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									Volume 7, Issue 11               Contact the UTA @ 1-877-GETS-UTA or               November 2005

 President’s Message…
                       For those of you that are at the      Warehouses are packed floor to ceiling with the
                       convention, we welcome you,           generous gifts of the American people.
                       and believe you will have a fun
                       and profitable time.                   We will rebuild, new businesses will emerge, new
                       Attendance is the largest of our      homes will replace the old ones and families will
                       six conventions. Networking           move back in and the Gulf Coast will be stronger
                       opportunities should be the best      and prettier than ever before. Why? Because that’s
                       you’ve seen in a long time. We        the way we Americans are. We are survivors. We are
                       are grateful for your participation   builders. We are creators of new lives. The people of
                       and the generous support of           America have definitely “Performed a service worthy
                       our many sponsors. When you           of being remembered” (Harold Schafer) and will be
                       see a sponsor badge, please           forever.
                       take the time to give them a          In the same way, we make the UTA what it is today.
 special thank you.                                          We all contribute in our own way. Our little
 November is always an exciting time of the year. For        organization suffers losses also. This year we have four
 us Southern folks, it brings us cooler weather. High        board members that will be leaving - Jim Sundy,
 school, college and pro football gets underway.             Justina (Faulkner) Nadolson, Craig Kendall and Tom
 Excitement is in the air.                                   Horne. We will be gaining, at least, four new board
                                                             members. No different than the Gulf Coast we will
 And with Thanksgiving around the corner, we are             suffer a loss, but be thankful for the new board
 sincerely grateful in giving thanks for our many            members. We will carry on, continue to grow and
 blessings. This year, Thanksgiving takes on a new           become even stronger because of the change. This
 meaning as we are reminded to be thankful for the           organization is not dependent upon any single indi-
 simpler things of life - food, clothing and shelter.        vidual, with the strong membership body we have,
                                                             the organization can only continue to get better.
 With the greatest tragedy our nation has ever
 experienced, the hurricanes brought out the largest         For those of you that were not at the convention, you
 out pouring of support from the people of our entire        missed a great time and we missed seeing you. It
 country. Our citizens not only gave of themselves, but      was fun to see our friends and talk about used trucks,
 gave clothes, household items, food, money, and             their families and the price of fuel. It is encouraging
 most of all, prayer and moral support. Never before         to see the younger generations be excited about
 in our nation’s history has this type of support been
 shown and has the response been so overwhelming.                                                   (Continued on page 7)

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 2    Industry News Briefs
                                                               Expanding a business? Promoting staff? Won an
 2    Professional Used Truck Management Graduates             award? Opening a new location? Share your
 2    Honors                                                   news with the UTA Industry Watch. Send
 3    Convention Update – Thank You Sponsors!                  submissions, as well as ideas and comments.
 4    Membership News & Views                                         David A. Kolman
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         How are YOU supporting the UTA?                              E-mail:
    ArvinMeritor is selling the assets of its off-highway                    The Federal Motor Carrier
    brake business to Carlisle Braking Products as part of                   Safety Administration has
    its strategy to focus on its core products within the                    said there will be a
    Light and Commercial Vehicle Systems businesses.                         “transitional period for
                                                                             compliance and
    Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s new                        enforcement” from Oct. 1
    hours of service (HOS) regulations became effective                      through Dec. 31, 2005.
    on Oct. 1. Under these rules, truckers:
       - May drive a maximum of 11 hours after 10                            GM’s website,, has been revamped
         consecutive hours off duty.                                         with all-new features and easier access to
       - May not work more than 14 hours after coming                        information and assistance. New features include: a
         on duty following 10 consecutive hours off duty.                    listing of new and upcoming GM vehicle launches,
       - May not drive more than 60 hours over a 7-day                       GMAC payment calculator and useful tools to help
         period or 70 hours over an 8-day period.                            with business vehicle research and acquisition.
       - May restart a 7/8 day period after taking 34 or                     Goodyear has a new medium duty commercial
         more consecutive hours off duty.                                    drive tire for city and regional applications that fea-
       - Using the sleeper berth provision must take at                      tures long life and quiet performance. The Unisteel
         least 8 consecutive hours in the sleeper berth,                     G182 RSD tire has a deep open lug pattern for
         plus 2 consecutive hours either in the sleeper                      improved handling in wet or snowy conditions and a
         berth or off duty or any combination of the two                     graduated tie-bar on the shoulder that provides
                                                                             added strength, improved traction and reduced
    Under the rule’s new short-haul provision, drivers of                    irregular wear. Goodyear says G182 pre-cure
    commercial vehicles which do not require a                               retreads will be available in early 2006.
    Commercial Driver's License and who operate within
    a 150 air-mile radius of their normal work reporting                     International Truck and Engine Corp. has launched its
    location:                                                                new Class 6 4200 4x4 and 4100 Class 5 conventional.
        - May drive a maximum of 11 hours after 10                           The 4200 4x4 is a factory-built four-wheel-drive truck,
          consecutive hours off duty.                                        available with 21,500 and 25,999 GVW ratings. The
        - Are not required to keep logbooks.                                 4100, available in 17,800 and 19,500 GVW ratings,
        - May not work more than 14 hours after coming                       has an optional crew cab or extended cab. Both
          on duty 5 days a week or after 16 hours after                      trucks have been designed for maneuverability and
          coming on duty 2 days a week.                                      visibility, come with extended and synchronized
                                                                             service intervals for reduced maintenance and
                                                                             operating costs and are equipped with
     Professional Used Truck Management                                      International’s Diamond Logic electric system which
                                                                             is self-diagnosing.
             October 2005 Session
    Congratulations to the dealers shown above who                  has introduced a new online
    completed the October 2005 session of the UTA’s                          marketplace for finding or listing medium and heavy
    Professional Used Truck Management professional                          duty trucks and trailers that have leases that can be
    education course. They conducted a study of the                          transferred, thereby providing an alternative to
    processes involved in successful management of                           buying, selling or defaulting on leases. The site allows
    used truck sales and marketing, inventory control                        searching for trucks based on the year, make,
    and human resources.                                                     model/series and body of the equipment. Trailers
                                                                             can be searched based on make, model/series and
                                                                             body length and width. For more information,
                                                                             contact Jim Sapp at (317) 570-5436 or

