UNIVERSITY   OF   S T. T H O M A S
MISSION Inspired by Catholic intellectual tradition, the University of St. Thomas educates students to be
morally responsible leaders who think critically, act wisely and work skillfully to advance the common good.

VISION We seek to be a recognized leader in Catholic higher education that excels in effective teaching,
active learning, scholarly research and responsible engagement with the local community as well as with the
national and global communities in which we live.
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                                                                                      Professional Psychology
          Course of Study                                       8
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The Psy.D. program is a designated program of the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards
(ASPPB)/National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology, Joint Designation project. The Psy.D.
counseling psychology program at the University of St. Thomas is accredited by the American Psychological
    The University of St. Thomas is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, the
Association of Theological Schools and the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education.

Statement of Nondiscrimination
The University of St. Thomas does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, ancestry, national
origin, sex, affectional preference, disability, age, marital status, or status with regard to public assistance in the
employment of faculty or staff, the admission or treatment of students, or in the operation of its educational
programs and activities.
                                                      Message from Faculty and Staff
The faculty and staff
                                                      Thank you for your interest in the University of St. Thomas Graduate
of the Graduate School
                                                      School of Professional Psychology. We are confident that our programs will
of Professional Psychology                            provide you with an excellent professional education.
believe that a synthesis
of theory, personal growth                            The Master of Arts (M.A.) in Counseling Psychology program has a long
and experience is necessary                           history of providing students with graduate training in counseling
for training in                                       psychology. The doctor of psychology (Psy.D.) program is designed to
counseling psychology.                                build on the M.A. or master of science degree in counseling psychology
                                                      and to provide a practitioner-scholar orientated doctoral education. The
                                                      M.A. and Psy.D. degrees offer specialty training in marriage and family

                                                      The Psy.D. program is accredited by the American Psychological
                                                      Association (APA) and utilizes the professional school model of training as
                                                      adopted by the National Council of Schools and Programs of Professional
                                                      Psychology (NCSPP). The Psy.D. program mission goals and objectives
                                                      reflect the NCSPP model of training and education. The model curriculum
                                                      has been developed by the Council for Counseling Psychology Training
                                                      Programs (CCPTP).

                                                      We look forward to helping you meet your academic, professional and
                                                      personal goals. We invite you to find out more.

   4    S T. T H O M A S G R A D UAT E P RO G R A M S I N P RO F E S S I O N A L P S Y C H O L O G Y, ( 6 5 1 ) 9 6 2 - 4 6 5 0 ; ( 8 0 0 ) 3 2 8 - 6 8 1 9 , E X T. 2 - 4 6 5 0
The University of St. Thomas               Graduate School of
Founded in 1885, the University of         Professional Psychology
St. Thomas is a Catholic, diocesan         Located on the Minneapolis campus of
university based in the Twin Cities of     the University of St. Thomas, the
St. Paul and Minneapolis with over         Graduate School of Professional
10,000 students. The largest private       Psychology offers the master of arts
university in Minnesota, St. Thomas        (M.A.) and doctor of psychology
offers bachelor’s degrees in over 85       (Psy.D.) degrees in counseling
major fields of study and more than        psychology. The school is committed
45 graduate degree programs,               to an educational process that               ACCREDITATION
including master’s, education              addresses the needs of students
specialist, juris doctor and doctorates.   through a variety of learning strategies     The University of
     The university                                          designed to create a       St. Thomas is accredited
seeks to develop                                             supportive and             by the North Central
morally responsible                                          challenging                Association of Colleges
individuals who                                              environment within         and Schools.
combine career                                               the university.
competency with                                                  The professional       The Psy.D. program is a
cultural awareness                                           psychology programs        designated program of the
and intellectual                                             focus on training          Association of State and
curiosity. In its                                            students in counseling     Provincial Psychology
graduate programs                                            psychology by              Boards (ASPPB) National
and other educational                                        teaching clinical skills   Register of Health Service
enterprises, the                                             within the framework       Providers in Psychology,
university is                              of ethical practice. The M.A.,               Joint Designation project.
committed to meeting the diverse,          developed in the mid-1970s, and the          The Psy.D. counseling
changing needs of the community            Psy.D., initiated in 1990, provide           psychology program at the
through programs that emphasize the        practitioner-scholar orientated              University of St. Thomas is
integration of theory with practice and    education for professionals serving the      accredited by the
foster the personal and professional       public and private mental health             American Psychological
growth of lifelong learners.               fields. The Psy.D. program was               Association.
Throughout, the university fosters in      accredited by the American
the student a tradition of service to      Psychological Association in
the public welfare and an energetic,       October 2000.
thoughtful approach to the challenges
of contemporary life.                      Committee on Accreditation
                                           American Psychological Association
                                           750 First St. N.E.
                                           Washington, D.C. 20002-4242
                                           (202) 336-5979
                                           TDD (202) 336-6123
                                                     NCSPP Model                                                                               Biannual Student Review
                                                     The Graduate School of Professional                                                       The counseling psychology faculty as a
                                                     Psychology adopted the National                                                           whole reviews the progress of all
                                                     Council of Schools and Programs of                                                        students. If the personal, academic,
                                                     Professional Psychology (NCSPP)                                                           clinical or ethical performance of a
NCSPP PERSONAL                                       model for education and training of                                                       student becomes unsatisfactory, the
CHARACTERISTICS:                                     professional                                                                                                 dean, faculty, adviser,
                                                     psychologists.                                                                                               another instructional
• Intellectual curiosity                             General                                                                                                      staff member or
  and flexibility                                    assumptions                                                                                                  clinical supervisors
• Scientific skepticism                              about the                                                                                                    will meet with the
• Open-mindedness                                    personal                                                                                                     student to discuss his
• Psychological health                               characteristics                                                                                              or her performance
• Belief in the capacity                             necessary to                                                                                                 and ways to address
  for change in human                                promote positive                                                                                             or remedy the
  attitudes and                                      growth in the                                                                                                situation. The
  behavior                                           human services                                                                                               resulting plan is
• Appreciation of                                    were developed at                                                                                            made known to other
  individual and                                     the 1992                                                                                                     faculty and
  cultural diversity                                 conference of the                                                                                            supervisors as
• Interest, courage and                              National Council                                                                                             necessary.
  compassion in                                      of Schools and                                                                                               Confidentiality exists
  providing human                                    Programs of Professional Psychology.                                                      with the school rather than with
  services, especially to                                 Counseling psychology students                                                       individual faculty members.
  underserved                                        are advised of the necessity to learn                                                          Students’ professional behavior
  populations                                        and refine these characteristics during                                                   and conduct is considered a
• Personal integrity                                 their graduate studies. Students may                                                      fundamental aspect of academic
  and honesty                                        elect to work on developing or                                                            performance and, as such, will be
• Capacity for                                       refining these characteristics in a                                                       reviewed by the faculty at each
  developing                                         variety of ways, including personal                                                       biannual review meeting or be subject
  interpersonal skills                               growth experiences, therapy or                                                            to review at other times as matters of
  (empathy, respect for                              involvement in support groups.                                                            concern are brought to the attention of
  others, personal                                                                                                                             the faculty.
• Self-awareness

