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									             NAMI MARIN
 National Alliance on Mental Illness….Marin Page                                                          January 2007

             NAMI Marin
                                  Marin’s Voice on Mental Illness
555 Northgate Drive, # 280,           Office Hours: Monday—Friday, 1—3:00 p.m.                            January 2007
San Rafael, CA      94903             415-444-0480 ——                                 Vol. XXXI No.1

Marin General Behavioral Health Services Explained                                NAMI volunteers to be
 At November’s general meeting, Marcy Brink, Director of Marin Gen-               recognized January 25
eral Hospital’s Behavioral Health Services, gave an overview of her de-             A long-overdue Volunteer Appre-
partment’s offerings, then turned it over to Ed Schultz and Robert Holtz,         ciation Day will take place Thursday
who spoke about the in-patient and out-patient services respectively.             January 25 from 3 to 6 p.m. in the
Marcy described three services: Psychiatric Evaluation Services, also             downstairs conference room at the
known as Psychiatric Emergency Services; Inpatient Psychiatry; and Out-           Center for Non-Profit Leadership
patient Services, which includes Adult Partial Hospitalization and Inten-         building, 555 Northgate Drive, San
sive Outpatient Therapy.                                                          Rafael. There will be refreshments
  Marin General’s Psych Evaluation Services is staffed 24 hours by                and recognition of the many volun-
LCSW specialists who evaluate potential psychiatric patients entering             teers, especially those who staff the
Marin General’s Emergency Room. An on-call psychiatrist is available              office now open five days a week and
from 11:30pm to 7:00am. Marin General’s 17-bed inpatient psychiatry               those who provide companionship
unit (Unit A) was built in the 1960s. Although the rooms were meant for           through the Gift of Time program.
two beds, Marin General has obtained approval to house three patients in          Office volunteers may pick up their
each room due to the dire need for beds. Pointing out that mental illness is      invitations at the office, companions
a great equalizer, Marcy mentioned that recently one particular room bed-         through Carol Galloway. Volunteers
ded a prominent physician, an attorney, and a homeless person.                    who have volunteered in the past or
  Marcy has seen the length of hospital stay diminish over the years. To-         who currently do volunteer work on
day’s average length of stay is 6 days. The decision to discharge a patient       committees or elsewhere are welcome
is up to the physician, and if the insurance company denies treatment,            to join in the celebration. Please rsvp
Marin General’s physician will negotiate with the insurance company’s             by email to
physician.                                                                        or call 479-0718.
  If patients do not enter the hospital for psychiatric inpatient services        Family-to-Family graduates 11
through Marin General’s Emergency Room or through admission by a                     NAMI Marin graduated eleven fam-
private psychiatrist, they likely will enter through the County’s Crisis          ily members in November marking the
Unit, (also known as PES or Unit B.) Marin General’s Psych Evaluation             second Family-to-Family class for
Services works closely with the County’s Crisis Unit, although each unit is       2006. Plans for an early 2007 class
managed separately and has different operating standards and governance.          are for a late January or an early Feb-
  The County is the gatekeeper for Medi-Cal patients and authorizes hos-          ruary date. This educational and em-
pitalization. Clients may stay up to 23 hours at the Crisis Unit and are re-      powering 12-week course has been
ferred to Marin General’s inpatient psychiatry unit if appropriate. Marin
General has been working with Kaiser on a contract to enable Kaiser pa-                                (Continued on page 3)
tients to use Marin General’s psychiatric in-patient facilities.
  Marin General’s Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient Ther-           Calendar:
apy each have two flavors: one for older adults (55+) and one for younger          January 2…7 p.m. NAMI Board
adults. These programs provide intensive therapy in a structured setting           meeting, NAMI office
through small group interactions. The Partial Hospitalization program in-          January 8…7 p.m. NAMI Gen-
volves 12 or more hours a week of therapeutic support and a physician              eral Speakers meeting at MGH
visit once per week. The Intensive Outpatient Therapy involves up to 12            January 15...6:45 p.m. Marin
hours a week and a physician visit once per month. The goal of both
                                                                                   Mental Health Board meets at
groups is to help clients stabilize, prevent relapse, and promote wellness.
                                                                                   MGH upstairs conference room
  Ed Schultz described the case management services provided. He works
                                                          (Continued on page 4)
                                                                                   opposite cafeteria