                                                                             Rush Enterprises is buying some of the assets of
                                                                             Barrett Trucks, a GMC and Isuzu medium duty truck
                                                                             dealership in Texarkana, TX, and is adding a full line
                                                                             of Peterbilt trucks. The dealership will operate as a
                                                                             full-service Rush Truck Center.
    [photo attached]

    Pictured are, front row left to right: Phil Chavez, Diversified Truck
    Center, Fontana, CA; Paul Bidwell, Wieland Trucks, Bay City, MI;
    Andy Scheiderer, Columbus Kenworth, Hilliard, OH; Tom Fry,
    Cerni Motors, Youngstown, OH.
    Back row left to right: Steve York, MHC Kenworth, El Paso TX; Jim        Custom Truck Sales, based in Saskatchewan,
    Zimmerman, Kenworth of Pennsylvania, Carlisle, PA: Ron Moon,             Canada, recently celebrated its 40th anniversary as a
    Housby Mack, Des Moines, IA; Joe Bowersox, Housby Mack, Des
    Moines, IA; Rich Newell, SelecTrucks of Arizona, Phoenix, AZ.            Kenworth dealership.

2                                                                 UTA Industry Watch                                    November 2005
      UTA 6th Annual Convention
                             Hyatt Regency
                           Savannah, Georgia
                             Nov. 2-5, 2005

 The following companies have sponsored our convention. When you see a representative from one of these
 companies, please say hello and thank them for their generous support.
 Adesa Corp.                                            Utility Trailer Sales of Dallas
 American Trucker                                       Used Truck
 Arrow Truck Sales                                      Volvo Trucks North America
 ATD/N.A.D.A. Commercial Truck Guide                    Weldon Manufacturing
 Best Used Trucks                                       Western Star Trucks
 CAG Truck Capital                                      Wholesale Trucks Of America
 Caterpillar Inc.
 Cobalt Finance
 Coldiron Companies
 Cummins, Inc.
 Detroit Diesel Corporation
 Eaton Corporation
 Equipment Data Corp.
 Fastline Publications                                  Charity Golf Sponsors
 Fort Wayne Vehicle Auction
                                                        Bennett Motor Express
 Freightliner Market Development Corp.
                                                        Bennett Truck Source
 Heavy Duty Marketing Associates
 Highline Capital Transportation                        Best Used Trucks                                              Best Used Trucks of Kansas City
 International Truck & Engine Corp.                     Bruckners
 Intersafe                                              Champion Truck & Trailer
 Kenworth Truck Company                                 Chicago Mack Sales & Service
 Mack Trucks                                            Crook Motor Co.
 My Little Salesman                                     Enterprise Rent-A-Truck
 National Auto Research - Black Book                    General GMC Trucks
 National Truck Protection                              Hunter Truck Sales & Service                           
 Overland Truck Sales                                   Idealease
 PacBrake                                               Interstate 65 Truck Sales
 Penske Truck Leasing                                   Nalley Motor Trucks
 Peterbilt Motors Company
                                                        Premium 2000 Plus Warranties
 Premium 2000 Plus Warranty
                                                        Ryder Systems
 R.L. Polk & Co.
                                                        SOARR/Interstate Online Software
 Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers
 SOARR/Interstate Online Software                       Sterling Truck
 Sterling Truck                                         The Truck Blue Book
 The Truckers Choice                                    Tim Ormsby
 Truck Market News                                      Truck Center of America
 Truck Remarketing Services                             Truck Paper
 Truck Paper                                            Truck Trader Online                                        Volvo Trucks North America

