November Perspective - Church of Our Saviour_ Mill Valley by hedongchenchen


									                P ERSPECTIVE                          The newsletter of the Episcopal Church Of Our Saviour
                                                             10 Old Mill, Mill Valley, CA 94941 415/388.1907

                                  N OVEMBER 2005    V OLUME XLIII, I SSUE 11


T     he Rev. Andrea Felsovanyi
      has been called by the
Vestry to serve as the short term
                                      Before entering the priesthood,
                                      Rev. Felsovanyi was a practicing
                                      attorney in CT having graduated
                                                                                       Our Mission Statement
                                                                                    The Episcopal Church of Our
                                                                                  Saviour strives to be a welcoming
Interim Rector at COS. Rev.           from Antioch School of Law in                community for those seeking to
Felsovanyi will begin in the office   1976.                                        deepen their relationship with
on November 2nd and cele-                                                           God, and to journey in faith
                                      Rev. Felsovanyi is a member of
brate her first mass here on No-                                                   with God’s people through the
                                      the Society of Companions of
vember 27th.                                                                      breaking of bread and in service
                                      the Holy Cross. She counts travel              to others, in Christ’s name.
Rev. Felsovanyi is currently the      and reading among her hob-
interim rector at St. Aidan’s Epis-   bies. She is also a dressage
copal Church in SF. She has           (horseback riding) trainer.
served at both Church of the
                                      We look forward to having Rev.
Ascension in Vallejo and Holy
                                      Felsovanyi join us as our interim
Cross in Castro Valley. She is a
1995 graduate of Yale Divinity
School in Connecticut.

I N N OVEMBER         AT   COS                                                      I NSIDE   THIS ISSUE :

Lynn Baker will be on vacation        There will be Godly Play training
until November 8. The office is       here on the 17th at 7:15p.m.                  F ROM THE               2
being staffed most days from 10-      More information is on page 4.                R ECTOR ’ S D ESK
4 by volunteers.
                                      Heather Chase will be on vaca-
                                                                                    T HE D EACON ’ S        3
The Youth Ministries Advisory         tion from November 21 until the               D IARY
Committee meets on November           end of the month.
8 at 7:00p.m.                                                                       S EARCH N EWS           3
                                      The Parish office will be closed
St. Ann’s Circle will meet every      November 24 and 25 for Thanks-
Sunday in November (except            giving.                                       G ODLY P LAY            4
the 27th) at 11:30a.m. We will be
working on crafts and projects to
sell at the Christmas Boutique on                                                   L AY S CHEDULE          14
December 11.
P AGE 2                                                                   P ERSPECTIVE

          F ROM    THE    R ECTOR ’ S D ESK

          H    ello from your new Interim
               Priest. Grace and peace be
               with you all.
                                                 to transform us all.
                                                 You can reach me at any time at
                                                 my cell phone: 650/823.5957 for
          I am very excited to be a part of      emergencies, or to set a time to
          Church of Our Saviour for these        meet or talk. I will be in the office
          next months as your pastor. You        on Wednesdays Nov. 2, 9 & 23 and
          have a long-standing reputation in     Friday Nov 4. Since my time with
          this diocese as a wonderful parish     you in early November will overlap
          community, full of committed,          my final commitments to St. Ai-
          friendly, good people who look         dan’s in San Francisco, other days
          after your church, one another         will be split in order to transition
          and your community. Whatever           well from one community and join
          your challenges may be, I believe      another. I will be away from Nov.
          your core values will more than        10–22 for pre-arranged vacation. I
          prevail as we move forward             am looking forward to sharing our
          through this time of waiting and       first Sunday together on the First
          preparation. How perfect that          Sunday of Advent, Nov 27.
          Thanksgiving is near and Advent
                                                 Executive Officer Michael Hanson
          will be our first season together.
                                                 will be with you on Nov. 6, All Saints
          You may be wondering who I am          Sunday.
          and what I’ll do when I arrive. Most
                                                 Fr. Murray Hammond will preside
          important is for us to get to know
                                                 and Deacon Jan will preach on
          each other, so I plan to spend
                                                 Nov. 13.
          most of my time calling, visiting,
          meeting with as many of you as         Fr. Malcolm Manson will preside
          we can work out together.              and preach on Nov. 20.
          I am a 5th generation Californian      Deacon Jan will be available for
          (Bay Area), a priest, formerly a       any pastoral emergencies during
          lawyer and always (from age 2) a       my absence, and Fr. Hammond
          horsewoman. I have been mar-           will be available if a priest is
          ried, divorced and raised two girls    needed during that time.
          who are now adults living in New       My home contact information is:
          England, where I lived for twenty      The Rev. Andrea Felsovanyi,
          years. I joined the church as an       4 Bishop Lane,
          adult in Connecticut, eventually       Menlo Park, CA 94025
          leaving the practice of law for        Phone: 650/854.1173
          seminary. In 1998 I moved back to      emergencies: cell 650/823.5957.
          the bay area to live near my now
          elderly parents and serve the          God’s peace and blessing be with
          Church in my home diocese. My          you all.
          passions are to help bring growth      Faithfully,
          and reconciliation into the center     Andrea
          of ministry in ways that allow God
N OVEMBER 2005                                                               P AGE 3


