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                  Thanks a bunch
         Dear Reader,
                     for caring
         Thanks a bunch!
         Through your hard work, dedication and tremendous support, an amazing
         €3.8 million was raised on Daffodil Day 2007, the 20th anniversary of our
         flagship fundraising day.

         Here at the Irish Cancer Society we are overwhelmed by this incredible support
         and extend our sincere gratitude to each and every one of you, for your
         generosity and tremendous efforts towards our most successful Daffodil Day yet!
         Whether you volunteered on the day, donated fresh daffodils, held a coffee
         morning or special event, made a donation online, or simply bought a daffodil,
         the Irish Cancer Society is incredibly grateful to you.

         The success of Daffodil Day 2007 will allow us to maintain and grow our nationwide nursing and
         cancer information services, and bring the highest quality care and emotional support to even more
         people with cancer and their families throughout Ireland, at every stage of the cancer journey.

         We hope you enjoy reading our special 20th anniversary Daffodil Day edition of Highlight, and the
         snapshot it offers into fun, energy, creativity, enthusiasm and true spirit of volunteering that goes
         into making Daffodil Day such a unique and special event.

                           ks bunch for
         Once again, thanks a bunch f your titime, your commitment, and you dedication Y ur support is
                                                     ur commitment, and your dedica io Yo support is
                                                              it            u    dic on.
                                                                                    cat           t
                                                                   t, d our dedication. Your upport
                           ing     work and making a differ
         crucial to continuing our w            ing
                                            making difference in the liv s of people with cancer
                                                         erence n the live f people
                                                                   h lives     eopl
                                                                                op         anc
                                                                                        h cancer
                          s.        ply uldn'
         and their families. We simp couldn't do it without you.
                                simply couldn't           u
                                                    without you.u

                         nd warmest appreciation,
                             arm st pp        on,
         With gratitude and warmes appreciation,

            Jill A Clark
            Head of Fundraising
            Irish Cancer Society

        Irish actor Niall Toibin and 20 volunteers celebrate Daffodil Day's
        20th anniversary with a giant birthday cake

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               FUNDS RAISED

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                             Daffodil Day
                   The story of how

               -    blossomed in Ireland

       Planting the seed….
         n 1987, the late Charles Cully, a founding member of the Irish

      I  Cancer Society, was visiting friends in Toronto, Canada where he
         met the daughter of one of the founders of Toronto Daffodil Day.
       She recounted how a small group of volunteers, aided by many

       army veterans, got together to sell daffodils and started the first
       Daffodil Day. Inspired by the concept, Charles visited
       the Canadian Cancer Society (who had since
       taken over the Toronto organisation) to see what                                              Sligo                                     €64,000
       would be involved in taking this wonderful idea                                                                Leitrim         Cavan
       across the Atlantic Ocean, back to Ireland.                   Mayo                                                            €49,000              Louth
                                                                                                          Roscommon                                          000
       Watching it grow….                                                                                   €64,000      Longford
       Back home Charles threw himself into                                                                                      Westmeath
       organising Ireland's first Daffodil Day, with the                                        Galway
                                                                                               €150,000                                                         Dublin
       late Violet Collins assisting as PR officer. Many                                                                  Offaly                     Kildare     €991,000
       people volunteered to strip their gardens of daffodils                                                            €68,000                   €163,000
       and on the day, buckets of flowers arrived at Irish Cancer                                                                                              Wicklow
       Society headquarters. Contacts in Hong Kong sent                               Clare                                         €44,000

       10,000 artificial daffodil buttonholes. Broadcaster                           €65,000

       Bill O'Donovan, one of the founding members of the                                                                                          Carlow
                                                                                                                  Tipperary                        €94,000
       Society, persuaded 2FM to support Daffodil Day and                                                          €225,000             Kilkenny
       the radio station has continued to promote it on                                        Limerick                                 €49,000
       behalf of the Society ever since.
       Number of cases of           On that first Daffodil Day                                                                  Waterford
       cancer per county            in 1988, the atmosphere                 Kerry
                                    was amazing. Hundreds                                         €548,000
       County       No. of cases    of enthusiastic volunteers
                        (in 2005)
       Carlow               269
                                    gathered at the Society's
       Cavan                381     headquarters to collect their
       Clare                680     daffodils and then headed
       Cork                3214                                                                                        OVERALL TOTAL €3.8 MILLION
       Donegal              874     off to their various selling points
       Dublin              7115     throughout the city.
       Galway              1535
       Kerry                931
       Kildare              830
                                    Another group of volunteers provided non-stop refreshments for those participating
       Kilkenny             451     on the day. The response from the public was overwhelming / the campaign caught
       Laois                415
       Leitrim             233
                                    their imagination and people were more than happy to make a donation to support
       Limerick            1096     the work of the Society. There were even reports of volunteers auctioning off the last
       Longford             227     daffodils on the streets.
       Louth                659
       Mayo                 853
       Meath                695     It looked as if the modest target of £50,000 / £100,000 would be achieved. At the
       Monaghan             289
       Offaly               375
                                    final count, £320,000 was raised that first year / more than tripling expectations!
       Roscommon           385
       Sligo                456
       Tipperary            897
       Waterford            619
       Westmeath            488
       Wexford             670
       Wicklow              735

       Total            25,372

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                                                                                                                                        FUNDS RAISED

        In Full Bloom… Day campaign continued to grow, and on its 20th
        Over the years the Daffodil
        anniversary in 2007, an amazing €3.8 million was raised. Thanks to the support
        of our donors and our volunteers, some of whom have been involved since that
        first Daffodil Day 20 years ago, this year, on Friday 23 March 2007 the Emerald
        Isle glowed with our golden daffodils / the international symbol of hope for
        those affected by cancer.

                                                                          Oncology Liaison    Oncology Liaison
                                                                          Nurse Grants        Nurse Grants
                                                                          2006                2007
                                                                                 €                  €                  €       €




                                                                                                                      000,08   000,08

                                                                                                                      529,95   274,22

         Daffodil Education
                                 95 nurses have been awarded bursaries of between €550 and €750, at a total cost of 55,450.
         Bursary 2006

        Isabel Curtin, aged 3 from Stillorgan, Co. Dublin, celebrates
        Daffodil Day 2007
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              FEATURES &

      A wonderful bunch
         Ann Moynihan, Killarney, Co. Kerry
         I got involved with Daffodil Day after our son Eoin died from
         cancer 18 years ago. There was no Daffodil Day in Killarney before
         that so we and some close friends and family set up the first
         committee here. The committee is brilliant, we are so lucky with all
         the members and only about three of them have left since we began.

         I really wanted to work with the Irish Cancer Society because of the
         Daffodil nurses. When Eoin passed away there was nothing like that
         for him. My sister also died from cancer a year after Eoin so I really
         understood the importance of good care and a kind person.

         Both my daughters have become nurses now and I always remind
         them of the difference a smile can make to a patient or family. I
                                                                                         Anne Flanagan and members of the Galway Daffodil Day Committee
         remember the first time we met our first daffodil nurse,
         Patricia Hayes. We knew it was her the minute she walked in, we
         were on cloud nine and we were just so delighted that she had
         arrived! Every year we launch Daffodil Day with a celebrity who
                                                                                                     Anne Flanagan,                                       Galway
         talks about the great work that is done with the money raised. We                   The Irish Cancer Society decided to form a branch in Galway 30
         have lots of events like a bingo night, coffee mornings and                         years ago. I was asked to join the committee but at first I
                                                                                             actually declined because I had two small children. I was
                         “I find the generosity                                              involved with a few other organisations and it was an all male
                                                                                             committee. Another lady, Phyllis, was then invited to join so I
                         of people amazing.”                                                 agreed to work with them for one year and help them set up.

                                                                                             However my mind was changed when, on the very day that
         collecting in bars not to mention selling all the daffodils. I                      Daffodil Day was launched in Galway my only brother was
         remember the first year we were a bit green and nervous and                         diagnosed with cancer. I made a decision that day that for the rest
         ended up ordering only 3,000 daffodils. We sold out in the morn-                    of my life, while I can, I will work for the Society. Thirty years on I
         ing and ended up asking people with daffodils on them to give                       am now the Chairperson of the Galway branch.
         them back so we could resell them!
                                                                                             In Galway my wonderful committee and I organise four coffee
         I find the generosity of people amazing. I'll never forget one                      mornings and we sell silk and fresh daffodils. We have tables set
         Daffodil Day when an old man pulled up in front of us in a car and                  up in the Eyre Square Shopping Centre prior to and on Daffodil
         got out. The poor man could barely walk but he had come into                        Day. Weeks of preparation go into the day but it is made easier by
         town especially to buy a daffodil for his wife who was dying of                     the excellent committee and the great contacts we have all over
         cancer. It was very touching. It's often the people who don't have                  Galway in Clifden, Gort, the Aran Islands, all around, and we
         much who give the most.                                                             organise 250 volunteers in Galway city.
         If we hadn't volunteers we'd have nothing, people are
         wonderful. They stand in the rain, saturated and collect and it's
         lovely to see how good natured people are. One of our very good
                                                                                           “Daffodils are the first flowers of the season
         volunteers actually died from cancer this year. The homecare nurse                  and they are now synonymous with the
         was unbelievable; she was so warm and caring. It's wonderful to
         see that the money we work hard to raise goes to such worthwhile                             Irish Cancer Society.”
                                                                                             Every year we invite a new committee member to join us and
                                                                                             ensure that we have continuity and fresh ideas and
                                                                                             energies. Unless we had volunteers we simply
                                                                                             couldn't do what we do. Daffodil Day is the
                                                                                             one charity that no one will refuse.