November 2005                               UTA Industry Watch                                            3

                 Great Things Going On
    I want to say thank you to everyone who is a                    information at the convention
    member of the UTA. Thank you for joining. And a                 about the new 2007 engines.
    special thanks to those of you who have asked
    others to join or have worked to make the UTA                   The UTA continues to work to
    better. The UTA is YOUR organization. Thanks for all            provide you information about
    that each of you do.                                            some of the important changes
                                                                    coming to our industry in 2007,      Craig Kendall
    I am happy to report that the UTA has added more                2010 and beyond. We all need
    than 100 new members so far this year.                          to keep learning. The UTA is committed to helping
                                                                    you and your company stay current regarding
    As of Friday September 30, the UTA had 627                      information about changes coming to our industry.
    members - a fantastic amount. Large membership
    numbers was the dream of Jerry Nerman, Jim Sundy,               I want to recognize the 2005 UTA Membership
    Marvin Gordon and others who started the UTA in                 Committee. They are:
    1995.                                                           Tim Ormsby, T & R Truck Sales
    Not to get hung up on numbers, but the UTA is                   Wafik Elsanadi, Freightliner Development Corp.,
    working! There are some great things going on.                  committee co-chair
                                                                    Rich Held, Commercial Truck Sales
    The UTA is in discussions with a large national leasing         Cyndi Aranyosi, Kirk NationaLease
    company to sign up more of its locations. Several               Ron Lipman, Truck Enterprises
    major fleets, other leasing companies, many dealers
    and many suppliers have signed up. Keep checking                Al Hess, Wholesale Trucks of America to see who the new members are and                  Terry Williams, Truck Blue Book
    who is offering new and improved affiliate programs.            Marty Crawford, Arrow Truck Sales
    You owe it to yourself to check out                 Hal Dickson, Mack Trucks
    every week.
                                                                    I look forward to seeing you in Savannah at the UTA
    The UTA’s Sixth Annual Convention will be held at the           Convention.
    Hyatt Regency Hotel in Savannah, GA. We already
    had more than 360 people signed up by early                     If you have suggestions for growing the UTA or
    October. Don’t miss this industry roll call. This               making it better, please let me or any Membership
    Convention will be the best one yet.                            Committee Member or Board Member know.
    Your UTA is working hard to provide more                        Thanks again.
    opportunities for you. One of the things I am pleased
    to see is a push to reach out to the medium duty                                                        Craig Kendall
    dealer community. The UTA’s Medium Duty                                   Chairman - Membership/Affiliates Committee
    Committee will be providing some very timely                                       

                       UTA Professional Education Courses
    Professional Used Truck Selling Skills                          When: February 7-9, 2006.
    Who: For anyone engaged in selling                              Why: To increase sales, profits, and turns,
    used commercial trucks.                                         lower costs and improve employee per-
    What: Focus is on building relationships, qualifying, select-   formance.
    ing and presenting, handling sales,                             Cost: UTA members $634.50; non-members $705.
    overcoming objections, negotiating, and closing.                Fundamentals of Used Truck Sales
    Where: San Antonio, TX                                          Who: For new or inexperienced used truck sales reps and
    When: November 17-18, 2005                                      sales rep candidates.
    Why: To capture sales that will enable you to sell and deliv-   What: Learn trucks, components, performance
    er one additional truck per month, every month, and             calculations, basic prospecting, the sales process, financ-
    increase gross profits by 10%.                                   ing, goal setting and time management.
    Cost: UTA members $385.50; non-members $425.                    Where: Nashville, TN.
    Professional Used Truck Management                              When: April 4-6, 2006.
    Who: For managers having used truck responsibility and          Why: To shorten the learning curve, increase
    management candidates.                                          performance and employee satisfaction, and reduce
    What: Developing and improving sales and marketing,             turnover.
    inventory control and employees.                                Cost: UTA Members $724.50 & Nonmembers $805.00
    Where: Las Vegas, NV.
          Want to register? Obtain more information? Call Paul Spokas at the HDMA Academy at (336) 643-1961
                                       or go to or

