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                                                                    Adonai, open my lips and my mouth will proclaim your glory.
                                                                                                —From The Amidah

                                                       Continuing to Inspire…
                                                                                Preparing for High Holidays and 5769
TAMMUZ–AV 5768 / Volume 8, No. 12, AUGUST, 2008

                                                                                                   Joel Rembaum

                                                                              Susan Leider                              Jacob Pressman

                                                                           When Rabbi Joel Rembaum, Rabbi Susan Leider, Rabbi
                                                                           Jacob Pressman and Dr. David Ackerman ascend the vari-
                                                                           ous bimahs at Temple Beth Am to inspire us during the
                                                        Joel Pressman      upcoming High Holidays, they will be joined by a familiar         David Ackerman
                                                                           face (and voice): Joel Pressman. We are pleased to wel-
                                                      come Joel to the Sanctuary bimah as our High Holiday Hazzan. Joel is well known by many of our
                                                      members, having first shared his musical talents with us as a young teen many years ago.
                                                      (See page 7 for a more complete bio). In addition to the Sanctuary and Bait Tefillah services, there will
                                                      be Library Minyan services, teen services and services for children of various ages. We look forward to
                                                      davening together during Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, as we usher in the New Year of 5769.

                                                      Look for your Elul brochure in this month’s mail! Elul, the month prior to the High Holidays is a
                                                      time of reflection and preparation, begins on Sunday night, August 31. The Elul brochure empha-
                                                      sizes that the High Holidays are not just dates on the calendar, but a whole state of mind. This
                                                      year’s theme is “Discover the Power of Teshuvah and Save the World.”

                                                      Study opportunities, a book signing, a film screening, a chance to contribute your creative
                                                      writings to the Elul Project and more await TBA congregants in the month of Elul. Be sure to look
                                                      for your brochure in this month’s mail or online at
                    Kol hA’Am
                  Temple BeTh Am

                       Temple BeTh Am                                                      preSSmAn AcAdemy
1039 S. La Cienega Blvd. • Los Angeles, CA 90035                                           DIReCT PHoNe lINe (310) 652-2002 School Fax (310) 360-0850
         310-652-7354 • 310-652-2384 (fax)                                                 education Director          Rabbi mitchel malkus mmalkus   234
      To reach an operator, dial (310) 652-7353                                             Assistant                  abbey Bachrach       abachrach 265 •                                                  Day School Administrator Deborah Kollin          dkollin   266
                                                                                           elementary School Principal andrew Polsky        apolsky   232
TempLe BeTh Am is an egalitarian Conservative synagogue that is de-
                                                                                            Assistant                  Ronit Shemesh        rshemesh  206
voted to spiritual and religious enrichment and that values Jewish tradition
                                                                                           Judaic Studies Principal Jill linder             jlinder   231
while embracing innovation. Its many programs serve a multi-generational
congregation. These include multiple opportunities for: worship of God,
                                                                                           middle School Principal Cheryl Hersh             chersh    214
adult learning, education of children and families, acts of loving kindness,               Business manager            Carol Norman         cnorman   233
and outreach to those seeking community and meaning in their lives.                        Communications Coordinator Kitty Zibli           kzibli    234
The synagogue is committed to the institutions of Conservative Judaism,                    Coord. of Student Services michelle Porjes       mporjes   280
the broader Jewish community, the State of Israel and the advocacy of                      librarian                   Sapphira Fein        sfein     259
democracy and religious pluralism.                                                         Religious School
                                                                                            Principal                  Rabbi Susan leider   sleider   230
Temple BeTh Am STAff                                                                        Assistant                  Desiree Gaines       dgaines   230
TiTle                           Name                            email*              exT.   early Childhood Center
Senior Rabbi            Joel Rembaum           jrembaum      210                            Director                   angie Bass           abass     229
Asst. Rabbi             Susan leider           sleider       230                           Youth Director              alana levitt         alevitt   212
executive Director      Sheryl Goldman         sgoldman      223
Rabbi emeritus          Jacob Pressman
                                                                                           President               Diane Shapiro
Rabbi emeritus          Harry a. Silverstein                 200                           executive VP            Robert Ring
Asst. to J. Rembaum Cori Drasin                cdrasin       210                           Recording Secretary     Janet Urman
Asst. to S. leider      Desiree Gaines         dgaines       230                           Vice-Presidents
Communications Dir. adiv Zelony                azelony       219                            Budget & Finance       larry miller
B’nai mitzvah Coord. Hilary Wolf               hwolf         225                            education              linda Salem
B’nai mitzvah Tutor     Hillel Tigay           htigay        208                            House & Grounds        Paul Kalt 
membership Coord.       ariana Shane           ashane        223                            membership             Stuart Tochner
Special events Coord. Ronna Sundy              rsundy        217                            Personnel              Steve Davis
Controller              Kathe Pilch            kpilch        221                            Programming            Karen Kass
Asst. to the Controller Victor Krymer          vkrymer       218                            Resource Development   mike Cohn 
Asst. to the Controller esti Saul              esaul         218                            Ritual                 Steve leventhal
Facilities Coordinator amy Rabin               arabin        213                            Youth                  Brad Grob 
Receptionist            Sharon Webb            swebb         200                           Sisterhood Pres.        Sandra Braun
mailroom Coordinator audrey Cohn               acohn         222
office Assistant        Nedim Saul            nsaul          207                           Board members
Happy Seniors           miriam Kavis          mkavis         521
Facilities manager      James Collins         jcollins       211                           Ron alberts             Susan Green         Jessica Samuel
Colker Judaica Gift Shop                                     226                           michael Bacharach       Steve Grey          mark Samuel
Security office                                              202                           Renee Bainvoll          Joel Grossman       Jay Sanders
                                                                                           melissa Berenbaum       michael Harris      Bill Seligman
Bikkur Holim            Rabbi Joel Rembaum
                                                                                           larry Braman            ann istrin          Dianne Shershow
  (visiting the sick)   also Rabbi Carla Howard (310) 435-0510
                                                                                           Bob Braun               Sam Jason           Julie Shuer
Shiva minyanim          Howard Nemetz             (323) 935-5722                           alan Broidy             Pam Kurtz           Jill Sperling
meals During Shiva      Beverly Harris            (310) 556-2744                           David Cohen             David lauter        Sheila Spiwak
*all staff e-mail addresses are followed by unless otherwise listed
                                                                                           Deborah Cohen           mallory lee         Neal Steiner
                                                                                           Stacey Datnow           Pam levine          Sharon Swerdlow
                                                                                           Jon Drucker             Robert malina       michal Vaakil
 KOL HA’AM (USPS 008-599) is published monthly except bi-                                  Brant Dveirin           laura landesman     Judy Weinstock
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 Boulevard • Los Angeles, CA 90035-2507                                                    marnie Friedman         Cipra Nemeth
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  POSTMASTER — Send address changes to: Kol Ha’am, Temple Beth Am,                         Copy editor             ellen l. Jacobs
     1039 South La Cienega Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90035-2507
                                                                                           Graphic Designer        Joel Pressman

Kol HaRav: Voice of the Rabbi
Haverim, Shalom.                                                             Masorti’s clever new online “Wedding
   The Masorti (Conservative) Movement is starting to shake              Game” uses colorful, animated graphics and
things up in Israel, and I think it’s about time. Please read the        an interactive format to convey the person-
press release issued by the Movement’s New York office, which I          alized, contemporary approach to wedding
have reproduced in full below so you can learn about the impor-          ceremonies that Masorti offers prospec-
tant work our sisters and brothers are doing to offer authentic          tive brides and grooms. Couples learn they
Jewish religious alternatives for the citizens of the State of Israel.   can opt to have a traditional, fully halakhic
Yishar koach, Masorti; may you go from strength to strength.             ceremony that simultaneously accommodates pluralistic prac-
         B’shalom,                                                       tice, performed by a rabbi who will meet with them more than
         Rabbi Joel Rembaum                                              once prior to the actual ceremony to create a personal bond.
                                                                             “Our young people are being driven away from traditional
                                                                         marriage ceremonies by the difficulty of dealing with the Office
        masorti movement Woos Israelis,                                  of the Chief Rabbinate,” observed Masorti Executive Director
        urging: “Play the Wedding Game”                                  Yizhar Hess, outlining the goals of the campaign. “Under the
     In 3 Days, more Than 25,000 Respond                                 guidelines of the ‘Masorti huppah,’ couples may customize
   Bold Advertising Campaign in Internet, Broadcast and Print            their ceremonies to meet their personal needs without sac-
Outlets across Israel Challenges Orthodox Monopoly on Marriage           rificing halakhic requirements and the connection to Jewish
Rites, Stirring Widespread Interest and Political Protest                tradition. It is important to make all Israelis aware that this
                                                                         religious alternative exists.”
     New York, NY, June 19, 2008 – In a media blitz launched
                                                                             Visitors to the Wedding Game website are led through a
Sunday, June 15th that directly challenges the Orthodox
                                                                         series of choices (venue, invitations to special guests, food,
monopoly on weddings in Israel, the Masorti movement, af-
                                                                         etc.) that concludes with an option to select a Masorti hup-
filiated with the Conservative movement in the United States
                                                                         pah. The Jewish legal requirements are explained in detail
and worldwide, is making an appeal to Jewish Israeli couples
                                                                         before couples are urged to contact the Masorti movement
increasingly disenchanted with the established system. An
                                                                         for more information. (Couples are advised, for example, to
estimated 20 percent or more of Israelis who each year choose
                                                                         have a civil ceremony performed outside of Israel to supple-
to live together as couples do so outside the framework of the
                                                                         ment the Masorti huppah so that their marriages will be legally
Office of the Chief Rabbinate, either by not participating in            recognized by the State. They are informed that if they want to
any wedding ceremony or by limiting themselves to a civil                divorce, they will need a get. They are also encouraged to sign
ceremony in Cyprus or elsewhere.                                         a pre-nuptial agreement which sets forth monthly financial
    The Masorti campaign communicates to Israeli couples                 penalties for any party refusing to free the other in the event
that they can have a fully traditional wedding, but one that             of a divorce. This pre-nuptial agreement would be subject to
is also pluralistic. The wedding ceremony may incorporate                the authority of the civil courts.)
special touches of personal interest to the couple, including                Rabbi Tamar Elad-Appelbaum, director of Masorti’s Wed-
an egalitarian approach.                                                 ding Initiative, is delighted with the campaign thus far. She
   The print ads and commercials on radio and Internet sites             described the movement’s collaboration with the Israeli
direct readers and listeners to a website set up for the cam-            marketing agency Loop Interactive as “an innovative creative
paign. They are already generating results. In just three days,          strategy, brilliantly executed, to reach today’s young Israeli
the Masorti movement office in Jerusalem reported more than              couples who are seeking to renew ties to their Jewish tradition
25,000 unique hits to the website and dozens of phone calls              and heritage in accordance with their personal values, which
from interested couples.                                                 are open to the realities of modern life.”
    At the same time, the campaign has raised the ire of Shas.
The Chairman of Shas in the Knesset, Yaakov Margi, petitioned               Masorti Movement: Promoting Religious Pluralism and
the Israel Broadcasting Authority to ban the Masorti campaign            Building Community through Inclusive, Traditional, Egali-
from the airwaves. In a letter to Mordechai Sklar, IBA’s Gen-            tarian Judaism
eral Director, MK Margi charged that the Masorti movement
“knowingly misleads and perpetrates a campaign of fraud.”
He further claimed to be writing on behalf of “those who are             P. S.: Beloved Temple Beth Am members, Rabbi Elliot and
spiritually lost and would not want to find themselves ending            Marlynn Dorff, will be honored by the Masorti Movement at its
up in unseemly places.” MK Ophir Pines-Paz (Labor) responded             annual Los Angeles dinner on December 7, 2008. Please plan
in his own letter to the IBA that Masorti “faithfully combines           to join us for this special evening.
tradition and progress” and suggested the Shas letter should
be buried as “a foolish attempt at censorship.”
              Kol hA’Am
            Temple BeTh Am

