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									Social Enterprise East Midlands Newsletter – November 2010

Welcome to this month’s newsletter containing everything you need to know about the social
enterprise movement in the East Midlands.

It is highly likely that we saw you on Thursday at our Social Enterprise Day conference –
Connecting the Dots. The day was a huge success attracting hundreds of people involved in
social enterprise across the East Midlands – this was the largest gathering of the movement
in our region to date. This was a great achievement in both providing an opportunity for
people to network and make vital business connections as well as proving, beyond doubt, that
social enterprise is significant and vibrant in the East Midlands. As well as inspirational
speakers from the movement and an interesting debate session on the future of social
enterprise, delegates gained valuable information and insights from a series of workshops.
Presentations from the workshops are now available to download on our website.

Social Enterprise Day also saw a lobby of Parliament in support of the Public Services (Social
Enterprise and Social Value) Bill, a Private Members Bill submitted by Chris White. The Bill, if
passed, could transform public procurement by forcing local authorities to have a strategy
around social enterprise and to consider what extra social value could be created when
procuring public services. You can read more about the proposal below.

Remember, we always want to hear what you are up to and to promote your stories and
celebrations through the SEEM website and newsletter – please contact Aimi Townsend

Inside this issue

Social Enterprise News from the East Midlands

       BrightKidz wins regional heat of Social Enterprise Day photography competition
       Nene & Ouse Community Transport awarded the Social Enterprise Mark
       Climate Change Minister visits Torrs Hydro
       Harmless needs your support
       Adrenaline Alley in the running to win £50,000 to install a unique disability area

National Social Enterprise News

       Enter the UK Social Enterprise Awards
       Social Value Bill passes critical debate in Commons
       DoH allocates an extra £4.4m to turn NHS projects into social enterprises
       New rights and support for staff mutuals
       Government launches new plan for local economic growth
       Social enterprise responds to Local Growth White Paper
       First Local Enterprise Partnerships given the green light
       Guardian Social Enterprise Network launched
Funding and Investment News

       Big Society Bank pilots to share £150,000
       Good Deals 10: Bond and bank are vital to sector’s growth, says Cohen

Research and Intelligence News

       Green Streets: Exploring the potential of community energy projects
       Social Enterprise Day Survey Findings
       Transitions: social enterprise public services
       Coutts Social Enterprise Guides

Business Support

       Business Advisors Network
       ROOTS HR CIC offers free consultancy services
       Offers from The Disability Syndicate

Social Enterprise Training and Events

       Social Audit Network (SAN) Conference 2010

Social Enterprise News from the East Midlands

BrightKidz wins regional heat of Social Enterprise Day photography competition

BrightKidz, a Kettering based co-operative, has won the East Midlands regional heat of the
national photography competition for social enterprise.

The ‘Social Vision: business at its best’ competition set out to find images that show the
unique and transformative work of social enterprise.

Now in its third year, the photography competition is for the first time being jointly run by
Triodos Bank and the Social Enterprise Coalition in association with Social Enterprise
Magazine and the regional social enterprise networks of England.

BrightKidz is a social enterprise set up to promote walk-to-school schemes and supply high
visibility clothing for children. They work with schools, parents, local authorities, and industry
to promote sustainable transport, road safety and active lifestyles for children.

Their winning snap shows children from Park Infant and Park Junior Schools, Kettering,
taking part in a Walking Bus scheme adorned in brightly coloured jackets to ensure their
visibility to drivers.

Brightkidz will now go on to represent the East Midlands in the UK national final. The winner
will be decided by an online vote to be hosted on the Social Enterprise Live website. You can
vote for Brightkidz by clicking on the link below. Voting is only open until Friday 26 November
and the result will be announced at an evening reception in London on Tuesday 30

Vote here

Nene & Ouse Community Transport awarded the Social Enterprise Mark

Nene & Ouse Community Transport is the latest social enterprise from our region to be
awarded the Social Enterprise Mark. A Registered Charity, it was started by a Home Office
’Make A Difference’ grant as ’The Volunteer Centre (Thrapston)’. Their range of services is
expanding rapidly and they now employ about 50 people and a small army of dedicated
volunteers. Activities include youth services, volunteer cars, MiDAS Training and holidays.

Visit the Nene & Ouse website for further details.

Climate Change Minister visits Torrs Hydro

As he visited Torrs Hydro in New Mills, Peak District, Climate Change Minister Greg Barker
has called on enterprising communities to harness the power of their rivers and streams to
generate both green electricity and money.