4                                                        UTA Industry Watch                                      November 2005
                Reflections of a Charmed Life
                 in the Used Truck Business
                                               by Justina Faulkner Nadolson
 As my final term in office of the Used Truck                   light in my day, my shoulders to cry on, and they
 Association comes to a close, I can’t help but reflect         believed in me when I was down and not as
 on the last 18 years in this business, 9 of which were        organized as I might have once been.
 spent as part of the Board of Directors for the UTA.
 This is my last newsletter article and I thought I would      What I found out the hard way was that I also had a
 share some thoughts about my charmed life in the              few “friends” who showed little sympathy for my
 used truck business.                                          plight, took it as an opportunity to focus on my
                                                               shortcomings, and destroyed the close relationship
 Lesson #1 It is OK to have humble beginnings. It is           that (I thought) we had. It was shocking and sad to
 what you do with them that counts!                            realize that I had lumped them all together and that
 Few people in our business know that when I                   only my devastation could bring out their true colors.
 accepted a job for American Trucker back in 1987,             I’ll never forget those who were there for me during
 I began as the receptionist. Who knew what                    such a difficult time in my life . . . and I will never
 opportunities were waiting for me? I took my humble           forget those who weren’t. The question is: What kind
 beginnings, put myself through night school, and              of friend are you?
 ended up filling 13 different roles in the company in
 18 years. My last position was Associate Publisher /          Lesson #4 Our business is a small one, so fiercely
 National Sales Manager.                                       guard your integrity and your reputation!
                                                               Though we sell trucks and related services across this
 Where does your next opportunity lie? Are you                 great nation and Canada, this business is local.
 laying the groundwork for your next promotion or              Everybody seems to know everybody and your
 career change? Do you have vision about who,                  reputation will precede you. Whether it is how you
 what, and where you want to be?                               close and deliver a deal or how professional you are,
                                                               people know. .. and they tell others. As my mom
 Lesson #2 Perform for the job you want, not the job           always said, it takes a lifetime to build a great
 you have.                                                     reputation but just one mistake to ruin it.
 In my years as both an employee and manager, I
 have found there are two types of individuals: those          Lesson #5 If you are doing things for a “pat on the
 who perform beyond the expectations, knowing that             back”, you are going to be disappointed.
 the reward will come later; and those who wait for            I don’t know why people seem to have so much
 something to happen to them. Fair or unfair, if you           trouble giving someone an “attaboy” when they do
 are waiting around for a promotion and not                    a good job, but it seems that is often the case. What
 pro-actively proving yourself, you are probably one           I realized early on is that good deeds need to be
 really disappointed person.                                   done for personal satisfaction…for the pleasure of
                                                               knowing you are doing the right thing…for the
 Belong to the first group and you understand that              fulfillment that comes from helping others or making
 you must prove yourself. Go beyond the “minimum               the company (organization, association, family,
 required”, take on new tasks, ask for more                    world, etc) a better place to be. . . and for the
 responsibility, be dependable, and work beyond                peace that comes when you lay your head on the
 your paycheck. If you set yourself up to be                   pillow at night.
 recognized as the one who goes above and
 beyond, you will have positioned yourself perfectly           Lesson #6 A professional, committed, intelligent
 when opportunity presents itself. Those who belong            woman can make a difference in a man’s world.
 to the second group have the mindset that they will           I once wrote an entire article about this particular
 begin to perform when the company recognizes                  topic in a UTA newsletter (see May 2004 at
 how great they (think they) are. They wait for the   if you want to read it). Suffice it to say
 company to pay them what they think they are                  that I have had a very satisfying career in a man’s
 worth before they put forth more effort.                      world because I used my natural talents, and then
                                                               trained myself to acquire other skills I needed to
 Lesson #3 You can’t have too many friends, but you            survive and flourish in our environment.
 don’t know who they really are until you need them.
 This was a hard lesson to learn. Over the years in this       Lesson #7 You will become like the company you
 business I have made many great friends. However,             keep.
 it took a personal trial in my life for my true friends to    Another one of mom’s lessons, but when I got into
 shine through and my “fair weather friends” to be             the working world I found out how true it is. I have
 revealed.                                                     seen more people compromised by this principle
                                                               than any other. Watch carefully the company you
 I began going through a difficult divorce a few years         keep . . they will help form who you are whether you
 ago. I found that I had a group of friends who were           want them to or not.
 supportive, uplifting, encouraging, and diligent in
 showing me their love in many ways. They were the                                                   (Continued on page 6)

November 2005                                       UTA Industry Watch                                                       5
                                                                                                           (Continued from page 5)

                Reflections of a Charmed Life in the Used Truck Business
                                                  by Justina Faulkner Nadolson

