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                                                                    Some of the artists at the show were quite
artist          n           a person who is creative or makes art                                                 artisan       scientist
                                                                    The company created a new toy they hoped
create          v           to make something in a special way                                                    conceive      ruin
                                                                    would increase their profits.
                            the ability to see or make things in    This author has a great imagination. His
imagination     n                                                                                                 conception    reality
                            one's mind that may not be real         plots are so original and unusual.

realize         v           to know; to understand                  I realized that it was time to leave.         comprehend    ignore

                            the ability to produce new ideas or     Thanks to his creativity, we were able to
creativity      n                                                                                                 ingenuity
                            things                                  throw a great party.
                                                                    Arnold designed a great plan to help us
design          v           to plan; to invent; to formulate                                                      devise        disorder
                                                                    raise money.
                                                                    Your book was helpful for my report on
helpful         adj         willing to help or useful                                                             beneficial    detrimental
                                                                    Chinese characters.
                                                                    Utilizing great skill, he captured the
talent          n           a natural ability to do something                                                     skill         inability
                                                                    ferocious dog.
                            nervous and uncomfortable with other    Angela was a shy student who didn't have
shy             adj                                                                                               bashful       confident
                            people                                  many friends.

improve         v           to make better                          I’ll try to improve my grades.                enhance       weaken

Unit 2

                            very attractive or pleasing             Inner beauty is the most important quality
beauty          n                                                                                                 alluring      homeliness
                            appearance, sound etc.                  of a person.

special         adj         out of the ordinary; unusual            Every child is special.                       exceptional   ordinary

                                                                    The ambassador had the ability to make
ability         n           skill                                                                                 adeptness     inability
                                                                    everyone feel comfortable.
                            to cause indistinction, to lose         The two ideas were confused in the mind of
confuse         v                                                                                                 baffle        enlighten
                            differentiation                         the student.
                            a building for housing and displaying The history museum is closed on Sundays.
museum          n           objects of artistic, scientific or                                                    gallery
                                                                  normal cells.
                            historic interest
                            to excel or show promise when
be good at      v phrase                                          He is good at playing hockey.                   skillful      inept
                            performing a certain activity

whatever        pron        anything that                           Whatever you decide is fine with me.

                                                                    She loved to eat at buffets because if
variety         n           different types                                                                       range         uniformity
                                                                    offered her a variety of foods.
                                                                    You can add some salt and pepper if you
add             v           to put something in something else                                                    include       remove
                            the condition of being alive,           Life is a great gift, you shouldn't waste a
life            n                                                                                                 vitality      inanimacy
                            existing                                single day.

Unit 3

                            three dimensional art made of stone,    The sculpture was made of stone, and it
sculpture       n
                            metal, or other objects                 looked exactly like the king.
                                                                    What form of exercise can I do at the gym
form            n           a type                                                                                kind
                                                                    that will strengthen my back?
                            anything out of which something is,     You can buy all the materials you need to
material        n                                                                                                 matter
                            or may be, made                         make that dress at the fabric store.
                            a soft, sticky mud used for making      The artist's clay figures were
clay            n
                            things                                  extraordinary.
                            the physical form or appearance of
shape           n                                                   The shape of her face is like an oval.        symmetry
                            a small, usually round object of        Marlene wore a lovely necklaces of colorful
bead            n           glass, wood, stone, or the like with    beads.
                            a hole through it, often strung with
                            a type of limestone that consists of
                            recrystalized calcite or dolomite and
marble          n           is capable of being polished, used in   Marble was present throughout the palace.
                            a variety of ways such as
                            countertops, sculptures, floors,
                            tiles, etc.
                            ornaments such as rings, brooches,      Many movie stars like to wear a lot of
jewelry         n
                            bracelets, etc                          jewelry.

smooth          adj         not rough                               The glass surface was very smooth.            sleek         rough

                            to cause something to separate
break           v           suddenly or violently into two or       The plate fell to the floor and broke.        fragment      mend
                            more pieces

Unit 4

                            a country in southern Europe that
Italy           n                                                   The capital of Italy is Rome.
                            projects into the Mediterranean Sea
                            a flying vehicle that has wings and     Traveling by airplane is the safest mode of
airplane        n
                            an engine                               transportation available today.
                                                                    We tested the new car to see how fast it
test            v           to do something to see the result of                                                  experiment
                                                                    could go.
                         an aircraft which flies using long,     Helicopters have the ability to rise
helicopter    n          thin parts on top of it that turn       horizontally in the air and remain still.
                         round very fast
army          n          the military forces of a nation         China has the largest army in the world.

