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 CEP MAGAZINE                                                                               Issue 47 December 2009
 Ashton Centre, 5 Churchill Street, Belfast BT15 2BP Tel: (028) 90 200 900 email: leo@newlodgecep.org

 Tar Isteach Youth
               Anti-Bullying Event

Over 200 North Belfast children took part in an event in   “We decided as a group that we must act upon this and
the Assembly organised by Tar Isteach Youth and the        have worked for the past number of months on putting on
North’s Youth Forum to mark Anti-bullying week.            an event for young people, by young people. “Together
Local schoolchildren came together in the Long Gallery     with the Youth Forum we have worked with MLAs, the
to put their questions to a panel that included North      Anti Bullying Forum, Commissioner for Children and
Belfast MLA Gerry Kelly.                                   Young People and local schools in making this event
Pupils from Dominican College, Little Flower Girls, St     happen.
Patrick’s College and Edmund Rice College were among       “We would love to see young people leading the way in
those who took part in the debate.                         addressing this issue in the long term.”
“It was great to be part of an event that was organised    The ev ent pr ovided the oppor tunity to focus on
by young people for young people,’ said Gerry Kelly.       bullying, sending a clear and positive message that it
“I have to commend the young people who organised          is neither acceptable nor inevitable in our schools and
this event, its such an important message and I hope       communities.
all here can bring the anti bullying message back into     This year ’s Anti-Bullying Week campaign was Stay safe
their communities.”                                        in Cyberspace. The focus was on cyber bullying - the use
Blaine Matthews, of Tar Isteach Youth, which is based      of information communications technology, particularly
in the New Lodge said young people need to lead the        mobile phones and the internet to deliberately upset
way in bringing an end to bullying.                        someone else. Research has found that more than a
“Through talking to other youngpeople inour communities    third of 12-15-year-olds have faced some form of cyber
and schools our group became very aware that bullying      bullying. Congratulation to Tar Isteach Youth for a great
is still an issue,” said Blaine.                           event, well done.

Community Empowerment Partnership             The CEP is funded by the Nor th Belfast Community Action Unit
Greater New Lodge Community Empowerment Partnership                                                December 2009

 Community Contact Numbers
                     174 Trust - 9074 7114
             Artillery Youth Centre - 9035 1332                                                           90 3 3 22 18

                 Ashton Centre - 9074 2255
            Bridges Sewing Group - 9074 2255
           Bunscoil Mhic Reachtain - 9032 2409
                Camberwell Fold - 9096 0552
                  Cancer Lifeline 9035 1999
         Carrick Hill Community Centre - 9023 1602

            Carlisle Day Centre - 9023 1227
        Corner House Family Centre - 9074 0380
     Cumann Cultúrtha Mhic Reachtain - 90749 688
           Droichead an Dóchais - 9022 1022
       Edmund Rice Primary School - 9035 1206
           Employment Outreach - 9020 2440
      Glenravel Local History Project - 9020 2100
     Greater New Lodge Youth Forum - 9035 1332
        Holy Family Primary School - 9035 1023
         Holy Family Youth Centre - 9087 5150
         Indian Community Centre - 9024 9746
           Kinder Kids Day Care - 9074 2255                                             Catriona, Jim and Celine
          Newington Credit Union - 9035 1773
              New Lodge Arts - 9074 2255
             New Lodge Bytes - 9033 0135
   New Lodge Duncairn Community Health Partnership
                       - 90745588
            New Lodge Festival - 9074 2255
         New Lodge Youth Centre - 9075 1385
          New Lodge Area Project - 9075 2069
        New Lodge Housing Forum - 9074 2399
      North Belfast Interface Network- 9074 2255
                                                         Greater New Lodge
        North Belfast Family Centre - 9024 7580
    North Queen St. Community Centre - 9032 3945
                                                        Community Magazine
                                                      Do you have a nyth ing you woul d like to see in th e CE P
                PIPS Project - 9075 5070              ma g az in e ? H av e yo u an
              Smile SureStart - 9075 6654             event coming up, e.g. award
      Star Of The Sea Primary School - 9035 1478      cer emon y, tra ini ng etc. or
        Star Neighbourhood Centre - 9074 0693         even the day to day work of
                                                      your group? Remember the
                                                      CEP maga zine i s here for
              Tar Isteach Training - 9020 2420        every group in the Greater
                                                      New Lodge area to promote
                                                      their activities, events and