                                                                                             You often see people queuing up to
                                                                                             get their daffodils. It's great that
                                                                                             both young and old are involved
                                                                                             with the day. You also have
                                                                                             students emptying their pockets
                                                                                             to make sure they have enough to
                                                                                             buy their flower. Daffodils are the first
                                                                                             flowers of the season and they are now
                                                                                             synonymous with the Irish Cancer Society.
                                                                                             I am so proud to be involved in organising
                                                                                             the day.

      Ann and Neily Moynihan (middle) and family, Clonkeen, Killarney

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                                                                                                                                                 FEATURES &

      / A “Daffodil Day” in the life of four volunteers
                                                                                          Billy Walsh, Killotteran, Co. Waterford
                                                                                          My involvement with Daffodil Day began about 20 years ago
                                                                                          when Daffodil Day was being launched nationally. My sister, Beth
                                                                                          Lebarron, was Matron of a small hospital in Smooth Rock Falls,
                                                                                          Ontario and she persuaded me to get involved with the concept
                                                                                          in Waterford at the time.

                                                                                          My family had a brush with cancer in the early seventies when my
                                                                                          10-year-old daughter, Mary, succumbed to the dreaded disease. I
                                                                                          wanted to give back to the Society so we set up a committee in the
                                                                                          Waterford region to organise Daffodil Day in March 1987. We have
                                                                                          been successful every year in raising considerable funds from the
                                                                                          sale of daffodils, both fresh and silk.
      Catherine Butterly at home in Lusk, Co. Dublin
                                                                                          The basis of our success is that we have a large committee here in

      Catherine Butterly, Lusk, Co. Dublin                                                Waterford properly set up with AGMs and meetings of the sellers
                                                                                          many weeks before Daffodil Day. We launch the event annually
                                                                                          with a glare of publicity inviting the Mayor of Waterford city and
             When Daffodil Day was introduced 20 years ago my friends                     county together with sponsors and others to an event in a local hotel,
             and I were members of a ladies badminton club. A number                      and the local photographers cover the event so it gets good
             of the girls had already had cancer and were anxious to                      publicity in the papers.
             make their contribution to the cause. At that time I used to
             get a beautiful Christmas hamper, which very quickly                         As I am Co-ordinator I take the stock into my house at an early stage
             became the Daffodil Day raffle basket with the addition of a                 and then all the materials are distributed to the various
             few Easter bunnies and eggs. That raffle is still part of our                sub-committees in the region. We purchase 8,000 bunches of
             campaign 20 years later.                                                     daffodils from a local producer; these are delivered to my house on
                                                                                          the eve of the big day and then are given to the centre on the day.

       “The co-ordinators and staff of the Irish Cancer                                   We organise people to call during the day to the sale barrows and
                                                                                          collect the monies made as they come to hand. This is counted and
         Society are always at the ready to facilitate                                    lodged and this takes the hassle of security from the volunteers. We
                       our every need.”                                                   meet the following Tuesday at a selected hotel where we hold a
                                                                                          working lunch and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of our day.
             That set the wheels in motion and very soon after we
             introduced an annual badminton tournament. Since then we                       “Volunteers are a 'pure must' for the Irish
             have dabbled with race nights, Paddy Cole dances, golf classics,
             coffee mornings, sponsored walks, ladies lunches and of course                      Cancer Society and the success
             the sale of merchandise still continues. The sale of silks, pins
             and fresh daffodils are a 'given' and the children at the local                            of Daffodil Day.”
             schools assist the hard working volunteers who look after street
             sales. The most novel event last year was a swim from Lambay                 Volunteers are a 'pure must' for the Irish Cancer Society and the
             Island to Rush, a distance of 3k, undertaken by a group of                   success of Daffodil Day. For example, there is a lady in Waterford
             young aqua divers.                                                           who every year stands at a ferry crossing all day long no matter
                                                                                          what the weather is and collects a large sum of money. Because of
             We usually meet in January as soon as the catalogue and                      extraordinary volunteers like her I am pleased to say that the
             publicity come through the letterbox to plan and delegate                    majority of the passers-by have a daffodil in their buttonhole by
             duties. Originally as many of us as possible took responsibility             4pm on the day.
             for all the activities but that eventually took its toll as the
             campaign grew. In the past few years, different members look
             after different events. Two or three people take responsibility for
             their nominated project; they get on with it and report back to
             the general group, where extra help is always at hand if needed.
             The co-ordinators and staff of the Irish Cancer Society are always
             at the ready to facilitate our every need.

             The methods of collecting funds have been varied and have
             targeted different sporting and social groups. In other words,
             nobody young or old feels left out. The running of the campaign
             has been made very easy, because from the early days of the
             badminton group we had a very strong core of friends
             motivated by their empathy and support of their family and
             friends. New members continue to join us with new energies and
             new ideas. We have been very blessed in our endeavours mainly
             because of the great generosity and commitment of the people of
             Rush, who for the past five years have been turning in an average       Olive Daunt, Billy Walsh and wife Cora, Waterford Daffodil Day Committee
             of €50,000 from our annual campaign. Long may it continue!
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            PATIENT CARE

        Making a                            difference

        Funds raised on Daffodil Day support the Irish Cancer Society's nationwide
        nursing and cancer information services that provide the highest quality care
        and emotional support to people with cancer and their families throughout

        These vital services include:
        G    CANCER INFORMATION SERVICE / expert help just a phone call away;
        G    HOMECARE NURSES / bringing care into the community;
        G    NIGHT NURSING / sharing the caring with families;
        G    ONCOLOGY LIAISON NURSES / helping people to cope with cancer; and,
        G    EDUCATION FOR CANCER NURSES / training the professionals.

        The National Cancer Helpline (Freefone 1800       Hospital-based oncology liaison nurses
        200 700, Monday / Thursday 9am / 7pm,             provide an important link between the patient
        Fridays 'til 5pm), is staffed by nurses trained   and other healthcare professionals following
        in cancer care, who offer free advice,            a cancer diagnosis and during treatment,
        information and support to anyone worried         giving vital information and emotional support.
        about any aspect of cancer prevention, early
        detection, diagnosis, treatment and care.         EDUCATION FOR CANCER NURSES
        The Cancer Information Service assisted           Cancer Nurse Education Programme for
        nearly 10,000 callers in 2006.                    Non-Specialist Nurses:
        The Society also offers a walk-in information     The Irish Cancer Society's education
        service for anyone diagnosed with cancer          programme for hospital and community nurses
        (Irish Cancer Society, 43-45                      is delivered regionally, all over Ireland. This five
        Northumberland Road, Dublin 4) and an             day programme in cancer care provides nurses
        email information service available to all        with up-to-date information on cancer diagnosis,
        members of the public nationwide                  treatment and psychological care.
                                                          NURSE EDUCATION BURSARIES
        HOMECARE NURSES                                   The Irish Cancer Society provides
        Homecare teams work in the community, in          Nurse Education Bursaries to
        conjunction with local family doctors and         approximately 95 nurses undertaking the
        public health nurses, to provide vital special-   Postgraduate Diplomas in Oncology and
        ist care and support to patients with cancer      Palliative Care Nursing in universities
        in their own home. This is part funded by the     throughout Ireland.
        Irish Cancer Society
                                                          OUR LADY'S HOSPITAL
        NIGHT NURSING                                     FOR CHILDREN
        The Irish Cancer Society's night nursing          A play specialist for the children's cancer unit
        service allows seriously ill people with cancer   in Our Lady's Hospital for Children, Crumlin is
        to remain at home surrounded by family and        also funded by Daffodil Day and the Irish
        friends. It is anticipated that up to 1,200       Cancer Society has helped develop an
        families will avail of this service in 2007.      Advance Nurse Practitioner post at this

             Thinking of coming on board?
            We need you in 2008! Do you have a few hours to spare every now and
            then? The valuable gift of time and expertise volunteers give the Irish
            Cancer Society makes a difference every day.

            We have lots of exciting volunteer oportunities to choose from. We
            urgently need volunteers to help with Daffodil Day 2008; to participate in
            our events and collections throughout the year, to work in shops, and to
            provide support and a compassionate ear to people who have been
            affected by cancer in our support groups. Whatever you can do to help,
            we would love to hear from you.

            For further information contact us at:
                                                                                                                 Daffodil Day Nurse 2007 Debbie O'Doherty with Sarah Curtin,
            Callsave 1850 60 60 60 or email                                           aged 5 from Stillorgan, Co. Dublin

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                                                                                                    PATIENT CARE

                                                                 Debbie O'Doherty
                                                                 speaks about her experience as a
                                                                 Daffodil Day Nurse

                                                                 I    was delighted to be asked to be the 2007 Daffodil
                                                                      Nurse and felt honoured to be even considered for
                                                                      the role. Working with patients with cancer, I'm always
                                                                 acutely aware of how we rely on the services of the Irish
                                                                 Cancer Society, whether it's through the utilisation of their
                                                                 booklets, working with the Oncology Liaison Nurse or by
                                                                 the Irish Cancer Society providing homecare teams and
                                                                 night nurses so that our patients may be nursed in the
                                                                 comfort of their own home surrounded by their family and
                                                                 friends, if they so wish.

