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									                    Masters in Secondary Education with Certification Emphasis
                                 Department of Teaching & Learning
                                      Chair: Dr. Sandra Stone
                                     Telephone: (928) 523-5425

This Masters program leads to an Institutional Recommendation for Secondary Teacher Certification in
the State of Arizona. There are two advisers for the degree. One adviser is for the content coursework and
one adviser is for the education coursework. Both advisers need to approve the Program of Study.

Advisement/Admission Process :

STEP ONE: Meet with the education adviser. The list of faculty education advisers is provided in this

STEP TWO: Meet with the content adviser to review transcripts for content courses. These do not need
to be official transcripts. The adviser will complete and sign the content section of the Program of Study.

STEP THREE: Admission to the Graduate College. This can be done online through the NAU website: .

STEP FOUR: Meet with your assigned education adviser to complete your Program of Study. At this
time your adviser can address any questions you have regarding the admission process.

STEP FIVE: Submit complete program admission paperwork to the College of Education-Student
Services, Eastburn Education Building #27, Room 109, or to your statewide adviser. You can also mail
the completed paperwork to: College of Education – Student Services, PO BOX 5774, Flagstaff, AZ
86001. The administrative contact in the department can be reached at 928-523-5425.

STEP SIX: Register for coursework (refer to your Program of Study).

                                                 1                                                            9/2009
                           Masters in Secondary Education with Certification Emphasis
This degree provides Arizona teacher certification in 7th - 12th grade settings. Possible teaching areas
include: Biology, French, Business, Chemistry, English Education, Family/Consumer Science,
Geography, German, History/Social Studies, Math, Spanish, Technology, and Trade/Industrial Education.
This degree also provides certification for teachers wanting to teach K-12 Art, Music, Choral Music,
Instrumental Music, and Physical Education. This degree is offered in Flagstaff, Phoenix, and partially in
Flagstaff & Prescott:
      Content    All subject coursework available (Prescott students may need to travel to Flagstaff)
      Programs 1. Traditional – designed to be flexible for working students.
                 2. ISTEP – Integrated Secondary Teacher Education Program –full-time students take
                      13 hours of core coursework in one semester. Classes meet Monday, Wednesday,
                      and Thursday from 9:30am – 12:30pm. On Tuesdays, students are assigned to a 7th-
                      12th grade classroom from 7:30 am to 12:30 pm.
                 3. SITE – Secondary Integrated Teacher Education –This partnership is located at
                      Sedona Red Rock High School. Students must be able to travel to Sedona at least
                      two days a week to participate in the partnership.
     Content            Limited subject coursework available: Science, Business, History/Social Studies,
                        Technology, Trade and Industrial Education
        Programs        Cohort – designed for working students. New cohorts do not start each semester.

This degree requires two advisers: Education and Content. Select an adviser based on your subject area.
The education adviser will direct you to a content adviser. Contact information is provided below.

Art ................................................. Foley         Music/Choral ............................................. Foley
Biology .......................................... Lemley           Music/Instrumental .................................... Foley
Business ........................................ Blocher           Physics ....................................................... Lemley
Chemistry ...................................... Lemley             School Health/P.E. ..................................... Wegwert
English .......................................... Alcoze           Spanish ....................................................... Lemley
French ............................................ Lemley          Technology Education ............................... Blocher
German .......................................... Lemley            Theater ....................................................... Foley
History/Social Studies ................... Wegwert                  Trade & Industrial Education .................... Blocher
Mathematics .................................. Alcoze               Undecided .................................................. Blocher
Laura Blocher                      928-523-0364               COE Rm 207-C
JeanAnn Foley                      928-523-6998               COE Rm 202-B
Sally Alcoze                        928-523-8965               COE Rm 209-G
Joe Wegwert                       928-523-5854               COE Rm 209-M
Christine Lemley                928-523-5567               COE Rm 202-J

                                                              2                                                                         9/2009
Phoenix students will meet with the program coordinator in the Phoenix office. Subject approval will be
obtained by the Phoenix liaison in conjunction with NAU Flagstaff content advisers.


Dr. Diana Uyder                602-776-4622          NAU Phoenix

Prescott students will meet with the program coordinator in the Prescott office. Subject approval will be
obtained by the Prescott liaison in conjunction with NAU Flagstaff content advisers.


Pamela Scandore            928-771-6146           NAU Prescott

Subject/Content advisers require a complete set of transcripts to determine whether you have met
admission requirements. The adviser will provide a list of any missing courses. The adviser can also
advise on coursework in preparation for the AEPA subject knowledge test necessary for certification.

