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									             DEAR PARTNERS AND
             DEALER MEMBERS
             A letter of thanks from our
             President and CEO, Paul Antony

             Helping to educate your consumers

             Now include QR codes



CLOSE-UP                                                                                                            VOl 5, IssUE 7, JUlY 2011
Steve MaCalUSo JoinS CarProof
                                 CarProof®	is	very	pleased	to	announce	the	addition	        experience	with	Canadian	auctions,	including	an	8-	year	
                                 of	Steve	Macaluso	to	our	management	team	as	               stretch	at	ADESA	Canada,	Steve	has	made	and	maintains	
                                 Director,	Corporate	Accounts.	Steve	is	a	dynamic	leader	   many	key	relationships	with	the	corporate	account	
                                 and	is	renowned	in	the	automotive	industry	for	his	        executives	he	will	be	working	with	at	CarProof.			
                                 motivational	style	of	management.
                                                                                        States	Paul	Antony,		President	and	CEO	of	CarProof,	“I’d	
                                 At	CarProof,	Steve	will	be	focusing	on	building	and	   like	to	personally	welcome	Steve	to	our	team	on	behalf	
                                 improving	upon	our	current	business	relationships		    of	all	of	us	at	CarProof.	As	we	continue	to	maintain	
                                 with	our	OEM	and	financial	partners.	He	will	be	       our	high	standards	of	excellence	in	service	for	our	
                                 responsible	for	strategy	and	management,	as	well		     partners,	we	are	extremely	pleased	to	have	the	ability	
                                 as	the	growth	of	our	corporate	account	platform.	      to	recruit	individuals	of	this	caliber.	Steve	comes	to	us	
                                                                                        with	a	level	of	industry	knowledge	and	expertise	that	
                                 Already	well	respected	in	the	automotive	industry,	    will	help	lead	CarProof	in	the	coming	years.”	Antony	
                                 Steve	comes	to	CarProof	from	Manheim	Canada	where	 continues,	“It	is,	and	will	always,	be	our	vision	at	
                                 he	was	General	Manager	of	Manheim	Toronto,	after	a	 CarProof	to	revolutionize	the	automotive	remarketing	
                                 2-year	term	as	Executive	Director	of	Sales,	Marketing	 industry	by	providing	transparency,	disclosure,	and	
                                 &	Customer	Relations.	With	over	14	years	of	industry	
                                                                                                                               CONTINUED P3
CARPROOF CLOSE-UP                                                                                                                                        P2