                                                                 Without the generosity of the public and the hard work
                                                                 of the Irish Cancer Society in organising Daffodil Day,
                                                                 together with their volunteers, these services may not
                                                                 otherwise be available. Being Daffodil Day nurse gave me
                                                                 the opportunity to be involved in this worthy cause, to
                                                                 meet some wonderful people and to help to make a

                                                                 In 2005, I attended the five-day cancer course funded
                                                                 and run by the Irish Cancer Society. This educational
                                                                 programme confirmed for me the direction in which I
                                                                 wished to take my career. I subsequently applied for a
                                                                 place on the Higher Diploma in Oncology Nursing with
                                                                 Breast Care and completed this course in 2006. I now
                                                                 work in the Oncology Unit in Beaumont Hospital.

                                                                 As Daffodil Day nurse I respresented the nursing services
                                                                 funded by the Irish Cancer Society. During the Daffodil Day
                                                                 campaign I attended national photocalls where I met with
                                                                 many of the volunteers and some Irish celebrities, such as
                                                                 Irish actor Niall Toibin, Brian Ormond of You're a Star fame
                                                                 and An Taoiseach Bertie Ahern, who were dedicating their
                                                                 time to Daffodil Day. I also did some fundraising in
                                                                 Beaumont Hospital on Daffodil Day, where we witnessed
                                                                 excellent support.

                                                                  The highlight for me was meeting so many dedicated
                                                                 volunteers at the launch of Daffodil Day, some who have
                                                                 been supporting the Irish Cancer Society since the first
                                                                 Daffodil Day 20 years ago. Seeing this dedication from so
                                                                 many people across the country, many of whom have been
                                                                 affected by cancer either themselves or through having a
                                                                 friend or family member with cancer and who have availed
                                                                 of the services of the Irish Cancer Society, puts everything
                                                                 in perspective and is what makes Daffodil Day so important
                                                                 and worthwhile.

                                                                 Daffodil Day, in my opinion, is one of the most
                                                                 important fundraising days of the year. With the ever
                                                                 increasing demand on services from the Society and
                                                                 with some services being solely funded by donations
                                                                 from the public on Daffodil Day, it is the one day of the
                                                                 year where people around the country who have been
                                                                 touched by cancer are united in their pursuit to aid the
                                                                 development of services by the Society and for more
                                                                 widespread access to services. It is a day of hope for
                                                                 many people and the generosity of the public each
                                                                 year reflects this.
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             PATIENT CARE

      Liz Tobin & the Cancer Information Service Helpline
      Liz Tobin, Helpline Nurse, Cancer Information Service, Irish Cancer Society

      I work as a National Cancer Helpline nurse as part of                                  The CIS also offers a walk-in service where the general
      the Irish Cancer Society's Cancer Information Service                                  public who have concerns about cancer can drop in
      (CIS), which is a free and confidential service where                                  without appointment and speak to a specialist cancer
      specialist cancer nurses offer advice, information and                                 nurse on a one-to-one basis in a private room. People can
      emotional support to people affected by or concerned                                   also contact the CIS by emailing us at
      about cancer. The CIS also incorporates the Prostate                                   We have seen a steady rise in the amount of email
      Cancer Information Service.                                                            enquires that we receive and clearly people are keen to
                                                                                             receive information and support in this way. We also

             typical day would involve answering calls on all                                answer queries that we receive as part of the interactive
             sorts of issues related to cancer as people call our                            help we offer online at There is a live
             freefone helpline number 1800 200 700 (open 9am                                 cancer chat with a nurse and there is also a cancer forum
      to 7pm Monday to Thursday or from 9am to 5pm on                                        where the general public can share their experiences on
      Fridays). The number of calls that we receive can vary                                 our message board.
      greatly on any given day and they can be linked to our
      awareness campaigns or to what is going on in the media.                               The Irish Cancer Society produces many cancer booklets
      On average we receive about 40 calls a day from patient                                and factsheets, which are distributed free of charge or
      family members and each call lasts anywhere between                                    available for download from our website to patients, their
      five and 40 minutes depending on the information and                                   families and other healthcare professionals. We are
      emotional needs of the caller.                                                         involved in writing information for the website and we also
                                                                                             research and give presentations to patients and other
      We receive enquiries from many different groups of people                              healthcare professionals.
      ranging from those who have been newly diagnosed with
      cancer looking for information regarding their disease,                                As CIS nurses, we have the time to spend with patients
      treatment and side effects of treatment, to callers who are                            and family members that they don't perhaps receive from
      concerned about their health and are looking for                                       the public health service due to it being very busy and
      information on cancer prevention, screening and the signs                              under-resourced. The number of service users has been
      and symptoms of certain cancers. We also receive calls                                 increasing steadily to a figure of 10,000 users annually.
      from people who are looking for information on the services                            Feedback we receive from callers gives us an idea of just
      available to them in the community for when a family                                   how valuable our services are to the general public.
      member is coming home from hospital after a procedure or
      when they are at home and at the end stage of their illness.                           The Irish Cancer Society's Cancer Information Service includes:
      We also receive calls from patients and their families                                 • National Cancer Helpline: Freefone 1800 200 700
      looking for emotional support, which we can give them                                   (Mon-Thurs 9am-7pm, Friday 'til 5pm)
                                                                                             • Email service:
      over the phone, or alternatively we can direct them to a
                                                                                             • "Walk-in" caller service at: 43/45 Northumberland Road, Dublin 4
      suitable support group or counsellor in their area.                                    • Interactive help online:
                                                                                               (Cancer chat and Cancer forum)

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                                                                                                            PATIENT CARE

        Noeleen Callaghan,
        Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Survivor

          I'm 32 and on September 2006, Niall and I got married. It was a brilliant day surrounded by family and friends and
          best of all I had Niall by my side, who I had been going out with since Leaving Cert. It was followed by an eight
          week honeymoon to China, Vietnam and Thailand. It might seem over the top but we said we'd go for it before
          we'd start a family. A few weeks after coming home we were out celebrating a friend’s birthday when I scratched
          my neck and found a lump. I gave myself a fright but said nothing. My thoughts did run away with me though,
          believing I'd been bitten by some peculiar insect while away or worst still, they'd laid their eggs under my skin.

          I headed to my GP, Dr Pat O'Donoghue, on the Monday and due to the recent travels he sent me for a chest X-ray. It
          was delayed by three weeks in case I was pregnant. It turned out I wasn't so on Tuesday, 28 November it took place.
          I had two missed calls that evening telling me to call to the GP surgery. Dr O'Donoghue was informative saying that
          as well as the swollen lymph node on my neck, two more small nodes were evident in my chest. With that the wheels
          were set in motion. By the following Wednesday, 6 December I was in outpatients seeing Dr Kiely for tests. At this
          point neither Niall nor I were worried. I felt healthy. I headed in for my results the following Wednesday to be told it
          appeared that I had a Stage II Lymphoma and that a lump and bone biopsy would be scheduled to confirm it. We
          weren't expecting that type of news. We went home and drove ourselves mad 'googling' lymphoma. The literature we
          read all indicated to Hodgkin or non-Hodgkin and thankfully the prognosis looked mostly bright and breezy.

          So on Tuesday, 19 December all the tests were done and the extremely professional and compassionate Dr Sarah
          Browne confirmed to us that it was a Stage II Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. It may sound weird but it was a relief to have a
          name for what was wrong with me, that I hadn't wasted all these people's time and energy when all I had was a lump
          on my neck. It was the next morning in Professor Carney's outpatient clinic at the Mater hospital where we first met
          Niamh Thornton, our Oncology Liaison Nurse. She was there when the treatment plan was explained and followed us
          up to the ward to repeat the plan, answer our questions and explain her role. We found her just lovely. She was
          approachable, confident and professional (it sounds like I'm giving her a reference, but she already has the job she's
          perfect for). We headed home that day anxious but relaxed in the knowledge that we were in good hands.

          It was Christmas, so we had a few weeks before the PET scan was to take place and the treatment started. My
          memory is a bit blurry of these weeks and although I kept a diary I didn't write everything down. It was the detailed
          information from Niamh at this time that gave us clarity of what to expect in the following months and left me feeling
          more confident. Chemo was every second Thursday for 24 weeks. No time really. These days were mostly positive
          ones knowing I was hopefully one step closer to the finish. I can't find the words to say how the ladies of the
          oncology unit made me feel. Knowing that small concerns could be eased by a quick phone call to the unit meant
          the world to me.

          I called Niamh our liaison nurse rather than my liason nurse. This is because she included Niall in everything. There
          was nothing I had to remember to tell him as he was always there to hear for himself and better still ask the questions
          he needed answered. The knowledge she gave me regarding the disease and especially the treatment seemed to
          make things much easier for me and in turn I was able to share this knowledge with my family and friends. I think it
          helped them as much as it did me. I finished chemotherapy on 21 July 2007 and am now married a whole year. I was
          always aware of the love of family and friends but never really appreciated it. I do now. On top of this the kindness of
          strangers and people I thought never knew me touched me most. I'd like to say 'thank you' to them all and I will
          return all their prayers. And to the Irish Cancer Society and all who donate / Thanks for the gift of Niamh.

