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					     Spring 2010
Reaching Out to

                                                                             Thank You!
Children and Young
Adults With Cancer

Cindy Cohen

Connie Jacob
Vice President

Robert E. Mellen
                                   Thank you, with the help of our donors, campers from around our great state had the opportunity to attend
Treasurer                          Camp Mak-A-Dream in 2009. Even with our depressed economy in Michigan, the generosity continued to
Lisa Pullman                       flow and allowed us to continue our mission of providing a cost-free camp experience for our campers. As
                                   one parent commented, “Thank you again for this wonderful experience for my kids. Our funds were so tight
Hadar Granader*
Member at large                    last summer that the kids would not have been able to attend without your support.” This is the message
Honorary Directors                 that we want to convey to our wonderful donors and those who help make Camp Mak-A-Dream a reality for
Edsel B. Ford II
Governor Jennifer Granholm         these families with children and young adults with cancer.
Marco Grossi
Charles Main, MD
Erik Smith                         During 2009, we continued our traditional fundraising events, including our very successful 11th Annual
Jeffrey Taub, MD
                                   Cookies N’ Dreams, added a cycling event, golf outing, and rekindled outdoor yoga with our Sunrise Yoga
Lynn Adrian                        in the Park held in Franklin Village this summer. We hope to bring these events back in 2010 and to build
Sue Arnold*
Dan Cady                           on our success from last year. Please see the Save the Date section of the newsletter for more details.
Catherine Forbes
Yvonne Gallagher
Marcia Gershenson                  Thanks for your continued support and have a wonderful and prosperous 2010!
Brian Granader*
Ronald R. Granader
Sylvia Granader
Chris Hornig
Dan Inman
Estelle Kwartowitz
David Leider
Helen Lutz
Alex J. Miller*
Barry Shapiro*
Amy Singer*
Ellie Slovis
JoAnna Yaksich

Executive Director
Pete Grimes

Camp Founders
Sylvia & the late Harry Granader

* denotes past president

Friends of
Camp Māk-A-Dream
Michigan Chapter

121 W. Long Lake
Suite 120
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304

(248) 723-5575                     OUR MISSION
                                   The mission of Friends of Camp Māk-A-Dream, Michigan Chapter, is to support Camp Māk-A-Dream, a
Website              cost free camp in Montana for children and young adults with cancer, by providing strategic, financial and
                                   marketing assistance to further the goals of Camp Māk-A-Dream, including specific projects and assistance
                                   for Michigan residents.
The Founder’s                                   Message from the President
Message                                         Dear Friends,

                                                Looking back on 2009, many wonderful things occurred. We introduced new
                                                campers to Camp Māk-A-Dream, and new events to our Michigan Chapter. In
                                                addition to our ever popular Cookies N’ Dreams, this year we added a spring
                                                golf outing, summer yoga in the park, and a charity poker tournament to our
                                                repertoire. Attending these events reminded me of how grateful we are for the
                                                devoted supporters of Camp Māk-A-Dream.

                                                Thanks to your help, we were able to send 63 children, teens, young adults and
                                                siblings to camp this past summer. The campers I spoke with upon returning
                                                from camp talked about the beautiful mountains, climbing the Butte, their trip
                                                to Philipsburg- with the always favorite trip to one of the biggest candy stores
                                                I’ve ever seen, swimming, camp fires, the talent show, warm fuzzies, the great
Dear Friends,                                   food, and mostly about meeting friends to cherish for a lifetime.

I can’t believe this will be our 16th year of   I asked one of our first time campers what she liked best about Kids Camp.
having kids attend Camp Māk-A-Dream. I look     Her answer was “I liked flying to camp, going to the candy shop, camp fires,
forward to seeing the new faces and know        swimming, arts & crafts, and …I liked everything!” I think her words say it best.
what a wonderful time they will experience
                                                I thank all of you for your support of Friends of Camp Māk-A-Dream, Michigan
and memories they will create.
                                                Chapter, and your role in spreading the word about this magical place. Help us
I appreciate your generous support and          to keep Harry (of blessed memory) and Sylvia’s dream alive by continuing to
helping make the dream possible for campers     support our local chapter, our Michigan campers, and most of all Camp Māk-A-
throughout Michigan as we open our gates for    Dream, in Gold Creek, Montana. We look forward to, and thank you in advance
camp season.                                    for your continued support in 2010.

Thank you for your love and support.            Sincerely,

Sylvia Granader                                 Cindy Cohen
                                                Board of Directors

                                                Sylvia Granader Honored
                                                Our wonderful founder, Sylvia Granader, was honored in Washington on
                                                March 10, 2010 with The Congressional Gold Medal for her participation in the
                                                Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) of WWII. Sylvia traveled to the Capitol
                                                with her granddaughter and son to be honored for her courageous work during
                                                the war helping shuttle planes to fighter pilots and towing targets for antiaircraft
                                                training. This was an elite group who’s value to our country was immeasurable
                                                and we are extremely proud of Sylvia and her fellow pilots for their contribution
                                                to our country.
2010 Camp Program Schedule
May 13-17           Ovarian Cancer Retreat- Spring                  Free*
Ovarian cancer patients, in or out of treatment
(Suggested donation of $175)

June 8-13           Young Adult Survivors Conference                Free
Young adult cancer survivors, in or out of treatment (ages 18-40)