 Keep Our Area Clean
                                                      projects. We are constantly
                                                      looking for articles for the
                                                      mag azin e e ver y month .
                                                      You can also arrang e for us to attend the even t and take

     FREE BULKY ITEM                                  some photos. If you require further information, don’t hesitate
                                                      to contact our Communications Co-ordinator Leo Morgan on
                                                      90742255 or via email at leo@newlodgecep.org

    Are There Old Mattresses, Fridges etc.
                                                       Are you Recycling?
          Lying About The Area?                       Do you need another
                                                      black box because of
  Do You Need Something Removed From                  the amount of materials
               Your House?                            your recycling. You
         Get It Lifted & Shifted.                     can ring and request
                                                      additional boxes from
  Phone 90 270 230                                    Bryson House on 0800
                                                      1691 287
     Free Service From The City Council
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December 2009                                                    Greater New Lodge Community Empowerment Partnership

        Update From Upper Long
     Streets Residents Association

Residents show their frustration at the lack of re-development by blocking North Queen Street.
At a recent meeting with St. Patrick’s & St. Joseph’s Housing    to our human rights.
Committee, the Housing Executive’s Deputy Regional Director
Gerry Flynn, North Belfast Strategy Manager Sharon Beattie       The long streets have in recent times been subject to a
and North Belfast Housing Manager Malachy McKinney,
confirmed tha t t he most co mprehensive assessment              Street entry. The Housing Executive, working with the City
possible had been completed. Time was taken to ensure            Council, has opened their derelict properties to allow a blitz
that the Department (D.S.D.) would have no excuse to stall       of any nests found and the entire area has been treated.
the process even more by seeking further information as          We have been asked nevertheless to emphasise the need
all possible categories had been covered. That report was        for residents to remain vigilant against the dumping of black
hand delivered to the D.S.D. on the morning of Monday            bags in the entry and also be wary of any edibles in back
November 16th with an expected announcement by the end           yards which could attract vermin. It has been suggested that
of the month. As we go to press the Department have still not    some private landlords have neglected to supply wheelie bins
responded and the residents committee have expressed their       to their tenants, if this is the case it should be reported to the
disappointment and intention to push all the way until we get    Housing Forum at 23 New Lodge Rd. (90742399) and either
a response. North Belfast M.L.A. and Junior Minister Gerry       through the landlord or cleansing we will attempt to resolve
Kelly is meeting Housing Minister Margaret Ritchie tomorrow      the matter. The Upper Long Streets Residents Committee
                                                                 can be contacted through the Housing Forum, addressabove,
press her for an answer, rest assured this committee will keep   or on e-mail at upperlongstreets@hotmail.com.
people informed of any movement whatsoever.

Meanwhile the residents committee have been busy ensuring
that the issue isnot allowed to be pushed into the background,
they have organised several white line protests on the Antrim
Road, blocked North Queen Street at the school site, this
was to be a decant site for redevelopment, and they have
protested at Stormont. Members have also spoken directly to
Margaret Ritchie, the housing minister, in recent weeks and
have informed the P.S.N.I. of their intention to again block
North Queen Street should the D.S.D. not respond promptly
to the latest recommendations. The secretary of the residents
association Liam Wiggins was a guest speaker at a North
Belfast Civil Rights Association rally at Belfast City Hall on
Oct. 16th and in his speech he expressed the disgust felt by
residents, that in the ten years they have been waiting for
redevelopment they have seen their neighbours in nearby
Tiger’s Bay, demolished, rebuilt and in part demolished again
and rebuilt again. We will therefore take every opportunity
to highlight what we see as a gross injustice and an affront
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Greater New Lodge Community Empowerment Partnership                                                      December 2009

Pathways Project
Presentation Ceremony
Young people, parents, carers, teachers and youth and community workers came
together to celebrate the achievements of Year 12 pupils attending the 174 Trust
Pathways Group.