                                                     Dear partners anD DeaLer MeMbers
                                                 Our	mission	at	CarProof	has	always	been	to	create	a	transparent	market	place	by	providing	all	the	critical	
 "As a strong believer in CarProof® and the      information	available.	This	enables	both	buyers	and	sellers	to	be	armed	with	the	knowledge	and	information	
 information they provide, the New Car           they	need	to	make	an	informed	decision	on	any	vehicle	transaction.	
 Dealers Association of BC fully endorses        CarProof	is,	and has always been,	available	to	everyone	and	anyone.	Private	individuals,	new	and	used	car	
 CarProof as the vehicle history report of       dealers,	dealer	associations	across	Canada,	manufacturer	CPO	and	off-lease	programs,	banking	and	lending	
 choice for all of our dealer members. Along     companies,	insurance	providers,	registry	offices,	government	organizations,	automobile	associations,	and	
                                                 auctions	across	Canada	are	already	enjoying	the	CarProof	Advantage.	Our	products	can	be	accessed	via	our	
 with the Insurance Corporation of British       website	at		by	ANY	customer	–	at	ANY	time!	If	you’re	not	currently	relying	on	CarProof	
 Columbia (ICBC), we entrust CarProof to         to	provide	you	with	tHe BeSt Data. PerioD.™	we	welcome	you	to	contact	us	now	at		
 deliver all pertinent information including	!	Let	our	knowledgeable	account	executives	show	you	how	easy	it	is	to	be	fully	
                                                 informed.	Don’t Settle for leSS…ProteCt YoUrSelf WitH all tHe Data, all of tHe tiMe!
 in-depth critical accident data from the
 public and private insurance sectors. By        I	would	personally	like	to	thank		the	Canadian	automotive	industry	as	a	whole	and	more	specifically	all		
 providing a full and complete history of any
                                                 of	our	industry	partners	and	dealers,	our	customers	and	friends,	for	taking	the	time	to	learn	about	what		
                                                 we	are,	what	we	have	to	offer	the	Canadian	used	car	market	and	what	sets	us	apart	from	our	competition.		
 vehicle that includes not only in-province      We	thank	you	for	your	trust	in	our	product,	for	your	faith	in	our	data	sources	and	for	your	overwhelming	
 information but data from across Canada         adoption	of	CarProof–	welcoming	us	with	full	integration	into	your	remarketing	programs,	your	dealerships	
 and the United states, CarProof empowers        and	your	homes.
 our members."                                   We	are	humbled	by	your	support.	
                              Blair Qualey       Sincerely,
                                 President                                                            Rely on a CarProof
                     New Car Dealers of BC                                                            vehicle history report
                                                 Paul antony	                                         along with a physical
                                                 CarProof President and CEO                           inspection when you
                                                                                                      BUY, TRADE, SELL or
                                                                                                      IMPORT. you simply
 "Members of AMVOQ must abide by                                                                      cannot protect yourself,
 a code of ethics and adopt rigorous                                                                  your dealership or
 compliance guidelines that guarantee                                                                 your investments with
 service quality and a high level of
                                                                                                      anything less.
 professionalism. At AMVOQ we recognize
 that CarProof is the most comprehensive
 vehicle history report available in Canada.
 CarProof is a valuable tool that allows due
 diligence obligations to be met and is
 an effective sales tool for all used vehicle
 transactions. We encourage our members
 to integrate the value of CarProof into their
 remarketing programs."
                    Catherine Langlois
    Business Development Manager &
                       Member Services
     CARPROOF CLOSE-UP                                                                                                                                                  P3