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                                            A picture tells a
                         thousand                         words

           Teresa Fagan, Denise Sheehan, Rosemary Harte and                                                                         Michael Fox and Deirdre Fox from Navan, Co. Meath
           Deirdre Halpin from Rush, Co. Dublin with Bryan Dobson                                                                   with Bryan Dobson

                                                                       Victoria Rown
                                                                                    tree, May-Jo
                                                                       from Kingsc               McGahon an
                                                                                  ourt, Co. Ca               d Teresa Do
                                                                                              van with Brya             wney
                                                                                                           n Dobson

                                                                                                                                                                          y from Kilcock
                                                                                                                                                         Geraldine O'Malle
                            ell, Annette MacNei
                                                l, Kay Hogan and                                                                    Thomas Cleary and
          Rosemarie McDonn                                                                                                                           Bryan Dobson
                                           lin with Bryan Dobson                                                                    Co. Kildare with
          Patricia McDonagh from North Dub

                                                                     Keane, an, Maureen
                                                                            B               O’L
                                                                    from C etty Mulvey, G eary, Mary J
                                                                           ashel, C         e               o Mc C
                                                                                   o. Tipp raldine Silke           arthy, M
                                                                                          erary w         a                ary
                                                                                                 ith Brya nd Dorothea
                                                                                                         n Dobs          Haniga
                                                                                                                on             n

                                                                    What Daffodil Day
      Eugene O’Sullivan, Kathrina Breen, Sr Ann Marie Horan,
      Maureen Fogarty, Jimmy Moriarty and Anne Moynihan from
                                                                      means to me…                                                 Lisanne Allen, Drogheda, Co. Louth and her sister Lynda
      Killarney, Co. Kerry with Bryan Dobson

                                                                     20 years of caring
                                                                                                                                   Welsh from Dundrum, Co. Dublin with Martin King

      1     “The buzz I get from organising a coffee
         day every year on Daffodil Day is like no
      other. It is such a rewarding feeling being part
                                                                        have been so great throughout the years con-
                                                                        tributing and volunteering, I couldn't ask for more.”
                                                                        Dorothy Bradish, Templemore,
                                                                                                                                      4      “Daffodil Day creates a huge sense of
                                                                                                                                           community and giving. No one knows if
                                                                                                                                      they'll ever need the services of the Cancer
      of what's known as the ‘Social Event of the                       Co. Tipperary                                                 Society, that's why there is so much interest

      Year’ in Clonakilty.”                                                                                                           in it.”
      Therese Hayes, Clonakilty, Co. Cork                                     “I have been organising a coffee morning                Karen Healy, Mitchelstown Credit Union,
                                                                            for Daffodil Day for the last four years. It is

                                                                                                                                      Co. Cork
                                                                        such a great cause and myself and my entire

             “My son bought a little daffodil for me 20
          years ago and I was so touched, I decided to                  family enjoy volunteering for it and look                          “The people on the streets are
      join in the fundraising. After all this time, Daffodil            forward to it.”                                                  tremendous. A great atmosphere is created
      Day has grown in my bones and a year won't go                     Margaret Browne, Killorglin, Co. Kerry                        and the whole day is most enjoyable for every-
      by that I won't volunteer. The people of my area                                                                                one involved.” Bernadette O'Brien, Arklow,
                                                                                                                                      Co. Wicklow
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          Mary Mulqueen Foster, Bridie Mulqueen from Cork city with                                                                   Mary O'Connor and Maeve O'Brien from Listowel,
          Margaret O'Sullivan, Area Co-ordinator, Irish Cancer Society                                                                Co. Kerry with Bryan Dobson
          and Bryan Dobson

                                                                                                                      k with Bryan
                                                                                                  Kildimo, Co. Limeric
                                                                           Kathleen Ui Luinn from

                                                                                 “ People are so
                             Leitrim and Bobby
                                                  Finn, Area
                                                                                   responsive,                                        Mary Do
         Mary Doherty from          r Society with Ma
                                                      rtin King                                                                                noher a

                                                                                 generally you                                       Co. Lao             nd Anto
         Co-ordinator, Irish Cance                                                                                                           is                 inette D
                                                                                                                                     Co-ordin with Martin Kin            romey fr
                                                                                                                                                                                 om M
                                                                                                                                              ator, Iris          g
                                                                                                                                                        h Cance and Bobby Finn ountmellick,
                                                                                                                                                                 r Society         , Area

                                                                               don't even have to
                                                                                ask, I think that
                                                                                the generosity of
                                                                              people is amazing.”
         Mary Fagg, Maura
                            Farrell, Lelia Co                                                                                             Mary Scott, Bernie Carty, Mary Cunningham from
         from Athlone, Co                    mber and Marie
                         . Westmeath wit                    Dolan                                                                         Roscommon with Bobby Finn, Area Co-ordinator,
                                           h Martin King
                                                                                                                                          Irish Cancer Society and Martin King

                                                                         Rhoda Brett, Esther Williams, Jeanie Foy and Christy Foy
                                                                         from Sligo with Martin King
                                                                                                                                                                                       m Wexford
                                                                                                                                                                            'Connor fro
                                        Cannon, Muriel                                                                                                             Dorothy O
                       Smith, Catherine                                                                                                                  ggins and
     Beth Bevan, Kay                    Greenhills, Dublin
                                                           12                                                                                Kathleen Hi
     Gardiner and Ro  seleen Kavanagh,                                                                                                       with Martin
     with Martin King

      6    “I have volunteered for Daffodil Day for 20
          years now. I really enjoy being part of it all
      and the people in the community are so good
                                                                         8   “Fundraising is so important for the
                                                                            Cancer Society as cancer has touched
                                                                         everyone's lives. Everyone should do their bit
                                                                                                                                       10   “Daffodil Day is such a lovely community
                                                                                                                                            thing. If it's a fine day everyone has time
                                                                                                                                       to chat. I like to volunteer because there are
      at donating.”                                                      and hopefully in the future no one will need                  not many families not touched by cancer.”
      Maeve O'Brien, Listowel, Co. Kerry                                 to worry.”                                                    Christine Hughes, Blessington, Co.
                                                                         Sr Mary Barry, Thurles, Co. Tipperary


            “I have been volunteering for 20 years and
          there is always a fantastic response from
      the area. It's great that young people are get-
                                                                               “I enjoy organising the Daffodil Day
                                                                              coffee morning because it's such a
                                                                         good cause, I know that all the money
                                                                                                                                       11   “Daffodil Day is a lovely occasion, the sense
                                                                                                                                           of volunteerism is fantastic. It's the happiest
                                                                                                                                       day of people collecting money all year.”
      ting involved also.”
      Sile Morris, Malahide, Co. Dublin                                  raised is well spent.”                                        Sr Nancy, Graiguecullen, Co. Carlow
                                                                         Mary Wallace, Cloyne, Co. Cork

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                                                                   Photo call at t
         Dora Bracken with Martin King and Harriet Beitson from
         Terenure, Dublin
                                                                                                                              Sister Nancy McLoughlin, Cem Crowe and Kathleen
                                                                                                                              O'Rourke from Carlow with Martin King

                                                                   Noel Hughes
                                                                                and Christin
                                                                   Co. Wicklow              e Hughes, Bl
                                                                               with Mike Mu             essington,

                                               ne, Dublin with
                            y Murtagh from Arta
        Marie Rogers and Mar                                                                                                                                   cNeil, Kay Hogan
                                                                                                                                              nnell, Annette Ma
        Bryan Dobson                                                                                                          Rosemarie McDo                    Dublin with
                                                                                                                                               nagh from North
                                                                                                                              and Patricia McDo
                                                                                                                              Bryan Dobson

                                                                     Nora Friel from Balla, Co. Mayo with Martin King

                                                                                                                        Mary G
         Bernie Feelan and Margaret O'Brien from Mountrath,                                                                     arahy,
                                                                                                                        Co. Off        Ka
         Co. Laois with Martin King                                                                                            aly with y Eades and
                                                                                                                                       Martin       Iris Soth
                                                                                                                                              King           ern   from Bir

                                                                   Ann-marie O'Dwyer and Breeda Mullally, Cahir,
                                                                   Co. Tipperary with Bryan Dobson

                                                                                                                        Mavis Dempse
                                                   in from North                                                                      y, Patricia Ste
                                        Noreen Cron                                                                     Beades, Maria                epleston, Mary
                          ces Kelly and                                                                                               n Su
                                                                                                                        Ladies Club, Co tton and Sheila Weiran from
                                                                                                                                                                    Norton, Tessa
         Nell Cahill, Fran                                                                                                                                             Swords
                        yan Dobson                                                                                                     . Dublin with Bry
         Dublin with Br                                                                                                                                 an Dobson

      12     “People are so forthcoming with their
            money, everyone gives so willingly
                                                                   14    “I love the community spirit of Daffodil
                                                                        Day, you get to meet a great bunch of
                                                                   people, it's a lot of fun.”
                                                                                                                              16     “Daffodil Day means an awful lot to me
                                                                                                                                    as I've done it for 10 years and enjoyed
                                                                                                                              every bit of it. It's great to see that the money
      because Daffodil Day is such a special day,                  Michelle Heffernan, Adinore, Co. Kilkenny                  has increased every year. 10 years ago I
      and I really enjoy being part of it.”                                                                                   collected £3,000 and last year I collected over
      Mary Drumm, Skerries, Co. Dublin
                                                                   15   “It's personally very fulfilling to hope that
                                                                        you are helping someone who is in pain.
                                                                                                                              €20,000, it's great to see.”
                                                                                                                              Kathleen Higgins, Crossabeg, Co. Wexford

