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									Frequently Asked Plastic Surgery Questions

There are many individuals throughout Southern California who consult with a plastic surgeon in
regards to cosmetic enhancements they may make in the body to look and feel more youthful and
beautiful. With the help of a Plastic Surgeon Beverly Hills residents can get a professional
recommendation for areas of the body that could greatly benefit from a cosmetic procedure.
There are a series of surgical and non-surgical procedures provided by a plastic surgeon.

What is a commonly performed non-surgical treatment?

With Botox Beverly Hills plastic surgeons provide a minimally-invasive treatment for the
smoothing of wrinkles and fine lines in the face. Botox is a popular treatment because of the
benefits patients receive such as convenience, effectiveness, and safety. A Botox treatment takes
about 15 minutes to complete with results being visible directly following the procedure. Full
results of the procedure are not instant as redness and swelling may still need time to subside.
Repetition of the treatment is recommended to be repeated every 4 to 6 months to maintain
youthful looking results.

What if Botox is no longer giving me the results I’m looking for?

In Beverly Hills Facelift procedures are recommended for patients who have more advanced
signs of aging such as sagging skin along the forehead, cheeks, and jawline. Patients who receive
facelift procedures are ones who are no longer receiving desired results from Botox or dermal
fillers alone. During a facelift procedure, incisions are made to reduce the amount of excess
sagging skin the face. Patients are told to imagine how they looked 10 years ago to envision the
procedure results. Going through the before and after facelift photos of a plastic surgeon can also
give a visual of what types of results other patients have received from the procedure and

What other procedures do plastic surgeons provide for the face?

Plastic surgeons may provide a series of facial plastic surgery procedures such as a Rhinoplasty,
Otoplasty, or Eyelid Surgery. Rhinoplasty is a commonly performed facial contouring procedure
to refine and reshape the nose to a contour that harmonizes with surrounding facial features.
Patients who receive this procedure search for the Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon possible due to the
procedure being complex and requiring a natural eye for aesthetics.

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