The Pathways Project, part of Extern Organisation Children’s Services, is an
Alternatives Education Project for 15 to 16 year olds from North Belfast. The 174
Trust hosted the celebration of the achievements of young people from St. Patrick’s
College, Little Flower Girls School, Edmund Rice and Hazelwood College.

Project Worker, Louisa Ward, praised the dedication and commitment of the young
people and congratulated them on their achievements.

All of the young people are leaving the Project with at least 5 recognised

ICT Skills, CCEA Job Seeking Skills and Level 2 in Food Safety.

completed courses in Drug Awareness, Sexual Health and Relationships, Mental          Wheelie Bin
                                                                                      Assisted Lift
Health, Car Crime Prevention, Life Skills, Coping Skills and Suicide and Self Harm

Staff at Pathways believe that the diversity of this work has provided the young
people with the skills and knowledge that helps them not just with their formal
education or training, but will help them in the choices and decisions they make
about their lives.

All of the young people graduating received a port folio of achievements and 6
young people achieved attendance awards for maintaining an average of 95% or
more throughout the 2008-2009 academic year. These were: Shauna Patterson,
Sean McNally, Simone Ferguson, Anna Conlon and Patrick Mallaghan.
                                                                                      If, for medi ca l re aso ns you
Special Awards were presented to the following:                                       require assistance in order to
Personal Endeavour Award - Chantelle Taylor, Personal ProgressAward - Shauna          get your bin out for collection
Patterson, Outstanding Effort Award - Patrick Mallaghan, Christoper McKenna           please write to the Operations
Award - Simone Ferguson.                                                              Man ager (Waste Colle ctions
Acting Project Manager, Ceri O’Reilly said after the ceremony “The hard work of       and Fleet), Belfast City Council,
the staff and the young people is to be commended”.                                   Cleansing Services, Clarendon
                                                                                      House, 9-21 Adelaide Street,
                                                                                      Be lfa st, BT2 8DJ, encl osing
are based in the 174 Trust, contact no: 02890 742424, email: pathways.project@
extern.org                                                                            pro fessional confirming your

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December 2009   Greater New Lodge Community Empowerment Partnership

                                                             Page 5
Greater New Lodge Community Empowerment Partnership                                                      December 2009

                                                                          Calling All Senior Citizens
                                                                         Do you know what’s going on in North
                                                                          Queen Street Community Centre?
                                                                         Do you know what’s available for you?

                                                                                     Well, here it is:

                                                                          Every Tuesday, our over 50s Golden
                                                                           Oldies meets from 8.00pm - 9.30pm
                                                                          for friendly chat over a cuppa. Come
                                                                        along to share your experiences with like
                                                                          minded people. Your very welcome to
                                                                           come and join us for the company.

                                                                           On Fridays, you have the chance to
                                                                           win prizes in our Bingo from 8.30pm
                                                                        - 10.00pm. Why not try your luck in good

                                                                        Interested in any of these groups? Want
                                                                          to try them out? Then all you have to
                                                                         do is come along, or, if you want to talk
 BELFAST CITY COUNCIL                                                      Community Centre on 9032 3945.
 Community Awareness Team .............. 028 90 500 501
 Recycling Enquiry Line ........................ 0800 0328100
 Dog Warden Service ........................... 028 90 270 431
 Noise Hotline ....................................... 028 90 373 006
 Community Safety Unit ........................ 028 90 270 469
 Pest Control......................................... 028 90 270 431
 Consumer Advice Centre..................... 028 90 270 428
 DRD Road Service .............................. 02890 540 540
 Housing Executive............................... 0844 892 0900
 Bryson House Recycling Hotline ......... 028 90 848 494
 Northern Ireland Electricity .................. 0845 7455455
 Northern Ireland Water ........................ 0845 7440088
 Phoenix Gas........................................ 0845 4555555

      Mon - Fri 1.00pm - 3.00pm
       Curtain Making, Formal
       Dresses, Alterations Etc.
     Ashton Centre
   5 Churchill Street
   Belfast BT15 2BP
     Tel: 90742255
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December 2009   Greater New Lodge Community Empowerment Partnership

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Greater New Lodge Community Empowerment Partnership   December 2009

