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									                                                                                                                              off road
                                                                                                                               INSURANCE DOCUMENTS

bike insurance                car insurance                    travel insurance                    home insurance

                        Carole Nash Insurance Consultants Limited
         Trafalgar House, 1 Manchester Road, Altrincham, Cheshire UK WA14 1NU
 Tel: 0800 298 5511 Fax: 0161 927 2404 email:
        Carole Nash Insurance Consultants Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.
                  Carole Nash is a registered trading style of Carole Nash Insurance Consultants Ltd.
                         Car and home insurance currently not available in Northern Ireland.
           Off road policies currently not available in Ireland. Calls may be recorded for training purposes.
                                                                                                           UK OFFROAD 03/07
Contents                                                              Welcome
COVER FACTFILE                  2-7   WORDING                  8-16                                              We hope you find this booklet useful in
                                                                      We are only too well aware that our
                                                                      continued success depends on               ensuring you get the most from your
Motorcycle Insurance             2    Definitions                10   delivering nothing short of excellence     Carole Nash insurance policy. Please
Car insurance                    2    SECTION 1                       to you, the policyholder. Indeed it is     do take the time to read it because it
                                      Cover for fire and theft   11   our unswerving commitment to the           contains vital information. It also
Home insurance                   3
                                                                      highest standards of personal service      details the many additional benefits
Travel insurance                 3    General exceptions         12   that has enabled us to become the UK       your policy offers. Thank you for
                                      Policy conditions          13   and Ireland’s biggest - and best -         choosing Carole Nash Insurance.
Making a claim                   4
                                                                      motorcycle insurance specialist, and a
Things we need to know           5    Complaints procedure       15   fast - growing force in the modern and
                                                                      classic car sector.
How do I renew?                  5
                                                                      We share and understand your passion,
Carole Nash terms of business    6
                                                                      which means we can deliver
                                                                      knowledgeable advice and, backed by        Allister Hill
                                                                      the latest technology, prompt and          Managing Director
                                                                      courteous service.                         Carole Nash Insurance Consultants Ltd.
                                                                      We also operate one of the best
                                                                      training and development programmes
                                                                      in the industry to ensure our staff are
                                                                      equipped with the broad range of skills
                                                                      necessary to deliver service excellence.
    Motorcycle Car                                                                       Home                                      Travel
    Insurance Insurance                                                                  Insurance                                 Insurance
    Around one in four bikers and one in       If you ride on two wheels and drive       Using our position as one of the UK’s     One of the latest additions to the
    three bikes on UK roads are insured        on four you can now protect both          biggest and most respected insurance      Carole Nash portfolio is great value
    with Carole Nash. We’ve reached that       your bike and car with Carole Nash.       intermediaries, we have secured both      European and worldwide travel
    market-leading position by                                                           excellent cover and highly competitive    insurance, which can cover you for
                                               Modelled on our long-established
    consistently providing the best value                                                home insurance rates from our panel       anything from basking on a
                                               “added-value” motorcycle policies and
    and specialist service to motorcyclists,                                             of leading insurers.                      sunsoaked beach, to touring across
                                               drawing upon the varied strengths of
    whatever bike they ride – from Honda                                                                                           continents.
                                               an extensive panel of insurers, our car   As you would expect from Carole Nash,
    C90s through to vintage Vincents.
                                               policies offer impressive cover with      our home policies provide a range of      As always, these offer extensive
    We have used our specialist expertise      many additional benefits included as      benefits as standard, including cover     protection with standard benefits
    and exercised our buying power with a      standard.                                 for the contents of your fridge and       including up to £10 million in medical
    wide panel of motorcycle underwriters,                                               freezer, Christmas and wedding gifts      expenses cover, plus cancellation,
                                               These include comprehensive
    to create a range of policies which                                                  and garden furniture and ornaments.       delay, personal effects and personal
                                               breakdown cover which comes with
    provide unrivalled protection and value.                                                                                       accident insurance.
                                               free roadside and home assistance,
                                               overnight hotel accommodation,                                                      Special provision is made for
                                               courtesy car, medical assistance, 24-                                               motorcyclists who can enjoy up to
                                               hour legal advice and onward travel to                                              £750 cover for helmets and leathers,
                                               your intended destination if your                                                   up to £250 for pannier contents and
                                               vehicle cannot be immediately                                                       are covered for riding a motorcycle - an
                                               repaired. In addition, each policy                                                  activity excluded as ‘dangerous’ by a
                                               includes up to £50,000 legal protection                                             number of travel insurers!
                                               insurance and European cover.
                                                                                                                                   Our size and strength means our cover
    All policies for road use include:
                                               For more information or a quote, call                                               and prices are more than a match for
    breakdown cover, homestart services
                                               us free on 0800 803 0550.                                                           high street travel agents, so why not
    and up to £50,000 legal protection
                                                                                                                                   give us a call on 0800 977 6876.
    insurance. The motorcycle cover also
    includes a free ‘Green Card’ for
    European travel.
                                                                                         Some policies also enable motorcyclists
    So, with Carole Nash you benefit from
                                                                                         to benefit from up to £1000 cover for
    a great combination of specialist
                                                                                         helmets and leathers, boots and gloves,
    knowledge, a whole range of great
                                                                                         up to £500 for motorcycle spare parts
    benefits as standard and the superb
                                                                                         or specialist tools and up to £250 for
    service which has made us the number
                                                                                         motorcycling memorabilia (all cover for
    one choice of UK bikers.
                                                                                         when items are within the home).
    For more information or a quote, call
                                                                                         For more information or a quote, call
    free on 0800 298 5500.
                                                                                         us free on 0800 977 6886.