    As I write my first article as President of the congregation,   serving on committees, I moved into the
I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself to some of      role of Vice President of Adult Education
you who may not know me well. I have been a member of the           and Family Programming. That was
congregation since 1982, when I married my late husband,            followed by an extended time as the
Barry Shapiro z”l. When I married Barry, I got Temple Beth          Personnel Vice President, VP at Large
Am as part of the package, being part of this shul was non-         and, for the last two years as Executive
negotiable. I was new to California because I moved here from       Vice President under Vivian Alberts.
Chicago to be with Barry, so that was fine with me and I quickly        I am confident that all of these
found a home here. We attended the Library Minyan regularly         experiences have helped to prepare me
as Barry was the first gabbai for that group.                       to take on my new role. I have enormous respect for those who
    Within a few years we began a family, and by the time           have previously served as leaders of our congregation and hope
our older child, Aleza, was ready to begin school, I began to       to earn your respect as well. These are exciting times we are
increase my involvement. Like many new parents, my first            facing together. We will search for new rabbinic leadership, we
real investment was in my children’s school and I began the         will decide on the musical direction for the sanctuary service
first Parent Association in the ECC (which was then called the      and we will stay committed to what makes Beth Am a haimish
preschool). When Aleza began to attend the Religious School,        community that is devoted to living spiritual Jewish lives. I
I started the Parent Association in that body as well. Clearly I    hope that we only improve on all of the good things we have
was on to something. Through the good fortune of befriending        to offer and work together as we face the inevitable challenges.
Marcy Colker Klein z”l, I got a glimpse of the interdependence      I welcome the opportunity to speak with you as we begin this
between the schools and the shul and saw my involvement             journey together.
grow to include the bigger picture. I began to serve on the                                    Fondly,
synagogue Board of Trustees in 1990 and after a few years of                                   Diane Shapiro

Kol Ha Neshama
   This column is based on a sermon given by Rabbi Leider in            We are pleased to be working with
the Library Minyan on the First Day of Shavuot.                     the Westside JCC which has launched
                                                                    such a program. Some TBA members
     As we celebrated the holiday of Shavuot back in June, did      were able to participate this summer
you see our sanctuary or chapel decorated with greenery?            by signing up for the last half of the
Probably not! While this is a tradition in some synagogues,         summer season this year.
it is not our tradition here at TBA. But why would the rabbis           T h e f a r m s u p p l y i n g p ro d u c e
institute such a tradition in the first place? They hoped to        to the Westside JCC is The Tierra
remind us of the holiday’s links to the earth and of the offering   Miguel Foundation [http://www.
of the first fruits on Shavuot during temple times.       ], a nonprofit, educational farm located
     As Jews living in LA, we particularly need to re-claim our     in Northern San Diego County. The farm’s weekly delivery is
agricultural connections to the land. While cut greenery fades      made to the Westside JCC [hotlink to http://www.westsidejcc.
and is eventually composted (!), there are other mitzvot that       org/] on Wednesdays and is available for pick-up between 1
relate to the earth and outlast the decorating of synagogues on     and 7 p.m. The farm’s activity revolves around three growing
Shavuot. The mitzvah of bringing living, growing produce to         seasons, fall: Sept.–Dec.; winter: Jan.–April; and summer:
our tables and to our bodies will now be made more accessible       May–mid-Aug. In between each season is a two to four week
for the Beth Am community.                                          break. Each box of produce comes with a newsletter from Tierra
     We can cultivate a closer relationship with our food           Miguel and recipes. Please go to to sign
that is grown in the earth and with those who grow it for us        up for the fall season.
through buying our produce through community supported                  I hope you will join Jeff, Jessie, Sarah, Talia and me in this
agriculture (CSA). The concept behind CSA is that having a          mitzvah. We so enjoyed our summer deliveries and know that
direct relationship between farmer and consumer benefits            the fall will bring even more bounty. Participating in a CSA is
us all. CSA is synonymous with sustainable organic farming          one simple way of reminding us to cultivate a relationship with
practices which means the soil is replenished with what is taken    food and with those who produce it.
out during growing. Supporting CSA also enables farmers to              Blessed are you Adonai our God, ruler of the universe who
cover the initial start up costs of a season, which can be very     creates the fruit of the earth.
high, and guarantee a market for their produce throughout                              B’te’avon – Eat well!
the season.                                                                            Rabbi Susan Leider


Haverim Shalom,                                                      has lead the questionnaire working group in developing an
    The Rabbinic Search committee has been meeting regularly         outstanding representation of our community that highlights
since a few weeks prior to Shavuot and I have excellent progress     our many strengths, calls attention to the areas we wish the
to report to you.                                                    new rabbi to focus, and presents a tool for the committee and
    The committee has divided itself into working groups to          candidates to use as a basis for discussion. The entire search
handle the following tasks: completion of the Rabbincal As-          committee has met to approve the document and it was filed
sembly Questionnaire, initial resume screening, off site visits      in mid July with the Joint Placement Commission. While hardly
to candidates’ home shuls, telephone interviews, initial on site     a secret that our pulpit would be open, the formal listing will
interview, and Shabbatonim. As we approach each phase of             appear on the RA intranet site in mid August, at which time
the search I will update you as appropriate through this col-        candidates may submit their resumes for referral to Beth Am.
umn and the website. Please understand that to protect the           Once we have determined that we will begin a dialogue with a
confidentiality of the process both from candidates’ and shul’s      candidate, we will forward the synagogue’s new strategic plan
perspective, we will not announce names of our candidates            for the candidate’s review.
until we have invited a candidate to be a finalist and that rabbi        We are approaching Tisha B’Av and its fast and lamenta-
has agreed to the Shabbaton visit. At that time you will receive a   tions; our thoughts then move to the anticipation of Elul and
full biography and other information which will also be posted       the serious task of introspection and teshuva as the Yamin
on the web site. After each visit, a survey monkey link will be      Noraim approach, and then to the ultimate joy of Succoth and
available for direct member feedback.                                Simchat Torah. The sadness that always accompanies change
    I can tell you as of this point in time, Temple Beth Am is       gives way to excitement about future prospects. So too I think
the only “D” congregation engaging in a rabbi search in the          our shul community is ready to embrace all the good that will
upcoming cycle, and if that holds true, this fact will allow us      come our way as we learn about other rabbis, ourselves and
to focus more succinctly on our own needs and timing rather          together with one mara d’atra chart our future together.
than having to go through a handicapping exercise with other                  B’Shalom,
congregations.                                                                Mark Wolf, Rabbinic Search Committee Chair
    Steve Leventhal, Ritual Vice President of the congregation,      Check out the Rabbi Search Page at

             Saturday Evening, August 9, 2008
                             Erev Tisha B’Av
                         Mincha Service, 6:45 p.m.
                        Seudah Shlisheet, 7:15 p.m.
                        Ma’ariv Service, 7:45 p.m.
                        Followed by the reading of
                    Eicha: The Book of Lamentations
                                 Led by
                            Rabbi Susan Leider                                               Worshipping together on
                      & members of the congregation                                      Tisha B’Av helps to make more
                                                                                            impressive a time-hallowed
                  Sunday Morning, August 10, 2008                                       tradition which keeps alive in our
         Tisha B’Av Shaharit Service - 8:00 a.m., Pilch Hall                               hearts a love for Zion and a
                              Sunday Afternoon                                           kinship with our people around
    Special Tisha B’Av Mincha Service - 1:30 p.m., Pilch Hall                              the world and in every age.
                                Sunday Evening
  Daily Minyan Mincha-Ma’ariv Service - 7:30 p.m., Pilch Hall
                   Fast ends at 8:30 p.m.

                Kol hA’Am
              Temple BeTh Am

                                                                  Shabbat Connections Picnic – August 9, 2008
    Boi Kallah - August 15                                            There is a core of TBA congregants who would like to meet
       Temple Beth Am invites all Pressman Academy ECC            following services on August 9 in La Cienega Park for a Shabbat
    Families, Early Elementary and Religious School families      picnic lunch. Please meet us at 12:45 p.m. at the picnic tables
    & Friends to a special Shabbat evening. (While all are        on the west side of the park. Please bring a blanket, your own
    welcome, the service is suitable for families with children   dairy lunch and Rabbi Leider will join us for an informal Torah
    through Second Grade)                                         study and hanging out on Shabbat afternoon.
       Please join us for a musical Kabbalat Shabbat where            We hope that this kickoff-event will spark further conversa-
    parents and children join in together followed by a won-      tion for those in the community who want to connect with oth-
    derful Shabbat Dinner.                                        ers for future meals, deepen their Shabbat observance, explore
                                                                  study opportunities and enjoy Shabbat oneg (joy!). This event is
               Friday August 15 at 6:00 p.m                       open to the community members and friends of TBA. For more
           Boi Kallah Service & Shabbat Dinner                    information, please contact TBA congregant Avi Montigny at
             With Dr. David “Doc” Ackerman               or Rabbi Leider at
                     and Rabbi Leider
      Cost: $18 per adult (ages 13 and up), $10 for children      Neshama minyan on the Roof – August 15
                  3-12, under 3 years are free.
                                                                     Please join us for Mincha, Kabbalat Shabbat and Ma’ariv
                    Please RVSP by Aug. 12                        on the Pilch Rooftop on Friday, Aug. 15 at 6:45 p.m. led by
          To RSVP by phone, call 310-652-7354 x. 230              Rabbinic Intern Elana Zelony. For more information about
             or sign up on-line at                 Neshama Minyan or to join our email list, please contact
         For more information, please contact Desiree   

                                                                                        temple beth am
                  Camp Ramah Reunion
                 Shabbat Under the Stars
                                                                       Judaism by Choice
                    August 29, 2008                                              Shabbat Morning Service
        We invite you to join us at Temple Beth Am for a
                                                                               Join Rabbi Neal Weinberg as he leads a service
                    Shabbat Under the Stars
                                                                                for those considering Judaism and those who
                   with Rabbi Joel Rembaum.
                                                                               have embraced Judaism.
        Friday evening at 6:30 p.m. on the Pilch Rooftop
         Past and present Ramahniks are all welcome,                   Learn the basic structure and prayers of the Shabbat
                 as are our whole congregation.                        morning service. Engage in Torah study. Participate in a
         Dinner will follow immediately after services.                question-and-answer session. Meet other members of
                                                                       your community!
             Cost: $18 per adult (ages 13 and up),
          $10 for children 3-12, under 3 years are free.
                                                                      Join us Saturday, August 23rd at 9:30a.m.
        Please indicate if you request a vegetarian meal.              Temple Beth Am • 1039 S. La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles • (310)652-7353

    RSVP to Desiree, 310-652-7354 x230 by August 26, or you
             may register online at
                                                                                       Save these Dates!
                                                                    Learner’s Minyan                                Ruth’s Circle
                                                                    with Rabbinic Intern                            with Rabbinic Intern
The Sukkah Shuk - Tuesday Sept 2
                                                                    Rachel Kobrin:                                  Elana Zelony and
8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
                                                                    Sept. 13              Feb. 14                   Dr. Karen Kass:
   Come and visit us and take care of all of your High Holiday
needs! TBA rabbis and staff will be available to answer your        Oct. 11               Mar. 14                   Sept. 18
questions. Prepare for High Holiday services, order a lulav         Nov. 8                Apr. 11                   Dec. 11
and etrog, buy a Sukkah! Arrange to host someone in your            Dec. 13               May 9                     Jan. 24
Sukkah or sign up to be hosted by someone else! Please note:        Jan. 10                                         Mar. 39
This event coincides with the Pressman Academy Day School                                                           May 14
Health and Safety Day.