                         a person, group or country that hates It's not good to have enemies, you should
enemy         n          another or fights against another;                                                     foe             ally
                                                               try to be friends with everyone.
                                                               Over the years, man has went from simple
weapon        n          an object used to attack                                                               armament
                                                               weapons to ones that can destroy the world.

throw         v          send through the air by the hand        Let's see who can throw further.               launch

                                                                 They had to build a tunnel through the
tunnel        n          an underground passage                                                                 underpass
                                                                 mountain so the train could pass.
                         a piece of glass used for looking       The castaway started a fire by focusing
lens          n                                                  sunlight through the lens of a magnifying

Unit 5

                                                                 If you go exploring in a cave, make sure you
cave          n          a large hole in rock or ground                                                       cavern
                                                                 take safety gear.
                         the largest division of the United
England       n                                                  The city of London is the captal of England.
                         Kingdom which is in Great Britain
                                                                 Vehicles run primarily on two kinds of fuel:
kind          n          a group with similar characteristics                                                 type
                                                                 petrol and diesel.
                         a visual representation of a person,    His house was filled with lovely pictures of
picture       n          object, or scene, as a painting,                                                     illustration
                                                                 various landscapes.
                         drawing, photograph, etc.
                         immediately after the first and
second        n                                                  This is the second of four tests.
                         before any others
                                                                 Dinner at my house is usually at six
usually       adv        under normal conditions; commonly                                                      ordinarily      unusually

include       v          to have as a part                       The bill includes tax and service.             contain         exclude

                         small, tubular pasta that is in the     A popular dish in the US is macaroni and
macaroni      n          shape of a semi-circle prepared from    cheese.
                         wheat flower
                                                                 The reason they went to France was to visit
reason        n          the basis or motive for an action                                                      motivation
                         to be present physically or             Many non profit organizations exist to serve
exist         v                                                                                               subsist           die
                         emotionally                             the community.

Unit 6

                                                                 Sue asked her parents for a larger
allowance     n          a fixed sum or amount given regularly                                                  allotment
                         as much as you need or as much as is
enough        adj                                                I have enough money to buy a new bike.         adequate        insufficient
                                                                 He covered all the main points about his
point         n          a factor or reason                                                                     attribute
                         used to refer to two people or things Would you like milk or sugar or both in your
both          adj
                         together                              coffee?
                                                                 Was it worth it paying such a large amount
amount        n          a quantity; a measure                                                                  volume
                                                                 of money for the car?
                          to use more than is necessary of     Tom always wastes food when he goes to a
waste         v          something, or not to use something in buffet.                                      fritter away        save
                         a useful way
                                                               If I was given the chance, I am sure that we
chance        n          possibility, probability                                                           opportunity         assurance
                                                               would succeed.
                                                                 My first choice was salad, and my second
choice        n          the act of choosing or selecting                                                       selection
                                                                 choice was chicken.
                         someone who is aged between the ages    It seems almost natural that kids become
teenager      n                                                                                                 teen
                         of 13 and 19                            moody once they become teenagers.

instead       adv        in place of something else              Why don't we have pizza instead of chili.      alternatively

Unit 7

                         the part of business which focuses on Marketing has come up with a really
marketing     n          encouraging people                    innovative plan to redefine our company.
                         to buy a product or service
                         the activity of attracting public
advertising   n                                                Advertising lets a person be very creative.      promotion
                         attention to a product or business
                         a picture, short film, article etc.
ad            n          which tries to persuade people to buy He saw the ad for help in the newspaper.         commercial
                         a product or service
                                                               The product we are selling is the new and
product       n          something produced to be sold         improved laptop.                                 merchandise