   6   S T. T H O M A S G R A D UAT E P RO G R A M S I N P RO F E S S I O N A L P S Y C H O L O G Y, ( 6 5 1 ) 9 6 2 - 4 6 5 0 ; ( 8 0 0 ) 3 2 8 - 6 8 1 9 , E X T. 2 - 4 6 5 0
                                                                                                               MASTER’S PROGRAM
                                          Special Features of the Master’s Program:
The Master’s Program
                                          • Courses are scheduled late in the
The Master of Arts in Counseling            afternoon, in the evening and on
Psychology is designed to prepare           weekends.
students for licensure in Minnesota as    • Faculty members have extensive
licensed professional counselors. As a      experience in counseling, giving          RESOURCES FOR
general counseling psychology               students the added benefit of being       EMPLOYMENT:
training program, the master of arts        taught by counseling psychologists
(M.A.) exposes students to a variety of     with current practical knowledge.         • American Counseling
psychological theories and techniques.    • Personal development goes hand-in-          Association
Successful completion of a minimum          hand with professional development          (
of 48 semester credits of study and a       in this program. Students are             • American Association for
comprehensive examination is                encouraged to grow personally and           Marriage and Family
required, but not a thesis; however,        to gain insight into their own              Therapy (
directed research may be completed in       behaviors and characteristics.            • American Mental Health
an independent study format with          • Students are expected to develop            Counselors Association
faculty supervision.                        their own theoretical position based        (
     The core M.A. course of study          on study, discussion, experience and      • Minnesota Association
(Page 8) prepares students to work as       research.                                   for Marriage and
counselors in a variety of mental         • Students are encouraged to pursue           Family Therapy
health, counseling and human service        practicum experiences congruent             (www.minneasotafamilies.
settings. Those completing the              with career expectations.                   org)
marriage and family therapy
concentration may sit for exams,                                                      POST M.A.
                                          Concentration in Family Psychology
                                                                                      CERTIFICATION IN
obtain pre- and post-degree
                                                                                      FAMILY PSYCHOLOGY
supervision and be licensed by the        In addition to the course of study          This post M.A. program
Minnesota Board of Marriage and           described above, students can choose a      prepares those who
Family Therapy. Applicants are            concentration in family psychology.         already hold an M.A.
strongly encouraged to research the       Courses for this concentration are in       degree in counseling
field and be aware of licensing and       addition to the 48 credits and satisfy      psychology to meet and
employment options.                       current educational requirements for        complete the educational
                                                                                      requirements for licensure
                                          licensure as a marriage and family
                                                                                      as marriage and family
                                          therapist (LMFT).                           therapists. See the chart
                                               Students can complete these            on page 8 for complete
                                          courses during the second and third         course offerings.
                                          years of study. Students electing this
                                          concentration need to have a
                                          marriage and family-orientated
                                                      M.A. Program of Study                                                                                                          course #      credits

                                                      Psychological Statistics                                                                                                       CPSY600            3
                                                      Learning and Behavior Change in Counseling Psychology                                                                          CPSY602            3
                                                      Introduction to Group Psychotherapy                                                                                            CPSY603            3
                                                      Psychological Assessment I                                                                                                     CPSY604            3
                                                      Theories of Career Development                                                                                                 CPSY605            3
                                                      Basic Counseling Skills Lab                                                                                                    CPSY606            3
                                                      Ethics and Professional Issues                                                                                                 CPSY607            3
                                                      Counseling Practicum I                                                                                                         CPSY608            4
                                                      Counseling Practicum II                                                                                                        CPSY609            4
                                                      Counseling Practicum III                                                                                                       CPSY610            1
                                                      Theories of Counseling and Personality                                                                                         CPSY611            3
                                                      Human Growth and Development                                                                                                   CPSY612            3
                                                      Physiological Bases of Behavior                                                                                                CPSY631            3
Practicum at the University                           Psychopathology                                                                                                                CPSY632            3
                                                      Introduction to Marriage and Family Psychology                                                                                 CPSY650            3
of St. Thomas consists of a
                                                      Counseling Diverse Populations                                                                                                 CPSY680            3
minimum of 20 hours per
week and a minimum of                                 TOTAL MINIMUM REQUIRED CREDITS                                                                                                 TOTAL             48