2   off road                                                                                                                                                       off road      3
    POLICY DOCUMENT                                                                                                                                            POLICY DOCUMENT
    Making a                                                              Things we How do I
    Claim                                                                 Need to   Renew?
    We understand that experiencing a
    theft can be difficult, which is why
    our award-winning team is on hand
    to provide you with reassurance,
                                                                          Know                                    To ensure you continue to enjoy the
                                                                                                                  great value and service offered by
                                                                                                                  Carole Nash, we will write to you
                                                                                                                  shortly before your insurance is due
                                                                          To ensure your policy remains valid
    practical advice and assistance.                                      and provides you with the best          for renewal, to give you details of
                                                                          possible protection, it is important    your new quote and policy.
    Each member of our claims team has
    undergone thorough training on                                        that you advise us immediately of any   Then all you need do is call us free on
    insurance issues, which specifically                                  changes to your circumstances.          0800 298 5522, having to hand:
    affect motorcyclists. This allows                                     Important changes include:              • Your broker reference number (you
    us to ensure your claim is swiftly,
                                                                          • Occupation                              will find this on your renewal notice)
    sympathetically and professionally
    processed.                                                            • Change of address or vehicle          • Details of your debit or credit card
    Our ‘Talking Claims’ service, which won                               • Change of the vehicle’s registered
    Insurance Age’s ‘Claim Initiative of the                                keeper                                If you prefer, you can pay by cheque
    Year’ award 2004, removes much of                                                                             (made out to Carole Nash Insurance) by
    the inconvenience and hassle to you.                                  • Any vehicle modification              simply signing and returning your
                                                                          • Any non-motoring convictions          renewal form in the pre-paid envelope
    One call does it all. You simply call our
    claims hotline free on 0800 298 5533        To make a claim, simply   If your circumstances do change,
    and an experienced claims handler
    will take down details of your claim
                                                call our award-winning    please contact our Customer Services
                                                                          team, free of charge on
    and immediately forward them to             team on 0800 298 5533     0800 298 5511.
    your insurer for action. As soon as
    you put the phone down your claim
    will start being processed.

