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               You're Feeding the h ungrY in our C o mmu n i tY !

                                                                                   Children have
                                                                                    Plenty to eat
                                                                                      Because of You!
                                                                    …see inside for stories of lives changed by your compassion.
                                                    Fighting Summer hunger

                                                         School is out and it’s time to play! Thousands of North Central Texas
                                                     children have been anxiously anticipating this time of year.

                                                         However, not everyone in our community is looking forward to
                                                     summer. In fact, summer can be the most difficult time of the year for the
                                                     families of children who depend on free and reduced-price meals at school.
           BO sODerBergh                             When schools are closed for the summer, many parents have to work even
           executive Director
                                                     harder to provide the meals their children had been receiving at school.

                                                         Children should not have to go hungry just because school is out.
                                                     That’s why Tarrant Area Food Bank is committed to fighting summer
                                                     hunger – with your help. Through the support of friends like you, we are
                                                     able to distribute food to a variety of summer feeding programs that offer
                                                     nutritious food to those in need.

                                                        I am so thankful for you and your continued support of the fight to end
                                                     hunger here in our community. Because you care, more parents don’t have to
                                                     worry about how to provide for their children during the summer months.
                                                     You’re giving thousands of North Central Texas families the chance to keep
                                                     food on the table this summer.

                                                            Thank you for your compassion for our neighbors in need.

   Board of Directors
              Officers                                   DirectOrs                               Joe Gallagher                      Barry richardson,
         John Quiroz, President                                                         Cook Children’s Health Care System         Keene & Associates, Inc.
                                                           larry anfin
Neighborhood Housing Services of North Texas        Coors Distributing Company                                                        Goldie rhone
                                                                                                 todd hayes
      Jenny Moore, President elect                                                      American Distribution & Logistics       Capital One Banking Services
                                                          Kenneth Barr
          Community Volunteer                              Consulting                                                                   Jim Sonnen
                                                                                                  Corey hines
           Scott Bagg, treasurer                                                                                                       Sonnen Services
                                                         Chad Blakeman                              Carrier
    Bagg Insurance & Financial Solutions              Blakeman Transportation                                                           leo taylor
                                                                                        h.W. (Bill) Johnson - (retired)      Wortham Insurance Risk Management
         ann Farmer, Secretary                          levonne Collins                     Community Volunteer
      Human Resources, Tarrant County          ConAgra Fort Worth (Ranch Style Beans)                                                  Melinda veatch
     Fernando Costa, Past President                                                             austin Jourde                Tarrant Area Community of Churches
  Planning Department, City of Fort Worth               lyn dart, Ph.d.                      Central Market H-E-B
                                                                                                                                    Princeton Williams
                                                     Texas Christian University
                                                                                               angela Kaufman                   Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
                                                     Mary deaton - (retired)                Texas Christian University
                                                      Community Volunteer
                                                                                              rita Mirabel-McGee
                                                             Jay Fry                               Stewart Title
                                                            Frost Bank
  2                                                                                              Stacy Posey
                                                                                              Community Volunteer
you BrinG relieF
           to Families
	 This	summer,	thousands	of	parents	in	our	community	         school	meal	program,	Louisa	now	has	eight	more	meals	per	
will	face	the	challenge	of	providing	the	meals	for	their	     day	to	provide	for	her	family.
children	that	they	had	been	receiving	in	their	school’s	
cafeteria	through	the	free	and	reduced-price	meal	program.	   	 Your	gifts	to	the	Food	Bank	have	made	it	possible	for	
                                                              thousands	of	families	just	like	Louisa’s	to	have	plenty	of	
	 Louisa	is	one	of	these	parents.	She’s	a	single	mother	      food	this	summer.	Because	of	you,	parents	have	a	way	to	
raising	three	of	her	own	children	and	her	young	cousin,	      provide	those	missing	meals.	And	they’re	so	grateful	for	the	
all	of	whom	are	on	the	free	and	reduced-price	school	meal	    relief	you	give.
program.	Now	that	school	is	out	for	the	summer,	she	has	to	
find	another	way	to	provide	food	for	her	children.           	 “Thank	you	so	much!”	says	Louisa.	“You	help	more	than	
                                                             you	even	know.”
	 Louisa	used	to	work	as	a	Certified	Nurse’s	Assistant.	But	
an	accident	two	years	ago	left	her	with	severe	arthritis	in	                              “You help more
her	spine,	forcing	her	to	leave	her	job.	She’s	currently	                                 than you even
studying	medical	billing	and	coding	so	that	she	
can	work	from	home,	but	right	now	her	only	                                                 know”
income	is	a	monthly	disability	check.	It’s	not	
enough	to	pay	all	the	bills	and	buy	food.	Now	
that	summer	is	here	and	the	children	are	out	
of	school,	Louisa	is	grateful	she’s	found	help	to	
feed	them.