700 hours for the academic
year. The minimums are
compatible with the
                                                      Family Psychology Courses                                                                                                     course #      credits
minimum requirements for
                                                      Family Dynamics                                                                                                      CPSY648                          3
licensure by the applicable                           Marriage and Family Development                                                                                      CPSY651                          3
board in Minnesota.                                   Marriage Counseling                                                                                                  CPSY652                          3
Requirements for students                             Family Counseling I                                                                                                  CPSY653                          3
                                                      Family Counseling II                                                                                                 CPSY654                          3
who elect the concentration                           Marriage and Family Internship*                                                                                      CPSY655                          3
in Family Psychology must
                                                      TOTAL MINIMUM REQUIRED CREDITS                                                                                               TOTAL                 18
obtain a minimum of 300
                                                      *This course must be taken in addition to CPSY608, 609 and 610 to meet the license requirements of the
client hours, within the                              Minnesota Board of Marriage and Family Practice.

700 hours total; 150 of the
300 contact hours must be
with couples and/or
                                                     For course descriptions, visit :

   8    S T. T H O M A S G R A D UAT E P RO G R A M S I N P RO F E S S I O N A L P S Y C H O L O G Y, ( 6 5 1 ) 9 6 2 - 4 6 5 0 ; ( 8 0 0 ) 3 2 8 - 6 8 1 9 , E X T. 2 - 4 6 5 0
                                                                                                                  DOCTORATE PROGRAM
                                          minimum of 72 semester hours of
The Doctoral Program                      coursework (Page 13) over a minimum
The Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.)         four-year period. Students select one of
is a professional degree in counseling    two courses of study: 1) core
psychology designed to prepare            counseling psychology or 2) special
individuals for careers in the practice   proficiency in family psychology.
                                                                                     WHAT CAN I DO WITH
of counseling psychology. In 1972, the         The Psy.D. program utilizes a         A GRADUATE DEGREE
American Psychological Association        cohort model as an educational tool to     IN PSYCHOLOGY?
endorsed the Psy.D. as an appropriate     enhance learning with courses offered
model for professional services. In       in late afternoons, evenings and           Our graduates have found
October 2000, the Psy.D. at               weekends. Faculty regularly revise         employment in a variety
St. Thomas was accredited by the          course materials and program policy        of fields including:
APA.                                      so students are advised to read
                                                                                     •   Private practice
     The Psy.D. in Counseling             department bulletin boards, the                psychologist
Psychology is designed to build on        program Web site, St. Thomas e-mail
previous training in psychology and       and maintain contact with their            •   Clinic/agency director
prepare professionals for a variety of    adviser in order to stay informed of       •   Management consultant
work settings. Primarily, Psy.D.          program changes.
graduates pursue licensure for the                                                   •   University counseling
practice of psychology and provide        Psy.D. Program Goals                           center psychologist
counseling, psychotherapy, assessment,    • Offer a high-quality, advanced           •   Hospital psychologist
supervision, administration, teaching       education to guide in-career
and evaluation. Graduates are               master’s-level practitioners to          •   Community, county
currently employed as licensed              doctoral-level practitioners, leading        or state mental
psychologists in a variety of settings,     to professional practice in                  health agencies
including: private practice,                counseling psychology. This              •   Corporate hiring
universities or colleges, community         includes preparation for licensure at        consultants
mental health centers, career and           the doctoral level, development of
vocational settings, marriage and           personal values and moral
family therapy practices, community         responsibility, and development of
programs, chemical dependency               professional identity as a counseling
centers, and employee assistance            psychologist.
programs. To learn more about the         • Educate students concerning
profession of counseling psychology,        professional, ethical, legal and
visit the APA’s Division 17                 quality assurance issues.
(counseling psychology) Web page at       • Educate students for the                              professional practice of psychology
     Applicants are expected to have        as delineated by curriculum
completed a master’s degree in              competencies in the NCSPP model.
counseling psychology or its
equivalent. The curriculum involves a
                                                        Cohort Model                                                                              4. Research and evaluation involve a
                                                        Designed to foster cooperative                                                               systematic mode of inquiry
                                                        learning, the cohort model is intended                                                       involving problem identification
                                                        to assist students in development of a                                                       and the acquisition, organization
                                                        sense of group identity and cohesion,                                                        and interpretation of information
Designed to foster                                      providing a supportive foundation for                                                        pertaining to psychological
                                                        students. The cohort model of training                                                       phenomena. Professional
cooperative learning,
                                                        facilitates the professional growth of                                                       psychologists systematically acquire
the cohort model provides                               students and enhances learning by                                                            and organize information about
a supportive foundation for                             consistently reinforcing collaborative                                                       psychological phenomena and often
                                                        approaches to skill acquisition while                                                        engage in the general practice of
cohort members to pursue
                                                        providing a supportive experience.                                                           science.
doctoral work. Students                                 Students consistently have rated the                                                      5. Consultation is a planned,
consistently have rated the                             cohort model very highly when asked                                                          collaborative interaction that is an
                                                        about the qualities of the program                                                           explicit intervention process based
cohort model very highly
                                                        that they believed to be most valuable.                                                      on principles and procedures found
when asked about qualities of                           Students admitted to a cohort are                                                            within psychology and related
the program that they believed                          expected to complete all required                                                            disciplines in which the
                                                        coursework with the same group of                                                            professional psychologist does not
to be most valuable.
                                                        students.                                                                                    have direct control of the actual
                                                                                                                                                     change process. Education is
Cohorts are predominately                               Competencies                                                                                 directed facilitation by the
                                                        In accordance with the NCSPP model                                                           professional psychologist for the
female with an average of 12
                                                        for training and education of                                                                growth of knowledge, skills and
women and four men. Each                                professional psychologists, the Psy.D.                                                       attitudes in the learner.
incoming cohort typically has                           program is designed to facilitate the                                                     6. Management comprises those
                                                        development of seven core                                                                    activities that direct, organize or
between one and four students
                                                        competencies.                                                                                control the services that
from diverse racial and ethnic                          1. Relationship is the capacity to                                                           psychologists and others offer or
backgrounds, which are                                     develop and maintain a constructive                                                       render to the public. Supervision is
                                                           working alliance with clients.                                                            a form of management blended
consistent with the
                                                        2. Assessment is an ongoing,                                                                 with teaching in the context of a
demographics of the local                                  interactive inclusive process that                                                        relationship directed toward the
region.                                                    serves to describe, conceptualize,                                                        enhancement of the competence of
                                                           characterize and predict relevant                                                         the supervisee.
                                                           aspects of a client.                                                                   7. Diversity recognizes the value and
                                                        3 Intervention involves activities                                                           inclusiveness of the wide range of
                                                           that promote, restore, sustain or                                                         human backgrounds, traditions,
                                                           enhance positive functioning and a                                                        cultures, religions, genders, and
                                                           sense of well-being in clients                                                            languages as a core curriculum
                                                           through preventive, developmental                                                         concern in the preparation of
                                                           or remedial services.                                                                     professional psychologists.