4   off road                                                                                                                                      off road      5
    POLICY DOCUMENT                                                                                                                           POLICY DOCUMENT
    Carole Nash Terms of Business
    This section outlines important information of which             Further information about compensation scheme             9. Conflicts of Interest
    you should be aware. If you are unsure about any                 arrangements is available from the FSCS. You can             Occasions can arise where Carole Nash Insurance
    aspect of our Terms of Business or have any questions            contact the FSCS on 020 7892 7300 or by visiting             Consultants Ltd or one of our associated
    regarding our relationship with you, please contact                                                 companies may have a potential conflict of
    our Customer Services Team on 0800 298 5511 or at:             6. Charges                                                     interest with business being transacted with you.
    Carole Nash Insurance Consultants Ltd                             In addition to premiums charged by your insurer,            If this happens, and we become aware that a
    Trafalgar House                                                   Carole Nash Insurance Consultants Ltd may, at               potential conflict exists, Carole Nash Insurance
    110 Manchester Road                                               their discretion, make the following charges.               Consultants Ltd will write to you and obtain your
    Altrincham                                                        Please note that these charges are non-refundable.          consent before we carry out your instructions, and
    Cheshire                                                                                                                      we will detail the steps we will take to ensure fair
                                                                     • Instalment charges - up to £30.00                          treatment.
    WA14 1NU
                                                                     • Mid-term changes - up to £30.00                        10. Making a Claim
    By asking us to quote for and arrange or handle your
    insurances, you are providing your informed                      • Right to Cancel - up to £25.00 (this includes any          If you need to make a claim, please contact Carole
    agreement to these Terms of Business.                              charge made by your insurer)                               Nash Insurance Consultants Ltd immediately on
                                                                                                                                  0800 298 5533. If you have a theft, attempted
     1. Regulation                                                   • Cancellation - 20% of the refund premium plus a
                                                                                                                                  theft or malicious claim damage, you must also
        Carole Nash Insurance Consultants Ltd is                       £5.00 broker fee, or £50.00, whichever amount
                                                                                                                                  notify the Police.
        authorised and regulated by the Financial Services             is greater
        Authority. Our Financial Services Authority                                                                              In the event of a claim on your policy, any
                                                                   7. Handling Money
        Register number is 307243; our permitted                                                                                 outstanding premium must be paid in full.
                                                                      Carole Nash Insurance Consultants Ltd, act as
        business is advising, arranging, dealing as an                agents of the insurer in collecting premiums and        11. Renewing your Policy
        agent and assisting in the administration and                 handling refunds due to clients, such monies are            At least 21 days before the renewal date of your
        performance of general insurance contracts.                   deemed to be held by the insurers with which your           policy, Carole Nash Insurance Consultants Ltd will
       You can check this on the Financial Services                   insurance is arranged.                                      notify you of the full premium, terms and
       Authority website or by                                                                            conditions that apply for the following year.
                                                                   8. Data Protection
       contacting 0845 606 1234.                                      Carole Nash Insurance Consultants Ltd collect and          If a policy cannot be provided, Carole Nash
     2. Our Service                                                   store all information lawfully and in accordance           Insurance Consultants Ltd will notify you of this in
        Our role is to advise you, and after we have                  with the Data Protection Act 1998.                         writing.
        assessed your needs, to make a suitable                      Carole Nash Insurance Consultants Ltd may share          12. Fraudulent and False Claims
        recommendation.                                              your information with third parties. You may be              If you knowingly make a claim that is false or
       Carole Nash Insurance Consultants Ltd selects                 contacted for the purpose of marketing the goods             fraudulent in any way, your policy will become
       motor insurance products from a limited range of              or services of the business, by telephone, email,            void and no payment will be made against the
       insurers on your behalf, you may ask us for a list of         letter or SMS text message. Your information may             claim.
       the insurers we deal with for these products.                 also be passed to the Police or a professional body      13. Reasonable Precaution
                                                                     (i.e. Solicitor), if requested. If you do not wish for       You must take all reasonable steps to keep your
     3. Ownership                                                    your information to be used for the purpose of
        Carole Nash Insurance Consultants Ltd is owned by                                                                         vehicle in a safe condition and to protect it from
                                                                     marketing or advertising, please write to the                damage, including fire, theft or attempted theft,
        Groupama UK, who hold 100% of the share capital.             Compliance Officer at the aforementioned                     malicious damage and someone taking your
     4. Complaints                                                   address.                                                     vehicle without your permission. You must also
        Carole Nash Insurance Consultants Ltd aim to                 In the event of a claim incident, your information           make sure you satisfy all the legal requirements
        provide you with a high level of customer service            may be passed to the Claims and Underwriting                 relating to your vehicle and it’s ownership.
        at all times, but if you are not satisfied, please refer     Exchange Register (CUE), which is run by Insurance
        to our complaints procedure on pages 15 and 16.                                                                       14. Geographical Limits
                                                                     Database Services Ltd (IDS Ltd), and the                     Unless otherwise agreed in writing by Carole Nash
     5. Compensation                                                 Association of British Insurers’ (ABI) Anti-fraud and        Insurance Consultants Ltd, your policy applies only
        Carole Nash Insurance Consultants Ltd is covered             Theft Register.                                              within the following territorial limits, or when you
        by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme                At Carole Nash Insurance Consultants Ltd we are              are travelling by sea or rail, including loading and
        (FSCS). You may be entitled to compensation from             committed to protecting your privacy, therefore,             unloading between:
        the scheme if they cannot meet their obligations.            we have strict security measures in place to
        This depends on the type of business and the                                                                             • Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man
                                                                     protect the information you provide us with. For              and the Channel Islands
        circumstances of the claim.                                  this reason, when you telephone us, you will be
       Insurance advising and arranging is covered for               asked a number of security questions for
       100% of the first £2,000 and 90% of the remainder             identification purposes.
       of the claim, without any upper limit. For                    On payment of a small fee, you have the right to
       compulsory classes of insurance (such as Third                access your personal information and records that
       Party Motor), insurance advising and arranging is             we hold on our files. If you would like a copy of
       covered for 100% of the claim, without any upper              your file, please write to the Compliance Officer at
       limit.                                                        the aforementioned address.

