THE STARTER by yaofenjin


									                                  THE STARTER
                                       Available 6-11

                             Two Eggs Any Style - 3.75
                       with toast, home fries and fresh fruit
                       with Bacon, Sausage or Ham - 6.25

    Vegetable Omelet - 6.50 Meat Omelet - 7.00            Western Omelet - 7.00
                            Add Cheese - .50¢

                                  Steak & Eggs - 9.95
    6 oz. sirloin steak with two eggs any style, toast, home fries and fresh fruit

                             Quiche du Jour - 6.50
           Chef choice - freshly baked with home fries and fresh fruit

                              Eggs Benedict - 7.95
         Two poached eggs with ham on grilled English muffin topped
          with hollandaise sauce served with home fries and fresh fruit

                               Texas Toast - 5.95
    Batter dipped thick sliced white bread grilled and served with fresh fruit

                         Full Stack - 7.00  1/2 Stack - 3.50
       Full Stack with Blueberries - 8.00 1/2 Stack with Blueberries - 4.00

                               Egg Sandwich - 3.50
                              with meat and cheese

                        Breakfast Flatbread - 5.95
Scrambled egg, ham, bacon, diced peppers and cheese on an artisan flatbread

        Homemade Muffins - 1.50                         Bagel - 1.50
        Scones - 2.00                                   Fresh Fruit - 3.95
        Toast, English Muffin - 1.25                    Home Fries, Hash Browns - 2.25

                        Coffee · Tea · Hot Chocolate - 1.70
                              Fruit Juice · Milk - 1.85
                        “T” TIME                                                     FRONT NINE
                    AVAILABLE FROM       2-8

Marinated grape tomatoes, baby mozzarella                          Clam Chowder 4.99                 Soup Du Jour 3.99
                                                                 rich and creamy with sea clams,    chef’s choice, always fresh
balls with olive oil, basil and balsamic glaze - 6.00              potatoes and a hint of bacon

Assorted cheeses and crackers - 5.00                            Assorted cheese, crackers and fresh fruit - 8.99
                                                                Hummus plate- 6.50
Hummus Plate - 5.50                                             hummus, crudités and warm pita chips
with crudités and pita chips
                                                                Southwest chicken egg rolls - 8.50
                                                                stuffed with spiced chicken, black beans, corn, and cheddar
Southwestern Chicken Egg Rolls - 6.00
ranch chipotle dipping sauce                                    Buffalo chicken tenders-- 5.99 small 8.99 large
                                                                sweet hot buffalo tenders with crudités & blue cheese dressing

Greek Meatballs - 5.00                                          Fried buffalo baby shrimp - 6.00
homemade lamb and pork balls with a light cinnamon marinara     with blue cheese.

                                                                Jumbo shrimp cocktail - 3.00 per each
Greek Feta Dip - 4.00                                           jumbo shrimp with cocktail sauce and fresh horseradish
imported feta and cream cheese blended with fresh
oregano and lemon served with pita chips and crudités           Fried calamari-9.99
                                                                tender fried calamari with a jalapeno dipping sauce
                                                                and spiced pepper relish
Popcorn Buffalo Shrimp - 5.00
fried baby shrimp in our buffalo sauce with blue cheese         Top-Notch Nachos 8.99
                                                                Add chicken or beef 10.99
Crab and Spinach Dip - 8.00                                     tortilla chips with melted cheddar cheese, tomatoes, onions,
crab and spinach blended with cream cheese, Romano cheese       and peppers served with sour cream & salsa on the side.
and mixed herbs with toasted flat bread and crudités
                                                                Chicken Quesadillas 8.99
                                                                blackened chicken with scallions, peppers & cheddar cheese.
House Fried Potato Chips - 2.95                                 served with sour cream & salsa
with a Cajun ranch spice and a boom-boom dipping sauce

Irish Nachos - 5.00
thin fried potatoes with peppers, onion, tomato,
bacon, cheddar, salsa and horseradish cream

Fried Calamari - 4.00
lightly battered tender calamari with hot pepper relish
and jalapeno tartar on the side

Margherita Flatbread - 5.50
fresh tomato, mozzarella and basil baked on a flatbread
drizzled with olive oil and balsamic glaze

Meatza Flatbread - 6.50
salsa, sausage, bacon and ham with cheddar,
baked on flat bread