 National Alliance on Mental Illness….Marin Page 2                                                            January 2007

 President’s Column…                             Book Review
 NAMI Marin wishes you and your                  Touched With Fire: Manic-Depressive Illness and the
family the very best in 2007 and wel-            Artistic Temperament, Kay Redfield Jamison, PhD. (This is a
comes your help with our activities.             repeat of an earlier review, by Jill Owen.) The Free Press, New York,
Last year was a phenomenal year for              N.Y., 1993. Available at Marin County Library.
NAMI Marin. Here is a partial list of               Dr. Jamison begins her book by describing the nature of manic-
what our wonderful Board members                 depressive, or bipolar, illness. She uses the terms manic-depression,
and other volunteers have accomplished           major depression, mania, hypomania, and cyclothymia, which are
in 2006:                                         precisely defined in the back of the book. Not surprisingly, only the
• opened our new office                          milder form of mania (hypomania) and the less severe depressive
• staffed our office with 25 volunteers          states are really useful for creative work, although great artists have
                                                 often suffered from or succumbed to severe and debilitating forms of
• provided resource information to               the disease. Jamison does not say that mental illness is a desirable
 scores of families                              trait for artists, or that all artists are mentally ill; her ideas are more
• wrote a Position Paper outlining our           complex and interesting.
 priorities                                         The book offers generous quotations from well-known artists de-
• advised CMHS on best uses of Prop              scribing their bouts with mania and depression, many life histories of
 63 monies                                       artists who have suffered from manic-depressive illness, and a chapter
• initiated & finalized a CMHS policy            devoted to the life and work of the romantic poet George Gordon,
 on partnering with families                     Lord Byron. The evidence that there is a greater incidence of these
                                                 illnesses in artists than in the general public is well-documented;
• formed Walk teams and participated             Jamison then goes on to discuss what the implications of this might
 in the NAMI Walk
                                                 be. She asks: “Is there something about the experience of prolonged
• provided two Family to Family                  periods of melancholia--broken at times by episodes of manic inten-
 classes                                         sity and expansiveness--that leads to a different kind of insight, com-
• provided ten educational speakers              passion, and expression of the human condition?”
 meetings                                           Jamison looks at certain aspects of the creative state that are also
• offered a bi-monthly support group             found in hypomania: fluency, rapidity, flexibility of thought; the abil-
 for families                                    ity to combine ideas or categories of thought in order to form new and
• hosted 12 FamFest dinner events                original connections; divergent thinking--branching, seeking, explor-
                                                 ing--rather than convergent thinking, which is more purposeful and
• provided seven consumers with a                goal-oriented. Also, there is the ability described by the poet William
 companion through Gift of Time                  Butler Yeats, “to regress, more or less at will, to the games of the un-
• advocated for more consumer hous-              derground (the unconscious), without losing contact with the surface.”
 ing                                             Other qualities mirror the depressive states, in which a person turns
• published nine newsletters                     inward, questions, is unable to act or to feel pleasure in life--states
                                                 which are also a part of the creative process. In the opinion of the
• taught Marin cities policemen about            poet John Berryman, “The artist is extremely lucky who is presented
 mental illness at CIT trainings                 with the worst possible ordeal which will not actually kill him. At
• provided assistance to county restora-         that point, he’s in business.”
                         (Continued on page 4)      In the “struggle to come to terms with emotional extremes and de-
                                                 rive…redemptive value” from the experience, artists, Jamison sug-
                                                 gests, provide an invaluable service to humanity. This point is central
NAMI Marin News is published nine times
a year by NAMI Marin, Marin County’s             to the book. In her last chapter, on medicine and the arts, she brings
Voice on Mental Illness, 555 Northgate Dr.       up the possibility that because of its hereditary nature, extensively
# 280, San Rafael, CA 94903. NAMI Marin          documented in chapter 6, bipolar illness may become a target for ge-
is an affiliate of NAMI California and the       netic engineering. Like other “problems” that could be “removed”
National Alliance on Mental Illness. Edi-
tor: Joan Olsson; Circulation: Karen Illich.     from the human gene pool, bipolar illness carries with it qualities that
Publ.deadline: 2nd Wed. of the month.            are not only valuable but possibly even necessary to the survival of
Editor’s e-mail:                 our species.