Page 8
December 2009                                                   Greater New Lodge Community Empowerment Partnership

North Belfast Advice Services
The North Belfast Advice Partnership provides
                                                                Winter Fuel Payments
                                                                You may get a Winter Fuel Payment for winter 2009-2010
housing, and consumer issues. The NBAP offers                   if the following apply:
clients specialist services including Tribunal and              •   you’re aged 60 or over during 21 to 27 September
Ap peal Re presentation and Mo ney and De bt                        2009
Advice.                                                         •   you normally live in Northern Ireland

The advice service is accessible to all clients across
                                                                How much do you get?
North Belfast, you can speak to an advisor by                   Eligible people aged 60 -79 can get up to £250 and up to
telephoning, arranging an appointments at one of                £400 if they are aged 80 or over.
                                                                Couples both aged 60 and over who qualify and who are
the centres; dropping in to an outreach clinic and              receiving Pension Credit or income-based Jobseeker’s
in certain cases home visits can be arranged.                   Allowance will get one payment made to the person re-
NBAP can help you:

•     If you feel you or a member of your family might          How it’s paid

                                                                receive your Winter Fuel Payment in the same way that you
•     If you need help with a Social Security or
      Disability Appeal
•     If you need help dealing with the Social Security         method of payment you indicate on your claim form.

                                                                Timing of payments
                                                                Most eligible people should get their Winter Fuel Payment
Don’t waste time, as you could be missing out on                automatically. However, some people may need to make a
money that is rightfully yours.                                 claim. For example, if you did not get a Winter Fuel Payment
                                                                last year or during the qualifying week you did not get a
Contact one of the following centre’s and ask to
speak to an advisor.
    North Belfast Advice Services                               and you won’t have to pay Income Tax on it.
         Ardoyne Association          Tel: 028 90 715 175
    Ballysillian Community Forum      Tel: 028   90   391 272   How to apply
                                                                If you’re aged 60 or over by 27 September 2009 and get-
          CAB Antrim Road             Tel: 028   90   503 000
     Ligoniel Improvement Ass.        Tel: 028   90   391 225
                 LNBCC                Tel: 028   90   288 887   Fuel Payment should be paid to you automatically.
             Tar Isteach              Tel: 028 90 746 665       If you think you qualify for a Winter Fuel Payment but aren’t
           The Vine Centre            Tel: 028 90 351 020
            Ashton Centre             Tel: 028 90 742 255       The claim form for winter fuel payments 2009-2010 are
    Cliftonville Regeneration Forum   Tel: 028 90 749 147       now available. You can get more information by calling the
                                                                Winter Fuel Payment helpline 08459 151 515, text phone
            Greencastle CEP           Tel: 028 90 365 060
                                                                0845 601 5613. Lines are open Monday to Friday from 8.30

    Advice Service Now Available
       At The Ashton Centre                                      Keep warm this winter
                                                                 See if you can get help with you heating costs,
         Thursday mornings                                       help with insulating your home, and pick up
                                                                 tips to reduce you fuel costs and save energy.
         10.00am – 12 noon
                                                                 Call into any North Belfast Advice Partnership

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Greater New Lodge Community Empowerment Partnership                                       December 2009

  Volunteering Opportunities
     With New Lodge Arts
 New Lodge Arts is looking for volunteers over the age of 16 to help out at art workshops and events.

 with children and young people from the age of 3 – 25 years as part of the Arts Academy and at
 events such as Xmas Factor and Celebrate New Lodge.

 New Lodge Arts believe in investing in volunteers and supporting their development through the
 provision of a training programme in partnership with the Greater New Lodge CEP. This programme
 is designed to recognise the skills and qualities of volunteers and the positive role they play within
 the community.