I   f I was ever confident that the
    parishioners at Church of Our
Saviour are strong, long-suffering
                                       will lead us into a new, healthier
                                       After my experience at St. John’s
under diversity and able to bring
                                       when I was Sr. Warden and the dif-
good and growth out of trying
                                       ficult situation we dealt with, the
situations, I was more convinced
                                       Bishop said, “I always thought St.
of that than ever after our Sunday
                                       John’s was a healthy parish, but
                                       after you all worked through the
I cannot tell you how proud I am       problem, I felt you were healthier
to be part of this amazing faith       than you had ever been.”                  Deacon Jan
community. Thank you so much for
                                       Congratulations, parish about to
coming, for having the courage to
                                       become healthier than ever.
express your feelings and for being
willing to be understanding of oth-    Love and blessings,
ers and their feelings. This is what   Deacon Jan

At the Vestry meeting on October       •   Mary Washburn (Vestry)
19, 2005 the following people were
selected to serve on the Long
                                       •   Silvana Wong
Term Interim Rector Search Com-
mittee. The Committee consists of
                                                                                Almighty God, giver of
six members from the congrega-         The Committee's next step will be        every good gift: Look
tion and three members from the        to schedule a meeting to elect the       graciously on your
Vestry. The members of the Com-        Chairperson of the Committee.            Church, and so guide
                                                                                the minds of those
mittee and their email addresses       Canon Michael Hanson will be             who shall choose a
are:                                   available at that meeting to ex-         rector for this parish
                                                                                that we may receive a
                                       plain the process to the entire
•   Elaine Crepeau (Vestry)                                                     faithful pastor, who will
                                       Committee.                               care for your people                                                           and equip us for our
                                       Although aspects of the Commit-          ministries; through
•   Marsha Dugan
                                       tee’s work will be confidential we       Jesus Christ our Lord.                                                   Amen.
                                       are committed to a fully open
•   Orville Erringer                   process and will remain in commu-                 nication with the Vestry and the
•   John MacLeod (Vestry)              parish about our work. Please           keep the members of the Commit-
•   Cliff Mishalko                     tee in your prayers.                Elaine Crepeau
•   Valerie Robin                      John MacLeod                Mary Washburn
•   Larry Snyder
P AGE 4                                                                    P ERSPECTIVE

          W E ’ RE P REPARING         FOR        A DVENT   IN   G ODLY P LAY

          T    his month we are preparing
               for Advent, a season of wait-
          ing for the birth of Jesus.
                                                   Nov 20th    The Circle of the
                                                   Church Year        Mary S./Ann
          November 27th is the first Sunday of
          Advent this year, so it’s almost time    Nov 27th      Advent 1
          to get out those Advent calen-                                Ann/Rosine
          dars. Speaking of calendars, we          D OOR P ERSON T RAINING
          are also studying the circle of the      Want to become part of a valu-
          church year, where we learn              able team? Can’t commit to more
          about the colors of the church           than one Sunday a month? Be-
          year. If you ever wondered about         come a door person in Godly Play
          why we have different colors,            and support our Children’s Ministry.
          come join the children for this class
          on the 20th. We will also begin to       The next training session will be on
          learn music for the holiday season       November 17th from 7:15 pm – 8:45
          this month. Young people Pre-K           p.m. and co-led by Sally Thomas
          through 4th grade are welcome to         and Toni Van Kriedt. The session
          join us starting at 9:45 around the      will begin with a time of worship
          labyrinth each Sunday.                   and follow with the training. This is
                                                   a good way to get involved and
          Our Story Schedule for November:         meet new families. For more infor-
          Nov 6th       The Exile and Return       mation, contact Heather Chase at
                           Mary W./Martha or
                                                   Sally Thomas at
          Nov 13th      Workday          
                         Marsha D./Rosine