    10    S T. T H O M A S G R A D UAT E P RO G R A M S I N P RO F E S S I O N A L P S Y C H O L O G Y, ( 6 5 1 ) 9 6 2 - 4 6 5 0 ; ( 8 0 0 ) 3 2 8 - 6 8 1 9 , E X T. 2 - 4 6 5 0
Practitioner Scholar Focus              Practicum
Many Psy.D. students are involved in    The doctoral practica occur in the
counseling-related activities           second and third years of the program.
throughout their educational            Practica are designed to provide
experiences. The practical experience   supervision and training in direct
is designed to provide a balance        client psychological services. The
between didactic and experiential       practica at the St. Thomas include
learning components of the              placements in actual community
curriculum. The practicum and           settings under the supervision of
internship are designed as learning     practicing licensed psychologists.
experiences that encourage                   The practicum and internship
development and refinement of           placement coordinator meets with
counseling skills and experimentation   students to assess prior experience and
with new approaches to counseling       to recommend placements that will
practice. Students are required to      meet student career goals.                MARY HAYES
present cases, demonstrate clinical                                               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR
skills via audio- or video-tape                                                   FACULTY MEMBER
presentations and utilize various       Psy.D. applications                       SINCE 1988
approaches to case conceptualization.   Based on averaged data from the past
                                                                                  What are some
                                        several years, the Psy.D. program         strengths of the
                                        receives approximately 35 applications    Graduate School of
                                        per year and admits 15. The average       Professional Psychology?
                                        GRE score is approximately 510 on         Since both programs are
                                        the verbal section and 575 on the         practitioner-scholar
                                        quantitative. The writing score is 4 or   oriented, our graduates
                                        above. The GPA tends to be between
                                                                                  can prepare themselves
                                                                                  for that first job. For
                                        3.7 and 3.8. The average age tends to     instance, during the off-
                                        be 30 to 35 for incoming students.        site internship and
                                        Cohorts in the Psy.D. program is          practica programs,
                                        predominately female with an average      students can put their
                                        of 12 women and three men. Each           studies into practice.
                                        incoming cohort typically has between
                                        one and four students from diverse        Students can also expect
                                        racial and ethnic backgrounds, which
                                                                                  to gain an understanding
                                                                                  of how formal assessment
                                        is consistent with the demographics of    of clients can contribute
                                        the local region.                         to the overall planning
                                                                                  for intervention and
                                                                                  treatment. That
                                                                                  knowledge can completely
                                                                                  change how students
                                                                                  view their studies and
                                                                                  choice of career.
                                                      Qualifying Examination                                                                    Students must be able to meet the
                                                      The qualifying examination process is                                                     standards at a given clinical site in
                                                      designed to assess integration of                                                         order to complete their degree, obtain
                                                      theory, research and practice. The                                                        licensure in psychology at the doctoral
                                                      scholarly project in counseling                                                           level and meet membership criteria for
                                                      psychology is designed to enhance                                                         the National Register of Health
Many Psy.D. students are                              knowledge applicable to counseling                                                        Service Providers in Psychology and
involved in counseling-                               practice. In completing the doctoral                                                      the American Psychological
related professional                                  project, students are expected to                                                         Association.
                                                      demonstrate scholarly understanding
activities throughout their                           developed as consumers of research,                                                       Special Proficiency in Family Psychology
educational experience.                               theoretical and clinical material and to                                                  Psy.D. students can declare interest in
                                                                                                                                                                  the special proficiency
The practicum and                                     explicate conclusions,
                                                      implications and                                                                                            in family psychology
internship are designed as                            suggestions that have                                                                                       track at the end of the
learning experiences that                             potential                                                                                                   first year of study.
                                                                                                                                                                  Students seeking to
encourage development                                 implications for the
                                                      field of professional                                                                                       enroll in this track are
and refinement of                                     psychology.                                                                                                 expected to have
counseling skills and                                                                                                                                             completed a minimum
                                                      Internship                                                                                                  of one three-credit
student experimentation
                                                      A full-time (40 hours                                                                                       course on the M.A.
with new approaches to                                per week) 2,000-hour                                                                                        level in marriage and
counseling practice.                                  internship can be                                                                                           family psychology.
                                                      completed in one                                                                                            Students enrolled in
                                                      calendar year. Full-time internships                                                      this special proficiency track would
                                                      may occur in the fourth (or a                                                             take Child Assessment and Treatment
                                                      subsequent) year of the program. All                                                      (CPSY960) and Advanced Family
                                                      coursework, the qualifying                                                                Systems Seminar (CPSY961) as
                                                      examination and the doctoral project                                                      electives.
                                                      must be completed before a student                                                             Students electing the special
                                                      begins an internship.                                                                     proficiency in family psychology track
                                                           St. Thomas internship                                                                would complete their practicum
                                                      requirements incorporate the standards                                                    (CPSY708), internship (CPSY800)
                                                      of three credentialing bodies: the State                                                  and doctoral project (CPSY825) in
                                                      of Minnesota Board of Psychology, the                                                     family psychology. The Practice
                                                      National Register of Health Service                                                       Development Seminars (CPSY910 and
                                                      Providers in Psychology and the                                                           CPSY911) include a family
                                                      American Psychological Association.                                                       psychology focus.

