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									Priority Key      Summary                                                 Component/s                                    Issue Type
Blocker MULE-4170 2.2 tar.gz download is broken                           Build: Distributions                           Bug
Blocker MULE-4025 RetryNotifier interface method "sucess" shoud be        Core: API Core: Exception Handling             Bug
Blocker MULE-4122 Eventually dispatchers and requesters will leak         Core: Routing / Filters                        Improvement
Blocker MULE-4082 loanbroker bpm example fails on hpux                    Examples / Tutorials                           Bug
Blocker MULE-4178 Errorhandler maven build fails to fetch all             Examples / Tutorials                           Bug
Blocker MULE-4107 Enabling JMX Management in Mule causes                  Modules: Management / JMX                      Bug
                  application to run extremely slow and appear to
Blocker MULE-4020 CXF HTTP GET support does not work over                 Transport: CXF / XFire                         Bug
Blocker MULE-4173 Support all CXF routing and transformation use          Transport: CXF / XFire                         Improvement
Blocker MULE-4128 JMS replyTo refactoring introduced regressions          Transport: JMS                                 Bug

Blocker MULE-4162 JMS Redelivery Handler tries to deliver a message Transport: JMS                                       Bug
                   in an endless loop
Blocker MULE-4121 configuring xa-transaction on vm:inbound-         Transport: VM                                        Bug
                   endpoint with queueEvents="true" results in
Critical MULE-4049 Bookstore example breaks snapshot deployments Build: Maven                                            Bug

Critical   MULE-4161 Property removal does not work if it there are       Core: API                                      Bug
                        properties in multiple scopes
Critical   MULE-3882    remoteSync attribute on endpoints can be          Core: API Core: Configuration                  Improvement
Critical   MULE-3940    Unable to configure a durable subscription        Core: API Transport: JMS                       Bug
                        clientId for SunMQ/OpenMQ
Critical   MULE-3948    LogComponent returns null instead of passing      Core: Components                               Bug
                        along the original message.
Critical   MULE-4117    Unable to override some message properties        Core: Encoding / I18N Transport: HTTP/ HTTPS   Bug
                        because outbound scope does not have priority
                        over inbound scope.
Critical   MULE-3902    ExpressionSplitter does not work with XPATH due   Core: Expressions Modules: XML, XSLT, XPath    Bug
                        to an issue in the expression handling

Critical   MULE-3910 The XPathExpression Evaluator does not handle        Core: Expressions Modules: XML, XSLT, XPath    Improvement
                        situations where a Node needs to be returned

Critical   MULE-3927 SpringRegistry lookups swallow                       Core: Registry Modules: Spring                 Bug
                        BeanCreationException, must bubble it up

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Critical   MULE-3623 Collection aggregation router IMMEDIATE          Core: Routing / Filters                              Bug
                     timeout exception
Critical   MULE-3941 pass-through-router still processes message when Core: Routing / Filters                              Bug
                     Component with String return type returns null

Critical   MULE-4153 Transports are initialized multiple times              Core: Transports                               Bug
Critical   MULE-3901 Start the Mule 2.2 migration guide                     Documentation / Website                        Task
Critical   MULE-3960 User migration to Spring Security 2.0                  Modules: Security (Acegi, PGP, JAAS, others)   Improvement
Critical   MULE-3961 User uses Spring Security 2.0 for security             Modules: Security (Acegi, PGP, JAAS, others)   Improvement
Critical   MULE-3930 WS Addressing causes NPE                               Transport: CXF / XFire                         Bug
Critical   MULE-4092 Unable to "serve up" WSDL when using                   Transport: CXF / XFire                         Bug
                     proxy='true' with CXF inbound endpoint
Critical   MULE-4095 CXF outbound endpoint closes stream payloads           Transport: CXF / XFire                         Bug
                     resulting in attempted read on closed stream
Critical   MULE-4174 Auto transform payloads when using proxies             Transport: CXF / XFire                         Bug

