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                  Moaning, groaning and so much more!



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BSU celebrates Black History Month
By Jimi Mulvehill
                                vigil. This annual tradition            Feb. 11. The game consist-

       he Black Student         is held on the first day of             ed of a variety of questions,
       Union (BSU) hosted       February and occurs on the              with accompanying music
       five events this         stairs of Dwight Hall.                  or video clips.
February in honor of Black          Bartley said, “The vigil                 Freshman Tracy Pierre-
History Month.                  is meant to give recognition            Louis said the game show
          According to the      to African Americans who                was her favorite BSU
President of BSU, Priscilla     have positively contributed             event. “It was a lot of fun.
Bartley, the five events        to the African- American                It gave us all a chance to
were a candlelight vigil, a     community.”                             learn something about
theme dinner at the cafete-         At the event, each BSU              black entertainers that we
ria, an “African Americans      member lit a candle in                  didn’t know before. Plus, I
in Entertainment” game          honor of an individual and              won twenty bucks.”
show, a soul food dinner        gave a short blurb about                     Even though the game
and a comedy night.             him or her. When every                  show was popular among
     Bartley said, “We have     candle was lit, the national            many BSU members,
really focused on getting       black anthem was sung,                  Bartley said the lack of
our name out to the campus      which concluded the                     attendance was “disap-
to raise the amount of          evening.                                pointing.”
attendance at these events,         The theme dinner in the                 “The idea that the ques-
as well as Monday meet-         cafeteria was held on Feb.              tions were going to be
ings. We want                   8.                                      based around black culture
people to know that we are          The feast featured tradi-           scared people off. When I
here to share awareness.”       tional foods such as                    told people about the event,
     Senior Curt Chiverton,     Dominican Republic-style                they would say that they
who serves as education         chicken and cheescake                   would feel embarrassed for
chair of BSU, said the five     flan, Jamaican jerk pota-               not knowing anything
events fulfilled all expecta-   toes, Nigerian peanut soup              about black culture. I just                                                  Kristin Will/The Gatepost
tions. “With rooms already      and fried plantains and                 let them know that even               Orlando Baxter cracks jokes with the audience.
reserved, it is hard to do      Haitian fried pork, rice and            black people are continu-
everything you want, but        beans. Nigerian, Jamaican               ously learning about black      Corey Manning, Orlando          Black History Month.
we did the best we could,       and Dominican music were                culture. There is nothing to    Baxter, Sean Bedgood and        They combined educational
and everyone enjoyed it.”       played during the event.                be ashamed of. We’re all in     James “The Glow” Goff.          and entertaining program-
       The first event that          The game show about                a learning process togeth-          Senior Edwin Alphonse       ming to make this month a
kicked off Black History        African Americans in                    er,” she said.                  said, “They put on a great      success.”
Month was the candlelight       entertainment was held on                  The next event hosted by     show, and I never stopped             According to Bartley,
                                                                        BSU was the “soul food”         laughing. It was a great        BSU has a lot to cover in
                                                                        dinner on Feb. 21. The          way to conclude Black           the upcoming months,
                                                                        foods served at the dinner      History Month.”                 including discussions and
                                                                        included fried chicken,               Many members were         fundraising.
                                                                        baked      macaroni      and    encouraged by the events            Bartley said they will be
                                                                        cheese, collard greens, rice,   put on by BSU.                  having a discussion about
                                                                        beans and cheesecake.                Junior Sarah Charland      sex, which will definitely
                                                                           According to Bartley, the    said, “It has been really       encompass the use of pro-
                                                                        night began with the expla-     interesting to learn about      tection and the problem of
                                                                        nation of where the term        the black culture through       AIDS in Africa.
                                                                        “soul food” came from.          the eyes of my peers                   BSU will also plan
                                                                        The evening concluded           because I did not have the      fundraising events, volun-
                                                                        with trivia about African-      opportunity to do so when I     teer opportunities and give
                                                                        American history.               was younger.”                   recognition to some of the
                                                                            Senior Vladimir Lessage           Chiverton said Black      people who have con-
                                                                        said, “Soul food is deeply      History Month and the           tributed to the ongoing suc-
                                                                        engraved in black history,      events “give us the oppor-      cess of the club.
                                                                        and it was a good thing that    tunity to really teach people       Bartley said BSU is here
                                                                        BSU thought of doing the        about the accomplishments       to emphasize that it’s
                                                                        dinner.”                        of black achievers from the     important to celebrate
                                                                             The final event was the    past to present. Even           black culture all year
                                                                        Comedy Night in the             though it’s only a month,       round. “Black culture is
                                                                        Forum. This was held on         we try our best to put on as    highly commercialized dur-
                                                                        the last day of Black           many events as we can.”         ing the 28 days of Black
                                                                        History Month, Feb. 28.             David Baldwin, director     History Month, but BSU’s
                                                                            The comedians who per-      of Multicultural Affairs and    mission is to make people
                                                                        formed were Chris Tabb          the advisor to BSU said, “I     aware of Black culture 365
                                                                        (who has appeared on            think that BSU did an           days of the year.”
                                            Kristin Will/The Gatepost
                                                                                                        excellent job planning
         Sean Bedgood makes the audience laugh.                         “Comic View” on BET),
    Panelists discuss illegal immigration
March 2, 2007                                                      The Gatepost                                                                      Page 11