	 Louisa	is	able	to	take	home	nutritious	
groceries	for	her	family	when	she	needs	them	
most	from	Arlington	Charities,	a	Tarrant	
Area	Food	Bank	Partner	Agency.	She	says	it’s	
especially	helpful	during	the	summer	months	
when	her	children	aren’t	receiving	free	meals		
at	school.	

	 “It’s	really	rough	trying	to	buy	food	and	pay	
the	bills,”	she	says.	“But	this	really	helps!”

	 Louisa	is	so	grateful	for	the	food	she	
receives	from	Arlington	Charities.	She	says	
that	having	groceries	to	take	home	helps	
                                                               Louisa’s youngest daughter, darrion
stretch	her	budget	even	further	now	that	
summer	is	here.	With	four	children	on	the	
              thank You for Fighting                                                                                                         Save the Date!

                                                   Summer hunger!                                                                            ¡adiós, hunger!
                                                                                                                                             June 5
                                                                                                                                             Come celebrate hunger Awareness day with the Food Bank at ¡Adios
                                                                                                                                             hunger! presented by Albertson’s! enjoy authentic tex-mex cuisine from
                                                                                                                                             Joe t. garcia’s restaurant and Fiesta gardens in Fort Worth, dance to the
                                                                                                                                             sounds of trey & the tritones, and support hunger relief at this exciting
Many	North	Central	Texas	families	are	struggling	to	make	ends	meet	while	school	is	out	and	their	children	                                   annual event. tickets are $65 per person and $650 for a table of 10. For
                                                                                                                                             tickets or information, contact Susan Frye at (817) 332-9177, x110 or
aren’t	receiving	free	and	reduced-price	meals	in	the	cafeteria	everyday.	But	thanks	to	you,	thousands	of	children	                 
and	their	families	will	have	nutritious	food	on	the	table	all	summer	long.	You	feed	our	neighbors	of	all	ages!
                                                                                                                                             Summer Cash and Canned Food Drives
                                                                                                                     Seniors are so          now – august
                                                                                                                     grateful for the        Food drives are a great way for co-workers, churches, social service
                                                                                                                     help you give           organizations and other groups to support hunger relief in our community.
                                                                                                                                             Food drives are especially important during the summer months to feed
                                                                                                                                             children who aren’t receiving free and reduced-price meals from the school
                                                      Children have full                                                                     cafeteria. Call to schedule your drive today! Contact Susan Frye at (817)
                                                      stomachs because                                                                       332-9177, x110 or
                                                      of you
                                                                                                                                             Calling all artists!
      You’re keeping                                                                                                                         help paint hand-crafted bowls for next year’s empty Bowls! Volunteers can
      teens nourished                                                                                                                        come show off their craftsmanship at hart Street Pottery between 10 a.m.
      all summer long                                                                                                                        and 7 p.m. the second thursday of every month until december (excluding
                                                                                                                                             november). Proprietor and artisan Janet rodriguez will provide the bowls
                                                                                                                                             and glaze, but donations to offset expenses are greatly appreciated.
                                                                                                                                             the studio is located at 6346 hart Street in east Fort Worth. For more
                                                                                                                                             information, call 800-805-7222.

                                                                                                                                             thank You!
                                                                                                                                             empty Bowls 2007 Presented by tom thumb
                                                                                                                                                           our 5th Annual empty Bowls, held February 16, was a
                                                                                                                                                           huge success! more than 1,200 bowls were donated by
                                                                                                                                                           local potters and artisans, and 1,300 guests enjoyed a
                                                                                                                                                           variety of savory soups donated by our gracious sponsors.
                                                                                                                                                           the event raised more than $70,000!
                                                                                                                                                           We’d like to thank our generous sponsors for their
                                                                                                                                                           involvement in this special event: tom thumb, Americredit,
                                                                                                                                                           helen irwin Littauer education trust at Bank of America,
                                                                                                                                                           Frost Bank, Jere robertson, and Betty, Keith and Preston
                                                                            Your gifts mean                                                                rogers. in-kind sponsors include WBAP 820 talk radio,
                                                                            healthy meals at                                                               WFAA-tV, texas Pottery Supply & Clay Company and
                                                                            senior centers                           You provide groceries                 trinity Ceramic Supply. thank you!
                                                                                                                     for those in need
                                                                                                                                             Stamp out hunger
                                                                                                                                             the national Association of Letter Carriers set a new record for their
                                                                                                                                             15th Annual “Stamp out hunger” Food drive may 12, raising more than
                                                                                                                                             213,000 pounds of food – double their efforts from last year! this is the
                                                                                                                                             largest one-day food drive both nationally and for the Food Bank. We’d
                                                                                                                                             like to thank Campbell Soup and Kroger for helping to make this year’s
                                                                                                                                             food drive such a success!