Critical   MULE-3192 Ftp connector in mule 2.0 fails with                   Transport: FTP                                 Bug
Critical   MULE-4036    Make all HTTP transports behave identically so      Transport: HTTP/ HTTPS Transport: Jetty        Improvement
                        bugs don't arise
Critical   MULE-3250    Rename                                              Transport: JMS                                 Improvement
                        property for JmsConnector
Critical   MULE-3858    Topic destinations with slashes in the name can't   Transport: JMS                                 Bug
                        be looked up in JNDI
Major      MULE-3896    Add ability to register specifc SQL strategies in   Build: (other) Transport: JDBC                 Improvement
Major      MULE-4149    NoClassDefFoundError:                               Build: Distributions                           Bug
Major      MULE-4029    project archetype presents individual email         Build: Maven                                   Bug
                        transports for selection
Major      MULE-3997    MessageAdapter API has no method for getting a      Core: API                                      Bug
                        property from a given scope
Major      MULE-4000    MuleEvent.getProperty() method does not             Core: API                                      Improvement
                        behave as expected
Major      MULE-4147    Current contract for                                Core: API                                      Bug
                        Connectable.validateConnection() is wrong
Major      MULE-3275    Review Routers for usage of Expression              Core: Configuration                            Improvement
Major      MULE-3955    Add support for grabbing all headers and            Core: Expressions                              Improvement
                        attachments using expression
Major      MULE-3956    Add support for optional parameters in the          Core: Expressions                              Improvement
                        header/attachments expressions
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Major   MULE-4136 #[map-payload:key*] expression evaluator does   Core: Expressions                                       Bug
                  not return any values.
Major   MULE-3802 Xml expression evaluators need to support       Core: Expressions Modules: XML, XSLT, XPath             Improvement
                  configurable namespaces
Major   MULE-3899 MuleContextAware is not honoured if objects are Core: Registry                                          Bug
                  registered in the Transientregistry

Major   MULE-2299 Oversynchronization in                                   Core: Routing / Filters                        Bug
Major   MULE-4103    Missing attachment using mtom proxy                   Core: Streaming Transport: CXF / XFire         Improvement
Major   MULE-4179    Webapp example has broken link to the MX4J            Examples / Tutorials                           Bug
Major   MULE-4180    Webapp example REST support is broken on              Examples / Tutorials                           Bug
                     embedded Tomcat
Major   MULE-4183    Some examples still use JDK 1.4 target in their Ant   Examples / Tutorials                           Bug
Major   MULE-4185    Bookstore admin example Add Book returns data         Examples / Tutorials                           Bug
                     as form/urlencoded
Major   MULE-4186    Bookstore admin Add Book doesn't have any             Examples / Tutorials                           Bug
                     validation, fails with 'File not found error'
Major   MULE-4031    Content-Type of "text/xml" is getting propagated      Examples / Tutorials Transport: (other)        Bug
                     from previous message
Major   MULE-3864    JmxAgent throws an exception when mule                Modules: Management / JMX                      Bug
                     context is restarted
Major   MULE-3962    WS-Security & Spring Security integration             Modules: Security (Acegi, PGP, JAAS, others)   Improvement
                                                                           Transport: CXF / XFire
Major   MULE-3303 Add the ability to configure global namespaces           Modules: XML, XSLT, XPath                      New Feature
                     for XML features
Major   MULE-3897    XPathExpressionEvaluator should support XML           Modules: XML, XSLT, XPath                      Improvement
                     String payload
Major   MULE-3936    Integrate schema validation and JAXP XPath            Modules: XML, XSLT, XPath                      Improvement
                     filters from Intel XML project
Major   MULE-4094    Sxc filter schema allows an expectedType              Modules: XML, XSLT, XPath                      Bug
                     attribute but it can't be used
Major   MULE-4041    The Maven module archetype does not work              Tools                                          Bug
                     unless you specify -DarchetypeArtifactId=mule-

Major   MULE-3411 Http endpoint contentType element value gets             Transport: HTTP/ HTTPS                         Bug
                     ignored and overwritten with default value

