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                                                                                                                                                           Space Center
  INSIdE                                                                                                                                                    gets $1.6m
Deal to bring
                                                                                                                                                            for budget
$7.4 million into                                                                                                                                             Money will fund
              >>     3                                                                                                                                       group’s efforts for
                                                                                                                                                              next fiscal year
$834m plan outlines
future city projects                                                                                                                                       By Jeremy Twitchell
               >>    4                                                                                                                                     THP Reporter

WWII Vet returns to                                                                                                                                             The Henderson Space
artistic roots                                                                                                                                             and Science Center has a
              >>     9                                                                                                                                     $1.6 million budget to work
                                                                                                                                                           with in the upcoming year,
Crime Map                                                                                                                                                  but before they released the
               >>    8   Reba Suri, Foothill High                 Taylor Ashton, Green Valley High           Andrew Chaves, Basic High
                                                                                                                                                           money, members of the Hen-
                                                                                                                                                           derson City Council said they
Organization boosts

                                             A Tale of Three Grads
                                                                                                                                                           expect to see the project take
local businesswomen                                                                                                                                        major strides in the next three
           >>       10                                                                                                                                     months.
                                                                                                                                                                The budget that the City
Las Vegas band           By Jenny Twitchell               anthropic family, Reba Suri      lage. They also helped out at     orphanages in India.          Council approved includes
to bid farewell at       THP Reporter                     graduates as valedictorian at    elementary schools and city            “The condition of the    $1.2 million for architectural
Henderson show                                            Foothill High School with        of Henderson events.              orphanages is really bad –    fees, $303,000 for operat-
           >>       12        As commencement ex-
                         ercises kick off this week
                                                          cherished memories of help-
                                                          ing others along the way.
                                                                                                “I do a lot of volunteer
                                                                                           work because it feels amazing
                                                                                                                             there are so many kids and
                                                                                                                             the orphanages are really
                                                                                                                                                           ing costs and $75,000 for a
                                                                                                                                                           traveling exhibit. The group
Lake Las Vegas chef      for graduating seniors, three         While holding officer       doing all of it,” Reba said.      small,” Reba said. “They      behind the Space and Science
recreates the Titanic    students from Henderson high     positions for two years in the        Her parents moved from       have no luxuries, so we       Center has hosted two travel-
dining experience        schools are providing reasons    National Honor Society, Reba     India 22 years ago, and while     bought them a TV. Visit-      ing exhibits at the Galleria
           >>       13   to believe in a bright future.
                              Here are their stories:
                                                          and her fellow society mem-
                                                          bers volunteered for organiza-
                                                                                           her mother lived there she
                                                                                           would volunteer at orphan-
                                                                                                                             ing there makes you feel
                                                                                                                             grateful for everything
                                                                                                                                                           at Sunset Mall and hopes to
                                                                                                                                                           bring in another to continue
Calendar of                                               tions like the Make A Wish       ages on her birthday every        you have.”                    raising awareness.
upcoming                   Foothill High: Reba Suri       Foundation, the American         year. The tradition has carried        Reba is graduating            The money came with
community events              With a volunteerism         Heart Association, Miracle       on, and now on Reba’s birth-
           >>       16   spirit cultivated by her phil-   Minute and Opportunity Vil-      day, the family volunteers at         —SEE GRADS PAGE 6               —SEE CENTER PAGE 5

                                                                    ATF & FBI Execute Search Warrant
                                                          By THP Staff                     (Las Vegas Fire & Rescue).
                                                                                           Henderson Fire Department
                                                               Agents from the ATF         provided support with a Fire
                                                          (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco,     battalion chief, engine team
                                                          Firearms and Explosives)         and a paramedic rescue unit
                                                          served a search warrant               Questions to agents
                                                          at the 400 block of west         at the scene were referred
                                                          Basic Wednesday morning,         to the ATF Nevada field
                                                          according to Keith Paul the      office in Las Vegas. As of
                                                          Henderson Police Depart-         5pm Wednesday, a message
                                                          ment public information          left with this office was not
                                                          officer. Also at the scene       returned.
                                                          were agents from the FBI              According to the web-                                                        STAFF PHOTO
                                                          bomb squad, FBI Counterter-                                        Left to right: HFD Battalion Chief, LVFR unit, HFD engine,
                                                          rorism Division and LVFR              —SEE SEARCH PAGE 10          paramedic rescue engine
                                                                                                                          3                                                            June 16, 2011 • Vol. 2, No. 16

                                                                                                 Local News
                                                                                                  City Catches a Financial Break
                                                                                        By Jeremy Twitchell                   sessed value, and would have $525,000 more than what the          we have to come up with.
  Home delivery prices for 52 issues: $25 for Henderson                                 THP Reporter                          been capped in how much city had projected.                       We still have work ahead.
  addresses and $40 for addresses outside of Henderson                                                                        Consolidated Tax revenue              And while March             We’re still working on find-
   (but in the U.S.). Free copies are available at locations                                 The $19 million pro-             they could receive over the marked the ninth straight             ing efficiencies; we’re still
             listed at www.hendersonpress.com.                                          jected deficit that Hender-           next two years, while the five month that Consolidated Tax        working with our employees
                                                                                        son officials had to face last        smaller entities that have not revenues increased over the        and our bargaining units to
                       Office Address                                                   month when they prepared              lost assessed value would previous year, the most en-             find ways to streamline our
          117 Water Street, Henderson, NV 89015                                         their 2012 budget has already         collect the excess revenues. couraging sign was an in-            operations and reduce costs.”
                      Mailing Address                                                   shrunk to $16 million, thanks               Henderson Finance Di- crease in construction tax                  Derrick said the city will
      850 S. Boulder Hwy., #221, Henderson, NV 89015                                    to some help from some of             rector Richard Derrick said revenue for the first time in         also actively participate in a
             (702) 425-3005 Fax (702) 933-3121                                          Clark County’s smaller cities.        the temporary change to the 25 months.                            study group that the Nevada
                                                                                             Under an agreement rati-         formula, which will only be           “Although one month’s       Legislature created this ses-
                                                                                        fied by all 24 jurisdictions in       effective for the                             results do not      sion to examine the Con-
 Eric Buskirk...............................................................Publisher
 Jeremy Twitchell.............................................Interim Editor
                                                                                        Clark County, Henderson               next two years,         “We were in           necessarily in-     solidated Tax distribution
 Wes Wright...............................................General Manager
                                                                                        and other large cities that           provides a criti-      a high-growth          dicate a trend,     formula and consider making
                                                                                        have been hit hardest by the          cal lift to the           mode and            it is encouraging   changes.
 Teresa Wyne.........................................Marketing Manager                  recession won’t suffer when           county and the                                to finally see a          He said the formula has
 Jarred Bogens-Francisco.................Advertising Manager                            the county’s Consolidated             cities that were
                                                                                                                                                     everyone was           slight uptick in    been in place for 10 years
 don Mika.........................................Advertising Executive                 Tax revenues are handed out.          facing the pen-       getting a piece this segment of             now, through boom years and
 Christine Ma......................................Technology Manager                   As a result, Henderson will           alty.                 of the pie. But the economy,”               bust years, and that there is
 Olive Chen.........................................Accounting Manager                  have an additional $7.4 mil-                “Every-        when there’s no Derrick said.                enough information to reveal
 Mike Anand..............................................Customer Service               lion over the next two years.         body can par-                pie ...”                If Hen-      its flaws.
 Jayson He..................................................Graphic Designer                 Consolidated Tax is a            ticipate in the                               derson’s Con-             The study group creates
 Larry Chai........................................................Web Designer
                                                                                        collection of sales, liquor,          recovery dol-            — Richard            solidated Tax       an opportunity for the city
 Fred Couzens................................Contributing Reporter
                                                                                        cigarette and other taxes that        lars,” he said.             Derrick,          receipts con-       to “pursue changes to cor-
 don Logay......................................Contributing Reporter
                                                                                        is the lifeblood of local gov-        “That’s the crux         Henderson            tinue to come in    rect some of the structural
                                                                                        ernment budgets.                      of the change. Finance Director above what the                    flaws that are inherent in the
 Karen Y. Lu.....................................Contributing Reporter                       It is distributed to the         … This change                                 city projected,     formula and improve the allo-
 Jennifer Twitchell...........................Contributing Reporter                     county and its cities and             will help things                              they could sig-     cation results,” Derrick said.
                                                                                        towns through a complicated           be more predictable in the nificantly shrink the deficit                Those flaws weren’t im-
                                                                                        formula, which the agreement          next two years.”                  and limit the cuts that city    mediately obvious in the early
                                                                                        will alter for the next two                 The change comes at a officials have to make.               years of the Consolidated
                                                                                        years by removing a penalty           time when tax revenues are            But while he tries to be    Tax system, Derrick said,
                                                                                        on cities whose total assessed        beginning to show hints of optimistic, Derrick said ev-           because those were the boom
                                                                                        value (the value of all prop-         recovery.                         eryone at City Hall is aware    years for Southern Nevada
          CORRECTIONS                                                                   erty within a city’s borders)
                                                                                        is shrinking.
                                                                                                                                    In March, the most re- that there is still much to
                                                                                                                              cent month for which figures be done.
                                                                                                                                                                                                and everyone was making
                                                                                                                                                                                                money at the time.
                                                                                             Under the original for-          are available, Consolidated           “We still have challeng-          “We were in a high-
The Henderson Press corrects its mistakes.                                              mula, Henderson and 18 other          Tax figures were up 10 per- es,” he said. “This (Consoli-         growth mode and everyone
Please bring any errors to the attention of the                                         government entities within            cent over March 2010. Hen- dated Tax) change reduces              was getting a piece of the
editor at editor@hendersonpress.com.                                                    Clark County were classi-             derson’s share of the pot was the deficit to $16 million, but     pie,” he said. “But when
                                                                                        fied as having negative as-           $7.1 million, a figure that was that’s still $16 million that     there’s no pie …”
June 16, 2011 • Vol. 2, No. 16                                                                  4

