is as follows:                                                             PART I
                                                                                               A written format wherein students are
PSY 501 – Foundations of Spiritual Psychology                                      6 Units     asked to demonstrate their comprehen-
                                                                                               sion and integration of principles and
PSY 515 – Theories & Techniques Influencing Spiritual Psychology                   6 Units     tools of Spiritual Psychology studied
                                                                                               over the course of the two-year Program.
PSY 520 – Advanced Spiritual Psychology                                            6 Units
                                                                                               PART II
PSY 528 – Five-Day Spiritual Psychology Laboratory                                 5 Units     Involves participating in PSY 530 – Six-
                                                                                               Day Spiritual Psychology Practicum,
PSY 504 – Human Growth and Development                                             6 Units     which meets during the summer quar-
                                                                                               ter. By participating in this Practicum,
PSY 512 – Marriage and Family Relationship: The Skills of Intimacy                 5 Units     each student has ample opportu-
                                                                                               nity to demonstrate all that has been
PSY 516 – Soul-Centered Co-Creation                                                5 Units     learned and integrated throughout the
                                                                                               Master’s Program.
PSY 517 – Practicum in Soul-Centered Co-Creation                                   5 Units
                                                                                             Grades for the Master’s Comprehensive
PSY 523 – Research and Evaluation for Action: Behavioral Science Methods           6 Units   Examination Part I are assigned as follows:

PSY 530 – Six-Day Spiritual Psychology Practicum                                   5 Units     PASS WITH HONORS – which means
              TOTAL: 55 QUARTER UNITS                                                          PASS – which means satisfactory, or

Students are also required to satisfactorily complete the Master’s Comprehensive               NO CREDIT – which means a mastery
Examination.                                                                                   level has not been demonstrated.

“   Before attending USM, I already had a
happy family life and a successful twenty-
five-year career as a college instructor. I
questioned what Spiritual Psychology might
offer me, yet I felt called to enroll. As a result,
I am experiencing mastery in my life on so
many levels. USM assisted me in opening
my heart in ways I never thought possible.
I have discovered depths of understanding,
acceptance, and peace that are priceless. I
have become a profoundly more loving hus-
band and father. I have healed strained and
broken relationships within my immediate
and extended families and discovered the
beauty of my own Being. When my friends

ask me if USM is for them, I tell them that
their heart already holds the answer. All
they have to do is listen.
Steve McDonald
  Professor of English
  Palomar College
  San Marcos, California
     with an
   Emphasis in
   H E A L T H,
m.a. program in spiritual psychology with an
emphasis in ConSciousness, Health, & Healing
                                           THE M.A. PROGRAM IN SPIRITUAL                   This Program is also suited for, but not
                                           PSYCHOLOGY WITH AN EMPHASIS                     limited to, students pursuing careers such
                                           IN CONSCIOUSNESS, HEALTH, &                     as consultants, educators, and practitioners
        “The spirit is the master,         HEALING                                         in the fields of holistic health and counseling.

   imagination the tool, and the body      The University of Santa Monica’s M.A.           Students may prepare themselves for pro-
         the plastic material . . .        Program in Spiritual Psychology with an         fessional work with clinical health teams,
                                           Emphasis in Consciousness, Health, and          in health agencies, spas and resorts, and
    the power of the imagination is a      Healing is a dynamic and unique gradu-          teaching and consulting. They may also
        great factor in medicine.          ate Program on the leading edge where           prepare to bring holistic health approaches
  It may produce diseases in man and       psychology interfaces with spirituality,        into pastoral counseling and the allied
                                           consciousness, health, and healing.             health professions.
  in animals, and it may cure them . . .
    Ills of the body may be cured by       This Program explores the relationship          Others who are likely to derive significant
                                           between Consciousness, Health, and              benefit from the Program include both
  physical remedies or by the power of     Healing by examining how Radiant                health-care and mental health profession-
   the spirit action through the soul.”    Health and Well-Being are influenced            als who would like to integrate a more
                                           both by unresolved patterns in conscious-       holistic approach to their work, as well
                                           ness as well as their subsequent healing.       as anyone with an intention to enhance
                                           Radiant Health includes physical, mental,       their own health and well-being.
                                           emotional, unconscious, as well as
        “A healthy man, indeed,            spiritual levels of health and well-being.      This degree does not lead to an occupa-
                                           During the course of the year, each             tional certification, nor does it prepare one
    is the complement of the seasons,
                                           student designs and implements an               to sit for any license.
             and in winter,                individual Radiant Health and Well-Being
                                                                                           The three-year Program consists of 85
        summer is in his heart.”           Project.
                                                                                           quarter units of coursework conducted in
          Henry David Thoreau              The Program is intended for the sincere         a supportive and enlivening educational
                                           student committed to an additional year         environment. During all three years,
                                           of advanced study offering powerful             courses meet one weekend a month for
                                           opportunities for expanding one’s aware-        nine months and for one week during the
                                           ness and further integrating the prin-          summer quarter.
                                           ciples, tools, and practices of Advanced
                                                                                           Note: All courses included in the M.A. in
                                           Spiritual Psychology. The Program is
                                                                                           Spiritual Psychology are also included in
                                           powerfully transformational and sup-            the M.A. Program in Spiritual Psychology
                                           ports students in awakening more fully          with an Emphasis in Consciousness, Health,
                                           to the calling of their hearts, exploring and   and Healing. Please see pages 31-38 from
                                           more fully expressing their entelechy,          the USM Catalogue as this outlines the
                                           and anchoring themselves more deeply            courses which are also the first two years
                                           in the Authentic Self.                          of the M.A. in Spiritual Psychology with
                                                                                           an Emphasis in Consciousness, Health,
                                                                                           and Healing.

DISTINGUISHING FEATURES OF                         third YEar
n	   Participating in a Soul-Centered process
     of unfoldment, which supports the
                                                   FALL, WINTER, and SpRING QUARTERS
     revelation and fuller expression of your
     entelechy, or your Soul’s purpose.
                                                   CHH 590   Principles and Practices of Advanced Spiritual
n	   Further accessing and developing your
                                                             Psychology I: Enhancing Ways of Knowing          5 Quarter Units
     Inner Knowing through consciously
     cultivating and strengthening your intu-      CHH 591   Principles and Practices of Advanced Spiritual
     ition, your metaphorical/symbolic ways                  Psychology II: The Healing Consciousness         5 Quarter Units
     of knowing, and your rational/analytical
     ways of knowing.                              CHH 593   Integrative Approaches to Radiant Health         5 Quarter Units
n	   Cultivating the Healing Consciousness         CHH 594   Practicum in Integrative Approaches to
     and more fully embodying the qualities                  Radiant Health                                   5 Quarter Units
     that are all hallmarks of the Healing
     Consciousness including Acceptance,           CHH 597   Current Topics in Consciousness, Health,
     Compassion, Peace, Joy, Authenticity,                   and Healing                                      5 Quarter Units
     and Unconditional Loving.
n	   Exploring and experiencing the dynamic        summer quarter
     relationship between higher consciousness,
     health, and healing in service to Radiant     CHH 598   Advanced Seminar in Consciousness, Health,
     Health and Well-Being on all levels.                    and Healing                                      5 Quarter Units
n	   Working with patterns associated with
     each of the eight chakra centers in service             TOTAL = 30 QUARTER UNITS
     to deep healing physically, mentally,
     emotionally, and within the unconscious,
     with the focus of further awakening to
     the Authentic Self.
n	   Experiencing the body as a temple for
     the Soul and as an instrument for Spirit.
n	   Standing up in one’s Authentic Self and
     sharing one’s gifts.
n	   Co-creating and participating in Sacred
     Healing Circles twice a month outside
     of class weekends.
n	   Participating in a sacred temple of healing
     and learning one weekend a month for
     nine months (October through June), plus
     a five-day laboratory in the summer.