  4                                                                                                                                                                                                                5
thank You to
our volunteerS!                                    Corinne Dillon:
  the Food Bank honored more than
2,000 volunteers at a special Volunteer
Appreciation reception on April 26.
                                                   helPing Fill
Awards for exceptional community
service were presented to three
dedicated individuals and one school
                                                   emPtY BowlS
district. We’d like to recognize these             Corinne and her husband, Bob
outstanding recipients and thank them
for their ongoing efforts to help those in
need in north Central texas:
  Fernando Costa, director of
planning for the city of Fort Worth and
immediate past president of the Food
Bank board of directors, was presented
the debby Brown Volunteer of the
Year Award for his six faithful years of
  Janet rodriguez, ceramics artist
and owner of hart Street Pottery Studio
in east Fort Worth, received the Pattie
Verkamp Volunteer Fundraising Award
for creative leadership in volunteer
   Patricia Bellingham received the                	 Volunteering	is	a	big	part	of	Corinne	Dillon’s	life.	Not	only	has	she	found	a	way	to	have	fun	
ima Strain Volunteer Award for long-               and	meet	new	friends,	but	after	experiencing	the	kindness	of	others	in	her	own	life,	she’s	found	a	
term dedication and commitment as a                way	to	give	back.	
Food Bank volunteer.
                                                   	 Corinne	had	a	kidney	transplant	four	years	ago.	She	says	that	through	that	experience,	she	
  Finally, the Fort worth Parent                   learned	a	lot	about	the	value	of	helping	others.
teachers association (Pta)
and the students, teachers and                     	 “There	were	a	lot	of	people	who	helped	me	along	the	way,”	she	says.	“I	would	not	be	where	I	
administration of the Fort worth                   am	today	if	it	weren’t	for	the	help	of	other	people.”	
independent School District were
                                                   	 Because	of	the	kindness	and	generosity	others	showed	her	during	that	time,	Corinne	and	her	
presented the Pat mohler Award for
                                                   husband	Bob	have	been	even	more	motivated	to	give	back	to	the	community.	For	the	past	two	
their exceptional leadership of annual
                                                   years,	Corinne	has	been	volunteering	her	time	and	talents	at	Tarrant	Area	Food	Bank	in	several	
food drives benefiting the Food Bank.
                                                   capacities.	She	works	in	the	office	every	Thursday	and	has	chaired	the	silent	auction	at	Empty	
   We are so grateful to these and                 Bowls	two	years	in	a	row.	This	year,	she	helped	raise	$5,300	through	the	silent	auction	to	help	those	
all of our faithful volunteers for their           in	need.
commitment to fighting hunger in our
                                                   	 “Every	year	Empty	Bowls	gets	even	better...which	is	wonderful	because	it	helps	raise	more	funds	
community. thank you!
                                                   to	feed	more	people!”	Corinne	says.	“It’s	nice	to	be	a	part	of	something	that’s	for	a	good	cause	and	
                                                   where	everyone	is	having	fun.”
                                                   	 Corinne	says	her	experience	volunteering	has	not	only	been	a	fun	way	to	spend	her	time,	but	it’s	
volunteer oPPortunitieS:                           shown	her	what	a	difference	she	can	make	just	by	lending	a	hand.	
tarrant area Food Bank has many opportunities
to volunteer. if you or a group you’re a part of   	 “I	feel	as	if	in	some	tiny	way	I’m	helping	the	hungry	where	I	live,”	she	says.	“If	we	all	chip	in,	
would like to know more about how you can          the	world	will	be	a	better	place	for	all	of	us.”
serve those in need in our community, please       	 Corinne	adds	that	one	of	the	best	outcomes	of	volunteering	is	realizing	you	often	gain	just	as	
contact Joann Biggers at (817) 332-9177, x109
                                                   much	as	you	give,	and	she	hopes	that	others	in	our	community	will	experience	this	first-hand.
                                                   	 “I	would	really	encourage	everyone	to	get	involved,	whether	you	write	a	check	or	volunteer	to	
                                                   do	hands-on	work,”	she	says.	“You’ll	get	back	far	more	than	you	give!”	
                                                   	 We	are	so	thankful	for	our	many	dedicated	volunteers	like	Corinne.	Your	time,	talents	and	
                                                   efforts	allow	us	to	serve	thousands	of	those	in	need	in	our	community.	Thank	you!
                                   Memorials and In Honor Of Gifts
  A gift to tarrant Area Food Bank in memory of or in honor of a loved one is such a meaningful way to pay tribute to that person and at the
  same time provide nourishment to people in need right here in our community. thank you to those who have made contributions in this way.