                                                                         Local News
             Plan Outlines Six Years, $834 million in Projects
By Jeremy Twitchell               projects can be re-prioritized, The city is poised to spend       which provides funding for         Notable Projects in the City’s Capital Improvement Plan
THP Reporter                      altered or dropped based on more than $74 million next            schools, parks and recreation
                                  shifting needs and funding, year alone – more than half           from the proceeds of federal         -- Henderson Convention         -- St. Rose Recreation
      An $834 million plan ap-    which is why the six-year of the total it will spend on           land sales. Henderson has            Center Remodel, $12.1           Complex, $24.2 million,
proved by the Henderson City      plan is renewed and updated all major projects – on parks         collected more than $240             million, 2014-2015              2013-2015
Council on Tuesday night sets     every year.                                  and recreation       million in parks funding
a tentative outline for all of          For purpos-                            facilities.          from the program since it            -- Three fire stations, $9.8    -- East Community Po-
the city’s major projects over    es of the plan,        “City revenues             Some of         began in 1998, and in light          million, 2013-2015              lice Station, $12.9 million,
the next six years.               Henderson de-           are down, but        the projects         of the city’s current financial                                      2016-2017
      The projects outlined       fines a capital        the continuing scheduled to                difficulties, that money is          -- West Henderson City
would be funded by a mix of       improvement as           needs of the        be complete          more important than ever,            Hall Annex, $23.2 million,      *All projects, budgets and
city and federal dollars, many    “a public or pri- community must in the coming                    said Henderson Parks and             2016-2017                       time lines are tentative.
of which have already been        vate investment          still be met.”      year are Cor-        Recreation Director Mary
identified. The majority of the   of $50,000 or                                nerstone Lake        Ellen Donner.
funds that have been identi-      more, which re-            — Capital         Park at Wig-               “SNPLMA funds have           last year found that the city’s   cantly scaled back its wish
fied – more than 73 percent       lates directly to       Improvement          wam Parkway          been critical and crucial to our   Parks and Recreation Depart-      list, stripping away almost
– would come from outside         the city’s goals         Plan Report         and Stephanie        continued capital improve-         ment had high marks with          $342 million in projects from
sources such as federal grants    and objectives                               Street, Phase        ments,” she said.                  residents.                        the 2010 plan.
and developer fees.               and has a useful                             II of Heritage             With residents facing the          “Obviously, (residents)           “The continuing weak
      For the 2012 budget         life of at least three years.” Park at Racetrack Road and         same difficulties that the city    recognize that this is a quali-   economic climate has posed
year, which begins July 1, the          Examples of potential Burkholder Boulevard, Phase           faces, Donner said park usage      ty-of-life issue,” Donner said.   a challenge to city manag-
plan outlines $143.6 million      improvements include land III of the Union Pacific Trail          has significantly increased in     “It’s one of the reasons why      ers,” the report stated. “City
in projects, all of which have    acquisition, city facilities, ve- and two parks in Lake Las       the last three years as families   they live, work and play in       revenues are down, but the
already been funded.              hicles and computer systems. Vegas.                               look for free activities, and      Henderson.”                       continuing needs of the com-
      Projects in future years          Most notable in the near        Most of the money for       that the city has been working           The six-year plan is        munity must still be met.
become more tentative, with       term is a massive investment the projects will come from          to meet that demand.               updated every year, and 2011      The city’s planning process
funding either incomplete or      in parks and recreation facili- the Southern Nevada Public              A community survey           marks the third consecutive       … took into account these
nonexistent at present, and       ties in the next budget year. Lands Management Act,               commissioned by the city           year that the city has signifi-   reduced funding levels.”
                                                                                                           5                                      June 16, 2011 • Vol. 2, No. 16

                                                                                Local News
                                   strategy for the additional         ing to have to a plan … that            have a clear goal in mind –
         CENTER                    funds it will need to complete      piece is really critical for            I want you to have a clear
        From page 1                the project, which has a total      your organization.”                     goal in mind – where we are
                                   estimated cost of $63 million,             Former City Councilman           moving to.”
                                   despite the council asking          Jack Clark, the vice presi-                   Clark said that as the
strings attached, however.         it to do so last November           dent of the center’s Board              recession makes fundrais-
Members of the center’s            when board members asked            of Directors, told Council              ing more difficult, it also
Board of Directors must re-        the city to release the Land        members that the Board                  increases the need for the
turn before the City Council       Fund money.                         of Directors has not been               center. He said he envisions
in three months to provide an            “These are very tough         avoiding the issue, but has             the center as a learning envi-
update on their fundraising        economic times for the city         been studying similar proj-             ronment that will fill in gaps
plan, offer a report on the        of Henderson as well, and           ects around the country and             that the financially strapped
latest traveling exhibit and       we made an economic com-            meeting with the people who             Clark County School District
provide an updated budget.         mitment to partially funding        run them in order to identify           is unable to fill. He said the
      Councilwoman Kathleen        this project – which we fully       the best funding approaches.            center will not be designed
Boutin said she is grateful to     intend to fulfill – but we need            He said the Board has            as a field trip destination, but
the volunteer members of the       the Space and Science Center        added an expert in non-                 as “a learning and enriching
center’s Board of Directors        to meet us halfway,” Boutin         profit fundraising and that             experience.”
for what they are trying to        said.                               it is poised to make progress.                “This project is not only
do for the city, but said more           Councilwoman Debra                   “I think that when we            extremely important to the
needs to be done if the group      March agreed.                       come back to you in 90 days,            city of Henderson, but it’s
still expects the Council to             “If you have a plan and       you’ll have a firm grasp of             extremely important to our
release more than $20 million      it’s executed well, then you        what our plan is and how                kids and it’s extremely import
out of the city’s Land Fund        have an opportunity for suc-        we’re going to move forward             to our educational system,”
that has been earmarked for        cess,” she said. “We’re put-        with our fundraising,” Clark            Clark said. “I think what
the project.                       ting a lot of resources behind      said. “I would ask for your             we’re going to leave behind
      She expressed disap-         this site, and obviously, we’d      indulgence for the next 90              is going to be a great asset to
pointment that the board has       like it to be successful. But       days. I think that when we              our kids, our grandkids and
yet to develop a fundraising       to be successful, you’re go-        come back in 90 days, you’ll            their kids.”

