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									NIH/ Fellowships
     Hands On Session

      Find. Apply. Succeed.

       Course Numbers: ORA-1218
              Session Overview
In this session we will:
• Find NRSA application packages on the NIH website
• Download NRSA application packages and instructions
• Begin filling out the forms
• Review the eSubmit “electronic drop-box”
   – Upload your application for retrieval at your desk
   – Review the “5-day Proposal Submission Deadline”
• Review and complete required Stanford forms:
   – SU-42FL (internal routing)
   – Conflict of Interest (COI)
   – NIH Fellowship Certification
    Before You Get Started…
    Download Adobe Reader
• Download the Compatible version of Adobe
  Reader (version 8.1.5 or 9.1.1 recommended)
• You MAY need a PDF Writer (e.g., Adobe
• Make sure you (and your mentor and
  references) have an NIH Commons

  Check the Software Download Page for Updates on
               Compatible Version of Adobe Reader
     Download the Application

• Open the “NIH F Kiosk”
• Choose your Opportunity
• Download Program Announcement
• Click the   Apply for Grant Electronically   Button (in PA)
• Download Instructions and Application
Start at:

           Then find the:   F Kiosk
Select the first result
 Select your
from the list
• The Program Announcement will
• Scroll down to Section “6a” and
  read important information about
  your grant
• Click the “Apply for Grant
  Electronically” button to access
  the download site.

* The guidance from is that everyone needs to be using
a Valid version of Adobe Reader – currently 8.1.5, 9.1.1 or higher.
Be sure to add your email address here so you
receive all updates on this package!
Download YOUR NRSA Now!

Open a web browser to the “NIH F Kiosk”
and follow the steps above to download and
save YOUR OWN NRSA Application and
Instructions now.
       Grant Application Package
• Save the grant application to your computer
   – As you work on the application, save frequently!
• Complete the application using the instructions
  attached to that particular FOA (Funding Opportunity
   – Don’t copy and reuse an old FOA
   – Pre-populated info is drawn from the specific FOA
• When application is complete, click “Check
  Package for Errors” button
• Do not select “Submit” button – Institutional Rep
  will submit

         All YELLOW FIELDS must be Completed!
   Grant Application Package

• The Grant Application Package is one PDF file
  – Forms have data fields and attachments
  – NRSA application packages will have a header
    page and five forms (detailed below)

• Print each page as you complete it using the
  [print button] at the top of each page
• See samples and instructions in your handout
Open The Bookmarks
                                    The Instructions

                     You will find Most
                     of the instructions
                     to complete your
                     application in
                     Section 4 of the
  A Few Words About PDF…

• Attachments required to be PDF
• Convert to PDF (do not scan)
• Don’t add extra security to your PDF!
• Do not add “headers and footers”
• Set “Viewing Mode” to Continuous
Grant Application
  Header Page

This is always the
first page of the
package file.

As each form is
completed, you
will be returned to
this page.

Enter Investigator
Name in the
Filing Name” field.
                                                              Grant Application
                                                                Header Page

1. Open the “Pages” icon to see all
   the forms at once. This allows you
   to scroll between the forms (rather
   than click “Open” and “Close” form
2. Always scroll to the Grant
   Application Header Page to Save.

                                         1. Move forms from the “Mandatory
                                            Documents” side to the “Mandatory
                                            Documents for Submission” side to edit
                                            them. (also the PHS 398 Cover Letter in
                                            the Optional Documents if you are
                                         2. Always start with the SF424 Form first!
      Let’s Complete the Application

Open your application package. We’ll complete the SF424R&R
form together, and answer some of the administrative questions
about the other forms as we go through the package.

Use the sample in your handout to guide you, but ALWAYS read
the NIH instructions.

If you are taking this class online, use these sample forms to guide
you. Complete the SF424(R&R) Form first using these
             Other Forms

• SU-42FL (internal routing)
  – Form
  – Jobaid
• Conflict of Interest (COI)
• NIH Fellowship Certification Assurance
• Appointment Verification Form
 (Housestaff or Prospective Scholars only)
        See Samples in your Handout
   eSubmit: Stanford's Electronic
     “Drop Box” for
• Upload / download of grant application
• File sharing & “routing” with Mentor & IR
• Automatic file naming & versioning
• Status and action notification via email
• Time and user stamping of actions
• Archiving and purging of old files
 First-time users will be prompted to watch a brief demo
              (6 minutes) upon logging in
eSubmit Electronic Dropbox

Log into eSubmit and Upload your Application Package:
       Type “esubmit” in your web browser
                        Route Application
           • Route completed application to your
             Institutional Representative at least 5
             business days before the deadline
              • School of Medicine: Debra Porzio
              • All Others: Check the List
           • Route via eSubmit Electronic Drop Box
           • Your Inst. Rep. will review and submit the
             completed application to
Be sure to route your SU42FL and all other required forms at this time
Checklist: Other Requirements

• Training & Protocols
  – Human & Animal Subjects
  – Research & Lab Safety
• Mentors & References
  – Have they signed all appropriate forms?
  – Have they completed their letters?
  – Have they filed their letters in NIH
              Overview of Submission Process

   Investigator       Institutional Rep.          Sponsor (NIH)

• Downloads &         • Reviews            • Performs           • Retrieves
  completes             application          cursory              application from
  application           (may suggest         electronic 
                        some                 review
• Completes                                                     • Sends email to
  other required                           • Sends 3 emails       IR: Validations
  forms               • Submits              1. Received          Complete/Check
                        application to       2. Validated or      assembled
• Routes via                                                      application (or
  eSubmit to                                                      ACTION
                                             3. Agency
  Institutional Rep                             Retrieval         REQUIRED).

                                           • Upon validation,
                                             notifies Sponsor

• Check the Stanford Fellowship
  – For application downloads
  – information
  – Software requirements
• Check the Stanford Fellowship Website
  – Internal Stanford forms
  – Process checklist
  – Contacts

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