    If you get your counsel from people with                       Many of you know Ethan Nadolson for the wonderful
    questionable ethics, you will certainly begin to ration-       and generous man that he is. All these years in the
    alize your questionable decisions. If you hang out             business I respected him, but only in the last several
    with people who are gossipy and critical, you will find         months have I really began to understand how
    yourself chiming in. If you do business with                   genuine, kind, and giving he is. I am proud to now
    people who give kickbacks, you might eventually be             call him husband. Don’t think we didn’t know what
    tempted to compromise your principles.                         kind of uproar all this was going to cause and what
                                                                   ridiculous rumors would circulate. But the truth is that
    On the converse side, if you surround yourself with            we were 100% sure that this was the right decision for
    positive thinking people, you are more likely to be            us and we have been true to ourselves. The bottom
    this way. If you get your advice from someone you              line is…I was true to myself and married for love.
    admire for their high ethics and standards, you can
    probably rest easy that their counsel is wise and              Regarding my retirement, this was primarily done for
    helpful. If you do business with people you learn to           my daughter. Her father has a very serious illness
    trust and are trustworthy yourself, life will become           and she needs me more than ever. I left American
    easier for both of you.                                        Trucker on very good terms and continue to enjoy a
                                                                   wonderful relationship with my very understanding
    Lesson #8 One person Can make a difference.                    and supportive ex-boss, Kyle Eggert. I visit the office
    I am going to direct this comment in reference                 often and still consult with them regularly and he has
    specifically to the UTA. As a member, have you ever             told me I am welcome back to work there if I should
    sat back and thought about the fact that the UTA               ever so choose.
    board of directors are all volunteers? Not one
    person on that board receives any compensation for             We never know what blessings lie ahead for us if we
    all the work that they do, yet individual contributions        only have the courage. How many times have we
    have shaped this organization. Without the vision of           not done what was right because we were afraid?
    one man, Bear, we would probably not have a                    How many times have we questioned ourselves and
    convention today. Without the vision of another                not had the confidence to make a change?
    man, Eddie, we would not have set a goal to reach
    500 members. Without the dedication of one man,                Lesson #10 Embrace your future with a joyful heart.
    Marty (and Vince before him), our books would be               At the convention in November when I relinquish my
    a mess.                                                        board position, I will have completed the final piece
                                                                   of the puzzle to leaving my old life behind. It was a
    I would like to believe I, as one person, have had a           “charmed life” in many ways and very fulfilling. There
    huge impact on the UTA as Secretary for 9 years and            are things about it that I look upon wistfully like the
    Convention Chairman for 5 years. The board tells me            daily conversations with friends in the business; the
    this is true. All I can say is that if you think you, as one   position of power I held; the problem-solving and
    person, can’t make a difference in this association            strategic thinking I was allowed to explore both at
    (or anywhere else, for that matter), you are sadly             American Trucker and the UTA; the satisfaction of a
    mistaken. All it takes is your vision to change the            job well done; and having something to write in that
    world.                                                         blank by “Employer”.
    Lesson #9 Be true to yourself. You’ll never know what          What I have found so far, though, is that looking
    blessings lie ahead for you.                                   backwards really doesn’t get you too far. My new
    Many people have asked why I retired from                      life is like a breath of fresh air with all the possibilities
    American Trucker and why I am not running again                of making a different type of impact on the lives of
    for UTA office. As a matter of fact, there have been           my husband, children, and in my community. I have
    some very hurtful rumors being spread that are                 stepped in to a whole new world and find myself
    simply not true. (Another lesson: People are going to          eager to explore every facet of it. While I say thank
    talk about you whether you like it or not. I hate that         you for all the opportunities you, as UTA members,
    one!) Though my personal business should be mine, I            have afforded me and good-bye to all of you, I am
    don’t mind sharing what so many are curious about.             skipping lightly into the future and embracing it with
    After many years of platonic friendship, I became              a joyful heart. May I invite all of you to do the same?
    best friends with a man who had proven himself to
    be the type of great friend that I discussed in Lesson         May God bless every one of you in your future
    3. We talked on the phone, worked together, devel-             endeavors. I will never forget you.
    oped a product, ran conventions together and were                                           Justina (Faulkner) Nadolson
    there for each during difficult times. During all this,                                     
    we never got sideways with one another… not even
    once. We finally realized that we had fallen in love.
    After a very brief and private courtship, we
    announced to the world our plans to marry.

