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					                            Spanish 4 AP lesson plans 09-10 (UPDATE 7-8-10)

Test 1 (2 week period) Dates :Aug 23-Sept 3
Mon: Rules. Discuss Spanish IV AP course ,AP syllabus and current events for the 1st semester. Fill out
student information card.
Tues: Leccion Preliminaria: Un autorretrato, the Spanish Speaking World, find out about others,
expressing small quantities and when activities happen. (Maybe have students make a comic strip
telling a new friend describing themselves.)
Wed: Discuss Voc. P. 5-6 TLW write down voc. That they are not familiar with. On p. 7-8, TLW write
phrases to get someone’s attention (also ones they are unfamiliar with) .
Thurs: Review Numbers and spellings p. 9 . Do numbers (packet)
Fri: Review time and present tense regular Then do Una Vez Mas packet and en Marcha
Mon: off school
Tues: go over packet
Wed: Read and discuss Perspectivas p. 16 and do ex. p.21 Begin Leccion Preliminaria workbook pages
Thurs: Complete workbook pages- key will be on teacher website Thursday evening for students to
Fri: Test

Test 2 (CE), 3, 4(CE)(3 week period) Dates: Sept 7-Oct. 1
Mon: Begin Ch 1 La vida de todos los dias p. 20 Discuss photo, voc. P. 23 and phrases p. 25
Tues: From p. 21 each student will describe orally a typical day applying voc. and phrases. Do Ex. 1.1 ,
1.2, 1.5
Wed: Frequencia. P24- listen and then give questions orally for them to answer. Read p 30
Perspectivas. Tarea: Ex. 1.15 Use voc. and phrases

Thursday: Discuss La Rutina Diaria p. 31 Do Ex. 1.16-1.19 orally , Discuss Voc. p. 33 and phrases p. 34 ,
Listen to Expressing Lack of Comprehension Do Ex. 1.20
 Una Vez Mas, old packet, En Marcha.
Fri: Review Irregular Present Tense and Reflexive Verbs notes Do Una Vez mas, old packet and En
Monday (9/20): Sp 5 presentations. Sp 4 Current Events.
Tuesday: Finish presentations
Wed: Work on Present tense/Reflexive practices.
Fri: Fair Day
Mon: Current Event
Tues: Complete current event presentations
Wed: finish present tense and reflexive packets. If done, do Ch 1 Workbook exercises
Thurs: Complete Workbook exercises Take time to discuss p. 46 Very important!!!!
10/1-Fri: Test and Notebook quiz.

                                            End of 1st Six Wks.

Test :1(CE), 2 and 3 (CE) (3 week test) Oct 4-Oct 22
Mon: Current event
Tues: Complete current event presentations. Begin Ch 2 De Vacaciones Discuss vocab p. 52. and
phrases p. 54 p 49 (2.1). p 51 (2.4). p 49, foto, talk, write and switch from p 51 (2.5) Read p 62. Do p
63, exercise 2.18
Wed: Listen to Making a Personal Phone Call p. 53 Discuss p54 phrases. Listen to p53 with oral
questions on p 53. (*). Work in groups of 2. Back to back. Telephone call. Give cards with situations
and the other person has to follow and then tell the situation back to the speaker. Then switch.
Thurs.: vocab p 66-67. Listen p67, do p 68 (2.24, 2.25, 2.27). Foto p64, speak, write and switch (from p
66, 2.23)
Fri. Review Preterite tense (p56-59 and 69). Kids do the notes like with present tense. Content frame.
Textbook exercises p57 (2.8, 2.9, 2.10, 2.12, maybe 2.13. Page 69 (2.26. Dates and the preterite p61
Mon: Current events
Tues. Complete current events and Work on preterite tense Reg./Irreg./Stem-changing packet
Wed: Personal A p70. Do p 70 (2.29). DOP/IOP- do p 72 (2.31, 2.32, 2.33,) content frames
Thurs: packet Do workbook exercises *Discuss p. 80 Sequencing Events
Fri: Test and notebook quiz

Test 4 (CE)(1CE/ 2): (2 week test) Oct 25-Nov 5
Mon: Current events.
Tues: Complete current events
Wed: Begin Ch 3 En Familia p. 90 Voc. / phrases p. 93/95 , 104-6 Discuss photo p. 91 (3.1). Do speaking
circles about Family
(Listen p94 and oral questions. Foto p91.?) Read Pesperctivas p. 101 Do Ex. 3.18 (Listen p 105 and oral
questions. Foto p102. Write/switch 3.21) Listening practice in workbook.
Thurs. Complete Wed. ‘s assignment
Fri: Begin Imperfect Notes
Mon: Current Event.
Tues: Complete current events
Wed: Continue imperfect notes, formation and agreement of adjectives p. 98-99, diminutives p. 100,
ser, estar and haber p107-109. Possessive adjectives and pronouns p109-110.
Thurs. Do workbook exercises---Mon.’s current event and grammar will go on next six wks.
Fri: Test and notebook quiz