Torrs Hydro is a community owned hydropower enterprise built at Torr Weir on the River Goyt
in New Mills in the High Peak of Derbyshire. A share of the revenue from the business will
help them to achieve their aim to help regenerate the community and to promote the
environmental sustainability of the New Mills area.

They raised investment for the business through a community share scheme supported by
local action group, H2OPE and the Co-op Community Fund. The community group of 230
members invested over £125,000 and then raised the remainder of the scheme’s full cost
(£330,000) from community bank loans and grants. The scheme earns an income from the
energy exported to the local Co-op supermarket and is a good example of the power of local
action and of how investment from hydro projects can be rolled out across the UK.

Read more…
Harmless needs your support

Harmless have been nominated for a Natwest Community Fund Award. If they win, they will
secure £3,000 for the project.

Harmless is a user led organisation that provides a range of services about self harm
including support, information, training and consultancy to people who self harm, their friends
and families and professionals.

The community fund is now open to voting online, please take a few seconds to follow this

Scroll down the page and enter NG1 3FB in the post code area, select one of the Nottingham
branches, and cast your vote for Harmless. You will need to put contact information into the
last section before casting your vote, but this is to just ensure that the votes are legitimate.

Adrenaline Alley is in with a chance to win £50k to install a unique disability area

Corby based Adrenaline Alley has a successful record engaging disadvantaged young
people, including young people with disabilities. Their work with them has led to the
development of an event specifically for disabled skaters and riders and the establishment of
a project to build a fully accessible area within the Alley.

A new ‘FreeWheelin’ disability area will extend Adrenaline Alley benefits to disabled young
people through the provision of a unique disabled ramp park area enabling participants to
engage in fun and exciting BMX, cycling, skateboarding and inline skating activities in a safe

For more details visit the Adrenaline Alley website.

National News

Enter the UK Social Enterprise Awards

Organisations and individuals can now enter the Social Enterprise Awards, the nationwide
competition that celebrates the work and achievements of the UK’s most inspiring and
successful social enterprises and people in the movement. This year the awards are being
sponsored by O2.

Seven categories are open to applicants:

       Social Enterprise of the Year – from within the UK
       Start Up Social Enterprise – a organisation that has been operating for up to two
       Young Person’s Social Enterprise – a young people-led business or project (including
        activities by schools, colleges and universities)
       Social Enterprise Leader – an individual that is working for an organisation (paid or
        voluntary) and is proving to be an inspirational role model
       Social Enterprise Mark Holder – an organisation that holds the Social Enterprise Mark
       Social Enterprise Unsung Hero – a person who is championing social enterprise as a
        way of doing business
       Social Enterprise Partner - a public or private sector organisation that has partnered
        with a social enterprise

The winners will be decided by a panel of expert judges, and announced at an evening
ceremony to be held at the Indigo O2 venue in London on 30 March 2011, following the close
of Voice11 at the O2.

Read more…

Social Value Bill passes critical debate in Commons

It took four hours of debate – and some concessions are likely – but the UK’s first Social
Value Bill is one important step closer to becoming law.

The Public Services (Social Enterprise and Social Value) private member's bill, introduced by
Conservative MP Chris White, will now go to the committee stage for more debate.

If it becomes law, it will require all commissioners of public services to consider taking into
account economic, social and environmental value, not just price, when buying goods and

Most private member's bills never make it past the second reading and White was praised by
several MPs for his 'determination' in having got this far. However, the civil society minister
Nick Hurd made it clear the government would seek amendments.

In particular, the government would ask to drop sections seeking to introduce a national social
enterprise strategy and a requirement on councils to develop their own local social enterprise

Read more…
DoH allocates an extra £4.4m to turn NHS projects into social enterprises

Health secretary Andrew Lansley has announced that an additional £4.4m will be made
available for NHS projects which want to become social enterprises through the NHS ‘Right to
Request’ scheme which gives public sector workers the opportunity to become their own

The funding will be distributed through the Social Enterprise Investment Fund (SEIF), that is
managed by Social Investment Business on behalf of the Department of Health.

The SEIF fund will now have £26m in capital, £3.3m in revenue and an additional £4.4m this
year. It has had £100m over its four-year span.

There are currently 29 ‘Right to Request’ schemes running and recently 32 NHS projects
announced they wanted to be set up as social enterprises.

