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									                                                                  September 2007
                                                                   Issue 13

                                                                  Joint Logistics Managers, Inc.
                                                                  5840 Allin Road
                                                                  Prince George, VA 23875
                                                                  (804) 733-JLMI (5564)


In July 2004, JLMI was awarded a contract to provide administrative support to the Western Area Power
Administration (WAPA) Desert Southwest (DSW) Region located in Phoenix, Arizona. Our personnel pro-
vide a myriad of support to WAPA to include supporting Assistant Regional Managers, Department Manag-
ers and staff with meeting schedules, travel, call screening, filing, and clerical.

For the past three years, our team of proven professionals have supported WAPA in a superb manner. Ms.
Bonnie McBride, Ms. Sylvia Macfarlane, Ms. Danielle Smith, and Ms. DC Cox joined the JLMI Team at the
start of the contract and everyone continues to provide exceptional support. Ms. Bernadette Fox, Ms. Deb-
orah Marcotte, Ms. Deborah McCarthy, Ms. Renee Santagata, Ms. Sassy Tredway, and Ms. Denise Kelley
round out our team of professionals supporting this effort.

       BACK ROW – Left to Right: Sylvia McFarlane, Sassy Tredway, Deb McCarthy, DC Cox, Dani Smith
         FRONT ROW – Left to Right: Bonnie McBride, Bernadette Fox, Renee Santagata, Deb Marcotte,
                                              Denise Kelley

                                             JLMI NEWSLETTER
Remarks from The President
I am honored to have been selected by Leadership Metro Richmond (LMR) to participate in their annual
Leadership forum.

LMR is a 26 year old nonprofit leadership development and community service program that seeks to har-
ness the shared passion of emerging and established leaders to serve the community.

64 Business Executives were chosen to participate in LMR’s fall 2007-08 class. The 10 month course
started in September. 1500 Central Virginians have participated in the leadership-development program
since it was established 27 years ago. This year’s class is among the largest.

“I look forward with high expectation to this very rewarding challenge.”



                JLMI Preserving Communities (JPC) Foundation (

Pictured above – Mr. Samuel Jackson sitting quietly as he enjoys a recent function sponsored by
                          JPCF’s “Respect a Senior” program.

                                              JLMI NEWSLETTER
                            FROM THE DESK
                                OF THE
                                                                CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER 

Since I last addressed you via the newsletter, I must say that Gladys does not have to lead me around the
building any longer. My comfort level with the environment has increased tremendously. The JLMI Corpo-
rate staff has been very understanding and patient with me during the transition.

I have visited several of the offsite locations where JLMI employees work and I must confess that I have
only met professional, enthusiastic and dedicated men and women who represent the company in an out-
standing manner. I have not met all the offsite employees, however; this is my goal in the very near future.
To the men and women that I have met, I want to personally thank each and everyone of you for your dedi-
cation and professionalism and I encourage all of you to keep up the good work.

My thanks to all of you who have participated in “All Hands” meetings, which is a forum whereas everyone
can communicate with the corporate staff and the staff can pass along valuable information. In other
words, it is a family gathering once a quarter. Unfortunately, our “All Hands” meetings are conducted tele-
phonically, my ultimate goal is to use Video Teleconferencing capability. As the company continues to
move forward, this capability will be an obtainable goal at some point in the future.

We are in the process of changing the format of the “All Hands” meetings. Gladys will be providing the
changes to everyone via email before our next meeting.

The company is continuing to grow at a moderate rate and in many instances, growth will bring about tur-
bulence in an organization. We have encountered a 2% turnover in personnel in the last five months.
Considering all factors, this is a low turnover rate. JLMI’s goal is to keep personnel turnover as low as
possible. We want to ensure that our employees are being treated fairly and enjoy working for JLMI.

Keep the team spirit, stay focused on your mission and continue to provide our customers 100% satisfac-
tion at all times. Remember that “a satisfied customer generates repeat business.”

Jesse Mason

                                              JLMI NEWSLETTER
                              From the Vice President of Logistics Solutions Corner

JLMI’s Multi-Functional Survey Team

As the Army moves to embrace multi-functional systems and Military Occupational Specialties, so too has
the PM Logistics Information Systems and JLMI. By developing a team of multi-functional system experts,
the PM will save money and JLMI will benefit by developing the expertise the Army will require as it imple-
ments the Enterprise Resource Planning System under the GCSS-Army program.

Ms. Dorothy Walton heads the multi-functional JLMI team consisting of Rob Cerveny, Diane Golden, Den-
nis Robertson, Armando Gonzales and Roger Congleton. Today, this team is responsible for performing
the pre-site surveys for PBUSE, SAMS-E and ULLS-A (E). In the near future, they will also be responsible
for the equipment accountability function now done by Program Executive Office Enterprise Information
System (PEO-EIS) personnel during site surveys.

We envision that this team will grow over time in size and experience benefiting both the team members
and JLMI.


JLMI has a contract with the Quartermaster Center and School to supply ULLS-G operators to support
their “The Army Maintenance Management System (TAMMS) operations.” ULLS-G was recently replaced
by SAMS-E and our personnel are now flawlessly operating the new SAMS-E System.