CHH course descriptions
CHH 590                      CHH 591                          CHH 593                       CHH 594                       the healing field and to
Principles and               Principles and Practices         Integrative Approaches        Practicum in Integrative      support students in their
Practices of Advanced        of Advanced Spiritual            to Radiant Health             Approaches to Radiant         own health and healing
Spiritual Psychology I:      Psychology II: The               5 Quarter Units               Health                        projects. Topics may
Enhancing Ways               Healing Consciousness                                          5 Quarter Units               include energetic healing,
of Knowing                   5 Quarter Units                  Radiant Health describes a                                  the new science and how it
5 Quarter Units                                               state of being that encom-    This Practicum is taken in    relates to healing, eastern
                             This course includes             passes more than is usually   conjunction with CHH 593      approaches to healing,
This course explores         three modules. The first         meant when the word           and is designed to provide    prayer and healing, psy-
the relationship between     explores the nature of, and      health is used. Radiant       ongoing support for           choneuroimmunology, the
consciousness, health, and   facilitates the deepening        Health includes physi-        each participant’s Radiant    biology of consciousness,
healing by examining         of, the Healing Conscious-       cal, mental, emotional,       Health and Well-Being         the evolution of conscious-
how Radiant Health and       ness. The goal is to reside in   unconscious, and spiritual    Project. Class format         ness, somatics, and behav-
Well-Being are influenced    the Healing Consciousness        levels of health and well-    consists of small Sacred      ioral medicine. The topic
both by unresolved pat-      and radiate that healing         being. In this course, each   Healing Circle meetings,      selected for this year’s
terns in consciousness as    energy to whatever situ-         participant designs and       which meet a minimum of       focus is Entelechy.
well as their subsequent     ation or circumstance in         implements an individual      twice a month for at least
healing. A primary           which one finds oneself.         Radiant Health and Well-      three hours per meeting.
focus is enhancing the       The second focuses on the        Being Project as an ongoing   The purposes of Sacred
                                                                                                                          CHH 598
sixth and seventh senses     transforming potential           focus for nine months.        Healing Circles include
                                                                                                                          Advanced Seminar in
of intuition and direct      inherent in the illness          These personalized proj-      support, encouragement,
                                                                                                                          Consciousness, Health,
knowing—in service to        process, as the Soul views       ects may address many         and inspiration for each
                                                                                                                          and Healing
deepening the student’s      illness as a spiritual           areas such as remediation     member and support
                                                                                                                          5 Quarter Units
capacity to receive inspi-   opportunity. The third           of physical symptoms,         for Radiant Health and
ration and guidance.         involves being of service.       optimizing physical func-     Well-Being Project design,    This Laboratory is
Designed in three mod-       Service provides                 tion, nutrition, exercise,    implementation, and           designed to assist partici-
ules, the first focuses on   opportunity for birthing         spiritual practice, loving    successful completion.        pants in synthesizing,
the further development      deeper levels of                 relationships, creative                                     further assimilating,
of rational/analytic ways    Compassion, Honesty,             expression, etc. In addi-                                   and effectively utilizing
of knowing. In the sec-      Acceptance, Gratitude,           tion, one major focus is      CHH 597                       the Soul-Centered Basic
ond module, students         Authenticity, Joy, Peace,        working with the patterns     Current Topics in             Skills, healing attitudes,
explore metaphorical         and Unconditional                associated with the chakra    Consciousness, Health,        and tools of awareness
and symbolic ways of         Loving: hallmarks of the         centers.                      and Healing                   associated with the sub-
knowing as exempli-          Healing Consciousness.                                         5 Quarter Units               ject of Consciousness,
fied in the language of      Those served include the                                                                     Health, and Healing. It
dreams, art, poetry, and     homeless, the elderly, the                                     This course highlights a      provides an opportunity
imagery. In the final        disabled, newborns, the                                        specific current topic in     for students to invoke
module, students practice    dying, etc.                                                    the field of Consciousness,   and embody the Healing
accessing and utiliz-                                                                       Health, and Healing.          Consciousness, hallmarks
ing intuition and direct                                                                    Topics vary according to      of which include
knowing. Throughout                                                                         instructor and student        Compassion, Honesty,
the course, students                                                                        interest. The focus is to     Acceptance, Gratitude,
participate in a regular                                                                    expand awareness of new       Authenticity, Joy, Peace,
spiritual practice of                                                                       ideas and approaches in       and Unconditional
their choice.                                                                                                             Loving.

consciousness, health, and healing:
m.a. graduation requirements
with emphasis in consciousness,
health, and healing

                                                                                            “New organs of perception come
                                                                                           into being as a result of necessity.
                                                                                            Therefore, O man, increase your
                                                                                               necessity, so that you may
        tudents studying for the Master of Arts in Spiritual Psychology with an Emphasis
                                                                                               increase your perception.”
in Consciousness, Health, and Healing are required to satisfactorily complete a minimum
of 85 quarter units of coursework and spend a minimum of three (3) academic years                   Jallaludin Rumi
completing their degree program. Required coursework includes all 55 quarter units
of the M.A. in Spiritual Psychology Program as listed on page 38. In addition, students
complete the following required coursework:                                                “I do not know what your destiny
                                                                                            will be, but this I do know—the
CHH 590 – Principles & Practices of Advanced Spiritual
                                                                                           only ones among you who will be
          Psychology I: Enhancing Ways of Knowing                      5 Quarter Units
                                                                                            truly happy are those who will
CHH 591– Principles & Practices of Advanced Spiritual                                         have sought for and found
         Psychology II: The Healing Consciousness                      5 Quarter Units
                                                                                                   a way to serve.”
CHH 593 – Integrative Approaches to Radiant Health                     5 Quarter Units             Albert Schweitzer

CHH 594 – Practicum in Integrative Approaches to
          Radiant Health                                               5 Quarter Units

CHH 597 – Current Topics in Consciousness, Health,
          and Healing                                                   5 Quarter units

CHH 598 – Advanced Seminar in Consciousness, Health,
          and Healing                                                  5 Quarter Units

           TOTAL: 85 Quarter Units

“   I’d like to express my gratitude for the
excellent educational opportunities I have
received from USM. In fact, the experiences
and learnings were, in some ways, more
useful than my law school years. At law
school I was taught to think in a logical way.
That was extremely useful and financially
rewarding over the past 30 years but
somewhat limiting in carrying on relation-
ships with others. USM taught me how
to integrate this thinking with more emo-
tional sensitivity and to take action so that

the ‘doing’ or results produced are more
in harmony with my sense of a successful
balanced life.
Matthew Molitch
  Chairman, The Clark Group, Inc.
  Trenton, New Jersey

master’s programs admission
thE adMission ProcEss                                                                       MastEr oF arts
                                                                                            aPPlication chEcklist
Enrollment is limited and classes begin only once each year, in early October.              For your convenience and reference, the
If it is your clear intention to apply to USM’s Master’s Degree Program in Spiritual        steps to completing your Application are
Psychology, we encourage you to register and begin your application process as early        listed below:
as possible to receive priority consideration for Admission. Once the class is full, a
                                                                                            o Upon receipt of the Application,
waiting list is formed.
                                                                                              distribute recommendation forms (3).

