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					Extended School Survey                                                                          User instructions

                                Instructions for users

        What is the Extended School Survey?
        The Extended School Survey helps your local authority/cluster of schools to support the
        development of extended school activities and services. It is their goal to ensure that
        services and activities are accessible for the whole community by making good use of
        local facilities and sustainable partnerships.

        Schools complete an online survey about their current and potential extended school
        provision. This information is analysed, and a report is delivered to the local

        How do I complete the survey?
        Someone in the local authority/cluster will be administering the Extended School Survey.
        They will give you the log-in code and a password so that you may access the survey.
        Once you have these details, visit the Extended School Survey Web site at:

        Enter the log-in code and password into the boxes at the bottom of the screen and click
        on ‘start’.

        You are asked to select your school/venue and enter some contact details. You are then
        taken to a screen containing areas of extended school provision. For each of the items
        shown, click on the appropriate answer on the right-hand side. The answers are either:
        • Already in place
        • Work in hand
        • Being planned
        • Would like advice/help
        • Not currently a priority.

        Only one answer can be given for each item. If you would like further explanation about
        an item or a response, click on ‘ ’ next to it.

        Having selected responses for all the items on the screen, click on ‘next’ to move on to
        the resources screen. This screen allows you to provide information about the facilities
        and expertise that your school/venue has available. Tick any item that is available at your
        school/venue, and fill in any additional items.

        You can go back and amend your answers at any time by clicking on the ‘back’ button.

        When you have completed the resources screen, click on ‘next’. You will then be shown a
        summary of your responses. You may click on any of the headings (shown in orange text)
        to return to the corresponding screen and modify your responses. When you are satisfied
        with your responses, click on ‘submit’ to complete the survey. Your data will then be
        submitted, and you will not be able to log on again.

        You should now click on ‘log off’.

Extended School Survey                                                                         User instructions

        If you lose your connection to the site, this may be because:
        1 Your connection to the Internet was lost.
        2 You accidentally closed your browser window.
        3 The connection timed out because you had been inactive for over 50 minutes.

        If you experience any technical difficulties that you cannot resolve using the onscreen help
        or by contacting your administrator, please contact us on 01223 224949 during normal
        working hours or email us at