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    HOTSPOT EXPRESS, a pioneer in Internet management software and Networking solutions, is
                    founded by creamy technical professionals in India.

HOTSPOT EXPRESS, started in 1996, is currently involved in Network-Installation and related technologies
and Software development by engaging qualified professionals.

We have been installing and maintaining Operating Systems such as Linux, BeOS, etc., with Web-server,
Mail-server, VPN and Firewall technologies for small and medium networks. The software development unit
was started in the year 2000 with qualified, committed and technical professionals. Our software packages
are user friendly, sizeable and preferably with web-enabled configuration and reporting using languages
such as VB, C++, Java, EJB, .NET technology, DataBase Servers such as SQL Servers, MySQL, ASP,
Web Languages such as JavaScript, VBscript, PHP, WebServers such as IIS, Apache, JWS, etc.

Internet Management Solutions

Considering the growing demand to time, bill and control Internet access, the focus is diverted to develop
software packages with Authentication, Authorization and Accounting. Initially, the Time Management
Software products were developed to suit control time limit and data limit for cyber cafes. Later these
software products were completely rewritten and remodeled to support medium ISPs, WiFi hotspots,
Colleges, Universities, Companies, Hospitals, Hotels, etc. Recently, There are a few software products are
added to Configure, Manage, Access-Control and Bill the usage of VoIP (Internet Telephony with EPABX
support) Routers to support Authentication, Authorization and Accounting parameters.


•       Network
We have been installing and Maintaining pre-configured operating systems such as Linux, BeOS, etc. They
are reliable and sturdy enough to meet high volume of data traffic and complications. Web based
configuration and reporting features are also added. They are made to support Voice and Data networks in
the following areas.
o               Web Server
o               Mail Server

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o               DNS server
o               NAT and Squid Proxy Server
o               Web content filtering (e.g. Restricting more than 10 million pornographic web sites and
    advertisements, and virus websites, etc.)
o               Hardware & Software solutions for Interlinking Head Office/Regional/Zonal office with
    Branch Offices and Associates through RAS devices, etc.
o               Implementing VPN and Firewall
o               Fail-Safe and Redundancy ISP technology
o               Load Balancing between Multiple Gateways
o               Bandwidth Management with QOS (Quality of Service)

•                        Systems Integration and Support

o       Design and Installation of Structure cabling network
o       Design and Installations of Virtual Private Networks
o       Design and Installations of File & Print and Application Server Infrastructure
o       Remote, Integrated Network Management and Support
o       Installation and maintenance of Dedicated Voice Over IP (VoIP), Fax Over IP (FoIP) and Voice over
    Packet infrastructure using state of the art internet telephony technologies

•               Software development

The followings are the software products developed and directly sold through e-commerce gateways. These
products are well received in India and foreign countries.

o       Hotspot Manager (suitable for Wired and Wireless ISPs, Hotels, Large scale cyber cafés).

Hotspot Manager is a Linux Solution, useful for Internet management, accounting and usage monitoring for
wired and wireless networking. There will be NO client side installations or configurations or settings in the
client computers. The customers can bring any OS or any browser. They can simply connect their laptop
computers by hooking it to RJ45 connection or through AccessPoints (for WiFi networks). By default, the
guests will not have Internet access. As soon as they start browsing, they will be prompted to authenticate
(with username and password). The customer will enter their username and password for authentication.
The guests will have Internet access only after this authentication. Any error during authentication will make

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the login screen to be prompted again. As soon as the customer reaches the balance minutes to zero, the
customer will be prompted to buy more time or disconnect. If the guest opted for post paid, it will be added
in the bill. HotSpot Manager can also control Bandwidth and Voume of Data-Transferred on per user basis.
The cutting edge of the HotSpot Manager is to support Multiple Business Models in the same network as
- A Hotel can also have a cyberCafe in the lounge and allow its postpaid customer to use, but bill in the
same room number
- An ISP can extend its business to Chain of CyberCafes and can allow its existing customers to login into
cybercafe also.
- A CyberCafe can extend its business as ISP to its nearby apartments.
- An ISP can offer Turnkey Internet solution to Hotels and can charge the hotel based on their customer's
- Chain of Hotels can share the authentication data (for staff login purposes, etc)
- Chain of CyberCafes can allow the customers to roam into any cafe. or any combination or as a whole of
ISP, Hotel and CyberCafe, etc.

