; Intern Requirement No. of students required 1 Preferred Discipline
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Intern Requirement No. of students required 1 Preferred Discipline


GPU (Graphic Processing Unit) is a concept relative to the CPU, due to modern computers (especially the home system, game enthusiasts) graphics processing is becoming increasingly important, you need a dedicated graphics core processor.

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									Intern Requirement
No. of students        1

Preferred Discipline   •   Computer Engineering
                       •   Computer Science
                       •   Electrical Engineering

Prerequisites/         •   Knowledge in C/C++ programming
Skills Required        •   Self-motivated and willing to work independently

Project Details
Title                  Exploring Graphic Processing Unit for Deep Packet Inspection

Overview/Background    High-speed deep packet inspection (DPI) is usually achieved by
                       parallel processing of traffic flows. Scaling up DPI performance via
                       general multiple-core processors can be a rather expensive
                       approach. Low cost and high performance hardware like graphic
                       processor unit (i.e. built with massive compute cores) therefore
                       presents an attractive candidate for DPI application.

Objectives/Scope/      •   Make use of a GPU compiler (CUDA) to compile and load a
Deliverables               pattern matching software into the GPU.
                       •   Benchmark the DPI performance of the graphic processor
                           against the Intel multi-core processor on an industrial server.

Project Duration       6 months

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