      13      “It's wonderful to be involved in Daffodil
            Day, the response you get from people is
      fantastic. You get great rewards from what you
                                                                   People are so responsive, generally you don't
                                                                   even have to ask, I think that the
                                                                   generosity of people is amazing.”                          17     “I'm a volunteer and am so smitten by all
                                                                                                                                    I see around me on Daffodil Day. I have
      put in.”                                                     Maura O'Flaherty, Caherdavin, Limerick                     friends who have been fighting the battle for
      Agnes O'Donoghue, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary                                                                                years and it's great to be involved in helping to

Highlight Mag P1-24.qxd:Layout 1                     03/12/2007           10:19      Page 13

the Burlington                                                                                                                                         HIGHLIGHTS

                                                                                                                             Ann and Harriett Lawless from Greystones, Co. Wicklow
          Olive Daunte and Lillian O'Connor from Waterford with                                                              with Martin King
          Bryan Dobson

                                                                             Mary McAllis
                                                                                          ter and Co
                                                                             Co. Clare wi           ra Moloney
                                                                                         th Martin Ki          from Ennis,

                                                Larkin from
                                     and Bernie
                         Olive Louth        n Dobson
                                   with Brya
                         Co. Louth

            Sheila Sheehan, Mike Sheehan, Kathleen O’Malley, Marian
            Guiney, Noel Joyce and Mariead Gunty, Mallow, Co. Cork with
            Bryan Dobson and Mike Murphy

                                                                            y with
                                                                     o. Kerr
                                                              mare, C
                                                  zgibbon, Ken
                                           ggy Fit
                                     and Pe
                              Deirdre bson
                              Bryan D

      fund the wonderful research and oncology
      departments, especially the nurses who are
      always so caring.”
      Christine Dore, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary
                                                                       19     “I look forward to organising Daffodil
                                                                             Day knowing that the monies raised will          20     “ I'm very proud to be part of Daffodil
                                                                                                                                     Day as the money does so much, my
                                                                                                                              husband Tom had a great 25 years until his

                                                                       give so much help and hope to so many
              “Daffodil day is very much a                                                                                    cancer came back and I know first hand all the
                                                                       people. It also gives me an opportunity to
            community thing in Ballina, over 100                                                                              good that comes from the money raised.”
                                                                       renew old acquaintances.”
      people get involved, it's a really enjoyable day                                                                        Bridie Mulqueen, Ballincollig, Co. Cork
                                                                       Joe Fitzpatrick, Geashill, Co. Offaly
      in the town.”
      Mary Martin, Ballina, Co. Mayo

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          Around the Country

      Volunteers on Daffodil Day

                                                                        Connor and
                                                                                   Sive from Te
                                                                                               mplemore, Co
                                                                                                           . Tipperary
                                                                                                                                          Elizabeth Keane (centre) with Albert and Kathleen Reynolds

                                                   young friends
                              Donegal with budding
          Margaret Boyle, Co.

                                                                         Volunteers collecting for the Irish Cancer Society at Heuston
                                                                         Station on Daffodil Day 2007

                                                                                                                                           Cork Institu
                                                                                                                                                        te of Techno
                                                                                                                                           Daffodil Da              logy Promot
                                                                                                                                                       y                       ional Display

       Some of the pu
                       pils of St Maca
      who helped wit                   rtan's College,
                      h the Daffodil                     Monaghan,
      Cancer Socie                   Day collection
                    ty in Monaghan                    for the Irish
      with members                    Town are pictur
                     of the Monagh                      ed on the day
      Eileen Conlon,                 an Branch. In
                      Maeve McClu                    photo are L-R
      Maguire, Paul                  skey, Mark Be
                     Lee, Pauline Le                ll, Ashley
                                      onard and Ma
                                                      rk Hughes

                                                                            Bishop Galvin N.S.Orwell Park, Templeogue, Dublin.
                                                                            This photograph is particularly significant as the children
                                                                            who harvested the daffodils for Daffodil Day 2007
                                                                            planted those daffodils in September 2003. A full cycle is
                                                                            now complete as they have now moved on to secondary
                                                                                                                                                                                        e Leonard
                                                                            school in September. Over the last four years the school                                     skey and Paulin
                                                                                                                                                         , Meave McClu
                                                                            has donated over €6,000 to the Irish Cancer Society by        Kathleen Mullen                y committee
                                                                                                                                                        gh an Daffodil Da
                                                                            harvesting the daffodils in the school grounds                from the Mona

          Corrie O'Go
                      rman, Cooker
          Co. Limerick            y Demo, Kn

           Daffodil Day
                                                                                                               ord, Co. Dublin
                                                                                             ping out in Sandyf
                                                                             Hazel Morgan hel
                                                                                                                                            Caroline Mulcahy and Deirdre Sexton with her blouse
                                                                                                                                            which is worth €240 with the daffs on it! Pictured collect-
                                                                                                                                            ing at Dunnes Stores, Leopardstown Shopping Centre,
                                                                                                                                            Co. Dublin
         Eugene O'Connor, Ballaghaderreen
         Co. Roscommon

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     Many hands make light work
                                                                             RTÉ 2FM has had a long
                                                                             and productive
                                                                             association with Daffodil
                                                                             Day. Being able to
                                                                             highlight and increase
                                                                             awareness is vital to any
                                                                             campaign and RTÉ 2FM
                                                                             as the main media
                                                                             partner will continue its
                                                                             association with the
                                                                             annual fundraising drive. John Clarke, Head of 2FM
                                                                             The Irish Cancer Society
                                                                             plays a most important and valuable role on many

      A WORD FROM                                                            levels in areas of support to those who have been
                                                                             touched by cancer.

                                                                             RTÉ 2FM will continue to be committed to Daffodil

      Bank of Ireland would like to congratulate every-
                                                                             Day and we see our contribution as being the
                                                                             voice of support for all the many valued volunteers
                                                                             who tirelessly get involved in making the day the
      one involved in making Daffodil Day 2007 such                          annual success it is. Daffodil day represents a day
      a success! It was a true testament to the hard                         of hope and creates a year of optimism for the
      work of the Irish Cancer Society and the tireless                      fight against cancer.
      dedication of volunteers across Ireland that a
      record €3.8 million was raised.                                        Supporting the night nursing service is a crucial
                                                                             way of helping families across Ireland during a
      The staff around the country showed their                              very difficult and emotional time. We all should
      trademark commitment and enthusiasm with                               acknowledge the commitment of the Irish Cancer
      innovative fundraising ideas raising over                              Society, and particularly thank them for the work
      €63,000. These included lunchtime safaris, mad                         they have put into this campaign over 20 years.
      dashes on 1920's motorcycles, cake sales, car
      washes and table quizzes to mention just a few.                        John Clarke, Head of RTÉ 2FM

      Bank of Ireland Group is very proud of its long
      association with the highly successful Daffodil
      Day and are delighted this association will
      continue into the future with
      our new employee driven,
      community investment
      initiative, Give Together.

      Laura Lynch
      Sponsorship Manager

                                      Brian Goggin, Chief Executive,      The RTÉ Roadcaster
                                      Bank of Ireland

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             BACK TO THE
             SHOP FLOOR

                                                                          Back to the Shop Floor (BTTSF) invites CEOs and senior managers
                                                                          across Ireland to spend some part of Daffodil Day performing a task or
                                                                          role that would not normally be part of their everyday routine.
                                                                          Over the past six years, BTTSF has generated an additional
                                                                          €802,586 for Daffodil Day.

                                                                          As well as raising vital funds for people with cancer and their families,
                                                                          this fantastic event fosters fun and inclusion in the workplace.
                                                                          Employees are encouraged to think of creative ideas for their senior
                                                                          managers to perform such as serving in the canteen or sorting out the
                                                                          post! It gives senior managers an opportunity to interact with all levels
                                                                          of personnel and is a great way of building workplace morale.

                                                                          The Society gratefully acknowledges the enthusiastic participation of
                                                                          nearly 120 companies who participated in the 2007 BTTSF
                                                                          campaign. From fancy dress to fielding calls in reception, a fun and
                                                                          festive day was had by all!

                                    Interview with                             ANDREW KELLY
                                               Chief Executive, Irish Blood Transfusion Service
        Back to the Shop Floor (BTTSF) offers the Irish Blood Transfusion Service (IBTS) staff an opportunity
        to do something fun and raise funds while at work.
               ince we first got involved in 2004, this important day has included activities such as; stores and

        S      post deliveries being carried out by senior management, reception being manned by the Chief
               Executive, scones for morning tea break being served 'at a price' and a car wash and valet
         service provided by the Director of HR, IT Manager and in more recent times, the CE.

         We also sell Daffodil Day merchandise to staff and donors on the day such as fresh and silk flowers
         and promotional merchandise such as trolley token keyrings.

         Perhaps the most successful fundraising activity we have come up with so far is an organisation-wide
         draw for an extra five days’ annual leave. Almost 60% of staff participated in the draw, raising
         substantial funds for Daffodil Day. The organisation then made a contribution to round up the figure.

         The key to the success of BTTSF is that it makes raising money and increasing awareness something
         that can be done in the workplace and it appeals to people's sense of fun. The annual leave draw also
         creates a lot of excitement, as staff are always eager to know who won! The challenge for future
         years is to get more staff, especially senior staff, involved in the activities and across all

         Over the past number of years, the IBTS, like any organisation, has had colleagues who have been
         diagnosed with cancer. Supporting Daffodil Day is a way to remember colleagues who are no longer with
         us and to raise awareness of the essential work carried out by the Irish Cancer Society. Being involved
         in Daffodil Day is also personal because my mother and sister both died of cancer and I know whatever
         funds our efforts raise will go towards delivering better services to people who have cancer.