                                                                 The school provided the students with new
provide       v          to give or supply                                                                      equip           deprive
                                                                 text books.
                                                                 It wasn't easy to figure out what all these
figure out    v phrase   to understand                                                                          solve
                                                                 symbols stood for.
                         to cause someone to lose or destroy     His gambling addition cost him everything--
cost          v
                         something valuable                      his family, his career, and his status.
                         agreeable to                            Larry is always willing to help students in
willing       adj                                                                                               ready           unwilling
                                                                 his office whenever they have a question.
                         used to express what you would like     Hopefully, the weather will stay nice for      optimisticall
hopefully     adv                                                                                                             doubtfully
                         to happen                               our baseball game today.                       y

customer      n           a person who buys from a shop          Not many customers came today.                 consumer        marketer
Unit 8

                             the money that is used in a             Not all European countries use the euro as
currency          n          particular country at a particular                                                    cash
                                                                     their currency.
                             to alter the status of one thing into   A caterpillar eventually changes into a
change ... into   v phrase                                                                                         convert        stay
                             another                                 butterfly.
currency                     the act of exchanging one currency      The currency exchange at the airport will
exchange                     for another                             change your US dollars into Korean won.
                             to cause someone to lose or destroy     His gambling addition cost him everything--
cost              v
                             something valuable                      his family, his career, and his status.
                             to come to a certain point in the       When a person or vehicle arrives at a place,
arrive            v                                                                                               appear          depart
                             course of travel                        they have come to the end of a journey.
                             the amount of money needed to buy       The price of milk has gone up but the price
price             n                                                                                                cost
                             something                               of gasoline has gone down.
                              to go on a journey, or to visit        To travel you need to have both money and
travel            v                                                                                                traverse
                             different places                        time.
                                                                     Sue still hasn't decided what she will eat
decide            v          to determine                                                                          choose         defer
                                                                     for dinner.
                             the nationwide currency of most of      Countries like Germany, France, and Spain
Euro              n
                             Europe                                  use the Euro but not Great Britain.

whole             adj        entire                                  He talked about himself for the whole date.   complete       part

Unit 9

                              an organization that buys or sells
business          n                                                  It is difficult to run a big business.        corporation
                             products or services
                             a piece of a business, bought in the
stock             n                                                  She bought stock in Disney.                   funds
                             form of shares
                             A piece of something is an amount of
piece             n          it that has                             Tommy gave me a piece of his watermelon.      portion        whole
                             been broken off, torn off, or cut
                             1. to use, participate in, enjoy,       1. Since we both owned the compnay, we
                  1. v       receive, etc., jointly                  shared all the responsibilities.
share                        2. one of the equal fractional parts                                                  distribute     keep
                  2. n                                               2. I own several shares of Samsung
                             into which stock of a company is        Electroics.
                                                                     In his will, the father left equal shares of
equal             adj        having the same value as another                                                     identical       varying
                                                                     his estate to both his daughters.
                                                                     I only managed to meet with one potential
buyer             n          someone who purchases something                                                       consumer       merchandiser
                                                                     buyer for the house.

owner             n          a person who owns something             Sally is the owner of this restaurant.        proprietor     renter

                             a particular market where stocks and    A stock market is a market for the trading
stock market      n
                             bonds are traded                        of company stock.
                              to move upwards or to a higher         The water rose so much last night that it
rise              v                                                                                                increased      decrease
                             position                                overflowed its banks.
                                                                     After a long journey, he finally arrived at
finally           adv        in the end                                                                            eventually
                                                                     his destination, tired and hungry.

Unit 10

carry             v          to hold something with you              I carry my books to school with me everyday. bear

                             a phrase used to qualify the meaning
as many as….      adv phrase of many as a very large number,         You can take as many pens as you need.
                             depending on what follows it
                             to put one thing in the place of        We are going to replace the carpet with
replace           v                                                                                                restore
                             another; to put back                    hardwood this week.

destroy           v          ruin; damage                            King Kong destroyed everything in his path.   annihilate     repair

                             to consume in fire; to change form by It is illegal to burn things in your
burn              v                                                                                                ignite         extinguish
                             fire                                  backyard.
                             a place where money is coined by        The United States Mint operates six
mint              n                                                  facilities in different parts of the
                             authority of the government
                                                                     I put all the sheets of paper together to
sheet             n          a large thin flat piece of something                                                  page
                                                                     form a neat pile.

individual        adj        relating to one person or thing         Each individual table is finished by hand.    distinct       ordinary

                                                                     Let's put together all of our money and buy
put together      idiom      to combine or bring together                                                          merge          separate
                                                                     a pizza.
                                                                     I found a stack of parking tickets in his
stack             n          a pile of something                                                                   bundle