By Alden Needel
                                        allowing immigrants in without full Association (NAFTA), which she               but even if they don’t pay them

        he United States of America     legal protection is a problem.          feels is damaging to the Mexican         directly, if they pay rent, part of
        has always served as a home        Grant wanted to ensure that the economy. In 1994, NAFTA was                   that rent is going towards property
        for immigrants.       People    attendees of the event understood created and called for a reduction             taxes for the land. … They are con-
have fled from their native lands to    that the problem of illegal immi- of tariffs between the United States           tributing… not as much… but
escape racism, unjust persecution       gration is not unique to the United and Mexico. This neoliberal eco-             that’s because typically, the wages
and imminent danger to reside in        States. Zimmerman honed in on the nomic policy was a failure because             of undocumented immigrants are
the U.S.A., where they are some-        social attitudes toward immigrants it led to decreased wages for the             lower.
times faced with more racism and        and illegal immigrants.                 Mexicans, and Mexicans cross the            “They’re not a burden. …
unfair labor practices.                    The event, sponsored by The border to flee from the poverty,                  They’re certainly not hurting the
       Last Wednesday, the panel of     Office of Multicultural Affairs as Hartwick said.                                taxpayer,” she said.
FSC professors all shared the           part of the “Diversity Dialogue            Ambacher and Hartwick agreed             As the event was coming to a
stance that America’s immigration       Series,” was moderated by Director that the United States has done               close, Student Trustee Jake
policy and Americans’ negative          David Baldwin’s undergraduate nothing to encourage or promote                    Oliveira asked whether undocu-
attitude toward immigrants need to      intern, Kevin Surprise.                 fair labor practices.                    mented immigrants should be
change.                                    Surprise’s first question was,          Surprise’s other questions were       granted in-state tuition.
        Government professor John       “Why do you feel immigrants geared toward the role that racism                      The panelists agreed that this
Ambacher, Dr. Robert Grant, pro-        come to the United States illegal- plays in illegal immigration, the             should be allowed because higher
fessor emeritus of history and edu-     ly?”                                    effects that immigrants have on the      education benefits the state as a
cation, Geography professor Elaine         Grant jokingly replied, “Because American economy and the effec-              whole.       These undocumented
Hartwick, Economics and Business        they can’t get in legally!” He tiveness of the current proposed                  immigrants will be able to get a job
Administration Professor Karen          emphasized the arduousness of bills under the Bush administra-                   and health insurance, and will not
Perman and Sociology professor          what immigrants have to go tion, such as the guest worker pro-                   pose a threat to our economy.
Ellen Zimmerman discussed the           through to come to the United gram and the fence along the bor-                      Dr. Grant ended the discussion
issue of illegal immigration, and       States. These people make the rad- der.                                          with a grin on his face, saying,
focused on its causes and its effect    ical decision to leave their homes,        While it is obvious that immi-        “Full disclosure: my wife is an
on American politics, economics         their families and                                        grants face racism     immigrant - legal!”
and culture.                            their languages                                           in America, Grant          The overall feeling at the end of
   While each of the professors         behind, and it is                                         noted this racism      the event was that Americans need
offered their expertise and opinions    usually because          These people make the radical is not new. He            to understand their own reason as
on different aspects of illegal         they need work, decision to leave their homes, their cited the strong            to why they are so opposed to
immigration, they shared the com-       are running away         families and their languages     anti-immigration       immigration.
munal desire for a drastic change in    from danger or are behind, and it is usually because movements in the               Nate Phipps said, “I believe they
the treatment of illegal immigrants.    trying to pull they need work, are running away 1920s, and the                   are essential to the economy -
   President       of      Amnesty      themselves out of from danger or are trying to pull historical year in           immigrants and illegals. I think
International and the Active            poverty.                  themselves out of poverty.      1892 when the          people forget how hard immigrants
Sociologists Nate Phipps said that         “There is a                                            Chinese       were     work.”