  12    S T. T H O M A S G R A D UAT E P RO G R A M S I N P RO F E S S I O N A L P S Y C H O L O G Y, ( 6 5 1 ) 9 6 2 - 4 6 5 0 ; ( 8 0 0 ) 3 2 8 - 6 8 1 9 , E X T. 2 - 4 6 5 0
                                                                                                                                          DOCTORATE PROGRAM
Psy. D. Required Courses                                                                 course #   credits

Introduction to Doctoral Projects in Counseling Psychology                             CPSY700              3
Qualitative Methods of Inquiry                                                         CPSY701              3
Quantitative Methods of Inquiry                                                        CPSY702              3
Doctoral Practicum I                                                                   CPSY708              3
Doctoral Practicum II                                                                  CPSY709              3
                                                                                                                  For course
Brief Psychotherapy                                                                    CPSY710              3     descriptions, visit :
Relationship Counseling                                                                CPSY713              3
Life Span Development                                                                  CPSY715              3
Vocational and Organizational Psychology                                               CPSY717              3
Advanced Group and Social Behavior                                                     CPSY719              3
Supervision and Consultation I                                                         CPSY723              3
Advanced Psychopathology                                                               CPSY735              3
Psychological Testing II (Personality) and Lab                                         CPSY737              3
Learning and Cognition                                                                 CPSY739              3
Professional Development Seminar in Counseling Psychology                              CPSY751              3
Contemporary Ethical Issues                                                            CPSY775              3
Internship in Counseling Psychology*                                                   CPSY800              0
Doctoral Project Seminar (3 credit minimum)                                            CPSY825              3
Diversity Issues in Counseling Psychology                                              CPSY901              3
Psychological Testing III (Cognitive) and Lab                                          CPSY903              3
Psychopharmacology                                                                     CPSY908              3
Practice Development Seminar I                                                         CPSY910              3
Practice Development Seminar II                                                        CPSY911              3
Historical Foundations                                                                 CPSY950              3

Psy. D. Elective Courses (min. 3 credits)                                             course #          credits
Counseling Women                                                                       CPSY755              3
Health Psychology/Behavioral Medicine                                                  CPSY902              3
Psychological Testing IV Neuropsychology                                               CPSY905              3
Psychological Testing V Projectives                                                    CPSY906              3
Advanced Group Psychotherapy                                                           CPSY907              3
Child Assessment and Treatment**                                                       CPSY960              3
Advanced Family Systems Seminar**                                                      CPSY961              3

TOTAL MINIMUM REQUIRED CREDITS                                                                              72

* A 2,000-hour internship is required. Students can complete the internship on a full-time basis over
12 months or on a reduced-time basis over a maximum period of 24 months. An internship may begin
only after completion of all required doctoral coursework and CPSY 825.