          In November, we will begin pre-          per youth and scholarships will be
          paring for the Urban Mission Week-       available. Registrations will be
          end, January 13-16, as we look at        mailed out in early November and
          Jesus’ ministry in the parables. We      need to be returned by the 30th .
          will look at parables from each of
                                                   Looking ahead to Spring, I am
          the gospels to see what service
                                                   seeking teachers to join our Sun-
          looked like in biblical times and
                                                   day school program. Available
          how that can be an example for
                                                   dates begin in February and com-
          us today.
                                                   mitment is flexible (one Sunday,
          The Urban Mission Weekend is a           two Sundays?) There is a curricu-
          diocesan youth event where               lum with lesson plans available.
          young people do hands-on pro-            Contact Heather if interested or
          jects at Episcopal Charities sites.      with questions.
          The kids will stay over night in the
          city. The cost will be around $50
P AGE 5                                                                                 P ERSPECTIVE

                   N EWS     FROM THE         Y OUTH L ADY

                   O     ctober was a busy month for
                         the Youth Group. Many at-
                   tended the retreat at Bishop’s
                                                                 be)! Email Heather to let her know
                                                                 if you are coming. We will also be
                                                                 participating in a community ser-
                   Ranch early in the month where                vice activity later in the month.
                   they enjoyed marathon games of                More details will follow.
                   basketball, making prayer sticks for
                                                                 Future Youth Events
                   hikes to the treehouse, swimming
                   in the ice-cold pool and working              November 6th – Game Night
   Heather Chase   on baby quilts for those affected                                6:30 – 8 pm
                   by Hurricane Katrina and Rita. The            November 27th - Advent Wreaths
                   following weekend, they attended              with the Middle Saints
                   Glide Memorial Church in San
                   Francisco with the Middle Saints. It          December 3rd – Cake Bake Off
                   was quite a different experience              with tasting and prizes
                   than our Sunday worship at COS.               (each youth brings a plain cake
                   At Glide there is gospel music, no            and frosting to decorate their
                   bulletins and projected images on             cake during youth group with ce-
                   the wall among other things. Take             lebrity judges tasting to decide
                   some time and ask one of our                  winners in different categories)
                   young people about their experi-              December 4th – Coffee Hour with
                   ence. Finally, we had a movie                 Youth Group’s Cakes!!!
                   night on Oct. 30th and the youth
                   contributed art and articles to this          January 13-16th – Urban Mission
                   Perspective. Thanks to Star, Jas-             Weekend, we will be serving at
                   per, and Rachel.                              Episcopal sites in San Francisco
                                                                 with other youth from the diocese.
                   November will calm down a bit as
                   Heather will be on vacation from              Febraury 24-26 – THE HAPPENING –
                   the 20th-29th. We will have another           A youth designed, youth run re-
                   game night on Nov. 6th, so bring              treat for 9th–12th graders at St.
                   friends. The more the merrier (and            Clare’s Pleasanton.
                   the more active the games can

                   C ONFIRMATION B EGINS                    IN   J ANUARY
                   This year’s confirmation class will           lenging discussion and exploration
                   begin in January and will be a                of our faith. Classes will begin in
                   much larger class than in previous            January and we are now in the
                   years. We will be extending the               process of identifying mentors for
                   program from January 2006 to                  each of our confirmands. If you
                   confirmation at Grace Cathedral               are interested in being a mentor or
                   in June of 2007. We will have a               in being confirmed and have not
                   class of at least 8 seventh and               been contacted, please call
                   eighth graders in this group. We              Heather at 388.1907 (on Tuesdays)
                   think this larger, diverse groups will        or Kathleen at 389.6571.
                   be the perfect forum for a chal-
N OVEMBER 2005                                                                      P ERSPECTIVE