                                           End of 2nd Six Wks.
Test 3: (2 week test) Nov 8-23
Mon: /Explanation of Formal Essay, divided into sections and will allow to use notes/dictionaries
Tues: Will receive the 3 sources and writing prompt-will use a graphic organizer-think of a thesis
Wed. Work on Formal essay- Will use transitional words, supporting details
Thurs Work on Formal essay
Fri: : Work on Formal essay

Mon: : Peer Edit and write final draft of essay-
Tues: Work on formal essay- Major grade
Wed-Fri- Thanksgiving

Test 4, (1,2): (2 week test) Nov 29-Dec 10 Chapter 4
Mon: vocab p123and 125. Listen p124. P123 (4.4). and present 4.5.
vocab p 135and 137. Listen p 136. Foto p 133, speak, write.
**listenings with workbook
Tues: **Review Verbs like Gustar .

Wed: Create a dining scene? . Major grade?
Thurs: Pret vs Imperfect. Text p129 and 138-140. Exercise 4.14 ad 4.15 p130 and 4.25 p140. Packet
Fri: finish packet
Mon: finish packet Discuss p. 142 Ordinal numbers
Tues: Adivinanzas
listening p143 OR Shadow Story???
Wed: reading p 145-148
Thurs: reading p 157-161 (never got to textbook listening or reading comprehension.
Fri: Test and notebook quiz
* Will need extra grade.

Dec 13-17- review Mon-Tues and Finals week
Dec 15th- Sp 5 presentations and Christmas card
Dec 16th- Speaking Circle. ?Telephone?

                                     End of 3rd Six Wks./1st Semester

                          Spanish 4 AP lesson plans 08-09 (Second Semester)

2nd Semester
Test 7: (2 week test) Jan 4-14 Chapters 8 etc
Mon: no school----Discuss Abel Sanchez novel
Tues: Ch8 vocab (280-282 and 294-295) La Ciudad. P277 (8.1)
Do Ex. 8.6, 8.11-8.13. Read Perspectivas p. 289, do Ex. 8.16 and 8.17
Speak/ write with picture
Wed: In groups- Speaking and writing p 291 (Do Ex. 8.19)
Persuading p296 (8.22 and 8.23)
Then- Listenings with workbook.
Tarea: Listening textbook p302-3
Thurs: Notes on Future and Conditional. Do book work for homework
(ch 8) Future tense. P298 (8.24, 8.25, 8.26), (Ch 9) Conditional tense. P329 (9.9 and 9.10)
Fri: Complete packets on Future and Conditional
Mon: go over Future and Conditional packets
Tues: (ch 8) Passive Voice (ch 8) p 285. p 286 (8.11 and 8.12) Packet
Wed: reading (Ch 8 p 304-308) Another possible one would be literature p 315-319
Thurs: Fri: Round Robin with topic: Adivino
Other ideas: Fortune cookies. Or Que harás y que harías? (p309). Or Ciudad/carta
Fri: Test and NB quiz.
WB pages are: Chapter 8, all exercises except 8.3, 8.4 and 8.5. From Ch 9, exercises on page 163, 9.4,
9.5, 9.6, 9.7

DBQ Week: (1 week session) Jan 18-21
Mon: No school
Tues: Finish notebook quiz from Friday. Start DBQ writing (Sports)
Wed: Finish DBQ
Thurs: Formal Speaking (practice #1 from Barrons)
Fri: Sp 5 presentations and finish Formal speaking

Test 8 (2 week period) Dates :Jan 24-Feb 4 Chapter 6+
Mon: Go over test and writing samples
Tues: vocab (Casa) p201-203 and 214-216 (Ch 6). Picture -2 min talk/ p213 (6.25) and present
P200 (6.3), p212 (6.22), p213 (6.24), p216 (6.26, 6.27)- Tarea
Listening with workbook
Wed: go over tarea. Do p213 (6.25) and present. Listening. Tarea p22 ALL
Thurs: (ch 6, 8) commands p204, 283, 300
P205 (6.8, 6.9), p284 (8.7, 8.8), p301 (8.31, 8.32, 8.33)
Fri: finish commands/ Packet.
Mon: Packet.
Tues: Packet.
Wed: Packet.
Thurs: Packet.
Fri: Talk about Abel Sanchez
Mon: Test- Abel Sanchez
Tues: (Ch 5, 6) Comparisons (p186, 206, 249)
P187 (5.25), p206 (6.12, 6.13, 6.14), p250 (7.10, 7.11)/ Packet
Wed: (Ch 6) Demonstratives (p207). P 208 (6.16, 6.17)/ Packet
Thurs: go over all grammar issues and review for test
Fri: Test and Notebook quiz
WB pages are: Ch 8(8.3, 8.4, 8.5), Chapter 5 (p96, 5.15 and 5.16), and Chapter 6 all except 6.11, 6.12,