STEPS IN THE PRE-ADMISSION PROCESS                                                          o Request official transcripts be sent to
1. Carefully review this Catalogue.                                                           USM from school(s) attended.
2. If, after reviewing the University’s materials, you decide that the Program is aligned     (M.A. and UCX only)
   for you, contact the University and ask to speak with a member of the Admissions
                                                                                            o Complete Application for Admission.
   Team, who will be able to answer your questions. Ask for the date and time of the
   next Information Evening, where you may learn more about the University, meet the        o Complete Psychosocial History.
   faculty, and talk with current students and graduates.
3. If you are unable to attend an Information Evening and would still like further          o Complete Spiritual Focus.
   information, the Admissions Office can provide more input about the Spiritual
                                                                                            o Complete Purposes and Intentions.
   Psychology Master’s Degree Program and put you in touch with some USM
   graduates in your area.
                                                                                            o Attach a color photo, sized within
                                                                                              3 ½ x 5 ½ inches, to the space indicated
THE APPLICATION PROCESS                                                                       on the Application.
Both registration and completion of your Application for Admission are required to
reserve your space in the class, pending your acceptance into the University. Applying      o Attach the $100 Application Fee to the
to the University’s Graduate Program in Spiritual Psychology consists of the following        space indicated on the Application, or
three steps:                                                                                  complete the credit card section.
1. Register
    Registration includes placing a one-month tuition deposit of $600.                      o Attach the Application Cover Sheet to the
                                                                                              application materials.
2. Complete Your Application
   Complete and submit your Application for Admission within 30 days, including offi-       Mail the entire Application with cover
   cial transcripts from all schools attended and three letters of recommendation.          sheet to:
3. Application Review
   The Registrar’s Office will acknowledge receipt of your completed Application, which            Office of Admissions
   will then be reviewed by the Admissions Committee. You will receive notification                University of Santa Monica
   from the University regarding your Admission status within 30 days. Only com-                   2107 Wilshire Boulevard
   pleted Applications will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee.                               Santa Monica, California 90403

Application materials, once submitted as part of the Application for Admission, become
the property of the University of Santa Monica. Materials will not be returned, and
copies will not be provided for applicants nor released to other academic institutions.

master’s programs admission continued
The Application Checklist is accurate for the M.A. in Spiritual Psychology and the M.A. in   M.a. adMissions
Spiritual Psychology with an Emphasis in Consciousness, Health, and Healing.
                                                                                             The University of Santa Monica’s
Each year, we welcome students from around the world to USM’s Graduate Programs.
                                                                                             Admissions Committee will use the
Students have either relocated or traveled each month to Santa Monica from areas such
                                                                                             following criteria to evaluate each
as England, Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, Norway, Latin America, and
                                                                                             applicant’s completed admissions folder:
South Africa to attend the University. Distance need not be a barrier to participating.
ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS                                           n   Commitment to life-long learning.
USM is authorized to enroll non-immigrant students for the Master’s Program who hold
the equivalent of a U.S. Bachelor’s degree. International students are required to hold      n   Prior successful academic coursework.
a U.S. equivalent Bachelor’s degree in addition to the standard Admissions Criteria.
                                                                                                 Ability to think clearly and write well.
USM does not evaluate your foreign course work. All transcripts from foreign institu-

tions must be evaluated by an independent evaluation agency that is a member of the
                                                                                                 A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited,
National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES).

                                                                                                 state-approved, or acceptable foreign
The foreign transcript evaluation service that USM recommends is the International               institution (U.S. Bachelor’s equivalent).
Education Research Foundation (IERF). When contacting them, please request a
“detailed report” from the options available and have it sent directly to the Registrar’s    n   Ability to effectively utilize USM’s
Office at USM. If you have any questions regarding your educational status, please               M.A. Programs to achieve one’s
direct them to IERF.                                                                             learning objectives.
To find out more about USM’s International Student requirements, please refer to             n   Emotional/psychological maturity,
the International Student Application and read and complete the International Student
                                                                                                 including interpersonal competencies,
Application Supplement (included in the International Application materials).
                                                                                                 attributes, and skills necessary to be
TOEFL                                                                                            successful in an academic Graduate
Instruction is provided in English. The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)            Program with experiential components.
is required for all applicants whose native language is not English as part of the
Application for Admission. Minimum TOEFL scores for admission are 560 on the paper           n   Ability to function as an actively
test, 220 on the computer test, or a total score of 83 on the Internet-based test (with          involved learner.
a minimum of 20 on each of the four test components). For more information about
TOEFL, call (609) 771-7100 or access their Web site at                    n   Excellent references from past professors
                                                                                                 or professional colleagues.
International students are granted an F-1 visa and are required to maintain lawful status    n   Foreign students need a minimum
throughout their program of study.
                                                                                                 TOEFL score of 560 or more.

m.a. in Spiritual psychology application
application to the m.a. program                                                            CONTINUING EDUCATION UNITS
                                                                                           AVAILABLE FOR THE SPIRITUAL
in Spiritual psychology                                                                    PSYCHOLOGY PROGRAM

Application to the M.A. Program in Spiritual Psychology can be made in one of the          MFT/LCSW
following three categories:                                                                The Spiritual Psychology and Conscious-
                                                                                           ness, Health, and Healing Programs are
FULL-TIME GRADUATE STUDENT in the M.A. Program in Spiritual Psychology                     provider approved for licensed Marriage
working toward a Master’s degree. Students seeking admission in the above category         and Family Therapists and Licensed
must hold a Bachelor’s degree or an advanced degree from an approved or accredited         Clinical Social Workers by the Board of
institution.                                                                               Behavioral Sciences. USM’s Provider
                                                                                           Number is #0795.
UNIVERSE-CITY (UCX) STUDENT in the Spiritual Psychology Program has a
Master’s degree as a goal, yet does not necessarily have a Bachelor’s degree from an       RN
acceptable school. Applicants to the UCX option generally have completed some col-         The First Year is provider approved by the
lege credits and must minimally have a High School Diploma, GED, or an equivalent          California Board of Registered Nursing,
academic credential.                                                                       Provider #06106 for 180 contact hours.
                                                                                           The Second Year is provider approved for
The UCX Program allows a student to enroll and take courses for credit, accumulating
                                                                                           180 contact hours. For CHH, the following
a maximum of twenty-three (23) quarter units of satisfactorily completed coursework,
                                                                                           courses are approved for a total of 150
which comprise the First Year of the Spiritual Psychology Master’s Program. This may
                                                                                           contact hours: CHH 590, CHH 591, and
later be transferred to the Spiritual Psychology Master’s Program when the admissions
                                                                                           CHH 597.
requirements of this Program are met and the student is accepted as an M.A. student.
                                                                                           The University is approved by the
Master’s Program taking courses for personal development and not for credit. COC
                                                                                           National Board for Certified Counselors
students have varied educational, professional, and personal backgrounds and are not
                                                                                           (Provider #5179) to offer Continuing
required to fulfill any academic prerequisites to participate. The only requirement is a
                                                                                           Education for National Certified
sincere commitment to learning. COC participants complete many of the same home
                                                                                           Counselors. NBCC approval is limited to
assignments as for-credit students. COC students must complete all application and
                                                                                           the sponsoring organization/individual
registration materials.
                                                                                           and does not necessarily imply endorse-
                                                                                           ment or approval of individual offerings.

                                                                                           For more information on CEUs, please
                                                                                           contact the Registrar’s office.

m.a. in consciousness, health, & Healing
application to the m.a. program
in spiritual psychology with an
emphasis in consciousness, health,                                                             “The future belongs
and healing                                                                                   to those who believe in
                                                                                                   their dreams.”
Application to the M.A. Program in Spiritual Psychology with an Emphasis in
                                                                                                Eleanor Roosevelt
Consciousness, Health, and Healing can be made as a:
FULL-TIME GRADUATE STUDENT with an intention to complete the Program in
                                                                                          “We are what we repeatedly do.
three years. (The two-year M.A. Program in Spiritual Psychology comprises the foun-
dation coursework for this three-year Program.)                                           Excellence, then, is not an act,
Students seeking admission to this Master’s Program must hold a Bachelor’s degree or               but a habit.”
an advanced degree from an approved or accredited institution.                                       Aristotle

UNIVERSE-CITY (UCX) STUDENT in the Spiritual Psychology Program has a
Master’s degree as a goal, yet does not necessarily have a Bachelor’s degree from an
acceptable school. Applicants to the UCX option generally have completed some col-
lege credits and must minimally have a High School Diploma, GED, or an equivalent
academic credential.
The UCX Program allows a student to enroll and take courses for credit, accumulating
a maximum of twenty-three (23) quarter units of satisfactorily completed coursework,
which comprise the First Year of the Spiritual Psychology Master’s Program. This may
later be transferred to the CHH Master’s Program when the admissions requirements
of this Program are met and the student is accepted as an M.A. student.
Psychology with an Emphasis in Consciousness, Health, and Healing taking courses
for personal development and not for credit. COC students have varied educational,
professional, and personal backgrounds and are not required to fulfill any academic
prerequisites to participate. The only requirement is a sincere commitment to learning.
COC participants complete many of the same home assignments as for-credit students.
COC students must complete all application and registration materials.
Note: There is a separate Application required for entry into the Third Year of the CHH
Program. This supplementary Application is required even if you have been admitted
to the University as a CHH student. There is a $100 non-refundable Application fee
required for CHH Application processing.
Please contact the Office of Admissions for further information.