Together these schemes will transfer an estimated £900m of services and almost 25,000
NHS staff into the social enterprise sector.

Read more…

New rights and support for staff mutuals

The Government is set to roll out new ‘Rights to Provide’ across public services so that
employers will be expected to accept suitable proposals from front line staff who want to take
over and run their services as mutual organisations.

Prisons, Sure Start Children's Centres, hospitals and the civil service are some of the
services in which staff could soon take their services out of the public sector and run them as
employee-owned businesses.

The Government also unveiled new support for public service ‘spin-outs’ building on the
Government’s Pathfinder programme including:

       over £10million to help the best fledgling mutuals reach investment readiness
       a new information line and web service for interested staff, provided by Local
        Partnerships, the Employee Ownership Association and Co-ops UK; and
       a ‘challenge group’ involving employee-ownership experts including John Lewis
        Partnerships to investigate ways to improve regulation.
Under the proposal every Government Department will be required to put in place a far
reaching right to for public sector workers to take over the running of their services. However,
services in areas such as defence and security may be exempt.

Read more…

Government launches new plan for local economic growth

The Government has outlined their new plan for promoting local economic growth. The White
Paper, ‘Local growth: realising every place’s potential’, sets out the Government’s role in
empowering locally driven growth, encouraging business investment and promoting economic

The White Paper sets out the Government’s new approach on rebalancing the economy and
helping drive sustainable growth by focusing on three key themes:

       Shifting power to local communities and businesses by creating dynamic local
        enterprise partnerships.
       Increasing confidence to invest.
       Focused investment by tackling barriers to growth that the market will not address

Read more…

Social enterprise responds to Local Growth White Paper

Social Enterprise Coalition says regional growth requires greater plurality of business models.

Commenting on the White Paper – Local growth: realising every place’s potential - Peter
Holbrook, Chief Executive of the Social Enterprise Coalition, said:

“We welcome the ambition in this White Paper, particularly the transferring of power to local
communities and local businesses, and the recognition that each locality should lead its own
development. For too long economic growth across the UK has been reliant on a small
number of industrial sectors, business models, and geographic areas.

“It is encouraging to see the inclusion of social enterprise within the paper. We firmly believe
that the challenges we face require a greater plurality of business models including those that
operate for more than profit alone, that foster social and environmental innovation and are
accountable to their employees, consumers and communities.

“There are huge opportunities for the first 24 Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) to support
such plurality, but it will be essential to get the basic architecture and culture right from the
outset. We would like to see partnerships involve social enterprises at all levels.

Read more…
First Local Enterprise Partnerships given green light

The Government has given the green light to the first 24 Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs)
in a move that will see local business and civic leaders working together to drive sustainable
economic growth and create new jobs.

Ministers announced the first wave of successful partnerships as part of a new plan for local
economic growth, which sets out the Government’s role in empowering locally driven growth,
encouraging business investment and promoting economic development.

In the East Midlands the following LEPs have been asked to progress their proposals to the
next stage:

        Greater Cambridge and Greater Peterborough (includes Rutland)
        Leicester & Leicestershire Lincolnshire
        Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
        Derby, & Derbyshire
        Sheffield City Region (includes Chesterfield BC, North East Derbyshire DC, Bolsover
         DC and Bassetlaw DC)
        South East Midlands (includes Northampton BC, Kettering BC, Corby BC, South
         Northamptonshire DC and Daventry DC)

The announcements form part of a White Paper on Local Growth which sets out the
Government’s new approach.

Read more…

Guardian Social Enterprise Network launched

The network is a hub of information for social enterprises and a place where people involved
with the movement can engage in debate around issues the sector faces, ask questions and
get advice.
On Thursday 25 November between 1.00pm and 4.00pm the network is running the first of
what will be regular Q&A sessions with expert panellists - anyone can take part and ask

The first topic is 'A guide to social impact’; follow this link for further details.

Funding and Investment News

Big Society Bank pilots to share £150,000
The National Endowment for Science, Technology and Arts (Nesta) is funding the Big Society
Bank pilots with an initial pot of £150,000, which will be allocated to 15 shortlisted proposals
for products and services for the Bank.

Around 90 ideas for social finance products and services have been received by Nesta who
has been chosen by government to research and pilot activities around the Big Society Bank.

Proposals have come from a broad range of organisations including charities, social finance
and mainstream financial institutions.