June 16-23          Young Adult Conference                          Free
Young adults with cancer, in or out of treatment (ages 18-40)

June 30-July 5      Teen Heads Up Conference                        Free
Brain tumor survivors (ages 13-18)

July 9-16           Teen Camp                                       Free
Teenagers with cancer (ages 15-18)

July 20-27          Siblings Camp                                   Free
Siblings or children of cancer patients (6-17yrs)

July 31-August 7    Kids Camp                                       Free
Children with cancer, in or out of treatment (6-14yrs)

August 11-16        Heads Up Conference                             Free
Brain tumor survivors (18-25yrs)

September 9-13      Ovarian Cancer Retreat-Fall                     Free
Ovarian cancer patients, in or out of treatment
(Suggested donation of $175)

September 23-26 Women’s Cancer Retreat                              Free
Women with any type of cancer, in or out of treatment
(Suggested donation of $150)

For more information on the programs or on travel assistance for Michigan
residents, please contact (248) 723-5575 or

If you are not a Michigan resident, please contact the Montana office at
(406) 549-5987 or

*Please note that the cost of program does not include travel costs to/
from camp.
Cookies N’ Dreams
Photos              11th Annual Cookies N’ Dreams
                    October 29, 2009
                    Our annual cookie-tasting event brought over 750 guests to The
                    Somerset Collection to enjoy food, beverages, and wonderful cookies
                    and cupcakes provided by our very generous bakers! Entertainment
                    included dancing and music by Star Trax, Baffling Bill the Magician,
                    arts and crafts with Sozen Designs, face painting by Faces in the Air,
                    pictures with The Cookie Monster provided by ABC Entertainment,
                    projects with the Detroit Science Center and the Boogah Hoogah show
                    provided by Imagination Theatre Etc!

                    A special feature this year was emcee duties provided by the Mojo in
                    the Morning crew with Mojo, Spike & Shannon. We were fortunate to
                    have guest judges help with our Celebrity Judged Cookie who included:
                    Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski, Representative Gilda Jacobs, former
                    Tiger Barbaro Garbey, 2009 Mens & Ladies National Skating Champions
                    from the Detroit Skating Club Jeremy Abbott & Alissa Czisny, former
                    Red Wing Jason Woolley and Bloomfield Hills School Superintendent,
                    Steve Gaynor. Thanks to the support of bakers, sponsors, guests and
                    volunteers, we raised over $85,000 at the event!

                    Guests sampled each baker’s tasty treats and voted on their favorites.
                    The winners were:

                                Favorite 2009 Camp Māk-A-Dream Cookie
                                             Marty’s Cookies

                                            Celebrity Cookie
                                     Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

                                     Most Unusual & Creative Cookie
                                             Forte Belanger

                                            Best Tasting Cookie
                                           Townsend Hotel Bakery

                                           Most Indulgent Cookie
                                                 Just Baked

                                             Healthiest Cookie
                                               Patisserie Ci

                                         Best New Baker Creation
                                           Samantha’s Cookies
                                                                                     Cookies N’ Dreams
                                                                     Many thanks to our sponsors who helped make the
                                                                     event a success:

                                                                        ▪ Galencher Nagy Foundation/Goldie Galencher
                                                                        ▪ Somerset Collection/The Forbes Family

                                                                        ▪ Milford Singer & Company
                                                                        ▪ Dr. Ronald & Debra Lederman, Dr. Mark &
                                                                         Estelle Kwartowitz
                                                                        ▪ Center for Orthopaedic Surgery, Sports
                                                                        Medicine & Physical Therapy
                                                                        ▪ Star Trax Event Productions
All of the bakers are winners to us and deserve special thanks for
generously donating their time and cookies.
                                                                        ▪ Beta Steel
                                                                        ▪ M. Jacob & Sons
 Cookie Cool Cookie Company (Birmingham)              248-217-9133
                                                                        ▪ Quicken Loans
 Cookies By Design (Rochester Hills)                  248-656-3005
 Debra’s Cookie Jar (Huntington Woods)                248-546-5936
                                                                        ▪ Mark, Tracey & Alex Burnstein
 Forte Belanger (Troy)                                248-288-2900      ▪ Nancy & Howard Luckoff
 Gold N’ Crust Bakery (Warren)                        586-573-7920      ▪ Randy Wertheimer & Nancy Katzman

 Just Baked (Livonia)                                 248-255-1441   BRONZE
 Lil’ Monica’s Gourmet Cookies, Cakes & Pastries                        ▪ Amy & Paul Blavin
 (Sterling Heights)                                                     ▪ Etkin Equities
                                                                        ▪ David & Jennifer Fischer
 Market Basket (Franklin)                             248-626-2583
                                                                        ▪ David & Deena Fishman
 Marty’s Cookies (West Bloomfield)                    248-360-0800      ▪ Frankel Associates
 Mrs. Field’s Cookies (Troy)                          248-614-5350      ▪ Rose Rita & Sheldon Goldman
                                                                        ▪ Lois & Hadar Granader
 Patisserie Ci (Southfield)                           248-497-7919
                                                                        ▪ Robert & Jill Granader
 Peter’s Palate Pleaser (Bloomfield Hills)            248-540-2266      ▪ Sylvia Granader
 Pink Elephant (Grosse Pointe Woods)                  313-499-8353      ▪ Honigman, Miller, Schwartz & Cohn LLP
                                                                        ▪ Connie, David & Dana Jacob
 Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (Troy)              248-816-1454      ▪ Edward Levy, Jr.
 Samantha’s Cookies (Birmingham)                      248-454-8173      ▪ Mellen, Smith & Pivoz, PLC
                                                                        ▪ Lisa & Tom Pullman
 The Cupcake Station (Birmingham)                     248-593-1903
 Townsend Hotel Bakery (Birmingham)                   248-644-6506   MEDIA SPONSORS
                                                                        ▪ Healing Garden Journal
 2 Unique Catering (Royal Oak)                        248-549-5242
                                                                        ▪ Hour Detroit
Thanks also to Starbuck’s, Holiday Market & Franklin Cider Mill.
                                                                     We also thank the many Dream Maker & Patron
                                                                     Sponsors who made Cookies N’ Dreams 2009 a
Sunrise Yoga in the Park
August 15, 2009

