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					                             KENYA EXAMS ONLINE
                                            STANDARD SIX
    B03                                       SCIENCE                                            TIME: 1HOUR 40MINS
                                                                     answer questions 6-7
1.   In human reproduction, fertilization takes place
     at the
     A. ovary B. oviduct C. uterus D. vagina

2.   What is meant by the term conduction?                        side                    Salt
     A. Transfer of heat through solids                            A                                     side
     B. Transfer of heat through liquids
                                                                     What would happen if you added more salt on
     C. Burning of a piece of metal
                                                                     side B?
     D. Transfer of heat in the air
                                                                     A. it would crack
                                                                     B. side A would go down
3.   Name the parts marked R and T respectively
                                                                     C. side B would go up
                                                                     D. side B would go down

                                                            7.       This beam balance is used to measure______
                                                                     A. mass B density C. volume D. area

                                                            8.        Which of the following is NOT part of the
                                                                     female reproduction system?
                                                                     A. ovary B. uterus C. vagina D. kidneys
                                                            9.       Which of these changes occurs in adolescent
                                        R                            girls only?
                                                                     A. Growth of pubic hair
       R                                  T
                    T                                                B. Production of sperms
     A. Testis                         urethra
                                                                     C. Enlargement of shoulders
     B. Testis                         penis
                                                                     D. Menstruation begins
     C. Penis                          testis
     D. Penis                          epididymis
                                                            10.      Coughing of blood is a sign associated with
4.   The male reproductive cells are produced at the
                                                                     A. malaria
     part marked
                                                                     B. tuberculosis
     A. Q         B. R       C. S          D. T
                                                                     C. kwashiorkor
                                                                     D. tetanus
5.   When a solid changes state to a liquid, we say
     it has _______
                                                            11.      Which of these disease is vaccinated for at
     A. evaporated
     B. melted
                                                                     A. yellow fever
     C. solidified
                                                                     B. tetanus
     D. condensed
                                                                     C. measles
                                                                     D. tuberculosis
6.   The diagram shows a beam balance. Use it to

          The diagram below shows a flower. Use it                     A. Female reproduction cells are produced here
          to answer questions12 - 14                                   B. It is where sperms are introduced into the
                                                                         female reproductive system
                                                                       C. Fertilization takes place here
      V                                     R                          D. Ovulation takes place here

                                                                 18.   Water enters the seed during germination through
      U                                                                A. Hilum B. Testa C. Micropyle D. Radicle
                                                                 19.   One characteristic of insect pollinated flowers is
                                                                       that they_________
12.       Name the parts U, V. R                                       A. have feathery stigmas
             U              V                 R                        B. have a nectary
          A. stalk      anthers             ovules                     C. have no nectary
          B. sepals     filament            petals                     D. produce smooth light pollen
          C. petals     stalk               sepals
          D. anthers    filament            stalk                20.   Which of these is an inner planet?
                                                                       A. Mercury B. Uranus C. Neptune D. Mars
13.       What is produced at S
          A. Ovules B. Nectar B. Pollen D. Seeds                 21.   Give another name for the shooting stars.
                                                                       A. Comets B. Moons C. Mateors D. Gases
14.       After fertilization part Y becomes__________
          A. ovules B. seeds C. flower D. fruits                 22.   Which one of the following tells what a comet
          The diagram shows an open been seed, Use                     A. star
          to answer question 15                                        B. planet
                                                                       C. heavenly body
                                                                       D. satellite
                                                                 23.   Which one of the following is true at the time
                                    Q                                  of the new moon ?
                                                                       A. The side of the moon facing the sun is facing
15.       Name parts P, T, Q                                              away from us
                P             T                   Q                    B. The same side of the moon faces the sun
          A. Radicle       Plumule              Hilum                     and the earth
          B. Plumule        Cotyledon           Radicle                C. The earth is between the sun and the moon
          C. Hilum         Radicle              Plumule                D. Sunlight is too weak to reach the moon
          D. Plumule       Radicle              Cotyledons
                                                                 24.   Which of these plants provide good pasture?
16.       What is the function of part Q?                              A. Kikuyu grass
          A. Protect the seed                                          B. Maize
          B. Absorb water                                              C. Kale
          C. Store food for germination                                D. Sugar beet
          D. Absorb air
                                                                 25.   What are fodder crops?
17.       Which one of the following statements describe               A. Conserved foods
          what takes place at the fallopian tube?                      B. Crops cut and fed to the animals