                 G    raeme MacDonald and Philip
                      Norris have agreed to chair
                 the 2005 COS Stewardship Cam-
                                                           hear announcements and ser-
                                                           mons on this topic. Pledge cards
                                                           should be available before Thanks-
                 paign. Joining them in this effort        giving.
                 are Rosine Reynolds, Bart and
                                                           But it’s not too soon to be thinking
                 Charlaine Shackelford, and Letty
                                                           about your pledge to COS for next
                 and Orville Erringer. The chairs are
                                                           year. Our gifts to the church will
                 also pleased to announce that the
                                                           help to pay the staff’s salaries,
                 Rev. Beth Hansen, former COs as-
                                                           keep the lights on, fund our out-
                 sociate, who has a wealth of Stew-
                                                           reach, and train our children.
                 ardship experience, will be lending
                                                           Please be in prayer as to how you
                 her expertise to the planning
                                                           may best support the work of the
                                                           Church of Our Saviour.
                 The campaign is scheduled to be-
                 gin in November when we will

                 November 3           John Nicholson       November 10         Toni Van Kriedt
                 November 5           Diane Graham         November 22         Elijah Goldberg
                                        Brody Soldati                            John Smeltzer
                 November 7                Ellie Leach     November 24        Rosine Reynolds
                 November 8           Staci Plumleigh      November 29      Gerald Montizam-
                                         Elsa Pearson
                 November 9                  Ned Mills

                 C ALLING       ALL   H ISTORY B UFFS
                 The History and Archives Commis-          snapshots with names and dates.
                 sion is still forging ahead in spite of   H&A has a mailbox in the Parish
                 the passing of dear Lillian Weeder.       Office to collect your donations.
                 However, your help is needed!
                                                           But even more, H&A is looking for
                 COS has six biographical binders          history buffs to help gather and
                 of past and present parishioners,         sort our current history. If you’re a
                 but we continue to need and col-          history buff, please contact Gene
                 lect current newspaper articles           Stocking at 388.0736.
                 about our church family. The H&A
                 Commission also appreciates
P AGE 7                                                                         P ERSPECTIVE

                 F UN T IME      HAD BY      A LL   AT   P ARISH R ETREAT

                 T      his year’s Parish Retreat was
                        as successful as always. Along
                 with traditional activities such as
                                                         On Saturday, Heather supervised a
                                                         basketball game that lasted
                                                         longer than the announcements
   SEE RETREAT   community service projects and          at a COS service. Mason and
  PHOTOS TAKE    trips to the AIDS Memorial Tree         David were the stars of the almost
                 House, this year’s retreat featured     never ending games of basket-
    BY OUR
                 a late night pool party and a bas-      ball/horse/knockout (all games
   YOUTH ON      ketball game of Biblical propor-        involving a basketball and some-
    PAGE 8!      tions.                                  times a hoop—depending on the
                                                         player’s skills).
                 There is never a lack of things to
                 do at the Bishop’s Ranch in             Although some of the church
                 Healdsburg. No trip is truly com-       youth were unable to make it,
                 plete without at least a few dives      there were still enough kids to
                 into the subzero pool, although         make the games last for all of the
                 certain members of the parish           afternoon until the dinner bell
                 might disagree. This year, the kids     rang. A fun time was had by all,
                 took it to another level. Following     including the adults who got time
                 the campfire (which featured            off from parenting to socialize.
                 s’mores and a spirited attempt at
                                                         Considering the success of this re-
                 singing), we all dove in after dark,
                                                         treat, I encourage everyone to go
                 many of us fully clothed. Much to
                                                         on the next retreat.
                 our surprise, the water was even
                 colder than during the daytime.                         —Jasper Goldberg
                 Within 15 minutes, the ranch’s hot
                 water supply was a thing of the
                 Our service project this year was
                 making baby quilts to send to shel-
                 ters in Louisiana. We designed and
                 taped together quilt blocks which
                 Maggie Lang then sewed to-
                 gether. Jasper Goldberg designed
                 an entire quilt, which many, in-
                 cluding the author, believe may
                 have been the best quilt designed
                 during the weekend.
N OVEMBER 2005                             P ERSPECTIVE

                 Eleanor Coleman with her
                    walking prayer stick
P AGE 9                                                                                 P ERSPECTIVE

                                                  Read all about Jasper Goldberg’s
                                                  summer trip to Spain on page 10!