6   off road                                                                                                                                                                                 off road      7
    POLICY DOCUMENT                                                                                                                                                                      POLICY DOCUMENT
Off Road Insurance Policy Wording

    Contract of Insurance
    This document is a legally binding       The law of England and Wales will           The Underwriters and Carole Nash
    contract of insurance between you (the   apply to this contract unless:              Insurance Consultants Ltd are
    insured) and us (the insurer named on                                                authorised and regulated by the
                                             1) You and the Insurer agree otherwise;
    your policy schedule). The contract is                                               Financial Services Authority. Both
    based on the information you gave us                                                 parties undertake to enforce the
    and shown in the statement of            2) At the date of the contract you are a    standards laid down by the Financial
    insurance and all further information    resident of (or, in the case of a           Services Authority and ensure that all
    contained in any proposal and any        business, the registered office or          members of staff observe its provisions.
    declaration made to us. We have          principal place of business is situated
                                                                                         For further details, please contact
    agreed to insure you under the terms,    in) Scotland, Northern Ireland, Channel
                                                                                         Carole Nash Insurance Consultants Ltd,
    conditions and exceptions contained in   Islands or the Isle of Man, in which case
                                                                                         or visit the Financial Services Authority
    this booklet or in any endorsement       (in the absence of agreement to the
                                                                                         website at
    applying to this insurance. The          contrary) the law of that country will
    insurance provided by this document      apply.                                      Signed for and on behalf of the
    covers any loss or damage that occurs                                                Insurers
    during any period of insurance, for
    which you have paid, or agreed to pay
    the premium including any tax, which

                                                                                         Allister Hill
                                                                                         Managing Director
                                                                                         Carole Nash Insurance Consultants Ltd.

8   off road                                                                                                                             off road      9
    POLICY DOCUMENT                                                                                                                  POLICY DOCUMENT

