The Purple Cow Repor by shantanu20111


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									 Master Resell Rights License & Reseller Guide
       The Purple Cow Report: Adsense
IMPORTANT NOTE: This product comes with Full Master Resell Rights. Please
pass on this document to your customer so that he or she is equally
informed of the terms and conditions to the usage of this product.

Before you start selling this product please take note of the basic reseller

What You Can Do:
[YES] Give this product away
[YES] Resell this product at any price you want
[YES] Include this product as a bonus for other packages
[YES] Include this product on your membership site
[YES] Include your own testimonials and bonus
[YES] Can be sold on auction sites
[YES] Can be published offline: CD, DVD, print

What You Cannot Do:
[NO] Modify any part of the PDF, audio or videos
[NO] Use content as free articles or website content
[NO] Sell Private Label Rights to the product

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