         Low-Income Housing Funds Distributed
      The Henderson City           vacant homes to be used for         other homes that will be used           Council also accepted $59,240
Council unanimously ap-            housing low-income residents.       for the same purpose. HACA              from the Housing Division of
proved on Tuesday night                  Henderson Allied Com-         had previously purchased the            the Nevada Department of
three measures that will give      munity Advocates (HACA), a          homes using Neighborhood                Business and Industry to fund
$580,000 in federal funds to       non-profit agency that admin-       Stabilization Program funds,            its emergency housing assis-
two local agencies that special-   isters several federal, state and   but found that the homes                tance program. The program is
ize in housing low-income and      local programs for the needy,       needed additional work.                 designed to provide temporary
at-risk residents.                 will receive $250,000 to pur-             The third award, a                assistance to families that have
      The funds come from the      chase two foreclosed homes,         $300,000 grant, will go the             a one-time financial crisis, but
Department of Housing and          which the agency will maintain      Living Grace Home, a shelter            otherwise show an ability to
Urban Development through          and rent to households with         for teens who are pregnant or           meet their housing expenses
the Neighborhood Stabiliza-        income less than 50 percent         new mothers. The shelter will           in future months.
tion Program, which distrib-       of the area median income.          purchase and maintain two                    HACA administers the
utes money to local govern-              HACA will also receive        homes to house its clients.             emergency housing assistance
ments to be used in acquiring      $30,000 to rehabilitate three             In a related item, the City       program in Henderson.
June 16, 2011 • Vol. 2, No. 16                                                                          6

                                                                              Local News
                                  and when I’m stressed out,         even marched in the Macy’s             was to increase school spirit      Military Academy at West         members raised money to
         GRADS                    she’s there to talk to, and she    Thanksgiving Day Parade in             and bring students together.       Point, the United States Na-     send a disabled child with
        From page 1               makes me feel better.”             New York City.                              “I wanted everyone to         val Academy and the United       muscular dystrophy to sum-
                                  Green Valley High: Taylor Ashton        “There have been so               be more united, whether you        States Coast Guard Academy       mer camp, and while in the
                                        As student body presi-       many opportunities for me,”            are in the band or forensics       – seeing Andrew as a leader      JROTC, he was able to visit
a year early with a 4.8 GPA       dent, Taylor Ashton will fo-       he said.                               or sports, it doesn’t matter,”     in the Marine Corps JROTC,       senior citizens’ homes to hand
and aspirations to be a doctor.   cus on the commitment to                Taylor also presided over         he said.                           valedictorian, star athlete,     out quilts to veterans on Pearl
      “To be a doctor, you’re     excellence that the school         the Nevada Association of                   As part of his goal, he       National Honor Society vice      Harbor day.
in school for so long that        instilled in him while giving      Student Councils, where he             helped implement a cyber           president, and member of the          Andrew attributes a lot
anything I could do to make       his speech during the gradu-       traveled across the state, help-       bullying task force. With help     Youth Advisory Council for       of his success to the teachers
it less is what I wanted,” she    ation ceremonies for Green         ing create goals for student           from the administration and        the Southern Nevada Water        and administration at Basic.
said. “I also plan to finish      Valley High School.                councils, coming up with               librarian, Taylor laid the foun-   Authority.                            “Besides being a great
my undergrad in three years             “The cool thing about        service project ideas and              dation stages, and hopes that           But Andrew decided on       U.S. History teacher, Ms.
instead of four.”                 Green Valley High School           implementing plans.                    next year’s student council        the United States Air Force      (Laura) Bowers is absolutely
      Reba accepted a $20,000     is that when you can find               One of the annual ser-            continues on with what he          Academy, where he will play      the reason I got into all of the
Presidential Scholarship to       your niche, it’s inevitable        vice projects Taylor helped            started.                           baseball.                        colleges I did,” Andrew said.
study at the University of        that you’ll excel,” Taylor         oversee for GVHS was Ga-                    With a 4.8 GPA, Tay-               “I am definitely looking    “She helped in every step of
Nevada Reno.                      said. “Whether it’s academ-        tors Give, where the high              lor accepted a scholarship         forward to serving first the     the application process.”
      Her mother’s support        ics, band, sports, or even if a    school students donate gifts           to attend the University of        four years in the academy,            Any student that shows
has greatly contributed to        student just went to class and     to about 100 underprivileged           Arizona. He plans to pursue        and then the five years after    interest in succeeding in
her success. Reba knew that       wasn’t involved in anything,       local children for the holi-           degrees in political science       graduation,” Andrew said.        school is supported by the
getting straight A’s was what     you were able to recognize         days. The student council also         and public administration,         “I’m pretty excited that I’m     staff and administration at
was expected. Her mother          that focus on excellence. A        partners with organizations            then go on to law school.          not just going off to do a       Basic, Andrew said.
was valedictorian, her brother    lot of it is due to the teachers   like the Juvenile Diabetes               Basic High: Andrew Chaves        job, but I’ll be helping other         “I feel as prepared as I
was valedictorian, and she        and administration.”               Research Foundation and                     When it comes to any          people out and helping the       can be,” Andrew said. “I’m
suspects that her younger               Taylor was able to ac-       the March of Dimes.                    one of the military academies      country.”                        more nervous about going out
sister will have to carry on      complish great things during            “Volunteering helps us            around the country offering             Looking back on his         on my own. I’ve done hard
the family tradition.             his four years in marching         unite as a school and be sup-          full-ride scholarships, Basic      high school career, Andrew       things before, but this will
      “(My mother) is so          band. The band traveled to         portive to the community,”             High School student Andrew         remembers the community          be the hardest thing I’ve ever
amazing. I would not be           Italy, marched during the          Taylor said.                           Chaves could take his pick.        service opportunities he had.    done, and I’ll be completely
able to do it without her,”       presidential inaugural parade           While being involved in                All were vying for his        As a member of the National      alone, but I’ve had family and
Reba said. “She pushes me,        for President Obama, and           student council, Taylor’s goal         attendance – United States         Honor Society, he and other      friends prepare me.”
                                                                                                7                                                           June 16, 2011 • Vol. 2, No. 16

                                                                   Arts & Culture
      World War II Vet Returns to Painting in Henderson
By Fred Couzens                                                                                                                     navigator. From there, he         from his burning plane that
THP Reporter                                                                                                                        trained in Kingman, Ariz.         nose-dived into a field below
                                                                                                                                    and Victorville, Calif. and       and nearly parachuted into
     Dean Whitaker retired                                                                                                          was assigned to the 398th         a British-filled POW camp;
to Henderson 20 years ago                                                                                                           Bombardment Group just            a deadly place to land un-
with Lucille, his wife of 65                                                                                                        days before the infamous          til a German humanitarian
years, leaving a successful                                                                                                         D-Day, June 6, 1944.              stepped in.
homebuilding business in                                                                                                                 Whitaker’s B-17 plane,             “I could hear them
Laguna Beach, Calif. and                                                                                                            one of four in his squadron       cheering from within the
discovering soon after that                                                                                                         and 16 in the bombardment         camp as I looked down,” he
his passion was to return to                                                                                                        group, took heavy fire on Nov.    said. “I could also hear the
his hobby of oil painting.                                                                                                          2, 1944, while on a bombing       sounds of gunfire and the
     Simple enough and nice                                                                                                         run over the oil refineries in    bullets whizzing past me. As
enough, but as the late ra-                                                                                                         Merseburg, Germany.               I landed, a German soldier
dio announcer Paul Harvey                                                                                                                “We’d been there once        came out and made the civil-
would say, “And now for the                                                                                                         before and found out it was a     ians stop shooting. He was so
rest of the story.”                                                                                                                 bad target,” the former second    young looking and had such
     Whitaker was born                                                                                                              lieutenant said. “It was the      a friendly face. Later he even
March 4, 1925 in May-                                                                                                               worst target because they         gave me tea and crackers. He
wood, Calif., 10 miles south                                                                                                        wanted to protect their oil. I    handed me my life, and for
of downtown Los Angeles,                                                                                                            think most of the guns from       that I (am thankful).”
and took up art early while                                                                     FRED COUZENS / HENDERSON PRESS      Berlin were there. It was a             Whitaker spent several
in elementary school.            Dean Whitaker at work in his home studio, a converted a garage space.                              very dangerous target because     months in two German sta-
      “I’d draw comics for                                                                                                          we lost three planes that day.”   lags, or prisons, which is
the school paper because I       of uncles who draw and a       test, which veered him away              He volunteered and              Whitaker himself was         where he caught up on his
was always interested in art,”   couple of cousins who are      from art and, instead, helped       was inducted into the Army,     injured by shattered Plexiglas    art training by drawing on the
the 86-year-old World War        commercial artists.”           him get into aviation through       starting out at the Santa Ana   flying into his eyes while        cardboard-like packages sent
II veteran said. “Art runs in        In high school, Whitaker   a military cadet program in         Army Air Base, where he was     doing bombardier duties in
my family. I have a couple       took a college preparatory     1943.                               classified as a bombardier/     the B-17’s nose. He ejected          —SEE PAINTING PAGE 14
June 16, 2011 • Vol. 2, No. 16                                    8