Major   MULE-3996 Http outbound headers should use "outbound-              Transport: HTTP/ HTTPS                         Improvement
                     scoped" properties rather than a custom header
                     map "http.custom.headers"

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Major   MULE-2282 Unnecessary JMS Temp queue creation for no            Transport: JMS                          Bug
                     reply situation
Major   MULE-3696    ReplytoChainIntegration2TestCase fails             Transport: JMS                          Bug
Major   MULE-3958    Allow the disabling of TemporaryReplyTo            Transport: JMS                          Improvement
                     destinations on the endpoint and connector
Major   MULE-4166    Mule should automatically detect when              Transport: JMS                          Improvement
                     JMSXDeliveryCount is supported by the provider
                     and select the RedeliveryHandler implementation
                     to use
Minor   MULE-3965    Merge tests/integration-jdk5 back into             Build: (other)                          Task
Minor   MULE-3612    Fatal exception with IBM J9VM with WebpShere       Build: JDK Compatibility                Bug
                     and Axis Connector
Minor   MULE-4060    Bump ActiveMQ version to 4.1.2                     Build: Libraries / Dependencies         Improvement
Minor   MULE-2759    BuildDate uses SVN revision number instead of an   Core: (other)                           Bug
                     actual build date
Minor   MULE-4004    Introduce a customizable testcase watchdog         Core: (other)                           Improvement
Minor   MULE-4111    Limit amount of characters to log for an           Core: (other)                           Improvement
Minor   MULE-4130    Create a flag for disabling the                    Core: (other)                           Improvement
                     validateConnection() "blip" for performance
Minor   MULE-3842    Refactor the ExpressionEvaluator API               Core: API                               Improvement
Minor   MULE-841     Inconsistent/duplicate class hierarchy with        Core: API                               Improvement

Minor   MULE-4132 Support Fujitsu Sparc/Solaris platform in the  Core: Bootstrap / Java Service Wrapper         Bug
                  startup script
Minor   MULE-2554 Consider deleting the MessageBuilder component Core: Components                               Task

Minor   MULE-4100 Support failOnTimeout option for all inbound    Core: Configuration Core: Routing / Filters   Improvement
                  aggregator routers
Minor   MULE-3843 Consider unifying mule expression evaluators    Core: Expressions                             Improvement
                  such as header, attachments, payload, mule into
                  a mule expression language .

Minor   MULE-1378 Improve MessageSplitter behaviour with invalid        Core: Routing / Filters                 Improvement
                     message parts
Minor   MULE-3950 Filtering Router improvements                     Core: Routing / Filters                     Improvement
Minor   MULE-3980 Add a "bean builder" transformer                  Core: Transformers                          New Feature
Minor   MULE-3830 Document use of Registry for storing User data in Documentation / Website                     Task
Minor   MULE-3782 Stockquote unit tests log a ton of warnings           Examples / Tutorials                    Bug
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Minor     MULE-4177 Echo example prompt on Win has errors           Examples / Tutorials                                  Bug
Minor     MULE-4181 Update Bookstore Example docs with instructions Examples / Tutorials                                  Improvement
                       for running the app
Minor     MULE-4184 Bookstore admin example Get Stats return data          Examples / Tutorials                           Bug
                       as text/plain instead of text/html
Minor     MULE-2636    Add OGNLTransformer to OGNL module                  Modules: Expressions (OGNL, RegEx, others)     Improvement
Minor     MULE-4172    PGPSecurityProvider assumes all messages are        Modules: Security (Acegi, PGP, JAAS, others)   Patch submission
Minor     MULE-4035    Support Spring-first style configuration for Mule   Modules: Spring                                Patch submission
                       embedded in a webapp
Minor     MULE-3917    ObjectToXml transformer should rename its           Modules: XML, XSLT, XPath                      Improvement
                       parameter "acceptUMOMessage" to
Minor     MULE-2933    Transport Archetype should not produce              Tools                                          Improvement
                       MessageAdapter class by default
Minor     MULE-3891    Project archetype does not handle artifact names    Tools                                          Bug
                       with "-" in them
Minor     MULE-4039    Add registry bootstrap option to the Transport      Tools                                          Improvement
Minor     MULE-4155    missing call to client.completePendingCommand       Transport: FTP                                 Patch submission
                       in postProcess