Shrimp Cocktail - 8.00
3 jumbo shrimp with cocktail sauce, fresh horseradish & lemon
                   PUTTING GREENS                                                HALF WAY SANDWICHES
                                                                                      All come with house fried potato chips.
     Dressings - sesame ginger, ranch, blue cheese,
                                                                              Add 1.50 for French fries, onion rings or cole slaw
        balsamic vinaigrette, Caesar, Greek, house Italian

 Chopped Cobb Salad - 9.99                                           Hot Pulled Pork - 8.50
                                                                     homemade pulled pork in a zesty bourbon bbq sauce on a
 chopped lettuce, turkey, bacon, tomatoes, onion, cheddar
                                                                     brioche roll with sliced pineapple and crispy fried onion
 cheese and hard boiled egg

 Chicken Salad Atlanta - 9.99                                        Turkey Wrap - 7.50
                                                                     roasted turkey, lettuce, tomato and herb mayo wrapped in
 mixed greens, chicken salad, hard egg, cucumber, tomatoes,
                                                                     a garlic herb wrap
 red onion, toasted almonds and raisins

 Teriyaki Chicken Salad - 11.50                                      Fried Fish Sandwich - 9.99
                                                                     fried haddock, lettuce and tartar sauce on a toasted brioche roll
 marinated grilled chicken over crisp greens with pineapple, dried
 cranberries, pecans and strawberries finished with a pineapple      Cool Hot Chicken Sandwich - 8.99
 sesame ginger dressing
                                                                     fried or grilled chicken breast dipped in our buffalo sauce with
 Tomato and Mozzarella Salad - 9.99                                  lettuce, tomato and bacon on a bulky roll with ranch on the side
 mixed greens with roma tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and red           Hot Pastrami - 9.50
 onion, drizzled with a balsamic glaze and olive oil
                                                                     lean red pastrami and horseradish cheddar on marbled rye with
 Greek Salad - 8.50                                                  Dijon on the side
 fresh greens, imported feta, kalamata olives, cucumber,             Chicken Salad BLT Wrap - 7.99
 tomatoes, red onions and pepperoncini with house made
                                                                     fresh made chicken salad, lettuce, tomato, bacon in an herb wrap
 Greek vinaigrette

 Grill 28 House Salad - 4.99
 mixed greens, tomato, cucumber, carrot and red onion,
 herb croutons

 Caesar Salad - 5.99                                                                          BACK NINE
 crisp romaine, Caesar dressing, lemon and herb croutons                                     AVAILABLE AFTER      4
 with parmesan cheese

                 Add to any salad:                                    Greek Meatballs - 10.99
                                                                      tossed with penne pasta, grape tomatoes, baby mozzarella balls
       tuna salad - 3.99 • chicken salad - 3.99                       and Romano cheese
                grilled chicken - 3.99
           salmon - 7.99 • steak tips - 7.99                          Haddock Au Gratin - 10.99
                                                                      haddock in our house made au gratin sauce topped with herbed
                                                                      crumbs with mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables

                                                                      Salmon du jour - priced daily
                                                                      chefs choice, always good always different
             “BIG HITTER” BURGERS                                     Country Fried Chicken - 11.99
       All 8oz certified Angus patties on a toasted brioche roll      buttermilk fried chicken breast with a lemon pepper Dijon cream
                      with house fried potato chips.                  sauce, mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables
            Add 1.50 French fries, onion rings or cole slaw
                                                                      Steak Tips - 13.99
    Basic - 8.99                                                      house marinated steak tips, mashed potatoes & fresh vegetables
    lettuce, tomato and red onion
                                                                      Assorted flatbread of the night - 7.99
    Texas - 9.99
    lettuce tomato, bacon, cheddar and bbq