     our partners                                                                                            steVe MaCaLuso...
•	   Manufacturer	Off-Lease	     •	 Dealer	Associations             •	   Government	of	Alberta		             CONTINUED FROM PG 1
	    •	 BMW	                        •	 New	Car	Dealers		       	    	    –	Used	Vehicle	Information		 	                            integrity	to	the	process	of	buying	and	
	    •	 Chrysler	(now	TDFS)	     	 	 Association	of	BC	             	    Package	                                                  selling	used	vehicles	in	Canada,	and	
	    •	 Ford	                    	 •	 Ontario	Automobile	Dealer		   •	   Government	of	PEI	–	Used		 	                              our	relationships	with	our	corporate	
	    •	 Honda/Acura	             	 	 Association	(OADA)	            	    Vehicle	Information	Package	                              accounts	are	key	in	achieving	this	goal.	
	    •	 Mercedes-Benz	           	 •	 La	Corporation	des		     	    •	   FinanciaLinx		                                            Please	join	me	in	welcoming	Steve	to	
	    •	 Nissan/Infiniti	         	 	 concessionnaires		             •	   Auto123	                                                  our	management	team!”
	    •	 Toyota/Lexus	            	 	 d’automobiles	du		             •	   Auto	Trader	
	    •	 VW/Audi	                 	 	 Québec	(CCAQ)	                 •	                                                Steve	adds,	“I	look	forward	to	starting	a	
	    •	 GMAC	                    	 •	 Toronto	Automobile		     	    •	   Alberta	Registry	Agents		 	        new	career	with	CarProof	and	working	towards	maximizing	
	    •	 Porsche		                	 	 Dealers’		       	        	    	    Association	(ARAA)	                CarProof’s	corporate	growth	initiatives.	Throughout	my	tenure	
	    •	 Hyundai	                 	 	 Association	(TADA)	            •	   Alberta	Motor	Dealers		        	   in	the	auction	business	I	have	been	fortunate	to	experience	
	    •	 Mazda	                   	 •	 AMVOQ	                        	    Association	(MDA)	                 first-hand	the	value	that	CarProof	brings	to	the	entire	
	    •	 Suzuki	                  	 •	 Alberta	Motor		               •	   Alberta	Motor	Vehicle		            automotive	industry.	CarProof	is	a	first-class	organization	that	
	    •	 Kia	                     	 	 Association	(AMA)	             	    Industry	Council	(AMVIC)	          has	already	become	a	trusted	business	partner	to	so	many	
	    •	 Mitsubishi	              	 •	 New	Brunswick		          	    •	   ARI	Canada	                        different	companies	within	the	industry.	I	am	extremely	
	    •	 Land	Rover	              	 	 Automobile	Dealers’		 	        •	   PHH	                               proud	and	excited	about	my	new	role	and	am	eager	to	begin	
	    •	 Jaguar	                  	 	 Association	(NBADA)	           •	   Kijiji	Canada	                     working	alongside	CarProof's	talented	and	dynamic	team."
•	   Manufacturer	CPO	           	 •	 Automobile	Dealers		     	    •	   Experian		
	    •	 Subaru	                  	 	 Association	of		               •	   CGI	
	    •	 BMW		                    	 	 Newfoundland			           	    •	   Law	enforcement	offices	              "I purchased a car at a dealership 2 years ago
	    •	 Acura		                  	 	 &	Labrador	(ADANL)	            •	   CAMVAP	                               and I’ve had problems with it ever since. My
	    •	 Honda		                  •	 Manheim	Auctions		              •	   Automobile	Journalist		        	      mechanic suggested I buy a CarProof report
	    •	 Hyundai	                 •	 ADESA	Auctions		                	    Association	of	Canada	
	    •	 Kia	                     •	 Independent	Canadian		     	    •	   Canadian	Council	of		                 because he figured the problems were
	    •	 Mercedes-Benz		          	 Auction	Network	(ICAN)	          	    Motor	Transport		 	            	      related to a previous accident. I went online
	    •	 Lexus	                   •	 North	Toronto	Auctions	         	    Administrators	(CCMTA)	               and bought a CarProof report; it showed
	    •	 Toyota	                  •	 Vehicle	Safety	Authority		      •	   Better	Business	Bureau	
	    •	 Audi	                    	 BC	(VSA)	                        •	   Canadian	Automotive		          	      that my car had $11,402 in damages from
	    •	 GM		                     •	 Ontario	Motor	Vehicle		    	    	    Institute	–	Georgian	College		        before I bought it. I contacted my lawyer
	    •	 Porsche	                 	 Industry	Council	(OMVIC)	        •	   TD	Financial	Services	                and thank goodness I'm still able to get out
	    •	 Volvo	                   •	 Insurance	Corporation	of		 	    •	   Sherlock	Antitheft		
•	   Fleet	Lease	                	 British	Columbia	(ICBC)	         	    Marking	Inc.	                         of the contract. I'm really happy someone
	    •	 Foss	National	Leasing	   •	 CAA	Alberta	                    •	   i2iQ	                                 suggested your service and I will most
	    •	 GE	Capital	              •	 CAA	Saskatchewan	               •	   Priority	Plus		                       definitely get a CarProof BEFORE I buy my
	    •	 JPL	Vehicle	             •	 CAA	Québec	                     	    Inspection	Centres	
                                                                                                               next car. Thank you so much CarProof.
	    	 	Management	Services	     •	 CAA	Maritimes	                  •	   Automobile	Protection		        	
•	   OPENLANE	                   •	 TransportAction	Lease		    	    	    Agency	(APA)	                         I am so very grateful!"
•	   DealerTrack	Canada	         	 Systems	Inc.	                    •                                                                  N. Gagn, QC