In Flagstaff, degree completion time varies with each student depending on course load and availability.
In Phoenix, please contact Dr. Diana Uyder for information about the degree completion time.


1. Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited institution
   a. GPA of 3.0 – full admittance
   b. GPA below 3.0 – provisional admittance with allowance to achieve 3.0 in graduate-level work
       within first nine (9) credit hours
2. English Composition course(s) (English 101 & 102, NAU ENG 105, or equivalent English
   Composition/Writing course) with minimum GPA of 3.0.
3. A math course equivalent to or higher than College Algebra or NAU MAT 114 with minimum grade
   of C.
4. Three (3) or more credit hours in teaching content area coursework with a minimum GPA of 2.5
   (Additional content specific courses will be determined by the content areas adviser)
5. Admittance to the NAU Graduate College (separate application)
6. Completed Recommendation Form (included in application)
7. Current IVP Arizona Fingerprint Clearance card
8. Program of Study approved by both Content Adviser and Education Adviser.

Note: Applications for Student Teaching must be submitted one year in advance of the student
      teaching semester.

                                                 3                                                          9/2009

      Nine hours of coursework is full time for a graduate student (even if courses are undergraduate).
      Students do not need to be admitted to the Undergraduate College to take undergraduate content
       courses. Graduate students can register for undergraduate coursework.

      There may be variations and different plans for completing the degree.
      Not all courses may be offered each semester.

Student Teaching/Internship is for 16 (sixteen) weeks full time. Student Teaching Applications are to be
submitted one year prior to student teaching. Deadlines apply so students should contact their adviser(s)
to submit student teaching applications as early as possible. Student Teaching Applications are available
online, from the statewide adviser, or in the NAU College of Education.

All M. Ed Secondary/Certification students must complete student teaching.

      Institutional Recommendation (IR) - This program entitles you to an Institutional
       Recommendation from NAU once your M. Ed degree has been posted. Students must submit an
       IR Request Form (provided by the University Supervisor during student teaching) to the office of
       Student Services. The Institutional Recommendation will be sent to you once your degree posts
       and is to be presented to the Department of Education at the time you apply for certification.
    AEPA – Arizona Educator Proficiency Assessment. AEPA seminars are provided through NAU’s
       APPEL Center . Students must register for each AEPA test at . Students will receive a letter with their AEPA test results
       approximately six weeks after completing the tests. Secondary students must take and pass the
       Secondary Professional Knowledge and Secondary Subject Knowledge portions of the AEPA
       (middle school exams will not qualify you for secondary certification).

    Fingerprint Clearance – a valid IVP fingerprint clearance card must be submitted to the Arizona
       Department of Education at the time you apply for Teacher Certification.

    U.S. and Arizona Constitution requirements – The Arizona Department of Education allows
       teachers three years from initial certification to provide proof of completion of these requirements
       (History/Government/Social Studies teachers have one year to meet the Constitution
       requirements). You can satisfy the requirement through coursework or examination. Possible
       NAU courses are: HIS 291 (US), POS 110 (US), POS 241 (AZ), POS 221 (AZ), POS 220 (US &
       AZ), AEPA Constitutions of the United States and Arizona exam (US & AZ).
      For information on Arizona Teacher Certification:

                                                 4                                                            9/2009
Fingerprinting should be completed before applying for the M. Ed Secondary with Certification program.
A copy of your IVP fingerprint clearance card on file in the College of Education is required for
admission to the program. Fingerprint packets are available at the College of Education – Student
Services office or can be mailed to you by calling Student Services at 928-523-2145. The clearance
process may take up to 6 weeks or longer. The processing fee is $69 (subject to change) plus a fee of
$5.00 - $10.00 for the fingerprinting procedure. Fingerprint clearance cards are valid for 6 years. For
further questions, visit the Arizona Department of Public Safety website:

Applications for Graduation are ideally completed the semester prior to student teaching. This is to ensure
that degrees post and that student names appear in the Graduation Program. Graduation Applications are
available online through the Graduate College Forms and Publications link:
The application must be signed by the Education Adviser prior to submission to the Graduate College.

                                                 5                                                            9/2009
                                                                                    Master’s of Education
                                                                               Secondary Certification Program
                                                                                APPLICATION CHECK LIST

Admission to the M.Ed. with Certification Teacher Education Program requires submission of a completed application.
INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Please complete all required forms thoroughly and accurately.
Questions regarding the application should be directed to (928) 523-5425, or your faculty advisor. You may receive information and
assistance for disability accommodation by contacting Disability Support Services, Ponderosa Building (# 92) or (928) 523-8773.