Joel Pressman to Serve as Beth Am’s High Holiday Cantor
    Joel Pressman served twenty years as Beth Am’s High            (Tartuffe), Figaro (The Barber of Seville), and the Duchess
Holiday cantor in our auxiliary services, starting in the chapel   (Alice in Wonderland)
of the original building, and continuing as the services moved         He has appeared as baritone soloist with many major Los
off site to Century City and Beverly Hills. He then                              Angeles choral organizations, sung at Kennedy
served 13 years as cantorial soloist at Wilshire                                 Center in Washington, D.C. and the Lincoln Center
Boulevard Temple.                                                                in New York, and been soloist with the Los Angeles
    A product of Temple Beth Am, Mr. Pressman                                    Jewish Symphony.
attended our Hebrew School and was a leader of                                       Performing with the Los Angeles Zimriyah
our Junior Congregation with Cantor Pinchas Spiro.                               Chorale, Mr. Pressman was soloist at the interna-
Tapped by the Ritual Committee as a teenager to join                             tional Zimriyah choral festival in Jerusalem, and
the choir under organist Joseph Leonard, he was                                  he has appeared as soloisy with the Los Angeles
called into service on two nights’ notice to fill in for                         Jewish Symphony.
ailing Cantor William Hauben at Erev Rosh Hasha-                                     Mr. Pressman has studied or performed with
nah services, and thus began his davening career.                                such world renowned conductors as Robert Shaw,
    He has been told that at the age of 5 or so, he contributed    Lukas Foss, Moses Hogan, Charles Hirt, Roger Wagner, William
his piggy bank savings toward the Temple’s building fund. Years    Hall, Jane Hardester, William Hatcher, Helmut Rilling, Michael
later, his own children, Elijah and Aviva, attended the Rabbi      Tillson Thomas and more.
Jacob Pressman Academy and were called to the Torah as Bar             His commercial recordings include “Higher Ground,” sing-
and Bat Mitzvah on our bimah.                                      ing backup for Barbra Streisand, and recordings of music by
    Mr. Pressman chairs the Performing Arts Department at          composer Amy Beach and by Judith Zamont, as well as several
Beverly Hills High School, teaching vocal music, piano, theatre,   tracks on the annual Children’s Hospital charity album with
and musical theatre. He begins his 34th year there this Fall.      many different celebrities.
    Prior to his teaching career, Mr. Pressman was a finalist          Several of his essays on music teaching have been published
in the Metropolitan Opera Western Regional Auditions and a         in VocalEase Magazine, a national periodical for for choral di-
member of the Broadway cast of “Gigi,’ with Alfred Drake and       rectors, and he is an editor of the Sacred Jewish Choral Music
Agnes Moorehead. He also toured extensively with Opera a la        Series published by Laurendale Music.
Carte, a Gilbert & Sullivan repertory company.                         Joel is happy to be able to serve Temple Beth Am again
    His operatic roles include Marcello (La Boheme), Tartuffe      this year.

TBA Welcomes education Intern Noam Raucher
    A warm, vibrant presence will join our community later this        After studying psychology, philosophy and Judaics at
month when Noam Raucher starts as Education Intern. He will        Hofstra University, Noam became a Jewish Campus Service
work closely with Rabbi Susan Leider on administrative projects    Corps Fellow at UC San Diego, where he did student outreach
and teach at TBA’s religious school.                               and leadership training. He has also worked as a counselor at
    Noam recently returned from Israel after completing his        Yale Psychiatric Hospital.
third year of rabbinical school. As a second year student, he          In addition to working with TBA, Noam will pursue a Mas-
ran a well-received prayer program at the Ziegler School of        ters of Education degree at AJU. He is considering pulpit life,
Rabbinic Studies. The program included posting                                 chaplaincy, or working with Hillel. “I want to be
quotes from scholars representing many schools                                 in a place where I can put roots down and where
of thought within Judaism. Rabbi Leider, who met                               other people are putting their roots down -- to
Noam when she was a fifth-year rabbinical student,                             become a part of people’s lives and help foster
was impressed enough to recruit him as an intern                               community.”
for TBA.                                                                           Already familiar with the TBA community,
    Raised in an active Jewish home in Connecticut,                            Noam has previously helped the Shabbat Yeladim
Noam attended Jewish day school, Camp Ramah                                    program, and davened at the Neshama and Library
and USY. His mother was a Hebrew School director,                              Minyanim.
and he was often a substitute teacher at her school. In fact, he       “Temple Beth Am is a great community,” he says. “I’m eager
credits the love and support of family for many accomplish-        to help in whatever way I can.”
ments in life.

               Kol hA’Am
             Temple BeTh Am

        ouR B’NAI mITZVAH
                                                                                     MARK YOUR CALENDAR!
                    nAtHAnIeL HAIIMPOOR
                    Son of Yvonne and Robert Haiimpoor                         Sunday, November 23, 2008
                    August 16, 2008
                                                                                      Celebrate the start of
                                                                                   Rabbi Jacob Pressman’s
                              ARIeL tAFeL                                                 90th Year
          Son of Elizabeth and Andrew Tafel
                            August 23, 2008
                                                                                  SPECIAL BIRTHDAY SHOW!
                                                                                             Details to follow...
                    DevIn BURSteIn
                    Son of Terry and Dr. Steven Burstein
                    August 30, 2008
                                                                    HolD THe DATe:
                                                                                               erev tisha B’Av
                                                                                           Saturday night, August 9
WeDDINGS & eNGAGemeNTS                                                                      tisha B’Av (fast day)
Mazal tov to Ben Chevlen, son of Michael and Lauren Chevlen,                                 Sunday, August 10
on his engagement to kate tansey.                                                              Selichot night
Mazal Tov to Hanan Beliak, son of Lynn and Haim Beliak, on                                 Saturday, September 20
his engagement to Sarah kelman.                                                        erev Rosh Hashanah
                                                                                     Monday night, September 29
BRIS & BABY NAmINGS                                                                            Rosh Hashanah
kAyLee eLIyA StRzeLeCkI,
                                                                                           September 30, October 1
daughter of Shawni and Ted Strzelecki,
granddaughter of Linda and Amos Amit, born on June 24,                                        kol nidre night
given the name Eliya.                                                                       Wednesday, October 8
                                                                                                yom kippur
zOe Anne teMkIn
                                                                                             Thursday, October 9
daughter of Yana and Bradley Temkin,
granddaughter of Marshall and Suzie Temkin,                                        Sukkot through Simhat torah
born on May 21, 2008, given the name Chana.                               Tuesday night, October 13 - Wednesday, October 22

    I      We extend our condolences to the bereaved families and record the passing of:
           HARRy ARBIt, husband of Norma z”l, father of Beryl            DOnnA GOLD, wife of Mark Drooks, mother of Adam,
    N      Arbit.                                                        Jared and Aaron.
           JOHAnnA COOPeR, wife of Sam Jason, daughter of                DR. HOWARD HORneR, husband of Ellen, father of
           Norma Cooper, sister of Danny (Kathryn) Cooper and            Debbie (Steve) and Richard Horner.
    M      Benson Cooper, mother of Max and Eva.                         BeveRLy AUeRBACH PReSSMAn, wife of Rabbi
                                                                         Daniel Pressman, mother of Aliza, Benjamin and Re-
    E      LeSLIe DAye, husband of Judith, brother of Sandy
                                                                         becca; and daughter-in-law of Rabbi Jacob Pressman
           (Mayer) Brenner, son of Selma and Sydney Daye.
                                                                         and Majorie Pressman.
    M      JOSePH FRAnkeL, husband of Helen, father of Alvin
                                                                         IRvInG ROSS, father of Marion (Asher) Arom.
           (Deana) Frankel, Rhonda (Michael) Glowall, and
    O      Esther (Jack) Wolf, brother of Irving (Dorothy) Frankel,
                                                                         ALBeR SHOUSHAnI, father of Angela (Shawn Saeed-
                                                                         ian) Shoushani, grandfather of Ethan and Matia,
    R      grandfather of six
                                                                         husband of Esther.
           Betty FReeDMAn, mother of Shirley Wolpa, grand-
    I      mother of Susan (Alex) Kay, great grandmother of two.
                                                                         ROBeRt SOHn, husband of Lotte, father of Ruth (Re-
                                                                         uven Firestone) Sohn, grandfather of Rachel, Noam and
    A      FRAnCeS FRIeDMAn, mother of Larry (Elaine) Fried-             Amir.
           man, and Gerald (Judy) Friedman, grandmother of               JILL WeIneR, sister of Carrie (Mitch) Jacoves, aunt of
    M      Natalie, Josh and Ari, great-grandmother of four.             Hayden and Rachael


SHAInA AnDReWS, daughter of Edward and Tamar Andrews, graduated             Israeli town and travelling to Portugal, South Africa, India and Uganda
from Shalhevet and will be attending Bar Ilan in Israel.                    to learn about lost Jewish communities. When she returns to the States,
yOnI AvRAHAM, son of Miri and Natan Avraham, graduated from                 she’ll be studying at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.
Shalhevet and is going to UC Santa Barbara.                                 JOSHUA SCHARF kRUG, son of Andrea Scharf and Ken Krug, gradu-
SAM BLItzSteIn, son of Debbie & Robert Blitzstein, grandson of Jerry        ated from Yale University. He will be in Israel this coming year staffing
& Barbara Rabin, graduated from Shalhevet and will be going to the          the Kivunim gap year program for high schoolers, teaching World and
University of Maryland.                                                     Jewish History and leading field trips to Morocco, Spain, Greece,
ADInA BODenSteIn, daughter of Mark and Dale Bodenstein                      Hungary, and the Czech Republic.
graduated from UC San Diego with a BA in Sociology. She was honored         SyDney MAMAnn, daughter of David & Shelley Mamann, graduated
with lifetime membership into the national Sociological Honors Society:     from Westchester High School and will be attending UCLA.
Kappa Alpha Delta and will be attending the University of Michigan, Ann     Lev CHAIM Metz, son of Sharon McCauley, received two masters
Arbor to pursue a Masters in Social Work.                                   degrees from Hebrew Union College - in Jewish Education and Jewish
JILLIAn COHn, daughter of Jordan and Robin Cohn, granddaughter              Communal Service. He will be teaching Jewish Studies for the next two
of Audrey Cohn, graduated El Camino High School with top honors.            years at Milken Middle School.
She will be attending the University of Pennsylvania in the Huntsman        MADDIe MILLeR, daughter of Adrian and Larry Miller, granddaughter
Program for International Studies and Business.                             of Judy and Lou Miller, graduated from Beverly Hills High School and
GABRIeLLe eRIn DAvIS, daughter of Julie Shuer and Steve Davis gradu-        will be attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
ated from Milken Community High School and will be attending Pitzer         JORDAn MARkOvIC, son of Debbie and Robby Markovic, graduated
College of the Claremont Colleges.                                          from Milken Community High School. He will participate in USY’s Nativ
CHARLeS DRUCkeR, son of Gary Drucker & Rebecca Newman, gradu-               program in Israel next year, and then will attend Indiana University.
ated from Yale College, BA with distinction, in History of Science and      MARk MISHkIn, husband of Lisa Korn, graduated from USC with a dou-
Medicine. He will be doing a one-year post baccalaureate fellowship at      ble Masters in Public Administration and Urban Planning. He has joined
Yale prior to beginning medical school.                                     the U.S. State Dept. as a Foreign Service Officer (a.k.a. diplomat).
MIke FARkAS, husband of Francine Farkas, graduated from CSUN with           nOA OLDAk, daughter of Janet and Salomon Oldak, graduated from
honors, with a Bachelor’s in Music Education. He is finishing his student   Alexander Hamilton Humanity High School, ranking 3rd in the whole
teaching at Santa Monica High and in the fall will be student teacher at    senior class of 2008. She will attend USC.
Palms Middle School.                                                        ReBeCCA tOvIt PReSSMAn, daughter of Beverly z”l and Rabbi Daniel
SAMAntHA FARkAS, daughter of Francine and Michael Farkas, gradu-            Pressman, granddaughter of Marjorie and Rabbi Jacob Pressman, gradu-
ated from LACES with high honors and will be attending CSUN in Early        ated from Kehillah High School in San Jose. She will spend next year on
Childhood Education.                                                        the USY Nativ Program in Israel after which she will attend NYU.
eLIzABetH FLIeR, daughter of Rosanne Keynan and Jonathan Flier, gradu-      GABRIeL LeWIS RICe-eRSO, grandson of Henry Erso, graduated from
ated from the Harvard-Westlake School and will enter Skidmore College.      Freeman High School in Washington and plans to attend Western Wash-
LIAnnA GLIkSMAn, daughter of Debbie and Sam Gliksman, graduated             ington State University.
from New Jewish Community High School and is going to UC Davis.             MAtt SACkMAn, son of Jessica and Gerald Sackman, graduated from
BeCky HAvIvI, daughter of Avi Havivi and Debbie Schmidt, graduated          Hamilton High School Academy of Performing Arts. He will be attending
as Salutatorian from Hamilton High School, plans to spend a year in         University of Washington in Seattle.
Israel with Kivunim and then attend the University of Pennsylvania.         neDIM SAUL, son of Esti and Izak Saul, graduated Beverly Hills High
ARIeL HeCHt, son of Myron and Sara Hecht, graduated from UCLA               School and will attend SMC.
School of Engineering, the Department of Bioengineering. He is continu-     DAvID SCHAMeS, son of Faith and Mayer Schames, graduated from
ing his studies towards a PhD degree in Bioengineering at the University    USC, and will be attending Loma Linda University for Dental School.
of Michigan in Ann Arbor.                                                   RACHeL SOHn FIReStOne, daughter of Ruth Sohn and Reuven Fire-
ReBeCCA HOLzBeRG, daughter of Joanne and Paul Klein and Stephen             stone, graduated from Wesleyan University and will be working for a
Holzberg, graduated from Milken Community High School and will be           grassroots run development NGO in Bangalore in the fall.
attending UC Santa Cruz.                                                    MICHAeL SPItzeR-RUBenSteIn, son of Laura Spitzer and Steven
yOnAtAn HOWARD-yASHAR, son of Rabbi Carla Howard and Scott                  Rubenstein, graduated from Beverly Hills High School and will be at-
Ben-Yashar, graduated from Boston University - School of Communica-         tending Columbia University.
tion and plans to work in film.                                             AAROn SPIWAk, son of Sheila and Alan Spiwak, graduated from Co-
MICHeLLe kAHn, daughter of Richard and Carole Kahn, graduated from Bev-     lumbia Law School, and will be working with O’Melveny & Myers, in
erly Hills High School and will be attending Claremont McKenna College.     their downtown Los Angeles office.
SARAH LeIteR, daughter of Marci Maniker-Leiter, graduated from              JAReD SUnSHIne, son of Tove and Carl Sunshine, graduated from
Harvard Westlake. She’s spending next year in Israel on the Young Judea     Fordham Law School.
Olami program where she’ll be studying in Jerusalem, volunteering in an     DAvID tURkeLL graduated from LACES and will be attending UC Davis.