                                Why volunteer?
                   To build your CV and to develop skills.
           To feel better about yourself and make a contribution
  It allows you to act on beliefs about the importance of helping others
                     It is an opportunity to make friends

                  The level of involvement is completely up to you.
  For more information please contact:
  Helen Coburn, Youth Arts Worker
  New Lodge Arts, Ashton Centre, 5 Churchill Street , Belfast BT15 2BP
  Tel: 02890 74 2255, Email: helen@newlodgearts.com

Page 10
December 2009                                                     Greater New Lodge Community Empowerment Partnership

Is Everybody’s Business
Comforting a Suicide Survivor
“Do List”                                                         “Don’t” List best, or how they feel.
                                                                  • Don’t assume you know
•    Give them time, love and understanding.                      •   Don’t make comparisons to your own losses.
•    Remember that individuals grieve in their own way, in        •   Don’t tell them how they “should” feel, or try to change
     their own time frame. Give them the space they need              their feelings. Feelings are unique to each individual.
     to grieve, and don’t try to rush them.                           There is no such thing as a good or bad feeling - they
•    Encourage them to talk about what they are feeling or            are just “feelings”, and we all have them.
     thinking, and to express their grief.                        •   Don’t tell them this was God’s will or preach to them.
•    Offer ideas and not advice. Let them decide what they            They will draw strength from their own faith, if that is
     want to do and when.                                             important to them.
•    Help them to not feel guilty for taking care of them-        •   Don’t give them your pills or personal medications.
     selves - remind them to get a lot of sleep, eat regularly,   •   Don’t change the subject if they want to talk about their
     and drink plenty of water, exercise.                             loved one.
•    Pay attention to their loved ones in the following           •   Don’t take over their responsibilities unless they ask
     months. Survivors are often hyper vigilant” - afraid             you to do so.
     to lose someone else. Help them to understand that           •   Don’t stop visiting them or calling them.
     these feelings are natural. Assure them that they are        •   Don’t alter their loved one’s room or belongings. They
     not alone in watching out for their loved ones.                  can do that in their own time, and they may consider
•    Listen when they want to talk about their loved one              making such changes to be their own special project.
     who died by suicide - you may be the only person urg-        •   Don’t point out the fact that they have other children, if
     ing them to do so.                                               they lost a child. Each individual and each relationship
•                                                                     is unique.
     people who have experienced similar losses is a good         •   Don’t add to their feelings of grief and guilt by pointing
     idea. These groups can be found by calling your local            out things that should have been done differently.
     crisis centre or checking online at www.pipsproject.

    Belfast                         028 90 755 070
    Ballynahinch                    07818 222733
    Newry & Mourne                  028 3026 6195
    Larne                           07530 797716
    Newcastle                       07756 795044
    Upper Bann                      028 3831 0151

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  Inner North Yo
Greater New Lodge Community Empowerment Partnership                                   December 2009

17 youth groups from across Inner North Belfast celebrated their creative achieve-
ments on Thursday 29th October in St Kevin’s Hall, North Queen Street, Belfast,
5.00pm – 8.00pm

Young people from after school projects and youth groups across Inner North
Belfast performed and exhibited art work at a showcase event in St. Kevin’s
Hall on Thursday 29th October. Performances ranging from dance and drama

groups formed the largest cross-community, cross-cultural celebratory event of
its kind to happen in North Belfast.

The art work on show was created by children and young people over a nine
week period through a project coordinated by New Lodge Arts at the Ashton
Centre and involving Greater New Lodge Community Empowerment Partner-
ship, Loughview Community Action Partnership and Inner North Neighbourhood
Renewal Partnership.

a number of OCN training programmes including Youth Work, Peer Mentoring,
Citizenship and Introduction to the Roles and Responsibilities of Management

This was excellent opportunity to come and see the skills and talents of local
young people and to learn about the wide variety of programmes and services
on offer to young people from across Inner North Belfast.

Inner North Youth Showcase was funded by OFMDFM’s North Belfast Com-
munity Action Unit through Greater New Lodge CEP and Loughview Community
Action Partnership and Belfast City Council ‘Ur City 2’ through Inner North Belfast
Neighbourhood Renewal Partnership.

The following groups took part in the programme: Ashton Centre (Kinderkids),
Corner House Cross Community Family Centre, Carrick Hill Community Centre,
First Step Youth Centre, Holy Family Youth Centre, Indian Community Centre,
Mount Vernon Community Development Forum, New Lodge Arts, New Lodge
Bytes, New Lodge Youth Centre(Grey Gables), North Queen Street Community
Centre(Recy), North Queen Street Play Centre, Star Neighbourhood Centre, Tar
Isteach Youth Group, The Basement Youth Group, The Hubb Youth Group and
174 Trust Youth Group. Congratulations to all the young people involved.