Return the application to Student Services in the Eastburn Education Building, Room 109, or mail to: College
of Education-Dept. of Teaching & Learning, M.Ed. Program, NAU Box 5774, Flagstaff AZ 86011. Statewide
students should return the application to their statewide office.
                                                                                                               FOR OFFICE USE ONLY
                                                                                                         APPLICATION
          A completed Application Form
                                                                                                         PROGRAM OF STUDY SIGNED
          A Program of Study signed by a Faculty Adviser                                                    BY FACULTY ADVISER

                                                                                                         STMT OF UNDERSTANDING
          A signed Statement of Understanding
                                                                                                         PRIVACY FORM
          A signed Privacy Form
                                                                                                         RECOMMENDATION
          Copy of IVP Fingerprint Clearance Card                                                        TRANSCRIPTS
          A copy of Transcripts from every institution attended                                         FINGERPRINT CARD
          A completed Recommendation Form                                                              Received by: _____________________
             The provided form must be used. It may be submitted separately, but must be
             received before your application can be processed .                                        Date Stamp: _____________________

_____ I confirm that I have received a copy of the Admission Requirements and Procedures for the Master’s in Secondary Education with
      Certification Teacher Education Program and understand that program admission is offered at the discretion of the College of Education and
      is contingent upon satisfactory academic progress. (Please initial after reading)

_____ I confirm that the information provided in this application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and that the documents submitted
      in support of the application are accurate and have not been altered in any way. (Please initial after reading)

_____________________________________                    ____________________________________________                        _______________
     Applicant’s Name – Please Print                                 Applicant’s Signature                                         Date

____________________________________________________________________                                                          _______________
Statewide Coordinator’s/Adviser Signature (required for statewide students only)                                                    Date

                                                                    6                                                                           9/2009
                                                                       Master’s of Education
                                                                  Secondary Certification Program
                                                                 PROGRAM APPLICATION FORM

                 LAST NAME                                     FIRST NAME                          MIDDLE NAME

                      ID #                                             PREFERRED E-MAIL ADDRESS

         CURRENT MAILING ADDRESS                                CITY               STATE        ZIP            PHONE#

       PERMANENT MAILING ADDRESS                                CITY               STATE        ZIP            PHONE#

                INSTITUTION                  LOCATION: CITY & STATE       DATESATTENDED                               DEGREE


  [   ] Art                             [   ] French                        [   ] Trade/Industrial
  [   ] Biology                         [   ] German                        [   ] Physical Education/ School Health
  [   ] Business                        [   ] History/Social Studies        [   ] Spanish
  [   ] Chemistry                       [   ] Math                          [   ] Technology Education
  [   ] English                         [   ] Music-CHORAL                  [   ] Theater Education
  [   ] Family/Consumer Science         [   ] Music-Instrumental

CAMPUS OF ATTENDANCE (all applicants)

[ ] Flagstaff                            [ ] Phoenix                             [ ] Prescott

PROGRAM OPTIONS (all applicants)
[ ] Phoenix Cohort
[ ] Traditional
[ ] Integrated Secondary Teacher Education Program, “ISTEP” (Flagstaff Campus Students only)
[ ] Secondary Integrated Teacher Education Partnership, Sedona Red Rock High School, “SITE” (Flagstaff Campus Students only)

___________________________________________________________                                  ___________________________
                 Applicant Signature                                                                      Date

                                                           7                                                               9/2009
                     Master’s of Education - Secondary Certification Program
                                    PROGRAM OF STUDY
Student Name: _________________________________________Content: ________________________
Student Signature: ______________________________________ Date: ___________________________
Adviser’s Signature: _____________________________________ Date: ___________________________
APPROVED PROGRAM OF STUDIES – Courses selected with the approval of the advisers
I. PROFESSIONAL CONTENT: (Minimum 6 hours)
Six hours of 400-level (500-level for transfer courses) or graduate level work is required to meet graduation criteria. Students can be required to take
more than 6 hours of content to meet GPA and knowledge competencies prior to approval for student teaching. The required content coursework will
be equivalent to the coursework required for a content major.

