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The Yuengling Campaign New Media Shines Light on America's


									         HOLIDAY ISSUE 2008 | VOLUME #51                                             The Official Publication of Origlio Beverage

The Yuengling Campaign: New Media Shines Light on America’s Brewery

                    rank Cerami is good at telling stories, but not the kind you
                read in a book. He tells stories with his camera. A few months
             ago his company, Cerami Creative, filmed 80 members of the
          Reading Motor Cycle Club on their bikes rolling down the road to
       the Yuengling Brewery for a commercial that is part of the brewery’s
new media campaign. You see, the men of the RMCC party hard and they
always drink Yuengling Premium and Premium Light, but on this day they had
gathered in support of a new addition to their beer repertoire – Yuengling
Light Lager. “We heard the roar and then the ground actually shook as the
bikers came into view,” Cerami said. “The footage we got is better than
anything we could have staged with actors. These guys look ‘BAD’ and that’s
what we named the spot. The message that we are conveying is that these light
beer drinkers kept up their tough guy image, but lost calories in the process.”
In taking to the airwaves with a new media campaign, Yuengling isn’t trying to
reinvent itself. Rather it seeks to remind beer drinkers that this 180-year old
American brewery makes authentic beers of character enjoyed by real people.
To illustrate this point, Cerami filmed another spot called “Character You Can
Taste”. It too is firmly based in reality. As far back as 1987 when Yuengling
Lager was reintroduced, people would ask Dick Yuengling for one word that
exemplified his beers. He always replied “character” as in - there was a time when
you knew what town you were in by the character of the beer you drank there.
Yuengling Traditional Lager is the epitome of character, but no one really asks
for it by its full name. Knowing that the name was too long Dick said, “Just call
it Lager” and so another spot (aptly named Just Call It Lager) was produced for
both radio and TV. Cerami commented, “There is no denying that this beer’s
first name is Lager. Everyone knows that, but now we want the consumer to
think of the beer as exactly what is - an American lager produced by America’s             In This Issue
                                                                                           Letter to the Trade ...........................2
Check out these new commercials and get reacquainted with Dick Yuengling, his
beers and 180 years of brewing history.                                                    The Whip Tavern...............................3
                                                                                           Frosty Caps Beverage......................4
                                                                                           New Products...................................5
                                                                                           The Retail Edge..............................18
                                                                                             Upselling Makes the
                                                                                             Season Bright

                                                                                           The Beer Guy by Lew Bryson........19
                                                                                             Let George Help Sell Your Beer
                       Even in these tough economic times,         that do good and how consumer needs
                       the holiday season is a time for            are met when they support these
                       giving. In fact, when times are rough       efforts. Evidently the phenomenon is
                       and people tend to tighten their belts,     so powerful that consumers are willing
                       charities need even more help               to pay up to 6.1% more for a product
                       because the demand for their                they see as doing good.
                       assistance increases greatly. This year
                                                                   During this holiday season, let your
                       the timing of the meltdown on Wall
                                                                   customers know what you are doing
                       Street has charities bracing for the
                                                                   to support the community and
                       worst since most contributions are
                                                                   deserving charities. It matters to
                       made during the last two months of
                                                                   them, and doing good should matter
                       the year.
                                                                   to you.
                       There is a bit of a silver lining though.
                                                                   Finally from my family to yours, I
                       A study done in 2007 by Self magazine
                                                                   want to personally thank you for your
                       revealed that consumers are willing to
                                                                   business and wish you a successful
                       pay more for purchases from a
                                                                   holiday selling season and a
                       company they know to be doing good
                                                                   prosperous New Year.
                       deeds. In other words, companies that
                       routinely engage in charitable
    From my family     endeavors and good corporate                Sincerely,
    to yours, I want   citizenship are rewarded by their
                       customers. Aptly named “The Good            Dominic Origlio
       to personally   Study”, the researchers focused on          President
      thank you for    consumer perceptions of companies

      your business
       and wish you
        a successful
     holiday selling
       season and a
           New Year

2                      Origlio Beverage •                               HeadyTimes v.51
On-Premise Spotlight:
The Whip Tavern
“Just when you think you’re lost,
you’re just about here,” said KC Kulp,
Operating Partner of The Whip
Tavern in West Marlborough. Out in
the rolling hills of Chester County,
partners KC Kulp and Luke A. Allen
decided to open an English style pub
at the intersection of Routes 82 and
841. Kulp and Allen settled on the
property in April of 2005. The
building, which had been a wagon          Left to right: Chef Jason Ziglar and owner KC Kulp.
wheel and blacksmith shop, was
gutted, redesigned and enlarged. Kulp     paths wasn’t a question. In June of                   Kulp spends a lot of
said that the original bar looked like    2005, The Whip Tavern opened its                      his time giving back to
“your best friends basement”. With        doors. The English style theme was                    community, but his
the help of local architects they were    chosen because of the equestrian                      top priority is
able to transform it into a comfortable   tradition in the area. The pub’s                      providing the very
English pub.                              sporting decor was inspired by the                    best for his customers.
Although Kulp has managed other           fact that the town hosts the oldest                   Kulp personally trains
restaurants in the past, he has not       annual foxhunt in the country that                    the staff with a 45
always worked in the restaurant           attracts elite equestrian athletes from               page manual he
business. He traveled the country and     all over the world.                                   created on the history,
gained plenty of corporate                                                                      style and methods of
                                           “Initially we just wanted a hangout
experience. Before opening The                                                                  brewing beer. He feels
                                          for the horse crowd,” said Kulp.
Whip, he was a project manager                                                                  that the interest in
                                          “Then we hired a fantastic chef, and
working with information technology                                                             beer in the
                                          now we have people coming from 25-
and moved on to become a                                                                        Philadelphia area has
                                          30 miles away. The success we’ve
stockbroker. But when he and Allen                                                              peaked because of
                                          experienced is an amazing feeling.”
learned that the property was up for                                                            events like Philly Beer
                                          Chef Jason Ziglar created traditional
sale, the decision to change career                                                             Week. Kulp would like
                                          English dishes using fresh, local
                                                                                                to see more bars
                                          ingredients that compliment the 63
                                                                                                capitalize on this. In order to do this
                                          styles of beer and cider that are
                                                                                                you need an educated staff. After
                                          offered. “Many of our customers are
                                                                                                passing a thorough exam, employees
                                          also the farmers and families we want
                                                                                                at The Whip are fully versed in all
                                          to support in our community,” said
                                                                                                food and beer items on the menu. “If
                                          Kulp. “When we buy local, we know
                                                                                                we don’t do it right, we might as well
                                          we are helping to ensure the
                                                                                                just do the basics,” said Kulp, who
                                          prosperity of family farms along with
                                                                                                added, “Philadelphia is such a great
                                          those businesses that share these
                                                                                                beer town. There are so many people
                                          concerns.” In addition to supporting
                                                                                                that are educated on beer, but many
                                          “Buy Local – Buy Fresh,” The Whip
                                                                                                that need to start utilizing resources
                                          has also been active in the
                                                                                                that aren’t being used.” Kulp’s
                                          community. Sponsoring the
                                                                                                knowledge and enthusiasm, delicious
                                          Brandywine Rugby Club (which
                                                                                                menu and solid prices have helped
                                          placed second in the country) and
                                                                                                make The Whip Tavern a success. If
                                          local equestrian events. The Whip
                                                                                                you’re looking for a cozy bar to
                                          even took on the duty of raising funds
                                                                                                unwind, The Whip Tavern’s authentic
                                          for the family of a local rider who was
                                                                                                atmosphere will not to let you down.
                                          severely injured.
The Whip Tavern
North Chatham Road, Coatesville