 National Alliance on Mental Illness….Marin Page 3                                                             January 2007

NAMI Marin 2007 Directors NAMI Marin’s stocking                                      Things we’re working on...
slate                               hangs by the chimney with                        • NAMI members Jacqueline
  The following NAMI members        care, awaiting your gift                          Jannsen, Wendy Dunne, and Kim
have been nominated for election to   When you look at all                            Denn are among those on a task
the Board of Directors for 2007. The       NAMI has accomplished                      force assisting CMHS in designing
election will be held at the January 8     this year just with volun-                 Family Partnership training for
General Meeting. Pursuant to Article       teers (see the President’s                 CMHS staff.
VI, Section 2 of the By-Laws: Any          column) you have to wonder what the       • Planning has begun for training
five (5) members may nominate can-         organization could do with a gener-        families in their role in family part-
didates for directorships at any time      ous treasury. Each year we ask you         nership with their family members
before the twentieth (20) day preced-      to become a member and one might           and mental health professionals .
ing such election. Upon timely re-         assume that the dues support the or-      • Several members of the Marin
ceipt of a petition signed by the re-      ganization. They don’t begin to!           Network of Mental Health Clients
quired number of members the names         First a portion of each dues is sent on    will be attending the state Network
of the candidates named on the peti-       to the national and state groups to        of Mental Health Clients Forum in
tion shall be included in the notice of    support their efforts. That support is     Los Angles this January with finan-
the meeting and shall be listed sepa-      money well spent for advocacy at the       cial support from, among others,
rately in addition to the nominations      state and national levels.                 NAMI Marin.
by the Nominating Committee.                 But what is left is hardly enough to
Beverlee Kell                President     rent an office, pay for a telephone
                                                                                     • Public Relations volunteer Jac-
Andy McCord             Vice President                                                queline Jannsen has begun building
                                           and supplies, publish a newsletter and
Robin Mullins                Secretary                                                a speakers bureau to carry the anti-
                                           mail it to members, buy books for the
Bill English                 Treasurer                                                stigma message to Marin groups.
                                           library, and on and on. Generous
Kay Blackwill                Director      Marin citizens have helped us in our
Wendy Dunne                  Director      efforts to support families and search    Family-to-Family
Roberta English              Director      for better ways to help family mem-       (Continued from page 1)
Jacqueline Janssen           Director      bers toward recovery from their men-
                                                                      taught nationwide for several years.
Joan Olsson                  Director      tal illness. Why don’t you join them
                                                                      Designed for family and friends of
                                           by adding NAMI Marin to your
                                                                      individuals with mental illness the
                                           Christmas gift list this year? And by
                                                                      course is taught by trained NAMI
Volunteer Opportunities                    the way, have you paid your mem-
                                                                      Marin volunteers. All materials are
await the adventurous                      bership dues?              provided for this free course. Class
Walk Team captains for NAMI’s
                                                                      size is limited and pre-registration is
3rd Bay Area Walk in Spring 2007:
                                                                      required. Please call the office for
Form a team with family, friends, or
                                                                      more information and to list your
co-workers.                                 MHSA monies fund services name for upcoming classes.
Spanish speaking out reach                  in southern Marin
worker: Help NAMI reach out to                                                        Designate United Way gift
the Latino community. Training will
                                              Family Services Agency is using
                                            Mental Health Services Act money           If you donate to United Way
be provided.                                                                          through your work place, please
                                            to open a southern Marin office pro-
Gift of Time: Get to know and be-                                                     consider designating NAMI Marin
                                            viding mental health services. The
friend a member of our mental health                                                  to receive your contribution.
                                            office will be at 3000 Bridgeway in
community. A commitment of six                                                        While NAMI is not one of UW’s
                                            Sausalito. Remodeling of the space
months is requested.                                                                  regular recipients, designated gifts
                                            is due to begin soon. The Sausalito
Office volunteers: One three hour                                                     will reach us at 555 Northgate
                                            location will provide a base for
shift per month. We train.                                                            Drive, San Rafael, CA 94903. We
                                            Family Service Agency services —
Enquiries about volunteer positions                                                   are a 501(c)3 charitable organiza-
                                            welcome news for southern Marin
should be directed to Kay Blackwill,                                                  tion eligible to receive tax deducti-
                                            residents. The agency also is look-
NAMI Volunteer Coordinator,                                                           ble contributions. Our corporate
                                            ing for space for a Marin City of-
415-472-1388 or                                                                       number is 0978962.