“   I know of no other place on the planet
where people can experience education on
such a deep, loving, and joyous level as can
be found at USM. I was given tools to learn
more about myself and to reveal my Soul’s
purpose, and I am using them to
create my life in an intentional, graceful,
and powerful way.

“The level of positive change in my life so
touched my family that first my husband
attended USM after me, followed by my
sister and stepmother! I would recom-
mend the Master’s Program in Spiritual

Psychology to anyone who is in search of
a deeper knowledge of themselves and a
more peaceful, loving world to live in.
Tori Horowitz-von Studnitz
  Creative Consultant
  Canyonhaus Creative Services
  Los Angeles, California
UNIVERSITY OF SANTA MONICA                    At this time, no credit is awarded for life/
The transferability of credit you earn        work experience at the Master’s level.              “You must be the change
at the University of Santa Monica is at
                                                                                                you wish to see in the world.”
the complete discretion of an institution
to which you may seek to transfer.            ARTICULATION AGREEMENT WITH                        Mahatma Mohandas Gandhi

Acceptance of the degree you earn at          PACIFICA GRADUATE INSTITUTE
USM is also at the complete discretion        The University of Santa Monica has             “We are not in a position in which we
of the institution to which you may seek      entered into an Articulation Agreement
                                                                                                 have nothing to work with.
to transfer. If the degree that you earn      with Pacifica Graduate Institute, which is
                                              reviewed annually.                              We already have capacities, talents,
at this institution is not accepted at the
institution to which you seek to transfer,                                                     direction, missions, callings.”
you may be required to repeat some or         According to the agreement:                              Abraham Maslow
all of your coursework at that institution.   1) Graduates of USM’s Master of Arts in
For this reason you should make certain          Spiritual Psychology may be granted
that your attendance at this institution         academic credit for up to 8 credit
will meet your educational goals. This           units in the curriculum of the Master
may include contacting an institution            of Arts in Counseling Psychology
to which you may seek to transfer after          Program.
attending USM to determine if your
degree will transfer.                         2) Applicants to Pacifica may be granted
                                                 an accelerated admissions review
TRANSFER CREDITS                                 process.
Due to the unique and specialized
curriculum in Spiritual Psychology at         For further information regarding articu-
USM, graduate credits earned at other         lation, please contact Pacifica Graduate
institutions will not be accepted for the     Institute’s Office of Admissions at
M.A. Degree. Credits will not be accept-      (805) 969-3626.
ed through challenge examinations or
achievement tests.

“   There is no question that USM is on
the leading edge, creating a model of what
education could be, should be, and, in fact,
HAS to be!
Dr. Jean Houston
  The Possible Human

  The Way to Awaken


academic policies and regulations
A partial listing and description of USM’s Academic Policies is found      GRADE REPORTS                        All First Year students who
in this section. For more information, please refer to the USM Student     The Registrar’s office issues        miss a class weekend must
Handbook.                                                                  written grade reports at the         attend the missed class week-
Grades are earned on the following basis:                                  completion of each course.           end in the following year.
                                                                           Students wishing to know a
Symbol                      Explanation                Grade Points        specific course grade prior to       Upon missing a class week-
                                                                           receiving official notification      end, the student will receive
A+          Honor grade to distinguish exceptional work               4    are required to leave a self-        a grade of “No Credit” (NC)
                                                                           addressed stamped envelope           for the course. A missed class
A                       Excellent performance                          4
                                                                           with their instructor.               must be made up by the stu-
B                         Good performance                            3                                         dent attending the entire class
                                                                           STUDENT                              weekend in the following year.
W                      Withdrawn from course                          0    RESPONSIBILITIES                     Once the make-up class has
                                                                           The policies concerning one’s        been completed, a grade will
I                             Incomplete                              0    program of study are to be           be assigned.
                                                                           read carefully and referred
AUD                             Audit                                 0    to regularly. Students are           OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS
                                                                           encouraged for their own             Official transcripts become
NC                               No credit                             0
                                                                           protection to become familiar        University property and can-
       Signifies that a student did not demonstrate a sufficient level
     of mastery in the course competencies to receive a passing grade.     with all University of Santa         not be returned. Transcripts
                                                                           Monica policies regarding            received prior to an Application
NGR             No grade report filed by the instructor               0    their program of study. Please       for Admission will be kept for
        NGR is replaced by the earned grade when it is received.           refer to the Student Handbook        one year and are not evaluated
                                                                           for additional information.          until an Application for Admission
P or Pass                         Pass                                0                                         has been filed.
                                                                           CLASS ATTENDANCE
PWH                        Pass with honors                           0    Students are required to             QUARTER UNIT SYSTEM
                                                                           attend all classes. It is the stu-   All courses in the University’s
GRADING SCALE                                                              dent’s responsibility to notify      Programs operate on the
94-l00 = A (A+ may be given at the discretion of the instructor            the Student Advisor at the           quarter system. A ratio of 10
            for outstanding participation and work in a course.)           University office prior to the       classroom hours to 1 quarter
90-93 = A-                                                                 class weekend for any unavoid-       unit of credit is maintained.
87-89 = B+                                                                 able absences.                       Many courses are offered for
84-86 = B                                                                                                       5 quarter units of credit and
                                                                           Please note that students must
80-83 = B-                                                                                                      meet for 50 classroom hours.
                                                                           attend the entire October
Below 80 = No Credit (NC) (at the graduate level)                                                               Generally, classes are held
                                                                           weekend in the First Year, as
                                                                                                                on weekends in order to offer
                                                                           it lays the foundation for the
GRADE POINT AVERAGE                                                                                             the maximum opportunity for
                                                                           entire two-year Program. No
Grade point average (GPA) is determined by dividing the total                                                   employed people to participate.
                                                                           exceptions will be granted.
number of grade points earned in completed courses by the total
number units enrolled in, excluding units within which a grade of
“W,” “I,” “NC,” “NGR,” “P,” or “PWH” was assigned.