              Kol hA’Am
            Temple BeTh Am

eCC Teacher Profile – Gali Schechter
    Gali Schechter is a product of a Southern California Jewish     DVD and keeps them in a special collectors’ box. “I constantly
education and is proud of it. She was born in Van Nuys, grew        reference the show in my daily life,” she said.
up in Encino, attended elementary school at Valley                                    Her Friends DVDs are only one small fraction
Beth Shalom and graduated from Milken Com-                                       of her huge DVD collection, which she builds but
munity High School.                                                              rarely watches. “I just don’t have time to watch
    “My mom is a teacher,” she said. “So I always                                them,” she said. And no wonder…she’s at Press-
had a love of being a teacher. And I went to private                             man from 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. most days. In her
Jewish schools up until college. So this is a very                               other non-existent spare time, Morah Gali likes
natural career path for me.”                                                     to read, take photographs and especially go to
    Her first introduction to teaching at Pressman                               baseball games.
was through Camp Keshet, but since October                                            “I would attend all the Dodgers home games
2006 she’s been working with Debbie Cohen in                                     if I had the time or money,” she said. “I became
the mornings, and in Hebrew immersion classes                                    a fan around the time Brian and I started dating,
in the afternoons. In the mornings she works with 2-1/2 year        and have just fallen in love with the sport.” Go Blue!
olds, which so far are her favorite age group.                                           by Jessica Emerson-Fleming
    “Being able to get hugs from kids whenever I want and
seeing the kids so proud and happy when they are able to
accomplish something on their own for the first time are my
                                                                    eCC establishes long Term Teacher and
favorite parts of working with that age,” she said.                 Staff Recognition Program
    She’s plenty busy outside of school, too, especially planning       The Pressman Academy Early Childhood Center (ECC) re-
her wedding to Brian Bardin, who works at a motion picture          cently received a $100,000 contribution directed toward estab-
post production facility.                                           lishing a teacher and staff recognition fund for long-time faculty
    What you might not know about Morah Gali is that she’s a        members. As part of the gift, the ECC has developed a program
huge fan of the show Friends. She owns the entire series on         that recognizes teachers and staff throughout their teaching
                                                                    careers as they reach career milestones for years taught at
tHe eARLy CHILDHOOD CenteR is proud to be continuing                Pressman Academy. In addition to being recognized for their
all of our parent and me opportunities: Baby and Me, Music,         service to the Academy after 7, 13, and 20 years of service, each
Shabbat, afternoon classes, and an all new Hebrew Immersion         faculty member who has reached these milestones will receive a
Parent and Me starting this fall. All our sessions are taught by    one-time bonus of $1,500, $2,500, and $5,000 respectively. This
our experts including Sari Abrams, Gabrielle Kaufman, and           recognition of the outstanding work that our faculty does each
Kira Rappaport, and more.                                           day was made possible when a generous anonymous donor ap-
                                                                    proached the school with a wonderful idea to both acknowledge
Here are a few of the classes we will offer:
                                                                    the outstanding faculty and staff and to encourage teachers to
Celebrate Shabbat with Me!                                          remain at Pressman throughout their careers.
Join families with young children in our weekly
Shabbat themed parenting and play class.
Friday mornings at 9:00 AM or 10:10 AM                                  THE RABBI JACOB PRESSMAN ACADEMY
Music Parent and Me                                                       DAY SCHOOL OF TEMPLE BETH AM
Through instruments song and dance, this class instills a                    Cordially Invites You To Our
musical foundation that will last a lifetime. Come play and
make music with your child!                                                              OPen HOUSe
Wednesday @11:30 AM or 1:00 PM
                                                                            Tuesday, October 7      Tuesday, November 4
Parent and Me with Sari Abrams is back by popular demand!                  Thursday, October 23 Wednesday, November 19
Join us on Monday afternoons in our beautiful new Corning                              Tuesday, December 2
                                                                      Beginning September 18th applications will be accepted
All new! All Hebrew parent and me
                                                                                  for the 2008-2009 School Year
Join us as we sing and dance and tell stories from the Land of
Israel, because it is never too early to begin immersing your          Come meet our Head of School, Rabbi Mitchel Malkus,
child in the language of our people! This will be a fun and            principals, parents, students, alumni, tour the campus
lively, culturally rich class!                                          and learn about our innovative academic curriculum
Thursday mornings @ 11:15                                                           and warm Jewish Community.
Contact Betsy in the ECC office at 310 652-7354 xt 228 or                 For more information please contact Day School
email for more information on all our                    Admission Director at (310) 652-7354 ext. 276.

eCC Teacher Profile: Kira Rappaport
                           by Jennifer Elad                       simultaneously along with fluid motion.
    “Bah bah bababababa bah baaaaah ba ba bah !” chants               Kira was born in Salt Lake City, Utah where she was one of
Morah Kira Rappaport, music educator at Pressman Academy,         600 Jewish families in the entire state. She moved to La Jolla,
during one of her weekly musical lessons that en-                               Calif. at the age of 8 where she attended the San
courages students to focus on melody and rhythm                                 Diego Jewish Academy and Camp Ramah. In her
without the distraction of words. The chants are                                early teens she moved to Los Angeles and later
a form of ‘musiking’, the verb used to describe                                 attended Santa Monica High School. After two
making music.                                                                   years at the Oberlin College Conservatory of Music
    Kira, in her 4th year at the school, currently                              in Ohio, she completed her Bachelor’s degree in
works with the ECC, Gesher and Kindergarten                                     Flute Performance at the University of Southern
classes. This Fall first graders will begin participat-                         California. Kira recently graduated from California
ing in her unique program.                                                      State University Los Angeles with her Masters in
    “I love singing the songs” say the students of                              Music Education.
the ECC here at Pressman Academy.                                                   She says her favorite part of the day is mak-
    What’s her magic? Parents and teachers say It is her warmth   ing music with all the students and teachers. Prior to joining
and unique ability to capture the attention of students from      Pressman Academy Kira taught flute at Santa Monica High,
infancy and beyond. Her integration of rhythmic chants,           throughout college and while living in New York City where
movement and instruments lure in students and parents, who        she taught music theory to young children.
smile and giggle as they sing and perform whimsical dance             Kira’s free time is newly defined now that she’s completed
movements.                                                        graduate school and her masters thesis. She very much enjoys
    Kira says her approach to music encourages students to        leisurely walks with her husband and her beautiful Siberian
focus on the melody and rhythm without the distraction of         Husky. She also cherishes time at the beach and of course
words. She also believes that allowing moments for silence        playing her flute and drumming.
gives children the opportunity to integrate and respond to what       One fact many of us don’t know: Kira was born without a
they are hearing. With those responses, Kira then combines        sense of smell! She can taste her food -- and thank goodness
them into new “musiking” -- improvising songs and chants          for that -- because her husband is a chef!

Day School Teacher Profile: Deena messinger
    Deena Messinger says that “kindergarten is a great first      York Times crossword puzzle (in ink!) – has a passion for chil-
chapter in a great book.” So as she prepares to become a new      dren’s early written expression. In Deena’s kindergarten class
first grade teacher at Pressman Academy this fall, Deena is       at Sinai she emphasized writing and had her students keep
eager to dive into chapter two.                                   a daily journal. Deena says that one of the reasons she really
    Becoming a teacher was a natural evolution for Deena. She     likes teaching this age group is that in kindergarten writing
has always loved children and worked closely with                              really explodes. At the beginning of the school
them. Beyond that, Deena said that teaching keeps                              year, children may draw pictures and write only
her mind fully engaged every day and always chal-                              a few letters. Yet by the spring, they are writing
lenges her to use different skills. “I was born to be                          full pages about “Why I like chocolate ice cream
a teacher,” she says. And when you see the twinkle                             better than vanilla” or “My favorite animal at the
in her eye and the passion she has when she talks                              zoo.” Deena knows first-hand that children, even
about her students, you know it’s true.                                        in kindergarten, have a lot to say and an amazing
    Deena earned a Master’s degree in Education                                ability to communicate in writing even before they
from the Bank Street College of Education in New                               can read. This teaching method and Deena’s pas-
York City. After working for one year in New York,                             sion for writing mesh seamlessly with the writing
Deena returned to Los Angeles, which is her home.                              curriculum at Pressman.
She taught for 10 years at Sinai Akiba Academy here in L.A. At        Deena, who also spent a year teaching 2nd grade at Sinai,
Sinai, Deena was a beloved kindergarten teacher with a strong     is looking forward to seeing the evolution of kindergarteners
Jewish identity and connection to Israel. Although she loved      into 1st graders. First grade is a pivotal year, where children
teaching at Sinai, she said she is ready for a change and feels   really begin to understand how to become students. Deena’s
that Pressman is a great fit for her and her family. Deena and    kindergarten experience has her well prepared to help children
her husband, who live near our school and have many friends       navigate that transition. She knows just where they are coming
in the community, have a 2-year-old son, Max, who they hope       from and is ready to take the journey with them. She is eager
will attend Pressman in the near future.                          to begin this next chapter with her students and find out just
    Deena – a voracious reader who does the Sunday New            how far they can go.
        Kol hA’Am
      Temple BeTh Am
                                       MAZAL TOV to TBA outgoing president Vivian Alberts
     Temple Beth Am June Gala Dinner   and Ben Siegel Community Service Award recipient
                                       Judy Cowan who were honored at a fabulous event

on June 15th. YASHER KOACH to event co-chairs Janine & Peter Lowy, Angel & Alan
on June 15th. YASHER KOACH to event co-chairs Janine & Peter Lowy, Angel & Alan
Schneider and Jill & Skip Sperling, the entire Gala Committee, Sponsors and Staff who
Schneider and Jill & Skip Sperling, the entire Gala Committee, Sponsors and Staff who
helped make this a most memorable and successful event for our congregation.
helped make this a most memorable and successful event for our congregation.

