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									                                    Wagon Master
                  Brigham Young Chapter Newsletter
                                            January 2011

Mission:       Preserve the m em ory and heritage of early pioneers of Utah Territory
               Honor Present-day pioneers worldw ide
               Teach the youth these inherited high qualities

                                   Elspeth C. Young
                                       Our Dinner Guest Speaker

Elspeth has been drawing ever since she could hold a crayon. At age 7, her parents invited her to
choose between dancing lessons, and art instruction at home. She had already briefly studied dance
at a local academy, and wondered where an interest in art might lead. When her mother showed her
a watercolor illustration by Michael Hague, Elspeth chose art, and has been painting with her father
ever since.

She began her studies at Brigham Young University with an eye toward children’s illustration, but a
lecture by Camille Olson changed her mind. Professor Olson invited any artists who were present to
consider painting the lesser known women of the scriptures. The invitation took root, and, with
encouragement from her parents, she pursued a directed-studies course researching the women of
the Bible. She graduated from BYU (2003) with a BA in Visual Arts.

The Women of the Bible series is one of the primary, ongoing projects of Al Young Studios. Elspeth
has completed 34 of the 39 paintings featured in the collection. Fifteen of Elspeth's original paintings
appeared in Women of the Old Testament by Camille Olsen (Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, Inc.,
2009). The second volume in the series, featuring women of the New Testament, is still in progress.
The other major focus of Elspeth's artwork is collaboration with her father on a series of paintings
featuring the Heroes of the Book of Mormon. This project, begun in 2006, now includes two of
Elspeth's original artworks -- as deadlines associated with the Women of the Bible series have now
been met.

In addition to her work as a studio artist, Elspeth devotes much of her time to producing The
Storybook Home Journal, a bi-monthly magazine published by Al Young Studios since 1999. In
addition to authoring more than 130 articles, her contributions include: Research and
conceptualization for each issue, composing and arranging music for the Music Box section of the
Journal, painting and handcraft projects, graphic design, photography, page layout, and proofreading.

She and her father also record and publish musical albums under the Inspired label, available directly
from Al Young Studios.

While oil is her preferred artistic medium, she has experience in a wide range of media and projects.

             You won’t want to miss this outstanding event.

          Dinner Meeting, Thursday, January 20, 2011, 6 pm

                               UVU Culinary Arts Center

                          661 E. Timpanogos Parkway, Orem


                        Advance Dinner Dates to put on your calendar
February      17th
March         24th
April         21st
May           19 th Scholarships
June          No m eeting
July          No m eeting
August        18 th Sum m er Dinner at the Village
Septem ber    15th
October       20 th
Novem ber     17 th
Decem ber     8 th   Christm as Program
                             Message from our Chapter President
                                      Wally Breitenstein
       Dear Chapter members and member                   I   am    truly   grateful  for   the
spouses. It is my sincere hope that each           opportunity to serve as your Sons of Utah
and every one of you had a very                    Pioneers Chapter President this year.
wonderful holiday season. I also want to           This will certainly give me an opportunity
wish each of you a very Happy New Year,            to be of service to you.
and success and joy in the months ahead.                 My wife, Judy, and I have only been
In whatever age category we may be, we             chapter members for three years, but we
are all young enough to accomplish                 have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
wonderful things in this new year, to              We have not only met wonderful people,
continue doing service to our fellow men.          like you, in the chapter, but have
Yes, some of us may have health and age            enjoyed, tremendously, the opportunity
related “limitations”. However, we all are         to befriend each of you, and to learn from
still fully capable of accomplishing great         each of you, particularly while attending
things in some area, whether it be in the          our wonderful chapter dinner-programs.
confines     of   our   homes,    in   our         We have also been blessed to help in the
communities, or beyond.                            Pioneer Village, to go on very educational
       Many of us feel we have done                SUP treks, and to attend enlightening
enough service in our lifetimes (and,              SUP conventions and symposiums. Most
indeed, some of you may feel that you              of all, by being a SUP member, I have
have provided more than your share of              become a better person by hearing and
service, which is truly commendable),              reading the stories and history of our
and some of us have perhaps fallen into            Utah pioneers. I look forward to more of
the trap of saying, “Let someone else do           these kinds of experiences this year, and
it.”    Remember that service and good             it is my hope that all of you will have, or
deeds also include a kind word, a smile,           make, opportunity to share in these SUP
and a donation to a good cause, in                 experiences as well.
addition to offering a physical helping                  Again, I hope all of you have a very
hand. Those actions should never have              wonderful year ahead!
an end.       What an ideal time, at the
beginning of a new year, to “begin to              Sincerely,
continue” providing service to each other.              Wally D. Breitenstein
I wish you success in that endeavor.