National Alliance on Mental Illness….Marin Page 4                                                         January 2007

(Continued from page 2)                       Silver ribbon postage stamp NAMI announces two new
 tive justice programs                        is sought                     volunteer appointments
• installed NAMI brochures in all               The Silver Ribbon Coalition  Replacing retiring Blair Gray
 middle & high schools                        represents the combined interests of    as Office Coordinator is Viviane
• inspired public schools to screen for       all those who are affected by a brain   Ghammache. Viviane also fa-
 mental illness                               disorder or disability. To date, the    cilitates the NAMI Family Sup-
• formed a speakers bureau                    Coalition is represented by advo-       port Group and has taught the
                                              cates for individuals with anxiety      Family-to-Family course. Blair,
• inspired creation of a support group        disorders, autism, brain cancer,        along with other volunteers, will
 for spouses/partners
                                              brain injuries, depressive disorders,   be honored for her long service at
• hosted a family picnic event                mental health, Parkinson’s disorder,    the Volunteer Appreciation Day
• met regularly with CMHS Director            OCD, and psychotic disorders. Ulti-     in January (see page one.)
• presented a request to the Board of         mately, the Silver Ribbon Coalition        New webmaster is Jon Snyder
 Supervisors                                  will be represented by advocates for    who will take over for Bill Eng-
                                              individuals with all types of brain     lish. Jon has had web experience
• held two Board planning retreats            disorders and disabilities.             in the corporate world and after a
• provided input to CMHS Quality                The Silver Ribbon Campaign for        transition period will make some
 Improvement committee                        the Brain promotes public aware-        changes in NAMI Marin’s web
• recruited five new volunteers               ness of the need for                    page. Bill, who wears several
• presented a workshop on FamFest at          emotional, social,                      hats as NAMI Marin treasurer
 the state conference                         governmental, and                       and as NAMI BayArea Walk
                                              research support of                     treasurer, will get some well de-
• funded two consumer scholarships            these individu-                         served relief from his multiple
 to the state NAMI conference
                                              als. Increasing                         jobs.
• maintained a presence on the county         public awareness
 Mental Health Board                          will decrease stigma and increase
  The list goes on….. If you’re not           support to result in improved treat-
part of our progress but would like to        ment and eventual cures for those       MGH Behavioral Services
be, please call our volunteer coordina-       affected.                               (Continued from page 1)
tor, Kay at 415-472-1388 to see if              A quest for a Silver Ribbon Brain     with private insurance compa-
there is something you’d enjoy mov-           Disorders and Disabilities Aware-       nies and the County to advocate
ing forward. NAMI Marin is an ALL             ness First Class Postage Stamp was      for patient services. He may con-
volunteer organization! If you are al-        initiated in 1999. Over 100,000 let-    duct formal treatment planning
ready helping, we send a big hug and          ters have been received by the          conferences and is very open to
thank you!         Beverlee Kell              United States Postal Service, includ-   input from families. The HIPAA
                                              ing most recently from former Presi-    confidentiality laws do not pre-
Got books? Tapes? Videos?                     dent Jimmy Carter and his wife,         vent families from providing
 Finished that book on mental ill-            Rosalynn. Please write a letter.        information. Marcy mentioned
ness? Bought an audio tape of a con-          Public support for a silver ribbon      that it is worth researching the
vention workshop? Taped a good                postage stamp may be addressed to       possibility that the Advance
television show on mental illness?            U.S. Postal Service Executive Di-       Health Care Directive for Mental
Get rid of that clutter and donate your       rector David E. Failor. Unfortu-        Illness may circumvent HIPAA
once-read, once-heard, once-seen              nately, the Silver Ribbon was not       information release restrictions.
video to the NAMI Marin library. If           approved for the 2007 postage              Handouts complemented the
it’s current and educational it could         stamp. Keep encouraging people          presentation with very specific
offer support to someone else facing          and organizations to send letters in    descriptions of the services of-
the same challenges. Heard about a            support of the Silver Ribbon Brain      fered. These handouts and addi-
good book? Let us know and we’ll              Disorders and Disabilities Aware-       tional information are available
add it to the NAMI library. Member-           ness First Class Postage Stamp.         through Marin General Hospi-
ship has it privileges: check out the                                                 tal’s Behavioral Health Services
library, check out a book.                                                            Department 415 925-7663.