Unit 11

                             a process by which information is
                                                                   Although they both talked a lot, there was
                             exchanged between individuals through
communication     n                                                no real communication because neither of        conversation
                             a common system of symbols, signs, or
                                                                   them actually listened to the other.
                                                                   I have many thoughts about how we can
thought           n          an idea or notion                                                                     concept
                                                                   improve sales.
                                                                     Understanding the meaning to some poems can
meaning           n          what is intended to be or actually is                                                 essence
                                                                     be difficult.
                             a piece of written or spoken
message           n          information that you give or send to    Sue wrote a secret message to Tom.            bulletin
                                                                          The distance between Newcastle and Sydney is
distance              n            the space between two points                                                        length
                                                                          about 160 km.
                                   a person given a message and sent to   In World War I, runners were often sent from
runner                n            deliver it by covering the distance    the combat areas with information to command messenger
                                   through running                        posts that were far from the fighting.
                                   of having information or having        The professor's knowledge of the subject was
knowledge             n                                                                                                intelligence         ignorance
                                   learned something                      incredibly high.
                                   to give someone or something a blow;
hit                   v                                                   The stone hit the side of the road.            strike             miss
                                   a knock, to knock into something
                                   a cloud of tiny particles usually      Smoke during fires can be more damaging than
smoke                 v                                                                                                mist
                                   caused by the burning of fuel          the fire itself.

useful                adj          helpful                                A spoon is useful when eating soup.            beneficial         useless

Unit 12

                                                                          Sue bought an expensive dress, but now she
expensive             adj          high in price                                                                         lavish
                                                                          can't pay rent.
                                                                         The operator helped me make an international
operator              n            a person who connects telephone calls
                                   to join or be joined with something    We were connected to our main branch in Hong
connect               v                                                                                                link                 disconnect
                                   else                                   Kong so we could have a voice conference.
                                                                          There were many callers to our radio program
caller                n            a person making a call
                                                                          last night.
                                   to contact another person via          You should make a call to your family at
make a call           v phrase                                            least once a week to let them know that you    contact
                                                                          are OK.
                                   parts placed together to form a        The company created a new filing system to
system                n                                                                                                  arrangement
                                   working unit                           organize the data.
                                                                          We nearly got lost on our way to the
nearly                adv          almost                                                                                about

strange               adj          slightly odd or even a bit weird       This soda has a strange taste.                 unusual            common

                                   a portable telephone system using low- Today's cell phones are small but have many
cell phone            n            powered radio transmitters, with each useful features that make our lives             mobile phone
                                   transmitter covering a geographical    convenient.
                                   a particular kind, sort, or type, as Old style TVs are slowly being replaced by
style                 n            with reference to form, appearance,                                                   variety
                                                                          flat screened TVs.
                                   or character

Unit 13

                                                                          After graduating from college, she visited
foreign               adj          outside one's own country
                                                                          over 30 foreign countries.
                                   signals sent by a person’s body        An effective language teacher will use body
body language         n            posture, gestures, and facial          language to help students understand the       gesticulation
                                   expressions                            meaning of a new word.
                                                                          The large columns will hold up the second
hold up               v phrase     to support the weight of something                                                    bear

order                 v            to call or ask for something           What did you order for dinner?                 request

movement              n            a change of position                    I saw some movement in the bushes.            activity           inactivity

                               the short thick finger on the side of
thumb               n          your hand which makes it possible to I broke my thumb when I fell off my bike.
                               hold and pick things up easily
from      side   to                                                  His head turned from side to side, so I knew back                and
                    adv phrase moving from right to left
side                                                                 that his answer was no.                      forth
from     front   to                moving from the front side of          She had to agree by moving her head from
                      adv phrase                                          front to back because she had a mouth full
back                               something to its rear
                                                                          of food.
                                   the part at each side of the body in   My mother often rests her head upon my dad's
shoulder              n            humans, at the top of the trunk        shoulders.
                                   extending from each side of the base
toward                prep         in the direction of                    Can we go towards the cinema?                  near               away