his “only complaint is that there       tremendous push                -Dr. Robert Grant          excluded      from        Senior Editor of the Journal of
wasn’t any opposition to the opin-      to do this, and the                                       America.       This    Critical Thinking, Adam Silvia,
ions offered.                           pull is the oppor-                                        racism may be the      said, “In the wake of the Super
   “It was fairly one-sided, even       tunity to work in                                         result of the          Weekend initiative, I am glad to see
though I don’t think that was their     the United States,” Grant said.         notion that immigrants take jobs         that some effort is also being made
intention. It would have been nice         Ambacher personalized Grant’s away from Americans.                            to enhance academic involvement
having someone offer an alternate       story, as he reflected on how in           Zimmerman wanted to look at           outside of the classroom. Student-
opinion, even if it was just to stim-   1854, his great-grandfather left these economic situations from                  faculty interaction - academic
ulate the debate.”                      Germany at 17 years old and trav- another perspective, stating that              interaction - is a very important pil-
   As part of their introductions,      eled across the world to reside in immigrant labor, “whether or not it           lar of a successful college commu-
each panelist voiced his or her         the United States. His great-grand- takes jobs away from Americans …             nity. The event was finally a step in
position on the subject. Ambacher       father joined the Union Army and actually serves a function of help-             the right direction towards improv-
criticized the word choice of           fought for four years - just so he ing us maintain a higher standard             ing involvement and interaction.”
Americans to describe people who        would be granted citizenship.           of living.                                  Oliveira was impressed with the
come to our nation. “I have a prob-        The reasons for immigrants to           “I’m not saying that that justifies   turnout for the event, but was dis-
lem with the word ‘illegal’ in terms    come to the United States have not the low wages,” she reassured the             appointed that the same view was
of immigration. We have always          changed in the last couple hundred audience. Illegal immigrants are              shared among the panelists. “I was
been a nation of immigrants,” he        years. People everywhere want getting paid low wages, which, in                  kind of shocked about the econom-
said.                                   “economic opportunity … political turn, lowers the cost of services and          ics professor … [and] her views on
   Other panelists, such as             freedom and liberty,” said goods for Americans.                                  this issue. Usually, economists
Hartwick and Perman, focused on         Ambacher.                                  Ambacher disagreed. He said           tend to be a little bit more conser-
the United States’ global economic         Offering a slightly different per- that low wages have nothing to do          vative on the immigration issue.”
policy, and how this has created        spective, Hartwick jumped into the with immigration. It has to do with              SGA President Dave Callaghan
more problems and poverty for           discussion, rebelling against the the absence of unions, the change              said the panel discussion changed
other countries.                        terminology and ideology the other in the economy and Wal-Mart,                  his views on undocumented immi-
   “Many of the current problems        panelists were discussing. She dis- which was met with laughter from             grants. “I thought that the first half
that are occurring in the Americas      agreed with the ideology that the audience.                                      of the word, ‘illegal,’ stated it all.
today are a result of … policies that   Americans have been taught,                Perman discussed how undocu-          However, after listening to the
come out of the countries like the      “which is that immigrants come mented immigrants affect the                      debates … it doesn’t make any
United States, which create a histo-    here because it is a land of econom- American economy. She said,                 sense to … spend so much money
ry of poverty and create conditions     ic opportunity. I think people “There is research that suggests                  on keeping them out … when
of despair - forcing people to          come… for basic survival,” she that they are actually contributing               instead, we could spend [that
leave,” Hartwick said.                  said.                                   to the expansion of the U.S. econo-      money] restructuring the whole
   Perman believes that the current        Hartwick also discussed the my. … In some cases, undocument-                  organization.”
immigration policy is flawed, and       North American Free Trade ed workers do pay taxes directly,
                                        A                                                                    A
  Page 12                                                            The Gatepost                                                           March 2, 2007