6                                                       UTA Industry Watch                                       November 2005
 WELCOME New Members!
 401 Trucksource Inc, Mike Billette, Maidstone, Ont           McDevitt Trucks Inc, Gary
 Arrow Truck Sales, George Papp, Kansas City, MO                Gobin Sr, Manchester, NH
 Arrow Truck Sales, Ken Kosic, Kansas City, MO                Mid-Ontario Group, Jason
 Badger Truck Center, Ken Puetz, Milwaukee, WI                  Ker, Barrie, ON
 Bayview International Trucks Ltd, Neil Orchard,              Mid-State Truck Service Inc, Joel D Strack, Marshfield,
    Fredericton, NB                                             WI
 Beaver Trucks, Gary Kirk, Winnipeg, MB                       Pacific Coast Group, John Williams, Surrey, BC
 Bennett Motor Express Inc, Dave Rivers, McDonough,           Performance Equipment, Keith Brittain, Mississauga,
    GA                                                          Ont
 Big Trucks Inc, Gerry Svoboda, Sioux Falls, SD               Premium 2000 Plus Warranty, Bill Marion,
 Browns Hunterdon International-Brown Truck Group,              Winston-Salem, NC
    Corey Brown, Bloomsbury, NJ                               Redhead Equipment Ltd, Ron Duda, Regina, SK
 Cambridge Mack, Sean Whelan, Cambridge, ON                   River City Equipment Sales Inc, Craig A Scholten,
 Camions Montreal, Jean Massimetti, Dorval, QC                  Grand Rapids, MI
 Dealer Manage Inc, David Melosi, Highland, IL                SelecTrucks of Indianapolis, Al Rock, Indianapolis, IN
 Dressen Used Truck & Trailer Sales, Douglas Dressen,         SelecTrucks of Los Angeles, Mark Sturdevant, Fontana,
    Duluth, MN                                                  CA
 Equipment Resources LLC, Helen H Kelly, Piedmont,            Sheehans Truck Centre Inc, Dennis Sheehan,
    SC                                                          Burlington, Ont
 Equipment Resources LLC, Michael K Johnson,                  Sterling Truck Corporation, Shawn Waterman,
    Piedmont, SC                                                Redford, MI
 Gerrys Truck Centre Ltd, Richard Ross, London, ON            Stoops Freightliner, Brian Smith, Ft Wayne, IN
 Grande Sales and Service, Tony Gardner, San                  Surgenor Mack, Bob Mitchell, Ottawa, ON
    Antonio, TX                                               Surgenor Truck Centre, Glen Murtagh, Ottawa, Ont
 H&L Mack Truck Sales Corp, Mick Johnson,                     Surgenor Truck Centre Kingston, Ralph Milligan,
    Mediapolis, IA                                              Kingston, ON
 Hino Trucks, William Westcott, Bloomfield Hills, MI           Trax Trux, Kenneth Schoen, Richfield, OH
 International Truck & Engine Corp, Christopher B             Trax Trux, Randy Self, Auburn, GA
    Jones, Conley, GA                                         Truck Center Inc, Charles V Imbler Jr, Tupelo, MS
 Liquidation Truck Sales, Sean Dickson, Seguin, TX            Volvo Truck Centre Edmonton, Kelly Squires,
 London Mack, Norm Learn, London, ON                            Edmonton, AB
 Lounsbury Truck Centre, Warren Rayworth, Moncton,            Volvo Trucks Canada Inc, Ted Booth, Mississauga, ON
    NB                                                        Western Star Trucks, Stanley Skrzypiec, Redford, MI
 Mack S & S of Manitoba, Orest Stasiuk, Winnipeg, MB          Wisconsin Kenworth, Allen Cash, Oak Creek, WI
 Mack S & S of Stoney Creek, Joe Palermo, Stoney
    Creek, ON

                                       What A Business!
                         Clearly, our economy is              making a business decision. We communicate with
                         changing. The high cost of           our customers by email. We are constantly learning
                         fuel, interest rates on the rise,    new ways to do business in a constantly changing
                         unemployment continuing to           world.
                         increase and the constant
                         mergers and acquisitions, all        Finally, I think all of us would agree we have made
                         affect our business in one form      some of our closest friends in this industry. It might be
                         or another. If you stop and          a customer, vendor, employer, fellow employee,
                         think about it, you will             competitor, or just someone else in this business we
                         realize: “What a Business!”          have become friends with. I have met so many great
                                                              people in this industry! What a Business!
                           The industry of which we are a
                           part of plays such an essential    I hope we all realize what a great business we are in.
         Tom Horne         role in our economy. Over the      We should all constantly look for ways to give back to
 last several years it has also come into the “High Tech      our industry. You can partner with the UTA in an effort
 World” of which we all live. We no longer are taking         to help raise the level of professionalism in our
 Polaroid Pictures of our equipment, but now they are         business. I challenge each one of you to have a
 digital pictures. All of our inventory is now on the         great year. Make a contribution to our industry and
 World Wide Web. We walk up to one of our Used                make a “Difference”.
 Trucks with our Palm Pilot and read the ECM on the                                                      Tom Horne
 electronic engine to verify miles, hours, fuel mileage,                          Chairman - Education Endowment/
 look for trouble codes and other related information                                        Fund Raiser Committee
 pertinent to that unit which can be essential to                                         