o          Cyber Cafe Management Software

The desktops of all computers in the cafe are locked with this software. The customers can unlock only after
their authentication. Apart from selling time, the receptionists can sell items through the software. Any
number of PrePaid and PostPaid schemes can be made. When the customer reaches his balance minutes
to zero, they will be prompted to buy more time or disconnect (logged out). PostPaid users can be billed
Monthly, Yearly, etc. Each customer can be set to different bandwidth or different service restrictions (eg.
mail-only or browsing-only, etc).

BarCode can also be implemented for selling items. At the end of day, the receptionist will settle the cash
turned out.

o          Money Messenger (Money Transaction software, similar to westernunion,,etc)

Customers can send payments from any country to other country. The Platform operator appoints his
agents in various countries. The agents collect payments from money senders. The agents also charge
commissions from money senders. At specified intervals, Agents deposit the cash collected in the Platform

                                                                                      #22-A, First Floor, First Main Road
                                                                                      Jawahar Nagar, Chennai 600082
                                                                                      Ph: 044-26701469, 9362055005
operator. Platform operator updates each agent’s account, and pay/debit to their accounts accordingly.

o       Netmeeting, auditing and timing software

Experts and Professionals in the fields such as Law, Auditing, offer consultancy to their remote customers,
through NetMeeting software. These experts charge their customers based on how many hours/minutes
they are consulted/engaged. Each customer can be set at different rates per hour. PrePaid and PostPaid
bills can be sent to the customers through email or intimated through SMS.

o       Voice Over IP Router Billing Software (suitable for Cisco, Net2Phone, Quintum VoIP Routers ).

Voice Over Routers are used to make Internet telephony. The software supports Cisco, Net2Phone and
Quintum VoIP routers. For post-paid users, the bill will be made/printed immediately after the call is
disconnected. PrePaid tickets can also be printed and sold to the customers. To support PrePaid mode,
Radius Server technology is implemented.

o       Setting up E-Commerce gateways.

•       Customer Service

Our competent and professional customer service provides customers with increased availability and
significant cost savings. We offer maintenance and troubleshooting through remote desktop support facility,
worldwide logistics and many other value-added services.

In addition to the above, we also have more than thirty different types of software products, projects and
ActiveX, DLLs and value added feature extensions for the existing ERP software packages.

•       Support Experts

Our service and support specialists provide professional, accurate and timely responses. Contact our
support experts at to report issues. You may also submit your comments,
questions and suggestions to our support experts. We are committed to responding within two business

                                                                                #22-A, First Floor, First Main Road
                                                                                Jawahar Nagar, Chennai 600082
                                                                                Ph: 044-26701469, 9362055005
•       Trained and Certified Engineers

The quality of performance of any software product depends on developers. All Hotspot Express software
engineers are well trained and many of them are certified in MCP, MCSD, MCSE, JCP.

•       HOTSPOT EXPRESS Customer Commitment Philosophy

We create long term relationships with our clients through result oriented problem-solving and knowledge of
the latest communication technologies. Together we have planned and realized growth in our respective
businesses throughout the years. As technology innovations and business expansions occur, Hotspot
Express stays involved as a strategic partner for your software and networking needs and data
HOTSPOT EXPRESS is committed to providing the highest quality software product and services in data
networks supporting multiple business models.

                                                                               #22-A, First Floor, First Main Road
                                                                               Jawahar Nagar, Chennai 600082
                                                                               Ph: 044-26701469, 9362055005

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