HeadyTimes v.51                           Origlio Beverage •                                                          3
Off-Premise Spotlight:
Frosty Caps Beverage
Customer service, cleanliness and
shopability are the keys to running a
successful business, claims beer
distributor-owner, Jason Dreifert who
has worked at Frosty Caps Beverage
in Abington for 15 years. He took
over the business from his brother-in-
law nine years ago and today,
business is booming!
Although the economy has hit a
rough patch, Frosty Caps continues to     Jason Dreifert, owner of Frosty Caps Beverage.
thrive. “My sales have been up and I
really don’t see them falling, says       the friendly atmosphere, cleanliness             All point of sale materials are either
Jason, “but it’s quite a scary time       and overall appearance of the store.             hung neatly from the ceiling or on
right now and I know that I need to                                                        the walls to maximize floor space,
                                          Because many of Jason’s customers
give my customers a reason to want to                                                      while the cases are stacked in tidy
                                          are craft beer drinkers, he is well
shop here. I make sure not only to                                                         rows to allow for aisle space. He even
                                          aware of the importance of having a
treat my customers well, but I try to                                                      minimizes the use of price cards by
                                          knowledgeable staff. “My guys are
give them the type of shopping                                                             giving customers a price list upon
                                          great! They know more about beer
experience they want.”                                                                     entering the store.
                                          than I do! They can answer almost
Jason has put his heart and soul into     any question a customer has and                  In the 15 years since Jason has been
the business; making sure to pay          they are always willing to help find             in the beer business, he has learned a
attention to what is most important--     whatever it is the customer is                   thing or two. He knows that no
meeting the needs of his customers.       looking for,” says Jason. “We pride              matter what challenges one may face,
“I think what sets my store apart from    ourselves in customer service. I                 it is important to put the customers’
others is the large selection of beer     really want my customers to have an              experience first.
we offer. Consumers are really            enjoyable shopping experience. I
                                                                                           An eager and educated staff + an
looking for variety these days,           think it’s so important to make
                                                                                           immaculate store + a good floor plan
especially the micro-brew drinkers        people feel comfortable. It keeps
                                                                                           = a profitable business.
and this is an area that loves their      them coming back.”
craft beers. Seasonal beers have also                                                      This successful equation has worked
                                          “We do have a space issue here,”
had a huge rise in popularity lately,                                                      well for Jason and although he does
                                          admits Jason, “but I try my best to
so I make sure to have several                                                             have future plans to install a new cold
                                          make the most out of what I’ve got.”
seasonal products available.” Frosty                                                       box and loading dock, he will always
                                          It is impressive that almost every inch
Caps does offer an extraordinary                                                           preside over a well organized store.
                                          of the store it utilized, yet it remains
selection of beers and the store is
                                          well organized with little to no clutter.
extremely well organized. “I arrange
the beer in a very specific way. All of
the local brews are together,
domestics share space in the back of
the store, while the “better-beers” are
in the front. We have a German
section, a Belgian section, a separate
place for all the malts [malt liquors]
and so on. I have found that people
are able to find what they are looking
for very easily this way.” Jason’s
customer base is almost 40% women
who have told him they prefer Frosty                                                       Frosty Caps Beverage, Old York Road,
Caps to other retail stores because of                                                     Abington.

4                                         Origlio Beverage •                                        HeadyTimes v.51
The Second Beer in Harpoon’s Leviathan                             Commemorative Brew from Unibroue:
Series Surfaces                                                    Quatre-Centieme
                                 This September, the               In commemoration of the 400th anniversary of the
                                 Harpoon Brewery                   founding of Québec City, the first European
                                 released the second beer          settlement in North America, Unibroue has
                                 in their new Harpoon              released Quatre-Centieme. This
                                 Leviathan Series, an              commemorative brew honors the city that has
                                 Imperial IPA. The                 been the scene of many major battles and a
                                 Leviathan Series                  community for many diverse immigrants who
                                 explores brewing big              brought new traditions, customs and trades to
                                 beers for adventurous             the New World.
                                 palates. It debuted in
                                                                   Quatre-Centieme is re-fermented in the bottle.
                                 June with a wheat wine-
                                                                   Its alluring golden color and rich, creamy
                                 style ale called Triticus.
                                                                   foam is enough to entice any
                                     Harpoon Leviathan             discriminating drinker. The intriguing
                                     Imperial IPA is brewed        spicy aroma and refreshing flavor profile
to challenge the senses and palate. The vibrant aroma              make it an instant celebration wherever
rushes out of the glass with a blend of piney and tropical         and whenever a bottle is opened. This
fruit notes. At first sip, this big beer yields a powerful         brew offers a bouquet of lightly roasted
hop bitterness and continues with an aggressive hop                malt and aromatic spices with
flavor and character throughout.                                   characteristic effervescence of
                                                                   Unibroue’s re-fermented ales. Light-
Leviathan Imperial IPA was brewed with a significant
                                                                   bodied yet exceptionally well-balanced,
amount of pale malt and just enough caramel malt to
                                                                   Quatre-Centieme is malty and mildly
provide a sweet malt body to balance the hop intensity.
                                                                   sweet with spice accents and a subtle,
Harpoon’s brewers used copious amounts of a variety of
                                                                   palate-warming finish.
hops including Chinook, Centennial, Simcoe and
Amarillo at various points during the boil to create a             The artful packaging features a hand-
complex hop flavor and clean, lingering, bitter finish.            drawn replica of the coat of arms of
The beer was fermented with Harpoon’s own versatile                Québec City and the words, Don de
proprietary yeast and dry hopped at a rate of over 1               Dieu feray valoir, which means “I shall
pound a barrel to produce its massive aroma.                       put the gift of God to good use,” on the
                                                                   label of the 750ml Brassuer bottle sealed with a
Leviathan beers will be brewed in 120-barrel batches. The
                                                                   champagne cork. Unibroue has released this package
Imperial IPA is now available in 4-packs and on draft.
                                                                   as a limited edition. Savor this distinctive brew while
                                                                   supplies last.

                                                        Ten FIDY Hits Philly
                                                        In early December, Oskar Blues Brewery will be sending a limited
                                                        amount of its cult favorite, Ten FIDY Imperial Stout, to
                                                        Philadelphia. This titanic wonder of a stout is immensely viscous
                                                        and loaded with neck-deep flavors of chocolate, malt, coffee, cocoa
                                                        and oats. The beer equivalent of a decadently rich milkshake made
                                                        with malted-milk balls. Ten FIDY has become one of the most
                                                        sought after beers in the nation among fans of extreme beer. FIDY
                                                        is about 10% ABV and is made with enormous amounts of two-row
                                                        malts, chocolate malts, roasted barley, flaked oats and hops. Its
                                                        huge-but-comforting flavors hide a whopping 98 IBUs that are
                                                        deftly tucked underneath the beer’s mountains of malty goodness.
                                                        Ten FIDY is the ultimate Rocky Mountain winter warmer!

HeadyTimes v.51                             Origlio Beverage •                                               5
Sapporo Premium Light                                            Seasonal Selections
                                                                 Although winter ales
                                                            predate history, they are
                                                         believed to have their origin
                                                     in the Pagan celebrations of
                                                   winter solstice. Later, when
                                                   monasteries produced the local
                                                   brew, winter ales were made each
                                                   year to commemorate the birth of
                                                   Christ. Back then, winter ales were
                                                   brewed full-bodied as a source of
                                                   nutrition for the upcoming winter
                                                   months. Today, winter ales are
                                                   typified by their seasonality, rich,
                                                   malty flavors and deep, dark

                                                             Samuel Adams
                                                                 Chocolate Bock
                                                                    The tradition of brewing
                                                                   excellence continues with this
Green Flash Le Freak                                              limited edition beer. Sam Adams
                                                                 Chocolate Bock is a dark beer with
                                                                a big, malty character that is
                                                                combined with the subtle sweetness
                                                                of Scharffen Berger Chocolate,
                                                                giving this brew a complex full-
                                                                bodied taste with a velvety finish.
                                                                An international award-winning
                                                                brew, Chocolate Bock offers a
                                                                truly unique beer drinking
                                                                experience. It pairs well with
                                                                many holiday food favorites
                                                   including turkey, pot roast, ham, chicken
                                                   mole and pecan pie.

                                                   Affligem Noel: Christmas Ale
                                                   A super-premium ale from Belgium,
                                                   brewed especially for the Christmas
                                                   holiday, Affligem Noel has an intense
                                                   taste that is sweeter than the other
                                                   products in the Affligem line. It is a dark,
                                                   ruby-red abbey beer with the wonderfully fresh
                                                   smell of licorice and orange zest. This brew is
                                                   excellent on its own or as an accompaniment to
                                                   such holiday foods as pecan pie and Yule log.