November 2005                                      UTA Industry Watch                                                     7
    Converting to extended coolant. Shell is offering a com-         fuel economy, reduced emissions and
    pact disc (CD) that provides easy-to-follow, step-by-step        noise, longer engine and brake system
    guidelines on how to convert a heavy duty diesel engine’s        service intervals and lower overall
    cooling system from conventional to extended life coolant        operating costs. The goal of the project is
    using its ELC Conversion Fluid. The CD is available free-of-     to develop a full hybrid system that can
    charge by calling 800-64-LUBES (800-645-8237) or by visiting     launch a heavy duty truck with only                                        electric power. Full hybrids do not require the
                                                                     engine to idle while stopped. This further reduces the
    Freightliner Spotlighting Utility Trucks. Freightliner Trucks    amount of fuel consumed and noise
    has a new brochure for its Business Class M2 utility truck       levels associated with vehicles that stop frequently, such as
    product line. The four-color, eight-page brochure showcases      refuse trucks.
    its 106, 106V, 112 and 112V truck models in a wide range of
    utility applications and focuses on the many features and        Natural Gas More Economical Than Diesel.
    benefits of the M2 product line that are specifically              Heavy-duty natural gas powered vehicles (NGVs) that
    beneficial to utility companies. Also included is a detailed      meet strict emissions standards are more
    list of all standard and optional components for utility         cost-effective to own, operate and maintain over their
    applications.                                                    lifetime than comparable diesel powered vehicles when
                                                                     the price of crude oil is more than $31 per barrel. So finds a
    Holland Fifth Wheels Back In At Freightliner. The Holland        report by TIAX, a product and technology development
    Group has announced that several traditional Holland fifth        firm, done for the California Natural Gas Vehicle
    wheel models are now available as active options within          Partnership. The report noted that projections of diesel
    the databooks of the Freightliner, Western Star and Sterling     vehicle costs have a higher range of variation than natural
    brands.                                                          gas vehicle costs because of the uncertainty in the diesel
    Mack Displays Heavy Duty Hybrid Electric Vehicle. Mack           engine technology and emission control equipment
    Trucks, in conjunction with the U.S. Air Force Advanced          needed to meet the of 2010 emission standards.
    Power Technology Office, has demonstrated a prototype            Taking A Look-See at Peterbilt’s Product Lineup. Peterbilt
    hybrid electric powertrain for Class 8 trucks. The powertrain    has a new 46-page, full-color brochure showcasing its
    is mounted in an Air Force R-11 6,000-gallon-capacity            Class 6-8 truck lineup and cab/sleeper interiors. It contains
    refueler truck built on a Mack RD 6x4 chassis. Diesel hybrid     more than 60 photos, product features, available BBC and
    electric vehicles combine the power of an electric motor         cab/sleeper configurations and information on Peterbilt’s
    with that of a diesel engine. The electric motor assists the     numerous customer support resources. The brochure is
    diesel in launching the vehicle and regenerates energy           available through Peterbilt dealerships, the company’s
    during braking. This energy is stored as electrical energy       website - - or by calling (800) 552-0024
    and is then used in place of diesel fuel. Anticipated            and requesting PET-7113.
    advantages of hybrid electric technology include better

    KOLMAN’S KORNER                                                                                        (Continued from back cover)

        - Photographing, videotaping and/or sketching the            Possible indicators of suspicious items or vehicles include:
          exterior or interior of any facility.                          - Any unattended backpacks, boxes, containers,
        - Without proper identification entering your facility              luggage and/or packages in an elevator, hallway,
          claiming to be a contractor, law enforcement officer,            lobby, restroom, snack bar or stairwell of your facility.
          reporter or a service technician.                              - Any item that could be an improvised explosive
    These are some possible indicators of suspicious activity:             device (for example items with visible wires,
                                                                           antennas, batteries, timing devices, metal or plastic
        - Two or more unidentified individuals observed                     pipe with each end capped or covered).
          loitering near a facility or in the lobby of a facility.         NOTE: Untrained personnel should not examine or
        - Individuals or groups who are uncooperative if                   move a possible improvised explosive device and
          challenged by a company/company security                         area must be cleared.
          employee.                                                      - Rental vehicles/trailers parked near a facility, parked
        - Individuals or groups who appear at your facility                at or near the loading dock, or located in the parking
          without prior notification or clearance and claim to              lot without prior authorization.
          be contractors or service technicians.                         - Any vehicle that appears to be overloaded or has
        - Unidentified individuals attempting to deliver                    any substance leaking from it.
          packages or other items to an office or to a specific           - Any vehicle parked illegally or parked at an unusual
          person.                                                          location.
        - Unidentified individuals attempting to remove                   - Any type of vehicle that appears to be abandoned
          property from an office or a facility without proper             (for example has an expired or missing inspection
          authorization.                                                   sticker or registration plate).
        - Unidentified individuals who appear to be
          conducting surveillance of a facility (for example         Source: Pennsylvania Office of Homeland Security.
          sitting in a vehicle for an extended period of time                                                    David A. Kolman
          and/or taking photographs or videotaping).                                                                        Editor
        - An unidentified individual observed placing an                                                     “UTA Industry Watch”
          object or a package outside a facility and departing                                  
          the area.