Test 9 (2 week period) Dates :Feb 7-Feb 18 Chapter 5
Mon: no school
Tues: Spanish 5 presentations
Wed: Current Events
Thurs: Last Current events and start vocab. vocab ch 5 (Escuela) p 167-9 and 180 and 181. Listening
form WB and/or writing/speaking with pictures. Do textbook pages 165 (5.1, 5.2) p 169 (5.4), p177
(5.14, 5.15, 5.16), and p 182 (5.19)
Fri: Go over homework. Speak with foto. Tarea- listening p 189-190 all.
Mon: Vocab listening practice. Start Present Subjunctive notes(p183, 217, 339-40, 415).
Tues: Finish notes. Textbook P185 (5.22, 5.23), p218 (6.28, 6.29, 6.30), p340 (9.25, 9.26), p416 (11.26,
Wed: Do Sp 3 packet and extra practice sheet. OPTIONAL- En Marcha
Thurs: finish above packets
Fri: +/- words p262. Packet
Mon: Prepositions p170-173.
Tues: Prepositions p170-173. Do packet
Wed: Reading p192-194 (maybe p175)
Thurs: Speaking exercise. If time, more listening practice
Fri: Test and notebook quiz
WB pages: Chapter 6 (6.11, 6.12, 6.13), Ch 5 all, Ch 7 (7.13 and 7.14) and Ch 9 (9.13)

Test 10(2 week period) Dates: Feb 22- March 4
Mon: finish notebook quizes.
Vocab ch 11 and 12 (pages 399-401, 412-414) (pages 432-434 and 443-445). Listening with WB or
writing/ speaking with overheads. Tarea- p397 (11.1, 11.2), p398 (11.3), p401 (11.6, 11.7), p409 (11.20),
p414 (11.24), p431 (12.1), p432 (12.4), p434 (12.5), p441 (12.18, 12.19), p445 (12.24)
Tues: Finish above vocab work. Do listening practices. Picture practice
Wed: past subj notes p402-4. (11.8, 11.9, 11.11, 11.12)
Thurs: finish above book work
Fri: Spanish 5 author presentations
Mon: Packet on the Imperfect Subj
Tues: Packet on the Imperfect Subj
Wed: Notes- Sequence of tenses and Sí clauses p 405, 437. P405 (11.14, 11.15, 11.16)
Thurs: Notes- Sequence of tenses and Sí clauses p 405, 437. P405 (11.14, 11.15, 11.16)

Fri: Packet on Sequence of tenses
Mon: Packet on Sequence of tenses
Tues: Packet on Sequence of tenses
Wed: Work on WB pages
Thurs: review Abel Sánchez
Fri: Test and NB quiz
WB pages: Ch 11 (All except 11-15, 11-16, 11-17) Ch 12 (12-1, 12-2, 12-10, 12-11, 12-12, 12-13, 12-15,

Test 11 (2-3 week period) Dates: March 7- April 1
Mon: vocab ch 9-10. (p325-7 and 336-8) and (p357-9 and 368-70). Listening with WB or writing/
speaking with overheads. Textbook exercises: p323 (9.1), p327 (9.6), p334 (9.19, 9.20), p355 (10.1.
p359 (10.6), p366 (10.20, 10.21), p370 (10.24)
Tues: Present perfect (I and S) p360. P 361 (10.8, 10.9)
Wed: Past perfect p371 (10.26, 10.27)
Thurs: future perfect p417 (11.29, 11.30)
Fri: conditional perfect p435 (12.7)
Mon: Past perfect subj p436
Tues: Packets
Wed: Packets
Fri: Test and NB quiz Abel Sanchez Test
WB pages- Ch 12 (all remaining exercises), Ch 11 (11-15, 11-16, 11-17), Ch 9( 9-1, 9-2, 9-3, 9-8
through9-12), Ch 10 (all)

“TEST” 12 (April 4 up until the AP on May 6th)
April 4 Mon.: Barron’s AP Practices/Triangulo: Reading Long Narratives
Tues.: Reading Long Narratives
Wed. : Reading Long Narratives
Thurs.:Reading Long Narratives
Fri.: Reading Long Narratives
April 11 Mon.: Listening
Tues.: Listening
Wed.: Speaking
Thurs.: Speaking
Fri.: Informal writing
April 18 Mon.: Short readings
Tues.: Short readings
Wed.: Listening
Thurs.: Listening
Fri.: interpersonal speaking
April 25 Mon.: Formal speaking
Tues.: Formal writing

Wed.: Long Readings
Thurs. : Speaking
Fri.: Speaking
May 6th Tentative AP Spanish language test

May 9-20th TLW watch Amor Real – will answer packet
Exams (May 31st-June 2nd )
May 23-26- review for exam

AP Test is in early May. Make times for afternoon and Sat tutoring.

After the AP:

    1. Abel Sanchez (Independent work)

    2. Hispanic countries history (already made except test)

    3. Novelas

    4. Other stories (show box). Cuentos Fantasticos

    5. Games?


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