                 Kol hA’Am
                 K ’M
             T e m p l e B A
             T B e T h A m

                                                                  ohy ihrd
                                             Guarding                            The Garden
SAVe GAS                                                                             Green Team Expands Web Presence20th!
~ PReSSmAN eCo-eFFoRTS                                                                Green Shabbat is September
TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE                                                                Now you can visit for:

                                                                                          Soon you’ll be receiving information about this
                                                                  RE           M       Green Team Action Alerts
     As we head a lot of lazy left for summer travel.
     There’s stillinto thosetime and far too hazy LA summer
                                                                     E    TE A      shul-wide program. As we focus on renewing our-
                                                                                       Tips for green living
 days, this installment of Guarding the Garden brings you some
Whether you’re planning a road trip or simply trying toexcit-                    selves during our High Holy Days, we will also focus on
                                                                                       Calendar of Green Team and other important events
 ing Green Team activity updates and a terrific resource at $5 a gal-
make your commute a little more palatable (are wefor gardening            healing our world. How can we do one without the other?
                                                                                       Links to environmental organizations and great sources
 that is truly green.                                                     your GReengreen info
lon yet?), here are some tips to boost your MPG. We’ve tested                          of teAM
them. They work.
 E-Waste Recycling                                                                     Past issues of a part of one of TBA’s
                                                                              We need you! To be Guarding the Garden most dynamic,
       SLOW DOWN. Jonathan and Sharon Swerdlow for donating
   1.Yasher koach to Most cars hit their fuel-efficiency sweet spot                    Our Mission Statement, and more!
                                                                          fastest-growing teams, write, and let us hear
       around 55 miles recycling but fuel economy Now you can
 our first “Technotrash” per hour,box from Green Disc. quickly de-              Thank you, Desiree Gaines, for your assistance inTEAM ALERT
                                                                          your ideas! We’ll also sign you up for our GREEN this venture!
        all your higher speeds. Observing the CD’s, limit can boost
 bring clines atoutdated e-waste, from PC’s tospeed from cell phones      newsletter. We welcome your comments, questions, and sug-
                                                                           Light Bulb Reserve Created
       fuel economy between 7 and 23 percent. This recycling and
 to rechargeable batteries, to TBA for safe and secureis equivalent       gestions.
                                                                               To assist the temple in its efforts to convert to and maintain
       to getting up details gallon discount at the pump.
 disposal. Additional to $1 a online at Thank
                                                                              And visit our website at a loads of
                                                                           environmentally-friendly lighting, Gil Hetsroni donatedforportion of
 you, Stuart Weiss, for volunteering to purchase our next box!
   2. INFLATE. Just as it’s harder to pedal a bike with a flat tire,       his Bar Mitzvah gifts to other greatline in the Facility Reserve Fund
                                                                          tips, action items, and establish a information.
       vehicles with to drop off your tires require toner cartridges
     And don’t forget underinflated used inkjet andmore energy to          for “Green” Lighting. Please contact the office to contribute. Even a
                                                                              Enjoy the rest of your summer!
       move down the road. Properly inflated for cash boost fuel
 as well. Beth Am and Pressman exchange them tires can in our part-        small donation worth the price of one bulb makes a big difference in
 nership with RECYCLE4KIDS.ORG.                                            our energy savings. Mazal tov and yasher koach, Gil!
       economy about 3 percent, equivalent to a 13-cent-per-
 Pressman Academy Aims for Waste-Free Lunch
       gallon savings.                                                    Green Congregants of the Month
   3. TUNE-UP. Replacing a dirty air filter alone can boost pack
     Coming this fall—Pressman families will be encouraged tompg            Congratulations Committee Kicks off Dinners
                                                                          Social Actionto Lida Baker and Paul Nisenbaum, who converted
 lunches that generate zero trash. Imagine the hundreds, perhaps              On June 30, View front yard to a water-wise served dinner
                                                                          their whole Point six TBA families prepared andgarden filled with
       as much as 10 percent, saving up to 50 cents a gallon.
 thousands of pounds of resources that we’ll conserve in just one year.   beautiful native California plants. Way to go! The event was by all
                                                                          at the Westside PATH homeless shelter.
   4. LOSE WEIGHT. Take country do it, and so can we! Additional
 Countless schools across the that any way you want. For every            accounts a huge is prime both for the residents and theClean Air
       100 pounds of extra weight in your vehicle, fuel economy                And as this success gardening season, check out families
 details are coming in our August column, as well as in Pressman Acad-    that participated. One of the residents told my wifewide range of
                                                                           Gardening at They offer a Naomi that
       decreases by 1 to 2 percent. Reinis, Sharon Brooks, and trip,
 emy materials. Yasher koach to NinaSo pack less stuff for yourRabbi
                                                                          we were her favorite group, in part because, instead of standing
                                                                           environmentally friendly lawn and gardening supplies!
       and get the little league gear and
 Chaim Tureff for creating this program! the box of machzors out
       of the trunk until you need them.                                       Living A Green serving Reality Series, a window as the resi-
                                                                          in the kitchen andLife—Thedinner throughScott Shulman’s reflec-
 Green Shabbat Coming In September                                        dents on what itwith theirgo green, willhad theto these pages soon.
     For part oftips onefforts traveling, go to        tions lined up means to plates, we return kids set the tables
     As more TBA’s green to help its members “discover the power          and help us serve a sit-down meal. your nominations for “Green
and click on thechange theLA TIMES article filledHoly Days, we will        Send your comments, your ideas, and We had the opportunity
 of t’shuvah and link to an world” during the High with resources.        to eat and talk with the residents at length. My daughter hit it
                                                                           Congregant of the Month” to
 celebrate a shul-wide Green Shabbat on
the Greening of Pressman Academy September 20th. A major                  off with some of the women and is looking forward to seeing
 speaker will address all three minyanim to help us understand that
     Great news from our school! Pressman Academy is getting                                   we a wonderful summer!
                                                                          them again whenHavevolunteer again in August (PATH allows
 we plastic bottle out of the classroom. This year, a kid- and
the must not only do t’shuvah to restore ourselves—but to restore         residents to stay for one month while they look for work and
 our planet as well. water for additional details.
eco-safe reusable Watch bottle will be given to each student, and         two additional months after they have found work to save up
filters are being put on each classroom tap. No more wasteful             for a deposit). Hayley and Ray Tizabi tell me that they enjoyed
plastic at lunchtime. We should all follow this example!                  listening to their kids telling their grandmother about the
TBA SOCIAL ACTION a waste free lunch. The aim of
  Pressman is also promoting                                              dinner. Nikki Feldman tells me that her kids haven’t stopped
the program is to reduce the amount of trash we generate and              talking about it and can’t wait to do it again.
    “Do not be daunted by the enormity of the world’s                         I am excited that over 60 individuals and families have
to educate ourselves and our children about the impact our
    grief. Do justly, now. Love mercy, now. Walk humbly,                  signed up for the Social Action volunteer list. The slots for
daily choices make on our communities and planet.
    now. You are not obligated to complete the work,                      the July dinner are full and the slots for August are almost full.-
    but neither are you to to abandon using
    Parents will be askedfreepack lunches it.” reusable food
                                                                          Beginning in August we’ll be volunteering at a PATH shelter
containers, drink containers, utensils, and napkins. The conve-
                                                                          every first Tuesday of the month, odd months in Hollywood,
nience of disposable packaging—such as prepackaged foods,
                                                                          even months on the Westside. While the Westside shelter only
 in Big bags, juice boxes and beautified a local elementary
plastic Sunday. TBA memberspouches, paper napkins, and                         If you are interested in participating in this or other vol-
                                                                          houses adults, the Hollywood shelter also houses families with
disposable utensils—comes with an environmental cost.                      unteer opportunities, please email the TBA Social Action
    In the coming months, parents will receive lots of practical           Committee, a group of members committed to the practice of
                                                                              On July 8, the Social Action Committee hosted a pizza dinner
 of Los Angeles, and prepared and that will help them home-
information and encouragement served dinner for thereduce                 to reach out to other groups in the TBA community to better
the waste generated by their children’s lunches. We can do it!            coordinate social action programs, to learn about their inter-
 Temple Beth Am.
In addition, lessons that teach a lasting respect for our planet 
                                                                          ests, and to discuss ideas about the future. One idea, proposed
will become a deeper part of the school’s curriculum.                     by Rabbis Leider and Rembaum, is to work with Jewish Funds
    To become to the homeless once a month at a PATH home-
 serving dinnerinvolved in these mitzvah-laden efforts, please                  “Deeds of loving-kindness in superior to charity ...
                                                                          for Justice to identify partners areour community to tackle
 less shelter. Reinis (310-801-3960 or or
contact NinaThis is a family-friendly volunteer opportunity               community problems.
                                                                               Charity can be accomplished only with money; deeds
 that you can do once ever or once every month. My family
Sharon Brooks (310-895-5339 or                          of loving-kindness join the volunteer list, join the Social
                                                                              If you would like to can be accomplished through per-
Yasher koach to Rabbi Chaim Tureff for leading the efforts from           Action Committee, or would like to share your ideas with us,
                                                                               sonal involvement as well as with money.”
inside the school.                                                        please email Tyson at

                                                                 Pressman Kindergartener Wins monster Contest!
                                                                                                Mazal tov to Sammy Goldman, recent
                                                                                                winner of the “Monster of the Month”
                                                                                                contest sponsored by author James
                                                                                                Thach. Mr. Thach introduced Press-
                                                                                                man Academy Day School students to
                                                                                                his book “A Child’s Guide to Common
                                                                                                Household Monsters” and presented
                                                                                                this on-line art competition. Sammy’s
                                                                                                monster “Alien on Mars” won first
                                                                                                place during the month of April, and
                                                                                                then came in third place during the
                                                                                                final “Monster of the Year” voting.
                                                                                                Thank you to ALL of the TBA/Pressman
                                                                                                friends who participated in the compe-
                                                                 tition - by entering drawings and also by casting so many votes for our
                                                                 students. Sammy is shown here with Mr. Thach, who presented him
                                                                 with his book award during the last week of kindergarten classes.
Yasher Koach to Benjamin Ordin and his father, David, on
completing the Eliya USA Bike Ride, held in June here in Los
Angeles. Benjamin raised $1,199 for blind a visually im-
                                                                 TBA GoeS GReeN (and blue).
                                                                 Recently seen on the TBA Parking lot - three fuel-efficient
paired children in Israel, thanks to friends (many from TBA!)
                                                                 blue Priuses all in a row! Rabbi Rembaum, the congregation
and family sponsors.
                                                                 is listening!

library minyan Contacts
For general information about the Minyan, membership
inquiries, or any specific questions you may have, please
contact Marizon Nimoy, our current Minyan Master, at You may also visit our website at
For issues pertaining to ritual, contact Bob Malina, head of
the Ritual Committee, at
If you’d like to make a contribution or have a financial
question, contact our Treasurer, Dale Bodenstein, at
Here are other important points of contact: If you would like
to lead davening, contact any of our gabbaim:                      Check the Shabbat Bulletin!
Rachel Green,                                Shabbat Koleinu Services for children with special needs
Sam Jason,                                       ages 9 and up will be happening during August. Please
Joe Nimoy,                                        check the website and/or the weekly shabbat bulletins for
Lida Baker,                                        the specific dates and times.
Bill Seligman,
Scott Taryle,
If you would like to read Torah, contact: Avi Havivi, ahavivi@                                                                                     Find out more about
If you would like to read Haftorah, contact: Joe Nimoy,                                       Pressman Academy or Marizon Nimoy, marizon25@gmail.                                              on our website
If you would like to give a D’var Torah, contact Alisa
Shudofsky & David Cohen,                           
If you need a place for a Shabbat meal or home assistance for                                            or at
a family emergency, contact Michael Becker,                    
               Kol hA’Am
             Temple BeTh Am

New Faces on the TBA Admin. Staff Team
   Temple Beth Am is delighted to introduce three new mem-          Ariana Shane - Membership Coordinator/ Assistant to the
bers of our administrative staff team! Please introduce yourself        Executive Director x223 -
the next time you are on the third floor of the synagogue during    Sharon Webb - Receptionist x200 -
business hours, they are eager to meet you and we are thrilled      A d i v Z e l o n y - C o m m u n i c a t i o n s D i re c t o r x 2 1 9 -
to welcome them to the TBA family.                            