6                       Origlio Beverage •                          HeadyTimes v.51
Samuel Smith Winter Welcome                                     Allagash Grand Cru
The Original Imported Winter Ale                                This deep golden colored winter seasonal
         British beers of somewhat higher alcohol               is brewed in very limited quantities each
         content and richness have been enjoyed during          winter. It is a full bodied brew with
         the winter season for generations. When orange         suggestions of smoke and licorice in the
         peel and cinnamon are added, you have an               taste and aroma. This is a great one to
         authentic wassail. Honey amber in color with           pair with desserts like bread pudding
                               great finesse and                or carrot cake. A perfect beer for the
                                  complexity, Sam                           cooler season.
                                   Smith’s Winter
                                   Welcome has a floral                    Great Divide
                                    aroma and a delicious
                                   malt flavor with great
                                                                           Hibernation Ale
                                   richness and balance.                   Warm up your winter
                                  This is an ale to be                     with Colorado’s original
                                  shared with friends                      strong ale. Since its
                                 when the chill in the air                   introduction in 1995,
                                 and frost on the trees                       Hibernation Ale has
                                make a warm fire and                          become the most
                                good conversation all the                     sought after winter
                               more inviting.                                 beer in Colorado. It is
                                                                              revered for its malty
                                                                              richness and complex hop
Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale                                                 profile that can only be obtained by dry-
Sierra Nevada’s Celebration Ale is made in the time-                          hopping. Hibernation Ale has a hearty
honored tradition of brewing special ale for the holiday                      warming character that is perfect right
          season. This bold American IPA is packed full                       out of the bottle or cellared for longer
          of flavor and complexity from a rich blend of                       periods of time. This is a lively treat that
           American and English malts and a generous                          really beats the winter chill!
           dose of hops. This beer has a solid malt
            backbone with a slightly sweet, bready flavor
            and a hearty fullness. The creamy
                                                                Winter Koninck
               smoothness of the malts works as a               A special beer, developed in honor of the brewing in the
                brilliant springboard for the huge              late Middle Ages when the farmers could not work in the
                bouquet of flavors and aromas in the            fields during the dark winter months. Therefore, they
                hops. Celebration Ale features the classic      had time to devote themselves to brewing beer. Winter
                West Coast-style hops: Cascade, Chinook,        Koninck is a deep amber colored, top fermented beer
                and Centennial. These hops, known for           with a full-bodied flavor. The bottle is sealed with a
                their spicy, piney, and citrusy qualities       champagne cork for a festive look to compliment
                are used in Sierra Nevada’s own unique          the season.
                dry-hopping process that produces the
                big and beautiful aroma this beer has
                become famous for.

HeadyTimes v.51                             Origlio Beverage •                                               7
Wild Goose Snow Goose                                              Sly Fox Christmas Ale 2008
Winter Ale                                                         This malty, full-bodied red ale is a seasonal
Snow Goose is a true “winter warmer” that                          beer brewed with traditional mulling spices
has become a Mid-Atlantic tradition. It                            and released annually on November 1.
pours a clear, deep, rich mahogany color                           It is spiced with ginger, clove, all spice,
with a creamy off-white head. The aromas                           cinnamon & nutmeg during filtration.
are warm, toasty malts and caramel with                            Because the spices vary in intensity from
just a hint of hops and a clean, dry finish.                       growth to growth, each vintage is
If you are serving glazed ham at your                              slightly different from the last, with its
holiday dinner, be sure to pair it with                            own distinctive charm. The spices are
Snow Goose Winter Ale!                                             designed to enhance the brew, not
                                                                   overpower it, and the careful attention
                                                                   of the brewing crew insures a finished
Blue Moon Full Moon                                                product which is fresh and delightfully
Winter Ale                                                         warming in the glass. Sly Fox Christmas
Traditionally, winter is time for a hearty beer. The Blue          Ale is one of the brewery’s most popular
Moon take on winter is a hand-crafted, Abbey single-               packaged products because it is a
style ale that has a select mix of imported and domestic           delightful pour for holiday gatherings
malts. The Blue Moon twist is a bit of delicious Belgian           and embodies the good cheer and spirit
dark sugar, giving the beer                                        of the season. Each vintage has a newly
a nice hint of sweetness.                                          designed label and some fans stock away
Full Moon Winter Ale is                                            these “ collectible” bottles to allow the beer to mellow
deep copper in color with                                          and mature for vertical tastings. Many purchase it by the
rich malty notes and a                                             case because it is an ideal and always appreciated gift for
toffee finish; an ale with                                         those surprise holiday visitors.
subtle nut flavor enhanced
with spices that capture                                                                   Dogfish Head
the complexity, color and                                                                  Chicory Stout
heartiness of a winter
beer. This one is excellent                                                                 This is a dark beer made with a
with red meat and savory                                                                    touch of roasted chicory, organic
dishes.                                                                                     Mexican coffee, St. John’s Wort,
                                                                                            and licorice root. Brewed with
                                                                                            whole-leaf Cascade and Fuggles
Lagunitas Brown Shugga’ Ale                                                                 hops, the grains include pale,
Originally an attempt to salvage a botched mash-in of                                       roasted & oatmeal. The
Olde GnarlyWine by adding a boatload of brown sugar to                                      taste is creamy, roasty,
the boil, Brown Shugga’ Ale quickly gained a following                                      peppery, dry &
all its own. That following may be filled with                     chocolatey, making it a great beer to pair with
questionable characters, but you gotta give it to                  grilled chicken, BBQ, shellfish, sushi, smoked
’em..... they’re loyal! The feeding frenzy that ensues             fish and yes ... chocolate!
upon the release of Brown Shugga’ each fall can best be
described as a blend of a Mardi Gras parade with a rock            Dogfish Head Fort
fight in the streets of
Gaza. It is a beer                                                 A strong ale brewed with a ridiculous amount
that defies stylistic                                              of pureed raspberries (over a ton of em!).
guidelines, but leans                                              This beer features label artwork by Tara
toward the style:                                                  McPherson and is the world’s strongest fruit
irresponsible.                                                     beer, brewed with Oregon and Delaware
                                                                   raspberries and 18% ABV!

8                                              Origlio Beverage •                            HeadyTimes v.51
Sly Fox Black Raspberry
One pound of red and black raspberries
are used for every gallon of Sly Fox Black
Raspberry Reserve that is brewed,
resulting in a big beer (8.0% ABV). This
unforgettable wheat ale is noted for its tart
finish and sugary sorbet aroma. Black
Raspberry Reserve is as beautiful in the
glass as it is on the palate and a perennial
favorite for both festive evenings and
special occasions--many of which, we are
told, are romantic.
To make this seasonal treasure, fresh
berries are purchased from Decker Farm
in Oregon, where they are pureed and
frozen to be shipped in a refrigerated truck. (Fun fact:            Heavy Seas Winter Storm Imperial ESB
farm owner Marvin Decker always haggles to be sent one              Clipper City Brewing Company’s seasonal release, Winter
more bottle of Black Raspberry Reserve each year than               Storm Imperial ESB, is brewed with copious helpings of
he received the previous year as part of the purchase               English malts and US and English hops and is a ruddy
price.) The fruit’s arrival at Sly Fox’s Royersford brewery         hued “Imperial ESB” in style. Gold medal winner at the
comes when the first fermentation of the brew is                    2008 World Beer Cup, Winter Storm Imperial ESB is
finishing. It is immediately added to the brew for a                packed with full malty flavors dancing with powerful hop
second fermentation which creates the unique flavor that            aromas and a lingering, firm hop bitterness. For having
marks one of Sly Fox’s most anticipated annual releases             such a big flavor profile, this is one smooth beer!
each October.

                                                                    Heavy Seas Below Decks
Dock Street Sexual Chocolate
                                                                    Originally created to celebrate Clipper City’s 10th
Sexual Chocolate is a well endowed                                  Anniversary – extremely limited and “vintage” dated –
Imperial Chocolate Stout. The dark malt                             this extravagantly malty barley wine will show well upon
flavor is enhanced with 100% cocoa                                  release but continue to evolve for years. Available in
Belgian chocolate. It pours jet black with a                        December while supplies last.
voluptuous creamy head while aromas of
dark chocolate seduce the nostrils and the velvety
mouthfeel tempts the pallet to take another sip. Be
careful or this beer will have its way with you.

