Excelsior College BS in Business, Management Information Systems by winceonce


									                                                       Chart 6
Bachelor of Science in Business, Management Information Systems Concentration

                  Total Degree Credits Required: 120
 Arts and Sciences                              Credit     Business                                      Credit
 Component                                      Hours      Component                                     Hours

  Written English Requirement                      3        Business Core Requirements
  Humanities Requirement                                    Financial Accounting
  (must complete a minimum of 9 credits,           9        Managerial Accounting
  which may include Ethics*, in addition to      (min.)
  credit for the Written English Requirement)               Introduction to Business Law
                                                            (United States Business Law)
  Social Sciences/History Requirement
  (must include Microeconomics,                   15        Computers
  Macroeconomics, and 9 additional credits)                 Principles of Management
  Natural Sciences/Mathematics Requirement                  Principles of Marketing
  (must include a math course at the level of      6
                                                            Financial Management
  Precalculus or above and Statistics)
                                                            Production/Operations Management
  Remaining Arts and Sciences Credit
  (may be taken from any areas of humanities,    up to      Business Policy **
  social sciences, history, natural sciences,     27
                                                            Organizational Behavior Requirement
  or math)
                                                            Organizational Behavior *

                                                            Ethics Requirement
  Minimum Arts and
  Sciences Component                              60        Ethics *

                                                            Concentration Requirement
                                                            Must complete a minimum of 18 credits in
                                                            the concentration area of which 9 must be
 Additional Credit                              Credit      advanced level.
 Component                                      Hours       A business programming language
                                                            such as C, C++, or PASCAL
  Any Collegiate-level Study                                Database Management
  (excluding physical education courses)                    Data Communications
  May include any excess credit in                            or
  Arts and Sciences and Business areas.                     Telecommunications
  Information Literacy                             1
                                                            Systems Analysis and Design

  Total Additional Credit Component               15         Advanced-level Business Credit
                                                             Must complete a minimum of 12 credits at
                                                             the advanced level of which 9 must be in
                                                             the business concentration. The remaining
  * Depending on the content, the Ethics and                 3 credits may be earned in any approved
    Organizational Behavior courses may be classified        area of business.

    as business credit or as arts and sciences credit.

 ** You must complete Bus 495: Business Strategy at         Minimum Business Component                     45
    Excelsior College to satisfy this requirement.

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