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uth Showcase
December 2009   Greater New Lodge Community Empowerment Partnership

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Greater New Lodge Community Empowerment Partnership                                           December 2009

Computer Drop In                                                    FREE COMPUTER
 We provide a Drop In facility:                                   TRAINING FOR ADULTS
 • You can use the drop in to update a C.V                      Free basic training is available through
 • Book your holiday
 • Type a letter                                                the Ashton Centre now.
 • Support for an existing class
 • Practise skills already learned
                                                                Learn how to use the Internet, start
 Advice and Guidance is available
                                                                word processing, get an email address,
 Drop In Times                                                  and manage your computer.
 Monday                   2.30pm-5.00pm
 Tuesday                  2.30pm-5.00pm
 Wednesday                3.30pm-5.00pm                         Contact Clem at the Ashton Centre on
 Tuesday Evening          6.30pm-9.00pm
                                                                02890 742255 or by email:
 If you’re interested in any of these contact Donna             clem.mcguinness@ashtoncentre.com
 at the Ashton Centre on Tel: (02890)742255) or

 Email: clem.mcguinness@ashtoncentre.com

 PROGRESS TO EMPLOYMENT PROGRAMME                                     Carrick Hill
Are you interested in FREE quality training that will improve
your skills and your chances of a more sustainable future
in employment?                                                    Community Centre
 The progress to employment programme is offering free
 courses. To qualify for Progress to Employment support                Wednesday
 you must meet all of the following criteria: unemployed;
 over 18, live in North Belfast and not claiming Job Seekers       7.00pm – 8.00pm
 Allowance. Extensive support and advice is offered to
 those people seeking to enter the employment market.           Contact your class leader
 Courses on offer:
                                                                Lucille on: 07842776350
 Retail Training
 Reach Forklift
 Counter balance Forklift
                                                                Carrick –Hill Gym
                                                                    9.00am 10.00pm
 Telescopic Forklift
                                                                              Mon – Fri
 CSR Training
 LGV Lorr y Licence                                                      Multi Purpose Gym
 Dumper & Dump Truck Training                                              Free Weights
 36 0 De g r ee E xcav at or ( D i gge r )                         Punch Bags & Cardio Equipment
 Training                                                                £2.00 per session
 First Aid                                                                  Unisex Gym
 Personal Development
 Driving Instructor Training
 Nail Technician Diploma


 Contact Sally or Laura
 At Ashton Community Trust, 5 Churchill Street,
 Belfast BT15 2BP. Telephone: 028 9074 2255
 Or email rosey@ashtoncentre.com
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December 2009       Greater New Lodge Community Empowerment Partnership

Volunteering Opportunities

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Greater New Lodge Community Empowerment Partnership                                                    December 2009

                                                              Seven Towers AGM

                                                             The Seven Towers AGM was held on Monday 3rd
                                                             November in the Grey Gables and was extremely well

                                                             Angie McManus, chair of the Seven Towers Residents’
                                                             Committee, outlined some of the work that had come
                                                             about as a result of residents’ campaigns since the
                                                             previous AGM. This included:

                                                             Replacement of the soil stack system which had resulted
                                                             in residents having raw sewage coming up their baths
                                                             and sinks for over a decade
                                                             Re-housing of over 50% of families with children into
                                                             suitable accommodation
                                                             ECM scheme to communal areas (bin chutes, drying
                                                             areas, and redecoration of communal landings and
  Energy Saving Tips                                         stairwells)
                                                             Successful campaign to prevent potential eviction of
1. Turning your thermostat down by 1ºC could cut your        Marissa McMahon and her young daughter Luighseach.
   heating bills by up to 10 per cent and save you around    The NIHE have issued a full apology for the way she was
   £40 per year.                                             treated and the issue has been settled to everyone’s
2. Is your water too hot? Your cylinder thermostat
                                                             A number of issues were raised by residents attending
3. Close your curtains at dusk to stop heat escaping         the AGM, particularly around so-called ‘anti-social’
   through the windows.                                      behaviour. Distinctions were drawn between residents
                                                             with special needs who should not be housed in a high-
4. Always turn off the lights when you leave a room.         rise environment (and the impact this has on their well-
5. Don’t leave appliances on standby and remember not        being and on neighbouring residents) and those who
   to leave appliances on charge unnecessarily.              are treating other residents with disrespect and making
                                                             their lives a misery. There was broad agreement that
                                                             different approaches would be needed to the different
    dryer or dishwasher, use the half-load or economy        issues, and that the NIHE allocations policy would have
                                                             to be challenged.
7. Only boil as much water as you need (but remember to
   cover the elements if you’re using an electric kettle).   Angie McManus also outlined that it was time for the
8. A dripping hot water tap wastes energy and in one         – residents’ living conditions – and not only upgrades
                                                             to communal areas inside the building.

9. Rep lace your lig ht b ulbs wit h ene rgy saving          The success of the work of the residents since the last
   recommended ones: just one can reduce your lighting       AGM was apparent by the growing number of residents
   costs by up to £100 over the lifetime of the bulb - and   becoming involved. 14 residents have actively joined the
   they last up to 12 times longer than ordinary light
   bulbs.                                                    committee from across the Towers and 6 non-residents
                                                             have joined to offer them support. Such a high level of
    Do a home energy check. Just answer some simple          interest in the work of the Committee is an indication
    questions about your home and we’ll give you a free,     of its strength, and bodes well for the outcome of its
    impartial report telling you how you can save up to      future efforts on behalf of all residents in the Towers in
    £300 a year on your house hold energy bills.
                                                             the years ahead.
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December 2009                                          Greater New Lodge Community Empowerment Partnership

 Trinity New Lodge
        Senior Citizens Night
        Every Tuesday Night
  Carrick Hill Community Centre
         Everyone Welcome

    “THE RECY”
  Contact Paula 07958232355

European Visit

European Commissioners on a recent visit with Bridge

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Greater New Lodge Community Empowerment Partnership   December 2009

Page 18
December 2009                                    Greater New Lodge Community Empowerment Partnership

                                                                     174 TRUST ADULT
                                                                        PHAB CLUB
                                                                   OF FERS - a wi de ra nge of
                                                                   social and leisure opportunities
                                                                   for peopl e with and without
                                                                   disa bilitie s in th e North and
                                                                   West Belfast are a who are
                                                                   over 18 years old. Activities
                                                                   include visits to restaurants,
                                                                   ten-pin b owling, shows an d
                                                                   other places of interest, games
                                                                   nights, parties, crafts, BBQs,
                                                                   etc (programmes are available
                                                                   on request).

                                                                   WHERE -The club meets at the
                                                                   174 Trust, Duncairn Complex,
                                                                   Duncairn Avenue, Belfast.

                                                                   WH E N - Ev er y Th u rs d ay
                                                                   e ve ni ng be tw ee n 7 .00 pm
                                                                   and 9.15 pm from the start of
                                                                   September through to the end
                                                                   of June.

                                                                   TRANSPORT - A whee lchair
                                                                   accessibl e bus can coll ect
                                                                   memb ers living in N orth or
                                                                   West Belfast from their homes,
                                                                   then leave them home after the
                                                                   COST - £3 per night plus costs
                                                                   towards outings.

                                                                   TO GET INVOLVED - contact
                                                                   The 174 Trust Disability Co-
                                                                   ordinators, at The 174 Trust,
                                                                   Duncairn Complex, Duncairn
                                                                   Avenue, Belfast BT14 6BP. Tel:

  Are You Unemployed And Looking For Work?