    Abita Christmas Ale
     As befits any Christmas present, each years’ offering
     is a unique product crafted with special care.
      Generally, this beer is a dark ale, however, the
        recipe changes each year. This year’s brew is a
                                 nut brown ale style with a
                                 moderately hopped bitter
                                 taste and aroma. The
                                 spicy character is
                                 excellent with traditional
                                 holiday foods like
                                 gingerbread or spiced
                                nuts. Enjoy your holidays
                             with Abita Christmas Ale!

HeadyTimes v.51                                 Origlio Beverage •                                         9
                                                                                        Elysian Bifrost
                                                                                        Winter Ale
                                                                                        A bold, hoppy and smooth ale
                                                                                        named for the mythical bridge
                                                                                        connecting the mortal world to
                                                                                        the heavens. Elysian Bifrost is
                                                                                        brewed with Pale malt and
                                                                                        small amounts of Munich and
                                                                                        Crystal malts. Bittered with
                                                                                        Magnum and finished with
                                                                                        Amarillo and Styrian Golding
Weyerbacher Winter Ale
Weyerbacher Winter Ale is a must for any malty beer            Ommegang Chocolate Indulgence Stout
lover. Brewed with deep-roasted chocolate malt, the taste      This limited release comes with a
predominates with a warm, roasty flavor, balanced out          thick tan head of foam resting
with a slightly dry finish. It’s smooth but not cloying,       on top of the rich onyx-colored
with a warming belt of alcohol. Weyerbacher Winter Ale         liquid. The aroma immediately
is the perfect libation for a winter meal, with good           speaks of dark chocolate and
friends or beside a warm fire. A balanced, hearty, brown       dark malts. The gentle herbal
ale designed for satisfying that hungry thirst you get in      nose of Perle hops
the cold, dreary months of winter.                             compliments the darker notes,
                                                               making the beer savory to the
Harpoon Winter Warmer                                          senses. Intense Belgian dark
                                                               chocolate flavors glide across
 When you bring a glass of this dark copper ale to your        the tongue; starting sweet up
lips to take your first sip you will notice the aroma of       front but giving way to rich
cinnamon. There is no aromatic hop added that might            cocoa flavors at the back.
overpower the distinct spice scent. The medium body of         Through it all, a subtle fruitiness from
this beer is formed from caramel and pale malts. These         Ommegang’s special Belgian yeast gives the beer a
create enough body to support the spices without making        special brightness.
the beer excessively rich. Bittering hops are added to
counter the sweetness of the malt and spice. The finish
of the beer is a blend of cinnamon and nutmeg. The                   Shipyard Prelude Shipyard Ale
combination of these two spices results in a balanced,                This rich nutty full-bodied English-style ale is
pumpkin-pie flavor with an overall smooth character.                   hand crafted by The Shipyard Brewing Company
This winter seasonal is perfect with savory hors d’oerves,              only once a year in honor of the season.
duck, apple and pumpkin pie; the perfect compliment to                   Prelude Special Ale was originally introduced
a holiday meal.                                                           to celebrate the holiday season in
                                                                           Kennebunkport. Prelude is the name of the
                                                                              town’s annual holiday celebration.
                                                                                Customer demand turned Prelude into
                                                                                their seasonal winter brew.
                                                                                Prelude has a 6.7% alcohol volume,
                                                                                making this seasonal specialty the
                                                                                 perfect winter warmer. With an inviting
                                                                                 deep amber hue and hoppy finish,
                                                                                  Shipyard’s Prelude Holiday Ale is sure
                                                                                  to make a believer out of even the
                                                                                   most die-hard Ebenezer Scrooge.

HeadyTimes v.51                            Origlio Beverage •                                        10
Portfolio Perfected
Now More Than Ever,
Origlio Beverage “Delivers
the Taste of Excellence”
We continue our series of
articles devoted to all the
exciting additions to
Origlio’s portfolio. We
won’t stop until every
brewery is covered, but if
you require immediate,
                            Elysian Brewing Company
in-depth information,
                            Elysian Brewing Company was              experiment and craft unique specialty
please log onto
                             founded in 1996 by Joe Bisacca, Dick    beers in smaller batches. A year after              Cantwell, and Dave Buhler. It began
                             as a concept to establish a large
                                                                     pulling out of Gameworks, in March
                                                                     2001, a new location was opened in
for all you need to know     brewpub in the Seattle market, but      the Greenlake neighborhood. Dubbed
                             with a grander scale of wholesale       Elysian-Tangletown, it is sited at the
about the great beers we     distribution than your average          old home of the Honey Bear Bakery,
bring to the market.         brewpub. The original location, in      a Seattle institution that closed its
                             Seattle’s Capitol Hill, houses a 20-    doors in 1999. The Greenlake site
                             barrel brewing system and a full        houses a 3-barrel brewing system, as
                             service restaurant and bar. In the      well as a full service restaurant and
                             past, the site has hosted live music,   bar, allowing the brewers to once
                             large parties, benefits and beer        again craft those special brews. Since
                             festivals. From 1997 to 2000 Elysian    inception, Elysian has brewed over 60
                             operated a small, 4-barrel brewery      different beers, in large batches and
                             and tavern at Sega Gameworks in         small, including 6 always-flowing
                             downtown Seattle. The smaller           standards, and 8 seasonal brews.
                             location allowed the brewers to
                                         Olde English Malt Liquor
                                         Olde English 800, commonly referred
                                         to as “OE800”, is one of America’s
                                         leading malt liquor brands. It offers
Grolsch Brewery
                                         smooth, rich taste with a slightly
In the seventeenth century, Holland’s    fruity aroma that is a favorite among
Golden Age of influential Guilds, the    malt liquor drinkers. OE wears the
professional brewer was highly           crown because it is the “King of Malt
esteemed. A famous Dutch master          Liquors”.
brewer by the name of Peter Cuyper,
                                         Olde English High Gravity 800 was
from Grolle (present-day Groenlo), the
                                         introduced in 2001. It features the
Netherlands (a.k.a. Holland) was the
                                         same smooth taste of the original OE,
son in law of the first recorded owner
                                         with an 8 percent alcohol by volume.
of the famous Grolsch brewery
founded in 1615; Willem Neerfeldt.
Groenlo translated means ‘green wood
or forest’, hence Grolsch; ‘beer from
the green forest’. In 1676
Cuyper was appointed Guild
Master of all brewers in
Grolle and introduced his
fellow brewers to the best
methods and taught the
secrets of brewing good
beer to the younger
generations. Over the
years, beer from Grolle
gained something of a
reputation. It was Peter
Cuyper who was
responsible for
refining the natural
method of beer
brewing, the same
method used by
Grolsch to this
present day, almost
four centuries later.
Latis Imports                                Russian River                            Star Brand Imports
PALM Brewery                                                                          Hacker-Pschorr Brewery
Latis Imports represents PALM                                                         The history of the Hacker-Pschorr
Breweries in the United States. PALM                                                  Brewery can be traced back as far as
Breweries is Belgium’s largest                                                        1417. It was founded in Munich,
independent brewery and the maker of                                                  Germany, 99 years before the
PALM Ale; Belgium’s top-selling ale.                                                  enactment of the Rheinheitsgebot
Located in Steenhuffel, Belgium, PALM                                                 Purity Law of 1516. The Hacker-
Breweries has a long tradition of                                                     Pschorr brewing process has
producing award-winning beers and                                                     remained virtually unchanged for
ales. In fact, PALM Ale is the product of                                             over 580 years. Something this good
just such a tradition, having been born                                               just isn’t fooled with.
out of a challenge by the Belgian
Brewing Guild to brew a Belgian Ale to
compete with the newly popular               Vinnie Cilurzo brewed Russian River
Pilsners and Lagers. PALM Breweries          Brewing Company’s first batch of beer
represents a unique dedication to the art    on May 1, 1997, on the historic
and craft of beer-making, even within a      property of Korbel Champagne
country as steeped in beer-making            Cellars in Guerneville, California. In
tradition as Belgium. Today, PALM is         2002, Korbel decided to consolidate
the only brewery in Belgium to still offer   some of its businesses and Vinnie and
all four fermentation methods (bottom        his wife, Natalie, acquired the brand
fermentation, top fermentation, mixed        name and logo. A used 30-barrel
fermentation and spontaneous                 system was installed in downtown
fermentation) within its portfolio.          Santa Rosa, California, just 12 miles
PALM Ale has long been one of                from the brewery’s current location.
Europe’s top-selling specialty beers         The revived Russian River brewed its
and when you taste it, we think you          first beers in 2004. All products
will know why. Made with English             available in a very limited release.
hops, French Barley, and Belgian
yeast, PALM represents the best of
European beer-making traditions. It’s
the roasted Champagne Malt which
gives PALM its amber color, but
                 without being heavy.
                       PALM is a great
                        alternative to
                          pilsners and
                            lagers for
                             the beer
                             a little