       "The Ontario Automobile Dealer Association recognized CarProof® as the
       industry standard in vehicle history reporting in Canada. There is no other
       report available on the Canadian market that provides true peace-of-mind.
       We applaud CarProof’s contributions to the vehicle remarketing industry across
       Canada – without the transparency provided through CarProof’s detailed
       report offerings our dealers would be buying and selling blind. If you’re not
       using CarProof for your vehicle remarketing needs, you should be!"
                                                                   Geoff Wilkinson
                                                                Executive Director
CARPROOF CLOSE-UP                                                                                                                                                       P4

                                                         eDuCatIng Your CustoMer
                                                                                                                                       The	information	that	a	
 “My 19 year-old son had test-driven a                                                                                                 CarProof	report	details	
 for-sale-by-owner vehicle and he was                                                                                                  is	critical	to	you	to	help	
                                                                                                                                       you	close	that	sale,	
 pretty sure it was the vehicle for him. A                                                                                             and	important	for	your	
 mechanical inspection showed that it                                                                                                  customers	to	feel	confident	
 was in need of some repairs but it was the                                                                                            in	their	decision	to	purchase	
                                                                                                                                       from	you.	We	want	to	be	
 CarProof® report that told us the vehicle
                                                                                                                                       sure	that	we	provide	you	
 had been in multiple accidents and that                                                                                               with	not	only	the	most	
 the repairs would prove to be an ongoing                                                                                              comprehensive	vehicle	
                                                                                                                                       history	report	available	in	
 issue for any owner of this vehicle. The
                                                                                                                                       Canada,	but	also	with	the	
 CarProof report saved a first-time buyer                                                                                              means	to	interpret	that	
 from making a problematic purchase and                                                                                                report,	no	matter		
 allowed him to make a better and more                                                                                                 the	findings.	
 satisfactory decision about what vehicle             Your	feedback	is	critical	to	us	to	continue	to	do	that,	and	you	have	told	us	that	resources	are	important	for	
 was right for him. We are recommending               you	to	help	a	customer	understand	the	implications	of	a	particular	finding	–	if	any	–	to	their	information	
                                                      gathering	process.	
 CarProof to everyone we know. Thanks
 for providing such an important service at           To	help	you	in	that	goal,	CarProof	has	launched	a	new	section	on	our	website,	Now,	
                                                      in	addition	to	having	your	expertise,	they	will	have	further	resources	to	understand	the	results	and	where	
 such a reasonable price.”
                                                      they	need	to	ask	you	more	questions	to	continue	to	feel	confident	about	their	purchase	decision.			
                             R. de Leon, AB
                                                      thIs Is just another pIeCe oF our ContInueD
                                                      goaL to heLp Your CustoMers:
                                                      1.	 Rely	on	CarProof,	as	other	vehicle	history	reports	only	have	20%	of	the	critical	data	CarProof	does
 autoparK                                             2.	 Trust	in	your	CarProof	dealership	and		your	commitment	to	full	disclosure
 on Youtube                                           3.	 Not	be	discouraged	from	vehicles	with	minor	accident/insurance	history	without	further	assessment
                                                      4.	 Get	a	mechanical	inspection	to	clarify		the		data	provided	
                                                      5.	 Use	online	search	classifieds	(e.g.	Kijiji	and	Auto	Trader)	to	help	them	locate	one	of	your	quality	
                                                      	 used	vehicles.
                                                      In	addition	to	the	resources	CarProof	is	pleased	to	provide,	there	are	innovative	ways	you	can	offer	your	
                                                      customers	this	expertise	off	the	sales	lot	as	well.	As	an	example,	AutoPark,	who	has	four	locations	in	
                                                      Ontario	and	proudly	offers	a	CarProof	report	for	every	car	sold,	has	added	a	CarProof	infomercial	to	
                                                      their	YouTube	channel	that	helps	educate	their	customers.	Featuring	Cathie	Clark,	Director	of	Brand	
                                                      Development	for	AutoPark’s	group	of	dealerships,	the	video	outlines	the	importance	of	knowing	the	
                                                      vehicle's	history,	but	as	importantly,	what	to	make	of	that	information.	Cathie	emphasized	that	the	
                                                      presence	of	an	incident	in	itself	should	not	be	a	deterrent	in	the	final	purchase	decision.
                                                      As	Cathie	states	in	the	video,	“Remember	that	cars	are	machines,	made	of	thousands	of	parts	which	can	
	Take	the	time	to	visit	AutoPark’s	YouTube	Channel	   all	be	repaired	or	replaced	to	function	just	like	new	if	they	become	damaged	or	stop	working.	Just	because	
                                                      a	vehicle	you	are	considering	reveals	a	prior	incident,	don’t	assume	that	vehicle	is	lacking	in	function	
at                   or	offers	reduced	safety.	In	fact,	realistically,	a	vehicle	repaired	following	an	incident	may	be	in	better	
and view the video in its entirety. Congratulations   working	order	than	a	comparable	used	vehicle	that	has	not	been	maintained	or	properly	cared	for.	At	
                                                      AutoPark,	we	think	all	car	buyers	should	have	access	to	the	full	information	regarding	the	history	of	any	
to the AutoPark team for providing such a             vehicle	they	may	be	considering.”
fantastic resource to your customers!
CARPROOF CLOSE-UP                                                                                                                                                  P5

