My Top Tips To Improve Your Credit Score by Ngmariostevianus


									My Top Tips To Improve Your Credit Score

So let's go through this, step by step, and see what we can do to improve the situation. The first thing to
do here, is to get a picture of exactly what your credit score profile looks like. Experian is a very good
place to start, and it's a free service. So sign up for an account, and make sure that you give them all the
information that they require. Let's try and remember here, that we are trying to get a proper picture,
which will help and provide the first step to improve your credit score, so dishonesty, won't help
anyone, least of all you.

One you have signed up, you will see, exactly who you owe money to, and exactly what your status is:

-are you just in arrears?

- have you had a default issued against you?

-have you possibly even had a CCJ, or as it's known in the UK, a county court judgment, issued against

Once you know the situation, you need to start looking at your debts, which normally are credit cards,
unsecured loans, and store cards. Never feel scared about calling up these companies, and explaining to
them exactly what the situation is. Dealing with your monthly outgoings and making sure that you can
afford them - will all help to improve your credit score. Always remember that some form of a payment
is always better than no payment, and a lot of the time you can ask the credit card companies to freeze
your interest.

Another big way of improving your credit score - for those of us, who don't have credit cards, is to get

Strange as it may seem, if you are looking to improve your credit score, after let's say, years of bad
credit, obtaining a credit card, and keeping to your monthly payments, will go a long way to improving
your score.

  The last of my tips on the above subject is all about tidying up bad accounts. Carefully examine your
Experian credit report, and make sure that all the history on your file is legitimate. If there are small and
insignificant amounts of debt that you can easily pay off, than do so! Watch out for silly little mistakes,
which do occur - for example you might have an old telephone bill, which has gone into default, for
pennies. Why - well possibly you moved address or changed contract, and there was an old and very
small balance, left on the account.

You forget to pay it, and well you can have a default issued against you - not the thing you want to see
when you are looking at ways to improve your credit score.
  Credit is something which is very important to your personal profile, and lifestyle, and spending some
time, examining and improving it will always be beneficial to you and to your family.

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