 Birra Moretti
 The Birra Moretti brewery is in
 Udine, in the Fruili region of
 northern Italy. For five generations,
 the beers from the Moretti family
 combined German, Czech and
 Viennese brewing expertise with
 Italian craftsmanship to produce a
 unique beer of Old World heritage.
 Today the brewery is owned by

 Paulaner Brewery
 The Paulaner Brewery, founded by
 monks in 1634, has played a
 significant role in establishing
 Munich’s reputation as the “ Beer
 Center of the World.” The monks
 began a still-standing tradition of
 slow, handcrafted brewing using only
 the four basic ingredients of brewing:
 barley, hops, yeast and water.
 Paulaner Brauerei AG is one of the
 leading breweries in Bavaria and the
 name Paulaner is known around the
 world. The brewery produces one of
 the world’s leading Oktoberfest beers
 and is renowned for introducing the
 world’s first Hefe-Weizen and Double
 Bock beers.

folio Perfected
                                                                                  Port Brewing Santa’s Little
                                                                                  Helper Imperial Stout
                                                                                  Santa knows who’s been naughty or nice
                                                                                  and this one is a seriously naughty but
                                                                                   nice brew. Santa’s Little Helper is black
                                                                                   as coal that he knows to leave for those
                                                                                    who haven’t behaved, but smooth and
                                                                                      sweet like the good people who leave
                                                                                        milk and cookies. As with all stouts,
                                                                                        there is an emphasis on roast and
                                                                                        coffee aromatics. Santa’s Little
                                                                                        Helper leans more towards dark
                                                                                        cocoa and freshly brewed coffee
                                                                                        than sweet malt tones. This is an
                                                                                        Imperial stout worthy of Santa’s
                                                                                        time. Not overly bitter or too
                                                                                        sweet, it is just right for flying
                                                                                        around the world in one night.
                                                                                        Medium bodied with warming
                                                                                         notes of malt and alcohol, this
Legacy Nor’easter Ale Oatmeal Stout                                                      seasonal release pairs perfectly
                                                                                         with leftover fruit cake and
Like a winter storm, the robust Nor’easter Ale comes in                                  Grandma’s figgy pudding.
big and bold. With a hardy combination of roasted and
     chocolate flavors from the premium English malts
      followed up with a super creamy body and semi-
       dry finish from the oat flakes, the Nor’easter ale is
        a rich and complex oatmeal stout. Balancing out          Samuel Adams Winter
         the malty character is a blend of Pacific
          Northwest and imported English hops.
                                                                 Lager– Bold and Rich
           Nor’easter Ale pairs up nicely with hearty foods      with a Touch of
           including barbecue and stew. Oysters are also         Holiday Spice
            ideal along with stronger cheeses like sharp         The first thing one notices in a
             cheddar and blue. It’s even excellent with          Samuel Adams Winter Lager is
               chocolate desserts like chocolate cake with       its color; the dark red amber of
                 whipped cream topping!                          winter. Then comes the
                                                                 magical aroma which
                     Avec Les Bons Voeux                         promises something special
                                                                 on the tongue. The warm
                      Literally meaning, “with best              aroma of cinnamon and
                      wishes”. Dupont’s Christmas                ginger blends with the roasty
                      offering is rich gold in color with a      sweetness of the malted
                       fragrant aroma of lemon, hints of         barley and hint of citrus from
                        pepper, banana and clove. It has a       the orange peel. After the
                        deep, malt richness that lingers         first sip, the promise is
                         on your tongue for what seems           fulfilled. On the palate, Sam
                         the entire holiday season.              Adams Winter Lager is rich
                                                                 and full-bodied, robust and
                                                                 warming. A wonderful way to
                                                                  enjoy the cold evenings that
                                                                      come with the season.

HeadyTimes v.51                              Origlio Beverage •                                           11
Scaldis Noel                                                                                       The Perfect Gift for
At 12.5% alcohol, Noel is a bit stronger                                                           the Beer Lover in
than Scaldis Belgian Ale. Scaldis Noel’s                                                           Your Family
burnished, ruby-copper color prepares you
well for a spicy aroma with notes of                                                     Gift packs and
            caramel and marzipan. The                                                    variety packs are not
            taste is round, with hints of
             licorice leading to a long,                                                 only a fabulous gift
             warming finish. Enjoy this                                                  to give the beer lover
             either with a rich, special                                                 in your life, but they
             dessert or simply by itself.
                                                                                         are also a great way
             Scaldis Prestige                                               to liven up a holiday party.
               An incredibly complex,
                                                                            With variety, there is always
                balanced and satisfying                                     something for everyone!
                 beer, Scaldis Prestige is
                   triple fermented in                                      Ommegang Belgian Sampler
                   French oak for 6                                         Brewery Ommegang is known for its excellent Belgian
                   months. Deep caramel malt notes blend                    style craft beers brewed in America. Specifically for the
                  perfectly with the vanilla and tannin of                  holidays, Ommegang offers an exquisite gift pack sure to
                  the oak and are heightened and                            please the most discerning
                  accentuated by the 13% ABV. Only 3000                     beer drinker. This ideal
                 bottles are allocated to the U.S. Best by                  holiday pack includes one
                 itself, to be sipped slowly, with intimate                 750 ml cork finished bottle
                companionship.                                              each of Hennepin,
                                                                            Ommegang Chocolate
                                                                            Indulgence and Three
The Lost Abbey
                                                                            Philosophers as well as a
Gift of the Magi Ale                                                        custom gold-leaf signature
This Christmas ale is brewed as a stronger                                  Ommegang glass. This is a
Biere de Garde. Gift of the Magi is a                                       collection not to
medium-bodied beer with a nutty, honey-                                     be missed!
like aroma. The beer starts off with an
initial malt sweetness that fades into a firm                               Chimay Sampler Pack with
but subtle hop presence. The lager                                          Collector Glass
yeast and cold maturation ensures a                                         Chimay has been brewing Chimay Trappist Beers in
crisp, smooth finish. As the beer                                           Belgium for 146 years and this year marks Chimay’s
matures, the Brettanomyces added                                            25th year in the United States. This Special Sampler
at bottling, become more                                                    Package presents the complete line of Chimay Trappist
pronounced and a drier beer will                                            Beers (Chimay Red, Chimay Tripel and Chimay Blue) with
evolve. This brew is an ideal                                               a special collector goblet... an ideal gift for the beer
match for a broad spectrum of                                               connoisseur who wants to discover the taste of Chimay.
foods. It was brewed to pair with                                           Holidays & Chimay are the perfect pair but it’s never too
seasonal specialty dishes as well                                                                                        early to give the
as many baked goods, chicken                                                                                              gift of Chimay!
and fish. A wonderful
accompaniment to your
holiday table.