This team is headed by Kevin Davis and consists of Conchita Sellers and Ervin Felton. The team supports
the 23rd Quartermaster Brigade (Bde) which consists of the US Marine Corps Detachment, the Aerial De-
livery Field Service Department, the Army Center of Excellence-Subsistence, The Logistics Training De-
partment, The Mortuary Affairs Center and the Petroleum and Water Department. The ULLS-G Team pro-
vides not only SAMS-E operations but also provides the oversight and guidance for the entire maintenance
mission to improve organizational effectiveness while maintaining 10/20 standards for the Bde’s equipment.

The diversity of the equipment the team is responsible for makes this a very challenging mission since it
ranges from vehicles, trailers and forklifts to peculiar POL equipment and arms room requirements. Our
team has a proven record of success.

Brian E. Wood
Vice President Logistics Solutions

                                             JLMI NEWSLETTER
                              MENTOR PROTÉGÉ PROGRAM
JLMI is pleased to have been selected by Northrop Grumman Corporation (NGC) and approved by DoD to
participate in the DoD Mentor Protégé Program.

NGC provides technologically advanced, innovative products, services and solutions in defense electron-
ics, systems integration, information technology, nuclear and non-nuclear shipbuilding and space technol-
ogy. With approximately 122,000 employees, NGC services U.S. and international military, government
and commercial customers.

                                 Pictured above are members of NGMS & JLMI

 From Left to Right: Al Harper, Brian E. Wood, Jorge Fong, Jackie Smith, (Dir. Logistics Technologies Bus. Unit—
  Northrop Grumman Mission System (NGMS), LaVern Jackson, William Glennon, Jesse Mason, Reginald Mason

                                                JLMI NEWSLETTER
                               Security and Safety Corner

                                                                          Wind Damage

                                                              E  xtreme winds brought on by tornados, hurri-
                                                                 canes, thunderstorms, and winter storms can
                                                          cause serious damage to your home and property,
          UNDERSTAND YOUR                                 putting you and your family at risk. Don’t wait unit
                                                          it’s too late. Wind-proofing your home is a smart
          RESPONSIBILITIES!                               way to prevent damage.

                                                          ♦   Keeping your home well sealed on the outside
                                                              will prevent wind from getting into your home
                                                              and causing damage.

                                                          ♦   Start at the top—the roof is one of the most vul-
The mission of the Meals on Wheels Association of             nerable parts of your house. The connection be-
America Foundation is simple yet ambitious; the               tween the roof and walls must be strong enough
eradication of hunger and malnutrition among                  to resist the “uplift” effect of strong winds.
America’s seniors and others in need. The Foun-
dation intends to accomplish its mission through a        ♦   Make sure the roof sheathing is properly in-
variety of activities, namely public awareness-               stalled.
building, research and community involvement.
                                                          ♦   Protect your windows and doors. Windows
JLMI is happy to be a part of this very vital organiza-       should be protected to reduce the risk of dam-
tion.                                                         age or injury caused by flying debris and pres-
                                                              sure changes.
Staff members on a monthly volunteer basis con-
tinue to deliver meals to seniors in the Colonial ♦ Trim the trees around your house that could
Heights and Matoaca, VA area.                       pose a threat by falling or hitting your home. Be
                                                    safe, no matter the season.

                                               JLMI NEWSLETTER
                            The MBL Golf & Tennis Outing—August 10, 2007
Pictured below are JLMI teams who participated in the annual MBL Golf & Tennis Outing. As chair of the
volunteer committee, I extend my thanks to all who served as volunteers.


P. Proctor, C. Matthews, B. Farmer, J. Mason           J. Bowden, A. Jackson, R. Brockwell, S. Collins

                        R. Cruz, M. Jackson, R. Chamberlain

                                               JLMI NEWSLETTER
     Welcome to Our New Employees                                 July—September Birthdays

JLMI is pleased that you have made the decision
to join our team. Your experience and expertise
will definitely add value to our organization. We
are looking forward to working with.

Here at JLMI, employees are considered as fam-
ily members. You will find that your colleagues
will be very helpful resources.

On behalf of JLMI ,I want to personally welcome
each of you and wish you every success in your
career with us.

                                                         Conchita Sellers                July 5th
Brian E. Wood                 July 23
                                                         Hazel Fewell                    July 16th
Gerard Rodriquez              July 25
                                                         Sassy Tredway                   July 18th
Dennis Robertson              July 30
                                                         Deborah McCarthy                July 22nd
Denise Kelley                 August 1
                                                         Howard Scott                    July 28th
Diane Golden                  August 6
                                                         Rebecca Hopkins                 July 28th
Chantel Brown                 August 20
                                                         Sylvia Macfarlane               August 5th
Armando Gonzales              August 27*
                                                         LaVern Jackson                  August 15th
*Congratulations to Mr. Gonzales on
the new addition to his family.                          Gladys Chatman                  August 22nd

                                                         Robert Cerveny                  September 26th

                Website Update
                                                                    Website Update—cont’d
We are in the process of updating our JLMI com-
                                                , our current website will change in the
pany website, therefore; our site is temporarily
                                                          near future to Accordingly, our email
down. Please feel free to contact us directly with
                                                          accounts will change to
all your service needs.

                                              JLMI NEWSLETTER

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