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									Name: Chetan Diwani
Email:                                 Phone: + (91) +09324064536

Experience Summary
      7 + years of IT experience in various phases of, System Administration,
     Hardware Maintenance including System Analysis & Infrastructure Design, Team
     Leading, Integration Testing, Implementation, User Training and Documentation.
     Currently Working as Systems Manager in On Line Gaming Domain Company.
    Maintaining Production Servers In- house & US Data Center, Amazon EC2 hosting,
    Lime Light Akamai CDN network Release and Purging.
     Major experience in OS Administration with Open Source and Commercial Linux
    Product also having Windows NT/2K/2K3 Server Operating System and Created an
    Integration Environment .
     Worked on OS Migrating, Making Environment Linux Compatible by using Bind,
    Mail Server, and other Linux Application/services & Virtualization.
     Responsible for Process Development, SLA management, Customer relationship,
    New projects implementation, Open Source CRM Customization with associate
     Knowledge of Project management, Integration, migration and leading.
     Good communication & Team skills, experienced in working in mutually related
    teams to deliver project requirements with extremely demanding timelines.


Hardware                  Software           Tools
Servers:                  Batch Scripting,   Connectivity tools:
Compaq Proliant ML/DL     Shell Scripting,   SMS Remote console, RDP, PC Anywhere, VNC,
series,                                      R desktop , SSH , Putty , Telnet
IBM X-series/ E-series,                      AV management:
Dell Power edge,                             Trend Central AV, Mcafee Central console,
Workstation:                                 Symantec Server Edition
HP/Dell/IBM/Zenith/                          System tools: Kick Start Installation , WSUS,
Customized Server                            Symantec E Storage Replicator, Symantec
Others: DMP,                                 Ghost, Acronics True Image server MBSA,
Line/Laser/DeskJet                           RSync, Eclipse FreeCap, Edit Plus ,
Printer, N/W Printers,                       Vim,Symantech system restore,Robocopy
N/W Scanner,                                 Migration Tools: SCP, LVM, BIND-DNS, ADMT.
Special: Bar code
Scanner , Embedded                           Monitoring tools: Nagios , Hypric , HPOV,
XP, Thin Client with                         ILO,Webperform.
                                             Others: IVR Server Voice Command and CLI
Firewall : Safeguard ,                       Application, DVR Video Recording server, Call
Watch guard , Fortigate                      Center Voice recording Application, Matrix,
,Nokia,Snap Gear.                            Panasonic EPABX Management.

Professional Memberships / Certifications
Pro Professional Society / Certification                                Member Since / Date Certified
    RHCE - 805009923037213                                              Feb 2009


    Diploma / Degree and Year              Institute/ University     Major and Specialization
    Diploma in Network & Application       IGNOU. Mumbai             Network , Application , Hardware
    CIC 2003 - 2004
    Smart Start 2003 - 2004                SSI Education             SQL Server , VB , C, C++ , HTML
                                           (Aptech )
    Bachelor Degree In Commerce –          Kutchh University         Commerce.

    Training / Continuing Education Summary

    Program or Course          Coverage                                                   Year
    RHEL 5                     Installation and Configuration , Network Security          2007
    J2EE                       JVM , JRE, JDK and Design Pattern (UML)                    2008
    RIMM                       Seminar attend for Net Magic Data Centre                   2008
                               Remote Management Application

    Career Profile

    Dates                            Organization                  Role
    June 2009 – Till Date            Games2win India               Systems Manager
                                     PVT LTD
    Jan 2008 – June 2009             Travis Internet PVT           Linux System Administrator
                                     Ltd (
    Dec 2005 - Dec 2007              Graftronics                   Tech Leader
    May 2002- Nov 2005               Pushkar Computers             System Administrator
Job Summery

     Job Title      Systems Manager

     Organization   Games2win India PVT Ltd.