12                                              Origlio Beverage •                                   HeadyTimes v.51
                         Blue Moon                Samuel Smith Selection Box–                        Saranac 12 Beers of Winter–
                         Brewing                  A Hand- Picked Collection of                       You Can’t Find 12 Better
                         Company                  Benchmark English Ales                             Beers Anywhere!
                         Introduces the           Available now,                                     The extremely popular, 12 Beers of Winter
                         Brewmaster’s             for a limited                                      variety pack from Saranac is back this year
                         Sampler                  time only, the                                     with three new and unique additions;
                                                  fully re-                                          Bohemian Pilsener (a medium bodied
                        Leverage the
                                                  designed,                                          pilsener crafted like the original beers of
                        success of Blue
                                                  Samuel Smith                                       Czechoslovakia) India
                        Moon Belgian White
                                                  Collection Box!                                    Brown Ale (a brown
                        this winter with the
                                                  This                                               ale with the
new Blue Moon Variety Pack! This exciting
                                                  tremendous                                         backbone to carry
mixed pack includes Blue Moon Belgian
                                                  mix pack                                           the hoppiness you
White, Full Moon Winter Ale and a new
                                                  includes three                                     expect in an India
addition to the Blue Moon family – Pale
                                                  classic ales,                                      ale) and Vanilla Stout
Moon, a Belgian-style pale ale. The
                                                  each an                                            (a traditional blend of
Brewmaster’s Sampler is a great way to
                                                  international benchmark for the style;             caramel and
capitalize on the season volume spike and
                                                  Oatmeal Stout, Nut Brown Ale and Old               chocolate malts plus
consumers willingness to trade up during
                                                  Brewery Pale Ale. The box also contains an         roasted barley).
the holidays.
                                                  authentic Samuel Smith logo Imperial pint          These three new
                           Duvel Golden           glass, two “Rose of Yorkshire” coasters and        flavors will join the
                                                  a Merchant Du Vin Classic Brewing Styles           always popular
                                                  brochure. A gift that is sure to be well           Season’s Best, Belgian Style Ale and Extra
                            A unique, strong      received!                                          Special Bitter. This exceptional variety pack
                            golden ale, Duvel                                                        is sure to be a crowd pleaser!
                            is unlike any other   Yuengling Variety Pack
                            beer in the world!                                                       The Ultimate Trial Packs from
                                                                                  Bring the
                           The Duvel Golden                                                          Unibroue Brewery
                      Giftbox is the perfect                                      family of beers    This variety pack is available in two distinct
              holiday gift complete with 4-                                       to every holiday   styles. The first includes the lower alcohol
11.2 oz bottles of the world renowned ale                                         celebration!       brews Blanche de Chambly (a white ale),
and one signature Duvel tulip glass. Wanna                                        Once again,        Ephemere Apple (a white ale brewed with
spoil someone this year?                                                          Yuengling will     apple must), Chambly Noir (a black ale) and
                                                                                  be releasing       featuring Raftman (a whisky malt-style ale
Samuel Adams Winter Classics
                                                                                  their popular      only found in Quebec). The second is a gold
Warm up with this variety pack of six                                             variety pack       medal lineup of La Fin du Monde (a strong,
distinctive robust beers including the                                            this year. The     triple-style golden ale), Maudite (a strong
flagship brand, Boston Lager; rich and            Yuengling Variety Pack boasts bold, bright         amber-red ale), Trios Pistoles (a strong dark
hearty Winter Lager; smooth and delicious         colors to catch the consumers’ eye. The                                           ale) and Don De
Holiday Porter; the cappuccino of beers,          package creates attractive Thanksgiving                                           Dieu (a triple
Cream Stout; tart and sweet, Cranberry            and holiday displays and delivers                                                 wheat ale).
Lambic and a Christmas cookie of a beer;          incremental profits to retailers during this
Old Fezziwig Ale.                                 key selling season. It offers an assortment
Winter Classics                                      of styles to satisfy the tastes of all your
contains a variety                                   customers. Hurry and place your orders
of brews that                                       today, this package is available for a
blend perfectly                                    limited time only!
with the

HeadyTimes v.51                                   Origlio Beverage •                                                            13
Give the Gift of George Killian’s Irish Red This Season                                       Season’s Greetings from
The holiday season is the second
highest volume period for George                                                              Widely recognized as America’s
Killian’s, only after St. Patrick’s Day.                                                      Oldest Brewery, Yuengling is under
A 4-pack collector’s set of George                                                            the 5th generation of family
Killian’s glassware will be available                                                         ownership and is now the largest
via tear-off pads for a limited time                                                          family-owned domestic brewer. No
only and the brand’s partnership with                                                         company is more authentic or
Hickory Farms will help drive volume                                                          steeped in holiday tradition than
and sales. Drinkers of George Killian’s                                                       the Yuengling Brewery. This season
desire something more—a better, full-                                                         is the perfect time to showcase
flavored beer. George                                                                         their broad portfolio which includes
Killian’s Irish Red is rich in                                                                Lager, Light Lager, Black & Tan,
ingredients and heritage,                                                                     and their original heritage brands –
making it a gift-worthy beer.                                                                 Dark Brewed Porter and Lord
                                                                                              Chesterfield Ale. The latter two
                                                                                              beers have been brewed by
                                                                                              Yuengling since the brewery’s
Magners Irish Cider… A Time to Celebrate                                                      inception in 1829. Deck the halls
                                                   At Magners, they know the most             with string lights, stockings and
                                                   valuable thing you can spend during        coordinating signage. From the
                                                   the holiday season is time. The crisp      Yuengling family to yours…Happy
                                                   winter evenings give way to cozy           Holidays!
                                                   nights, enjoyed in the company of
                                                   friends and family. Magners Irish
                                                   Cider makes the perfect
                                                   accompaniment to your holiday
                                                   celebrations. Made from 17 different
                                                   blends of apples, Magners offers a
                                                   refreshing alternative to beer. This
                                                   cider is best served over ice and is
                                                   delicious paired with savory poultry
                                                   dishes. Today, Magners is recognized     Arcadia Hop Rocket
                                                   as the people’s favorite bottled cider   Hop Rocket was brewed to
                                                   in Ireland, Scotland, and the UK and     commemorate Arcadia’s 11th
                                                   has become the #1 selling hard cider     Anniversary in 2007.
                                                   in the Northeast region of the US.       As an
                                                   With Magners, there’s always time to     Imperial IPA,
                                                   celebrate the magic of the holiday       it brings a
                                                   season.                                  serious
                                                                                            combination of
                           2008 Best                       Stone IPA                        and substance
                           American Beers                  Ommegang Wit                     as this beer tips
                           Men’s Journal has released      Elysian The Wise ESB             the scale at 9%
                           their list of Best American     Abita Restoration Ale            alcohol and the
                           Beers for 2008 and what a                                        111 IBU’s are
                                                           Oskar Blues Dale’s Pale Ale
                           list it is! From best overall                                    nicely balanced by a candy like
                           beers to wonderful              Allagash Hugh Malone             sweetness, in part contributed by
                           selections to look for when     Dogfish Head Palo Santo Marron   Michigan Beet Sugar. Its return in
                           you are traveling, this is      Lost Abbey Angel’s Share         2008 is scheduled for November.
truly a list worth checking out! Here are some of the
homegrown classics they suggest…

14                                                 Origlio Beverage •                             HeadyTimes v.51
                                              Amstel Light Thanksgiving
                                              Amstel Light continues to provide
                                              premium programs that embody the
                                              “Spirit of Amsterdam”. This
                                              Thanksgiving, the beer brewed in the
                                              most enlightened city in the world
                                              gives shoppers everything they need to
                                              break away from the ordinary and
                                              expected and create a new, progressive,
                                              free-spirited Thanksgiving of their own.
                                              Amstel Light makes it “Your Holiday,
                                              Your Twist.”