          Jasper (third from left) with his new
                   Spanish friends

                                                        Granada from the Alhambra

                    The Alhambra

                                                       The Youth and Middle Saints
                                                       visit Glide Memorial Church in
                                                              San Francisco
N OVMEBER 2005                                                                   P ERSPECTIVE

                 A P OSTCARD         FROM      S PAIN

                 T    his last summer I lived in Spain
                      for five weeks with a family
                 there. During that time I attended
                                                         and Californians are glamorous
                                                         celebrities. The students always
                                                         wanted to know which movie stars
                 the local high school for a few         I knew, how often I watched For-
                 weeks, went to cities like the Gra-     mula 1 racing, and whether I really
                 nada and Cadiz, and dramatically        ate dinner at 6 o’clock—10
                 improved my Spanish. My time in         o’clock was early for dinner there.
                 Spain was one of the most fun           It’s just way too hot to do anything
                 things I’ve ever done.                  in the early afternoon besides tak-
                                                         ing a siesta.
                 I left for Spain on June 10th, barely
                 knowing a thing about the family I      Once the school year had ended,
                 was going to be living with. I didn’t   we (the family I was with and I)
                 even know their name. Although I        started taking trips around the
                 was a little nervous about what         province we were in, Andalusia, to
                 the family would be like, my main       some of the major cities and his-
                 emotion was excitement as I flew        torical buildings. The highlight was
                 to Spain.                               undoubtedly the Alhambra, a pal-
                                                         ace built by the Islamic Empire.
                 Of course, there were no problems
                                                         The palace, despite being built on
                 with the family. I would be living
                                                         a mountain in an age that pre-
                 with Alejandro, who’s a year
                                                         dated electricity, had fountains,
                 younger than me, and his mother,
                                                         pools, and gardens which all de-
                 Teresa. Although Alejandro had no
                                                         pended on the advanced water-
                 siblings, there were a half dozen
                                                         works the Muslims built. Andalusia,
                 cousins who lived in the city, some
                                                         which derives its name from the
                 in the same apartment.
                                                         Arabic words al-Andalus, rivaled
                 Once I had adjusted to the jetlag,      even Rome at its height.
                 the fun of the trip really began.
                                                         Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay in
                 School in Spain does not end until
                                                         Spain forever, and so in mid July I
                 late June, so the mother, a French
                                                         left for San Francisco, unsure how I
                 teacher, invited me to come to
                                                         would survive the fog after weeks
                 her school. There I mainly went to
                                                         of 110+ degree weather. Before
                 English classes to help the students
                                                         leaving, I wrote down their con-
                 with their pronunciations and give
                                                         tact information. We have kept in
                 them some practice talking to a
                                                         touch, so hopefully next summer
                 native speaker. The teachers there
                                                         Alejandro or one of his cousins will
                 also fit into the stereotype of an
                                                         come out here.
                 Andalusian – cheerful, laid back
                 and friendly. One of them was the                       —-Jasper Goldberg
                 sister of my Spanish teacher.
                 While at school, I seemed to be
                 always answering questions about
                 life in California. To them, Ameri-
                 cans by definition are celebrities,
P AGE 11                                                                      P ERSPECTIVE