 Semester           Semester                                                 Course
 Planned           Completed

Content Adviser Signature: ________________________________________ Date: ___________________

                                      EDF 500 Cultural Foundations of Education                                                               (3 hours)
                                      EPS 605 Educational Psychology Applied to Learning                                                      (3 hours)
                                      BME 500 Foundations of Structured English Immersion                                                     (3 hours)

                                      ECI 522 Secondary School Curriculum*                                                                     3 hours)
                                      BME 537 Structured English Immersion Methods for Secondary School*                                      (3 hours)
                                      ECI 540 Teaching & Managing Secondary Classrooms*                                                       (3 hours)
                                      ECI 565 Evaluation of Learning *                                                                         (3 hours)
                                      ECI 508 Teacher Practicum                                                                                (1 hour)

                                      ECI 595 Student Teaching/Internship                                                             (12 hours)
                                                                                                          TOTAL: (40 hours)
* ECI 522 and BME 537 are pre-requisites for ECI 540 and ECI 565.
The ECI coursework listed above cannot be applied to NAU Early Childhood, Elementary, or Secondary Masters Degree.
Students must be admitted to the Graduate College and the M. Ed. Secondary with Certification Program to enroll in these courses

                                                                    8                                                                           9/2009
                                                                           Master’s of Education
                                                                      Secondary Certification Program
                                                                    STATEMENT OF UNDERSTANDING
This document is to assist you in understanding your responsibilities as a student in the Master’s of Education with
Certification – Secondary Teacher Education Program at Northern Arizona University. You must read and initial each of
the following statements.
_____ I understand that it is my responsibility to meet regularly with my education adviser and to be aware of my program
      requirements at all times.
_____ I understand that this program is not an online program and I must attend classes in a cohort fashion if a state-wide
      student. Classes taken outside of my cohort or without the approval of my adviser may not apply to my program.
_____   I understand that any transfer courses from another institution must be 500-level or higher, must not be more than six
        years old, and that I can transfer in only nine credits with approval of my Adviser and/or Program Chair


_____   I understand it is my responsibility to obtain the IVP Fingerprint Clearance Packet from College of Education-Student
        Services Office or my statewide coordinator/adviser and submit it to the Department of Public Safety.
_____   I understand I may need to provide verification of a Class One fingerprint clearance to be eligible for formal or informal
        interaction with students in grades K-12 as part of my education course work. This may also include practicum and
        student teaching experiences.
_____   I understand if I am unable to meet the criteria noted above, it is in my best interest to seriously consider the consequences
        of pursuing a degree in education.
____    I understand if I want to discuss this matter confidentially, I may contact the Department of Teaching & Learning at


_____   I understand I must be fully admitted to the Master’s of Education with Certification – Secondary Teacher Education
_____   I understand I must apply for student teaching one year prior to student teaching.

_____   I understand I must apply for graduation the semester of or prior to student teaching.
_____   I understand I may earn only 2 C’s in my program (6 hrs) and I may be dropped from the program if I earn a third C.
_____   I understand I must complete all education courses and all departmental requirements prior to student teaching.

_____   I understand I must be approved for student teaching by College of Education faculty.

_____   I understand all education coursework must not be older than 6 years at the time of student teaching.

_____   I understand as a prospective student teacher, I must demonstrate social and emotional maturity consistent with
        professional standards of classroom instruction as well as physical health for teaching. If a serious question is raised
        through university classes, personal conduct or contact in the schools, the College of Education reserves the right to
        request an individual diagnostic evaluation (medical or psychological) prior to or during student teaching.

I confirm I have read, understood, and initialed each of the items listed above and that it is my responsibility to retain a
copy of this document for my records. I am aware if I do not initial each item my application to the Teacher Education
Program will not be accepted.

Print Name____________________________ Signature____________________________ Date________
                                                             9                                                                     9/2009
                                                                                Master’s of Education
                                                                           Secondary Certification Program
                                                                                 PRIVACY FORM

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 and the Arizona Revised Statute 15-141 define your rights to privacy
and the confidentiality of your records. Briefly, you have access to all academic reports and files, including testing results and
teacher or counselor ratings and observations. This information cannot be released to school districts or to cooperating teachers
without your written permission.

The College of Education-Student Services Office cannot place you for fieldwork and/or student teaching until we have your
permission to release specific information to the school. We will release the following information:

   1.   your name
   2.   your address and phone number
   3.   information about your major/minor, your preferences for placement, and your academic preparation for the placement

We will not release information about gender, age, or ethnic background. If the district requires additional information, or if
Student Services must disclose additional information to complete a placement, you will be asked to approve the release
of that information.