                                              Holiday Wishes from Heineken and Amstel Light
                                              When it comes to the holidays,             time period represents one of the
                                              nothing but the best will do.              highest levels of consumer trade up
                                              Heineken, Heineken Premium Light           and profit potential of the year!
                                              and Amstel Light are the perfect           Heineken, HPL and Amstel Light are
                                              rewards and a great way for the            the beers of the season. Their
                                              shoppers in your accounts to grant         premium image makes them the
                                              “Holiday Wishes”. Festive and eye          perfect compliment to any festivities
                                              catching displays will showcase these      and a great way to break through the
                                              best-in-class brands allowing your         clutter during the busiest shopping
                                              stores to enjoy maximum register           season of the year.
                                              rings all season long. The holiday

Chesterfield Draft Kick Off Party
On September 18th, Yuengling and
Origlio Beverage celebrated the kick
off of Yuengling Lord Chesterfield Ale
draught at Moriarty’s on Walnut
Street in Philadelphia.
Pictured From left to right John Santucci
(Origlio Beverage), Rob Shimony (Yuengling
Core Division Manager), Bridget Byrne
(Origlio), Tim Donnelly (Origlio) and Frank
Altadonna (Yuengling Metro Market Manager)

     Sam Adams Thanksgiving –
     A Place at the Table
     The Thanksgiving holiday has proved to be a huge occasion for Sam
     Adams and Boston Lager has become a must have at the dinner
     table. Flavorful and complex, this world champion Amber-style lager is
     brewed with the finest two-row barley and most expensive, hand-
     selected Nobel hops. This American classic pairs perfectly with roast
     When you’re preparing your holiday meal this year,
     don’t forget the Sam Adams!

HeadyTimes v.51                               Origlio Beverage •                                            15
                                                                                        Canadian Taste
Great Divide Brewery                                                                    It’s Always in Season
Expansion                                                                               with Molson
The building that once served as a                                                      Canadian taste is always in
dairy-processing plant is now home to                                                   season with Molson Canadian-
the Great Divide Brewing Company.                                                       the perfect holiday gift! Molson
Great Divide recently expanded their                                                    is providing a holiday-themed
brewing facility in Denver, Colorado.                                                   program to support displays
Eight months and $1.2 million later,                                                    off-premise and draft sampling
the new facility now has additional                                                     on-premise. Crates of
refrigerated storage and a new bottling     “This is a giant step forward for our       Canadians, neck hanger gift
line that has increased their bottling      brewery’s packaging system,” says           tags and glassware etching will
speed by three times, producing 125         Great Divide founder Brian Dunn.            all be components in Molson’s
bottles per minute. The new line is         “It’s much better for the beer and our      holiday retail focus all of which
now equipped with the technology for        customers.” While the brewery’s             encompass the “honest brew”.
minimizing oxygen in the beer during        appearance has changed, so has the
the filling process, producing a better     packaging. Consumers will notice the
flavor and extended shelf life for the      new artwork on all packaging and
beer. An inkjet coder that will print the   labels which has “a classic, time-worn
bottling date on every label has been       look to them, with a bit of a beer-city
added to the line to ensure the freshest    feel.” Now, with the ability to produce
beer. Packaging has been advanced by        three times the amount of beer you
eliminating most of the non-automated       can be sure to see more products
effort that was once needed.                from Great Divide on the east coast.

                                                                                      Celebrate the Holidays
                                                                                      with Verdi

Get the Golden Ticket from Saranac
This holiday                                                      brewery owners,
season, several                                                   Nick and Fred
random cases of                                                   Matt. Consumers
the Saranac 12                                                    will learn the
Beers of Winter                                                   secrets to making
package will have                                                 the beer, see
“ Golden                                                          some behind the
Tickets” placed                                                   scenes history
inside. The                                                       about the brewery
ticket will be a                                                  and enjoy an
pass for a VIP                                                    exclusive tasting
trip to the F.X. Matt Brewery with an       of the Saranac products as well as a
“ Ultimate Brewery Tour”. The trip          taste of Utica’s delicious culinary
will include accommodations for two         treasures. The best news? It is a
to spend a night in Utica with a trip       guarantee that there will be several
to the brewery including a tour and         winners in the Philadelphia area! For
meal. The exclusive behind the              more information on this exciting
scenes tour will be given by the            program, visit!

16                                          Origlio Beverage •                             HeadyTimes v.51
Harpoon Brews Good
Tidings for the Holidays                    Goblet Up Guzzle it Down
                                            Kick off your Thanksgiving holiday with an American lager or pilsner like Sam
The 5th Annual “Harpoon Helps
                                            Adams Boston Lager, Sly Fox Pikeland Pils, Heineken Light or Coors Light.
Spread Holiday Cheer” Will
Take Place on December 6th                  While enjoying some hors d’oeuvres before the feast, raise the bar by adding some
                                            more hops and having a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale or Harpoon IPA. If you’re having
On Saturday, December 6th the               some assorted cheeses or shellfish, grab a Blue Moon or Paulaner Hefeweizen.
Harpoon Brewery will hold the 5th
annual Harpoon Helps Spread                 Having the usual turkey, potatoes, stuffing, and gravy? Make it that much better by
Holiday Cheer event. Brewery staff          sipping on a nice brown ale such as New Castle Brown Ale, Harpoon Brown Ale
will lead approximately 500                 or Abita Turbodog. A great Oktoberfest made by Paulaner or Sam Adams will
volunteers in decorating 33 homeless        complement your meal as well. While you’re at it, match up your mashed potatoes
shelters and community organizations        with a Smithwicks or Guinness.
throughout New England and beyond           Starting to feel a little full? Don’t stop now, there’s always room for dessert! Try
with holiday decorations and trees.         these pairings to put you over the edge. If you’re a fan of chocolate covered
The idea for Harpoon Helps Spread           cherries, have a Young’s Double Chocolate Stout with your cherry pie. Don’t
Holiday Cheer originated in 2004            forget about the pumpkin pie. Enjoy it with a nice malty bock beer like Spaten
when Harpoon decided to cancel              Optimator to complement the spices.
their annual Christmas Festival.            Now that your belly is swollen, kick back, relax and help that food digest with a
Rather than discard all of the left         barley wine style ale such as Dogfish Head Raison D’Etre or Stone Old Guardian
over garland, wreaths, lights and trees     and then plan on taking a nice long nap.
used to decorate the large event tent,
the brewery opted to offer the
decorations to local homeless shelters.
Harpoon staff members and                 volunteers. “This can be an especially         donated by generous Harpoon
volunteers went out in groups to each     difficult time of year for the less            employees and customers who have
of the locations to decorate. In the      fortunate in our area,” says Doyle.            donated gift cards from stores such as
four years since this event began, the    “We hope that by adding some                   Target, Home Depot, and Dunkin
brewery has tripled the number of         holiday decoration to the wonderful            Donuts. The gift cards will be given to
shelters decorated and quadrupled         agencies that serve our community,             the families and individuals at the
the number of participating               we will be making the holidays a little        shelters as holiday gifts.
volunteers.                               brighter for the people in our                 In 2007 alone Harpoon raised over
                                          community that need it the most.”              $150,000 for New England charities,
Rich Doyle, Harpoon CEO and co-
founder, will lead the team of            For the third year Harpoon also                donated approximately 32,000 pints
                                          arranged a gift drive so that something        for charitable fundraisers and logged
                                          could be left under the trees at the           2,800 volunteer hours through nearly
                                          shelters. The brewery anticipates              3 dozen volunteer events.
                                          nearly $8,000 worth of gifts will be

HeadyTimes v.51                           Origlio Beverage •                                                       17
Help Guinness Find the Best Pint in America
During the holiday season, beginning         Dublin for two during Guinness’
November 1st and ending December             250th anniversary! The top accounts
31st, Guinness is going to ask               (accounts voted for the most) will
customers to “Rate the Pint Serve.”          receive a plaque proudly announcing
This exciting program will enable            that their account serves a “Great
consumers to vote via text message           Pint” and a party to celebrate the
for the bar that serves their favorite       Greatest Pints in America, where the
pint. As the consumer is rating the          live drawing for the trip to Dublin
pint, Guinness will be tracking the          will be held. Guinness knows how to
data and comparing it to other pints         celebrate the holidays in a big way!
in your area. Each time the consumer         Ask your Origlio Beverage Sales Rep
votes, they are entered to win a trip to     how you can participate.