Our yoga event was quite a success being graced
with a beautiful morning, great instruction by
Justin Barnes, and the participation and support
of 60+ generous donors. The event took place in
the Franklin Village Park with the support of the
following sponsors:

    ▪ Dr. Ronald S. Lederman & Dr. Mark A.
    ▪ Center for Orthopaedic Surgery, Sports
     Medicine & Physical Therapy

                                                        Camp Mak-A-Dream Bike Event
    ▪ Starbucks Coffee
    ▪ The Bagel Factory
    ▪ Just Baked
    ▪ Trader Joe’s                                      May 16, 2009
                                                        At the end of May, fourteen hearty souls ventured to northern Michigan
Those attending were put through a rigorous             to participate in the Zoo-De-Mack bike event. This was a precursor to
workout by Justin followed by very tasty snacks and     our own cycling fundraiser to be planned for this year by Camp Mak-
beverages and sent home with a water bottle gift        A-Dream.
provided by the Center for Orthopaedic Surgery,
Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy. We are looking      The weather was cool, rainy, and windy. Despite these conditions,
forward to additional yoga events in 2010 so look for   we had a great time, cultivated relationships in the cycling world, and
future information. Thanks to all for your support!     gained valuable knowledge to help with our planning of this year’s
                                                        event. We also managed to raise money with some of the riders
                                                        collecting donations toward our cause.

                                                        A special thanks goes to Rick Saro, a friend of Camp Mak-A-Dream,
                                                        for his work on our behalf planning the trip last year. Thanks also to
                                                        those who made pledges. We look forward to a great event in 2010.

                                                        We will keep you posted on details as we progress.
Golf Outing
May 30, 2009
The first golf outing was a success as 70 golfers enjoyed a great day
of golf, food and fun at Rackham Golf Course in Huntington Woods,
Michigan. The event included a great round of golf on this storied
course, event and door prizes, and a tasty chicken and rib dinner. The
weather was cooperative and everyone seemed to have a great time.
We hope to expand the outing in 2010 and look forward to a sold out

We want to thank our generous hole sponsors which included:

  ▪ John & Deborah Lacki           ▪ Turner & Turner, PC
  ▪ Collision Craftsmen, Inc.      ▪ Steeplechase Properties
  ▪ Mellen, Smith & Pivoz PLC      ▪ University Compounding Pharmacy
  ▪ Lois & Hadar Granader          ▪ Pontiac Trail Pharmacy
  ▪ Sav-Mor Drug Stores            ▪ Chris & Marilyn Schulte
  ▪ Dr. Mark A. Kwartowitz, D.O.   ▪ Sylvia Granader

                                                                                         Dream Makers
  ▪ Berkley High P.E. Rocks!       ▪ Ron Granader

We also want to thank our generous donors of products and services:

  ▪ American Golf Corporation      ▪ The First Tee of Detroit
  ▪ JP Lann Golf                   ▪ Blackfinn Restaurant & Saloon
  ▪ Monterrey Cantina              ▪ Bagger Dave’s
  ▪ Golfsmith Golf & Tennis        ▪ Carl’s Golfland
  ▪ Dick’s Sporting Goods          ▪ Collision Craftsmen, Inc.
  ▪ Connie Jacob                                                         Once again, we want to thank those involved in
                                                                         third party events that play a significant role in the
A special thanks to all our volunteers who made the event a success!     success of Camp Māk-A-Dream. We appreciate
                                                                         their commitment to our organization and want to
                                                                         acknowledge their efforts.

                                                                             ▪ Brian & Kate Granader and Red Lotus Yoga

                                                                             ▪ The U of M Pre Med Club Camp Māk-A-
                                                                             Dream Committee and especially Georgette
                                                                             Abou-Jaoude & Shannon Dibble

                                                                             ▪ Joannie Barker, Rosemarie Karbal, Donna
                                                                             Goren, Beth Konikoff, Amy Borowik & Circle of
                                                                             Hope Bracelets