Consider inviting some friends to our next dinner meeting,
     someone you would like to see become members.

      Please update your membership dues for 2011
                         so that
              they can now be completed by
                     January 31st
                      Annual $60
                Life Membership is $10

    Send your dues check and/or other donations to:
  Lynn Smith, 571 W. 530 S., Orem, Utah 84058
 Or bring your check when you come to the next dinner.
                      Thank you.
                        Our Christmas Dinner Party



              Sparkling and Fine Entertainment
          Our Chapter Web Site                   input and comments are essential
We invite you to visit the Chapter site at       in keeping the Chapter website up-to- and the National site              date and vibrant.
at Your
2011 BYSUP Officers and Board Members:        • Program Directors: Angus Belliston,
                                              Michael Bennett, Gerald Haycock, Ariel
President            Wally Breitenstein       Knowles, Frank Madsen, John H.
President-Elect      Terrence Williamson      Morgan, Stewart Radmall, Dee
Past-President       Stevens Nelson           Risenmay, Erik Rowland, LaRon Taylor,
Secretary            Alexandre Paul           Eugene Bond, Jr., Kent Lott
Treasurer            Lynn Smith
Greeting Coordinator Ron Rhodes
Program Coordinator Stevens Nelson
Printed Program      Linda Benson
Music Dinner song and accompaniment
                     LeGene & JeanAnn
Vignettes            Milton Jones
Financial            Jay Smith
Wagon Master         Dave Olpin
Web Master           Bret Grow
Scholarships         Elliott Cameron,                      Our Pioneer Village
                     Earl Hurst,                           Mayor Steve Nelson
                     Ralph Benson,            has been selected as a 2011 Brigham Young
                     Grant Barton                    University Emeriti Alumni for his
School Essays        Reed Izatt,              outstanding work in developing our village and
                     Jerald Bradshaw                also for his personal background.
Treks and Tours      Ralph Benson, Dan Bird                  Congratulations!