 National Alliance on Mental Illness….Marin Page 5                                                       January 2007

                                         You are not alone ….Support Groups.
Family Support
NAMI Family Support                Tues. Jan 9 & 23             Room 16 CMHS                 Viviane 460-1864
  Viviane Ghammache                7—8:30 p.m.                  250 Bon Air Rd, Greenbrae
Family Caregivers of Adults        Jan. 11, 2nd Thurs.          NAMI Marin office            Kathy 499-6805
 K.Chestnut/Michele McCabe         1:30—3 p.m.                  555 Northgate Dr., San
CMHS Every Thursday
 1st week : Med. questions         CMHS Medical Director        Community Mental Health      Kathy 499-6805
 2nd week : Dual Diagnosis         B.Frechette                  250 Bon Air Rd.                “
 3rd week : Problem Solving        D.Slaeger/MendezPenate       Room 16, 1st floor           Rene 499-6804
 4-5th week : Open discussion      Kathy Chestnut

Borderline Personality             1st Thursday                 895 Sir Francis Drake        459-5206 x 2
 Support/psycho-education          7-9 p.m.                     San Anselmo        

Family-to-Family –12 weeks         Educ. on mental illness      Call for next schedule       Roberta 331-2975
FamFest—Family/client              Social/recreational events   See Ad page 6 newsletter     Jan Jackson 479-0718
Family Service Agency Support      Group forming                Family Service Agency,       Genica Roberts 491-5700
for Spouses/partners               call to register             555 Northgate San Rafael                 X 2040

Substance Abuse Recovery
Dual Diagnosis Support             Thursdays                    Enterprise Resource Center   Sliding scale fee
 Alex Markels/Kim Denn             1—2 p.m.                     1108 Tamalpais, S.R.         419-3638
DRA/Dual Recovery Anony-           Mondays                      Enterprise Resource Center   457-4554
mous                               4:30-5:30 p.m.               1108 Tamalpais, S.R.