                                                 Crime Map
 BURGLARY                                                                         N                           Lake Las Vegas
    100 Block, Newmiller St

   2000 Block, Jupiter Hills Ln
           6/3/2011                        City of Henderson
      500 Block, Marks St

  800 Block, Aspen Peak Loop

    100 Block, N Gibson Rd

   700 Block, Rocky Trail Rd


  1400 Block, S Boulder Hwy

  9800 Block, S Maryland Pkwy


     100 Block, Milicity Rd

     500 Block, Crony Ave

   1500 Block, War Paint dr

   300 Block, N Boulder Hwy
                                                            VEHICLE THEFT                   DISTURBANCE                     NARCOTICS
 2300 Block, Paseo Verde Pkwy
                                                             100 Block, Colleton River dr       100 Block, Herbie Ln           7000 Block, Sawtooth dr
    600 Block, Camp Hill Rd                                            6/1/2011                       6/5/2011                         6/1/2011
                                                            3000 Block, Scenic Valley Way    1100 Block, San Gabriel Ave    1300 Block, American Pacific Dr
                                                                      6/4/2011                        6/5/2011                         6/2/2011
                                  Anthem                       300 Block, doe Run Cir           100 Block, Lovett Rd             100 Block, Urbana dr
    900 Block, Sitting Bull dr                                        6/4/2011                        6/5/2011                         6/2/2011
                                                               600 Block, Mall Ring Cir     2200 Block, Candlestick Ave       300 Block, Simon Bolivar dr
      300 Block, Cannes St                                            6/5/2011                       6/5/2011                          6/4/2011
                                                                1600 Block, Abby Ave          600 Block, Fox Chase St      2600 Block, Orchard Meadows Ave
     300 Block, Esquina dr                                            6/5/2011                       6/5/2011                           6/5/2011
                                                            6100 Block, Mountain Vista St         200 Block, Fir St             500 Block, Lairmont Pl
    1300 Block, W Sunset Rd                                           6/5/2011                       6/5/2011                          6/5/2011
                                           Locations are approximate. Courtesy of the Henderson Police Department.
                                                                                                   9                                                         June 16, 2011 • Vol. 2, No. 16

                                                                      Police & Fire
 Apparent Suicide Temporarily                                                                                                YOUR VIEW
  Closes Lake Mead Parkway
                                                                                                            The Henderson Press accepts letters to the editor and opinions on stories it publishes.
                                                                                                       To submit comments for publication, send an email to editor@hendersonpress.com and
                                                                                                       indicate “Letter to the Editor” in the subject line.To reach us by mail, send comments to:
                                                                                                       The Henderson Press, c/o Letters to the Editor, 850 S. Boulder Hwy., #221, Henderson,
                                                                                                       NV 89015. To be considered for publication, letters must contain the author’s name,
                                                                                                       address and telephone number for verification purposes. Only the author’s name and
                                                                                                       city will appear in print. Some letters may be subject to editing. due to space limitation,
                                                                                                       please keep submissions to 400 words. Submitted material cannot be returned.

                                                                                                            The Regional Transportation Commission has provided the following clarification
                                                                                   STAFF PHOTO
                                                                                                       for the article “Paratransit Cuts Affect Henderson” (June 9): Any resident who reserves
Units from Henderson Police and Henderson Fire close off a section of eastbound Lake Mead
Parkway during the early morning hours of June 9 after a woman jumped out of a moving vehicle
                                                                                                       a ride through the ITN LasVegasValley private bus service and is qualified for RTC
and died on the scene. Her death is being treated as a suicide.                                        paratransit service – either as a newly qualified or existing rider – will pay the RTC
                                                                                                       rate of $2.75 and not the higher ITN rate. The price reduction, and subsequent rate

Council Authorizes $2.2 Million                                                                        differential paid back to ITN for the RTC ride, is made possible through federal grant
                                                                                                       money specifically targeted for paratransit service.

 for New Emergency Vehicles
     Henderson’s first re-            The two fire trucks             The two fire trucks will
sponders will be receiving       have at least 10,000 hours      cost a total of $1.2 million to
four new ambulances and two      of service each, and one of     replace, and the new trucks
new fire trucks in the next      them is running on a rebuilt    will be available in about
year, after the City Coun-       transmission.                   a year.
cil unanimously authorized            “The City Shop has rec-         The extensive time it
almost $2.2 million for the      ommended these vehicles         takes to fill the order is one
purchases.                       be replaced to improve the      reason that it was placed at
     The four ambulances         reliability and safety of our   this time.
that will be replaced all have   Emergency Medical Service,”          The city secured the
at least 175,000 miles on        the memo stated.                prices on the vehicles through
them, and some have more              The four ambulances        an interlocal agreement with
than 200,00 miles of use,        will cost a total of $977,000   the Houston-Galveston Area
according to a memo from         to replace. The replacements    Council (Texas) to access
the Public Works Department      will take about six months      prices negotiated by that
explaining the purchases.        to arrive.                      entity.
June 16, 2011 • Vol. 2, No. 16                                                               10

       From page 1
                                in April of 2009 it sold for
                                $48,900. In October 2010,
                                                                     At 6:40pm our reporter
                                                                                                   National Trade Group Boosts
                                                                                                      Local Businesswomen
                                it was listed for sale for      met with the renter, who is
                                $65,000 and the listing was     named Brian. He was happy
site Zillow, the 872 square     removed in December 2010.       to show us around the recently
foot house being searched            Check our website for      searched house.                   By Lori Wilk                  if I don’t get great service,”   bership.
was built in 1952 and is        additional information as            “I’m just happy that         Special to THP                Hoolihan said. “To build a            Through her involve-
being rented for $1000 per      it becomes available. Also      they didn’t destroy the place,                                  business, you have to be de-     ment in the alliance, Taylor-
month. In August of 2006        sign up on our website for      like they do in the movies,”           A national organiza-     pendable, provide consistent     Swade has taken her love of
it sold for $209,000 and        breaking news.                  Brian said.                       tion of professionals is      (and) excellent service, and     helping and developing oth-
                                                                                                  helping Henderson wom-        find a balance in your life to   ers to co-producing a DVD
                                                                                                  en make a living in the       maintain it.”                    called “Dream It,” and co-
                                                                                                  direct selling profession           Hoolihan said she origi-   authoring a book called Build
                                                                                                  by sharing the education      nally began working as a         It Big, with 101 secrets from
                                                                                                  and networking critical to    cosmetics distributor to get     direct selling experts. She has
                                                                                                  success in their industry.    the discount, but came away      also developed her business
                                                                                                       Nicki Keohohou,          with much more.                  and selling skills to the level
                                                                                                  founder and CEO of the              “I found a career that     of becoming an international
                                                                                                  Direct Selling Women’s        has given me the freedom to      trainer responsible for $28
                                                                                                  Alliance, brought her or-     work from home, take care        million dollars in organiza-
                                                                                                  ganization to Henderson       of my family, and to find        tional volume.
                                                                                                  and Las Vegas almost          financial independence,” she          Taylor-Swade is expand-
                                                                                                  eight years ago under         said. “I provide outstanding     ing her expertise into projects
                                                                                                  the leadership of local       and memorable customer           that will touch more lives in
                                                                                                  entrepreneur Jeri Taylor-     service and built a phenom-      the community, including her
                                                                                                  Swade, who became the         enal team.”                      latest project, TRUNC, which
                                                                                                  Hawaii-based group’s first          For balance, many wom-     is about educating voters
                                                                                                  chapter president on the      en in direct-selling organiza-   about political issues so they
                                                                                  STAFF PHOTO
                                                                                                  mainland United States.       tions said they take the time    can make informed decisions.
ATF agent (left) conferring with an FBI agent.                                                         Local women in-          to reconnect with loved ones,         She said success in di-
                                                                                                  volved in direct selling      get back to nature and take      rect selling was the result of
                                                                                                  careers explained that be-    walks to exercise and refocus.   getting education, finding
                                                                                                  ing in business for them-           Women who join the         supportive mentors, taking
                                                                                                  selves is fun and finan-      Direct Selling Women’s Al-       care of the customers and
                                                                                                  cially rewarding, and with    liance – and the «enlightened-   building great teams.
                                                                                                  time and hard work, their     male members» who want                In August, the Nevada
                                                                                                  businesses have grown to      to learn how to successfully     Microenterprise Initiative
                                                                                                  levels that allow them the    recruit and sell to women –      will host the Fourth Annual
                                                                                                  financial freedom to pur-     have access to more than         Direct Selling Event. Last
                                                                                                  sue more of their passions.   4,000 Web pages of content       year, the event was held at
                                                                                                       Kathy Hoolihan           and resources from archived      the Henderson Convention
                                                                                                  explained that business       audio training, networking       Center. This local event will
                                                                                                  success for her and her       opportunities and recom-         have company participation
                                                                                                  distributors comes from       mended books.                    from organizations part of
                                                                                                  delivering great products           Membership in the Di-      the National Direct Selling
                                                                                                  and providing top-notch       rect Selling Women’s Alli-       Association.
                                                                                                  customer service.             ance ranges from $8.95 per            For more informa-
                                                                                                       “When I go into a re-    month to $89 for one year or     tion, call 734-3555 or visit
                                                                                  STAFF PHOTO
Las Vegas Fire & Rescue team member patrolling the perimeter.                                     tail store, I’m surprised     $139 for a two-year mem-         www.4microbiz.org.
                                                                                             11   June 16, 2011 • Vol. 2, No. 16