     Period         June 2009 – Till Date
     Description    Support Function
                       Asp based Flash Games website IIS management. Apache and Tomcat
                        application configuration.
                       Google analytics Zedo Reporting tools Usage cross verify by Log
                        parsing and CDN reports.
                       Awstates Implements with GEO IP
                       Monitoring in House and Data Centre Server using Nagos, Hypric,Web
                       Release management for Games2win and Inviziads ,Gamecurry and
                        SNS apps ASP, Python, Java based Application using SVN and
                       Backup Solution implement for US Data centre.Server Disk snapshot
                        and customized backup
                       Migration of web application Domain transfer, Akamai CDN
                       Scheduling Script for Backup, DB maintains Mysql , postgres and
                       Amazon Linux-Windows instance configuration with Ec2 ,S3 ,EBS and
                        Elastic IP
                       SVN Repository transfer
                       Cron and Windows Scheduler for DB backup, Error tracking and log
                     Application Staging Setup for inviziads , gamecurry and Games2win
                        web Application.
                       Vendor Cost optimization Data centre , Lease line Bandwidth provider,
                       Data centre Server uptime and routine Mock test, ISP SLA
                        Management , CDN Transfer Lime light to Akamai
                       Daily Google analytical ,Zedo, Bandwidth, CDN and Nagios reporting

     Role           Systems Manager, Task delegation to System admins, Vendor
                    Management(Data center, ISP, Servers, Hosting and Domain Registrar)
     Solution       Centos, Red Hat Linux, AD Win 2000/2003, Amazon Cloud computing
     Environment    Firewall, Giga L2, L3 Switches, IPSec VPN servers, Apache, Bind, and
                    Tomcat, Python , Mysql , Postgres, Content Delivery Networks
     Tools          Nagios , Hypric Monitoring Tool , Vnstat netmeter bandwidth , Robocopy ,
                    SSH , Putty , SCP , Vim editor , Trend Micro Worry Free AV console, Ultra
                    VNC Viewer, WSUS, MBSA, Rsync, Event tracker , Syslog , SnapGear
                    Firewall ,Cisco ASA Series Router , Dell Manageable Switches, User
                    Quota , Cron Task , DHCP,
     Highlights     Domain Transfer, Data Centre Cost Optimization report and presentation to
                    Management, Amazon Instance Configuration for Cost saving. Process and
                    Policy design for Internal Backup and release, Monitoring configuration with
                    SMS alert.
    Job Title      Infrastructure Design & Support

    Organization   Travis Internet PVT Ltd (

    Period         Jan 2008 – June 2009
    Description    Support Function
                      Production Support for B2B & B2C Application.
                      Mail Server Configuration Sendmail, File server using SMB and
                       Windows AD, NIS & NFS, ISP Load Balance (Firewall Devices,
                       IPTABLE, and Squid.
                      Trend Micro Central AV Management , Patch Update
                      Monitoring in House and Data Centre Server using Nagos, Hypric,
                       RIMM (Net Magic Application )
                      Release management for Ticketvala and Ebus Java based Application
                       using SVN and Beatle.
                      On-Line / Off-Line Data Backup using Scripts and Storage HDD, Tape
                       Drive Symantec-E Executive.
                      250 Domestic Operators Thin client embedded Os Update management
                       across India.
                      Virtualisation Using VM-ware, Sun Virtual Box, Red Hat XEN, Microsoft
                      Scheduling Script for Backup, Maintenance, and ISP Fail over using
                       Shell. Ms Bat Scripting.
                      Raid Software – Hardware, Level 0,1,3,5, 10.
                      Online LVM Extend and Reduce.
                    Mail Server Configuration, Apache Tomcat Configuration, SVN Release
                    IT Process and Security Management. ( Biometric Product, Squid,
                    ISP SLA Management ISP Load Balancing.
                    Daily Backup Task and Toll Free Overflow Management.

    Role           Linux System Administrator, IT Head, Vendor Management, Application &
                   Infrastructure Design.
    Solution       Centos, Red Hat Linux, AD Win 2000/2003, Forti OS, Firewall, Giga L2, L3
    Environment    Switches, IPSec VPN servers. Web Terminal for Utility tool (PHP), Apache,
                   Bind, and Tomcat.
    Tools          Nagios , Hypric Monitoring Tool , SSH , Putty , SCP , Vim editor , Trend
                   Micro Worry Free AV console, Ultra VNC Viewer, WSUS, MBSA, Rsync,
                   Event tracker , Syslog , Fortinet 300B Firewall, Cisco ASA Series Router ,
                   Dell Manageable Switches, User Quota , Cron Task , DHCP,
    Highlights     Data Centre Success full servers shifting to DR site in one hour Down Time.
                   Development guide for Application to stop Crank Caller Hitting to Toll free
                   and Band width Optimisation.
                   Winner of Best Business Idea in inter Branch Contest.

