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					                                     Planning Permit Process

                              BEFORE MAKING THE APPLICATION TO COUNCIL
        -Find out about the controls applicable to the site under the Mornington Peninsula Shire Planning
                       Scheme and determine if a permit is required for the use/development.
           - Talk to the Mornington Peninsula Shire Statutory Planning Department and arrange a pre-
                                          application meeting if required.
                                      - Consider getting professional advice.

                                  PREPARE AND SUBMIT THE APPLICATION
      - Submit the application with the completed statutory form, required fee, three sets of plans, selected
                 colours, Copy of Title (if required) and any supporting documents and reports.

                                     COUNCIL CHECKS THE APPLICATION
                                 - Determines if additional information is required.
                                - Refer to any authorities/ other shire departments.

                                  APPLICATION IS ADVERTISED IF REQUIRED
                                                -For at least 14 days.
                                - Usually by letter to neighbours and a sign on-site.
                                           -People affected may object.

                                     COUNCIL ASSESSES THE APPLICATION
                                       -Considers any objections/submissions.
                                - Holds a Planning Application Conference if needed.
                              - Comments from government agencies are considered.
                                      - Assesses planning scheme provisions.
                                              - Planner prepares report.

                                      COUNCIL DECIDES THE APPLICATION
                                    - The outcome may be one of the following:

           PERMIT WITH CONDITIONS                                                     REFUSAL
(If there are no objectors council can issue the                (If an application is refused, there is a period of 60
permit).                                                        days from the date the notice of refusal is given to
                                                                     apply to VCAT for a review of the decision).

                                     NOTICE OF DECISION WITH CONDITIONS
  - This is given when there are objectors to the application. The notice will be sent to the objectors and they will
  have 21 days in which to lodge an application for review. If VCAT confirms that no application has been lodged
  within the 21 days, council will issue the permit. If there is an application for review, council cannot issue the
  permit and the application will be decided by VCAT.

     (If applied for by either the permit applicant against conditions or refusal, or by an objector against notice
                                                      of decision).

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