                                                                      Around Town

                                                                  COURTESY CITY OF HENDERSON
     Lifeguards and swimming students at the Henderson Multigenerational Center took
part in the World’s Largest Swimming Lesson on Tuesday. The event was designed to break
a Guinness World Record for the biggest swimming lesson and spread awareness of the role
that learning to swim can play in saving a child’s life. More than 10,000 children across four
continents were expected to participate in the event. The city of Henderson participated at
seven swimming pools located throughout the city.
     “We know that if a child has not learned to swim by the time they enter third grade, they
probably never will,” said Brady Dehn, Henderson Aquatics Manager. “Unfortunately, drowning
is the second-leading cause of unintended injury-related death of children ages 14 and under.
That’s why we have chosen to be part of a global event like the World’s Largest Swimming
Lesson. It’s a positive way to bring attention to the importance of teaching children how to
swim, something we take very seriously.”
June 16, 2011 • Vol. 2, No. 16                                                                   12

       Symphonic Rock Show to Be Local Band’s Farewell
By Jenny Twitchell               lights and a multimedia show.    with us.”
THP Reporter                           Dolyniuk founded the            Over time, Yellow Brick
                                 band originally as an Elton      Road gained in popularity and
      Arriving in Las Vegas in   John tribute band, but it has    was awarded winner of the
a beat up Chevy Nova from        evolved into one of the Las      Las Vegas Review Journal’s
Southern California, where       Vegas valley’s most popular      Best of Las Vegas three times
he worked as a mechanic,         cover bands, performing at       – becoming one of the most
Brody Dolyniuk didn’t really     venues like the Green Valley     successful classic rock tribute
have any plans.                  Ranch and Boulder Station.       acts in the valley.
      That is, until a door of         Being able to mimic the         Whether it was having
opportunity opened in 1997       talent and energy of singers     musical guests from Toby
and he became the lead vocal-    like Steven Tyler and Freddy     Keith to Sammy Hagar, or
ist for Yellow Brick Road.       Mercury, Dolyniuk drew           having people getting married
      “I moved here to Vegas,    crowds and devoted fans to       at one of the shows, Dolyniuk
and my life changed,” he said.   Yellow Brick Road shows.         said the experience has been
“I never thought I could make    Dolyniuk said he has enjoyed     life changing.
it as a professional musician,   performing the No. 1 hit rock         “It sounds corny, but the
doing something I loved for      anthems by legendary groups      band has meant a lot to a lot
a living.”                       like Led Zeppelin, Queen and     of people,” he said. “I love
      Now, after 14 years,       Pink Floyd.                      it when I feel like the music
Dolyniuk’s last performance            Never being content with   has really touched someone.                                                                            COURTESY CITY OF HENDERSON
                                                                                                      The members of popular Las Vegas cover band Yellow Brick Road will be playing their final show
will be at The Symphonic         playing the same songs every     Sometimes, someone will             at the Symphonic Rock Show, this Saturday at 8 p.m. at the Henderson Pavilion.
Rock Show at 8 p.m. Saturday     week, the band went above        come up to me and tell me
at the Henderson Pavilion.       and beyond a weekly routine,     that they hadn’t heard this         able to make a career out             “I’m just taking a little   be purchased at Henderson-
The rock show will feature       Dolyniuk said.                   type of music before, but           of music, Dolyniuk said he       break, but I’ll come back        Live.com, by calling (702)
the Yellow Brick Road, along           “We’re fans of the music   now listen to it all of the time,   knows he couldn’t have done      stronger,” he said. “I’d love    267-4TIX (4849) or visiting
with a 30-piece band per-        first and foremost,” he said.    and think of me when they           it without the loyal fan base,   to see everyone come out to      the Henderson Pavilion Box
forming classic rock hits from   “We loved it when the fans       hear it.”                           and he thanks them for all       the final show.”                 Office, Tuesday - Saturday,
the ’70s and ’80s with lasers,   connected to the music along          Grateful that he has been      their support.                         Tickets are $10 and can    10 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
                                                                                                13                                     June 16, 2011 • Vol. 2, No. 16

  “Titanic” Dining at Lake Las Vegas
By Don Logay                                                                                        ever built.
Special to THP                                                                                            Over a 10-month period,
                                                                                                    the magnificent Titanic was
      For nearly a century                                                                          appointed with the finest
since the R.M.S. Titanic’s                                                                          luxuries and opulence of the
famed voyage, those longing                                                                         day, supported by the most
to recapture the essence of                                                                         technologically advanced
the magnificent ship have,                                                                          features of the period. The
from time to time, faithfully                                                                       rich wood-paneled B-Deck
recreated the ambience and                                                                          Café Parisian and D-Deck
opulent dining offered aboard                                                                       Dining Saloon were focal
the legendary ocean liner.                                                                          points, offering the finest
      One such recreation took                                                                      cuisine for the first-class pas-
place in 1952 at the Trianon                                                                        sengers prepared by famed
Palace Hotel in Versailles,                                                                         European chefs of the day.
France. At that time, a young                                                                             When the Titanic set sail
Eric Bernard Tordjman                                                                               for her maiden voyage on
watched and listened as his                                                                         April 10, 1912, of the 3,547
father and grandfather, both                                                                        passengers aboard, 416 had
chefs, proudly discussed one                                                                        purchased “First Class”
such lavish Titanic dining                                                                          passage – each paying the
experience they had planned,                                                                        equivalent of $124,000 in
prepared and served to guests                                                                       today’s dollars – to experi-
at the Trianon.                                                                                     ence the very finest of elegant
      “I have never forgotten,”                                                                     lifestyle, luxurious travel and
the now third-generation Chef                                                                       opulent dining ever imagined.
E. Bernard recalled. “I have                                                                              Chef E. Bernard is com-
always remembered tales of                                                                          mitted to recreating that ex-
the Titanic Dinner prepared                                                                         perience – without adjusting
by my father and grandfather                                                                        for inflation.
in Versailles ... and I have                                                                              Starting at seven bells
dreamed of following in their                                                   COURTESY PHOTO      shipboard time (7 p.m. for
footsteps by offering such        A dinner menu from the Titanic provides a glimpse of the spread   others), those booking pas-
a unique dining experience        that Chef E. Bernard of Bernard’s Bistro is preparing.            sage will be greeted, given
here, too.”                                                                                         a White Star Line “Boarding
      Chef E. Bernard’s vi-       Restaurant in The Village at     Line homeport in Southamp-       Pass” and seated for an unhur-
sion has now become reality       Lake Las Vegas.                  ton, England to be outfitted     ried evening of sumptuous
and, Thursday, June 23rd,              The R.M.S. Titanic was      and officially commissioned      epicurean dining. Music of
“Diner du Titanic” (to dine       built in 1911 at the Harland     on March 31, 1912, the mam-      the day will be played on
on the Titanic) will become       & Wolff Shipyard in Belfast,     moth 883-foot Olympic-Class      piano, violin and guitar – rec-
a special weekly offering at      Ireland. When launched and       ocean liner was hailed the
his lakeside Bernard’s Bistro     brought to the White Star        largest and grandest ship             —SEE TITANIC PAGE 14
June 16, 2011 • Vol. 2, No. 16                                                             14

