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                                          Application Use                               Installation/
                                          and knowledge          Troubleshooting       Configuration      Comments                                                  Legend
                                                                                                         Self Score      Notes                       3 Essential
                  RDBMS                                                                                  A-T-I           App - Trouble - Install     2 Important
Oracle                                            2                      2                     2         1-1-2           See Note 1 below            1 Desired
SQL Server                                        2                      2                     2         2-2-2           See Note 2 below
Versant                                           1                      1                     1         0-0-0           See Note 3 below
Sybase                                            1                      1                     1         0-0-0           See Note 3 below

           Windows OS
WinNT                                             2                      1                     1         3-3-3           See Note 4 below
Win 2000 Pro                                      3                      2                     2         3-3-3           See Note 4 below
Win 2000 Server                                   3                      2                     2         3-3-3           See Note 4 below
WinXP Pro                                         3                      2                     2         3-3-3           See Note 4 below
Win2003                                           3                      2                     2         3-3-3           See Note 4 below
Win Vista                                         2                      2                     2         3-3-3           See Note 4 below
Win2008                                           2                      2                     2         3-3-3           See Note 4 below

                  Unix OS
IBM AIX                                           2                      2                     2         0-0-0           See Note 5 below
HP                                                1                      1                     1         1-1-1           See Note 5 below
Linux                                             2                      2                     2         1.5 - 1.5 - 1.5 See Note 5 below

IBM SAN                                                                  2                     2         1-1             See Note 6 below
IBM Blade Servers                                                        2                     2         1-1             See Note 6 below
x86 servers and workstations                                             2                     2         3-3             See Note 6 below

IMAP/POP/SMTP                                     3                      3                     3         3-3-3           See Note 7 below
Mail Server Install/Configure                     2                      2                     2         3-3-3           See Note 7 below

Hardware                                                                 2                     2         3-3             See Note 8 below
LAN/WAN                                                                  2                     2         3-3             See Note 8 below
Wireless technology                                                      2                     2         3-3             See Note 8 below
VPN connectivity                                                         2                     2         3-3             See Note 8 below
Terminal Services                                                        2                     2         3-3             See Note 8 below
Network management                                                       2                     2         3-3             See Note 8 below
Firewalls                                                                2                     2         3-3             See Note 8 below

Python                                            2                                                      0               See Note 9 below
java                                              1                                                      1               See Note 9 below
html                                              2                                                      2               See Note 9 below
shell scripts                                     2                                                      2               See Note 9 below
php                                               1                                                      0               See Note 9 below
C#                                                2                                                      0               See Note 9 below
C/C++                                             2                                                      0               See Note 9 below
javascript                                        1                                                      1               See Note 9 below
asp                                               1                                                      2               See Note 9 below

Apache                                            2                                                      1               See Note 10 below
IIS                                               2                                                      3               See Note 10 below
SharePoint 2003-2007                              2                                                      3               See Note 10 below
MS Office 2003-2007                               3                                                      3               See Note 10 below
MS Exchange 2003-2007                             2                                                      3               See Note 10 below
Disaster Recovery/Backups                         2                                                      2               See Note 10 below
VMWare/Virtual PC                                 2                                                      2.5             See Note 10 below
Active Directory 2003 - 2008                      2                                                      3               See Note 10 below

Note 1: Oracle
Tool formal training in Tivoly. This is a multipule level server management and distribution system based in Oracle. During the traing, we were required to install servers
from scratch in Orical and then install Tivoly and trouble shoot. So I have basic knowledge of the Orical from installation and basic maintenance. This puts me at about
a 1-2. On the job exposure will move me up to 3 quicky as I adapt to the need.

Note 2: SQL
The process of installation and maintenance is at a 2. SQL language is at a 1 only due to lack of exposure. I have several applications that I have used MS Access such
as website development using SQL commands in reading, writing and sorting database information. SQL is a language that with exposure and repitition, I can become
a 2 in SQL language quickly, and a 3 with a little time and training. My background in 5 years of Business Basic language along with MS-DOS and batch files has given
me the background to quickly adapt to different languages. My first language was in Fortran many years ago. The language is all relative. It just getting down the syntax.
Note: 3, Versant & Sybase

I have 25 years of installation and maintenace of multipule softwares. Both in the lAN an WAN environments. I have not had the opportunity to install or maintain either
Versant or Sybase. However, when it comes to Enterprise levels with NOC centers and Large Server Stoage areas such as British Petrolium, Most of the installation and
Maintenance issues are relative to the objective or use. My experience in project management has given me the disaplines necessary to evaluate and scope out the
requirements as well as the impact to existing production IT infrastructure. So I would be very effective in installation and maintenace as well as training those that would
have on site roles.