           T        he Katrina Tax Relief Bill
                    signed by President Bush
                    on September 23 provides
           an advantageous way for gener-
                                                   •  Pre-pay their 2006 annual
                                                   •  Pay early and in full an out-
                                                   standing multi-year pledge to a
           ous people to make charitable
           gifts. For the rest of 2005, we may     capital campaign.
           make tax-free charitable cash gifts     •  Make a special gift for a spe-
           out of our IRA, 401(k), or 403(b) re-   cial purpose.
           tirements plan.
                                                   Establish an endowment fund to
           Why is this noteworthy? Up to           immediately begin perpetual sup-
           now, if you wished to make a gift       port of an important ministry.
           to the church or other charity from
           your qualified retirement plan, the     If you are over the age of 70 ½
           withdrawal counted as adding to         and are already taking annual
           your annual taxable income, and         minimum required distributions
           any off-setting charitable deduc-       from your plan, you may make a
           tion was subject to income restric-     gift to charity of this entire distribu-
           tions. Now—from the present until       tion and pay no tax on it. Terrific!
           December 31—these restrictions          Before making any significant fi-
           are lifted.                             nancial moves, particularly if this
           Furthermore, if we try to pass on to    has tax implications, it is prudent to
           our children the money in our IRA,      consult with a professional tax or
           401(k), or 403(b) plan, they will       financial advisor who is familiar
           have to pay income tax when             with your personal circumstances.
           they inherit it. But, if we use the     Ask your advisor if making a gift
           funds to make a gift to the church      out of your retirement plan may
           or other charity during the rest of     not be a “best way” for you to
           2005, there will be no tax on the       make a gift during this last quarter
           funds if they are withdrawn and         of 2005.
           donated in cash before Decem-           Questions? Go to
           ber 31. For many, this may be a or call your
           great opportunity.                      Gift Planning Office at (415) 869-
           If your retirement funds are quite      7812. We will be glad to assist you
           meager, it may not be a good            and to empower your generosity.
           idea. But, for those whose retire-
           ment plans provide one of their
           largest assets, this may be a splen-
           did way to make your charitable
           For example, a donor with a size-
           able IRA, 401(k), or 403(b) may
           wish to consider making a gift from
           their plan during 2005 to:
N OVEMBER 2005                                                                   P ERSPECTIVE

                 YMAC P LANNING S KI T RIP                 FOR    J ANUARY

                 Y       outh Ministry Advisory
                         Committee, due to re-
                         scheduling of Youth and
                 Children’s Ministry meeting to late
                                                         We are also investigating a parent-
                                                         ing program offered by the dio-
                                                         cese called Parenting with Love
                                                         and Logic. It is a 7 session pro-
                 November, will now have their re-       gram where parents can learn
                 treat on December 3rd . At this         valuable parenting skills and build
                 month’s meeting, on November 8,         a community of support from oth-
                 we will be planning a ski trip for      ers in church. Some of our projects
                 youth in late January. Pru Starr has    for this meeting will be working on
                 graciously offered us a house for       advertising to young families in our
                 the weekend. We also investigat-        community as outreach. There will
                 ing obtaining some free lift tickets.   be an introductory meeting with
                 We are looking for a couple of          childcare and a meal in Decem-
                 drivers and chaperones for the          ber, so watch the December Per-
                 weekend.                                spective and bulletin for details.

                 The Episcopal Church Women will         1901 by the Rev. & Mrs. James O.
                 not hold their monthly meeting in       Lincoln as the first free summer
                 November. However, all women of         camp in California. The Lincolns
                 COS are invited to attend a lunch-      were active in the Episcopal
                 eon on December 5th and hear            Church and were adherents of the
                 Katie Evenbeck, Director of St.         Arts & Crafts movement, with its
                 Dorothy’s Rest, a camp and re-          emphasis on a simple and artistic
                 treat center of the Episcopal           life in harmony with nature.
                 Church. The camp is located in
                 Camp Meeker, CA.                        Ms.Evenbeck will speak on the his-
                 St. Dorothy's Rest was founded in       tory and programs of St. Dorothy’s
                                                         Rest at 11:00a.m.

                 D IVERSITY C ONFERENCE S CHEDULED                      FOR    N OV . 5
                 The Diocese of California an-           Participants will have opportunities
                 nounces “Weaving God’s Beauti-          to listen to others and to shared
                 ful Pattern,” a conference on faith     their ideas and experiences. All
                 and culture in the Episcopal            are invited. The fee is $10 per per-
                 Church on November 5 from 9-3.          son and includes lunch.
                 The conference, which will be held
                                                         Toni Van Kriedt from COS will be
                 at Holy Trinity in Richmond, is de-
                                                         attending and is willing to carpool.
                 signed to help congregations un-
                                                         You may contact her at
                 derstand the possibilities for be-
                 coming diverse communities of
                                       NOVEMBER LAY SCHEDULE
Ministry         November 6th           November 13th       November 20th         November 27th
                 25 Pentecost           26 Pentecost        Last Pentecost        First Advent
8:00 am Lector   Peggy Redfield         Letty Erringer      Orville Erringer      Jennifer MacCready
Cupbearer        Ros Patterson          Michelle Walker     Jan Heglund           Toni van Kriedt
Redwoods         Jan Heglund            Michelle Walker                           Toni van Kriedt
Home Care        Jan Heglund            Nancy Cone          Ros Patterson         M. Mayfield-Baske
Torch Bearers    Joey Starr             Georgina Coleman    Evan Ferrin           Avery Maverick
                 Sarah Higgins          Elijah Goldberg     Star Huson            Joey Starr
Crucifer         Camille Robin          Carlisle Huson      Martha Higgins        Gay Johnson
Server           Barry Smeltzer         Jasper Goldberg     Maggie Feld           Bill O’Brien
Cupbearer        Peter Menkin           Fred Cone           Bill Cullen           Peter Menkin
                 Peggy Redfield         Toni van Kriedt     Sally Thomas          Michelle Walker