                                                       broad with the                                                           ussies
By Stephanie McNulty
                                        until December, when they have          dents can get copies of them by          an activities fair in the central
STAFF WRITER                            their summer holidays.                  logging onto WEBCT, which is             courtyard. There are over 100
                                           Macquarie Uni is located in          very similar to FSC’s Blackboard         booths showcasing the various

         i FSC! I started classes       North Ryde, a suburb Northwest of       site.                                    activities that are available to stu-
         this week at Macquarie         Sydney.                                    At FSC, we usually just have to       dents on campus. Companies
         Uni. In Australia, every-         The Uni has around 30,000 stu-       buy textbooks, but at Macquarie          around Australia also reserve these
one shortens University to Uni.         dents and 8,000 international stu-      Uni, we have to buy bound aca-           booths to try to hook students onto
   This is the first semester of the    dents. The campus is very large         demic papers known as readings           their various products.
school year at Uni and we are in        and the buildings don’t have names      for all of our lectures and tutorials.      This first week at Uni has been
classes until Apr. 6. Then we have      - they have numbers, such as E7B.       Some of mine are thicker than the        fun but a bit confusing because it is
a two-week break and classes               Courses here are made up of lec-     actual textbook - and just as expen-     different from FSC, and it’s much
resume on Apr. 23. Students are in      tures and tutorials. Lectures are       sive!                                    larger. This week, there are no
classes until the first week of June.   held in very large lecture halls and       This first week of classes is         tutorials and I didn’t figure that out
   Then, we have a two-week study       the professors do not take atten-       called “O Week,” and there are var-      until after I went to the room and
break, and exams end on June 30.        dance. Tutorials are much smaller       ious activities around campus            found no one there. But I’m learn-
Students then have all of July off      and held in regular classrooms          sponsored by SAM (Students at            ing, and the Aussie students are
and return for their second semes-      where attendance is taken.              Macquarie), a student group very         very friendly and helpful.
ter in August, and are in classes          All lectures are recorded and stu-   similar to SUAB. SAM sponsors

                                                          March is Women’s History Month

          In honor of Women’s History Month, the following are some of the world’s most recently elected female Heads of State:

                                                           Michelle Bachelet – Chile 2006
 President of Chile—the first woman to hold this position in the country's history. She won the 2006 presidential election in a runoff, beating cen-
ter-right billionaire businessman and former senator Sebastián Piñera with 53.5% of the vote. Bachelet, a surgeon, pediatrician and epidemiologist
     with studies in military strategy, served as Health Minister and Defense Minister under President Ricardo Lagos, and is fluent in Spanish,
                                                       English, German, Portuguese and French.

                                                      Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf – Liberia 2006
   President Johnson-Sirleaf, a former economist at the World Bank, is the current president of Liberia and Africa's first elected female Head of
   State. The Liberian elections commission announced her victory on Nov. 23, 2005, following the 2005 election. She is the third black female
     Head of State in the world, after Eugenia Charles of Dominica and Sylvie Kinigi of Burundi. She is often referred to as the "Iron Lady."

                                                       Angela Merkel – Germany 2005
  Chancellor Merkel is the first female Chancellor of Germany, the first former citizen of the German Democratic Republic to lead the reunited
 Germany and the first woman to lead Germany since it became a modern nation-state in 1871. She is also, as of 2006, the youngest person to be
  chancellor since the second World War. Merkel, considered by Forbes Magazine to be the most powerful woman in the world, is only the third
                 woman to serve on the G8, and is currently, as it is Germany’s turn in the rotation, head of the European Union.