  in MeMory oF:                         Elizabeth	Ruth	(Beth)	Hanmer	         	 in honor oF GiFtS:                  Nikki	Johnson	
  Celesta	Anderson	                       Ms. Helga Gerlinger                 Backpacks	for	Kids	volunteers	        	 Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Isgur,
  	 Ms. Patricia Wellington             Charles	Ivie		                        from	Agape	Metropolitan	                Isgur Insurance Group

  Doris	Anderson	                        Dr. and Mrs. Sidney Worsham          Community	Church	of		                 Dr.	Frances	Lonergan	
  	 Mrs. Marcella Argir                 Georgia	Mae	Jenkins	                  Fort	Worth	        	                  	 Dr. Yagya Kapila
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Hassell               Ms. Gail Gore and                  Brett	McCheng	
  Paul	Balint,	Jr.	PFC	U.S.	Army	                                                Ms. Evelyn Brown
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark Reljac            Robert	Johnston	 	                                                          	 Dr. Yagya Kapila
                                          Mr. Tommy Gore                      Nicole	Bergamini’s	Birthday	          Dr.	Kriss	Myers	
  Oliver	Barnes	                                                                Ms. Lexi Arnold
  	 Ms. Carla Harding                   Jack	Journey	       	                                                       	 Dr. Yagya Kapila
                                                                                Ms. Melanie Barron
  Donald	Bellingham	                    	 Anonymous                             Ms. Vicky Johnson                   Haward	and	Jean	Rector	 	
  	 Mrs. Patricia Bellingham            William	and	Juanda	Kelly	               Mr. and Mrs. Rich Simon               Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Isgur,
                                        	 Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Tatom            Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Stutts          Isgur Insurance Group
  Vella	Jean	Bramson	on	Her	
                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Mark Sutherland        Jere	Robertson	
  Birthday	                             Albert	Raymond	Klein	
  	 Mr. Mark Bramson                    	 Harbison-Fischer                    Jean	Brodeur	   	             	       	 Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Campbell
                                          Manufacturing Co.                   	 Ms. Mary Hamilton                      Ms. Jane Monell
  Harry	Burns	
  	 Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Isgur,          Joseph	P.	Kubat	                      Dr.	Kathleen	Brooks	          		      Dr.	Kavita	Shah	
    Isgur Insurance Group               	 Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Isgur,          	 Dr. Yagya Kapila                    	 Dr. Yagya Kapila

  Donna	Carr	                             Isgur Insurance Group               Barbara	Burger’s	Birthday	            Harry	and	Karen	Watson	
  	 Mr. Stanley Carr                    Genevive	Lewanowshi	                  	 Ms. Desiree Hershon                 	 Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Isgur,
                                        	 Ms. Susan Leikam                                                            Isgur Insurance Group
  Willie	and	Alberta	Cooper	                                                  Dr.	and	Mrs.	Robert	S.	Capper		
  	 Ms. Carol Cooper                    L.	P.	Lux	                            	 Mr. Scott McDonald                  Mr.	Jason	Wood	
                                        	 Ms. Mary Lux                        Dr.	Chambers	                         	 Br. Michael S. Frank Price,
  Bessy	Credick	  	                                                                                                   CPMO
                                                                              	 Dr. Yagya Kapila
    Mrs. Pamela McQueary                Andrew	Marriott	 	
                                          Anonymous                           Dr.	Todd	Cowan	                       Mr.	Cleveland	Young	
  Floyd	and	Pearl	Deleon	                                                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Norman Stemple
                                                                              	 Dr. Yagya Kapila
    Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Deleon           Jack	O’Bien	
                                        	 Anonymous                           William	S.	and	Mitzy	Davis	           Edman	R.	Zink	
  Richard	Diehl	                                                                                                    	 Ms. Denise Zink
                                                                              	 Mr. Scott McDonald
    Anonymous                           Frank	E.	Parker	
                                        	 Dr. and Mrs. Sidney Worsham         Emma	and	Bill	Early	
  Richard	Dulaney	
                                                                              	 Mrs. Estil Vance
    Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Isgur,          Daniel	Ramirez	
    Isgur Insurance Group               	 Ms. Rita Cooper, Transystems        Mr.	and	Mrs.	Allen	Gartner	
                                          Corps.                              	 Ms. Deborah Shelton
  Lavere	Dupuy	
    Anonymous                           Warren	Rimby	                         Dr.	Pedro	Gonzales	           	
                                        	 Ms. Ann Ryan                         Dr. Yagya Kapila
  Dr.	Lee	Forshay	
   Mr. and Mrs. David Reeves            Jean	Simrin	                          Mr.	and	Mrs.	Dewayne	Hevelone	
                                        	 Ms. V. G. Manteiga                   Mr. and Mrs. James Hevelone
  William	Franklin	Gilpin	
   Ms. Estelle Gilpin                   Mr.	William	R.	Vahrenkamp	            Camile	Hexsel	and	Heath	Fock’s	
                                         Ms. Evelyn Latimer                   Wedding	
  Mrs.	Mildred	Giordano	
                                                                              	 Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Chavern
   Anonymous                            Juanita	Bredt	Westley	
   Mrs. Amy Percy                       	 Ms. Rosa Ortega, Lockheed           Ms.	Abigail	Hyman	
                                          Martin                              	 Ms. Laurie James and
  Dolores	Grimany	
                                                                                Kaylie James
   Ms. V. G. Manteiga                   Frank	and	Thelma	Wren	
                                        	 Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Deleon	