         Andy Kelly, Chief Executive at the IBTS, doing a superb job of   Jo Lawlor, Apheresis Donor Manager, going back to the   Andy Kelly, Chief Executive, and Arthur Corrigan, IT Manager,

 16      washing staff cars with Mirenda O'Donovan, Communications
                                                                          shop floor at the Apheresis Clinic, pictured with the
                                                                          platelet donor
                                                                                                                                  at the IBTS are hard at it
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                                                                                                                                             BACK TO THE
                                                                                                                                             SHOP FLOOR

                    SCHERING-PLOUGH                                      Interview with
                                                                         Occupational Health Nurse, Schering-Plough
                                                                                                                    MÁIRE TARPEY
                                                                         The impetus for Schering-Plough getting involved in the Back
                                                                         to the Shop Floor (BTTSF) campaign was to contribute to a
                                                                         charitable cause which has touched the lives of everyone in
                                                                         some way or another. These events boost site morale and
                                                                         create team spirit that prevails longer than the event itself.

                                                                           n 2006, we organised a lunchtime quiz, together with managers selling

         Tech Services/QC coffee ladies Shionagh Morrissey and Brid
         Kavanagh along with Photo Tech Services Manager Stephen
         Rush and Máire Tarpey from OHN pictured on a quick break
                                                                         I daffodils throughout the day in all kinds of fancy dress! We also auctioned
                                                                           yellow Tyvek suits to the highest bidder, who then went on to nominate a
                                                                         colleague to wear the suit for the day.
         from serving tea and coffee to their colleagues
                                                                         Then in 2007, we organised a massive auction of the Daffodil Day merchandise
                                                                         and numerous other items donated by staff. Bidding commenced approximately
                                                                         three weeks before Daffodil Day. We also had a 'Name the Manager' baby
                                                                         photo competition, tree planting, windscreen washing by managers, bids for
                                                                         colleagues to dress up for the day (e.g. 'The Terrible Twins', who work in finance,
                                                                         dressed up in yellow & green as daffodils!) and
                                                                         walked to all departments delivering post and
                                                                                                                                for French fries and frothy cappuccinos!
                                                                         collecting funds. One manager agreed to                Watch your manager run the canteen for
                                                                         wear an apron from the Daffodil Day                    a day!

                                                                         merchandise if over €250 was raised. Two
                                                                                                                                  for Unbelievable! Do you recognise
                                                                         departments organised a delicious mega-                  your CEO? Why not organise a 'Name
                                                                                                                                  the Manager' baby photo competition!
          'Splosh & Pecks' (aka Mary O'Neill, Accounts Department,       coffee morning. Gourmet bakers in other

          and Padraig O'Connell, Engineering Projects) earned over
                                                                         departments brought in home baking and                   for NO hair! Sponsor those who dare
          €1,000 for sporting this attire for the day                                                                             to bare! Why not sponsor a colleague
                                                                         charged a nominal fee per slice. Six prime               to get his head shaved or even better,
                                                                       car parking spaces were also auctioned off.                his legs waxed!

                                                                                                                                       for Demands! Sponsor your manager
       We measure the success of BTTSF through the funds raised each year and also through                                             to look after your every need!

       the participation rates, the level of morale evident on the day, preceding the event and

       following the event. The good news is that we had a fantastic 300% increase on funds                                            for Raffle! Extra holiday days, trips
                                                                                                                                       away. Use your imagination.
       raised this year versus 2006. What makes it so successful in our organisation is the
       generous spirit and fun element that the day creates. Everyone has had some
                                                                                                                                       for Answering phones! Leave your
       experience of cancer in their lives, so they know they are donating to a worthy cause.                                          manager loose on reception for a
       The day is also met with tremendous support from management.                                                                    morning!

                                                                                                                                     for Intelligence! Hold your own version
       Personally, it was wonderful to see how well people engaged in all of the BTTSF                                               of 'Who wants to be a millionaire quiz.

       activities, and to see how generous they were with their time, money, donations and

       organising the various events while also helping to reinforce our 'Wellness at Work'                                           for Sorting the post! Sponsor your CEO
                                                                                                                                      to work in the hectic postroom for the
       programme. I really enjoyed experiencing the sense of team spirit around the site.                                             morning!

                                                                                                                                      for Egg and Spoon races!
       It is proof to us all that there are great teams here and that on the day they can come                                        Two-legged races and any type of
       together as one happy fun loving team! I believe that the link with the Irish Cancer                                           activity that gets your manager’s
                                                                                                                                      muscles moving!
       Society has had a positive impact on our donor and staff relations. There was certainly

       plenty of positive talk about Daffodil Day for some time after the event!                                                       for Rubber gloves! Get your manager
                                                                                                                                       to put them on while they wash staff
                                                                                                                                       cars and scrub the canteen floors!

                                                                                                                          Go BTTSF in 2008! A day of fun at
                                                                                                                          your workplace can really make a
                                                                                                                           difference to the lives of people
                                                                                                                              affected by cancer. To get
                                                                                                                              involved, please contact a
                                                                                                                            member of our BTTSF team on
                                                                                                                           CallSave 1850 60 60 60 or email
                                                                                                                          we would love to hear from you!

         Ronan O'Connell, Senior Executive, and Marian Corcoran       Marian Corcoran serving food in the staff canteen
         serving food in the staff canteen                                                                                                                                     17
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                BACK TO THE
                SHOP FLOOR

                                                                 Gerry Fitzpatrick, Pat Kenny (Outgoing Managing Partner)       Fergus Gannon, Director of Deloitte took part in a sponsored
       BTTSF PARTICIPANTS 2007                                   and Pascal Brennan at the partner coffee morning               'beard shave' for the Back to the Shop Floor initiative

    3M Ireland
                                              Co. Dublin
                                                                                                                                DUBLIN CITY COUNCIL
    Accenture European Service Centre Ltd.    Dublin 1
    Accenture European Service Centre Ltd.    Dublin 4
    Aetna Ireland                             Co. Kerry
    AIB - Tara Street                         Dublin 2
    Amcor Flexibles Sligo                     Sligo
    Anam Mobile Ltd.                          Dublin 2
    ARUP Consulting Engineers                 Cork
    ARUP Consulting Engineers                 Dublin 4
    Aughinish Alumina Ltd.                    Co. Limerick
    Avid Technology                           Dublin 18
    Bank of Ireland                           Various
    Bausch & Lomb Ireland                     Waterford
    Bewley's Ltd. - Head Office               Dublin 17
    Blackrock Clinic                          Co. Dublin
    Bus Éireann                               Dublin 7
    C&D Foods Ltd.                            Co. Longford
    Caledonian Life                           Dublin 22          John Tierney, City Manager, Dublin City Council, going back    Joe McGarry, John Paul Geraghty, Tom Lynch, John Tierney
    Campbell Catering Ltd.                    Dublin 17          to the shop floor as he sorts and delivers all post with the   (City Manager), Tony Mooney, Maria Fagan, Willie Benningan,
    Carlow County Council                     Carlow             postroom staff watching to see him complete his duties         and Marion Coling
    Cavan Waste Disposal
    C. E. Callan & Co. Solicitors
    CIGNA Healthcare
                                              Co. Roscommon
                                              Co. Galway
                                              Dublin 1
                                                                       … some ideas for you and your
    Clarion Hotel Sligo                       Co. Sligo
    Clery & Co. Plc.                          Dublin 1                          DUBLIN STREET PARKING
    Connacht Gold Co-Op                       Co. Sligo
    Connemara Coast Hotel                     Galway
    Cork County Council                       Cork
    Cork University Hospital                  Cork
    Daiwa Europe Fund Managers Ireland Ltd.   Dublin 2
    Days Hotel Rathmines                      Dublin 6
    Days Hotel Galway                         Co. Galway
    Days Hotel Kilkenny                       Kilkenny
    Days Hotel Park West                      Dublin 12
    Days Inn Talbot Street                    Dublin 1
    DCU                                       Dublin 9
    Dell Press Office                         Dublin 18
    Deloitte                                  Dublin 2
    Department of Transport                   Dublin 2
    De Puy (Ireland) Ltd.                     Co. Cork
    DMG Services                              Dublin 12
    Dublin City Council                       Dublin 8
    Dublin Street Parking Services            Dublin 6w          David McGoldrick, Human Resources Manager, looking 'daffy' Some of the men responsible for the clamping around the city
    Dundalk Town Council                      Co. Louth          as he leans out of his van                                 are John Hynes, Duty Manager, David McGoldrick, Human
    Eagle Star Life Assurance Ltd.            Co. Dublin                                                                    Resources Manger, Ed Donnelly, Contract Manager, Paul Byrne,
                                                                                                                            Traffic Controller, and Niall Delaney, Operations Manager
    Eircom PhoneWatch                         Dublin 18
    Engineers Ireland                         Dublin 4
    Environmental Protection Agency           Wexford                                                                       FINGAL COUNTY COUNCIL
    EuroConex                                 Co. Dublin
    Fidelity Investments Dublin               Dublin 2
    Fidelity Investments Galway               Co. Galway
    Fingal County Council                     Co. Dublin
    Fleet Street Hotel                        Dublin 2
    GameStop Ltd.                             Co. Dublin
    Garvey Group                              Co. Kerry
    Garvey's Supervalu Corbally               Co. Limerick
    Garvey's Supervalu Castleisland           Co. Kerry
    Garvey's Supervalu Newcastlewest          Co. Limerick
    Garvey's Supervalu Dungarvan              Co. Waterford
    Garvey's Centra Newcastlewest             Co. Limerick
    Garvey's Supervalu Listowel               Co. Kerry
    Garvey's Supervalu Dingle                 Co. Kerry
    Garvey's Supervalu Tralee                 Co. Kerry
    Garvey's Coolagh Service Station          Co. Waterford
    Golden Pages                              Dublin 4
    Google Ireland Operations Group Ltd.      Dublin 4           Michael Lorigan, Director of our Transportation Department, Pat Keane, Head of Finance, was on duty in the Public
                                                                 was on duty at 8.30am with the School Warden in Huntstown, Payments Office, County Hall Swords
    Gormanstown Service Station               Co. Meath
                                                                 Dublin 15