Qr CoDe
                                   Not	only	are	CarProof®	Summary	Reports	now	available	for	every	vehicle,	
                                   CarProof	now	includes	QR	(Quick	Response)	codes	on	each	printable	summary	
                                   report.	Readable	by	QR	code	applications	on	smartphones,	these	allow	
                                   customers	to	instantly	access	the	full	CarProof	vehicle	history	report,	right	on	
                                   their	mobile	device.
                                   This	feature	provides	your	customers	with	instant	access	to	all	the	information	
                                   they	need	to	understand	a	vehicle’s	story,	and	prepare	all	the	questions	they	      “I was all set to purchase a vehicle and
                                   may	have	for	your	sales	staff	to	feel	confident	in	their	purchase	decision.	        was about to order a similar car research
QR	codes	on	your	CarProof	reports	are	another	way	that	we	help	you	demonstrate	the	honesty	and	transparency	           product from your competitor when I
with	which	you	operate	your	business.	Take	advantage	of	this	great	tool,	by	being	sure	to	print	out	and	display	       decided to Google your competitor's
CarProof	Summary	Reports	on	the	self-adhesive	stickers	provided.	Ask	your	CarProof	rep	how	to	get	started!
                                                                                                                       name. That search gave me the feedback
                                                                                                                       that your company not only provided
hoW Your CustoMer                                     DID You KnoW?                                                    a more in-depth report, but that your
WILL use the Qr CoDe:                                 Many	of	the	vehicles	you	buy	at	auction	already	
                                                                                                                       customer satisfaction is incredible. Your
1. Download a compatible QR code                                                                                       report was excellent, and exposed that
                                                      have CarProof reports run on them – reports that
	 reader	(e.g.	QuickMark)	onto	their			                                                                                the vehicle I was about to purchase had
                                                      you may have access to use for your remarketing
    smartphone                                                                                                         been basically written off last year with
                                                      needs on the lot? Contact your CarProof Account
2.	 Using	the	application,	they		      	                                                                               over $35k in damages, and was sold in an
                                                      Executive today, 1.866.835.8612.
    will take a picture of the QR code                                                                                 auction. Your report saved me thousands
3.	 The	unique	URL	associated		        	                                                                               of dollars and potentially years of
    with that code will bring the                                                                                      headaches. Thank you CarProof!”
    full report up for their review.                                                                                                             C. Havens, NB