8                                                         UTA Industry Watch                                         November 2005
           Engine manufacturer step up to the plate on
            used engine warranty and support issues
                            As you may recall, at the            used truck dealers and used truck managers in their
                            beginning of the year in our         AOR:
                            newsletter, I challenged the            Cat-yes     Cummins-yes      Detroit-no
                            engine manufacturers to
                            work on providing the used           Current used truck engine warranty literature is being
                            truck industry with tools to         distributed to OEM dealers, used truck managers and
                            help all used truck dealers          independent dealers:
                            understand the various used               Cat-no     Cummins-yes     Detroit-no
                            engine warranty programs,            We have a toll free number for help with used truck
                            provide easy to use                  engine warranty issues:
                            reference materials on their            Cat-yes      Cummins-yes     Detroit-no toll free
                            programs, make their                                                 number but has
                            websites more “used truck                                            call center for help
   Steve “Bear” Nadolson
                            friendly”, encourage their                                           313-592-5800
                            area representatives to visit
 used truck managers and independent dealers to                  We have used truck engine warranty window stick-
 support their programs and provide help and                     ers, banners, posters for use by the dealer in their
 information, distribute support literature to this same         offices and on their lots:
 group, provide toll free numbers for help, and                       Cat-no     Cummins-no        Detroit-no
 provide point of sale banners and posters to draw               I encourage you all to discuss these issues with Scott
 attention to their used truck engine programs.                  Faulkner from Caterpillar, Alberto Alcala with
 Each manufacturer was contacted by me mid-year                  Cummins, and Jeff Lasley with Detroit diesel. All three
 for updates on their progress and that was also                 will be at our convention in Savannah.
 reported in our newsletter. To report on their progress         Each of them have projects in various stages of
 and provide a year end wrap up by convention, I                 completion that I am sure they would be more than
 sent out a checklist to Cat, Cummins, and Detroit.              happy to discuss with you there.
 Here is a recap of their progress:                              I would like to commend all three of the gentlemen
 We have created quick reference cards or booklets               mentioned above for their candid and forthright
 for sales people:                                               contributions to this project and for their time and
      Cat-yes    Cummins-yes  Detroit-no                         efforts. Each of them were open and all are really
                                                                 willing to make changes to strengthen their used
 We have an easy-to-use used truck website with                  truck engine programs.
 information on used truck engine warranties with
 printable forms:                                                As always, if you have any questions or comments
     Cat-yes      Cummins-yes   Detroit-roll out target          you can reach me by email at
                                date Oct 15th.                                                  Steve “Bear” Nadolson
 We have instructed our engine reps to make calls on                                                    Chairman, UTA

 President’s Message…
                                      (Continued from page 1)
 our industry. We are all wondering how our                        Events
 customers keep buying used trucks with the high
 cost of fuel. The only answer we came up with is                  Calendar
 that the nation moves on trucks, new and used.
 Good for our industry and good for America that                   November 2-5
 we “Keep On Trucking.”                                            Used Truck Association Convention
 Give thanks for our blessings and continue to pray                Hyatt Regency
 for our neighbors that have had losses. Be extra                  Savannah, GA
 thankful you live in this free and generous country.    ; (941) 492-2429
 Remember: “It isn’t what you have in your pocket                  December 2-4
 that makes you thankful, but what you have in your                American Towman Exposition
 heart.”                                                           Baltimore Exposition Center
                                         -- Eddie Walker           Baltimore, MD
                                           UTA President ; 800-732-3869

November 2005                                         UTA Industry Watch                                                   9
What Are You Doing To Help Prevent Terrorism?
As we have seen from recent events, terrorism remains a             - Dressed in oversized or
serious threat. What exactly is terrorism? Law enforcement            inappropriate clothing (for
defines terrorism as the unlawful use of, or threatened use            example a long heavy coat in
of, force or violence against individuals or property to              warm weather) that appears to
intimidate or coerce a government, its citizens or any seg-           be concealing something.
ment thereof to further certain political, social religious or      - Entering a facility carrying an
ideological objectives.                                               oversized backpack or a large
To prevent and deter terrorist attacks, each of us needs to           suitcase.
be alert for things that “DLR” - security speak for “Don’t          - In a facility with no visible
Look Right.”                                                          company issued identification.
                                                                                                           David A. Kolman
                                                                    - Who when challenged by a
You can do your part by recognizing, observing and
                                                                      company employee, doesn’t respond or doesn’t
reporting to law enforcement unusual or suspicious persons
                                                                      provide a reasonable explanation for his/her actions.
and activities which might pose a security threat, especial-
ly at or near key facilities such as                                - Asking specific questions about your facility (for
government, military, utility and fueling sites,                      example about security related matters).
roadways and infrastructure, ports and airports.                    - Asking questions about key agency personnel (for
                                                                      example their normal arrival or departure times,
Here are some possible indicators of suspicious                       vehicle, their parking space).
persons. An unidentified individual:
                                                                    - Trying to deliver a package or other item to an office
    - Loitering near a facility or in the lobby of a facility for     or to a specific person.
      an extended period of time.
    - Wandering throughout a facility.                                                                    (Continued on page 8)

                                                – Quintessential Quote –
     “Everyone appreciates being appreciated. Catch people red-handed in the act of doing something right
                               each day - and praise them for it.” -- Bob Moawad.

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                                                                                              P.O. BOX 603
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