academic policies and regulations
ACADEMIC INTEGRITY                 TRUTH IN INFORMATION                READMISSION POLICY                   Americans with Disabilities
AND THE DOUBLE USE OF              The University of Santa Monica      Students who have left the           Act, Section 504 of the
COURSE CREDIT                      relies upon the statements made     University in good academic          Rehabilitation Act, and state
The use of any coursework to       and documents supplied by its       standing and are within the          and local regulations regarding
satisfy more than one degree       applicants and students. If         five-year timeline for completing    students and applicants with
requirement is a practice known    discrepancies appear between        the Master’s Program are eligible    disabilities. A disability is a
as “double dipping.” In order      statements or documents             for consideration for readmis-       physical or mental impairment
to maintain academic integrity     provided to the University and      sion. For more information           that substantially limits one or
and uphold the standards of a      information otherwise obtained,     see the policies for Leave of        more of the major life activi-
professional graduate degree,      applicants may be disqualified      Absence and Readmission in           ties of the individual. USM’s
USM does not support students      for admission and students may      the Student Handbook.                admissions decisions are made
applying any coursework            be dismissed without recourse.                                           using criteria independent
or credits earned in USM’s                                             NONDISCRIMINATION                    of an applicant’s disability.
                                   Please note that USM reserves
Graduate Programs towards                                              POLICY                               Students with disabilities desir-
                                   the right to withdraw an offer
obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree                                          The University of Santa Monica,      ing to enroll in the Program
                                   of admission to its Programs
at another academic institution.                                       in compliance with Titles VI and     at USM must be able to meet
                                   if it finds there has been a mis-
                                                                       VII of the Civil Rights Act of       the admission standards of the
                                   representation by the applicant
PROVISIONAL ADMISSION                                                  1964, Title IX of the Educational    University.
                                   in the admissions process or
When an applicant’s cumula-                                            Amendment of 1972, Section 504
                                   if the University learns that                                            USM will make efforts to pro-
tive GPA does not meet USM’s                                           of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973,
                                   the applicant has engaged in                                             vide reasonable accommoda-
admission standard of 3.0, the                                         and the Age Discrimination
                                   behavior prior to matriculation                                          tions to qualified individuals
applicant will be considered                                           Act of 1975, does not discrimi-
                                   that indicates a lack of judg-                                           with disabilities, to the extent
for admission on a provisional                                         nate on the basis of race, color,
                                   ment, ethics, or integrity.                                              that such accommodations are
basis. Upon successful comple-                                         national or ethnic origin, age,
                                                                                                            readily achievable. Though
tion of 12 units of coursework,    USM further reserves the right      gender, sexual orientation, dis-
                                                                                                            the University takes the needs
the Application will be reviewed   to require the applicant to         ability (mental or physical), or
                                                                                                            of students with disabilities
again, along with the student’s    provide additional information      any other consideration made
                                                                                                            seriously, it is not able to guar-
USM academic record. When          (and/or authorization for the       unlawful by Federal, State, or
                                                                                                            antee that all services requested
full acceptance is granted, all    release of information) about       Local laws, in any of its poli-
                                                                                                            can or will be provided.
coursework successfully com-       any such matter.                    cies, procedures, or practices.
                                                                                                            Specifically, accommodations
pleted will be counted towards                                         This nondiscrimination policy
                                                                                                            that are unduly burdensome
the degree.                        POSTPONEMENT OF                     covers all of the University’s
                                                                                                            or that fundamentally alter the
                                   ADMISSION POLICY                    Programs and activities,
                                                                                                            nature of the service, program,
                                   A student who has applied to        including, but not limited to,
                                                                                                            or activity may not be enter-
                                   one of the M.A. Programs and        academic admissions, educa-
                                   has been accepted can post-         tional and financial policies
                                   pone entrance into the Program      and services, and other school-      Students with disabilities who
                                   for one year. If the student        administered programs.               require accommodations must
                                   must delay entrance into the                                             make those needs known to
                                   Program again after that initial    ACCOMMODATING                        the Office of Admissions at the
                                   postponement, he/she must           STUDENTS WITH                        time of application. For more
                                   submit a new Application and        DISABILITIES                         information, please contact the
                                   pay another Application fee.        The University of Santa Monica       Office of Admissions.
                                                                       is in compliance with the

academic policies and regulations
INTeRNaTIoNal                     esl                                  student will be sent an official   Incomplete grades are not
sTUDeNTs                          The language of instruction          withdrawal notice. A “W” will      included when computing
The University of Santa           is English. No English as a          be issued for all courses and      grade point averages. All “I’s”
Monica is approved to enroll      Second Language (ESL) courses        will be placed on the student’s    must be completed prior to
nonimmigrant alien students       are provided. Students are           transcript. Students who do        graduation.
who hold the equivalent of        expected to speak, read, and         not complete a course and do
a U.S. Bachelor’s Degree.         write in English.                    not officially withdraw will       No CReDIT (NC)
International students are                                             receive a grade of “NC” (No        A grade of No Credit (NC) will
granted an F-1 visa and are       CReDIT UNITs                         Credit) unless they are eligible   be given when a student did
required to maintain lawful       Units described in this              to receive an “I” (Incomplete)     not meet course requirements
status throughout their           Academic Catalogue are quarter       grade. No record of registra-      and/or demonstrate a suf-
program of study. Please          units. The University subscribes     tion or withdrawal is noted        ficient level of mastery in the
refer to USM’s International      to the national standard for         upon the permanent record          course competencies to receive
Student Information Booklet       student workload, which is 30        of students withdrawing from       a passing grade. In order to
(available at the Registrar’s     hours per unit of credit. For        individual courses prior to the    receive credit for a course
Office or at www.                 each quarter unit of credit, a       second meeting of a regularly      where the grade earned is a
UniversityofSantaMonica.          student is expected to do 10         scheduled class.                   No Credit, the student will be
edu//pdfs/IS_Info_Booklet.        in-class hours and 20 outside                                           required to repeat the course
pdf) for more information         preparation hours.                   INCoMpleTe (I)                     for credit.
regarding International                                                An Incomplete or “I” grade may
Student requirements.             UsM TRaNsCRIpT                       be given to a student who has      RepeaTING a CoURse
                                  An official USM transcript may       attended all class weekends,       FoR aCaDeMIC CReDIT
ToeFl                             be obtained from the Registrar’s     maintained satisfactory atten-     A student may repeat a course
The Test of English as a          office upon receipt of a written     dance and academic work in a       in which a grade of “NC” was
Foreign Language (TOEFL)          student request. A $5 transcript     course until near the end of       earned. If a student receives
is required for all applicants    fee is required.                     the quarter and then does not      an Incomplete grade and does
whose native language is                                               complete the required work         not complete the necessary
not English as part of the        sTUDeNT ReCoRDs                      by the end of that quarter.        coursework in the time allowed,
Application for Admission.        All student records are kept                                            then the student may repeat
                                                                       An Incomplete must be com-
Minimum TOEFL scores for          for a minimum of five years.                                            the course for academic credit.
                                                                       pleted with the submission
admission are 560 on the paper    Transcripts are kept for 50 years.                                      Faculty approval is required
                                                                       of all required coursework
test, 220 on the computer                                                                                 for enrollment to repeat a
                                                                       by the end of the following
test, or a total score of 83 on   WITHDRaWal (W)                                                          course. Both the original and
                                                                       quarter unless a further exten-
the Internet-based test (with     Students may withdraw from                                              the repeat enrollments will be
                                                                       sion has been approved by
a minimum of 20 on each of        any course and receive a “W”                                            noted on the student’s per-
                                                                       the Director of Education. If
the four test components).        at any time prior to the final                                          manent record. Grade points,
                                                                       the student does not submit
For more information about        exam. A student who wishes                                              however, are earned only once,
                                                                       the final coursework within
TOEFL, call (609) 771-7100        to withdraw from a course                                               and the units and grade points
                                                                       the required time period, or if
or access their Web site at       or courses must file an Add/                                            earned for the passing grade
                                                                       the Incomplete is not removed                Drop Form with the Registrar’s                                          are counted in computing a
                                                                       within the allowable time peri-
                                  Office. This request will then                                          student’s grade point average.
                                                                       od, the “I” grade becomes a No
                                  be processed by the Registrar’s
                                                                       Credit (NC).
                                  and Finance Offices, and the

