affinity diagram by niusheng11


									                 Modify Budget Remote Hosting Disconnect Services Replace Workstations
Form Tech Committee

This is the only way        More marketing of
technology will have        the college to          Outsourcing of
sustainablility at Oglala   reservation k-12        content to collocated Shut down SDN                Standardized procedures for
Lakota College              schools                 providers              connections.                workstation deployment
                         Acknowledge that
                         technology is and
                         infrastructure for
                         within the college         Host www, mail,                                  Replace every workstation in
No standing technology and create a budget          streaming media and                              the center's computer labs in
committee with access to line item for              BlackBoard at          Shut down GWTC 56k        the summer with DOD grant
the budgetary process    technology                 FiberCom               admin network connection. revenue

Need to implement           Need a line item on     Market OLC's
technology committee for    the budget for PicTel   programs of study to                               Install additional workstations
the betterment of           and BlackBoard          other TCUs and         Replace Elron firewall w/   in Distance Learning Rooms
technology at the college   training                globally               FreeBSD                     with DOD grant revenue

Have the policy             Develop a training
committees develop and      budget for faculty
assess effectiveness of     and staff that is                              Reenable BIA connectivity   Acquire instructor laptops with
policies                    ongoing                                        (free/unstable)             Title 3 revenue

                            Assuming cost of
                            infrastructure of
                            telecom so services                            Shut down WebCT server
                            can continue                                   at the end of the summer

                            Increase the number
                            of students to
                            increase revenue

CET 765 Assignment 4(b) Affinity Diagram
Install GunPlexors Install WLAPs
Implement at He Sapa
and East Wakpamni in        Add more wireless to
order to achieve Distance   system to
Learning and                accommodate mobile
Telemedicine Rates.         students and faculty.

                            Procure multiple
                            wireless access
Bridge Quest and Great      points with Title 3
Plains LATAs/CLECs          revenue

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