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                                                                                                                                                             BACK TO THE
                                                                                                                                                             SHOP FLOOR

                         ARUP CONSULTING
                                                                                                                                     COMPANY NAME                                 ADDRESS
                                                                                                                                     Harris Assemblers Ltd.                        Dublin 12
                                                                                                                                     Heatmerchants Ltd.                            Co. Kerry
                                                                                                                                     Hewlett Packard CSSC                          Dublin 4
                                                                                                                                     Hewlett Packard Mfg and Sales & Services Ltd. Co. Kildare
                                                                                                                                     Hewlett Packard European Software Centre Galway
                                                                                                                                     Hibernian Group                               Dublin 2
                                                                                                                                     Hibernian Insurance                           Cork
                                                                                                                                     Hibernian Insurance                           Galway
                                                                                                                                     Institute of Chartered Accountants            Dublin 4
                                                                                                                                     Irish Blood Transfusion Service               Dublin 8
                                                                                                                                     Irish Nationwide Building Society             Dublin 6
                                                                                                                                     ISS Facility Services                         Dublin 8
                                                                                                                                     Johnson & Johnson                             Dublin 24
                                                                                                                                     JP Morgan (Ireland) Plc.                      Dublin 1
     Jerry Mehigan, Managing Director, prepares and serves        Tim Corcoran, Operational Director, acts as receptionist for the   Kimball Electronics Ireland Ltd.              Longford
     morning teas and coffees to the various business units       morning                                                            KPMG                                         Dublin 2
                                                                                                                                     Louth County Council                          Co. Louth
                                                                                                                                     Magna Donnelly Electronics Naas Ltd.          Co. Kildare
                                                                        BAUSCH & LOMB                                                Mercer Human Resource Consulting              Dublin 2
                                                                                                                                     Merit Medical Systems Inc.                    Galway
                                                                                                                                     Merrill Lynch                                 Dublin 2
                                                                                                                                     Murray Consultants Ltd.                       Dublin 6
                                                                                                                                     Northern Trust Investment Services            Dublin 2
                                                                                                                                     Oracle Ireland                                Dublin 3
                                                                                                                                     Oxigen Environmental Ltd.                     Dublin 22
                                                                                                                                     Parc Group Ltd.                               Dublin 9
                                                                                                                                     Parkrite Ltd.                                 Dublin 3
                                                                                                                                     PayPal Europe Services Ltd.                   Dublin 15
                                                                                                                                     Pramerica Systems Ireland Ltd.                Co. Donegal
                                                                                                                                     PREM Group                                    Dublin 2
                                                                                                                                     Radisson SAS Hotel                            Co. Westmeath
                                                                                                                                     Revenue Commissioners                         Co. Kerry
                                                                                                                                     Roche Ireland Ltd.                            Co. Clare
                                                                                                                                     Sage Technologies Ltd.                        Dublin 4
                                                                                                                                     SAP SSC (Ireland) Ltd.                        Dublin 24
                                                                                                                                     Schering-Plough (Avondale)                    Co. Wicklow
     Frances Phelan, Procurement Manager, goes 'back to the       Mark Hennessy, Operations Manager, returns to the shop floor       Siemens Business Services                     Cork
     shop floor' as a receptionist                                                                                                   Sligo Institute of Technology                 Sligo
                                                                                                                                     Snap Printing                                 Dublin 2

 co-workers to take on the challenge!                                                                                                South Dublin County Council
                                                                                                                                     Suir Engineering Ltd.
                                                                                                                                     The Medical Council
                                                                                                                                     The Pensions Board
                                                                                                                                                                                   Dublin 24
                                                                                                                                                                                   Dublin 6
                                                                                                                                                                                   Dublin 2
                                                                                                                                     Third Force Plc.                              Co. Dublin
                          BANK OF IRELAND                                                                                            Topaz Energy Ltd.                             Dublin 14
                                                                                                                                     Tyco Safety Products                          Co. Cork
                                                                                                                                     Waters Technologies Ireland Ltd.              Wexford
                                                                                                                                     Watson Wyatt                                  Dublin 2
                                                                                                                                     Wexford County Council                        Wexford
                                                                                                                                     Windsor Deansgrange                           Co. Dublin

                                                                                                                                       PARKRITE AT DUNDRUM CENTRE

     Bank of Ireland and Cabinteely Champions, Eimear Gillespie Peter Nealon, Deirdre Kiernan and Stephen Adams from Bank of
     and Mary Barrett                                           Ireland, Cabinteely go 'daffy' for the day

                                                                  CLARION HOTEL SLIGO                                                  Brian Clonan, Car Park Manager, works as a Customer Service
                                                                                                                                       Attendant assisting Roisin Crowe and her baby Emma.

     Philip Lee, General Manager, waxing Chef Philip Dunleavy's    Office staff all paid €5 to wear casual clothes for the day         Brian Clonan, Car Park Manager, trains Andrea Cunderlikova in
     legs under close supervision from colleagues                                                                                      as a Customer Service Attendant at ParkRite, Dundrum Centre.

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                  BACK TO THE                                                                                                                   HIBERNIAN INSURANCE
                  SHOP FLOOR


                                                                                                                                        Brian Dalton, Human Resources Manager, behind the counter
                                                                                                                                        serving food to staff

      Mike McCarron, Site Director, and Nigel Bannister, Operations Mike McCarron, Site Director, and Nigel Bannister, Operations
      Manager, worked very hard as front desk receptionists for the Manager, Hewlett Packard, Clonskeagh
      morning with Lacra Neegu, Michelle Normand, and
      Shirley Wynne

                                              INSTITUTE OF CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS
                                                                                                                                        Michael Garvey, BUD Director, cleaning tables as Vicky
                                                                                                                                        Masey and Mary Kelly admire his work

                                                                                                                                                       WATSON WYATT

      David Butler, Financial Director, and Pat Costello, CEO,        Pat Costello, CEO, delivering the post to Marie Byrne,
      bringing around the tea trolley to serve tea to staff           Publications and House Services

                                                                                                                                        Paul Victory prepares to top up wine glasses


                                                                                                                                        Aongus Loughlin manning the BBQ for hungry Watson Wyatt staff

      Senior managers Mary Frances, Paul Brady, Ivor Goudie,          Jeremy Parkinson, Senior Manager Pramerica,
      Mairead McFadden, Naomi Harris, Emma Temple and Joe             serving tea to his colleague Raj Padmanabhan
      Morgan at Pramerica serving tea and biscuits to their


                                                                                                                                        Angela Picknell, Michael Lawlor and Jennifer Mooney go daffy
                                                                                                                                        for the day

      Mark Peard, Lubricants Manager, Frank Gleeson, Retail           Mark Peard, Lubricants Manager, Frank Gleeson, Retail Director,
      Director, and Danny Murray, CEO, still smiling as they work     and Danny Murray, CEO
      washing cars on the forecourt at the Statoil Service Station,
      Howth Road, Dublin

 20                                                                                                                                     Darren Farrell grins and bears painful leg wax
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         The 2007 Malin Head
         to Mizen Head Cycle
         Karl Turley from Athlone organised a marathon coast to coast cycle from Malin
         Head to Mizen Head in memory of his father Michael who died from lung
         cancer in February 2006, and to raise funds for the Irish Cancer Society
         palliative care services.

               n particular the group received excellent support from Pat Buckley who
               supplied all the tyres and tubing that the cyclists needed to complete
               the long journey and from other sponsors who supplied fuel, jerseys,
            posters and vans.

            Karl and the other members of the organising committee see the money
            raised as a way of thanking all the wonderful healthcare professionals that
            were involved in the care of his father during the advanced stages of his                                                             Cyclists Robert McLoughlin, Shane
                                                                                                                                                  Cadogan, Eddie Hearn and Paul Turley en
            cancer, and as a way of contributing towards the development of palliative                                                            route to Mizen Head
            care services.

            €3,000 of the total amount was raised by one participant, Billy Walsh from Athlone. A year ago Billy
            was diagnosed with bone cancer and underwent chemotherapy and surgery to replace his knee and
            some bones in his left foot with a prosthesis. Thankfully Billy is recovering well and was able to train
            and participate in this cycle, something he would not have thought possible just 12 months ago.

            Finally Karl would like to pay a special tribute to his family, friends and girlfriend Sandra Greene for
            the wonderful help and support they provided in the organisation of this great adventure.