                                                                             ▪ Detroit Metropolitan Credit Union

                                                                             ▪ Industrial Magnetics Inc. & Karen Campbell

                                                                             ▪ Potbelly Sandwich Works

                                                                             ▪ Libby, Adam & Claire’s Lemonade Stand

                                                                         If you would like more information on how to host
                                                                         a third party event for Camp Māk-A-Dream, please
                                                                         contact our office at (248) 723-5575.
Ways to Support the
Michigan Chapter                                       SAVE THE DATES
                                                       “Lets Go Shopping”
                                                       Please see the enclosed flyer for a great day of shopping at Lori Karbal
General Camp Fund—Unrestricted donations               Boutique in Birmingham on the weekend of April 23–25. Just mention
offset costs associated with camper programs,          that you are a friend of camp and 15% of your sale will be donated to
recruitment, camper travel to/from the camp in         help send kids to camp.
Montana, staff and operating costs, and other
                                                       12th Annual Cookies N’ Dreams
expenses related to the Michigan Chapter.
                                                       October 28, 2010
Tony Jacob Fund—Contributions to this fund             Don’t miss out on this wonderful event which will once again be hosted
support special projects at camp, such as the new      by the Somerset Collection in Troy. We anticipate as much fun and
miniature golf course. The fund is named in memory     energy as experienced in 2009, and look forward to a great turnout to
of the former board member who devoted his efforts     sample the areas best bakers and their goodies! Details coming soon!
to ensuring children and young adults with cancer
                                                       Camp Mak-A-Dream Poker Event
had the opportunity to attend camp.
                                                       June 13–16, 2010 @ 5:00 pm–2:00 am
Special Events—Participate in the next fundraising     Join us for a great game of chance at Doc’s Sports Retreat in Livonia.
event by joining the committee or volunteering         Come play poker and a significant amount of proceeds will go directly
at the event. We’re always looking for dedicated       to helping send campers to Montana this summer.
individuals to help make these events successful!
                                                       MI MAD 100
Donate Stock—If you would like to make a stock         July 10, 2010
contribution to the Michigan Chapter, please           Come join us for a fun day of cycling and help raise funds for camp.
contact the office. Donated stock is sold to provide   With the generosity of the Ann Arbor Bicycle Touring Society, we are
unrestricted funds to the organization.                riding in their yearly “One Helluva Ride” located in Chelsea, Michigan.
                                                       Riders will have the opportunity to choose from six different routes
Third Party Events—Consider hosting a school           ranging from 15-100 miles and collect pledges from donors for this
fundraiser, dress down day, coffee hour or other       much anticipated event!
event to raise funds and awareness for the Michigan
Chapter.                                               Please visit for more information.

Sponsorships—Corporate sponsorships of our
special events are a wonderful opportunity to show
your company’s commitment to the community. Our        Help Fly to Camp
corporate sponsors help ensure our fundraisers are     With another camp season upon us, we are receiving applications
a success and also receive much recognition at the     from around the state from potential campers. We are processing
events.                                                those requests and preparing to book airline tickets for travel to camp.
Matching Funds—Many companies match                    Last year, 63 Michigan residents attended Camp Māk-A-Dream free
employee donations to local charities. Check with      of charge, including airfare. We anticipate an increased need in 2010
the human resources department to learn if your        given the current economic climate. We will make every effort to fulfill
organization matches donations and double the gift     the hopes and dreams of these applicants although this is dependent
to camp!                                               on available funding.

                                                       A travel scholarship is a wonderful way to support our campers and
                                                       help offset the costs of travel. A donation of $500 helps cover the cost
                                                       of roundtrip airfare from Michigan to Montana. For an additional $25,
                                                       an engraved brick (maximum of 30 characters) will be placed on the
                                                       walk at the camp.

                                                       Please contact our office at (248) 723-5575 for more information.
Campers’ Corner
Dear Donors,                                                                          Hi, my name is Kelsey. I am 17 years old
                                                                                      and I went to Camp Māk-A-Dream in July
Words can’t express how amazing Camp Māk-A-Dream was for me. It was without           of 2009. It was my first time going to camp.
a doubt the best type of therapy I could have ever gone through. For those eight      I had alot of fun and I would love to go
days my mind was at peace. It was the first time I didn’t feel like an outcast, and   again. I made alot of new friends, friends
I could relate to kids just like me. Even as I returned home and finished out my      that I still stay in touch with, and a few that
treatments, through the pain and discomfort, I would think back to my memories        live around me where I can still visit them.
at camp, and suddenly all the bad just went away. I pray you guys realize how         While I was at camp, we had alot of fun
amazing you are.                                                                      activities to do such as going mining for
—Sammi, camper                                                                        gems, shooting, camping out under the
                                                                                      stars, and many more. We learned some
                                                                                      life lessons form Team Bonding, such as
                                                                                      learning to trust one another or working
Adventurous, amazing, spontaneous, freedom, choices, awesome scenery, a
                                                                                      together with new people. Thanks to
place like no other, yes this is Montana and its all at Camp Mak-A-Dream.
                                                                                      Camp Māk-A-Dream and everyone that is
Going to camp in Montana is truly like no other place that I had experienced.         involved, I had a wonderful time.
The scenery upon arrival was just magnificent especially after spending time
in treatment and isolation. Here I was able to experience and share stories
                                                                                      —Kelsey, camper
about my journey with cancer. I was with others who had cancer or were still in
treatment. We could talk about our journey with people who understood because
even though our cancers were different, we shared the common “C” word. If you
chose not to talk about it that was okay too, because the first year I went after     Dear Friends of Camp Māk-A-Dream,
my Bone Marrow Transplant I did not want to share my story. I just wanted to be       I am the mother of a first time camper and
normal and forget that part of my journey. I met a lot of awesome people, the         wanted to send you thanks through my
camp counselors were great and friendships were made that are still there today.      perspective. I had looked into sending my
Every day was different and you truly were able to just forget about shots, blood     daughter Nicole to camp in the past. I am
draws, transfusions, scans, more picks, etc. and of course life with cancer.          a single mother and it was out of my price
They had great activities, site trips and the crafts were very creative too. Our      range. Them my daughter was diagnosed
team activities brought us together and truly knit us into one.                       with an indiferenciated sarcoma, stage
                                                                                      B. I am told this is not a cancer found in
When I returned home from Montana in 2008, I wanted to more than anything to          kids, for this reason she sees a doctor at
be blessed to go back in 2009. July 2009, I was given that opportunity to return      Karmanos. We also follow through with a
to Montana.                                                                           child oncologist. So my daughter is with
                                                                                      all adults going through treatment. Going
Montana is a beautiful scenic place to be, even live, but being given the chance
                                                                                      to camp let her see there are many other
to visit camp there has made such a great impact in my life.
                                                                                      kids just like her. At the airport after camp I
I want to thank you supporters for helping this mission of sending children, teens    had to hold back tears. Nicole made what
and young adults with cancer to Montana and definitely giving us a lifelong           I feel will be lifelong friends. Now she had
memory of a great experience and bonding of new friendships. Most importantly         her peers as her support system. For this,
it truly gives us a week of fun, choices, and forgetting about the journey we are     I cannot thank you enough! You have truly
enduring or have conquered. For many of us without your generous donations            touched our lives with your kindness and
would have never had this opportunity.                                                compassion. God bless everyone involved
                                                                                      with Camp Mak-A-Dream.
God bless,
—Alexander, camper                                                                    —Andrea, mother of camper
2009 Donor List                                                The following donors contributed to Friends of Camp Māk-A-Dream, Michigan
                                                               Chapter in 2009. Thank you also to those individuals who contribute through
                                                               volunteering. While space does not allow for us to list these individuals, we
                                                               value your continued interest and friendship. Our sincere thank you for your
                                                               generosity to the campers.