                                                                   Around Town
                                “Titanic” dining series, will
       TITANIC                  offer a selection of dishes           PAINTING
      From page 13              drawn from the actual First           From page 7
                                Class menu on the ship’s
                                maiden voyage.
reating the same make-up of          For “Titanic” Dining on     weekly by the American
musicians that played aboard Thursday evenings, one can          Red Cross for U.S. POWs,
the Titanic.                    book passage for either a        but handed out sparingly
      Various special decora- lavish five-course meal ($65       by the German Red Cross.
tive touches will help com- per person) or elegant three-             “They were not in
plete this by-                               course dining       very good shape when
gone shipboard                               (for $45). Each     they got there and were
ambience and         “I have always seating begins               pretty beat up,” Whita-
elegant dining         remembered            with a glass of     ker recalled. “I wanted to
experience.             tales of the         Champagne,          design houses when I got
      While the      Titanic Dinner followed by                  out, so a few of the guys
menu will vary         prepared by           European-style      heard about it and asked
                                                                                                                                                                   FRED COUZENS / HENDERSON PRESS
from week to          my father and gourmet din-                 me to design them new         Dean Whitaker’s first oil painting, Lone Duck in Winter, now on display and for sale at VJ Hats
week, each meal       grandfather.”          ner courses,        homes. So I got the pack-     Boutique Etc., 10 W. Pacific Ave.Whitaker, a World War II veteran, rediscovered a love of oil paint-
will be based on                             and ends hours      aging material and a pen-     ing upon his retirement to Henderson 20 years ago.
actual dishes            — Chef E.           later with fab-     cil and started drawing.
either served              Bernard           ulous pastries      They couldn’t go home         discharged in 1945 – he was       seaside homes.                     me naturally.”
aboard the Ti-                               prepared from       with (the drawings), but      awarded the Air Medal, the              “When I got home, I had            Some of Whitaker’s
tanic or those                               the actual pastry   it gave them some ideas,      POW Medal, the Victory            all the materials available and    paintings are in his garage
prepared by world-class chefs recipes of the Titanic’s First     something to wish for.        Medal, the European Cam-          I wanted to draw something         studio and some, including
for the White Star Line sister- Class dining room.               No art came home with         paign Medal, the French           and I did,” he said. “When I       his first work of “Lone Duck
ships, the R.M.S. Olympic            To reserve passage, call    me; I was lucky to bring      Medal for D-Day and a Purple      retired in 1990, I had all this    in Winter,” are available at
and R.M.S. Britannic.           Bernard’s Bistro By the Lake     myself and just the clothes   Heart Medal 60 years after        time and I took the notion         VJs Hats Boutique Etc. in
      The first menu, offered in the Village at Lake Las         on my back.”                  his separation – he took a        I’m going to try this again.       downtown Henderson.
next week and officially Vegas at 565-1155. No travel                 When the highly          year of architecture at USC       So, I got out my oil paints              And now you know the
launching the Thursday night agent required.                     decorated Whitaker got        and then left to build custom     and started. It just came to       rest of the story.
                                                                                      15                                               June 16, 2011 • Vol. 2, No. 16

                 Sudoku                                                                            Crossword
Fill in the grid so that every row, column and 3x3                                Across                                                Down
box contains the numbers 1 through 9.
                                                               1. Found on most heads     38. A synthetic fabric     1. Possessed              29. A pig's home
                                                               5. Seaweed                 41. Missing In Action      2. Region                 31. Payment
                                                               9. Strait-laced            42. Overact                3. Teacher                32. Parisian river
                                                               13. Coastal raptor         45. Icing                  4. Fix up                 34. Imp
                                                               14. Intimidate             48. Soothsayer             5. American Dental As-    36. Labels
                                                               16. Assistant              51. Demesnes               sociation                 39. Refinable rock
                                                               17. Not more               52. Intersect              6. Hobbling               40. Snack
                                                               18. Spanish friend         54. Male deer              7. Remorse                43. Plan of action
                                                               19. Part portrayed         55. Figurine               8. Wool source            44. Beige
                                                               20. Philippine tribal      59. Grind                  9. Sunshade               46. Doe's mate
                                                               chief                      62. Cab                    10. Violent disturbance   47. Make dirty or spotty
                                                               22. Stretched              63. Beginnings of plants   11. Indolent              49. Loamy deposit
                                                               24. Wander                 65. Ancient Peruvian       12. A fitting reward      50. High regard
                                                               26. Attempts               66. Very imposing or       (archaic)                 53. Cubic meter
                                                               27. Honors                 impressive                 15. Carbonated water      55. Flower stalk
                                                               30. Theatrical perform-    67. Twilled fabric         containing quinine        56. Adhesive strip
                                                               ers                        68. Left by a wound        21. Not under             57. Line of rotation
                                                               33. Affect with an ulcer   69. Untidyness             23. Obtains               58. Border
                                                               35. Ice rain               70. Encounter              25. Distinctive flair     60. Defraud
Find more Sudoku here:                                         37. Make lace              71. Rope fiber             27. Fretted instrument    61. Angelic instrument
                                                                                                                     28. San Antonio fort      64. Collection
June 16, 2011 • Vol. 2, No. 16                                                          16

                                                                 ArtBeat presented by Target
      The Symphonic Rock Show                                                                                                       Red Bull Manny Mania
                                                                         The Motels
 When: June 18, 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM                             When: June 17, 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM                            When: June 18, 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM
 Where: Henderson Pavilion, 200 South Green Valley Parkway    Where: The Henderson Events Plaza, 200 South Water Street   Where: Henderson Events Plaza, 200 South Water Street in
 Contact: 267-4849                                            in the Water Street district                                the Water Street district
 Admission: All seats are $10.00                              Contact: 267-2171                                           Contact: Greg Espinoza, 499-0763, greg.espinoza@us.redbull.com
                                                              Admission: Free                                             Admission: Free
    Las Vegas classic rockers Yellow Brick Road partners
 with a 30-piece hand selected orchestra to produce an          The Motels are a New Wave music band from the             The Henderson Events Plaza is the perfect location to
 evening of symphonic rock. Expect to hear songs from         Los Angeles area best known for their hits “Only the        experience one of the most heated battles in Red Bull
 such classic rock legends as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin,       Lonely” and “Suddenly Last Summer” from 1982 and            Manny Mania history. Touring thirty-four countries this
 The Who and many more, backed by a state of the art          1983, respectively.                                         year, the 2011 Red Bull Manny Mania will prove that
 sound, lighting and multimedia show.                           Stop by early for the pre-show arts and crafts, with      skateboarding is a universal language. The Henderson
    Gates open at 7:00 p.m. with your performance start-      vendors and more, 5:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.                    competition will be the qualifier for the finals in Los
 ing at 8:00 p.m.                                                                                                         Angeles.
                                                                                                                          Stop by to watch the talented and very technical maneu-
                                                                                                                          vers of these outstanding skateboarders.