Ariana Shane                                  Sharon Rosen Webb                              Adiv zelony
    Ariana Shane is a true Los Angelino.          Sharon was born and raised in Phila-           Adiv is a native of Los Angeles. He
She grew up in Beverly Hills and attended     delphia. She has two older brothers            grew up in the neighborhood cur-
Temple Emanu-                                 and grew up in a                               rently called
el Community                                  traditional Jew-                               South Robert-
Day School be-                                ish multi-gen-                                 son—though he
fore being part                               erational home.                                swears that he
of the Beverly                                Her family were                                once asked his
Hills school sys-                             active members                                 congressman
tem. Even after                                                                              what the neigh-
                                              and leaders at
her Bat Mitzvah,                                                                             borhood was
                                              Har Zion Temple
Ariana remained
                                              (a Conservative                                called and was
very involved in
                                              synagogue) and were also involved as           told, “Area 42”.
the Jewish community. She was a coun-
                                              leaders in many Jewish charities and               Adiv went to Hamilton High School
selor for the Bureau of Jewish Education’s
                                              organizations.                                 (both the Music Academy and the Hu-
Havurat Noar program, and spent her
                                                  When her children were young she           manities Magnet). He then went to the
summers in Malibu at the Wilshire Bou-
levard Temple Camps as a counselor and        worked as a teacher at the Germantown          University of Southern California where
coordinator.                                  Jewish Center in Philadelphia. Before          he received a B.A. in International Rela-
    Ariana got her Bachelor of Arts de-       moving to Los Angeles Sharon was the           tions. Two weeks after graduation, Adiv
gree in Sociology from the University of      administrative assistant to the executive      made aliyah and settled in Jerusalem. He
California at Santa Barbara. She worked       director of Har Zion Temple. Her late          lived there for 5 years during which he
as a marketing/pr coordinator for a non-      husband was an independent film pro-           served in the Israeli Navy (yes, he knows
profit organization and then realized that    ducer, the family re-located to California     that Jerusalem is landlocked), worked
her true love was for teaching. It was then   in 1986 so he could pursue his career in       in the Jerusalem Post computer depart-
that she enrolled at Mount St. Mary’s Col-    the industry. He was able to write and         ment, met his future wife Elana and
lege and received a California Teaching       produce 2 independent feature films            adopted a street cat named Seti.
Credential. Just as she was about to finish   before he died 12 years ago.                       Six years ago, Adiv, Elana and Seti
the MS in Education program she found             Sharon re-entered the work force           moved back to Los Angeles so that Elana
out she was pregnant! After being in an       and became a certified Activities Direc-       could go to rabbinical school at American
elementary classroom for seven years,                                                        Jewish University. Adiv went to Loyola
                                              tor and was the Arts and Crafts Director
Ariana decided it was time for something                                                     Law School during the intervening years.
                                              at the Los Angeles Jewish Home for the
new (she also wanted to devote herself                                                       There, he acquired two things: a law de-
                                              Aging for 9 years. She went back to Phila-
to only one child, her new son Lucas!).
                                              delphia in August of 2006 to care for her      gree and a desire to do something other
Ariana and her husband Matt married in
                                              93 year old mother. After her mother’s         than law.
July of 2006. Lucas Ilan Shane was born
                                              death, Sharon moved back to be with                Some readers may already have made
on April 5, 2008. Now that Ariana and
                                              her three Children, Joshua, Rebecca            the connection that Elana is the same
Matt have figured out life with a baby (so
                                              and Max.                                       one starting as one of Temple Beth Am’s
far), they enjoy playing sports games on
the Nintendo Wii and finding new and              Sharon knew she needed to work in          newest rabbinic interns. The newest ad-
interesting places to go with Lucas.          the Jewish community and when the po-          dition to their family is their 5 month old
    Ariana is so excited to be one of the     sition at Beth Am became available, she        daughter Nesya. She misses her father
newest members of the Temple Beth Am          was thrilled. The members she has met          greatly when he goes to work…or so
family. As Membership Coordinator, she        and spoken to and her professional col-        Elana tells him.
is dedicated to the growth of the syna-       leagues have made her feel like she has            Adiv has already met many of you
gogue and is looking forward to meeting       come home. She is looking forward to           and is excited to being a part of the TBA
all of the members and their families.        meeting and getting to know all of you.        mispacha.


Constructing Your own Jewish Identity
    The following is an excerpt from Rabbi Malkus’ charge to our    The second time we read “your children” we should vocalize
Eighth Grade Day School Graduates, delivered June 19, 2008.         it “bonaiyikh,” “your builders.” Meaning, when we engage in
    Eighth Grade graduates, as a group, your parents chose to       learning, we become builders, both of our own personal identi-
send you to Pressman Academy for many reasons. For some, the        ties and as people who will transform the world.
school was a warm, nurturing, and safe place for you to grow            As graduates of Pressman Academy how might each of you
and learn. For others, the school’s reputation for excellence       have become people who are builders and how might your
in education was a deciding factor. And for still others, your      years at the school influence your developing identity? The
families wanted to expose you to a value system they hoped          deeper I delve into education, I find that the activity of know-
would impact your development. It is safe to say, whatever          ing is a more appropriate term than knowledge to describe the
your family’s background, choosing a Jewish day school for          educational enterprise, that each of us as individuals engages
your education came with certain expectations about how             in a process of constructing, or if you will, building our own
you as individuals would be affected. Your parents may or           knowledge and identity. What we think of as a static body has
may not have been aware of the more than four decades of            in fact evolved over centuries. In science and throughout the
sociological research demonstrating that schools are generally      humanities what constitutes knowledge has changed dramati-
weak socializing agents, at least when it comes to the impact       cally over the past 100, 50, and even 25 years. Today, we are
on children’s lives.                                                learning that our identities also develop over the years.
    Nevertheless, over the last twelve years that some of you           If identity is a process of constructing meaning rather than
have been students at Pressman Academy, researchers of con-         something that is transmitted or a set of foundational experi-
temporary Jewry have started to emphasize the fluid, changing       ences, then perhaps we have an answer to how each of us is
nature of Jewish identity in the 21st century, especially in the    a builder. If we construct our own meanings then educators
later adolescent and adult years. This new way of understand-       cannot transfer knowledge to their students. If people learn by
ing Jewish identity cautions us against understanding our           connecting what they study with their own experiences, then
own individual identity as something that is set in stone and       the role of Jewish day schools, actually of all education, is to cre-
suggests instead that each of us, as active constructors of our     ate opportunities for our students to make personal meaning,
own identities, adopt, adapt, or reject new experiences and         to develop shared meaning with others, and to reflect on those
encounters throughout our lives.                                    meanings in our communal arena. If the purpose of Jewish
    One of these researchers of contemporary Jewry, Bethamie        education is to cultivate individuals who are bonim, builders,
Horowitz, has written evocatively of adult Jews today as being      then our mission as a school is to provide you as our students
on a “journey” that, in contrast to Jewish journeys of previous     with the tools to build your own authentic Jewish identities.
centuries, is largely internal: “The term ‘journey’ encompasses     In that way we are fulfilling the task of reading the verse from
how Jewishness unfolds and gets shaped by different experi-         Isaiah as bonayikh, your builders.
ences and encounters in a person’s life. Each new context of            As graduates of Pressman Academy you have been given
life-stage brings with it new possibilities. A person’s Jewish-     the foundation of skills and knowledge to help you construct
ness can wax, wane, and change emphasis. It [our identity] is       your own Jewish identities. You have the power and the wisdom
responsive to social relationships, historical experiences, and     to shape what your future will look like. Your Jewish involve-
personal events.”                                                   ment and commitment is bound to go through natural ebbs
    In her essay “Dismantling Borders,” Concha Delgado-             and flows as you are exposed to new experiences and new
Gaitan (1997) reflects on her life journey as a Chicana who         challenges, yet each of these experiences will also be shaped
spoke Spanish at home and English in school. Now a professor        by the experiences you have had at Pressman. Your graduation
of sociocultural studies in education, she comments, “I have        marks just one point on this journey, albeit a significant one.
sought to reconcile living in varied settings, to discover the      Life is meaningful particularly because it is so complex and
‘borderland’ or meeting that synthesizes my identity, experi-       has so many outcomes.
ence, feelings, beliefs, and dreams.” Just as Horowitz revealed         As you leave the halls of Pressman Academy, I want to
in understanding how Jewish identity is shaped, Delgado-            return to the text from Isaiah. The text and the Talmud’s com-
Gaitan teaches us that all people with dual identities, in her      mentary on it can also be found in our siddur. In that context,
case Chicana-American, and in your case American-Jewish, are        the authors of the siddur add the words of the Book of Psalms
faced with the question of how we will integrate the different      to their understanding of what it means to build one’s own
aspects of who we are.                                              Jewish identity. As they do, I too want to conclude my remarks
    Our Jewish tradition has some insights that speak to this       with the same prayer that the Psalmist recites: Yehi shalom
most important question. The prophet Isaiah tells us that:          b’heihleikh, shalvah b’armenoteikh. L’maan ahai v’reiai adab-
“When all your children are taught of the Lord, great will be the   rah nah shalom bakh. May there always be peace within your
peace of your children” (54:13). When the sages of the Talmud       walls, security within your gates. For the sake of my people
noticed that the words “your children” appear twice in this         and companions I say: May peace reside within you. Mazal
verse, they cautioned us “al tikrah banayikh, elah bonaiyikh.”      Tov and Yishar koah!
                Kol hA’Am
              Temple BeTh Am

TemPle BeTH Am HAPPY SeNIoRS                                      SISTERHOOD NEWS
We are on our summer break.
Please see our calendar below for our schedule of luncheons
Membership Drive
Come and see what a great program we have for you. Every
month we are getting new members from the community, who
have heard about our fantastic program, and are joining the
group. We welcome couples and singles to the group.

September 11    Medical lecture & luncheon, entertainment
November 13     Flu & Pneumonia Vaccine Clinic
December 11     Hanukkah luncheon, entertainment                  Chayei olam Award
                                                                  Mazal tov to Judy Cowan, recipient of this year’s Chayei
                                                                  Olam award presented by the Temple Beth Am Sisterhood at
January 8       Medical lecture & luncheon, entertainment         a recent luncheon held in Marilyn Ziering’s beautiful back-
February 12     Medical lecture & luncheon, entertainment         yard garden.Shown here (left to right): Marilyn Ziering, Judy
March 12        Medical lecture & Purim luncheon,                 Cowan, TBA Sisterhood President Sandra Braun, Sisterhood
                entertainment                                     Immediate Past President Agnes Emert.
April           PESACH - NO LUNCHEON
May 21          Medical lecture Mother’s/Father’s Day,
                entertainment                                       HolD THe DATe
June 25         Medical lecture & luncheon, entertainment
                Subject to change
                                                                                 Sunday, September 14
    Our program consists of a wonderful speaker mainly from
Cedars Sinai Medical Center with topics that are relevant to                             9am – 2pm
our age group. We serve a delicious Kosher lunch, followed by
an entertainer who will give a performance for 45 minutes. A                 “Shop til you Drop” at TBA
few times a year the children from The Rabbi Jacob Pressman
Academy come over from the school with special programs or to
entertain us with their wonderful singing. Some of you may have
grandchildren or great-grandchildren in the Academy and even
if you don’t, you should see them and shep nachas as we do.
    Our luncheons are usually on the second Thursday of
month and include a speaker, lunch and entertainment, $10 for
members $12.50 for non-members, if you join at the lunch it is
only $10. You don’t have to be a member of the Happy Seniors        HUGE Parking Lot Sale sponsored by Sisterhood
                                                                     Benefitting the Youth Department, Pressman Academy,
to attend our lunches, but we do invite your membership at
                                                                            Camp Scholarships and Israel Programs
$15 ($25 per couple) for one year.
    For further information on our group, please leave a voice-
mail message for                                                    WAnteD!         New & “gently used” children and adult
    Miriam at 310-652-7354 x 521.                                   clothing, jewelry, handbags, household items (in good,
                                                                    working condition only), giftware, toys, art, etc, etc.
   Thank you for your continued support of our group.
       Miriam Kavis, Coordinator                                    Drop off September 1 – 12 – locations to be announced
                                                                    (NO Temple Drop Off).
                                                                    Volunteers needed!
                                                                    Contact Shoshi Wilchfort at or
                                                                    Agnes Emert at (323) 449-5009.