                                               Diageo Takes Responsible Drinking Online
                                               Diageo, is launching an innovative website designed to promote responsible
                                               drinking worldwide. is a global resource for all interested parties
     Celebrate the Holidays with               to share programs and tools designed to fight alcohol misuse and help
     Corona and Corona Light                   individuals make responsible choices about drinking — or not drinking. Diageo
     It’s that time of year again, time        has a long history of promoting responsibility and is the next
     for holiday parties and the spirit of     step in that global effort.
     giving. Why not maximize your             Through its innovative design, visitors to the site can provide information to post
     profit potential by displaying            on The website also features unique tools such as videos of
     Corona Extra and Corona Light             experts answering commonly asked questions about alcohol issues, information
     this holiday season? Once again,          on how to responsibly host events and parties, and other downloadable
     Corona displays will be supported         resources. It also provides macronutrient information about Diageo brands
     by the award winning Feliz                through
     Navidad advertising campaign. So
     make sure you kick back, relax   will soon offer content specific to more than twenty-eight
     and watch profits soar with               countries and will be available in more than fourteen languages. There are also
     Corona Extra and Corona Light             plans to add Spanish language content to the US site. To view the site and learn
     this holiday season. Feliz Navidad!       more about responsible drinking visit

Retail Edge:
Upselling Makes the Season Bright
During the months of November and            n Never underestimate the power of a          n Showcase lesser-known brands.
December, the consumer is most                 table tent and point of sale                  People are always looking for
likely to trade up to better beers.            materials to influence a purchase.            something different.
Either at home or on the town,               n Remind your customers that it’s the         n An educated consumer is your best
consumers deserve the very best. Are           time of year for eating and drinking          customer. Knowledge about a
you prepared to guide them into                a bit more lavishly. It’s ok to               brand or style helps sales.
making the best choices? Besides, if           indulge.
you can up-sell customers during the                                                       To quickly and easily access
holidays, they might remain loyal to         n Don’t forget the food and beer              information on our beers, beer styles
that higher margin brand all year              angle.                                      and pairing beer with food, log onto
long. Here are a few simple                                                       or ask you Origlio
                                             n A special beer makes a very
suggestions:                                                                               representative for assistance.
                                               special gift.

18                                           Origlio Beverage •                                    HeadyTimes v.51
The Beer Guy: Let George Help Sell Your Beer
                    by Lew Bryson            Restaurants and bars need a different      Everyone’s got a computer these days.
                                             kind of description, something to          Write descriptions of the beers you
                     Autopilots have         bring food to mind immediately. If         have on tap (or just lift them from the
                     been around for a       you’ve got a wine list, you’ve probably    Origlio beer cards or their website,
                     long time. The          got descriptions there, and if you’re…they won’t mind!),
                     early ones did little   savvy, you’ve got food suggestions         store them in a file, and at the
                     more than the           alongside. As we’ve pointed out,           beginning of each day, print off some
                     drudgery of flying,     upselling beer can get you a similar       draft lists. You can do the same for
keeping an aircraft straight and level       margin, so why just put a list of beers    your bottle selection, and of course, it
on long flights. The relief was so           alongside the soft drinks? Give beer       changes less frequently. Add a section
appreciated by pilots that they gave         equal billing with wine, and see if        for new arrivals and prestigious draft
the machine a name: George. Pilots           your beer sales don’t reflect it.          selections so your geekier customers
today still call their much more                                                        can go right there. It will all save time
advanced autopilots by the same              You can also pepper your menu with
                                                                                        for your bartenders, and give you a
affectionate name.                           beer pairing suggestions right beside
                                                                                        good rep as a place that cares about
                                             the entrees and appetizers. Write a
You can’t always be right there when                                                    your beer selection.
                                             tempting description of a dish – the
a customer is deciding what beer to          zestiness of veal piccata, the rich yet    Like an autopilot, setting up product
get, or whether they’re going to get a       tangy bite of your sauerbraten, the        descriptions takes some preparation,
beer at all. You’re with other               grass-fed flavor of a porterhouse steak    some real work. Origlio can help you
customers, you’re cooking, you’re on         – and then mention how well a brisk        there, and doing the work will make
the phone; you may not even know             and spicy saison complements it, or        you more beer-savvy as well. It’s time
the customer’s making a decision and         how naturally a bock beer goes with        well-spent. Take this as an
could use some guidance. Maybe your          it, or how a hoppy pale ale whets the      introduction to your new salesman:
staff isn’t as well-trained as you’d like    palate anew with every sip. You’ve got     George. He’s ready to work.
just yet, maybe they’re busy. What           upselling written right into the part of
happens with that customer?                  your menu people read the
Ask George for some help. In this            most…and your service staff hasn’t
case, it’s not an autopilot, it’s a          even said a word yet.
product description: a shelf-talker, a       That doesn’t mean they can sit back
beverage menu, or suggested beer             and take it easy. The idea is to let
pairings on your main menu. Product          the product descriptions help with
descriptions work all the time,              the routine work so you and your
whether you’re there or not. They            staff can put your time into special
may not be as effective as a well-           suggestions. If you’ve got dinner
trained salesperson or motivated             specials, it’s a great idea to add a
server – George can’t land the               beer suggestion with them. Just
plane…yet – but they’ll still get part       be aware that people may ask
of the job done for you. They’re much        why that beer, and the server
better than nothing at all!                  has to be prepared. Training
If you’ve got a retail store – six-pack      takes time, but the payoffs are
or distributor – Origlio already has         substantial.
you covered. Ask your sales rep for          Even if you’re not serving up
neatly printed, attractive shelf talkers.    food that benefits from special
They have the name of the beer, the          beer pairings, if you’ve just got
brewery, the percentage ABV, a               good, solid pubfare like
description of the beer, and a spot for      burgers, wings, or pizza, you
your price. You can hang them right          can still get some good help
on your shelves and start reaping the        from George. Descriptions of your          The Maredsous card shown above is an
benefits. (You’ll find these especially      draft beers make it easier for             example of the shelf talkers and product
useful right now, as the many holiday        customers to get the beer they really      descriptions available from Origlio. Please ask
beers start hitting the market.)                                                        your representative how you can get them for
                                             want, right then.                          your establishment.

HeadyTimes v.51                              Origlio Beverage •                                                     19
                                                                                       Mendocino Brewing Co.
Stone Double Bastard Ale                                                               Celebrates 25 years
Stone Brewing’s Double Bastard Ale                                                     2008 marks the 25th year of brewing
is the “ Big Brother” of its cult                                                      for the Mendocino Brewing
favorite Arrogant Bastard Ale. It                                                      Co. Pioneers in the
features a massive malt presence and                                                   American Craft
intense bitter hop flavor and delivers a                                               Brewing Renaissance,
taste sensation designed for only the                                                  Mendocino has two
serious beer drinker. The front of the                                                 state of the art
bottle reads “ Ye shall know the Bastard,                                              breweries. The first is
and the Bastard shall set you free.” The                                               located in California and the
back label warns, “ This is one lacerative                                             second in Saratoga Springs, NY where
muther of a beer.” Make no mistake... it is                                            they brew there ales using traditional
not to be wasted on the weak or tentative.                                             “old world” methods. Mendocino
If you purchase this bottle in a fit of foolish                                        presents a wide range of award
abandon, you will surely regret the decision.                                          winning, hand-crafted ales and lagers.
Only the “Worthy” are invited, and then only                                           Congratulations, Mendocino on 25 years
at your own risk.                                                                      of brewing excellence!

Win Superbowl Tickets with Coors Light!                                               Coors Light – The
With Coors Light being the official
                                                                                      Refreshing Part of the
                                            Coors Banquet 12-oz. and 16-oz. cans
sponsor of the NFL and Super Bowl           and 12-oz. bottles. Once consumers
XLIII, the world class brew                         receive an access code, they      During the
is providing                                                will register online or   holidays, get-
consumers with                                                   via text message     togethers with
a sweepstakes                                                       for a chance to   friends and
that offers                                                           win Super       family are part
the chance                                                            Bowl tickets.   of the holiday
to win                                                                Only Coors      experience.
Super Bowl                                                            Light can       These
tickets!                                                            bring the power   occasions are
Consumers will                                                  of the Super Bowl     great chances
receive an access                                          to your customers!         for consumers to enjoy a Coors Light
code from Coors Light and                                                             or Coors Banquet, celebrate, and
                                                                                      unwind. Toast the season with Coors
                                                                                      Banquet and Coors Light!

                                                                                                                First Class
                                                                                                               U.S. Postage
                                                                                                               Bensalem, PA
                                     3000 Meeting House Road                                                  Permit No. 118
                                     Philadelphia, PA 19154

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