Jonathan Aaron                   Karen Campbell                           Harold & Linda Friedman                        Linda & Arnold Jacob
Michael & Julie Abrams           Byron & Maxine Canvasser                 Jenny & Ron Fritz                              Reva Jacob
Joel & Judith Adelman            Robyn & Robert Canvasser                 Galencher Nagy Foundation                      Susan & Michael Jacob
Neil & Lynn Adrian               Cheryl & Matthew & Torin Caplan          Gannett Foundation                             Gilda & John Jacobs
Marlene Ahrens                   Mary & John Carrier                      Beth Gans                                      Needa Jadallah
Gretchen & Vincent Alessi        Pat & Don Cassidy                        David Gans                                     Tom Jakuszanek
Margaret Altstaetter             Katherine & John Cerne                   Lindsay Garascia                               Cortney Jasgur
Karen & Allen Amber              Connie & Gene Chapp                      Steven & Kathleen Gaynor                       Mark & Mary Jevahirian
Karen Angelosante                Dale & Roberta Charnas                   Charles Gelfond                                Sandra & Christopher Jimenez
Amy Appelman                     Carol Coden                              Judy Gelman                                    Elizabeth & Peter Joelson
Jill Applebaum                   Annie & Rob Cohen                        Tina Gelmisi                                   Mary & WIlliam Johnson
Ronald Applebaum                 Cindy Cohen                              Marcia Gershenson & Ken Robinson               Dawn & Jeffrey Joshowitz
Alexis Armstrong                 Jennifer Cohen                           Erica & Ralph Gerson                           Maxwell Jospey
Joanne & Daniel Aronovitz        Laura & Edward Cohn                      Peter & Christine Glasier                      Richard & Jeanine Kaczmarek
Mindy & James Aronovitz          Miriam Colburn                           Fred & Barbara Goldberg                        Marla & Jeffrey Kaftan
Susan & Dennis Assaf             Katie Coleman                            Helen Goldberg                                 Steven & Maria Kalapos
Frances & Barry Babbitt          Collision Craftsman, Inc.                Tom Goldberg                                   Paula & Mel Kalt
Rachel & Charlie Babich          Regina Colton                            David & Bobbye Goldburg                        Jennifer & Ryan Kaluzny
Joann Bachelder                  Duane & Cassandra Cook                   Irving Goldman                                 Nancy & Mitchell Kantor
Ruth Baidas                      Daniel Cornwell                          Rose Rita & Sheldon Goldman                    Helayne & Jeffrey Kaplan
Mary Beth & John Balardo         Marlyn & Thomas Cupelis                  Lauren Goldstein                               Julie & Nick Karmanos
Barry & Pam Balbes               Walter & Lynda Czeizler                  Gail Goodstein                                 Roger Kasle
Edward Bamber                    Stacey Drexler Dahl                      Dr. Gina Gora                                  Helen & Marty Katz
Elizabeth & Eliot Bank           Peggy Daitch & Peter Remington           Susan Gordon                                   David & Heather Katzman
Enid Barden                      Kathleen Dalton                          Irwin & Donna Goren                            Janice & Harold Katzman
Elizabeth & Jeffrey Barker       Samantha Dane                            Wendy & Michael Gorge                          Nancy Katzman & Randy Wertheimer
Joannie Barker & Marvin Chaben   Jeffrey & Wendy Danzig                   Brian & Kate Granader                          Paul & Lois Katzman
Lori Barrett                     Kimberly DeMarco                         Hadar & Lois Granader                          Herbert & Babs Kaufman
Linda & Paul Bateman             Lindsay & Ryan Dembs                     Jill & Robert Granader                         Sue & Dennis Kay
Eric & Lauren Bean               DeRoy Testamentary Foundation            Robert Granader                                J. Adam Kellman
Stacey & Erik Bean               Diane Dershem                            Ronald Granader                                Harriet & Larry Kepes
Kathleen Beane                   Detroit Metropolitan Credit Union        Sylvia Granader                                Dr. Donald & Dorathy Ketai
Harvey & Gayle Beck              Gail Dishell                             Nancy & Ken Granat                             Edan & Hilary King
Scott & Lisa Behrmann            Eric Doelle                              Dr. Samuel & Lori Gray                         Kiwanis Club No. 1
Michael Ben                      Diana & David Donegan                    Gayle & Marshall Greenhut                      Jean & Michael Kizy
Bruce & Carol Benderoff          Doneson Crown Travel                     Carl Grenadier                                 Michele Klaver
Rabbi Joshua & Meg Bennett       Angela & William Donovan                 Glenn & Margaret Grenadier                     Robert & Michelle Kleiman
Debbie Berger                    Driker Family Foundation                 Josh & Leah Grenadier                          Coleman Klein
Arthur Berlin                    Eva & Bonifacio Duller                   Ruth Ann Grimaldi                              Donald & Eileen Klein
Andrea Bernstein                 Nancy Dulmage                            Nancy & Jim Grosfeld                           Stacy & Ronnie Klein
Kennith Bernstein                Barry & Galit Dunietz                    Mary Gross                                     Dennis & Peggy Knox