Lector 1         John Nicholson         Sally Thomas        Caroline Gibbs        Nancy Cone
Lector 2         Charlaine              Peter Menkin        Fred Cone             John Nicholson
LEV              Peggy Redfield         Toni van Kriedt     Sally Thomas          Michelle Walker
Ushers           Bill Thomas            Winnifred & John    Charles Redfield      Graeme MacDonald
                 Philip Norris          MacLeod             Mary Wilson           Steve Quarles
Coffee Host      Middle Saints          Susan Peterson                            Mishalko Family
Godly Play       Mary Washburn &        Marsha Dugan &      Mary Stervinou &      Mary Washburn &
                 Martha Higgins         Rosine Reynolds     Ann F. Sandberg       Martha Higgins

                                              OUR STAFF
INTERIM RECTOR     The Rev. Andrea Felsovanyi              PARISH ADMINISTRATOR           Lynn Baker
DEACON                    The Rev. Jan Heglund
                                                           SEXTON                          Terry Peck
CHOIR MASTER/ORGANIST             Dr. Dan Hoggatt
YOUTH MINISTER                Heather Chase
                                                           JUNIOR WARDEN            John MacLeod
SENIOR WARDEN                          Roger Quy
                                                           PERSPECTIVE EDITOR Michelle Walker
CO-TREASURERS                       Jeff Johnson       
                                    Gay Johnson
                                                                                   US POSTAGE PAID
                                                                                   MILL VALLEY, CA 94941
   E PISCOPAL C HURCH         OF                                                   PERMIT #48
        O UR S AVIOUR
         10 Old Mill
    Mill Valley, CA 94941

          Phone: 415/388.1907
           Fax: 415/388.6584

The 250th Military Intelligence Battalion will be rede-      hours. There will be speeches, awards, and
ploying to home very soon! That means they are fin-          perhaps an appearance by the Governor
ished with a year of active duty, and will return to         himself.
civilian life and be on Reserve status. They will be
                                                             It would be great to see all of you at either or
leaving Iraq any day now for Kuwait. From there
                                                             both of these events! Please let me know if
they will begin their long journey home. We antici-
                                                             you are planning to attend, so I can let the
pate the group to arrive in San Rafael, bussed up
                                                             organizers know. Its hard to say how much vis-
from SFO, on Tuesday November 8! I understand
                                                             iting we could all get with Blake during or after
they will be greeted at SFO by military brass and a
                                                             these events. She will be required to be at the
bag piper.
                                                             Armory for debriefings, but is free to come
Terry, Erica and I, and the other families will be wait-     home to sleep.
ing and receiving our own debriefings at the San
                                                             Thanks for keeping Blake and us in your
Rafael Armory all day on Tuesday. Everyone is in-
                                                             thoughts and prayers over this long year, and
vited to welcome the troops home that afternoon in
                                                             lets continue to pray for an end to wars.
the parking lot in front of the Armory. It is not possible
to name a specific hour for this event at this time, so      Love, Joan
if any of you want to be there let me know and we  
can work out a way to notify you. I have a big ban-          415/459.1913
ner to display, and will probably bring balloons,            P.S. A news flash from our Battalion Support
flags, and lots of tissues. A second event that all are      friend came in this morning: Blake's group left
invited to attend is the formal Welcome Home Cere-           Iraq this morning and arrived safely in Kuwait.
mony happening Wednesday November 9, at the
                                                             They are truly on their way home now!
Marin Veteran's Memorial Auditorium. The Cere-
mony starts at 10:00 AM and should run about 2

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