                                             COMMUNITY FUNDRAISING 2007
                                 Miles for Research                                                    Coffee morning for Action Breast Cancer

       (L-R) Alan Finnegan, Michael Finnegan, Victoria Rowntree, Lorna Shekleton (behind), Alanah    (L-R) Noel Kane, Louise Kane and Mairead Mangan (Irish Cancer Society).
       Finnegan (front), Danielle Finnegan, Leanne Colwell, Mairead Mangan (Irish Cancer Society).
       Alan, originally from Kingscourt, Co Cavan, now living in Kilmainhamwood, Kells,              Louise, from Crossakeil, Kells, Co Meath, raised €2,596.70 by holding a coffee morning
       Co. Meath, was helped in raising €10,825.00 for the Irish Cancer Society by holding a         from 11am to 1pm on 6th October this year in aid of Action Breast Cancer.Louise herself
       sponsored walk called Miles for Research from Kingscourt across the Lough-an-Leagh            has overcome breast cancer and has been cancer free for the past three years
       and back to Kingscourt on August 19th this year. The total distance was 21 miles
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                ‘Ride for the Cure’
                                               CHARITY CYCLE
                ver the course of this challenging event, Tony

        O       cycled through physical fatigue, mountainous
                terrain, extreme weather conditions and at
        times, tears, but along the way he met some amazing
        people who turned out to support him through his
        journey. By the time Tony cycled into Ennis for the
        grand finale on 1st July, he had 120 cyclists accompany
        him on the final leg, and has raised a fantastic
        €259,573.63 for the Irish Cancer Society, Ovarian
        Cancer Canada and the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

        “What a finale it was. The crowds were lining the roads
        for the 40km leading to Ennis. This culminated with
        over 5,000 people awaiting our arrival at the finish line
        in the Square in Ennis. Led in by 50 school children
        who biked ahead of us, the European Bantamweight
        Boxing Champion Bernard Dunne and the many other
        supporters of this dream, we were all moved by the
        welcome back.                                               Martin Donnelly, Tony Griffin, Bernard Dunne and Ger Cromwell reach the end of the Tony Griffin
                                                                    ‘Ride for a Cure’ Charity Cycle
        Since that glorious day in Ennis the momentum has been unbelievable. The donations are flying in the door, the offers of
        fundraising ideas are coming thick and fast and most of all the Irish people have been motivated by our vision to do more.”

        Tony Griffin

        Funball Rally goes to
        Nürburgring in aid of the Irish Cancer Society
                     aterford brothers, Anthony, Sean and Mark O'Connor, helped raise a fantastic €35,000 for the Irish

          W          Cancer Society with their novel fundraising event, the Funball Rally. The Rally saw over 30 rally cars
                     travel from Waterford to Nürburgring, Germany in early July, covering a total of 2,750 km of tarmac!
          The highlight of the expedition was the chance to race around the gruelling 20.8km racecourse that has hosted
          many top Formula 1 Grand Prix events.

          “The event went like clockwork. Everybody made it home safe and sound while enjoying three days of hard
          driving and of course a fun filled day lapping the famous Nürburgring,” explained Anthony.

          Along with each team raising their own sponsorship, numerous local companies came on board to sponsor the
          event. The organisers would like to give a special thanks to Tina O'Connor and Michelle Mullins for being the
          most successful Funball Rally fundraisers. A special thank you also goes to all the Funballers who took part and
          the many sponsors for making this an event to remember and the huge effort that everyone put into raising
          funds for the Irish Cancer Society.

          The O'Connor brothers are planning to increase next year's participants to 50 cars and hope that the 2008
          Funball Rally will raise over €100,000 for the Irish Cancer Society. Anyone wishing to express an interest in next
          year's event can contact:

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                                                                                        N utcracker
Action Prostate Cancer Ambassador & RTE Presenter Charlie Bird with MC and RTÉ's
Resident Comedian Oliver Callan with Jane Curtin, Communications Manager, Irish
Cancer Society at the 2007 Nutcracker Ball
                                                                                       T       he inaugural Nutcracker Ball was held on 27th April
                                                                                       2007 to benefit Action Prostate Cancer (APC), a programme
                                                                                       of the Irish Cancer Society. The black tie event was held in
                                                                                       the Royal St George Yacht Club, Dún Laoghaire and was
                                                                                       attended by 120 guests including RTÉ news
                                                                                       correspondent Charlie Bird and RTÉ Rugby and Newstalk
                                                                                       presenter George Hook. The Irish Cancer Society would like
                                                                                       to extend special thanks to Benton Property Holding who
                                                                                       kindly supported this event. Proceeds from the Nutcracker
                                                                                       Ball will help APC become the leading provider of prostate
                                                                                       cancer information and support in Ireland.

 Mrs Mona Lynch and Mr Thomas Lynch,         Sponsor of the Nutcracker Ball, Sean
 Consultant Urologist, St James’s Hospital   Kelly, Chief Executive, Benton Property
                                             Holdings, with John McCormack, Chief      SPONSERED BY
                                             Executive, Irish Cancer Society

                   Firefighter Calendar 2008
                 ublin Fire Brigade are used to putting out
                 fires but this December they’ll be heating
                 things up with the release of the 2008
         charity calendar. Thirteen Dublin based firefighters
         posed in various locations in various states of
         undress to raise money for the Irish Cancer Society.

         Last year the calendar raised €138,000 and in
         2008 they hope to top that and reach €150,000.
         Proceeds will go towards the Irish Cancer
         Society's night nursing service which allows
         people in advanced stages of cancer to remain at
         home with family and friends with the support of
         a night nurse.

         Irish and European Super Bantamweight title
         boxer Bernard Dunne joined the Fire Brigade for
         the launch of their ‘knockout’ charity calendar
         and is pictured right with the models.

         The calendar is priced at €10 and is on sale in
         Golden Discs and through the Dublin Fire
         Brigade website The
         firemen will also take the fire engine around
         Dublin in December to sell the 2008 calendar in
         person, dates and venues can be found on the

         For further information please contact: Niall
         Gilchrist on 086 3824063 or at
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                                                                                                      Cards forChristmas
       'No Place Like Home'                                                                               As well as 18 brand new card designs,
                                                                                                 this year's exciting Irish Cancer Society Christmas Card
       Homebase supports the Irish Cancer Society
                                                                                                    Collection includes some delightful stocking fillers.
       with the 'No Place Like Home' campaign.
                                                                                                    You can place your order or request a copy of our

             ince the launch of the 'No Place Like Home'                                                   catalogue, online at:
             campaign in August 2006, Homebase staff and                                                         or Callsave 1850 60 60 60.
             customers throughout Ireland have raised an                                           Cards will also be available for purchase at the Irish
       amazing €61,601.55 for the Irish Cancer Society's night                                     Cancer Society, 43-45 Northumberland Road, Dublin 4.
       nursing service.                                                                                     Cards available from 5th November.

       Throughout the partnership Homebase staff have
       organised a variety of fundraising events, such as
       quizzes, head-shaves, and dress-up days to raise funds
       that give people with cancer the choice to be cared for
       at home with the people they love. The 'No Place Like
       Home' campaign continues until September 2008.

                                                                                                  Valentine's Ball 2008
        Leaving a Legacy - Gifts that Give Back                                                              On Saturday 9 February 2008,
                                                                                                   guests will get in the mood for love at the Irish Cancer
      A gift to the Irish Cancer Society through your will is an excellent way to                    Society's annual Valentine's Ball (sponsored by Anglo
      leave a legacy of support for critical advances in cancer research and                          Irish Bank) in the sophisticated surroundings of the
      patient care, directly impacting on the lives of people dealing with cancer                               Radisson SAS Hotel & Spa, Cork.
      and their families. It is a significant contribution to our work - both                                Monies raised will go towards the Cork
      present and future.                                                                                            Cancer Research Centre.
                                                                                                                For information on tickets please
      T plan your future giving, you can ask your solicitor to include an
       o                                                                                                           contact Margaret O'Sullivan,
      addition (codicil) onto your will stating the gift you would like to leave                                      Irish Cancer Society on
      for the Irish Cancer Society. If you do not already have a will, contact us
                                                                                                                           (021) 450 9918.
      for a copy of our Legacy Information Pack, a useful guide to help you
      prepare for discussions with your estate-planning advisor or solicitor.
         For further information, please contact Jill Clark, Head of Fundraising,
                       T 01 231 0593, Email:

                                                                                                 CARDS FOR A CURE™
                                                                                               Action Breast Cancer, a programme of the Irish Cancer
                                                                                               Society is proud to continue its partnership with
                                                                                               Hallmark Cards for Mother's Day 2008 with the 'Cards
                                                                                               for a Cure™' campaign. Look out for the cards and
                                                                                               specially selected gifts, which have the internationally
                      Take your Curtain Call                                                   recognised pink ribbon displayed on the front and are
                    No other restaurant enjoys the same connection                             available at Hallmark shops, and wherever Hallmark
                  with Irish theatre as the Trocadero, 4 St Andrew St,
                   Dublin 2 and now a new book has been published
                                                                                               products are sold, nationwide. Through this promotion,
                 celebrating the magical restaurant's 50th anniversary.                        Hallmark Cards will make a minimum guaranteed
                                                                                               donation of €40,000 to Action Breast Cancer, a
      ‘Curtain Call’ is a collection of over 50 images of Irish thespians, from the
        walls of the 'Troc' with reflections of many of the actors themselves.
                                                                                               programme of the Irish Cancer Society.
          Brenda Fricker, Rosaleen Linehan, Mick Lally, Bosco Hogan and
         Maureen Potter are just some of the actors 'playing a part' in this
                             'must have' Christmas present.

          You can purchase this book at Easons and other bookstores or online at All proceeds from sales go to the Society's night nursing service.


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