** Special Proficiency in Family Psychology Track requires a minimum of 75 credits.
                                                                                                                                                directly from the appropriate
                                                      Admissions                                                                                institution. For all applicants who are
                                                      Admission to the counseling                                                               not accepted into the school,
                                                      psychology program is competitive.                                                        application materials are normally
                                                      The program can accommodate only a                                                        retained at the university for two years
                                                      given number of admissions per year                                                       and then destroyed.
                                                      due to the number of faculty,                                                                  Application materials are not
                                                      commitment to quality training,                                                           returned to the applicant or their
                                                      availability of practicum sites and the                                                   designees.
                                                      ethical standards of the psychology
                                                                                                                                                M.A. Admission
                                                          Only candidates who are
                                                      graduates of colleges and universities                                                    Prospective students must have
                                                      accredited by a regional accrediting                                                      completed an undergraduate degree
CHRISTOPHER VYE                                       agency are invited to apply for                                                           from a college or university accredited
ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                   admission. Decisions on admission are                                                     by a regional accrediting agency prior
FACULTY MEMBER                                        based on the following criteria:                                                          to enrolling in the M.A. counseling
SINCE 1999                                            1. Academic performance and                                                               psychology program. An
                                                         potential as measured by previous                                                      undergraduate degree in psychology is
What are your impressions                                                                                                                       not required.
                                                         experience and the Miller
of the students? In both                                                                                                                             Admissions are granted once per
                                                         Analogies Test or the Graduate
the master and doctoral                                                                                                                         year. Completed applications are due
                                                         Record Exam (GRE) for the M.A.
programs, the student                                                                                                                           April 1 for admission to the fall
                                                         and the GRE for the Psy.D.
body spans the spectrum                                                                                                                         semester. In order for an application to
                                                      2. Letters of reference.
of life and professional                                                                                                                        be considered, the file must contain
                                                      3. Statement of purpose.
experience. Some students                                                                                                                       the following materials:
                                                      4. Other factors, including potential
are fresh from their                                                                                                                            1. Completed application form and
                                                         for a career in psychology, fit with
undergraduate career and                                                                                                                           fee.
                                                         the University of St. Thomas
some have spent                                                                                                                                 2. Official copies of all undergraduate
                                                         program, personal characteristics,
considerable time in the                                                                                                                           and any graduate transcripts.
                                                         and life and professional
working world. Each                                                                                                                             3. Two letters of recommendation,
student, given his or her                                                                                                                          addressing the candidate’s
unique background, adds                                                                                                                            suitability for the program.
                                                           Application for admission will be
an important dimension of                                                                                                                       4. Miller Analogies Test score (school
                                                      made on forms provided by the school
learning to our program.                                                                                                                           code: 2344) or Graduate Record
                                                      and available on the program Web
Students can learn from                                                                                                                            Exam score (school code: R6110).
                                                      site. Separate admissions procedures
each other and we, as                                                                                                                           5. Candidate’s statement of purpose
                                                      apply to the M.A. and Psy.D.
faculty, make use of that                                                                                                                          (part of the application form).
                                                      programs. Official transcripts, bearing
strength in our teaching.
                                                      an institutional seal, must be sent

   14   S T. T H O M A S G R A D UAT E P RO G R A M S I N P RO F E S S I O N A L P S Y C H O L O G Y, ( 6 5 1 ) 9 6 2 - 4 6 5 0 ; ( 8 0 0 ) 3 2 8 - 6 8 1 9 , E X T. 2 - 4 6 5 0
M.A. Admission — Nondegree              1. The institution from which the
Students seeking nondegree                   work is to be transferred is
                                             authorized to grant graduate
admission must submit an                                                          M.A. PROFILE
application form, application fee            degrees by the responsible
and official copies of all                   regional accrediting agency.         Recent averaged data
undergraduate and any graduate          2. The credits to be transferred are      show that approximately
transcripts. These students take             represented on a graduate            100 applications are
courses with the approval of the             transcript.                          submitted to St. Thomas
dean of the school. Nondegree           3. The credits were earned in a           per year for the M.A.
admission status does not guarantee          regular graduate degree              program. St. Thomas
acceptance into the program.                 program.                             accepts approximately 50
     Courses taken under the            4. The courses to be transferred are      percent for admission.
nondegree admission status are               applicable to the student’s          The typical M.A. student is
applicable at a later time if the            graduate program at                  between the ages of 24
student is granted admission into            St. Thomas. Only letter grades       and 28, with women
the degree program.                          may be transferred.                  representing approximately
     Registration for all nondegree          Petitions for transfer of credit     65 percent of incoming
students is held                        should be presented upon admission        students. Recent incoming
during the last                                                to a graduate      students averaged 46 on
registration                                                   degree             the MAT. The average GRE
period for the                                                 program. It        score is approximately
semester in                                                    should be          475 on the verbal and
which the                                                      understood         575 on the quantitative
student is                                                     that, in any       with a writing score near
seeking                                                        case, courses to   4. Incoming students
registration.                                                  be transferred     typically have an
Consult the                                                    will be            undergraduate GPA of 3.0
course schedule                                                applicable to a    to 3.5. Each entering
for the registration dates and times.   St. Thomas degree only if it is           master’s class is
Provided that space is available,       projected that they will have been        represented by students
nondegree student registration will     completed within the seven-year           who come from a diverse
be accepted.                            period normally allowed for               background of racial,
                                        completion of the degree.                 ethnic and cultural
Transfer of Credits                          Students who matriculate into a      differences.
A maximum of nine semester hours        degree program at St. Thomas and
of graduate credit, for which           want to take graduate work at
appropriate letter grades of “A” or     another institution with the purpose
“B” has been earned, may be             of transferring that course to St.
approved for transfer into an M.A.      Thomas must obtain prior written
degree program by the dean              approval from their advisers and the
provided:                               dean.
                                                                                                                                                     Following receipt of a letter
                                                      Psy.D. Admission                                                                          offering admission, candidates should
                                                      A master’s degree in counseling                                                           contact their assigned adviser in
                                                      psychology, or its equivalent, is                                                         writing regarding deficiencies.
                                                      required for admission. Courses must                                                      Equivalency course prerequisites may
                                                      be taken at a regionally accredited                                                       be established through coursework
                                                      institution of higher education and be                                                    completed after the master’s degree by
                                                      defined as part of master’s degree                                                        successfully completing designated
                                                      curriculum in counseling psychology                                                       course deficiencies at any regionally
                                                      (or its equivalent).                                                                      accredited university that has a
                                                            Courses should meet a preferred                                                     graduate program in psychology.
                                                      time range of seven years since                                                                Candidates for admission to the
                                                      admissions (with exceptions granted                                                       Psy.D. program in counseling
                                                      due to continuing education and career                                                    psychology must submit all materials
                                                      development that indicate growth in                                                       by Feb. 1 of the year in which they are
Upon admission to the                                 the counseling psychology field.)                                                         seeing admission.
program, students are                                       The equivalence of a degree in a                                                         The following admissions
                                                      field other than counseling psychology                                                    materials are required:
assigned an adviser                                   is determined by the criteria that the                                                    1. Completed application forms and
who assists them in                                   degree must be predominately                                                                  fees.
determining an                                        psychological in content and by the                                                       2. One official copy of all under-
                                                      following specific inclusions in the                                                          graduate and graduate transcripts.
appropriate plan of study.                            degree program:                                                                           3. Two letters of recommendation
                                                      1. A counseling practicum                                                                     addressing the candidate’s
                                                      2. Courses in all of these areas:                                                             suitability for the program.
                                                          a. Statistics or quantitative                                                         4. Graduate Record Exam score
                                                             research design                                                                        (school code: R6110).
                                                          b. Biological bases of behavior                                                       5. Candidate’s statement of purpose
                                                             (e.g., psychophysiology,                                                               (part of the application form).
                                                             psychobiology)                                                                     6. Writing sample or copy of
                                                          c. Social psychology or group                                                             publications.
                                                             dynamics                                                                                Finalists are also required to
                                                          d. Psychological assessment or                                                        interview with the faculty.
                                                             measurement theory
                                                          e. Personality or counseling theory                                                   Tuition and Fees
                                                          f. Development (i.e., career, family                                                  For current tuition and fees, please
                                                             or life span)                                                                      visit or
                                                          g. Psychopathology                                                                    contact the Graduate School of
                                                          h. Counseling skills and techniques                                                   Professional Psychology.
                                                          i. Counseling ethics