Brenda & Billy Berris            Amy & Steven Dunn                        Allan & Linda Gurvitz                          Paulette Koffron
Jeanne & Roy Berry               Dr. Marc & Jan Dunn                      Kathleen & Kenneth Gwinn                       Bruce Kramer
Beta Steel                       Jill & Brian Dunphy                      H.S. Foundation                                Jamie Krasman
Sheryl & Michael Bienstock       Jeffrey & Robyn Dwoskin                  Annie & Dale Hagland                           Rhoda Krauss
Brenda Binder                    Milton Einstandig                        Janet Hall                                     Dr. John & Diane Krawitz
Jack & Susan Bindes              Mindy & Scott Eisenberg                  Paul & Joan Halpern                            Nancy Krawitz
Stacy Bishop                     Stephen & Nicole Eisenberg               Charlene & David Handleman                     Barbara & Kevan Kreitman
Alan & Sandra Bittker            Jonathan Ellison                         Majda & Chris Hannish                          Joel Krugel & Heidi Lynn Brode
Ellie & Allan Bittker            Brad & Maureen Emery                     Paul Hare                                      Thomas & Rosanne Kukes
Roz & Stanford Blanck            Joan Epstein                             Christy Harrington                             Karl Kurz
Beverly Blas                     Stephen Epstein                          Charles Harris                                 Nancy Kushkin
Michelle & Randall Blau          Etkin Equities                           Daniel & Linda Hasley                          Dr. Mark & Estelle Kwartowitz
Paul & Amy Blavin                Andrea & Ben Falik                       Mark Hazelton                                  Gary & Jessica Kwartowitz
Julie & Michael Blitz            Erin Fallucca                            Janice & Chris Heaphy                          Deborah & John Lacki
Barbara Bloom                    Andy & Amy Farbman                       Stephanie Hellmer                              Kathy & Michael Laffer
Janice & Gary Bloom              Gloria & Harvey Feinberg                 Sharon & Kevin Henahan                         Cheryl & Barry Lakritz
Penny & Harold Blumenstein       Sidney Feldman                           Thomas & Ida Henry                             Larry & Debbie Landau
Paul D. Borman                   Alan & Rosie Fellhauer                   Doreen Hermelin                                Lindsay Laneville
Carol Borson                     Lisa Ferrari                             Jennifer & Brian Hermelin                      Gary & Lisa Langnas
Carl & Sandra Botvinick          Maxine Fett                              Marla & Cortney Herschelman                    Donald & Gail Lansky
Mary & Gerry Bouchard            Marjie Field                             William G. & Myrtle E. Hess Charitable Trust   Dr. Ronald & Debra Lederman
Jan & David Brandon              Dr. Julie Finn                           Jason & Meredith Hillman                       Cleo Lee
Lillian Bratt                    Cynthia & Gerard Finnigan                Ronald & Julie Hirsch                          Carrie Leff
Rodney & Delina Braun            Shari & Stanley Finsilver                Honigman, Miller, Schwartz and Cohn            David Leider
Eileen Britsky                   Jennifer & David Fisher                  Elizabeth & Mark Horneffer                     Janet Lekas
Ashley & Jordan Broad            Deena & David Fishman                    Christina & Tim Hornig                         Freda Lerman
Chris Brochert                   Elaine & Brian Fitzpatrick               Dr. Ronald & Andrea Hurwitz                    Deborah & Lanny Lesser
Sue & Burton Brodsky             Amy & Adam Folbe                         Stephen & Joanee Hurwitz                       Dr. Kenneth & Kimberly Levin
Andrea Brown                     Cathy & Nate Forbes                      Shelley & Lenny Hutton                         Karen & Richard Levin
Lisa Brown                       Jane Foreman                             Leslye & Michael Indenbaum                     Cindy & Bruce Levine
Matt Burchi                      Madeline & Norman Foster                 Sheila & Dan Inman                             H. Barry Levine
Marcy & Ian Burnstein            Philip Franckowiak                       Jumana Issak                                   Jerold & Lynne Levine
Mark & Tracey Burnstein          Peggy & Dennis Frank                     Margit Jackson                                 Shayna & Josh Levine
Gayle & Richard Burstein         Frankel Associates                       Connie Jacob                                   Elizabeth & Ira Levy
Kathy Buvia                      Aviva & Dean Friedman                    David & Dana Jacob                             Julie & Edward C. Levy
Many individuals and businesses donate goods and services to the Michigan
Chapter, which helps keep our costs low so we can spend more money on
campers and programs. Please help us show our appreciation by supporting
                                                                                                                      2009 Donor List
them when possible. We regret and apologize for any unintentional errors
or omissions of donor names. Please contact (248) 723-5575 with any
corrections or questions.
Rena & Mark Lewis                          Lisa Pernick & Bruce Israel          Sems & Specials, Inc.                   Ariel Waitzman
Dr. Arthur & Rochelle Lieberman            Kathyrn & Michael Pettersen          Red Lotus Yoga Shalam-Om, LLC           Elizabeth Waldrop