     The following word or phrases have the     Schedule) and any further period we          • A quadricycle that is a mechanically        Approved organisation
     meanings given below whenever they         accept your premium for.                       propelled four-wheeled vehicle              • Amateur Motorcycle Association
     appear in this document, Policy                                                           having a maximum unladen mass of              (AMCA)
     Schedule and endorsements.                                                                400 Kilograms and with a maximum            • Auto-cycle Union (ACU)
                                                These describe your responsibilities
                                                                                               power of 15 Kilowatts.                      • British Schoolboy Motorcycle
     Insurer/we/our/us                          and the procedures that you must
                                                                                                                                             Association (BSMA)
     The insurer described in the Policy        follow. Failure to meet with policy          Exceptions
     Schedule.                                  conditions could mean that we refuse         These describe what this insurance
                                                to deal with a claim under your policy.      does not cover.
     The person named as “the insured” in       Statement of Fact
     the Policy Schedule, or as “the            The document completed by you or on
     policyholder” in any renewal notice        your behalf by your insurance advisor     SECTION 1
     that applies to this insurance.            which contains information you gave at
     Policy Schedule/amended Policy
                                                the time the insurance was arranged
                                                and on which we have relied in
                                                                                          Cover for fire and theft
                                                providing this insurance.
     The document showing the vehicle we
     are insuring and cover which applies.      Market value                                 What is covered                               • kept in a locked garage at the
                                                The cost of replacing your vehicle with      If your vehicle or its accessories are lost     address shown in the Policy Schedule
     Your vehicle/insured vehicle
                                                one of the same make, model,                 or damaged by fire, theft or attempted          when out of use.
     Any vehicle specified in the Policy
                                                specification, mileage and age, and          theft in the UK during the period of          • being used on a race track, practice
                                                which is in the same condition your          insurance, we will choose to either             ground or facility, endorsed by an
     United Kingdom (UK)                        vehicle was in immediately before the        repair or replace your vehicle or the           approved organisation.
     England, Scotland, Wales, Northern         loss or damage you are claiming for.         accessory, or we will give you a cash         • transported not under its own power
     Ireland, the Isle of Man and the                                                        payment up to or the same as the                to and from a race track, practice
     Channel Islands.                                                                        market value or agreed value of your            ground or facility, endorsed by an
                                                The contract between us and you
     Endorsement                                which is made up of the current Policy       vehicle or the accessory at the time it         approved organisation.
     A change in the terms of the insurance     Schedule, Statement of Fact and the          was damaged.
                                                                                                                                           What is not covered
     which replaces the standard insurance      Insurance Policy Wording within this         We will also pay up to £250 for the           • Any amounts you may be legally
     wording, and is printed on, or issued      booklet.                                     cost of repair or replacement of tools          liable to pay for death or injury to
     with, the Policy schedule or revised                                                    used in connection with your vehicle if         other people; or damage to property
     Policy Schedule.                                                                        they are lost or damaged by fire, theft         as a result of any accident you have
                                                The person(s) or company or
     Excess                                     partnership named in the Policy              or attempted theft at the same time             while any person is riding, using or in
     A contribution by you towards a claim      Schedule.                                    that your vehicle is damaged or stolen.         charge of your vehicle, during the
     under this insurance as indicated in the                                                                                                period of insurance.
                                                Vehicle                                      Suitable parts or accessories may be
     Policy Schedule.                                                                                                                      • Any loss or damage to your vehicle,
                                                • A motorcycle that is a mechanically        used which are not supplied by the
                                                                                                                                             accessories or tools caused other
     Period of insurance                          propelled two-wheeled vehicle              original manufacturer.
                                                                                                                                             than by fire, theft or attempted theft.
     The period of time covered by this           without a sidecar, or                      Cover only applies while your vehicle is:     • The amount of the excess shown in
     insurance (as shown in the Policy                                                                                                       the Policy Schedule.

