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A fund to support sustainable food systems


									 A fund to support sustainable food systems

“…Acres and acres of crops were swept away, many
of them just on the brink of maturity. In 24 hours, we
had lost a third of our entire season’s work… The word
‘bankruptcy’ was in the air… And then word came that
help was on the way... the lead horse of the cavalry,
carrying the highest and brightest flag, was the Sow the
Seeds Fund…I was reduced to tears of gratitude.”

   Jack Hedin, Featherstone Fruits & Vegetables

                The STory                      of      Sow           The        SeedS fund

      he Sow the Seeds Fund initiative supports                     how much the support of Sow the Seeds and its
      sustainable food systems in the Upper                         contributors has meant to us... I am humbled
      Midwest. Sow the Seeds is a project of                        by your generosity. Your energy has renewed
The Wedge Community Co-op and the Institute                         my optimism, at a time when that warm April
for Agriculture and Trade Policy in Minneapolis.                    breeze seems distant… I offer my most heartfelt
                                                                    thanksgiving to Sow the Seeds and to every-
In August 2007, massive “once-in-500-year”                          one who supported the Fund with contributions,
storms hit southeast Minnesota, southwest                           large and small.”
Wisconsin and northeast Iowa. Some areas
received over 20 inches of rain in a three-day                      With the 2007 flood relief effort now concluded,
period. These floods were disasterous for many                      the Sow the Seeds Fund will continue to sup-
farmers in the region. In fact, for many produc-                    port local sustainable food systems in the Up-
ers the devastation threatened to end to their                      per Midwest. In 2008, Sow the Seeds will sup-
farming careers. Espe-                                                                        port season extension
cially hit hard were or-                                                                      strategies that enable
ganic and sustainable                                                                         fruit and vegetables
farmers who raise crops                                                                       to be grown in our
and livestock products                                                                        Northern climate for a
for local markets in the                                                                      longer portion of the
upper Midwest.                                                                                year. Season exten-
                                                                                              sion can help expand
In response to the                                                                            our area’s supply of
floods, the Wedge and                                                                         fresh, locally grown
IATP launched a special                                                                       produce while offer-
“Sow the Seeds” flood                                                                         ing new opportunities
relief effort within just a                                                                   to interested farmers.
few weeks of the storm.                                                                       You can learn more
Retail food co-ops, res-                                                                      about Sow the Seeds
taurants, churches and                                                                        at www.sowtheseeds-
nonprofit organizations                                                              or by calling
collected donations from hundreds of donors.                        JoAnne Berkenkamp, IATP’s Program Director
Foundations and businesses took notice and                          for Local Foods, at 612-870-3410.
generously contributed as well.

A committee of agricultural and community
leaders reached out to affected farmers and re-
viewed producer applications for financial aid.
In just five months, over $390,000 was raised
and distributed to 31 area farmers who applied                                “Nothing can really prepare you for 22 inches
for support.                                                                  of rain in a couple of weeks. Slopping through
                                                                              the rain day after day with soggy produce
                                                                              takes its toll. You begin to feel as if the whole
The timely aid from the Sow the Seeds Fund
                                                                              world is against you. Then you learn of people
allowed farmers to buy hay to feed their live-                                like yourselves who take notice, who sympa-
stock through the winter and repair fences in                                 thize, who want to do what it takes to help…
their pastures. Others used the support to re-                                The money that was granted to us through
pay loans and outstanding bills, clear fields of                              Sow the Seeds will go a long way to help us
debris or replaced damaged equipment. The lo-                                 recover our losses from the flooding. A thou-
                                                                              sand thank you’s for all you have done...”
cal farmers who received financial assistance in-
clude vegetable and fruit growers, organic dairy
and beef farms, a goat cheese maker and an
ice cream producer, and producers of hazelnuts,
turkeys and chickens.                                                             -Rufus Haucke, Keewaydin Farms
As one producer told us later, “I can’t tell you
       Photo by Dave Noelle in Egin, MN and submitted to
                         organizaTional donorS
Foundations                                        Businesses