Unit 14

                                                                          The military has a vast collection of
weapon                n            an object used to attack                                                              armament
                                   a conflict carried on by a force of
war                   n                                                   The war lasted three long years.               combat             peace
                                   a bird from the family Columbidae,     I like to go to the park and feed the
pigeon                n
                                   having a compact body and short legs   pigeons.

shoot                 v            to discharge a projectile              At summer camp, we shot arrows into targets. fire

enemy                 n            a hostile power or force               Nature is sometimes our worst enemy.           foe                friend

                                   a set of numbers, letters, or a       We change the secret code to the security
secret code           n            combination of the two that is known system once every three months.
                                   to a select few, that gives one
                                   one of two or more contesting, teams,
side                  n                                                  Our side won the debate.                        faction
                                   groups, etc.
                                   produce something, especially when     You need to come up with something better
come up with          v phrase                                                                                           devise
                                   pressured or challenged                than that.

invention             n            something useful created by someone    His new invention made him a millionaire.      concoction

                                   to be widely and successfully used by The invention of the TV really took off
take off              v phrase
                                   many others                           during the 1950s.
Unit 15

                           any of several visual gestural          I learned sign language so I could
sign language   n
                           systems of communication                communicate with my deaf friend.
                           one of the five branching parts of      The teacher moved her finger to her lips to
finger          n                                                                                                digit
                           the hand                                tell us to be quiet.
                                                                   Mike, as well as Stan, will be attending the
as well as      adv phrase in addition to                                                                       including
                           a symbol or character used in writing   The Latin alphabet, which most Westerners
letter          n          or printing to represent a speech       are familiar with, uses different letters
                           sound and that is part of an alphabet   than the Cyrillic alphabet that is used by
                           to write or say the letters of a word
spell           v                                                  Did I spell your name correctly?
                           in the correct order
                                                                   The mouse hurriedly moved to the other side
move            v          to change position                                                                    shuffle
                                                                   of the room.
                           the part of a person's face below
chin            n                                                  He had a bit of hair on his chin.
                           their mouth
                                                                   The correct answer to question 57 is choice
correct         adj        right; proper; accurate                                                               accurate
                                                                   b. Choices a and c are incorrect.
                           the line of short hairs above each      Girls like to shape their eyebrows so that
eyebrow         n
                           eye in humans                           they are neat and thin.
                                                                   She leaned forward to whisper
forward         adv        toward the direction in front of you                                                  ahead          backward
                                                                   something in my ear.

Unit 16

exercise        n          training though action or effort        Regular exercise will keep you slim.          calisthenics

                                                                   We used up the last of our money on
use up          v phrase   to consume entirely                                                                   exhaust
                                                                   souvenirs for our families.
                           a long cell that contracts to produce His muscles were very big from exercising
muscle          n
                           movement in the body                  every day.
                           the organ that pumps blood through
heart           n                                                  Without the heart there is no life.
                           your body
                           the red liquid pumped through the       There was blood after Tom cut himself
blood           n
                           body by the heart                       accidently.

healthy         adj        having good health                      Luckily, the puppy was healthy.               fit            ill

                           a probability that something may        There is little chance that he will change
chance          n                                                                                                opportunity
                           happen                                  his mind.
                                                                   If you are not careful about what you eat
overweight      n          fat or heavier than usual               and don't exercise, you'll become             obese          underweight
                           to make something happen, usually
cause           v                                                  The storm caused a blackout in many towns.    purpose        effect
                           something bad
                                                                   Modern medicine improves our chances for
improve         v          to make better                                                                        enhance        weaken
                                                                   living a long life.

Unit 17

                           to be dependent upon something; place What college you get accepted to usually
depend on       v phrase                                         depends on your academic performance in high rely
                                                                 Even when something makes you very angry,
control         v          to hold within limits or rules                                                     command           resign
                                                                 you should always control your temper
                           of, having existed in, or having        I am still friends with many of my past co-
past            adj        occurred during a time previous to                                                    bygone
                           the present
                                                                   Most of my relatives will attend our party
relative        n          members of the family                                                                 kin            stranger
                                                                   this weekend.
                                                                 Although you receive vitamins from food you
                           substances found in natural foods     consume, as most people do not have a
vitamin         n                                                                                                nutrient
                           that help the body stay healthy       balanced diet, it is recommended to take
                           any type of quick, easy to prepare or I try to stay away from junk food but it is
junk food       n          buy food that is typically not very   everywhere.
                           healthy to eat
                           the air that goes into and out of
breath          n                                                Her breath smelled of garlic.
                           your lungs
                           to exercise by raising barbells of
                                                                   Collegiate athletes lift weights as part of
lift weight     v phrase   designated pounds or kilos in a                                                       pump iron
                                                                   their conditioning.
                           prescribed manner
                           to conform to rules, regulations,
follow          v                                                  Follow the signs to the concert.              adhere
                           directions, ect., exactly
                           a formal order or regulation that       There are rules in every aspect of society,
rule            n                                                                                                regulation
                           must be followed                        even if they are not written down.