    Job Title      Tech Head , Pre Sale Support

    Organization   Graftronics – Mumbai

    Period         Dec 2005 - Dec 2007

    Description      IT Consultancy Pre sale, Support for HP, IBM Product I.E Server,
                      Switches, Firewall, Security Appliances RSA Token & Customized
                    L3 support Escalated Call Handling.
                    Remote Support Trough Lease Line, VPN, Public IP Forwarding NAT.
                    Deciding SLA and Scope of Engagement
                    Coordinating, planning and executing the Deliverables.
                    Escalated support issues handling and off business hours support.
                    Change management for the infrastructure changes
                    Preparing the Tech documentation for the entire support process.
                    AV management from centralised AV console.
                    Infrastructure Design for New Set up, Network & Power Usage
                    Supporting Steel Industries SOHO, BPO and Call Centre Support
    Role           Worked as a Tech lead for taking the Transition from customer and Team
                   Lead of 12 Engineers team and maintaining SLA and customer satisfaction.
    Solution       Win NT/2000/2003 AD , ISA server , Red hat , Centos Linux, SMS , VPN
    Environment    Exchange Server , OS Image and Restore utility , Print Server , ISP
                   Bandwidth Load Balance , Network Connectivity P2P , Leased Line ,Squid.
    Tools          Trend Micro AV console, Mcafee SMB , Symantec AV , Ghost , Symantec-
                   E Backup Executive , VNC Viewer, WSUS, MBSA, Server monitoring tools,
                   HP Open View, Cisco Router , 3 Com router ,RDP , PC Anywhere ,
                   Windows Remote Installation. Cisco, Linksys, 3 Com WIFI Router Web
                   Management, ERD.
    Highlights     VPN server Solution for UK based Client to avoid single point Failure.
                   Convinced Clients for Migrate their Application in Open Source

    Job Title      System Administrator

    Organization   Pushkar Computers (Indian Air Force Onsite)

    Period         May 2002- Nov 2005
    Description            Supporting V-sat Network for NCDEX MCX and other Bolt Operator
                           Customized Server and Desktop Maintenance of Kutchh SOHO
                             over 10000 Desktop Support. Major Client Air force and Indian
                        Old Server Relocation/Consolidation/Decommissioning and new
                             sever hardening, Preparing support documentation and handover.
                        Migrating Local users, Data, DHCP, Applications
                       Accounting Application support for Banking Branches of SBI, SBS,
                             RNSB, BCCB, ICICI
    Role           Planning, Designing, Building, Migrating, Decommissioning , Support

    Solution       Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, 2000, 2003 , XP , 98 , 95, 3.11, DOS , Novell

    Tools          Gigabyte Backup / Restore Utility, MS internet connection Sharing, RDP,
                   NT Backup, V-Sat ICON Card Configuration, Remote admin desktop.
    Highlights     Stabilize the infrastructure of Indian Air Army Which was highly infected with
                   “My Dom”.    Secure all Servers with zero Data Loss.
Personal Details

       Date of Birth                      27 May 1984
       Nationality                        Indian
       Sex                                Male
       Marital status                     Married
       Permanent Address and Phone        Chetan Diwani , Opp Shiv Temple , Deshalpar , Bhuj –
       Number                             Kutchh 370040
       Current Address and Phone          A/602 , Premji Nagar 10th Road Daulat Nagar Borivali –
       Number                             East Mumbai - 400066

Driving License details

       Issuing            Date of Issue   Expiry date       License Number      Place of Issue
       Authority                                            & Type

       Govt OF India      6 Jan 2003      30 Dec 2022       GJ12/000488/03      BHUJ-

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