Submitted by: Office of Multicultural Affairs

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March 2, 2007                                                       The Gatepost                                                              Page 13

          The Oscars’ best and worst dressed
By Kelly Raymond                    gown, an original shade of pale colored gown with diamond detail-                  The Chanel Couture gown with
STAFF WRITER                        green, was simple and elegant. ing in the shape of a bow along the              bead and feather detailing was not
        his year’s Oscars’ fashion Most gratifying was the draped neckline.                                         Kirsten’s best pick. The “Marie

T       was mixed between splashes shoulder detail that cascaded down
        of color and soft design to the floor - a soft touch.
detail. Less was definitely more.
                                                                                 WORST DRESSED
                                                                            These stars didn’t get the memo
                                                                                                                    Antoinette” star could have chosen
                                                                                                                    a better color as well. The pale
                                                                                                                    color of the gown did nothing
Some of the most obvious trends Jessica Biel                                      on what not to wear.              against her pale skin and sort of
included draped necklines, soft,        The former “Seventh Heaven”                                                 washed out her facial features.
flowing trains and off-the-shoulder  star never looked so sophisticated! Meryl Streep
straps. Celebrities like Cameron Biel glided down the red carpet in a          You would think after having         Cate Blanchett
Diaz and Kate Winslet were among    vibrant fuschia gown by Oscar de starred in this summer’s most fash-                Someone should have hung her
the best dressed, while Meryl la Renta. The little black belt rest- ion-savvy film, “The Devil Wears                over a dance floor and called her a
Streep and Kirsten Dunst were ing just above the waist gave the Prada,” she would have learned a                    disco ball. Blanchett’s sparkling,
among the worst.                    gown originality and is sure to start thing or two. Meryl, just what on         skin-tight, asymmetrical gown by
                                    a new fashion trend.                  earth were you thinking? The black        Armani wasn’t satisfying in the
         BEST DRESSED                                                     Prada dress was anything but flat-        least, which begs the question: how
              Bravo!                 Naomi Watts                          tering and the chunky jewelry did-        in the world did she make People
                                        Watts brought old Hollywood n’t help, either. Miranda Priestly              Magazine’s best dressed list?
Cameron Diaz                        glamour back. The pale yellow would be so disappointed.
   Diaz looked absolutely stunning. gown with its black sash, by                                                    Gwyneth Paltrow
There is no better way to show off Escada, was simply astonishing. Emily Blunt                                          Not since the powder-pink ball
a tan than by wearing white. In a Yellow is a difficult color to wear,           Blunt looked like a tube of        gown she wore to the 1999
Valentino Couture gown, draped in yet the stark contrast brought on by bright blue Crayola fabric glitter.          Academy Awards has Paltrow
Cartier diamonds and sporting her the black sash really made this “The Devil Wears Prada” star’s                    proved she’s fashionably alert. The
new dark locks, the actress was gown stand out.                           fashion sense was just as disap-          Zac Posen gown she wore to this
simply glowing.                                                           pointing as Streep’s. If it was at all    year’s award ceremony can be
                                    Rachel Weisz                          possible to be too shiny and too          described in one word: dull. Pale
Kate Winslet                             You can’t go wrong with Vera blue, Blunt’s Calvin Klein strapless          orange chiffon? Pleating? Disaster.
    Also in Valentino Couture,      Wang. Weisz looked oh-so-glam- gown was.
Winslet looked dazzling. The orous in a strapless, champagne Kirsten Dunst

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                                            At The Movies
Page 14                                                                     The Gatepost                                                               March 2, 2007

    “Flags of Our Fathers” and “Letters from Iwo Jima”
By Cory Welch
                                       realities of warfare. The touring           from Iwo Jima” is even more iron-         Watanabe), the ordinary grunts