  16    S T. T H O M A S G R A D UAT E P RO G R A M S I N P RO F E S S I O N A L P S Y C H O L O G Y, ( 6 5 1 ) 9 6 2 - 4 6 5 0 ; ( 8 0 0 ) 3 2 8 - 6 8 1 9 , E X T. 2 - 4 6 5 0
                                           from a Federal Subsidized Stafford
Financial Aid                              loan.
There are many forms of financial              SELF loans are funded by the state
assistance to help students pay for        of Minnesota on a non need basis. To
graduate study in psychology. The          qualify, students must not be in
Professional Psychology program offers     default on any student loans or
                                                                                     PSY.D. PROFILE
scholarships, graduate assistantships,     delinquent on interest payments on an
loans, work-study opportunities and        outstanding SELF loan.
                                                                                     Based on averaged data from
fellowships to help students make              Applicants must have a Free
graduate school both accessible and        Application for Federal Student Aid       the past several years, the
affordable.                                (FAFSA) on file with St. Thomas           program receives
     The university administers three
                                           Psy.D. Financial Aid
                                                                                     approximately 35 applications
loan programs for graduate students:
1. Federal Subsidized Stafford loans       Graduate assistantships are available     per year and admits 16
2. Federal Unsubsidized Stafford           each academic year to students in the     students. The average GRE
     loans                                 doctoral program in counseling
                                           psychology. Qualified students will
                                                                                     score is approximately 510 on
3. SELF loans (Student Education
     Loan Fund)                            have completed all requirements for       the verbal section and 575 on
     These loans are available to full-    enrollment corresponding with their       the quantitative. The writing
and part-time degree-seeking               cohort and will not have any
                                           incompletes in prior coursework.
                                                                                     score is 4 or above. The GPA
students. For loan-eligibility purposes,
two courses are considered full-time            The Professional Psychology          tends to be between 3.7 and
study.                                     program has a limited number of           3.8. The average age tends
     Federal Subsidized Stafford loans     grants available for minority students.
                                           Qualified students who have been
                                                                                     to be 30 to 35 for
are funded on a need basis, and are
available to U.S. citizens and eligible    accepted for admission are invited to     incoming students.
noncitizens who are not in default on      apply. Grant recipients will be
any previous student loans. They           selected by a faculty committee.
provide a maximum of $8,500.
     Applicants must have a Free           Financial Aid
Application for Federal Student Aid        For financial aid forms or more
(FAFSA) on file with St. Thomas.           information, contact:
Early application is encouraged either
by applying online (      Student Financial Services
or through St. Thomas.                     University of St. Thomas
     Federal Unsubsidized Stafford         Mail #CHC156
loans are not based on need, and also      2115 Summit Ave.
are available to U.S. citizens who are     St. Paul, MN 55105-1096
not in default on any previous student     (651) 962-6550
loans. They provide a maximum of           (800) 328-6819, Ext. 2-6550
$18,500, less any amount received
                                                                                                                                                    Len L. Jennings
                                                          Faculty                                                                                   Associate Professor
                                                          Jean M. Birbilis                                                                          Ph.D., University of Minnesota
Students consistently rate                                Associate Professor                                                                       M.A., University of Missouri at
the faculty in the psychology                             Ph.D., Oklahoma State University                                                              Kansas City
program as excellent.                                     M.A., University of Tulsa                                                                 B.S., Missouri Western State College
                                                          B.S., Oklahoma State University
Faculty members are
                                                                                                                                                    William L. Madsen
especially attuned to the                                 James Burns                                                                               Professor Emeritus
needs of adult learners and                               Assistant Professor                                                                       Ph.D., University of Minnesota
                                                          Ph.D., Northeastern University                                                            M.C.E., Bethel Seminary
respect each student’s                                    M.A., University of St. Thomas                                                            B.A., Bethel College
practice interests. They are                              MDiv., University of St. Thomas
experienced counseling                                    B.A. University of St. Thomas                                                             Melissa Pederson Mussell
                                                                                                                                                    Assistant Professor
practitioners who have                                    Kerry D. Frank                                                                            Ph.D., University of Minnesota
demonstrated leadership as                                Associate Professor                                                                       M.A., University of Minnesota
educators, consultants,                                   Ph.D., University of Minnesota                                                            B.A., University of Minnesota
                                                          M.Ed., University of Southwestern
researchers and                                               Louisiana                                                                             Burton (Skip) F. Nolan
administrators.                                           B.A., McNeese State University                                                            Professor
                                                                                                                                                    Ph.D., Purdue University
                                                          Mary Hayes                                                                                M.S., Purdue University
                                                          Associate Professor                                                                       B.A., Massachusetts State University
                                                          Ph.D., University of Southern
                                                              California                                                                            Christopher Vye
                                                          M.A., University of Southern                                                              Associate Professor
                                                              California                                                                            Ph.D., University of Minnesota
                                                          Ed.S., University of Minnesota                                                            B.A., University of Minnesota
                                                          M.A., University of Minnesota
                                                          B.A., College of St. Catherine                                                            I. David Welch
                                                                                                                                                    Dean, Professor
                                                          Norman L. James                                                                           Diplomat of the American Board of
                                                          Professor Emeritus                                                                            Professional Psychology
                                                          Ph.D., University of Minnesota                                                            Ed.D., ABPP, University of Florida
                                                          M.S., Southern Illinois University-                                                       M.A., Colorado State College
                                                              Carbondale                                                                            B.A., Colorado State College
                                                          B.A., Southern Illinois University -