                                                                                                                               “Don’t Stop The Music”
         Jazz on the Lake at
                                                                  Henderson Farmers Market                                          Astudia Dance
      The Village Lake Las Vegas
                                                                                                                              World’s First Annual Recital
 When: June 18, 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM                            When: June 23, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM                            When: June 18, 6:30 PM (dress Rehearsal 11:00 AM)
 Where: The Village Lake Las Vegas, Lakeside Lawn, 15 Costa   Where: Henderson Events Plaza, 200 South Water Street       Where: Basic High School Theatre, 400 North Palo Verde drive
 di Lago                                                      Contact: 267-2171                                           Admission: $5
 Contact: 564-4766                                                                                                        Contact: 451-8054
                                                                 Stop by the Farmers Market and bring home your
    It’s Saturday night and there is not a better way to      favorite seasonal fruits and vegetables.                      Tickets go on sale Wednesday, May 18, 2011 at 2:00
 spend it then to enjoy the relaxing environment of The          In addition to the wonderful fruits and vegetables you   pm. Cost is $5.00 and need to be purchased ahead of time.
 Village Lake Las Vegas. Each Saturday The Village will       will find fresh baked breads, fresh made salsas, honey        For sponsorship opportunities please call Astudia
 feature top jazz artists from all genres of jazz. During     and much more. There are booths with great gift ideas       Dance World at 451-8054.
 the month of June you can enjoy:                             such as hand made knitted and embroidered items,
    Carmine Mandia – June 18th – Carmine Mandia               beautiful wood carved items, hand made jewelry and
 performs timeless, classic songs in his own unique style     other specialty items.
 of traditional jazz.                                            This event takes place every Thursday, weather per-
    Rocky Gordon & The KGB – June 25th – Rocky                mitting. For additional information about the Farmers
 Gordon & The KGB (Killer Groove Band)will feature            Market, or to participate as a vendor call Dave Star at
 their smooth jazz sounds while highlighting their re-        579-9661.
 nowned saxophonist Rocky Gordon backed up by the                Get to know the Water Street District, stop by one of
 great sounds of Killer Groove Band.                          the great eateries and enjoy breakfast or lunch.
June 16, 2011 • Vol. 2, No. 16                                                                      20

                                                                   Service Directory/Jobs
                     Sewing                                              Florist/Wedding Chapel               RV Park          Automotive Credit Union

             Business Services                                           Jewelry & Watch Repair              Locksmith             Printing & Mail

                  Auto Repair                                                   Service Directory        Auto Tires & Repair          Catering

                       Jobs                                                           Jobs                      Jobs                    Jobs
                                    Nevada Army National Guard
                                    Serving in the Nevada National
           Jobs                     Guard is an excellent way to
                                    honor your State and Country
                                    while at the same time furthering
                                    your education and jump starting
                                    your career.
                                    By working part-time, just 1
                                    weekend a month and a 2-weeks
                                    drill each summer, you will be
                                    eligible for the following benefits:
                                    FREE tuition at all Nevada State
                                    Colleges to include UNLV, UNR,
                                    CCSN, TMCC, GREAT BASIN
                                    Receive $509.00 a month Federal
We are hiring 1 full time hair      tuition assistance in addition to
station (rent) and 1 part time      the State exemption if you are a
hair station (commission) and       fulltime student.
1 full time nail station (rent or   Starting pay for one weekend a
commission) 527-5300 ask for        month is $204.56 (E-3)
Veronica (auditions required).      Serve locally here in Las Vegas
                                    and Henderson
                                    If you are between the ages
       Now Hiring!                  of 17&41, you are eligible to
Casino MonteLago, The               join now and learn one of the
Village at Lake Las Vegas           following skills: Military Police,
                                    S u p p ly, M e d i c a l , M e c h a n i c s ,
All positions! Apply in             Transportation, Cavalry Scout,
person Mon., Tues., Thurs.          Electrician, Plumber, Indirect
and Fri. from 10am–1pm.             Infantry, Computer Specialist,
                                    And more??!
                                                                                                                    21                                                                       June 16, 2011 • Vol. 2, No. 16

                                                                                                                                                                Wheel, Cruise Control, AM-FM            USED 2004 Audi TT 2dr Cpe quat-
           Cars                                                                                                                                                 Stereo, OnStar, Dual Air Bags,
                                                                                                                                                                ABS (4-Wheel), Rear Spoiler, Alloy
                                                                                                                                                                                                        tro D.S. Auto ($14,164)
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Exterior: gray, interior: black,
                                                                                                                                                                Wheels ~ Internet rates apply, look     AWD, 3.2 L DOHC, automatic,
                                                                                                                                                                us up online!                           stk#: 41016126, 60,056 miles

                                                                                                                                                                                                        USED 2005 Chrysler Sebring
                                                                                                                                                                                                        4dr Sdn ($6,682)
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Exterior: gold, interior: black,
                                                                                                                                                                                                        FWD, 2.4 L DOHC, automatic, stk
                                        1982 CORVETTE GOLD -                      2002 Chevrolet Monte Carlo             2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser 4x4 SUV                                                 #: 5N570046, 75,696 miles
                                        $9900                                     SS Coupe ($11,235.00)                  ($26,345.00)
      Auto financing -                  1982 Rare Gold Metallic Corvette,         ~ CARFAX: 1-Owner, Buy Back            ~ CARFAX: 1-Owner, Buy Back
    Everyone Approved                   original color only 648 Corvettes         Guarantee, Clean Title, No Accident    Guarantee, Clean Title, No Accident    CERTIFIED 2007 Pontiac
Great selection of used cars!           ever painted this color, in excellent     ~ LOADED WITH: CD (Single Disc),       ~ Certified ~ $1,000 below Kelley      Solstice 2dr Convertible GXP
   Warranties available                 condition for being a mostly original     Leather, Moon Roof also has: V6,       Blue Book Retail Value ~ LOADED        ($18,993)
       702-568-8485                     car. Is not perfect needs a little TLC.   3.8 Liter, Automatic, FWD, Dale        WITH: Power Windows, Power             Exterior: yellow, interior: black,
                                        Mechanically excellent, original          Earnhardt Ed,Traction Control,Air      Door Locks,Tilt Wheel, CD (Single      RWD, 2.0 L DOHC, automatic, stk
                                        engine with crossfire injection, runs     Conditioning, Power Steering, Power    Disc), ABS (4-Wheel) also has:         #: 7Y121591, 8,070 miles
                                        great, good smog check, good tires,       Windows, Power Door Locks, Tilt        V6, 4.0 Liter, Manual, 6-Spd, 4WD,
Older moped that ran like a top         some areas of paint need touch            Wheel, Cruise Control, AM-FM           Traction Control, Stability Control,
when I bought it, now it won't          up but majority is excellent. No          Stereo, Cassette, OnStar, Dual Air     Air Conditioning, Power Steering,      CERTIFIED 2008 Chevrolet                 USED 2005 Kia Amanti 4dr
start. Paid $200. Will sacrifice        accidents, body is excellent. I have      Bags, LH Front Side Air Bag, ABS       AM-FM Stereo, Dual Air Bags, Steel     Silverado 1500 2WD Extended                  Sedan Auto ($9,994)
for $150 with new cover & lock.         owned this car for 17years. Must          (4-Wheel), Power Seat, Rear Spoiler,   Wheels ~ Internet rates apply, look    Cab Short Box Work Truck                Exterior: gold, interior: black, FWD,
277-6288                                sell quickly for only $9900 OBO           Alloy Wheels ~ Internet rates apply,   us up online!                          ($19,694)                               3.5 L DOHC, automatic, stk #:
                                        call (702) 379-1317.                      look us up online!                                                            Exterior: blue, interior: black,        55051705, 51,968 miles
                                                                                                                                                                5.3L V8, automatic, stk #: 81131554,
                                                                                                                                                                41,786 miles
                                                                                                                                                                                                        USED 2005 Jeep Wrangler 2dr
1993 Ford Bronco $1,800 OBO                                                                                                                                     USED 2000 GMC New Sierra                X ($15,493)
Reliable truck, has 240,000 odometer,                                                                                                                           1500 4WD Extended Cab 3dr               Exterior: silver, interior: black, 4WD,
engine and trans have about 130,000,                                                                                                                            Standard Box SL ($8,872)                4 L OHV, manual, stk #: 5P354841,
4x4 works good.                                                                                                                                                 Exterior: black, interior: gray, 4WD,   32,992 miles
Call (702)-885-2376 Chris                                                                                                                                       5.3L V8, automatic, stk #:YE230575,
-New Steering Gearbox -power                                                                                                                                    120,545 miles
steering pump                                                                                                                                                                                           2010 Toyota Camry Sedan
-brake caliper -shocks less than a      2009 Chevrolet Cobalt LT                                                         2006 Chevrolet Impala SS                                                       ($20,159.00)
year old -Synergy axle pivot bushings   Sedan ($12,388.00)                                                               Sedan ($17,367.00)                                                             ~ CARFAX: 1-Owner, Buy Back
-Two new ball joints - brake pads       ~ CARFAX: 1-Owner, Buy Back               2009 Chrysler PT Cruiser               In absolutely pristine condition.                                              Guarantee, Clean Title, No Accident
less than year old -new u joints on     Guarantee, Clean Title, No Accident       ($11,988.00)                           Well cared for black on black it                                               ~ Certified 7 YEARS, 100,000 MILE
rear driveshaft - new waterpump         ~ $1,500 below NADA Retail Value          ~CARFAX: 1-Owner, Buy Back             is a rare find CARFAX: 1-Owner,                                                WARRANTY. ~ LOADED WITH:
NEED TO SELL ASAP!                      ~ LOADED WITH: Power Windows,             Guarantee, Clean Title, No Accident    Buy Back Guarantee, Clean Title,                                               MP3 (Single Disc), ABS (4-Wheel),
                                        Tilt Wheel, MP3 (Single Disc) also        ~ LOADED WITH: CD (Single Disc),       No Accident ~ $400 below Kelley                                                Power Seat also has: 4-Cyl, 2.5 Liter,
                                        has: 4-Cyl, 2.2 Liter, Automatic,         ABS (4-Wheel) also has: 4-Cyl, 2.4     Blue Book Retail Value ~ LOADED                                                Automatic, 6-Spd with Overdrive,
                                        4-Spd with Overdrive, FWD, Air            Liter, Automatic, 4-Spd with Over-     WITH: MP3 (Single Disc), Leather,                                              FWD,Air Conditioning, Power Steer-
/////HONDA ACCORD//////1997             Conditioning, Power Steering, Power       drive, FWD,Air Conditioning, Power     Dual Power Seats, Moon Roof            USED 2007 Cadillac Escalade             ing, Power Windows, Power Door
- $1400                                 Door Locks,AM-FM Stereo, OnStar,          Steering, Power Windows, Power         also has: V8, 5.3 Liter, Automat-      EXT AWD 4dr ($33,563)                   Locks, Tilt Wheel, Cruise Control,
Must sell, moving. 2d honda accord,     Dual Air Bags,ABS (4-Wheel), Steel        Door Locks, Tilt Wheel, Cruise         ic, FWD, Traction Control, Air         Exterior: black, interior: beige,       AM-FM Stereo, Dual Air Bags, Side
se a/c, clean, 200k miles, needs tlc,   Wheels ~ Internet rates apply, look       Control, AM-FM Stereo, Dual Air        Conditioning, Power Steering, Power    AWD, 6.2 L OHV, automatic, stk#:        Air Bags, Steel Wheels ~ Internet
call for info 702-860-0517              us up online!                             Bags, Side Air Bags, Rear Spoiler ~    Windows, Power Door Locks, Tilt        7G317782, 58,839 miles                  rates apply, look us up online!
June 16, 2011 • Vol. 2, No. 16                                        22