Read more…

Good Deals 10: Bond and bank are vital to sector’s growth, says Cohen

Good Deals 2010, the third annual UK social investment conference, was held over two
days on 15 and 16 November at IET London Savoy Place.

The conference provided a platform for innovative investors and inspirational social
entrepreneurs to get good deals done. It brought together all elements of the social
investment marketplace.

In a debate on the Big Society during the first day of the conference a panel of investment
experts, including the father of social investment, Sir Ronald Cohen, agreed that a new
culture of social investment was emerging – one that was essential to the sector’s growth. He
suggested that the Social Impact Bond and Big Society Bank are the key developments in
social investment that will enable social enterprises to deliver the government’s Big Society

Good Deals 10 website

Research and Intelligence News

Green Streets: Exploring the potential of community energy projects

British Gas Green Streets is a groundbreaking project helping Britain’s communities to be

British Gas has put up £2 million to fund microgeneration and energy efficiency measures that
will help 14 communities around the UK to save and generate energy. From inner city
communities in London and Birmingham to a remote Scottish island, the 14 communities
came up with their own innovative energy projects and were selected from almost 100
applicants to take part in Green Streets.

These communities are all competing until January 2011, with a chance to win up to a further
£100,000 to invest in a local environmental project of their choice.
One of the successful projects is the Green Streets Project in the Meadows area of

An interim report on Green Streets has been prepared by the ippr for British Gas and a final
report will be published around March 2011.

Read the full report here

Social Enterprise Day Survey Findings

The myth that entrepreneurs are driven solely by profit has been shattered by new research
released as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week 2010. The findings, released on Social
Enterprise Day, show that 65% of social entrepreneurs started their business for
independence and personal fulfilment while two-thirds of them think that they have a role to
play in alleviating global issues such as poverty and climate change.

Read more…

Transitions: social enterprise public services

Social Enterprise London have produced a guide for public sector workers who are interested
in establishing a social enterprise to deliver their public service. It guides the reader through
the process of establishing a social enterprise and outlines some of the steps you might
expect your current employer to take to support you.

Read more…

Coutts Social Enterprise Guides

Produced in association with the Social Enterprise Coalition, this is the first in a series of
guides that takes you through the basics of the social enterprise sector. It includes a case
study of Green-Works, which was founded in 2000 to tackle the problem of unwanted office
being sent to landfill and transport company HCT.

Read more…

Business Support
Business Advisors Network update

The SEEM Business Advisers Network (BAN) brings all types of advisers together to tackle
hot topics and to learn from each others work, to help them stay ahead of their game. It's a
unique network that highlights emerging trends for advisers to social enterprises, businesses
and communities.

The SEEM Business Advisers Network is both an e-network and a physical network that
meets quarterly. It is the only network in the East Midlands that provides specialist continuing
professional development and peer learning to those giving advice to social enterprises.

The next Business Advisors Network event will take place on 14 December in Nottingham.
The event will include workshops on quality marks and ‘helping your client get ready for

For further information please email

ROOTS HR CIC offers free consultancy services

Roots Human Resources CIC is offering a one-year retained human resources consultancy
service of up to two hours per month free of charge for two social enterprises working towards

Funded by Roots HR’s trading surpluses, and coming at a time when the third sector is
coming to terms with cuts following October’s Comprehensive Spending Review, the
subscriptions may be used to help the recipient organisations to restructure, diversify and
move towards sustainability.

Read more…

Offers from The Disability Syndicate
To celebrate Social Enterprise Day The Disability Syndicate have developed some special
offers for all SEEM newsletter subscribers.

Nimbus –The Disability Consultancy Service, are offering a 20% discount on all of their
services until 31st March 2011.
For details visit the Ask Nimbus website

MagIC-T Solutions are offering FREE Web design and set up worth £149
For details visit the MagIC–T website

DD Payroll Services 2 Months FREE payrolls and 2 months half price
For details visit the DD Payroll website

Alternatively contact Donna Brady on 01332 404040 quoting: SEEM2010

Social Enterprise Training and Events

Social Audit Network (SAN) Conference 2010

3 December, Newcastle upon Tyne

This conference heralds a new era in social accounting and audit, and a new guide to the

The new guide will be a roadmap to social accounting and audit, with a focus on helping
organisations through the maze of tools and methods which have been and continue to be

It is clear that there is a need for an integrated and common sense framework which can help
organisations to understand what they do and how they do it. It is hoped that the new guide
will help organisations find their own way of accounting and reporting, and to develop their
strategic planning.

Read more…

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