Minor     MULE-4101 Servlet Transport does not send URI as payload         Transport: HTTP/ HTTPS                         Bug
                       body for HTTP Get requests
Minor     MULE-3499    Allow disabling the replyTo handling                Transport: JMS                                 New Feature
Minor     MULE-4118    Allow pollingFrequency to be configured on          Transport: JMS                                 Improvement
Minor     MULE-4119    Make JmsMessageRequester support expressions        Transport: JMS                                 Improvement
                       in selector
Minor     MULE-451     Jms Topic definition                                Transport: JMS                                 Improvement
Trivial   MULE-4086    Improve a warning message for 'no resource          Core: (other)                                  Improvement
Trivial   MULE-3841    Move the expression implementations to:             Core: API                                      Improvement
Trivial   MULE-3923    CorrelationAggregator should be renamed to          Core: API                                      Improvement
Trivial   MULE-3924    The NestedRouter class and supporting classes       Core: API                                      Improvement
                       should be renamed to BindingRouter

Trivial   MULE-4176 Disambiguate Encoding line in startup splash           Core: Bootstrap / Java Service Wrapper         Bug

Trivial   MULE-4165 Insufficient synchronization in EventCorrelator        Core: Concurrency / Threading                  Bug

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Trivial   MULE-3985 Service Provider configs should use the                Core: Configuration                          Improvement
                       org.mule.transport package
Trivial   MULE-4124 Transaction declarations in config must always         Core: Configuration                          Bug
                       have an 'action' attribute specified.
Trivial   MULE-4120 <jms:selector/> doesn't make sense when empty, Core: Configuration Transport: JMS                   Bug
                       switch expression attribute to be a mandatory
Trivial   MULE-3970    Add a String Expression evaluator                   Core: Expressions                            New Feature
Trivial   MULE-3972    Fixed arguments in Mule expressions such as 'all'   Core: Expressions                            Improvement
                       or 'count' need to be wrapped
Trivial   MULE-3903    Add support for the TestServiceComponent in the     Modules: (other)                             Improvement
                       test namespace
Trivial   MULE-2682    Create an OGNL PropertyExtractor                    Modules: Expressions (OGNL, RegEx, others)   New Feature
Trivial   MULE-4133    Provide auto-defaults for transaction manager XA    Modules: Transactions (JBoss/Arjuna/JOTM)    Improvement
                       node id
Trivial   MULE-3439    http-client-response-to-object-transformer          Transport: HTTP/ HTTPS                       Improvement
                       should be renamed to http-response-to-message-
Trivial   MULE-3440    object-to-http-client-request-transformer should    Transport: HTTP/ HTTPS                       Improvement
                       be renamed to object-to-http-request-
                       transformer for consistency

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Priority Key      Component/s                         Summary                                            Issue Type
Blocker MULE-3895 Build: Distributions                Embedded jar has invalid Registry bootstrap        Bug

Blocker MULE-3572 Documentation / Website             Document/Migrate the existing Examples             Task
Critical   MULE-3884 Core: (other)                    "org.mule.osgi" packages have disappeared from     Bug
                                                      2.1.X, but are absolutely required for OSGi
Critical   MULE-3940 Core: API Transport: JMS         Unable to configure a durable subscription         Bug
                                                      clientId for SunMQ/OpenMQ
Critical   MULE-3932 Core: Components                 Interceptors cannot be configured with shortcut    Bug
                                                      component configuration
Critical   MULE-3974 Core: Concurrency / Threading    Values of maxThreadsActive and maxThreadsIdle      Bug
                                                      are not accurate for SedaService
                                                      (maxThreadsActive= maxThreadsActive-1)