Family Services P.A.C.E.           Tuesdays & Thursday          1000 Sir Francis Drake       Sliding scale fee
  Harm reduction/R.Warren          1—2:30 p.m.                  San Anselmo                  491-5700 x 2071
Alano Club                         Thurs. 8—9 p.m.              1360 Lincoln @ Maple, S.R.   Peter P. 507-2695
Schizophrenia Support
Managing Voices                    2nd Tuesday                  1st floor Conference room    Robin 422-6498
 w/Robin Buccheri                  12—1 p.m.                    Marin General Hospital
Mood Disorder Support
Free DBSA/                         Wednesdays 6—8 p.m.          Enterprise Resource Center   Colette 457-4554
  Depression /Bipolar                                           1108 Tamalpais, S.R.
Facilitated Process Group          Mon.-Fri. 2—3 p.m.           Enterprise Resource Center   Bernie Loaisigaat 457-4554
 Drop-in any diagnosis             Mondays-Women only           1108 Tamalpais, S.R.
Adolescent DBT Skills              Call for schedules           895 Sir Francis Drake        Michelle Mazza 459-5206
 Dialectical Behavior therapy                                   San Anselmo                  x2
Family Services “Mind over         8 week sched. Call           Family Services 555 North-   Carla Maes 491-5700 x2065
  Mood” skills training            Cognitive Behavior therapy   gate Dr., San Rafael         Claudia Fromm “ x 2057
Social & Self Care Skills
Effective Communication            Fridays 1:30-3 p.m.          Elpida: Creekside Conf.      Call to register 499-8613
                                   Mon., Wed., Fri              1000 Sir Francis Drake       Call Peri
Linda Reed Activity Club           9:15—2:15 p.m.               San Anselmo                  457-3509
 Support activities
Peer Companions/social             Various                      Enterprise Resource Center   457-4554
Smoke Busters                      Mondays Noon—1:00 pm         1000 Sir Francis Drake       456-9350 x 106
 Smoking cessation                 Amy Rogers                   San Anselmo
College of Marin students          Tuesdays                     Kentfield Campus, C.O.M.     485-9406
Relapse Prevention                 Family Services              @Homeless shelters           491-5700

Outpatient therapy:                Tuesdays, 2:30—3:45 p.m. Adult Partial Hospital Rm.       925-7662 or
  Transition to community          Fred VanPatten/BobHoltz Marin General Hospital            925-7681
Intensive Outpatient Program       3.5 hrs/week - var.times Ross Valley Mental Health        258-1723

National Alliance on Mental Illness….Marin Page 6                                                     January 2007

 NAMI Marin, Marin’s Voice on Mental Illness                                                   Non-Profit Org
 555 Northgate Drive, # 280, San Rafael, CA 94903                                             U.S. Postage Paid
 Tax deductible annual membership is $40 for a family,                                         San Rafael, CA
 $30 for an individual, and $7 for a mental health con-
                                                                                               Permit No. 641
 sumer. With your membership you also will receive
 State and national publications.

          Public General Meeting
 Where: Marin General Hospital, 1st floor
 conference rm., Bon Air Rd., Greenbrae
 When: Monday, January 8, 2007 from
 7:00 to 8:30 p.m.

 What: Update on Programs for Sub-
 stance Abuse Recovery—Learn about
 some community resources and how to
 engage someone with a dual diagnosis                              Postmaster: This Material is Time-related.
 to seek treatment.                                                       Address Service Requested
 Who: Lindsay Ferguson Jr., M.S., MFT,
 director of Marin Services for Men;
 Peter Planteen, facilitator, Dual Recov-                     For help in a crisis: Call Community Mental Health
 ery Anonymous                                                24-hour Crisis Line at 415-499-6666. For informa-
 Ron Warren, PhD, director of PACE                            tion on the mental health system call our office
                                                              (444-0480) or Roberta English at 331-2975.

  You are invited to the next
  Family Gathering and Dinner
              at                          NAMI Walk San Francisco Bay Area
       The House of Lee
        885 Fourth Street                                                             Walk with us:
                                          Location:         Golden Gate Park
                                                            San Francisco, CA ⇒Form a walk team
    Wednesday, January 17,
           2006, at 6PM.                                                              ⇒Join an existing team
      Clients, family, friends, and       Date:             May 12, 2007              ⇒Walk as an individual
    support staff, all welcome!
              No Host                     Distance:         5 & 1.5 K                 Support our Walk:
   We will order Family Style;
       soft drinks, $2 extra                                                          ⇒Sponsor a walker
                                          Check-in:         9:30 a.m.
   We have reserved tables to-                                                        ⇒Be an event sponsor
  gether. You do not have to call                                                     ⇒General donations
   ahead, walk-ins welcome!               Start Time: 11 a.m.
  However, if you wish to RSVP,
        call (415) 479-0718               Fundraising Goal:                  $ 300,000

                                          For more information about this event, please contact
                                                Laurie Williams, Walk Manager
                                                Phone: 800-556-2401


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