academic policies and regulations
AND FIVE YEAR LIMIT                 A graduate student achieves        If a student’s academic per-       Continuous satisfactory prog-
ON CREDIT VALIDITY                  satisfactory progress by           formance is found to be below      ress at both the personal and
A student who discontinues          receiving passing grades in all    acceptable standards, the fac-     academic level is required. A
all classes may request a leave     courses attended and by main-      ulty will conduct an academic      student may be disqualified
of absence from the Program         taining a minimum cumulative       review meeting. If it is recom-    from further graduate work if
at any time. Withdrawing            grade point average of 3.0 (B).    mended that the student be         an average of “B” is not main-
from all courses during a quar-                                        placed on Academic Probation,      tained, if the terms of Academic
ter does not in itself constitute   UNSATISFACTORY                     he/she will be informed of         Probation are violated, and/or
a Leave of Absence. It is           PROGRESS                           this in writing. The letter will   if the student’s behavior in
required that the student file a    Students who do not maintain       also include the action steps      academic settings is disruptive
Leave of Absence Form. Students     satisfactory academic progress     necessary for the student to       to the learning process of others.
may resume the Program with         will be referred to the Director   be removed from Academic
permission from the Faculty         of Education and may be placed     Probation, the possible con-
Review Committee. However,          on Academic Probation or dis-      sequences to the student if
if major curriculum changes         missed from the University.        the conditions of Academic
have taken place during the                                            Probation are not met, and
student’s leave of absence, this    NOTIFICATION OF                    the timeline for completion.
could necessitate a student         UNSATISFACTORY                     Students are generally placed
retaking certain portions of the    ACADEMIC PROGRESS                  on Academic Probation for
Program in order to meet cur-       Each course instructor is          two quarters (six months). For
rent curriculum requirements.       required to notify the Director    more information, please refer
A maximum of five (5) years         of Education of a student’s        to the Student Handbook.
(from the original date of          unsatisfactory academic prog-
enrollment) is allowed to com-      ress so that appropriate steps
plete the Program. For further      can be taken for notifying
clarification, please contact the   and counseling the student
Registrar’s Office.                 involved. The University
                                    of Santa Monica strongly
                                    believes in supporting student
                                    improvement, and all efforts
                                    will be made to encourage
                                    students who fall behind.

academic policies and regulations
GRADUATION                          FAMILY EDUCATION                    STATEMENT OF                       GRIEVANCES
REQUIREMENTS                        RIGHTS AND PRIVACY ACT              RESPONSIBILITY                     Students are encouraged to
Eligibility for students to grad-   The Family Education Rights         University of Santa Monica         discuss concerns or complaints
uate will be based upon all         and Privacy Act of 1974, better     Programs are educational, not      directly with the University’s
degree requirements being           known as the Buckley Amend-         therapeutic. It is anticipated     Student Advisor, Director of
satisfactorily completed:           ment of FERPA, provides             that students may find mental/     Education, or with faculty.
                                    generally that:                     emotional issues surfacing         If resolution is not reached,
1) Satisfactory completion of
                                    1) Students shall have the right    during their involvement in        students are requested to put
   all assignments.
                                       of access to their educational   the Program. All students are      their complaint in writing and
2) Satisfactory completion of
                                       records.                         expected to have the emotional     follow the Formal Grievance
   all courses.
                                    2) Educational institutions         maturity required to handle        Procedures in the Student
3) Satisfactory completion of
                                       shall not release educa-         the experiential parts of the      Handbook. If resolution is not
   the Master’s Comprehensive
                                       tional records to nonschool      Program. Students are encour-      reached through the Grievance
   Examination with a rating
                                       employees without consent        aged to develop their personal     Process, the student can contact
                                       of the student.                  resources through learning         the Bureau for Private
   HONORS.                                                              to work their process (skills
4) Completion of the M.A.           “Students” as used in this                                             Postsecondary Education.
                                                                        taught throughout the
   Program with a GPA of 3.0        notice also includes former
                                                                        Program), to make friends and
   (Master’s students only).        students. Written consent of
                                                                        become part of the support
5) Payment of all financial obli-   the student is required before
                                                                        network that exists among
   gations to the University.       the University can release
                                                                        their classmates, and to utilize
                                    information concerning the
                                                                        professional assistance when
                                    student to prospective employ-
                                    ers, government agencies,           necessary to aid them in
                                    credit bureaus, etc.                coping with the demands of
                                                                        the Program.

       “The Buddhas and the
     Christs are born complete.
They neither seek love nor give love,
    because they are love itself.
  But we who are born again and
again must discover the meaning of
 love, must learn to live love as the
        flower lives beauty.”
            Henry Miller
usm faculty

                                              FOUNDING faculty                                tion, one of the most transformative, loving,
                                              & Co-Directors                                  and memorable experiences that they will
                                                                                              cherish for a lifetime.
                                              H. RONALD HULNICK, Ph.D.
         he University of Santa Monica        president                                       The Hulnicks are the Executive Producers
faculty is composed of highly qualified       Long Island University – M.S., l965             of the University’s award-winning documen-
professionals who have been attracted         New Mexico State University – Ph.D., l978       tary, Freedom to Choose, which took first place
by the philosophy and objectives of the       Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist –        at the 2009 Emerging Filmmaker Showcase
University. Many have taught or are            California                                     at the Cannes Film Festival. Their most
currently teaching at other institutions,                                                     recent book, Loyalty to Your Soul: The Heart
and all have participated in the core         MARY R. HULNICK, Ph.D.                          of Spiritual Psychology, has been described by
of the Master’s Program in Spiritual          chief academic officer                          Caroline Myss as a “stunning masterpiece” of
Psychology. Some are at the forefront in      Iowa State University – M.S., l968              primary importance.
the emerging field of Spiritual Psychology    Iowa State University – Ph.D., l97l
and the evolution of consciousness.           Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist –        Ron and Mary are both licensed Marriage and
                                                California                                    Family Therapists and Mary is also a licensed
All University faculty are highly qualified   Licensed Psychologist – California              Clinical Psychologist. Prior to founding USM,
professionals who bring to their teaching                                                     they were educating Master’s and Doctoral
a strong academic background enhanced         Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnick are the pioneers      level students at New Mexico State University.
by practical professional experience in       and innovators in the emerging field of
their specialized fields. The faculty at      Spiritual Psychology. As USM’s founding
the University of Santa Monica are            faculty and Co-Directors, they designed the     teaching faculty
committed to empowering students in           University’s extraordinary curriculum and       PHILIP BARR, M.D.
the revelation of their Authentic Self and    continue to serve as senior faculty for USM’s   University of Maryland School of Medicine –
in living more in alignment with their        inspired and progressive Master’s Degree         M.D., 1979
Soul’s purpose.                               Programs.                                       Harvard Medical School – Mind/Body
Each faculty member has been selected                                                          Medicine Fellowship, 1984
                                              Over 30 years ago, it was Ron and Mary’s
with great care. Some of the criteria                                                         University of Santa Monica – M.A., 2004
                                              vision to develop a graduate program where
utilized in the selection process are:                                                        Certification: American Board of Internal
                                              the hallmarks of the educational process
l) thorough knowledge and direct                                                               Medicine
                                              are characterized as experiential, engaging,
   experience in the area of instruction;     relevant, meaningful, supportive, inspiring,
2) appropriate academic and professional      practical, nurturing, and, ultimately,
                                                                                              MARIE BEECH-HARNISHFEGER,
   credentials;                               transformational.
3) commitment to and involvement in                                                           University of Santa Monica – M.A., 1994
   continuing their own education;            The Hulnicks are highly respected and recog-    Ryokan College – Psy.D., 1996
4) a dedication to expanding self-aware-      nized worldwide for their ability to support    Licensed Psychologist – California
   ness; and                                  and guide students in discovering their own
5) a recognition of the life-long process     unique answers to life’s essential questions:
   of learning.                               “Who am I?” “What is my purpose?” and
                                              “How can I make a more meaningful con-
Some University faculty are full-time         tribution in the world?” USM graduates
and others are part-time. Faculty roles       around the world share that being with Ron
include facilitators, presenters, readers,    and Mary in the classroom is, without excep-
and evaluators.

