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									Albert Woodfox #72148
RC./ CCR L/B-3
Louisiana State Prison
Angola, LA 70712

1) How to get on his visiting list:

       Prisoners must submit a request to the Classification Dept. to have someone put
       on their permanent visiting list. Each prisoner is allowed 10 people at one time on
       their visiting lists. Each prisoner can also submit a request for a special visit, with
       someone not on their visiting list, this goes to the unit warden. Each visitor on a
       prisoner’s list is allowed 2 visits each month

2) How to get on his phone list:

       Albert is allowed 20 pre-approved phone numbers on his phone list and is allowed
       3 personal calls and 1 legal call per week. You may write to him at the above
       address to ask that he add you to his list.

3) How to send Albert money for his commissary:

       Albert can accept money orders or cashier’s checks, which can be sent to: Albert
       Woodfox #72148 – c/o Inmate Account Dept. – RC./ CCR L/B-3, La State Prison,
       Angola, LA 70712. A small note should be included, asking that the funds be put
       into his account.

4) Who else to send money to?
      Donations can be sent to the Defense Fund Committee. Right now, attorneys and
      investigators are Albert’s greatest need. Tax-deductible donations can be made
      out to National Coalition to Free the Angola 3, Defense Fund and sent to:
      Community Futures Collective, 221 Indora Ave., Vallejo, CA 94591

5) What material support would Albert like and how to send it?
       Albert is forced to buy about 95% of the items he needs to survive from the prison
       commissary. He can not accept stamps. Books, magazines and papers must come
       from the publishing company or catalog company ( is fine.) CD’s
       must come from catalog companies or directly through the music company or

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