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									25' to 30'+ Height                                                                                            page 5

Deciduous Trees
          Common                          Scientific               Recommended     Native   Height   Width   Overhead
           Name                            Name                       Cultivar     Plant    in FT    in FT    Utilities

Trident Maple                 Acer buergeranum                                               25       20        
Hedge Maple                   Acer campestre                    Queen Elizabeth              30       30        
Rocky Mountain Maple          Acer glabrum                                                   25       15        
Japanese Maple                Acer palmatum                                                  25       25        
Crimson Sentry Maple          Acer platanoides                  Crimson Sentry               25       15        
Pacific Sunset Maple          Acer truncatum x A. platanoides   Warrenred                    30       25
Red Horse Chestnut            Aesculus x carnea                 Briotti                      30       35
Cornelian Cherry              Cornus mas                                                     25       20        
Thornless Cockspur Hawthorn   Crataegus crus-galli              Inermis                      25       25        
Black Hawthorn                Crataegus douglasii                                           30       20        
Crimson Cloud Hawthorn        Crataegus laevigata               Crimson Cloud                25       18        
Lavalle Hawthorn              Crataegus x lavallei                                           28       20        
Washington Hawthorn           Crataegus phaenopyrum                                          25       20        
Carolina Silverbells          Halesia carolina                                               30       20        
Goldenrain Tree               Koelreuteria paniculata                                        30       30        
Merrill Magnolia              Magnolia x loebneri               Merrill                      25       25
Tschonoskii Crabapple         Malus tschonoskii                                              28       14        
Persian Parrotia              Parrotia persica                                               30       20
Canada Red Chokecherry        Prunus virginiana                 Canada Red                   25       22
Sargent Cherry                Prunus sargentii                  Columnaris                   30       20        
Kwanzan Flowering Cherry      Prunus serrulata                  Kwanzan                      30       20
Autumn Flowering Cherry       Prunus subhirtella                Autumnalis Rosea             25       20        
Spire Cherry                  Prunus x hillieri                 Spire                        30       10
Akebono Cherry                Prunus x yedoensis                Akebono                      25       25        
Cascara                       Rhamnus purshiana                                             30       25
Japanese Stewartia            Stewartia pseudocamellia                                       30       20        
Japanese Snowdrop             Styrax japonica                                                30       30
Fragrant Snowbell             Styrax obassia                                                 25       15        
25' to 30'+ Height                                                                     page 6

Deciduous Trees, cont.
                             Features                          Tolerant   Exposure    Soil type

red in fall                                                               S-PSh          all
low maintenance; yellow in fall                                           S-PSh          all
deep lobed leaves; orange/red in fall; red twigs                             S       well drained
fine-textured leaves; orange/ red in fall                                  S-PSh     well drained
purple leaves maroon in fall                                                S            all
orange/red in fall                                                          S       well drained
long rosy cluster; small variety; spiky nuts                                S            all
yellow flowers; red in fall                                                S-PSh          all
no thorns; orange fall color                                                S            all
white flowers, glossy black fruit, supports wildlife                       S-PSh          all
red flowers, fruit with star-shaped area in center                          S            all
white flowers, orange fruit                                                 S            all
white flowers, red fruit; orange/red in fall                                S            all
white/bell flowers                                                         S-PSh     well drained
yellow clusters                                                             S            all
white/pink flowers at early age                                            S-PSh          all
white flowers, greenish fruit                                               S            all
early flowers; mix of fall color                                           S-PSh     well drained
unusual bark; purple leaves; red in fall                                   S-PSh          all
single pink flowers; purple-black fruit in July; red in fall                 S            all
pink/double; hardiest Prunus serrulata; orange in fall                       S            all
semi-double/flowers in Nov & spring; yellow in fall                          S            all
soft pink flowers; orange/red in fall                                        S            all
delicate pink flowers; yellow in fall                                        S            all
bold leaf veins, small black fruit used by native birds                   S-PSh          all
white flowers; peeling bark;yellow red/purple in fall                     S-PSh     moist acidic
fragrant pendant white flowers                                             S-PSh          all
fragrant flowers in summer                                                S-PSh          all

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