usm faculty CONTINUED
MARyA FOLEy, ph.D.                                leah kramer, M.a.                                DAVID pAUL, M.D., ph.D.
University of California, Berkeley – M.A., 1967   University of Santa Monica – M.A., 2000          Jefferson Medical College – M.D., 1973
University of New Mexico – Ph.D., 1981            Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist –         University of Santa Monica – M.A., 1999
John F. Kennedy University – M.A., 1989            California                                      Saybrook Graduate School – Ph.D., 2006
University of Santa Monica – M.A., 1994                                                            Certification: Sports Medicine and
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist –          fariba mansouri, ph.D.                            Emergency Medicine
 California                                       University of Santa Monica – M.A., 2002
                                                  Pacifica Graduate Institute – Ph.D., 2010        patric peake, m.a.
LILI GOODMAN FREITAS, ph.D.                       Registered Psychological Assistant               Highlands University – M.A., 1969
Case Western Reserve University –                                                                  University of Santa Monica – M.A., 1982
 M.S.S.A., 1977                                   ALISSA MEREDITH, M.S., M.A.
University of Santa Monica – M.A., 1988           Texas Woman’s University – M.S., 1981            SHERRy pHELAN, ph.D.
University of Pennsylvania – Ph.D., 1990          University of Santa Monica – M.A., 1995          University of Santa Monica – M.A., 1999
Qualified Social Worker                           Registered Physical Therapist, California        California School of Professional Psychology –
                                                  Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist –          Ph.D., 2001
carrie hopkins-doubts, m.a.                        California
University of Santa Monica – M.A., 1997                                                            karen pickett, m.a.
                                                  GORDON MEREDITH, M.A.                            Purdue University – M.S., 1980
JOHANNA JENKINS, M.S.W.                           Professional School of Psychological Studies –   University of Santa Monica – M.A., 1998
Seattle Institute for Psychoanalysis – Child       M.A., 1983                                      Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist –
 Therapy Program, 1981                            University of Santa Monica – M.A., 1990           California
University of Washington – M.S.W., 1982           Certified Group Psychotherapist
University of Santa Monica – M.A., 1991           Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist –         CONNIE RAWLINGS-DRITSAS, M.A.
Licensed Clinical Social Worker, California        California                                      Portland State University – M.A., 1981
                                                                                                   University of Santa Monica – M.A., 2000
JULIE KLINGEL, M.A.                               eileen norton, psy.D.                            Certification: Deaf/Blind Education
University of Santa Monica – M.A., 1997           University of Santa Monica – M.A., 1993
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist –          The American Behavioral Studies Institute –      LICIA RESTER-frazee, M.A.
 California                                        Psy.D., 2001                                    University of Santa Monica – M.A., 2008
                                                  Licensed Psychologist, California                Registered Marriage and Family Therapist
NANCIE kohlenberger, M.A.                                                                           Intern
Kent State University – M.Ed., 1976               BONNIE pAUL, ph.D.
University of Santa Monica – M.A., 1999           University of Santa Monica – M.A., 2000
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist –          Saybrook Graduate School – Ph.D., 2006
 California                                        Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

usm administration & staff
H. Ronald Hulnick, Ph.D.                         PEGGY BULARZ                                    NANCY O’LEARY
President                                        Executive Assistant                             Director of Educational Materials &
State University of New York                     University of Santa Monica – COC, 2000          Curriculum Support
 at Binghamton – B.A., l96l                                                                      Boston College – B.A., 1976
Long Island University – M.S., l965              kurt christiansen                               University of Santa Monica – M.A., 2000
New Mexico State University – Ph.D., l978        Associate Registrar
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist –         Monmouth University – B.A., 1991                KAREN PICKETT
 California                                      Montclair State College – M.A., 1993            Student Advisor/Application Reviewer
                                                 University of Santa Monica – M.A., 2006         Purdue University – B.S., 1979
Mary R. Hulnick, Ph.D.                                                                           Purdue University – M.S., 1980
Chief Academic Officer                           john crewdson                                   University of Santa Monica – M.A., 1998
Morningside College – B.A., l966                 Office Operations Manager
Iowa State University – M.S., l968;              Indiana Purdue University – B.A., 2002          licia rester-frazee
 Ph.D., l97l                                     University of Santa Monica – M.A., 2009         Director of Online Education
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist –                                                         Loyola Marymount University – B.A., 1985
 California                                      HOLLY ENGELMAN                                  University of Santa Monica – M.A., 2008
Licensed Psychologist – California               Executive Communications Administrator
                                                 University of Santa Monica – COC, 2001          NATASHA RODRIGUEZ
Leigh briggin, C.P.a.                                                                            Director of Finance
Chief Financial Officer                          cynthia hamilton                                California State University,
University of Missouri, Columbia –               Educational Materials Administrator              Northridge – B.A., 1991
 B.S.B.A., 1979                                  Barnard College, Columbia University –          American Graduate School of International
University of Santa Monica – M.A., 1990           B.A., 1980                                     Management – M.B.A., 1997
Certified Public Accountant                      University of Santa Monica – M.A., 1998         University of Santa Monica – M.A., 2005

carrie hopkins-doubts                            amy HRUBY                                       Angus ross
Director of Education                            Communications Project Manager                  Assistant Director of Event Production
University of Southern California – B.A., 1995   Westminster College – B.A., 1990                University of Santa Monica – COC, 2003
University of Santa Monica – M.A., 1997          University of Santa Monica – M.A., 2001
                                                                                                 KIRK SOUDER
veronica alweiss                                 JOHN HRUBY                                      Brand Director
Director of Admissions                           Director of Event Production                    University of Delaware – B.S., 1985
Muhlenberg College – B.A., 1990                  Ohio University – B.S., 1990                    University of Santa Monica – M.A., 2006
University of Santa Monica – M.A., 2004          University of Santa Monica – M.A., 1999
                                                                                                 jane tucker
amy behle                                        elizabeth lutz                                  Volunteer Resources Director
Director of Communications                       Director of Human Resources                     Regents College – B.A., 1998
Washington University, St. Louis –               College of St. Catherine – B.A., 1991           University of Santa Monica – M.A., 1999
 B.S. B.A., 1990                                 William Mitchell College of Law – J.D., 1995
University of Santa Monica – M.A., 2003          William Mitchell College of Law – LL.M., 1997   NEHA VYAS
                                                 University of Santa Monica – M.A., 2009         Admissions Counselor
KRIS BRAND                                                                                       University of Pennsylvania Wharton School
Information Services Manager                     YVONNE MOCHEL                                    of Business – B.S., 1995
California State University,                     Receptionist                                    University of Chicago Booth School of
 Long Beach – B.M., 2007                         Principia College – B.A., 1962                   Business – M.B.A., 2001
University of Santa Monica – M.A., 2009          University of Santa Monica – M.A., 1991         University of Santa Monica – M.A., 2010

map & directions to usm
The University of Santa Monica’s admin-        Parking inForMation
istrative offices and classrooms are located
at 2107 Wilshire Boulevard in Santa            Students are provided parking at the Union Bank Parking Garage at 2001 Wilshire Blvd.
Monica, California.                            (one block west of USM) during class weekends. There is limited street parking in the
                                               residential areas around the University. Parking regulations as indicated by street
From LAX Airport                               signage must be observed.
n Take the San Diego Freeway (405) North

  to the Santa Monica Freeway (10) West.       No student parking is allowed in the following areas:
n Take the Santa Monica Freeway (10)           Private driveways. The neighbors and homeowners on the residential streets around the
  West and get off at the Cloverfield/         University of Santa Monica will have your car ticketed and towed if you block their
  26th Street exit.                            driveways. Always be aware of all posted No Parking times and Permit Only areas.
n Turn right on Cloverfield/26th Street
                                               The parking lots located behind the USM building between 21st and 22nd streets. This includes
  and proceed North on 26th Street             weekends, as these lots are used on Saturdays and Sundays by building staff. Your car
  toward Wilshire Boulevard.                   will be towed if you park in these lots.