Bradshaw-Knight Foundation                          Behr’s USA Floorin
Ceres Foundation                                    Birchwood Café
Ceres Trust                                         Common Roots Café
Chizek Family Foundation,                           Corner Table Restaurant
in honor of Kris Diller                             Courtier’s Pepin Heights
The Pugsley Fund of The HRK Foundation              Cropp Co-op, Organic Valley Midwest
                                                    Edible Twin Cities
Coops                                               First Unitarian Universalist Church
                                                    Florida Bottling, Inc.
Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation            French Meadow Bakery
Members, Shoppers & Staff of Food Cooperatives      Gardens of Eagan
Cook County Whole Foods Co-op                       Grace Presbyterian Church
Eastside Food Co-op                                 Heartland Food Network/Minnesota Project
Just Food                                           Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
Linden Hills Community Co-op                        Kickapoo Valley Friends Meeting
Lakewinds Natural Foods                             Land Stewardship Project
Marquette Food Co-op                                Leading Edge Review
Menomonie Market Food Co-op                         Liberation Park
Mississippi Market                                  Lucia’s Restaurant
National Cooperative Grocers Association            Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Services
Oneota Community Co-op                              Mill City Farmers Market
Outpost Natural Foods Co-op                         Minnesota Council of Churches
People’s Food Cooperative                           MULCH/Macalester College
River Market Community Co-op                        Nature’s Path Foods
Seward Co-op                                        New Connections Marketing Group
St. Peter Co-op and Deli                            Organic Trade Association
Stevens Point Area Co-op                            Pamela’s Products
Valley Natural Foods                                PastureLand
Viroqua Food Cooperative                            Peace Coffee
The Wedge Food Co-op                                Prospect Park United Methodist Church
Wheatsville Food Co-op                              Renaissance on the River
Whole Foods Community Co-op                         Renewing the Countryside
Willy Street Co-op                                  Riverbend Farm
                                                    Slow Food Minnesota
                                                    St. James Episcopal Church
                                                    St. Martin’s Table
                                                    Theatre Du Mississippi
                                                    United Church of Christ
                                                    United Natural Foods West
                                                    US Equities Realty
                                                    Western Insurance Agency
                                                    Whole Foods Market