Avie Linden                                Susan Pierchala                      Elizabeth & Aaron Sherbin               Fern & Robert Wallach
Bernard Linden                             Leslie & Tom Pitlanish               Kathryn Sherrill                        Tuanda Ward-Holme
Elsie Lindstrom                            Emily & Jeffrey Pitt                 Melissa Shiffman                        Matt & Karen Warner
Lainie & Kenny Lipschutz                   Murray & Ina Pitt Charitable Trust   Deborah Siegel                          Phil Watson
Lisa & Brian Lowery                        Dr. Terry & Meryl Podolsky           Dr. Les & Ellen Siegel                  Mrs. Lawrence Weiner
Nancy & Howard Luckoff                     Felix & Alice Polan                  Drs. Alice & Richard Silbergleit        Nicole & Daniel Weiss
Edward & Sherri Lumberg                    Pam Polan                            Susie & David Sillman                   Jeanette & Michael Wertheimer
Susan Lundal                               Cathy & Bernie Polen                 Rick & Ronna Silverman                  William Wessels
Helen Lutz                                 Aimee Pollak                         Elwood & Carol Simon                    Julie & Marty Wiener
Margaret Lyons                             Allison & Benjamin Pollock           Joan & Jack Simon                       Tare Wigod
M. Jacob & Sons                            Ruth Pomish                          The Elwood & Carol Simon Family         Larry & Cheryl Smith Winberry
Grant MacDonald                            Pontiac Trail Pharmacy               Foundation                              Barbara Wittenberg
Cathy & Thad MacKillop                     Potbelly Sandwich Works              Anthony & Isabell Sinelli               Paul & Brooke Wolf
Arti Madhavan                              Lisa & Tom Pullman                   Amy & Craig Singer                      Amanda Wolfe
Michele Magnan                             Gail Purcell                         Lois & Milford Singer                   Sandra Wolfe
Marlene Maige                              Purdy, Donovan & Beal, LLP           Jerome & Barbara Sitner                 Howard & Perle Wolpin
Malcolm & Beth Lowenstein Foundation       Quicken Loans/Rock Financial         Erin Skotzke                            Walter & Marilyn Wolpin
Margaret & Peter Maley                     Amy Rabe                             Paula & Murray Slomovitz                Lisa Woodcox
Lindsay Mann                               Melanie Radner                       Carole & Curtis Slotkin                 Julie & Daniel Yaker
Anne Manuel                                Jacquelyn Ragland                    Ellie & Tom Slovis                      JoAnna Yaksich & Barsoum Bouchar
Amy Margolis                               Sharon & Gerald Rakotz               Gaye Smith                              Murray & Elinor Yolles
Rachel & Steven Margules                   Rhonda & Gary Ran                    Juellen Smith                           Tom & MaryGrace York
Mark-Lis Family Philanthropic Fund         Janet Randolph                       Mark & Jodee Smith                      Helaine & Andrew Zack
Carolyn & Steven Marks                     The Rankauf Foundation               Carol & Andy Sofen                      Brenda Zales
Joe Marvin                                 Kim & WIlliam Ray                    Nancy & Joe Solecki                     Adrienne Zarghami
Nichole McCaffrey                          Recycling for Charities, Inc.        Susan Sosnick                           Rachel Zimmerman
Tim & Lisa McCarthy                        Arline & Allan Rein                  Alan & Linda Spigelman                  Marsha & Leonard Zucker
Janet McCarty                              Milton & Eunice Ring                 Larry & Susann Spilkin                  Dr. Mark & Suzanne Zwiren
Merrily & MJ McDonald                      Richard L. Roberts                   Joyce & Randall Spitzer
Laurie McGray                              Renee Rockwood                       Jodi & Andrew Stamper                   In-Kind Donors
Beth & Kevin McIntyre                      Denise & Randy Rodnick               Cindy & Kevin Stanley                   The Anderson Group
Rebecca & Marc Melamed                     Scott & Rachel Rose                  Melinda & Jon Stanley                   Milford Singer & Company
Bob & Margie Mellen                        Donna & Sid Rosenberg                Joseph & Jean Stanwick                  The Rankauf Company
Mellen, Smith & Pivoz, PLC                 Emily Rosenberg                      Sandy & Jay Stark                       Cookie Cool Cookie Company
Allen & Jacqueline Menuck                  Deborah & Steve Rosenthal            Eleanor & Matthew Steigerwald           Cookies By Design
Nicole & Michael Menuck                    Leemor & Jeffrey Rotberg             Lori & Eric Sterling                    Debra’s Cookie Jar
Mercury Promotions & Fulfillment           Julie & Adam Rothstein               Lisa Stern                              Forte Belanger
Merrill Lynch & Company Foundation, Inc.   Roberta Rouff                        Milton Stern                            Gold N’ Crust
Barry Meyer                                Bruce & Mindy Ruben                  Sherrie & Norton Stern                  Just Baked
Jenny & Eric Michaels                      Beth & Scott Rubin                   Dr. Ronald & Barbara Stewart            Lil’ Monica’s Gourmet Cookies, Cakes &
Sheri & Bill Michaels                      Sandy & T.J. Ruza                    Jim Stout                               Pastries
Dr. & Mrs. Ronald Michaelson               Joyce & Thomas Sachs                 Strobl & Sharp, PC                      Market Basket