If	you	would	like	to	give	a	Memorial	or	a	gift	in	honor	of	a	loved	one,	please	send	it	to	Tarrant	Area	Food	Bank,	2600	Cullen	Street,	Fort	Worth,	
Texas	76107.	Please	indicate	whether	it	is	a	Memorial	or	In	Honor	Of	gift	and	include	the	name	of	your	loved	one	and	an	address	where	we	may	
send	an	acknowledgement	of	your	gift.

you help Children
                          FeeL At home
	 This	summer,	Peggy	and	Terry’s	children	are	gearing	up	            	 “There’s	
for	summer	camp,	playtime	with	friends	and	Vacation	Bible	           no	telling	how	
School	just	like	so	many	other	North	Central	Texas	children.	        much	these	kids	
But	this	family	is	a	little	different.	                              eat	every	week!”	
                                                                     she	says.
	 For	16	years,	Peggy	and	Terry	have	welcomed	dozens	of	
disadvantaged	children	into	their	home.	They	serve	as	house	         	 Fortunately,	
parents	through	Christ’s	Haven	for	Children,	a	Tarrant	Area	         Peggy	and	the	
Food	Bank	Partner	Agency	in	Keller.	                                 other	house	
                                                                     parents	at	
	 Children	are	privately	placed	by	their	parents	with	Christ’s	      Christ’s	Haven	
Haven	when	their	parents	aren’t	able	to	take	care	of	them.	          take	home	groceries	from	a	commissary	on	the	agency’s	
House	parents	like	Peggy	and	Terry	provide	a	safe	family	            campus.	Much	of	this	food	comes	from	the	Food	Bank	–	with	
environment	for	these	children	until	the	biological	parents	are	     the	help	of	your	gifts!
able	to	get	back	on	their	feet.	
                                                                     	 “[Food]	is	one	thing	we’ve	never	had	to	worry	about	
                                                              	      because	of	the	Food	Bank	and	other	donors,”	says	Peggy.	“We	
                                                                     are	very,	very	appreciative!”	
                                                               	     	 Because	friends	like	you	give	so	generously,	families	like	
                                                                     Peggy’s	at	Christ’s	Haven	don’t	have	to	worry	about	how	to	
                                                                     put	enough	food	on	the	table	this	summer.	What	a	difference	
                                                                     you’re	making	in	the	lives	of	so	many	growing	kids!

                                                                               “thank you from the
	 Peggy	and	Terry	currently	care	for	eight	children	ages	7	to	
14.	Most	children	stay	with	them	for	about	a	year	and	a	half	
before	returning	to	their	biological	families.
                                                                                  of my heart!”
	 With	so	many	mouths	to	feed,	it	would	be	a	major	
challenge	for	Peggy	to	keep	enough	food	in	the	house	without	
help	–	especially	since	all	of	these	children	are	on	the	free	and	
reduced-price	school	meal	program.	Now	that	summer	is	
here,	the	children	aren’t	in	the	school	cafeteria	every	weekday	
and	that	means	Peggy	has	80	additional	meals	to	prepare	each	
                                                                                                           tarrant area Food Bank
                                                                                                           2600	Cullen	Street	
                                                                                                           Fort	Worth,	TX	76107

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