      C. Concentrates                                      32.   Which of the following is NOT an agent of soil
      D. Crops grazed on directly                                erosion?
                                                                 A. Wind B. Water C. Animals D. Plants
26.   Which one of the following is social change
      during adolescent?                                   33.   Which one of the following is NOT an example
      A. Start of menstruation in girls                          of a concentrate?
      B. Rapid growth in size                                    A. Daily meal
      C. Braking of voice in boys                                B. Hay
      D. Frequent mood changes                                   C. Napier grass
                                                                 D. Young maize
27.   Which of these is a disadvantage of zero
      grazing?                                             34.   A constituent of an animal balanced diet that is
      A. There is less wastage of feed                           required in the least amount is
      B. Farmer do not need a big area                           A. vitamins
      C. Availability of manure                                  B. proteins
      D. Parasites can accumulate                                C. carbohydrates
                                                                 D. water
28.   When is HIV/AIDs testing most encouraged?
      A. Soon after marriage                               35.   Which constuent of animal diet is required for
      B. Before donating blood                                   the development of strong bones?
      C. Children immediately after birth                        A. carbohydrates
      D. After receiving blood                                   B. proteins
                                                                 C. minerals
29.   Which one of the following grazing method is               D. vitamins
      most expensive to start?
      A. paddocking                                        36.   Below are preventive measures of a certain
      B. herding                                                 disease
      C. tethering                                               i) boiling water
      D. stall feeding                                           ii) proper sanitation
                                                                 iii) proper hygiene
30.   Which of the following diseases is spread in a             The disease prevented this way is most likely to
      different way from the others?                             be
      A. Malaria                                                 A. typhoid
      B. Cholera                                                 B. malaria
      C. Typhoid                                                 C. measles
      D. Amoebic Dysentry                                        D. marasmus

31.   Which is the best way of preventing the spread       37.   In the female reproduction system the oviduct is
      of cholera?                                                also called_______
      A. Patients should be given medicine to take               A. womb
      B. Spray insecticides to kill insects which                B. fallopian tube
         spread cholera                                          C. birth canal
      C. Inoculate people with cholera vaccination               D. cervix
      D. Boil water before drinking and maintain
           good hygiene

38.       Which one of the following animal nutrient in             44.   The joining of the male and female cell is called
          animal feed is correctly matched with its function?             A. pollination
                                                                          B. fertilization
          Nutrient              Function                                  C. zygote
          A. Vitamins         body building                               D. union
          B. Fats and oils    provision of energy
          C. Proteins         protection against dieases            45.   Which is the 4th planet is our solar system?
          D. Carbohydrates    making of strong bones                      A. Venus
                                                                          B. Earth
39.       Tetanus vaccine is called_______                                C. Mars
          A. BCG                                                          D. Jupiter
          B. TT
          C. DBT                                                    46.   The rotations of the earth along its own axis
          D. DPT                                                          causes
                                                                          A. day and night
40.       The third stage of HIV infection is called                      B. years
          A. window stage                                                 C. tides
          B. incubation stage                                             D. seasons
          C. symptomatic stage
          D. death                                                  47.   The method of grazing where animals are tied
                                                                          to a stationary object using ropes is called
41.       The female part of a flower is called______                     A. tethering
          A. ovary B. stamen C. pistil D. stigma                          B. paddocking
                                                                          C. tying method of grazing
42.       Which one of the following is true about                        D. strip grazing
          monocots plants?
          A. seeds have two cotyledons                              48.   Which animals help to spread Bilharzia?
          B. seeds have one cotyledon                                     A. fish
          C. leaves have net-work veins                                   B. water snails
          D. food is stored in the cotyledons                             C. frogs
                                                                          D. mosquitoes
43.       The diagram shows a maize seed. Part A is
          called_______                                             49.   Which type of soil erosion clears the top soil in
                                                                          large slopy areas?
      A                                                                   A. Gulley erosion
                                                                          B. Rill erosion
                                                                          C. Splash erosion
                                                                          D. sheet erosion
                                                                    50.   A person who is infected with the HIV/- virus is
          A. Scar                                                         said to be
          B. Hilum                                                        A. AIDs victim
          C. endosperm                                                    B. HIV-positive
          D. microphile                                                   C. HIV negative
                                                                          D. an out cast


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