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					                               Pre Production Notebook

      Worth 30% of final grade
      Produce in groups of 3
      Due week 10 in COGN 21 Section in one Three ring Notebook
      Provide a Buckley Waiver if you wish to pick up your graded project from the
       drop box before the following quarter


1. Working as a group and drawing inspiration from a non-fictional article, academic
essay or book (not from this course), create a premise for a short film that explores the
themes of this essay or responds to them. Please do not create a narrative that simple
outlines a story or event that is already described in the article or essay—this is an
exercise in translating abstract themes or ideas into visual and temporal form.
Using premise write up an abstract or short treatment to use as a pitch for your idea. Then
get approval on your premise from your TA. Final fleshed out treatment due in section
Week Six.

2. Write character biographies for all the key characters that will appear in your film.

3. Write a screenplay for this film following proper screenplay style and technique
(described in the handout and illustrated in the example). The screenplay should not
exceed 6 pages. Final version due by end of section Week Eight.

4. Draw storyboards demonstrating how the script will be moved to the screen.

5. Create shot diagrams to accompany the storyboard, demonstrating camera position and
movement that will allow you to capture the action of particular scenes involving camera
movement or shifts in framing.

6. Create breakdown sheets for every scene in your film.

7. Provide materials demonstrating the production design of the film: images of
costumes, actors, sets, the color scheme of certain scenes. Provide as much evidence as
you can of how you would bring this film to fruition through the mise-en-scene.

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