      18    S T. T H O M A S G R A D UAT E P RO G R A M S I N P RO F E S S I O N A L P S Y C H O L O G Y, ( 6 5 1 ) 9 6 2 - 4 6 5 0 ; ( 8 0 0 ) 3 2 8 - 6 8 1 9 , E X T. 2 - 4 6 5 0
                                                                                     and follow 1st Ave. N to 10th St. Turn
Location                                                                             left on 10th St. and follow 10th St. to
The Minneapolis campus of the University                                             LaSalle Ave.
of St. Thomas is located at the corner of
10th St. and LaSalle Ave.                                                            From the east: Hwy. 94 to 11th St. Exit.
                                                                                     West on 11th St. to LaSalle Ave. At
                                                                                     LaSalle, turn right and follow LaSalle to
Driving Directions
                                                                                     10th St.
From the south: Hwy. 35W to
Downtown Exits to 11th St./ Grant St.
exit (Exit 16A); turn left. Go west on
                                                                                     Visitors can use metered parking around
11th St. to LaSalle Ave.
                                                                                     the Minneapolis campus, or access one of
                                                                                     several nearby parking ramps. Parking
From the north: Hwy. 35W to 11th St.
                                                                                     permits are available for purchase for
Exit. West on 11th St. to LaSalle Ave.
                                                                                     registered students.
At LaSalle, turn right and follow LaSalle
to 10th St.                                                                                                                                                                         The Graduate School of
                                                                                     Contact us
From the west: Hwy. 394 to Downtown
                                                                                     Interested in finding out more about the                                                       Professional Psychology is
                                                                                     Graduate School of Professional
Exits. Exit 12th St. N., to LaSalle Ave.
                                                                                     Psychology and its programs? Contact us
                                                                                                                                                                                    housed on the Minneapolis
Turn left on LaSalle Ave. to 10th St.
                                                                                     at (651) 962-4650; (800) 328-6819,                                                             campus of the University
                                                                                     Ext. 2-4650; fax (651) 962-4651;
From the west: Hwy. 94 to Downtown
                                                                                                                                                                                    of St. Thomas. As a vital
exit of 4th St. Follow 4th St. to 1st Ave.
N. (1 Block) Turn right on 1st Ave. N.
                                                                                     or visit our Web site at                                                                       part of the downtown
                                                                                                                                                                                    community, the campus
                                                                                                                                                                                    offers quick access to
                                                                                                                                                                                    surrounding businesses
                                                                                                                                                                                    through a series of
                                                                                                                                                                                    enclosed skyways.

 19   S T. T H O M A S G R A D UAT E P RO G R A M S I N P RO F E S S I O N A L P S Y C H O L O G Y, ( 6 5 1 ) 9 6 2 - 4 6 5 0 ; ( 8 0 0 ) 3 2 8 - 6 8 1 9 , E X T. 2 - 6 4 5 0
                                             Nonprofit Org.
                                               U.S. Postage
                                              University of
Graduate School of Professional Psychology      St. Thomas
Room 451, Terrence Murphy Hall
1000 LaSalle Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55403-2005

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