Critical   MULE-3912 Core: Configuration              Support for hierarchical Spring application        Task
                                                      contexts in 2.x
Critical   MULE-3988 Core: Configuration              MuleConfiguration defaults differ between code     Bug
                                                      and schema defaults
Critical   MULE-3927 Core: Registry Modules: Spring   SpringRegistry lookups swallow                     Bug
                                                      BeanCreationException, must bubble it up
Critical   MULE-3587 Core: Routing / Filters          Custom ID stores on the IdempotentReceiver         Bug
                                                      causes NullPointerException
Critical   MULE-3941 Core: Routing / Filters          pass-through-router still processes message when   Bug
                                                      Component with String return type returns null

Critical   MULE-3450 Core: Transformers               Variuos filters do not support streams             Bug
Critical   MULE-3364 Documentation / Website          Document Configuring Security on 2.0 wiki          Bug
Critical   MULE-3369 Documentation / Website          Update the Creating Transports page on the 2.0     Task
Critical   MULE-3735 Documentation / Website          Document graceful shutdown requirement and         Task
Critical   MULE-3816    Documentation / Website       Update XML module documentation                    Bug
Critical   MULE-3817    Documentation / Website       update Enabling WS-Addressing                      Bug
Critical   MULE-3870    Documentation / Website       Review and expand configuration reference          Bug
Critical   MULE-3849    Examples / Tutorials          errorhandler does not build in maven on a clean    Bug
Critical   MULE-3761 Modules: Management / JMX        JMX statistics influenced by asynch dispatch are   Bug
Critical   MULE-3930 Transport: CXF / XFire           WS Addressing causes NPE                           Bug
Critical   MULE-3647 Transport: File                  FileToByteArray transformer only works when        Bug
                                                      streaming is disabled

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Critical   MULE-3557 Transport: File Transport: TCP / UDP / SSL /   FileToTcpStreamingTestCase fails often on the       Bug
                     Multicast                                      build server
Critical   MULE-3858 Transport: JMS                                 Topic destinations with slashes in the name can't   Bug
                                                                    be looked up in JNDI
Major      MULE-3687 Build: Libraries / Dependencies                sxc-xpath.osgi bundle contains entries from         Patch submission
                                                                    xercesImpl package
Major      MULE-3808 Build: Libraries / Dependencies                Remove all top-level dependencies                   Improvement
Major      MULE-3646 Core: Components                               MethodHeaderPropertyEntryPointResolver does         Bug
                                                                    not resolve methods correctly
Major      MULE-3888 Core: Components Core: Lifecycle               Spring bean java component implementations          Bug
                                                                    have life-cycle methods called twice.

Major      MULE-3890 Core: Components Core: Lifecycle               Life-cycle methods not invoked on components        Bug
                                                                    instantiated as part of pool initialisation

Major      MULE-2073 Core: Configuration                            Default threading profile values differ with        Bug
                                                                    documented defaults when configuring 2.0 with
Major      MULE-3832 Core: Configuration                            Allow use of existing ApplicationContext in         Improvement
Major      MULE-3833 Core: Configuration                            Create unit tests for precedence of Registries in   Improvement
Major      MULE-3994 Core: Encoding / I18N Core: Transports         Encoding should be preserved when messages          Bug
                                                                    are sent over transport
Major      MULE-3062 Core: Lifecycle Core: Transports               org.mule.providers.AbstractConnector allows         Patch submission
                                                                    connector to be disposed of multiple times.