I have read the information above, understand my rights to educational privacy, and understand that by signing
below I am waiving these rights only to the extent necessary for a fieldwork/student teaching assignment to be

_____________________________________________                            __________________________________________
Name (please print)                                                      ID #

_____________________________________________                            __________________________________________
Signature                                                                Date

                                        INVITATION TO SELF-IDENTIFY
Northern Arizona University invites all applicants to provide the information requested below. This information will be
used in fulfilling the University’s federal and state statistical reporting requirements. This information is voluntary and
refusal to provide it will not subject you to any adverse treatment nor is it used in the Teacher Education Program
admission process. The information obtained is separated from your application and will be treated in a highly
confidential manner.
 Name as it appears on Social Security Card:
                      Social Security Number:
                                        Gender:      ___ female          ___ male
             Date of Birth: month/day/year           ____/____/____
                                                     ___ American Indian/Alaskan Native
                                                         (Tribal Affiliation: _________________________)
                                                     ___ Asian/Pacific Islander
                    Race/Ethnic Background:          ___ African American/Black
                                                     ___ Hispanic
                                                     ___ White/Caucasian (not of Hispanic origin)
                                                     ___ Other: _____________________________

                                                                                        Master’s of Education
                                                                                   Secondary Certification Program
                                                                                    RECOMMENDATION FORM

Student's Name (please print): __________________________________________                              Date:____________________________

Student's Major: _____________________________________________________________________________________________
To the Student: Provide this recommendation form to someone who has directly observed your work with children or adolescents within the age
group of pre-school through high school. The work experience may have been either voluntary or paid but must have occurred in a structured setting
for a minimum of 15 hours. Recommendations may come from individuals who have observed your work as a camp counselor, swimming
instructor, religious education teacher, volunteer in a classroom, or another similar setting.
Home child-care (baby-sitting, nanny) or working with students who are your peers cannot be used for the recommendation. Family and personal
friends are not considered professional references. Professors cannot be used as references unless they have directly observed your work with
children or young adults.
Before providing this form to your endorser, complete this section.
Federal laws effective November 1974, gave students and former students the right to inspect their educational records. The Buckley Amendment in
January 1975 gave students the right to waive access to their letters of recommendation when it was argued that many employers place more trust in
confidential letters. The reverse of this principle is that some individuals who write letters of recommendation may feel more comfortable in
expressing themselves if such letters are treated confidentially.
If you believe it might be to your advantage to waive your rights to read this letter of recommendation, so indicate below. If you waive your rights to
the letter, our professional staff will continue to give you information about the contents of your admissions file at your request but will not show you
the letters or identify the individuals making specific comments.
_____ I waive my rights.
_____ I do not waive my rights.             Student's Signature:                 _______________________________________

To the Endorser: The student identified above is applying for admission to the Teacher Education Program at Northern Arizona University. Your
appraisal of this student will help to determine whether acceptance of this individual would be beneficial to the individual and to teacher education.
Please mail the completed recommendation form to Student Services, College of Education, NAU Box 5774,
Flagstaff, AZ 86011 or FAX to (928) 523-1168. Contact Student Services at (928) 523-2145 if you have
questions. Thank you for assisting in the Teacher Education admissions process.
1.   Did the applicant work in an instructional setting for a minimum of 15 hours?                      YES              NO
2.   Did you directly observe this applicant?                                                           YES              NO
3.   With what age group did the applicant work? _________________
4.   Please rank the student using the following scale: 0=not observed, 1=lacking, 2=moderate, 3=above average, 4=exceptional
     Maturity                           0       1   2   3    4              Communication skills                     0    1    2    3    4
     Dependability/Responsibility       0       1   2   3    4              Ability to work cooperatively            0    1    2    3    4
     Initiative                         0       1   2   3    4              Interaction with children/adolescents    0    1    2    3    4
     Judgment                           0       1   2   3    4              Self-confidence                          0    1    2    3    4

5.   Do you recommend this student for the Teacher Education Program?            YES       NO
6.   Briefly describe the educational setting: ________________________________________________________________________

Endorser's Name (please print): ______________________________________________________________________________________________

Endorsers Signature: __________________________________________________________                         Date: _________________________________

Title: ______________________________________________________________________                           Phone #: ______________________________

Organization: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

                                                                          11                                                                     9/2009
Important Information:

Graduate College:            928-523-4348   Building 11 (Ashurst)

Financial Aid:                928-523-4951   Building 1 (Gammage)

Residence Life:      928-523-3978

Fronske Health Center            928-523-2131   Building 41

Scholarship Information:

Graduate Assistant Info:

                                                    12                                             9/2009

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