                Then We Can Help
                                                 Pearse’s GAC
  We Have Employers Looking To Employ Staff
   We Can Offer You A Weekly Wage For Six
                                                 Training Times
   Valuable Training To Undertake New Job
                     Duties                     Monday Waterworks          Wednesday Cricky
          A Career You Wish To Pursue           U8-U10                     U8-U12
  Possiblity Of Securing Permanent Job At The
                End Of Six Months               5-6 Football               6-7 Football
   We Have Part & Full Time Jobs Available
                                                Saturday Cricky            Sunday Cricky
   If You Are Unemployed And Need Additional
     Support To Find Employment, We Have A      Girls Football
    Range Of Employers Willing To Offer You A   (off all ages welcome)     1-3 Football
          Vacancy Within Their Company.         2-3
  Please Contact Sean Or Siobhan On (02890)     Monday Cricky              Thursday Cricky
  751934 And We Will Help You Find The Right    Seniors                    U8-U14
           Employment Opportunity
                                                7-8 Football               6-7 Hurling
                                                                                            Page 19
Greater New Lodge Community Empowerment Partnership   December 2009

 Tar Isteach Training
 CSR Health & Safety and Assessment
 1 day course providing applicants with
 their CSR card to work on building sites

 Basic IT Training
 10 week course aimed at beginners in
 computers, by the end participants will
 be able to email, use basic programmes,
 write letters

 Clait level 2
 Computer literacy and information
 technology – 15 week course covering
 – word processing, file management,
 internet & email, spreadsheets and

 OCN Level 2 Door Supervisors


 Educational Bursary
 This Bursary if to give help and support
 to Republican ex prisoners and their
 immediate family members through
 Training and Education. It includes help
 with PSV, HGV, forklift and Telescopic

 Help to improve your skills which may in
 turn help you to gain employment.

 Applicants can apply on a yearly basis.

 02890742255 or drop in to Tar Isteach

Page 20
December 2009   Greater New Lodge Community Empowerment Partnership

                                                           Page 21
Greater New Lodge Community Empowerment Partnership                                                  December 2009
                                                      NIFRS Christmas Safety Appeal
                                                        Don’t let Fire Become Your
                                                      Uninvited Guest This Christmas
                                                      Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Service is appealing to the
                                                      public to be ‘Fire Aware’ this Christmas and make an extra
                                                      effort to make this the safest Christmas yet. Christmas is
                                                      traditionally a busy time for the Fire & Rescue Service as

                                                      decorations, lights, electrical appliances and the effects of
                                                      Christmas drinking.

                                                      Last year, Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Service attended
                                                      1298 calls over the festive period from 20th December – 6th
                                                      January. The message this year is to enjoy Christmas but be

                                                      guest this Christmas.

                                                      Development said – “Every single person in Northern Ireland

                                                      We all have a responsibility to ourselves and our families

                                                      people to heed the following safety advice:

                                                      •     Check your smoke alarm works; remember no batteries
                                                            – no chance
                                                      •     Don’t place decorations on heaters or lights, never over

                                                      •     Don’t overload electricity sockets and use the correct
                                                      •     Take extra care if drinking alcohol and always extinguish
                                                            cigarettes completely
                                                            the kitchen
                                                            escape plan
                                                      •     Follow your bedtime routine; put out candles, switch off

                                                      •     Remember t o check on vulnerable relat ives and

                                                          Holiday bin collection dates
                                                                  (black bins)
                                                          Usual date                      New date
                                                          Friday 25 December              Sunday 27 December
                                                          Monday 28 December              As normal
                                                          Friday 1 January 2010           Saturday 2 January 2010
                                                          Monday 4 January 2010           As normal

                                                          Holiday bin collection dates
   Greater New Lodge                                       (kerbside recycling boxes)

                                                      Usual date                          New date
                                                      Friday 25 December                  Saturday 2 January 2010
                                                      Monday 28 December                  No collection

          90 200 900                                  Friday 1 January 2010
                                                      Monday 4 January 2010
                                                                                          Saturday 2 January 2010
                                                                                          As normal

Page 22
December 2009                             Greater New Lodge Community Empowerment Partnership

                                           New Women’s Group
                                           North Queen Street
                                           Community Centre

                                                 Classes & Events
                                              Flower Arranging
                                          Ceramic Ornament Painting
                                               Other Classes
                                             For further information contact
                                                 the Recy on 90323945

 Birthday Invites - Christening Invites
 Anniversary Invites - Wedding Invites

  100 Quality Invites £20
  90 75 76 77
 079 122 746 47
                                                                                     Page 23
Greater New Lodge Community Empowerment Partnership   December 2009

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