Major      MULE-2954 Core: Registry                                 Registry design does not support use of multiple    Improvement
                                                                    configuration builders
Major      MULE-3863 Core: Transformers                             MessagePropertiesTransformer never adds             Bug
                                                                    property if overwrite = false
Major      MULE-1742 Documentation / Website                        Annotate the mule.xsd document                      Task
Major      MULE-3344 Documentation / Website                        Document "Configuring a Transport" and              Task
                                                                    "Customizing a Transport" in 2.0 documentation

Major      MULE-3778 Examples / Tutorials                           Webapp example built with ant does not work         Bug

Major      MULE-4019 Examples / Tutorials                           Stockquote example does not output results      Bug
                                                                    before next prompt
Major      MULE-4006 Tools                                          Add a readme to the generated contant of the    Improvement
Major      MULE-4007 Tools                                          Enable the project-archetype wizard to generate New Feature
                                                                    new Mule 2 classes on top of an existing Mule

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Major   MULE-4012 Tools                             Add a Maven example-project archetype               Bug
Major   MULE-4013 Tools                             Add a Maven module-project archetype                New Feature
Major   MULE-4014 Tools                             Clean up the existing project archetype to create   Improvement
                                                    a useful new project template
Major   MULE-4015 Tools                             Add a README to the Transport archetype that        Improvement
                                                    explains the generated code and where to go for
Major   MULE-4016 Tools                             Allow users to specify modules and transports to    Improvement
                                                    include when executing a project, module,
                                                    example or transport archetype

Major   MULE-4017 Tools                             Make the Maven archetypes provide more value New Feature
                                                    to the end users
Major   MULE-3942 Transport: JDBC                   JDBC endpoint drops Message properties       Bug
Major   MULE-3850 Transport: JMS                    Add back support for                         Bug
                                                    connectionFactoryProperties for JmsConnector

Major   MULE-788     Transport: JMS                 Oracle AQ does not support single resource          Patch submission
Major   MULE-3418 Transport: VM                     VM Connector cannot be configured to use a          Bug
                                                    single thread on a singleton component
Minor   MULE-3813 Build: Libraries / Dependencies   Maven error in build when log4j1.2.8 not            Bug
                                                    manually installed
Minor   MULE-4004 Core: (other)                     Introduce a customizable testcase watchdog          Improvement
Minor   MULE-3887 Core: Components                  Dispose on java component implementations is        Bug
                                                    called twice
Minor   MULE-3975 Core: Concurrency / Threading     doThreading attribute even if configured is not     Bug
                                                    used with Seda service threading profile
Minor   MULE-1684 Core: Routing / Filters           nested router and EJB endpoints                     Improvement
Minor   MULE-3721 Core: Transformers                Logger message "Overwriting message property        Patch submission
                                                    ..." is appearing when there is no overwriting
Minor   MULE-1267 Documentation / Website           Write Mule svnmerge documentation                   Task
Minor   MULE-4190 Documentation / Website           Documentation Update: Replace "endpoint-            Improvement
                                                    template-router" with "template-endpoint-
Minor   MULE-4005 Examples / Tutorials              The scripting example should have default config    Improvement
                                                    values so it can be easily run from an IDE

Minor   MULE-3938 Tools                             Transport Archetype does not configure              Bug
                                                    Transformers correctly in the service descriptor

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Minor     MULE-3875 Transport: HTTP/ HTTPS    Allow literal value in rest-service-component    Improvement
Minor     MULE-1357 Transport: JDBC           Allow use of MERGE sql clause in outbound JDBC   Improvement
Minor     MULE-451 Transport: JMS             Jms Topic definition                             Improvement
Trivial   MULE-3971 Core: Expressions         Add an expression to return the number of        Improvement
                                              headers or attachments
Trivial   MULE-3934 Core: Routing / Filters   AndFilter should fail-fast                       Improvement

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Priority Key      Component/s                  Summary                                             Issue Type
Blocker MULE-3637 Build: Distributions         Embedded Jar does not include proper                Bug
                                               spring.handlers & spring.schemas
Blocker MULE-3837 Build: Distributions         JCA distribution(s) are missing xml libs            Bug
Blocker MULE-3848 Core: Configuration          Groovy expression evaluator isn't listed in         Bug
                                               allowed values list in xsd
Blocker MULE-3358 Documentation / Website      Update Available Transports section of 2.0 wiki     Bug