Calling Committee Members:                    ______________________________
  Terrence Williamson (coordinator)
  Kay Dayton
  Dee Hubbard
                                              2011 SUP NATIONAL
  Darold Francis                              CALENDAR
  Dave Olpin
  Ron Rhodes                                  Jan. 8: Presidents Council Meeting
  Rick Mathews                                (Chapter presidents, elects & Nat. Board)
  Tom Alexander
  Stan Hall                                   Jan.- Feb.: Area Training Meetings (Chapter
Chapter Open Positions:                       boards)
  Music for programs
                                              March ?: Endowment Seminars (All members
  National Awards & Memorilization
                                              April 23: Chapter President’s Council 1-4 p.m.
• National:
                                              Banquet at 5 p.m.
President: Lamar Adams,
Reed Farnsworth, Louis Pickett: National
                                              May 16-21: National Trek (Hole in the Rock,
Trail Marker Newsletter
• Milt Jones, Area National Vice President
National Board Members (Area Vice
Presidents) LaMar Anderson, Roger             May 21: National SUP Symposium
Bennett, Robert Blakely, Russ Cannon,
Robert DeBoer, Jim Finch, David Hinton,       July ?: Brigham’s Ball (Anyone and everyone)
Milton Jones, Ralph Jones, Steven             Pioneer Day Sister Organization Luncheon
Kruman, Bill Snarr, Lee Steed, Richard        July 24: Sunrise Service 7 a.m. in SL
Webster, Bret Woodard                         Tabernacle
(Anyone & everyone)                                doing a great job as facility coordinator. Be sure
Days’ of 47 Parade (Any chapter, carts will be     to get printed program information to Linda
provided)                                          Benson NLT Monday before the program.
Aug. ?: SUP Day at This is the Place Heritage           - Because of Spring Break at UVU, the
Park                                               March 17th dinner will be moved to March 24th.
(All members)                                           - All board members have been asked to
Aug. 25-27: National Convention (All members)      help Steve out with program ideas by providing
 Oct. TBA: SUP Early Church History Trek,          him with any contacts (w/ phone numbers) for
Vermont to Kirtland (Anyone & everyone)            speakers. We also need help with dinner
Dec. 13: Executive. Council, AVP Training 3:30     program music. Reed Izatt suggested
p.m.                                               that his wife, Janet, may be of help with finding
(Chapter pres, pres-elect, & Natl Brd)             and arranging music.
National SUP Christmas Social                           - We've recently lost 2 members of our
Installation.                                      calling committee. Two additional calling
(Chapter pres, pres-elect, & Natl Brd)             committee members would help. A monthly list
_________________________________                  of those committed to attend our dinners will be
                                                   made available to those collecting dinner
       Notes from the Board Meeting                monies. We appreciate Terre taking the
                                                   responsibility as calling coordinator.
Fellow Board Members and Members,                       - Steve gave a good update on our Pioneer
                                                   Village. A public restroom is currently being
    I want to thank you for your attendance and    built. The Haws cabin is also undergoing
Participation at our BYSUP board meeting           renovation.
yesterday. I also appreciated those that                   A rock monument (w/ plaque) is being
contacted me ahead of time to ask to be            erected; dedication by the Chapter is planned
excused. All committees and coordinators were      for August.
represented at the meeting. Again, I thank you!    An Honor Wall is in the making. The names of
    For those in attendance, and for those who     those individuals or groups that have
were not able to make the meeting, the             contributed (money, in-kind, or significant labor)
following is a recap of some of the items we       to the Village will be included on the Honor
discussed:                                         Wall. A museum workshop will be taking place
    - The purchase of a digital recording device   (Feb, Apr, Jun); Steve and Bill Graff will be
(under $100.00) for use by our Chapter             attending. Any help by Chapter members will be
Secretary to help in creating board-meeting        greatly appreciated at the Village during open
minutes. The device would become a Chapter         season (particularly docents, laborers). BYU
asset. The board approved this action.             Alumni Emeriti will honor Steve for his
    - Currently we have scholarship funds that     marvelous work in the Village. Thank you,
are sufficient to pay for 7 scholarships.          Steve!
    - Over $6500.00 has been collected for              - Our annual scholarship and essays awards
scholarships and Village because of recent         dinner will be in May. Jerald Bradshaw and wife
pledges. Lynn and Jay are doing a great job        have been called on a mission and will be
with our funds and finances!                       leaving in April. In the meantime, Reed Izatt will
    - The current version of the National          work in getting information and materials from
calendar was handed out; it includes council       Jerald to help in administering the Essays
meetings, symposium, convention, and National      Contest. Ralph Benson has offered his help in
trek dates. Please be aware of those dates.        working with Grant Barton and Elliott Cameron
    - A possible Chapter trek is being             in interviewing prospective scholarship winners.
considered by Ralph and Dan to Canyon de           Grant is willing to work long-distance (he
Chelly in Arizona during spring. I appreciate      recently moved to SLC) with the scholarship
their working together on these events.            awarding, by helping in the screening process.
    - The January dinner program speaker will      Despite Grant's move, we are grateful that he is
be Elspeth Young, a well-known local artist.       still willing to be involved with the BYSUP.
Derrick Kellis will perform cello music. Ron is         - Bret Grow is helping us with the Chapter
Website. I will be getting him updated
information, so that we can keep the Website
current. Please help provide me with pertinent
information for the website as you think of it.
    - Dave Olpin is doing a great job with the
Wagon Master. Those that have input into its
publication, please provide Dave with that input              Success Thought and a Chuckle
in a timely manner. I will provide recaps of
dinner meeting speakers, as well as a monthly           For Mormon mothers, I believe success
President's article. Dave also maintains our           will be measured by the accomplishments
Chapter roster. Please provide him or me with                           of her family:
any roster changes, as needed.                             Has she helped her husband to feel
    - A goal that I'd like to see for the Chapter is
                                                                rewarded in his daily work?
for all members to get to know each other
                                                       Has she allowed him the honor of leading
better. If you would like to participate, please
                                                                         his family?
email me one or two unique highlights about
yourself and/or spouse that I can present to the       Has she worked with her husband to keep
Chapter, so that they can know you better. I                      God's commandments?
already received some highlights from some of              Has she helped her children to feel
you.                                                                     worthwhile?
    Anyway, I hope this board-meeting recap                 Has she taught her children to be
helps. If there is anything major that I have             responsible, respectful, and grateful?
missed recapping above, or that is incorrect,            Has she helped them to develop their
please let me know. For being a new Secretary                        skills and talents?
in the Chapter, Alex is doing a wonderful job in        Has she shown them love for all people?
recording and reading our minutes. The details           Do her children seek guidance in their
of the above recap will be included in those                             daily affairs
minutes. As Alex sends out a copy of the                        from our Heavenly Father?
minutes each month, I suggest that every board           If her family honors God and Country,
member read them, and, if possible, bring a              and has pride in its accomplishments,
copy of them to each board meeting for                       I think this mother is successful.
                                                                    --Florence T. Britsch
    As I get used to this position at the head of
                                                                 A Utah Mother of the Year
the board table, I thank you for your mentoring.
It's different being in the driver's seat, after                            _____
having been in the passenger seat for a while. I
appreciate all of you accepting your positions
and responsibilities on the board. Let's have a            To he who waiteth cometh all things
great time working together. Go SON'S OF                 . . . except that which the hustler hath
UTAH PIONEERS!                                                         already taken.
       Wally Breitenstein