Note: 4, Windows OS
I began in 1980 from mini mainframes and evolved into the PC Network and Server world. The Microsoft Product line is my main expertise. I have trained in every aspect
of equipment building and installation to application install and maintainance in all areas of workstations, Server and Client-Server relationships. Add to this my background
in network connectivity with protocols and routers, and I am on top of my game with the majority of issues that a client can have. This included Active Directory, Forests,
Parent, child relationships and the security aspects of firewalls, packet filtering, port enabling, and tunneling. Currently testing Windows 2008

Note: 5, AIX, Unix, Linux
I have installed and maintained 3 systems in Unix or Linux in small scale business applications using accounting. By the luck of the draw, I have not had many opportunities
to work with this platform. I found the installation of software to be very easy with minor troubleshooting. I have installed software such as Apachie. I have not been faced
with real troubleshooting problems. However, it is no different than any other system. You identify the problem, find the resources and take a course of action to repair.
Unix/Lenix is much more script oriented. A good understanding of "usr/bin" and your on your way.

Note: 6, Hardware
Storage Area Networks for IBM are like Clusters for Microsoft. I have not done the IBM installs but the uses are relative. However, the description of Hardware is a little
misleading in that the technology we are addressing here is virtual servers which come in both hardware and software such as Vmware. This whole area is becoming
more validated and is providing cost savings to the client. I have worked with Vmware and understand the technology sufficient that I could walk into most hardware
situations involving Blade or Cluster technology and be able to accomplish the install and basic maintenance. Time and exposure to any of this work would have me at a
3 very quickly.

Note: 7, Email
I have installed and worked with cc-mail, microsoft Mail and Exchange all the way from hardware configuration, software installation, and administration. I have focused
on Exchange 2003 and all its aspects of maintenance and management in an Activity Directory environment. I have also set up Apache in Linux but have not been put into
a practical exercise of troubleshooting.

Note: 8, Network
Have worked in the MS Network environment from Enterprise down to single server starting with peer to peer 3.11 up to Enterprise 2003. Includes multipule configurations
including Active Directory Forests to DNS to WINS to IIS to ISA Firewall. Full integration and use of MS 2003 Exchange. Configuration of DMZ, and specialties of OpenView,
Tivoly, and Remedy Help Desk. I have had exposure to HP, IBM, Cisco equipment. In most cases, it was trouble shooting and solving problems.

Note: 9, Programing
I began in 1980 with 5 years of Business Basic Programing and writing virticle market for OSAS accounting systems software. Used it in different client configurations
involving mini main frames. As software become more abuntant I focused my career on the business, and its IT needs. I have used pearl, html, MS-DOS, Batch file scripts
only in the objective of getting a need completed. I find most languages to be useful in the unix environment which uses script and code writing more than the GUI based
MS products. I usually can find scripts and code that has already be written or I can easily find someone that will do needed script. It is an important part of the whole IT
world, however, I have chosen to focus on the bigger picture of IT with secondary focus on script writing. I can do it if required, but a little time would be needed to get
up to date with syntax.

Note: 10, Other
I had a short contract involving Linux and Apachee. It was used in an ISP environment. With the aid of another, I monitored the Linux servers. When trouble happened,
I created Policy and Proceedures and documented issues and how to resolve. As time went on, I used others less and less. The process involved simple copy and past
of code or change of variables and fixed problems.
IIS is a fundamental part of MS tools. I have used it for SMTP filtering, FTP services and multipule web sites. 2003 bring into play the .Net features using other services
such as portal servers using SharePoint Services and Server for 2003 and 2007 using SQL 2005 for database in a server farm.
MS Office has been my foundation of document communication. I have equal expertise in Word, Excel, Visio, Power Point and Publisher. I use Access for database in
websites. One other area of expertise is that of a Webmaster. This has allowed me to understand the process of E-commerce and the use of shopping cart systems.
MSExchange 2003 I have installed and administrated for over 2 years in an Active Directory envirnoment. I am very confident with it. Added Exchange 2007

Disaster Recovery/Backups. I have worked with tape backup systems of various kinds. Disaster Recovery experience has been focused on the study of a client and
then the documentation steps necessary in the event of a disaster recovery need. I have not participated in any actually disaster recovery efforts to date. I would like
to think that because of my efforts at good documentation and procedures, I have not been called because my documentation has been sufficient. What I enjoy doing is
studying the existing system and the process of preventing disasters. So along with Disaster Recovery comes recommendations of how to improve the IT infrastructure
to minimize the costs involved with disaster recovery.

Vmware/Virtual PC. This seems to be of great interest in reducing hardware services in IT. I have experimented with both Vmware and Virtual PC. Have not used them
in production enviroment.

Active Directory. This is the standard for Domain Controllers. I have been working with them for the past 5 years.

Additional Experience - I have been in training situations where I have been assigned the objective, written the lesson plans and presented on all levels from company
training to seminars to product conventions. As a trainer it provides an excellent way to really understand the subject and interact with the student.

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