                                     Special ThankS
              To The   Sow   The   SeedS Flood RelieF adviSoRy commiTTee
                Jean Andreasen, Pastureland; George Boody, Land Stewardship Project;
              Amy Fields, Eastside Food Co-op; Jan Joannides, Renewing the Countryside;
  Faye Jones, Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service; Jai Kellum, Avalanche Organics;
        Chris Morton, Minnesota Council of Churches; Scott Pampuch, Corner Table Restaurant;
               Trish Johnson, Heartland Food Network; Greg Reynolds, Riverbend Farm.
                                           individual donorS
Elaine Allen & Bryan Kingsriter   Robert Esse                       Margaret & Richard La Martina     Ronald Rengel
Patricia Allen-Unger              Cavan Fang & Kristen Parrott      Katherine Laing                   Sarah Rhee
Jonathan Allinder                 Willard Fantle                    Jeanne Lakso                      Mary Ring
Emily Anderson                    Drue Fergison                     Dian Land                         William & Janet Rois
Elizabeth Anderson                Amy Fink                          Amy Lange & Jane Newman           Robert Roos
Barbara Anderson                  Charlotte Finley                  Edward Langerak                   Dorothy Rosemeier
Jennifer Anderson                 Curry First                       Leah Larson                       Earl Rosenwinkel
David & Susan Anderson            Dennis Fiser                      Rita Lawless                      Kathleen Rude
George Andre & Lynn Welles        Daniel Frankowski                 Christopher Ledesma
                                                                                                      Bonnie Russ
Nancy Andrews                     Muriel & Dan French               Summer Lewis
                                                                                                      Patricia Sadowski
Mary Askin                        Clifford Frey                     Sarah Lilja
Elizabeth Atkinson                Richard Fuller                    Nancy Lindsay                     Karen Sandberg
Glenn Austin                      Cheryl Fuller                     Jim Longen                        Nick Scheibel & Elizabeth Cavert
Frank & Annliv Bacon              Kendra Ann Gerring                Jim Lovestar                      Sarah Scheiber
Jeffrey Bader                     Tamara Goldstein Root             Josh Mailman                      Jan Schilling
Georgia Bailey                    Terry Grant                       Gregory Makepeace                 Pat Schoenecker & Douglas
Elizabeth Baker                   Claire Gray                       Lisa Malmarowski                  Shoemaker
Andrew Balinsky                   Nell Green Nylen                  Brooke Manley                     Jennifer Schulz
Rachel Banken                     Carol Greenwood                   Patricia Manthey                  Miriam Segall
Lindy Bannister                   Karol Gresser                     L. & M. Maris                     Sima Shahriar
Robert Barnett                    Gail & Lawrence Gresser-Pitsch    Sarah Marquardt                   Connie Shannon
Edward Bartholic                  Lynn Groebner                     John & Connie Marty               Kelly Shea
Barbara Basaj                     Norman Gross & Laurie Nelsen      Michael McCabe                    David Shea
Timothy Beattie                   Andrea Gundersen                  David McCarthy                    Tracy Singleton
Robert Beaumier                   Mary Gutknecht                    Margo McCreary
                                                                                                      Kerry Skelton
Jed & Joyce Becker                Lisa Hadler                       Peter McDonnell
                                                                                                      Elizabeth Slocum
Erika Beetcher                    Janis Hall                        Regina McGoff & Kevin Sullivan
Linda Bergh & Jack Heckelman      John Hamilton                     William McGrath                   Jason Smalley
Brenda Berglund                   Anne Hanley                       Pamela & Keith McKenna            Annette Kay Smith
JoAnne Berkenkamp                 Melanie Hanson                    Jeanie McKewan                    Brett & Kathy Smith
Shayla Boger                      Lia Harris                        John Mclaughlin                   Susanne Smith
Carol Bouska                      Laura Hartog                      Patti McPhillips                  Kendra Smith-Howard
Jaime Bowen                       Holly Hatch-Surisook              Pam Mehnert                       Michael Sodomka & Peggy Pond
Radhika Bradley                   Eric Hatting                      Karl Meller                       Terry Solomon
Philip Bradley                    David Henseler                    Richard Metcalf                   Irene St. Onge
Nancy Braun                       Patricia & Gregg Hickey           Renee Mettes                      Anna Stange
Bill Brazier                      Tasha Hock                        Erv Miller & Marie Wynne Miller   Elanor Starmer
Charlotte Brooker & Gene Mam-     Lisa Hoelle                       Joe Mingle                        Dwayne & Deann Stenlund
menga                             Alan & Judy Hoffman               Denise Mitchell                   Ronald Stevens
Margaret Brownell                 Ruth & Fred Hopkins               Ruth Moline                       Jill Stevens
Mark & Kathryn Brutinel           Paula Horner                      Karen Monsen
                                                                                                      Leslie Stewart
Cynthia Burns                     David Hubka                       Karen Montgomery
                                                                                                      Cindy Stimmler
M. Rita Capes                     A.S. Huesmann                     Cathy Morgan
Carolyn Carr                      Sarah & Hussein Idowu             Nancy Morris                      Nancy Stumpf
Marcia Caton Campbell             Kathryn Iverson                   Marianne Moulson                  Suzanne Sullivan
Deborah Cavanaugh-Grant           Dana Jackson                      Jones Moynihan                    Suzanne Swanson
Elizabeth Cermak                  Elinor Jacobsen                   Betty Mullendore                  Steven Szymanski
Laureen Chagnon                   Barbara Janssen                   Gerald & Patricia Neal            Jason Tanzman
Denise Chevalier                  Barbara Jenkin                    David Nelson                      Darryl Thomas & Valerie Berg-
Wanda Christensen                 Debra Jessen                      Joyce and Eric Nelson             man
Heather Clark                     Leonard Jessen                    Nicole Neuharth                   Jo Thompson
Darlene Coffman                   Cheryl Johnson                    Andrew Nicholas                   David Tidball
Paul & Jeanette Coleman           Todd Johnson                      Mabel & Terence Nichols           Heidi Timer
Timothy & Pamela Corcoran         Marilyn Johnson                   Christopher Nolan                 Delores Timmerman
Jane Kurzawa Cravey               Heidi Joos                        Barbara Norblom                   Elizabeth Tisel
Kathleen Crittenden               Timothy Kane                      Brian Noy                         Hank Tomlinson
Karen & Charles Dahl              Mark Kastel                       Ann Occhiato
                                                                                                      Vicki Trotter
Piyali Dalal & Justin Felicetta   Geri Katz                         Joan O’Connor
                                                                                                      Patricia Trotter
Jennifer Dalsen                   Allen Keating-Moore               Lynn Olson
Martha Davis Kipcak               Gwendolyn Keith                   Joe & Nancy Paddock               Paula Tsurutani
Nicole de Beaufort                EJ Kelley                         Martin Patrick                    Mark & Rosemarie Voigt
Robert & Jean De Vita             Christina Kelly & Mark Trollope   Jane Pearlmutter                  Susan VonBank
Tamara Dean                       Kathryn Kienholz                  Virginia Pearson                  Catherine Weber
Mindy Desens                      Janet Kincaid                     Patricia Peine                    Christy Wheasler-Davis & John
Alberta Dhillon                   Naomi Kind                        Judith Penhiter                   Davis
Mary Doerr                        Robert Kinney                     Diane Percival                    Paul White
Gary Doughman                     Jan Kleinman                      Roy & Barbara Peterson            Bonnie Wideman
Peter Dowd                        Sarah Klingsporn                  Mary Jude & Ken Peterson          William Wilcke
Tricia Du Saint                   Margaret Knoke                    Mary & Doug Pierce                Molly Woehrlin
Linda Duggleby                    Everett & Rosemary Koenig         Margaret Plummer-Steen            Amy Wordelman & Eric Loehr
Mia Dunn                          Jason Koffman                     Stanley Pollock & Leslie Foote    Patrick Yeakey
Ann Duntley                       Donna Koren                       Sue Ponsford                      Donald Young
Scott Edelstein                   Starla Krause                     George Pryor
                                                                                                      David Zook
Nathan & Charlene Elderkin        Matt Kresl                        Eleanor Quint
Ian & Elizabeth Ellis             Keith Kuffel                      Bonnie Rath
Ellen Emerson                     Joan Kwiathowski                  Frieda Raver
                                                                    Judith Reisman

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