From the Santa Barbara area                    Students with special needs who require handicapped parking for class weekends can
n Take the Ventura Freeway (101) South         contact the Student Advisor for information and assistance.                 n
  to the San Diego Freeway (405).
                                                                Union Bank of California                      University of Santa Monica                     w         e
n Take the San Diego Freeway (405)
                                                                2001 Wilshire                                 2107 Wilshire Boulevard
  South to the Santa Monica Freeway                             Parking Garage                                Santa Monica, CA                                   s

  (10) West.
n Take the Santa Monica Freeway (10)

                                                                                                                                                                     CLOVERFIELD BOULEVARD (to #10 Freeway)
  West and get off at the Cloverfield/
  26th Street exit.
n Turn right on Cloverfield/26th Street                                                 w i l s h i r E                B o u l E v a r d
  and proceed North on 26th Street
                                                                                                                     22nd STREET

                                                                                                                                               23rd STREET
  toward Wilshire Boulevard.
                                                  20th STREET

                                                                                 21st STREET

From the San Bernardino area
n Take the San Bernardino Freeway (5)                                                                       a r i Z o n a
  West to the Santa Monica Freeway (10).
n Take the 10 West and get off at the
                                                                                               ST. JOHN’S HOSPITAL                    SANTA
  Cloverfield/26th Street exit.                                                                                                      MONICA

n Turn right on Cloverfield/26th Street

  and proceed North on 26th Street                                           s a n t a                  M o n i c a                B o u l E v a r d
  toward Wilshire Boulevard.

At Wilshire Boulevard turn left. USM is
on the corner of 21st & Wilshire on the
right-hand side of the street.

“   At a time when my internal cup was
empty, USM filled me with insight, inspi-
ration, and a deeper connection to who I
truly am. For anyone on a path of healing,
growth, or service, USM offers food for the
soul, enlightenment for the mind, and peace
for the heart. This school honors and
respects every student in such a wonderful
way. Regardless of who you are or what
you do in the world, a USM education is a
life-transforming gift that will sustain and

support you all the days of your life.
Iyanla Vanzant
  In the Meantime
  One Day My Soul Just Opened Up
  Yesterday I Cried

                                                                           UNIVERSITY’S RIGHT TO MODIFY
                                                                           OR CHANGE CATALOGUe
                                                                           The University reserves the right to make
   “Everyone has been                                                      additions, deletions, and modifications
                                                ny questions a student
                                                                           to curricula, course descriptions, degree
      made for some         may have regarding this Catalogue that
                                                                           requirements, academic policies, schedules
    particular work,        have not been satisfactorily answered
                                                                           and academic calendars, and tuition and
                            by the institution may be directed to
  and the desire for that                                                  fees. Although every effort is made to
                            the Bureau for Private Postsecondary
                                                                           ensure the accuracy of the information
   work has been put        Education at P.O. Box 980818,
                                                                           published in the University of Santa
                            West Sacramento, CA, 95798-0818,
     in every heart.”                                                      Monica Catalogue, it is normal to expect
                            (916) 574-7720 or fax: (916) 574-8648.
                                                                           changes in course listings and other
           Rumi             The Web site is
                                                                           information. Notices of such changes
                                                                           are widely distributed on campus. The
     “The realization       As a prospective student, you are encour-
                                                                           University reserves the right to effect
                            aged to review this Catalogue prior to
       of the self is                                                      changes without notice or obligation,
                            signing an enrollment agreement. You
                                                                           including the right to discontinue a course
      only possible         are also encouraged to review the School
                                                                           or group of courses or a degree program.
   if one is productive,    Performance Fact Sheet, which must be
                                                                           The University expects each student to
                            provided to you prior to signing an enroll-
   if one can give birth                                                   have knowledge of the information
                            ment agreement.
                                                                           presented in the Academic Catalogue.
      to one’s own
                            General and Program brochures are
                            available for review at USM’s Office
         Goethe             of Admissions, the Web site (www.
                   and are
                            distributed at Information Evenings at
                            the University Campus.

                            A student or any member of the public
                            may file a complaint about this institution
                            with the Bureau for Private Postsecondary
                            Education by calling (888) 370-7589 or by
                            completing a complaint form, which can
                            be obtained on the bureau’s Internet Web
                            site at

                            The University of Santa Monica has never
                            filed for bankruptcy petition, operated
                            as a debtor in possession, or had a petition
                            of bankruptcy filed against it under
                            Federal Law.

a                                        c                                          F
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Articulation Agreement with Pacifica
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                                         Psychology Program, 31
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                                                                                          Nondiscrimination Policy, 56
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                                                                                          Notification of Unsatisfactory
Incomplete Grade, 57                         Organization & Leadership, 25
                                                                                          Academic Progress, 58
Information Evenings, 22                         Board of Trustees, 25
                                                                                          Official Transcripts, 55
Institutional Approval, 24                       Organizational Structure, 25
                                                                                          Quarter Unit System, 55
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Leave of Absence/Five Year Limit on                                                       Satisfactory Progress, 58
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                                             Policies & Regulations, Academic, 55-59
                                                                                          TOEFL, 57
M                                                Academic Integrity, 56
                                                                                          Transcript, USM, 57
M.A. in Consciousness, Health, and               Academic Probation, 58
Healing, 41-44                                                                            Truth in Information, 56
                                                 Academic Termination, 58
M.A. in Spiritual Psychology, 31-38                                                       Unsatisfactory Progress, 58
                                                 Accommodating Students with
Map & Directions to USM, 64                                                               Withdrawal, 57
                                                 Disabilities, 56
Master’s Comprehensive Examination, 32, 38                                             Postponement of Admission, 56
                                                 Class Attendance, 55
Master’s Programs Admission, 47-50                                                     Program Approvals, History of, 24
                                                 Credit Units, 57
MFT/LCSW, CEUs, 49                                                                     Program Overview, Consciousness,
                                                 ESL, 57
                                                                                       Health, and Healing, 42
Mission Statement, 1                             Family Education Rights and
                                                                                       Program Overview, M.A. in
                                                 Privacy Act, 59
                                                                                       Spiritual Psychology, 32
                                                 Grades, 55
                                                                                       Progress, Satisfactory, 58
n                                                Grade Reports, 55
                                                                                       Progress, Unsatisfactory, 58
NBCC, CEUs, 49                                   Graduation Requirements, 59
No Credit (NC), 57                               Grievances, 59
Nondiscrimination Policy, 56                     Incomplete (I), 57
                                                 International Students, 57
                                                 Leave of Absence/Five Year Limit
                                                 on Credit Validity, 58
                                                 No Credit (NC), 57

q                                       t                                          v
Quarter Unit System, 55                 Table of Contents, 8-10                    Values, educational, 20, 21
                                        Termination, Academic, 58                  Visa, 48
                                        TOEFL, 48, 57
r                                       Transcript, USM, 57
Readmission Policy, 56
                                        Transcripts, Official, 55
Records, student, 57                                                               Withdrawal, 57
                                        Transferability of Units and Degrees, 52
Repeating Courses, 57                                                              Worldwide Center for the Study and
                                        Transfer Credits, 52                       Practice of Spiritual Psychology, 14
RN, CEUs, 49
                                        Traveling to the University, 27
                                        Truth in Information, 56
s                                       Tuition and Expenses, 22
Soul-Centered Education, 15, 16
Soul-Centered Graduate Curriculum, 22
Staff, Administration, 63
                                        Universe-City (UCX), 49, 50
Statement of Responsibility, 59
                                        University History, 17, 18
Steps, Application Process, 47
                                        University Message, 2
Student Loans, 22
                                        USM Logo, Symbolism of the, 6
Student Responsibilities, 55
                                        USM Transcript, 57
Student Services, 23
Students, 28
Symbolism of the USM Logo, 6

“   When you are up against one of your
own issues, you are on the cutting edge
of your own growth and progression.
You’ve earned this opportunity. The key

is learning the tools for taking maximum
advantage of it.
Mary R. Hulnick, Ph.D.
  Chief Academic Officer
  University of Santa Monica
2107 wilshire Blvd. · santa Monica, california 90403
              telephone (310) 829-7402

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