                                             Real Estate
                                                                                    FOR LEASE
                                   Real Estate
                                    For Rent                               1200 sq. ft. professional office
                                                                           space, located in busy profes-
                                                                           sional center. Easy access to
                                                                           515 Freeway. Built out, ready
                                                                           to move in. No cam charges,
                                                                           tenant pays electric. Offered at
                                                                           less than $1 a sq. ft. For details
                                                                           call Century 21 JR Realty 702-                                                     Immaculate home on a large corner
                                                                           564-6546.                                Brand new listing today! Don't miss       lot at Country Club & Cumberland.
                                                                                                                    out! Immaculate 4 bedroom home            1231 sq ft. 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car
                                                                                                                    on Colt Drive in Henderson. Up-           garage.All appliances. Energy efficient
                                 FREE RENT!! Get 2 weeks FREE                                                       graded & remodelled kitchen with          home with new a/c & heat, hot
                                 RENT with a 1 year lease; or 4 weeks                                               Corian countertops, tile flooring & all   water heater, solar screens & more.
                                                                           2 Office Spaces available on
                                 FREE RENT with a 2 year lease!!                                                    appliances.Wood laminate flooring,        Original owners that take pride in
                                                                           Water Street. $325 a month,
                                 Offer does not apply to applicants                                                 berber carpet & 2 tone paint. The         their home & it shows! $114,900.
                                                                           includes utilities and internet.
                                 represented by agents. Beautiful 2                                                 huge backyard is like having your         Century 21 JR. 564-5142.
                                                                           Call Sarah (702) 443-7511
                                 story home in Henderson, gated                                                     own park with grass, shade trees,
                                 community, with 3 bedrooms, 2.5                                                    outdoor kitchen, firepit, spa & 2
                                 bath, 2 car garage, community pool,                                                large RV gates. 2 blocks to Dooley
                                 park and dog park. This home has                                                   Elementary & River Mtn Park. Firm
                                 many upgrades including a up graded       Large 1 bedroom, 1 and a half bath,      on price @ $119,900. Janet Perry
                                 master with walk in closet granite        2 story condo near Boulder Hwy &         @ Century 21 JR. 277-6288
                                 counter tops in kitchen, window           Warm Springs.(behind Jokers Wild)
                                 coverings, tile carpet through out.       Large living and dining, kitchen
                                 Located near Boulder City. Call           w/breakfast bar. All appliances. 2
                                 Al Molinaro at 702-400-5467 or            covered parking spots. $585+$585
                                 email alfredmolinaro@gmail.com            security. May consider a small pet                                                 Henderson, gated, 3 Bed
                                 for more details.                         w/extra deposit. own/lic. 277-6288                                                 walk-in closet, 2.5 Bath, granite
                                                                                                                                                              counter tops, 2 car garage, frig/
                                                                                                                                                              washer/dryer included, PETS OK,

                                 Cute, cozy & clean. Small 1                 Real Estate                            2796 Botticelli Henderson, NV
                                                                                                                                                              NONSMOKING, community
                                                                                                                                                              pool/spa, park, playground close
                                 bedroom townhome on Van
                                 Wagenen Street just a block
                                                                              For Sale                              89052 - $599,900
                                                                                                                    Model condition w/great views
                                                                                                                                                              to schools $1400 month contact
                                                                                                                                                              Al: 702-400-5467.
                                                                                                                    of mountains, city & Rio Secco
                                 to downtown Henderson. New
                                                                           1713 Sabatini Henderson, NV              golf course! Gourmet kitchen w/
                                 carpet & paint. Enclosed rear             89052 - $335,000                         stainless steel appliances, granite       3006 Paseo Hills Henderson,
                                 patio. $575 + $575 deposit. own/          Spacious floor plan w/lots of extras,    counter tops with backsplash,             NV 89052 - $140,000
                                 lic. Janet 277-6288                       upgraded carpeting, 3 beds + large       5 bedrooms + large loft/bonus             Great room floor plan in Seven
                                                                           loft & den/office downstairs, set up     room! Paradise backyard w/pool,           Hills with vaulted ceilings, tile floors
                                                                           as 2 master suites, 3 car garage, wine   spa, mature landscaping, wrought          throughout home with exception
                                                                           closet, kitchen open to family room w/   iron fence, master with walk-in           of carpets in bedrooms, mature
                                 Furnished RV's for rent in Henderson      granite counters, wrought iron stairs,   shower, jacuzzi tub, walk-in closet,      landscaping in front and backyard,
                                 adult park. Starting at $350, utilities   custom closets in all bedrooms, large    central vacuum, epoxy garage floor        no neighbor behind home! Call
                                 included except electric-paid to park.    low maintenance backyard w/covered       and much more! Too many extras            Mike Carlucci at Prudential 702-
                                 Pets ok. Numerous amenities in            patio & no neighbor behind home!         to list here. Call Mike Carlucci          461-4422, See pictures at www.
                                 park; shopping, dining & entertain-       Call Mike Carlucci at Prudential         at Prudential 702-461-4422, See           SevenHillsHomes.com
                                 ment nearby. Live for less! Call          702-461-4422, See pictures at www.       pictures at www.SevenHillsHomes.
                                 565-1945 for details.                     SevenHillsHomes.com                      com

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