Yahrzeit Contributions
MeMORy OF                ReMeMBeReD By                 MeMORy OF            ReMeMBeReD By
John Altman              Goldie Altman                 Alfred Jacobsohn     Eva Rich
Rebecca Arshawsky        Isabel Aarons                 Samuel Jacobson      Esther Silon
Joseph Arshawsky         Isabel Aarons                 Minnie Jerusky       Rose Jerusky
Khtoun Bahary            Denise Stavsky                Sigmund Kahn         Sady Kahn
Irwin Bales              Michele Atias                 Sylvia Kaplan        Henry Kaplan
Max Bartnof              Edith Bartnof                 Freda Katz           Roz Bloom
Meir Baumgart            Cecile Epstein                Irving Katzef        Simone Katzef
Jean Bell                Nathan Milmeister             Hannah Kichaven      Adele Kichaven
George Benjamin          Shirley Benjamin              Jacob Kichaven       Adele Kichaven
Goldie Benjamin          Shirley Benjamin              Lena Klempner        Minnie Bennet
Fany Berman              Joe Berman                    Isaac A. Kravit      Stephen M. Kravit
Mendel Berman            Joe Berman                    Louis Kuzins         Charlotte Kuzins
Cyla Blumenfeld          Joseph Pitson                 David Laxineta       Irvin Laxineta
Cyla Blumenfeld          Phillip Pitson                Nellie Lefkowitz     Dvorah Colker
Jerry Brandt             Donald Brandt                 Pearl Levine         Florence Kanofsky
Harry Braun              Michael Braun                 Ruth Klempner Levy   Minnie Bennet
Clara Brenner            Mayer Brenner                 Sylvia Losch         Ronald Losch
Herman Brenner           Mayer Brenner                 Edgar Maas           Monique Gibbons
Barry Breskin            Ricki Breskin-Kulkin          Mark Mestman         Celia Mestman
Bertha Brookie Broudy    Harold & Cindy Lebenson       Sally Miller         Louis Miller
Gertrude Bunnage         Beverly Birkenstein           Rose Milstein        Paul Klein
Shelly Canes             Lyonel Canes                  Shamsi Nenorai       Van Tran
Freda Sarah Cantor       Barbara Mesnik                Favel Niemberger     Barbara Berman
Saul Chernoff            Lillian Zerner                Ester Niemberger     Barbara Berman
Sima Chernoff            Lillian Zerner                Goran Nisell         Nina Reinis
Gertrude Chorna          Stephen Chorna                Meyer Peromsik       Sheryl Goldman
Lottie Citron            Linda Alexander               Joseph Peskin        Mildred Silverman
Victor Cohen             Deborah Cohen                 Dena Post            Ted Post
Rose Cohen               Seymour Cohen                 Bertha Prum          Miriam Prum Hess
Jack Cole                Adele Friedman                Anne Rosen           Evelyn Shamam
Meyer Colker             Jack Colker                   Jacob Samuel         Mark Samuel
David Scott Evans        Barry Evans                   Freda Schochet       Barbara Schochet
Gillian Fein             Renee Goldberg                Sarah Shipp          Ann Massman
Sylvia Frank             Adele Kichaven                Berta Silagi         Moshe Silagi
Sally Friedman           Marnie Friedman               Shirley Silverberg   Frances Tessler
Robert Friedman          Larence and Elaine Friedman   Borouch Sirebrenik   Jamie Sirebrenik
Hyman Friedman           Laurence Friedman             Abe Spiwak           Alan Spiwak
Eliezer Friedman         Chava Oved                    Bertha Stern         Arthur Stern
Jacob Gelman             Judith Cowan                  Albert Szathmary     Fannie Fishlyn
Charles Glaser           Harvey Glaser                 Sidney Szathmary     Fannie Fishlyn
Renee Golabek            Marc Kaye                     Dane Szathmary       Fannie Fishlyn
Elaine Goldstein         Sandra Zimmerman              Irving Tenenbaum     Adeline Tenenbaum
Aaron Gootkin            Shirley Cohen                 Raymond Tenenbaum    Adeline Tenenbaum
Harry Greeenberg         Muriel Greenberg              Bertha Vogel         Sylvia Weiss
Lee Greenberg            Muriel Greenberg              Alexander Wagner     Sharon Grob
Ruth Greenberg           Joy Blank                     Sol Wagner           Allan Wagner
Sadie Greenstein         Marvin Greenstein             Nathan Weisdorf      Goldie Altman
Klaus Haendler           Nina Reinis                   Alfred Weit          Alice Weit
Henrietta Haim           Harry Zinn                    Betty White          Maurice White
David Hendler            Mark Hendler                  Ruth Wolfe           Marian Wolfe
Sara Hoffman             Harriet Hirsch-Birns          Sid Wyman            Belle Korn
Bryna Jabkowski          Susan Tamir                   Leon Zalben          Norman Zalben
Fannie Jacobs            Dr. & Mrs. Morton D. Jacobs   Charles Ziman        Richard Ziman
Jerry Jacobs             Herman Jacobs                 Charles Ziman        Phyllis Ziman Cutler
Mildred Jacobs           Brenda Jacobs

                Kol hA’Am
              Temple BeTh Am

TemPle BeTH Am GRATeFullY ACKNoWleDGeS DoNATIoNS THRouGH JuNe 27, 2008
General Fund                                                             Rabbi Susan Leider’s Discretionary Fund
IN HONOR OF                                                              IN HONOR OF
Thank you for Purim Basket                             Goldie Altman     Liat Bainvoll                                  Rabbi Elana & Brad Artson
Stephen Samuel                                  Kathe & Howard Pilch
                                                                         Robert Friedman Memorial Fund
Harry Silverstein                               Kathe & Howard Pilch
                                                                         IN HONOR OF
Rabbi Perry Netter                                Susan & Art Mishler
                                                                         Linda Schwartz                                   Elaine & Larry Friedman
Susan Laemmle & John Antignas                            Rina Carmel
                                                                         IN MEMORY OF
Fran & Bob Malina                                        Rina Carmel
                                                                         Frances Friedman            Karen & Harold Barnes, Lee & Eddie Tishkoff,
Vivian Alberts                                            Jody Myers                                   Hope & Murray Heller, Ellie & Mark Lainer
Tobie Schwimmer                                    Ellen & Jerry Ezrin
IN MEMORY OF                                                             Walter J. Cohen Memorial Fund
Ellis Berkowitz                                  Ellie and Mark Lainer   IN MEMORY OF
                                                                         Virginia Howard                                          Deborah Cohen
Adult education Fund
                                                                         Sylvia Ross(z’l) Master teacher Series
                                                                         IN MEMORY OF
Marshall Kramer                            Hannah & Marshall Kramer
                                                                         Irving Ross              Lisbeth & Mark Sherwin, Harriet Weiss & Family,
Rabbi Perry Netter                         Hannah & Marshall Kramer
                                                                                                                          Jessica & John Schairer
Hazzan Jeremy Lipton Discretionary Fund
                                                                         Library Minyan Fund.
                                                                         IN HONOR OF
Hazzan Jeremy Lipton                                  Ellie & Ruth Zev
                                                                         Vivian Alberts           Debbie Rich, Cathie Lippman and Jules Kamin
Bill Strick Memorial Helping Hand Fund                                   Miriam & Herschel Elkins                        Myra & Bruce Newman
IN HONOR OF                                                              IN MEMORY OF
Vivian Alberts                        Cipra Nemeth & Scott Schulman,     Ruth Sohn’s father                    Cathie Lippman and Jules Kamin
                                               Janet & Harold Urman      Sandy Brenner’s brother               Cathie Lippman and Jules Kamin
Sally Friedman                                    Marnie Friedman        Rabbi Rembaum Discretionary Fund
Leslie Daye                          Rosanne Keynan & Jonathan Flier     Thank you for all you have done and
                                                                         for Eliana’s simcha                               Miriam and Mark Hess
Green Lighting Fund                                                      Your thoughtfulness at my father’s funeral                   Beryl Arbit
IN HONOR OF                                                              You captured the heartfelt essence of
Gil Hetsroni’s Bar Mitzvah        Deborah Schmidt & Abraham Havivi,      Uncle Irving Stein                           Lorraine and Dr. Martin Ross
                                                        Gil Hetsroni
Marcy Colker klein/ Barry Shapiro Memorial Fund                          Rabbi netter’s Discretionary Fund
IN MEMORY OF                                                             Thank you, Perry, we will miss you           Gary and Marlisse Bachrach
Frances Friedman                                 Dvorah & Jack Colker
Harry Arbit                                      Dvorah & Jack Colker
Pilch Scholarship Fund
                                                                           It’s not too late to participate in
Robert Balfour                                         Alan Lefkowitz      tHe AnnUAL BILL StRICk MeMORIAL
Prayerbook Fund                                                            HeLPInG HAnD nOn-event
Gail Labovitz & Bill Selligman                 Sandy & Mayer Brenner
                                                                           Established over twenty years ago by for-
                                                                           mer TBA Executive Director Bill Strick, z”l,
Pressman Academy Scholarship Fund
IN HONOR OF                                                                the Helping Hand Fund assists congregants
Elianna Hess                                Rabbi Helen M. Kornsgold       who are in need of financial support through
Ilan, Liat, Tal Chesed                      Rabbi Helen M. Kornsgold       grants and/or loans.
Charolotte & Eli Brent                               Abbey Bachrach
Omri Nes                                       Andrea & Noah Jussim        Please respond upon receiving your invita-
Virginia Howard                          Melissa & Michael Berenbaum,
                                                                           tion in the mail, encouraging donations dur-
                         Susan & Dennis Bunder, Barbara & Alan Sporn,      ing the month of Av, in lieu of entertainment
                             Susan & Melvin Newman, The Ordin Family,
    Sherri & Michael Cohn, Jane & Nathan Pickus, Janet & Harold Urman,     or food during the day of fasting.
   Jack & Marcia Melamed, Anne & John Oppenheimer, Abbey Bachrach,
          Faye & Earl Newman, Andi & Sherman Minkoff, Nancie M. Blatt      Contributions may be designated in honor or
Frances Friedman                         Caryn & Rabbi Mitchel Malkus      in memory of loved ones, and may be sub-
Robert Sohn                              Caryn & Rabbi Mitchel Malkus
Daniel Bolour                                    Andrea & Noah Jussim
                                                                           mitted to the synagogue office.
Leslie Daye                              Caryn & Rabbi Mitchel Malkus
                                                                           Thank you for supporting this important
Pressman Academy Religious School
In Honor of
Charlie Libowsky                                Lisa & Scott Friedman


TemPle BeTH Am GRATeFullY ACKNoWleDGeS SISTeRHooD DoNATIoNS mADe THRouGH JuNe 26, 2008
MAzAL tOv:                                                                     LARRY FRIEDMAN & FAMILY                         Marlene & Harvey Glaser
ALAN & JUDY BUNNAGE                          Elaine & Richard Gross            CORAL & ALAN GOLDSMITH                            Leona & Stan Sperling
Birth of granddaughter Naomi Sheena                                            Loss of Coral’s mother
JUDY COWAN                                 Marlene & Harvey Glaser             AMANDA LUFTMAN                           Mark, Jessica & Chason Samuel
Mazal tov on Awards                                                            Loss of Grandfather
TAMI & MARV GREENSTEIN                       Elaine & Richard Gross            CARRIE & MITCH JACOVES                            Leona & Stan Sperling,
Ken’s engagement                                                                                                                Mindy & Dan Schiffman
VERED & DOV HAPENSTAND                                    Faye Gelb            RABBI MITCHEL MALKUS                    Anne Miller, Nisenbaum Family,
Mazal tov on Dafna’s marriage                                                  Loss of Granmother, Virginia           Howard & Kathe Pilch, Rose Pilch,
BRADLEY & YANA TEMKIN               Jessica, Mark & Chason Samuel                                                       Jessica, Mark & Chason Samuel
Birth of daughter Zoe                                                          MICKEY ROSEN                                         Nisenbaum Family
MARSHALL & SUSAN TEMKIN             Jessica, Mark & Chason Samuel              Loss of Father, Joseph
Birth of granddaughter Zoe                                                     CASEY SATEE                               Leona & Stan Sperling
BETH & CARY LIBOWSKY                       Marlene & Harvey Glaser             Loss of mother
Birth of new baby Charles                                                      MITCHELL SHULTZ                                   Miriam Baum
Special tributes:                                                              Loss of Grandfather
IN LOVING MEMORY OF CHARLES FRANKS                        Faye Gelb            MONIQUE SHULTZ                                    Miriam Baum
ON HIS YAHRZEIT.                                                               Loss of Father
SPeeDy ReCOveRy:                                                               RABBI HARRY & KAY SILVERSTEIN & FAMILY Anne Miller, Evelyn Rasky
                                                                               Loss of your sister Miriam Zilberstein
RABBI HARRY SILVERSTEIN        Minnie Bennett, Marlene & Harvey Glaser,        KEITH SINCLAIR                                   Dorothy Meisel
Speedy Recovery                                 Elaine & Richard Gross         Loss of Wife, Esther
MOLLIE SPERBER                                        Faye & Marvin Gelb       RUTH (REUVEN FIRESTONE) SOHN           Shoshi & Izydor Wilchfort
Get well wishes                                                                Loss of father, Robert
HeARFeLt COnDOLenCeS:                                                          ROSALIE & STANLEY WEINER                 Leona & Stan Sperling,
                                                                                                                       Mindy & Dan Schiffman
BERYL ARBIT         Goldie Altman, Marlene & Harvey Glaser, Anne Miller,
Loss of father, Harry                 Howard & Kathe Pilch, Rose Pilch,
                                                                                          SISteRHOOD tRIBUte CARD SeCRetARIeS
VICTOR BARABASH & Family                          Anne Miller, Rose Pilch,
Loss of Mother, Genevieve                                                         Listed below are the names and phone numbers that appear next to
JUDY & ALAN BUNNAGE                      Mark, Jessica & Chason Samuel            your name initial. Please keep this as a reference near your phone.
Loss of Mother                                                                    A-F                 SHIRLEY WOLPA        (323) 653-2797
JAMES COLLINS                            Jessica, Mark & Chason Samuel            G-R                 MINNIE LEV           (310) 552-1428
Loss of mother Leola                                                              S                   MARLENE GLASER       (310) 550-1738
ALVIN FRANKEL                                             Goldie Altman           T-Z                 RICKI BRESKIN-KULKIN (310) 278-5585


                                                                   Don’t We can help.
                                                                   have Call us today for information on
                                                                   a plan College funding programs.
                                                                   Planning for the future can be easy with the right framework.