10   off road                                                                                                                                                              off road      11
     POLICY DOCUMENT                                                                                                                                                   POLICY DOCUMENT
                                                                                            Policy conditions
     • Loss of value, wear and tear,               • Loss of or damage to accessories or     1. How to make a claim                        5. Your Right to Cancel
       mechanical, electrical, electronic or         tools unless your vehicle is damaged    Contact Carole Nash Insurance                 You have the right to cancel your
       computer failures or breakdowns or            or stolen at the same time.             Consultants Ltd with full details             policy for a period of 14 days, either
       breakages.                                  • Theft or unauthorised taking of the     immediately after any loss or damage          from the day of purchase of the
     • Loss of use.                                  vehicle by a member of the              which might result in a claim under           contract or from the day you receive
     • Depreciation in value of your vehicle         policyholder’s family or anyone         this policy. If you are making a claim        your policy documentation, whichever
       after you have made a valid claim             normally living with you.               following the theft or attempted theft        is the later. If you exercise this right
       under this Policy.                          • Loss of or damage to specialist         of your vehicle, you must give                you will be entitled to a full refund of
     • Loss or damage caused by deception.           paintwork, including any engraving      immediate notification of the incident        the premium, less a Carole Nash
     • Theft as a result of keys remaining in or     or precious metals, on your vehicle.    to the Police.                                administration charge and any insurer
       on your vehicle whilst it is unattended.    • Theft of your vehicle from your                                                       charge. Please refer to the Carole Nash
     • Loss of or damage to any accessory                                                    2. Other insurance
                                                     locked garage unless forcible or                                                      Terms of Business on page 6.
       which is not permanently attached to                                                  If you were covered by any other
                                                     violent means are used.
       your vehicle.                                                                         insurance for the incident which resulted     6. Cancellation
                                                                                             in a valid claim under this policy, we        Your insurance policy has been
                                                                                             will only pay our share of the claim.         arranged for a period of 12 months and
                                                                                                                                           you are required to pay the full
General exceptions                                                                           3. Reasonable precautions
                                                                                             You must take all reasonable steps to
                                                                                                                                           premium. If you cancel the insurance
                                                                                                                                           other than in accordance with section
                                                                                             keep your vehicle in a safe condition
                                                                                                                                           5 ‘Your Right to Cancel’ and there has
                                                                                             and protect it from damage, including
                                                                                                                                           been no claim(s), you will be refunded
     These general exceptions apply to the           • earthquake;                           fire, theft or attempted theft and
                                                                                                                                           in accordance with the criteria below,
     whole of this insurance.                        • ionising radiation or radioactive     someone taking your vehicle without
                                                                                                                                           less a Carole Nash administration
                                                       contamination from nuclear fuel,      your permission. You must also keep to
     Your insurance does not cover the                                                                                                     charge. Please refer to the Carole Nash
                                                       or nuclear waste, or the              all legal regulations relating to your
     following:                                                                                                                            Terms of Business on page 6.
                                                       radioactive, toxic, explosive or      vehicle and its ownership. You must
     1. Anyone who does not meet all the               other dangerous properties of         allow us to examine your vehicle              Period of Cover           % of Refund
        conditions of this insurance.                  explosive nuclear equipment or        whenever we ask.                              Up to 1 month                 75%
                                                       nuclear parts;                                                                      Up to 2 months               62.5%
     2. Any loss, damage, injury or liability                                                4. Keeping to the terms of this policy
                                                     • pressure waves caused by aircraft                                                   Up to 3 months                50%
        directly or indirectly caused by:                                                    We will only give you the cover that is
                                                       and other flying objects; or                                                        Up to 4 months                40%
        • war, invasion, act of foreign enemy,                                               described in this policy if:
                                                       carrying any dangerous substances                                                   Up to 5 months                30%
          hostilities (whether war is declared                                               • any person claiming cover has met           Up to 6 months                25%
                                                       or goods (except where we need to
          or not), civil unrest, revolution, or                                                with all its terms, as far as they apply;   Up to 7 months                20%
                                                       provide cover to meet the relevant
          any similar event (except where we                                                   and                                         Up to 8 months                10%
                                                       insurance law).
          need to provide cover to meet the                                                  • the declaration and information             Over 8 months                  Nil
          relevant insurance law);                                                             given on the Statement of Fact on
        • incidents caused by riot or civil                                                                                                If the policy is cancelled following
                                                                                               which this contract is based is
          unrest outside of England,                                                                                                       subsequent renewal with your existing
                                                                                               complete and correct as far as you
          Scotland, Wales, the Isle of Man or                                                                                              insurer, please contact Carole Nash
          the Channel Islands;                                                                                                             Insurance Consultants Ltd.