neW ConDenseD report
A	condensed	version	of	the	CarProof	report	is	now	available,	making	it	easier	for	consumers	to	focus	on	
the	information	provided	in	any	given	report.	The	condensed	version	can	be	accessed	by	simply	clicking	on	
“Condensed	Report”,	located	in	the	top	right-hand	corner	of	your	screen	when	viewing	any	full	report.	By	
allowing	the	viewer	to	see	only	the	pertinent	information	for	the	vehicle	in	question	by	“hiding”	the	search	
criteria	that	did	not	uncover	any	results,	you	and	your	consumers	can	understand	any	issues	at	a	glance.	
What	to	expect?	The	condensed	version	will	only	show	the	province(s)	that	report	actual	registration	history,	
and	similarly,	in	the	lien	section	of	each	VERIFIED	and	VERIFIED BC	report,	only	the	province(s)	that	show	active	
lien	registration	information	will	appear.	For	the United States – title, Use & Problem Summary section,	
no	information	will	display	if	the	vehicle	has	never	been	registered	in	the	United	States.	
    CARPROOF CLOSE-UP                                                                                                                                                            P6

                                                                           Here are just some of the changes, improvements and enhancements that
   You asKeD – We LIsteneD                                                 CarProof has implemented in the first half of 2011!

Heavy national rotation of our 3 retail commercials.        Creation and promotion of dealer endorsement              Our new improved website, including:
Visit our CarProof® YouTube Channel to view all 3 at        video for looping in store and posting on your            •	 Updated	retail	pages	and	Used Car Buying                                   website. Contact to                   Checklist
                                                            find out how to get started.                              •	 Functionally-enhanced	Dealer/Member’s	site.

New CarProof report look and features with both condensed   Updated	credit	policies	to	improve	process.               Partnership and integration with Kijiji Autos
report and summary report options.                                                                                    •	 CarProof	reports	available	with	your	online	classifieds
                                                                                                                      •	 Ability	to	upload	your	report	directly	from			          	
                                                                                                                         your CarProof Archived Reports page.

                                                            Green initiative to help minimize our carbon footprint.

                                                               WeLCoMe partners
    “At Albi Mazda, we find CarProof to be a                                               Welcome	to	all	of	our	most	recent	CarProof	partners.	
    valuable part of our used sales program.                                               	June	saw	over	200	more	members	sign	on	to	use	the	vehicle	history	report	that	
    We know that from trade-in to sale,                                                    provides	the	best	data	available	in	Canada.	Below	are	some	of	CarProof’s	most	
    CarProof protects our interests and those of                                           recent	results	from	across	Canada.	
    the consumer as well. Our consumers can
                                                              PROVINCE                                                                   RECENT PARTNERS
    tell right away when walking onto our lot
                                                              Ontario                                                                                 89
    that we are confident in our used vehicle
                                                              Québec                                                                                  31
    inventory and disclose the whole truth
                                                              Atlantic Provinces                                                                      19
    with CarProof. We offer only ‘la ‘crème’ des              British Columbia                                                                        39
    véhicules d’occasion’, or ‘the cream of the               Prairie Provinces                                                                       23
    crop’ when it comes to used vehicles, and
                                                               Congratulations	to	all	of	you!	By	continually	running	CarProof	reports	on	your	inventory,	you	have	joined	
    a CarProof report puts customers at ease,                  thousands	of	other	dealers	across	the	country	who	are	using	Canada’s	best	tool	to	help	you	meet	and	
    while giving them a more enjoyable used                    exceed	the	sales	targets	you’ve	set	for	your	dealership.
    car buying experience overall.”
                                                               We	thank	you	and	we	look	forward	to	serving	you!
                                Denis Leclerc
                       President (Président)
                        Mazda Albi Le Géant                                                                                                                130 Dufferin Ave., Suite 204
                                                                                                                                                                London, ON, N6A 5R2
          “The Biggest Mazda Dealer in the                                                                                                               
                                      World”                                                                                                                          866.835.8612 p
                                                                                                                                                                      519.675.1043 F

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