    Porgy and Bessey - 10.99
    8oz patty with pulled pork and cheddar topped with                                  THE 28TH HOLE
    crispy fried onions
                                                                      Kahlua Ice Cream Pie - 5.50
                                                                      Cheesecake with strawberries and cream 4.25
                                                                      Caramel Flan 4.25
Vegetable of the Day 3.95      Mashed Potato 2.95                     Boston Cream Pie 4.50
 Roasted Red Potato 2.95         French Fries 3.25                    Assorted Cookie Plate 2.95
    Onion Rings 3.25              Cole Slaw 3.25
              Home Cooked Chips 2.50                                  Chocolate Fudge Cake with Ganache Sauce 5.25
              with Blue Cheese add .50¢                               Carrot Cake 4.95
                                                                  “THE TEEs”
                                          Wines available by the 3, 5 & 7 oz glass and by the bottle
The Whites                                                                      The Reds
Bogle Riesling, CA Juicy pears and honeyed mandarins, with a                    Heron Pinot Noir, CA Herbal notes, with fresh, crisp cherry and
crisp acidity.
                                                                                strawberry flavors.
Lagaria Pinot Grigio, Trentino, Italy A crisp, clean, versitle                  Callia Alta Malbec, Argentina Notes of spices and red fruits
                                                                                with an elegant mouthfeel.
Perrin Reserve Rose, Cotes du Rhone, France The nose                            Hob Nob Merlot, Vin de Pays d’Oc, France Plum and
is fresh with red currants and yellow raspberries.
                                                                                blackberry aromas mixed with mint and licorice.
Cono Sur “Vision” Sauvignon Blanc, Chile Mineral, fresh,                        Cypress Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon, CA Soft and
elegant, delicate, juicy and balanced.
                                                                                rich with black cherries, black currants and violets
Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc Viognier, CA Floral notes                               Sean Minor Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley, CA
intermixed with white peaches and apricots.
                                                                                Deep cassis flavors with cherry, blackberry and sweet tannins.
Douglass Hill Chardonnay, CA Aromas of pear and honey
with a long, toasty oak finish.
DeLoach Chardonnay, CA Butterscotch, pear and citrus with                       The Golds
a hint of orange blossom.                                                       Lunetta Prosecco, Italy Aromas of apple and peach with crisp
                                                                                fruit flavors and a clean finish.
                                                                                Cristalino Brut Cava, Spain Clean, dry and crisp with citrus
                                                                                and apple flavors.

                                                             “THE MASTERS”
                                                                 Tap & Bottled Beers
                                                                        Tap 4
     Bud Light The American Light Lager. Smooth. Crisp.                                   Redhook Long Hammer IPA A light floral aroma
     Refreshing.                                                                          gives way to a sharp bitterness and creamy mouthfeel.
     Stella Artois Sweet and malty with a light hop presence.                             Sam Adams Seasonal
                                                         Leader Board Bottled Beers
Budweiser The perfect combination of flavor and refreshment.                    Smuttynose Old Brown Dog Fuller-bodied and more strongly
Bud Light The American Light Lager. Smooth. Crisp. Refreshing.                  hopped than a typical English Brown Ale

Michelob Ultra Light golden in color with subtle notes of citrus.               Smuttynose Star Island Single Medium-bodied golden ale
                                                                                featuring Honey Malt and hints of citrus and tropical fruits with a crisp
Coors Light American-style lager that’s light in color, body and                dry finish.
                                                                                Leffe Blonde Elegant, smooth and fruity accompanied by a spicy
Redhook Pilsner A refreshing beer featuring a clean, bright, thirst             aftertaste and a slight hint of bitter orange.
quenching quality.
                                                                                Fullers Esb (16.9 oz) Bready and malty with a clean dry finish.
Tuckerman’s Pale Ale Cold conditioning and dry hopping
support a delicate carbonation and superior flavor.
                                                                                Weihenstephan Hefe Wiessbier (16.9 oz) A beautiful
                                                                                combination of banana & clove flavors produced by the world’s oldest
Long Trail Blackbeary Wheat Light and refreshing with a hint                    brewery.
of blackberry.
                                                                                Guinness Can (16 oz) Deep-dark color, roasted barley, a fresh
Heineken Bright yellow in color with hints of fruits - clean & refreshing.      breeze of hops, and refreshing bite.
Corona Light Hop Flavor, Pilsner-Style Lager.                                   O’Doul’s A premium non-alcohol brew featuring a light hop and
Redbridge Rich, full-bodied lager brewed from sorghum; wheat &                  spice aroma.

                            “NINE-TEE NI’S” & SPECIALTY COCKTAILS include...
               28th Signature Hole The John Daly Sweet Tea Vodka and fresh lemonade, with a splash of pomegranate juice
               topped with fresh mint and a lemon wedge
               Philly Mich’s Margarita Milagro Silver Tequila, Cointreau, sour mix and fresh lime, shaken with a splash of orange juice.
               Salt or no salt with an orange slice and lime wedge.
               The LPGA Cosmo          Stoli White Pomegranik Vodka, grapefruit juice and a splash pomegranate juice, shaken and
               garnished with a lemon twist.

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