12   off road                                                                                                                                                              off road      13
     POLICY DOCUMENT                                                                                                                                                   POLICY DOCUMENT
                                                                                               Complaints procedure
     If there are any unpaid monies when        policy. For example, you must tell              Providing a first class service to          STEP 2
     the policy is cancelled, Carole Nash       Carole Nash Insurance Consultants Ltd           customers is very important to Carole       If Carole Nash is unable to resolve your
     may withhold documents such as no          if any of the following happens:                Nash Insurance Consultants Ltd.             complaint within 48 hours, or if you
     claims bonus to which you are entitled,                                                    However, Carole Nash accept that            are not happy with the resolution
                                                • you or any other rider has been
     until full payment is made                                                                 things may go wrong from time to            proposed by the Team Leader, your
                                                  convicted of a criminal offence or
                                                                                                time and if they do, Carole Nash are        complaint will be referred to the
     You must return your Policy Schedule,        have possible prosecutions
                                                                                                keen to listen to your views so that        Business Development Department
     signed and dated, to Carole Nash             outstanding;
                                                                                                they can learn from any mistakes and        within Carole Nash.
     Insurance Consultants Ltd, Trafalgar       • the registered keeper of your vehicle
                                                                                                improve their service wherever
     House, 110 Manchester Road,                  changes;                                                                                  STEP 3
                                                                                                possible. With this in mind, the
     Altrincham, Cheshire, WA 14 1NU.In the     • you get an extra vehicle or change                                                        Carole Nash will aim to conclude their
                                                                                                following procedure is in place to
     unlikely event that we need to cancel        your vehicle for another one;                                                             investigation within five working days.
                                                                                                ensure you are kept fully up to date
     your policy, we will give you seven days   • any modifications are made to your                                                        If however, Carole Nash is unable to
                                                                                                with the progress of your complaint
     notice in writing. This will be sent to      vehicle;                                                                                  finalise your complaint within this
                                                                                                and also to guarantee your complaint
     your last known address. We will work      • you change the place where you                                                            timescale, they will write to
                                                                                                is managed fairly and promptly.
     out any refund (if applicable) for the       usually keep your vehicle;                                                                acknowledge your complaint and
     unused part of your premium, minus a
                                                This is not a full list. If you are not sure
                                                                                                STEP 1                                      advise that they intend to complete the
     Carole Nash administration charge.                                                         Initially, please telephone Carole Nash     investigation within four weeks. If
                                                whether to report any change, please
     Please refer to the Carole Nash Terms                                                      and they will be happy to investigate       after four weeks Carole Nash is not in a
                                                speak to Carole Nash Insurance
     of Business on page 6.                                                                     any issue you are not satisfied with.       position to resolve your complaint,
                                                Consultants Ltd. We may re-assess your
     Please bear in mind that it is an          cover and premium as a result of any            For claims related complaints, call the     they will write to update you on the
     offence under the Road Traffic Act to      important information you give                  Carole Nash Claims Service Dept on          present position of the investigation.
     ride, or permit a motor vehicle to be      Carole Nash Insurance Consultants Ltd.          0800 298 5533.                              Carole Nash will also advise you of a
     on a public highway or other pubic                                                                                                     date of when they anticipate the
                                                If you do not tell Carole Nash Insurance        For any other type of complaint, call       complaint will be completed (this will
     place, if you have not met the
                                                Consultants Ltd anything which is               the Carole Nash Customer Services           be within eight weeks of receipt of
     minimum insurance requirement.
                                                relevant:                                       Dept on 0800 298 5511.                      your complaint).
     7. Arbitration
                                                • your policy may not be valid; and             If, having discussed the issue, you are     STEP 4
     If we accept your claim, but disagree
                                                • we may reject your claim.                     not fully satisfied with the proposed       The Carole Nash Business Development
     with the amount due to you, the
     matter may be passed to an arbitrator      9. Fraudulent Claims                            resolution; your call will be referred to   Section Head will then review and
     who we both agree to. When this            If a claim is made which you or anyone          a Team Leader within Carole Nash. The       approve the investigation findings.
     happens, the arbitrator must make a        acting on your behalf knows is false,           Team Leader will undertake an
     decision before you can start              fraudulent, exaggerated or provides             investigation into your complaint and
     proceedings against us.                    false or stolen documentation in                will contact you within 48 hours.
                                                support of a claim, we will not pay the
     8. Important changes
                                                claim and cover under this insurance
     You must tell Carole Nash Insurance
                                                will end.
     Consultants Ltd immediately about any
     change in risk which could affect your

14   off road                                                                                                                                                               off road      15
     POLICY DOCUMENT                                                                                                                                                    POLICY DOCUMENT
     STEP 5                                       FOS contact details:
     Carole Nash will then write their final      Financial Ombudsman Service
     response letter to you, confirming their     South Quay Plaza
     findings and stating any financial           183 Marsh Wall
     redress, if applicable. Carole Nash will     London
     also advise if your complaint has been       E14 9SR
     upheld or rejected. If, you do not
     contact Carole Nash within eight weeks       Tel: 0845 080 1800
     of receipt of this letter, they will close
     their complaint file and the response
     letter will be classed as the final
     response from Carole Nash.                   Website:
     STEP 6
     If you are not happy with the outcome        Please note that the FOS will only deal
     of the investigation, you may refer your     with your complaint if you have already
     complaint to the Division Head of            given Carole Nash Insurance
     Business Development within Carole           Consultants Ltd the opportunity to
     Nash (within eight weeks of the              resolve it.
     response letter). Please ensure that         Any decision made by the FOS is only
     you outline the reasons why you are          binding on the Insurer and Carole Nash
     not satisfied and how you feel the           Insurance Consultants Ltd and you
     complaint should be resolved. A full         remain free to take action in court.
     review of the original investigation will
     take place and a final response letter       This procedure for the handling of
     will be issued. Alternatively, you may       complaints is entirely without
     refer your complaint directly to us.         prejudice to your rights in English Law
     Please refer to your Policy Summary for      and you are free at any stage to seek
     details.                                     legal advice and take legal action.

     STEP 7
     If, upon receipt of the final response
     letter, you are not fully satisfied with
     the outcome of the investigation, you
     may refer your complaint to the
     Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).
     The FOS is an independent
     organisation that operates according
     to the rules made by the Financial
     Services Authority.

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