                          National Society of
                       The Sons of Utah Pioneers
                             Brigham Young Chapter
                Application for Membership
Membership qualifications: Male persons of good moral character, principles and ideals, and
desirous of perpetuating the goals of the National Society of the Sons of Utah Pioneers and its
programs, may become members of the Sons of Utah Pioneers upon payment of dues.

Date: _________________________

Print Name: _________________________________ Wife’s first Name____________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________________

City: ______________________________________________________ Zip: _________________

Telephone: (___________) ______________________Cell_______________________________

Email Address__________________________________________________________________

Classification of membership:

[ ] Annual membership: $50.00 National and $10.00 Local for a total of $60.00 per year

[ ] Life membership: $500.00 (You may pay the life membership fee in two installments, $250 now
and $250 in the next 12 months) and $10.00 Local each year.
Benefits of Life membership:
• Evidence of a life long commitment to the Mission of the Sons of Utah Pioneers
• SUP Life Membership ruby studded lapel pin
• Free access to Lagoon’s Pioneer Village
• SUP Life Membership Certificate and laminated wallet card
• Display of engraved name and Life Member Number on walls of Legacy Hall, National SUP Building.

Amount Enclosed: _______________Signature__________________________________

Please be aware that the Brigham Young Chapter is the sponsor of the Pioneer Village in Provo
and also sponsors deserving high school students with college scholarships. Both of these
endeavors are worthy projects. As a member of the Brigham Young Chapter you will be
encouraged to support and contribute your time, finances and talents, as you are able. The
Brigham Young Chapter typically meets on the third Thursday of each month from September
through May. Your membership entitles you to these dinner meetings for both you, your wife and

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