Dr. Jeremy & Melissa Michaelson            Charles & Barbara Sachse             Julie & James Stulberg                  Marty’s Cookies
Michaveco Corporation                      Dave Sagante                         Roberta & Harold Stulberg               Mrs. Fields Cookies
Craig Miller                               Stuart & Randi Sakwa                 Marcy & Steve Sucher                    Patisserie Ci
Fred & Arlene Miller                       Frank & Carol Salucci                Jon & Laura Sudo                        Peter’s Palate Pleaser
I. Matthew & Stephanie Miller              Rochelle Sampson                     Janice & Henry Sugden                   Pink Elephant Cupcakes
Jessica Mindell                            Gary & Gayle Samuels                 Shana & Oscar Suris                     Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
Bonni & John Mittelstadt                   Margaret Santavy                     Steven Swedler                          Samantha’s Cookies
J.J. & Liz Modell                          Carol Saro                           Dr. Jeffrey & Rene Taub                 The Cupcake Station
Marla & Andrew Moiseev                     Hannah Saro                          Julia Reyes & Robert Taubman            The Townsend Bakery
Dr. Jerry & Stella Morof                   Joe Saro                             William Taubman                         2 Unique Catering
Maria & David Mularoni                     Nancy Saro                           Kim Thomas                              The Somerset Collection
Jim & Sharisse Myren                       Veronica Saro                        Denise & Michael Tobin                  Center for Orthopaedic Surgery, Sports
William Narens                             Joan & Neil Satovsky                 Julie Tontapanish & Chad Poopat         Medicine & Physical Therapy
Barbara & Mickey Nemer                     Sav-Mor Franchising, Inc.            Helen & Howard Topcik                   Star Trax Event Productions
Pam & Richard Nodel                        Susan Schatz                         Amy & Rob Toussaint                     Starbucks
Jane & John O’donnell                      Bluma & Robert Schechter             Debby & David Tukel                     Holiday Market
Lynne & Jeffrey Obron                      Marc & Marcie Schechter              Lee Turner                              Franklin Cider Mill
Julie Oddo                                 Vera Schey                           Debi Tutor                              Healing Garden Journal
                                           Paul & Kristen Schoenbeck            Deborah Tyner                           Hour Detroit
Ashley Oleshansky
                                                                                Gladiola Ulqinaku                       American Golf Corporation
Marcie & Rob Orley                         Karen & Jeff Schoenberg
                                                                                University Compounding Pharmacy         JP Lann Golf
Dan Ortman                                 Alvin & Susan Schoenberger
                                                                                                                        Monterrey Cantina
Nancy & Rick Pantaleo                      Elise & David Schostak               University of Michigan Pre-Med Club
                                                                                                                        Golfsmith Golf & Tennis
Dr. John & Allison Pappas                  Thomas Schram                        Harry Valdes
                                                                                                                        Dick’s Sporting Goods
Matt & Mary Pappas                         Sherwin Schreier                     Diane Vanderbeke Mager
                                                                                                                        The First Tee of Detroit
Elaine & Mark Parson                       Chris & Marilyn Schulte              Phil VanDyke
                                                                                                                        Blackfinn Restaurant & Saloon
Erick & Evelyn Pasaylo                     Susan & Patrick Schulte              Pamela & Anil Varma
                                                                                                                        Bagger Dave’s
Roberta Patt                               Alan & Marianne Schwartz             Dawn Vassel
                                                                                                                        Carl’s Golfland
Donna & Allan Pearlman                     Marlene & Richard Schwartz           Nancy & Glen Veenstra
                                                                                                                        Collision Craftsmen, Inc.
Barbara Peeling                            Marlene & Richard Schwartz           Ralph & Renee Venen
                                                                                                                        The Bagel Factory
Michael Perkins                            Phyllis Schwartz                     Cheryl & David Viviano
                                                                                                                        Trader Joe’s
Marvin & Rhoda Perlin                      Susan & Richard Schwartz             Adriana & Paul Vlasic
Nicole Perlman                             Micole Semonick-Jann                 Vicki & Richard Vlasic
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