Unit 18

                                                                   This rusty metal fence has been here for
rusty           adj        covered with or affected with rust                                                    oxidized
                                                                   over ten years.
                           a long cell that contracts to produce His muscles were very big from exercising
muscle          n
                           movement in the body                  every day.

exercise        n          training though action or effort        Regular exercise will keep you slim.          calisthenics

                           the condition that distinguishes
life            n          organisms from inorganic objects and    Your life is too precious to waste.           existence
                           dead organisms
                           a person who owns or takes care of a    The farmer worked hard to expand his farm
farmer          n
                           farm                                    and to be successful.
                            a place where goods are made, usually Many factories are hiring less people and
factory          n
                            by machines                           using more machines.
                            a person engaged in some job for       Many of the workers were not happy with
worker           n                                                                                               employee
                            money                                  having to work over the entire weekend.

instead          adv        in place of something else             Why don't we have pizza instead of chili.     rather

                                                                   The steady beat from the drum filled the
beat             v          to make a regular movement                                                           bang

per              prep       for every                              You can only use one coupon per customer.     each

Unit 19

                                                                   When the bell rang, we all stood up and left
stand up         v phrase   to raise to one's feet                                                              rise          sit down
                                                                   the building.
                                                                   After a long walk, we found a bench so we
sit down         v phrase   to descend to a sitting position                                                                  stand up
                                                                   cold sit down.
                                                                   A woman with a large hat was sitting in
in front of      adv phrase ahead of
                                                                   front of me in the theater.
                                                                   Everyone pressed their bodies against the
against          prep       into contact or collision with
                                                                   door to keep out the invaders.
                            a unit of time equal to one sixtieth   Please wait one second while I lock the
second           n.         of a minute                                                                          moment
                            divided into.
                                                                   In addition to his raise, he gets a company
in addition      adv phrase including something else                                                             also
                            inside information or insight into     The professor gave the students a few useful
tip              n          something                                                                           hint
                                                                   tips regarding exam preparation.
                            a time of rest from work or another    When working long hours in a chair, it's
break            n                                                 important to take a break now and then to
                                                                   stand up and stretch.
                                                                   I learned in school that there were nine
actually         adv        in truth really                        planets in our solar system, but scientists genuinely
                                                                   now say there are actually only eight.
                                                                   It's important to understand clearly what to
clearly          adv        with exactness; easily understood                                                   evidently     vaguely
                                                                   do when flying an aircraft in bad weather.

Unit 20

                            a building or large room, usually
                            containing special equipment, where   I like to go to the gym in the early morning
gym              n                                                                                             health club
                            people go to do physical exercise and because it is not too crowded.
                            get fit
                                                                  I've made a terrible mistake. I accidentally
mistake          n          an incorrect act                      called my girlfriend by my ex-girlfriend's   error          correction
                                                                  The batter swung the bat and hit the ball
swing            v          to move side to side                                                               stroke
                                                                  for a homerun.
                                                                   If we shake the tree, maybe some apples will
fall out of      v phrase   to drop                                                                             descend
                                                                   fall out of it.

land             v          to arrive on the ground                Our flight landed in Beijing right on time.   settle

                                                                   Don't put your hands into those bushes, you
worse            adv        more detrimental than something else
                                                                   can scratch them or worse, get poison ivy.
                                                                   It only took him two weeks to recover from
recover          v          to return to a normal state                                                          recuperate   relapse
                                                                   the motorcycle accident.
                            a measure of the pressure at which     The nurse took my blood pressure and wrote
blood pressure   n
                            the blood flows through the body       it down on the chart.

pass out         v phrase   to lose consciousness; to faint        I was so hot that I passed out at work.       faint        wake

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