           ovie critics have tended
           to      regard      Clint   soldiers certainly don’t feel like          ic in its subversion not only of war      with ordinary lives before the war
           Eastwood’s      “Letters    heroes, having left behind their            imagery, but of our own American          and the gruesome, surreal battle
from Iwo Jima” as the more ambi-       dying comrades to become poster             notion of the war film as a genre.        imagery of warfare.
tious companion to “Flags of Our       boys for the American cause.                “Letters” plunges us straight into               Except, in this very traditional
Fathers.” Both films, both directed    Adam Beach, who plays a Native              the heart of battle almost as if we       war picture, the enemies are
by Eastwood, portray                                                                                                                               Americans butcher-
WWII’s Battle of Iwo                                                                                                                               ing the heroes -
Jima.                                                                                                                                              we’re identifying
      “Flags” tells the                                                                                                                            closely and intensely
story completely from                                                                                                                              with the horrific
the American perspec-                                                                                                                              plight       of     the
tive, while “Letters”                                                                                                                              Japanese soldiers.
tells the story com-                                                                                                                               Eastwood’s triumph
pletely      from     the                                                                                                                          here is his ability to
Japanese perspective.                                                                                                                              deeply humanize the
The fact that “Letters                                                                                                                             characters,      much
from Iwo Jima” is                                                                                                                                  more so than we’re
completely in Japanese                                                                                                                             used to seeing in our
would certainly make                                                                                                                               own traditional war
that film a more ambi-                                                                                                                             movies.           Ken
tious business endeav-                                                                                                                             Watanabe’s General
or in the United States.                                                                                                                           Kuribayashi embod-
But it should be recog-                                                                                                                            ies nobility and duty
nized that the very                                                                                                                                in the face of futility.
attempt to portray a                                                                                                                               There is great sad-
battle from two unique                                                                                                                             ness in the General’s
perspectives - through                                                                                                                             awareness, from the
two           companion                                                                                                                            very beginning, that
Hollywood films -                                                                                                                                  the battle is absolute-
humanizes both the                                                                                                                                 ly hopeless against
                                                                                                                     Photo courtesy of
heroes and the so-                                                                                                                                 the might of the
                                                                         A still from “”Flags of Our Fathers.””
called enemies. The                                                                                                                               American military
entire project as a whole should be    American soldier and one of the were watching Spielberg’s “Saving machine.                                      And      Kazunari
regarded as a tremendously ambi-       “heroes,” is a standout as a con- Private Ryan” - as pro-American Ninomiya, as the innocent ordinary
tious and humanistic endeavor.         flicted hero who confronts and hyper-patriotic a war picture as soldier Saigo, shines with a basic
       If anything, “Flags of Our      American racism at seemingly we’ve seen in the past 10 or so kindness of the human spirit. And
Fathers” is the more                                                                                                                              then there are the
ambitious of the films.                                                                                                                           Americans, faceless
The movie revolves                                                                                                                                and dehumanized. It
around one image, the                                                                                                                             is scary to watch,
famous photograph by                                                                                                                              from the terrified
Joe Rosenthal of the                                                                                                                              Japanese perspective,
raising of the American                                                                                                                           hundreds and hun-
flag by six faceless sol-                                                                                                                         dreds of American
diers during the Battle                                                                                                                           tanks and troops
of Iwo Jima. Those                                                                                                                                crawl silently and
soldiers, having been                                                                                                                             quickly onto the
made famous by that                                                                                                                               beaches of Iwo Jima
photograph, crisscross                                                                                                                            like invading roach-
America on publicity                                                                                                                              es.
stunts that somehow                                                                                                                                      Of course, the
revolve around the                                                                                                                                genre of the war film
indelible         image.                                                                                                                          relies on certain basic
Eastwood        switches                                                                                                                          conventions         that
back and forth from                                                                                                                               seem a little shop-
these soldiers’ publicity                                                                                                                         worn. “Letters” and
stunts to their real bat-                                                                                                                         “Flags” are hampered
tle scenes on Iwo Jima,                                                                                                                           with banal framing
often to striking effect.                                                                                        Photo courtesy of Google Images
                                                                                                                                                  devices - they both
More        interestingly,                                    A still from “Letters from Iwo Jima.”                                              begin and end with
Eastwood has taken this                                                                                                                          the tired device of the
famous image as a means to             every street corner of the publicity years. In every way, “Letters” is present-day event or a narration
explore the tenuous relationship       tour.                                       the traditional, classical war film that sets the movie going. And
between the powerful imagery of             If “Flags of Our Fathers” uses we’ve been seeing for years, both movies occasionally lapse
heroism and patriotism and the true    the imagery of patriotism and hero- replete with the noble, respected into schmaltzy sentimentality too
                                       ism with great irony, then “Letters commander (a magnificent Ken typical of the war picture.

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