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NCAA Bylaw 11- Designating
       April 2006
   Classification/Designating Coaches
   Limits on Numbers and Duties of Coaches
   Limits on Recruiting
   HS and 2-year Coaches
   Interpretations
Types of Coaches
   Head
   Assistant
   Graduate Assistant
   Student Assistant
   Volunteer
Graduate Assistant
   DI-A Football Only
   Has to be enrolled in 50% of a full-time load in a
    graduate program
   May not receive compensation in excess of a
    full GIA
   May receive a max of 4 comp tix to fb and bb
   Limit of 2 years (unless you complete 24 credit
    hours, then a third year is ok)
GA cont..
   Institution can’t arrange for outside employment
    except for summer time
   GA is eligible for institutional benefits (e.g.,
    health insurance) and expenses to attend
    coaches conventions
   Spouse and children can receive expenses to
    attend bowl game
   Can’t evaluate or contact PSA’s off-campus
   Can call PSA’s if they pass the recruiting test
Volunteer Coach
   Only permitted in sports other than football or
   Maximum of one per sport
   No compensation or remuneration permitted
    from institution or booster club
   Prohibited from contacting/evaluating PSA’s off
   Prohibited from scouting opponents off-campus
   May receive 2 comp tix in his/her sport
Volunteer Coach cont..
   Can receive camp compensation
   Can work at institution outside of athletics
   Can’t receive tuition assistance
   No use of a car/vehicle
   No institutional benefits (e.g., health insurance)
   Can receive expenses for travel to away games
   Can receive parking expenses for games
   Can receive meal during official visits and pre- or post-
    game meals, occasional meal – can’t receive training
    table meals or privileges at Burke/Ferguson, like full-
    time staff
Coach, Student Assistant
   Student who has exhausted eligibility or injured to a
    point where they cannot participate again (career ending
    injury-SEC approved through waiver process)
   Has to be enrolled at the institution where the student
    participated in athletics within the five-year eligibility
    period (undergraduate or graduate)
   Must be full-time enrolled
   Receives no compensation other than financial aid and
    competition road trip expenses
   No recruiting off-campus, no phone calls, no scouting
Declaration of Coaches
   Each UA head coach must declare his or
    her staff of coaches to the compliance
    office prior to the start of the academic year

   Designation of Coaching Staff form

   Must continually update the form
Limits on Number of Coaches
   Each sport has a limit on the amount of
    coaches…page 62-63 in NCAA Manual
   Individuals involved in coaching activities must
    be designated as a head, assistant, graduate
    assistant, student coach, or volunteer
Who Counts as a Coach?
   As soon as an individual participates (in any manner) in
    the coaching of a team in practice, games or organized
    activities directly related to that sport
   Administrative personnel – Do NOT count provided such
    individuals are not identified as coaches, do not engage
    in any on- or off-field coaching activities and are not
    involved in any off-campus recruiting or scouting
         *Cannot attend meetings involving coaching
         activities, analyze videotape of the team or an
Replacement of Coaches
   Institution can temporarily replace a coach with
    a staff member due to extenuating
    circumstances (e.g., suspension, serious illness,
    pregnancy, U.S. National or Olympic coaching)

   Must notify the Compliance Office PRIOR to
    making the change – must be pre-approved
Outside Consultants
   It is permissible to use a temporary consultant
    to provide in-service training for coaches
   Cannot interact with student-athletes unless
    they are counted as a coach
       Golf Tournament Example – “Swing Coach”
   Psychologist may work with team members on
    visualization – cannot work with them directly
    during practice activities
Football Coaching Limits
   One head, nine assistants and two GA’s
   Strength coach doesn’t count
   Only head or assistant coaches may engage in
    off-campus recruiting activity
   Only 7 coaches out recruiting at one time
   Head Coach can replace an assistant any time
    during the week (no limit how many times he
    can do this)
Football limitations cont..
   All recruiting must be performed by football coaching
    staff members (except for routine clerical tasks)
   GA who passes recruiting test can evaluate prospects
    on campus (i.e., review film, transcripts) and make
    telephone calls
   GA’s can’t prepare general recruiting correspondence
   Director of FB Ops, Recruiting GA’s can’t be involved in
    analyzing or evaluating prospects. Can call PSA’s
    who’ve signed NLI with UA
Exceptions to Number Limitations
   Strength or Weight coaches
   Student Coaches
   Volunteer Coaches in sports other than
    football, basketball – limit is one
Limits on Number of Recruiting

   Each sport has a limit on the amount of coaches
    recruiting OFF-CAMPUS at any one time

   Page 62-63 of NCAA Manual
             “At Any One Time”

   It is permissible for a coach to leave campus to
    engage in off-campus contact or evaluation
    before another coach who is off-campus actually
    returns to campus, provided the total number of
    coaches recruiting on behalf of the institution at
    any time do not exceed the permissible number.
   Bylaw 11
Official Interpretation 2/22/93 -
   Not counted in coaching limits as long as it is a
    student who performs traditional managerial
   Can’t be used to only perform on-court or on-
    field activities (e.g., pitching batting practice,
    scrimmages, etc.)
   Can play a limited part in drills (little to no
Staff Interpretation, 11/19/97 –
Bench Sitting
   Noncoaching staff member may sit/stand on
    team bench or sideline during a game
   Cannot be involved in any coaching activity
   Can take stats during game
   Should not engage in coaching activities with
    student-athletes during game
Official Interpretation, 10/5/95 –
Outside Consultants
   SA’s may work with an outside consultant
   Institution cannot arrange
   Coaches may not observe
   Instruction cannot take place in institution's
   SA has to pay fee available to general public
Official Interpretation, 11/11/00 –
Noncoaching Athletics Staff Members
   Noncoaching athletics staff members with sport-specific
    responsibilities (e.g., basketball administrative asst.,
    director of football operations) may not attend any off-
    campus athletics event (e.g., high school contest,
    evaluation camp) in that sport
   Exceptions:
      Immediate family member is participating

      Activity is a competition (as opposed to a camp)
       conducted in the locale of the institution
      Cannot report back to coach
Official Interpretation, 2/21/02 –
Banquets and Meetings

   Noncoaching staff member with sport-specific
    responsibilities may not attend or speak at
    banquets or meetings that are conducted to
    primarily recognize prospects (e.g., high school
    awards banquet, high school all-start banquet)

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