 INVEST WISELY & HAVE PIECE OF MIND.                               Remember, “One good investment is worth a lifetime of labor”
                                                                                                                  Isaac Y. Iny
                                                                                                                  Investment Professional
                                                                    Executing the power of vision, values
                                                                    and voice to change destinies         group
                                                                                                                  15910 Ventura Blvd. Ste. 1729
                                                                                                                  Encino, CA 91436
                                                                    Securities o ered through NEXT Financial      O ce. (818) 905.9885
                                                                    Group, Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC.
                                                                                                                  Fax. (818) 936. 0908

            Kol hA’Am
          Temple BeTh Am

                                                                            EXCLUSIVELY FOR TBA MEMBERS

                                                                           TBA has just purchased a select area of plots in the new
                                                                                 Mount Sinai Memorial Park in Simi Valley.
                                                                               This property is sold to our members and their
                                                                            krovim: parents, spouses, children, siblings and other
                                                                                         close relatives and friends.

                                                                                             To Learn More Please Contact:
                                                                                                TBA Executive Director
                                                                                                      Sheryl Goldman
                                                                                  at (310) 652-7354 x 223
                                                                                  Committee Chairs: Avi Peretz and Deborah Cohen


                                                                                                       Karen Maurise
                                                                                    TBA Advance Planning Representative
                                                                           800-600-0076, Ext. 330

                                                                                            Mount Sinai Simi Valley FD-1745
                                                                                    (800) 600-0076
                                                                           Dedicated to the entire Jewish community as a service of Sinai Temple of Los Angeles

                 Itzhak Yaron, CFBS
                          CA. 0787439
 Helping People Make Smart Choices about Money
 (888) YARON 4 U or (323) 933-3369

                             Insurance: Life, Long Term
                             Care, Medical and Disability
                             Investments: Annuities,
                             Retirement Plans
                             Estate and Business Planning

                       I have been a trusted advisor to the affluent and
                       many members of our community for more than
                       15 years. Letters of Recommendation available
                       upon request.

22                                                                                                                                                           22
                                 TEMPLE BETH AM & SCHOOLS • AUGUST 2008 • TAMMUZ–Av 5768
            SUnDAy                            MOnDAy                           tUeSDAy                   WeDneSDAy                       tHURSDAy                  FRIDAy                        SAtURDAy
                                                                                                                                                            29 TAmmUZ                 1   1 AV                         2
                   JULY                       SEPTEMBER                                   Daily Minyan ScheDule
       S M     T   W T F S              S M T W T F S
                                                                                                                                                                                              n      torah Portion:
                                                                               Morning Minyan: Erev Tisha B’Av                   Tisha Minyan:
                                                                                                                              eveningB’Av                                                              MASeI
               1    2 3 4 5                1 2 3 4 5 6                                               7:30 p
                                                                                 Monday-Friday: 7:30 A.m..m. Services and     August 1a-.m. Special p.m.
                                                                                                                                 8:00 31 at 7:00 Shacharit
       6 7     8    9 10 11 12          7 8 9 10 11 12 13                        Sundays and legal       chanting of Eicha      Saturdays are approx.
                                                                                                                                     Service                 9:00 AM ECC Shabbat      Rosh Chodesh Av
      13 14   15   16 17 18 19         14 15 16 17 18 19 20                             holidays: 8:00 A.m.                     90 minutes beforefor Tisha
                                                                                                                                 1:30 p.m. Mincha               Mommy and Me
      20 21   22   23 24 25 26         21 22 23 24 25 26 27                    Rosh Hodesh and                                  the end of Shabbat
                                                                                                                                     B’Av                                             8
      27 28   29   30 331              28 29 30 31                               Chol Hamo’ed: 7:15 A.m.                         7:45 p.m. Daily Minyan      4 Shabbat Candlelighting
                                                                                                                                     Mincha-Ma’ariv Service            7:35 p.m.
     2 AV                        3    3 AV                         4   4 AV                       5   5 AV                    6 6 AV                       7 7 AV                  8 8 AV                              9
                                                                                                                                                                                                 n   torah Portion:

                                                                                                                                                            4   Shabbat Candlelighting 7 : 3 0 A . m . R a b b i Re m -
                                                                                                                                                                     7:29 p.m.              baum’s talmud Class
     9 AV                        10   10 AV                       11   11 AV                     12   12 AV                   13   13 AV               14   14 AV                 15 15 AV                         16
                                                                                                                                                            6:00 PM Boi Kallah Service
                                                                                                                                                                                              n   torah Portion:
     Erev Tisha B’Av                  Tisha B’Av                                                                                                                                                 vAetCHAnAn
                                                                                                                                                               & Dinner
     See page 5 for more info.        See page 5 for more info.
                                                                                                                                                            6:45 PM Neshama Minyan
                                                                                                                                                               Under the Stars

                                                                                                                                                            4   Shabbat Candlelighting
                                                                                                                                                                    7:21 p.m.
     16 AV                       17   17 AV                       18   18 AV                     19   19 AV                   20 20 AV                 21   21 AV                 22 22 AV                            23
                                                                                                                                                                                                 n   torah Portion:

                                                                                                                                                            4   Shabbat Candlelighting
                                                                                                                                                                    7:13 p.m.
     23 AV                       24   24 AV                       25   25 AV                    26    26 AV                   27   27 AV               28   28 AV                 29 29 AV                            30
                                                                                                                                                                                                 n   torah Portion:
     3:00 PM Pressman D/S New                                                                                                                                                                          Re’eH
        Family Welcome Party
                                                                                                                                                            6:30 PM Shabbat Under the
     30 AV                       31                                                                   7:00 PM Middle School                                    Stars
     Rosh Chodesh Elul                                                                                   New Student Parent
                                                                                                         Orientation                                        4   Shabbat Candlelighting
                                                                                                                                                                    7:04 p.m.

              Temple Beth Am • 1039 South La Cienega Boulevard • Los Angeles, CA 90035 • Phone: (310) 652-7353 • Check in at our website:
AuGuST 2008
Legend: DN         Dorff-Nelson Chapel
        Pilch      Pilch Hall
        Kope.      Kopelove Hall

Friday evening, August 1
Neshama Minyan, 6:45 pm, Pilch Hall
Led by Rabbinic Intern elana zelony
Daily Minyan Service 7:00 p.m. DN Chapel
Saturday Morning, August 2
Meditation Plus 9:15 a.m. Lainer Library
Led by Rabbi Sohn
Shir Hadash
9:15 a.m. P’sukei D’Zimrah (Pilch Hall)
9:45 a.m. Shacharit (Sanctuary)
Led by Rabbi Leider
Library Minyan, 9:10 a.m. Mishna Study
9:30 a.m. Services, DN Chapel
Bait Tefillah, 9:45 a.m., Pilch Hall
Led by Rabbi Ronnie Cohen                       Friday evening, August 15                       Friday evening, August 22
Shabbat Yeladim - Shabbat Kids                  Boi Kallah, 6:00 pm, Hersh-Kopelove,            Neshama Minyan, 6:45 pm, Pilch Hall
10:00 a.m. 1-2 yrs. in Room 102;                Dinner to follow.                               Led by Rabbinic Intern elana zelony
2-3 yrs. in Room 103; 4-5 yrs. in Room 107      Led by Rabbi Leider and Dr. Ackerman            Daily Minyan Service – 7:00 p.m. DN Chapel
10:30 a.m. 1st-3rd grade in Room 106;           Neshama Minyan, 6:45 pm, Pilch Hall             Saturday Morning, August 23
4th-6th grade in Youth Lounge                   Led by Rabbinic Intern elana zelony             Meditation Plus 9:15 am Lainer Library
Coordinated by Mia Pardo                        Daily Minyan Service – 7:00 p.m. DN Chapel      Led by Rabbi Sohn
Friday evening, August 8                        Saturday Morning, August 16                     Shir Hadash
Neshama Minyan, 6:45 pm, Pilch Hall             Meditation Plus 9:15 am Bidner Youth Lounge     9:15 a.m. P’sukei D’Zimrah (Pilch Hall)
Led by Rabbinic Intern elana zelony             Led by Rabbi Sohn                               9:45 a.m. Shacharit (Sanctuary)
Daily Minyan Service 7:00 p.m. DN Chapel        Shir Hadash                                     Led by Rabbi Rembaum
                                                9:15 a.m. P’sukei D’Zimrah (Pilch Hall)         Ariel tafel will celebrate becoming Bar Mitzvah.
Saturday Morning, August 9,                                                                     Bait Tefillah, 9:45 a.m. Services, Pilch Hall
                                                9:45 a.m. Shacharit (Sanctuary)
Meditation Plus 9:15 a.m. Lainer Library                                                        Led by Rabbi Leider
                                                Led by Rabbi Rembaum
Led by Rabbi Sohn                                                                               Library Minyan, 9:25 a.m. Mishna Study
                                                nathaniel Haiimpoor will celebrate becoming
Shir Hadash                                                                                     9:45 a.m. Services, DN Chapel
                                                Bar Mitzvah.
9:15 a.m. P’sukei D’Zimrah (Pilch Hall)                                                         Shabbat Yeladim - Shabbat Kids
                                                Library Minyan, 9:25 a.m. Mishna Study
9:45 a.m. Shacharit (Sanctuary)                                                                 10:00 a.m. 1-2 yrs. in Room 102;
                                                9:45 a.m. Services, DN Chapel                   2-3 yrs. in Room 103; 4-5 yrs. in Room 107
Led by Rabbi Leider                             Bait Tefillah                                   10:30 a.m. 1st-3rd grade in Room 106;
Library Minyan, 9:30 a.m. Mishna Study          9:45 a.m. Pilch Hall                            4th-6th grade in Youth Lounge
9:45 a.m. Services, DN Chapel                   Led by Rabbi Leider                             Coordinated by Mia Pardo
Bait Tefillah, 9:45 a.m. Services, Pilch Hall
Led by Rabbi Cohen                              Shabbat Yeladim - Shabbat Kids                  Friday evening, August 29
                                                10:00 a.m. 1-2 yrs. in Room 102;                Neshama Minyan, 6:45 pm, Pilch Hall
Shabbat Yeladim - Shabbat Kids                  2-3 yrs. in Room 103; 4-5 yrs. in Room 107      Led by Rabbinic Intern elana zelony
10:00 a.m. 1-2 yrs. in Room 102;                10:30 a.m. 1st-3rd grade in Room 106; 4th-6th   Daily Minyan Service – 7:00 p.m. DN Chapel
2-3 yrs. in Room 103; 4-5 yrs. in Room 107      grade in Youth Lounge                           Shabbat Under the Stars and Camp Ramah
10:30 a.m. 1st-3rd grade in Room 106;           Shabbat Yeladim Noar Lunch, 12:30 pm, Kope.     Reunion, 6:30 p.m., Pilch Rooftop
4th-6th grade in Youth Lounge                   Coordinated by Mia Pardo                        Led by Rabbi Rembaum
Coordinated by Mia Pardo
Saturday evening, August 9, erev tisha B’Av
Mincha Service, 6:45 p.m.
Seudah Shlisheet, 7:15 p.m.                       memBeRSHIP ReNeWAl SeASoN HAS BeGuN!!
Ma’ariv Service, 7:45 p.m.                        Watch your mail for the membership renewal packet.
Followed by the reading of Eicha,
                                                  Reserve your High Holiday seats and join Sisterhood, USY,
led by Rabbi Susan Leider
                                                  Mercaz and more!
Sunday, August 10, tisha B’Av                     Plus you get a year’s subscription to the Kol Ha’am Newsletter!
Shaharit Service, 8:00 a.m., Pilch Hall
Special Mincha Service, 1:30 p.m., Pilch Hall     Help us by returning your renewal form by August 25th.
Daily Minyan Mincha-Ma’ariv Service, 7:30         To receive an application for new Temple membership,
p.m., Pilch Hall                                  call the Synagogue office at 310-652-7354 x223.
Fast ends at 8:30 p.m.

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