Blocker MULE-3765 Documentation / Website      Update the migration guide for issue MULE-3759.     Task
                                               The proper way to configure sync/async on the
Blocker MULE-3768 Documentation / Website      Document the outbound resultsHandler feature        Task
                                               in Mule 2.1
Blocker MULE-3772 Documentation / Website      Mule Client page is woefully out of date            Task
Blocker MULE-3770 Transport: File              File Transport seems to be reading the same file    Bug
                                               Multiple times. See the
Blocker MULE-3384 Transport: JMS               No way to look up queue/topic via JNDI for Mule     Improvement
Critical   MULE-3857 Build: Distributions      Version 2.1.1 lacks sources and javadocs in         Improvement
Critical   MULE-3800 Core: API                 The DefaultMuleMessage constructor that             Bug
                                               accepts a single Object argument will wrap a
                                               MessageAdapter inside another if a MuleMessage
                                               is passed it
Critical   MULE-3627 Core: Configuration       "Synchronous" attribute set on an inbound           Bug
                                               endpoint carries over into endpoints in catch-all
Critical   MULE-3669 Core: Endpoints           Two connectors with the same protocol :             Bug
Critical   MULE-3807 Core: Routing / Filters   The multicasting router needs to clone the          Bug
                                               message before dispatching in order that
                                               downstream transformers are not affected
Critical   MULE-3776 Transport: CXF / XFire    MtomTestCase fails when not using CXF's HTTP        Bug
Major      MULE-3783 Build: (other)            Splash screen is missing the buildNumber            Bug
Major      MULE-3610 Core: API                 One Inbound endpoint Supports both                  New Feature
                                               synchronous and asynchronous routes
Major      MULE-1769 Core: Configuration       The use of a consistent, compiled EL throughout     New Feature
                                               all configuration aspects, including filters,
                                               endpoints and potentially properties.

Major      MULE-3087 Core: Configuration       Document the ExpressionEvaluator framework          Task

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Major     MULE-3706 Core: Configuration                        Consider changing a default ${} prefix for Mule     Improvement
                                                               properties to something else for better OOTB
                                                               Spring compatibility
Major     MULE-2494 Core: Endpoints                            Register endpoints in registry and allow reuse of   Improvement
                                                               immutable endpoints
Major     MULE-3925 Core: Routing / Filters                    Add failOnTimeout flag to the inbound               Improvement
Major     MULE-3554 Modules: XML, XSLT, XPath                  FilteringXmlMessageSplitter does not handle W3C     Bug
Major     MULE-3642 Transport: CXF / XFire                     Run CXF on Jetty Transport                          Improvement
Major     MULE-1389 Transport: HTTP/ HTTPS                     Streamed HTTP response transfers slowly             Bug
Major     MULE-3822 Transport: HTTP/ HTTPS                     AbstractReceiverServlet calling                     Bug
                                                               httpResponse.setBody(..) twice - causes hanging
                                                               HTTP client connections
Major     MULE-3681 Transport: JMS                             ConnectWithThreadingTestCase is disabled            Bug
Minor     MULE-3839 Build: Distributions                       Jboss JCA distribution causes lot of .bsh script    Bug
                                                               deployment issues in default jboss distribution

Minor     MULE-3744 Core: Exception Handling Documentation /   Javadoc url's in error messages are invalid         Bug
Minor     MULE-2613 Core: Routing / Filters                    Routers that dispatch multiple messages return      Task
                                                               only the last message dispatched (when running
Minor     MULE-3508 Core: Routing / Filters                    MulticastingRouter needs a new feature to           Improvement
                                                               support the execution of multiple endpoints in
Minor     MULE-3702 Core: Transformers                         allow expressions in message-properties-            Improvement
Minor     MULE-3764 Core: Transformers                         Cannot configure renameProperty values in the       Bug
                                                               Xml config for the MessagePropertiesTransformer

Minor     MULE-3814 Core: Transformers                         MessagePropertiesExpressionTransformer -            Improvement
                                                               Enhancing MessagePropertiesTransformer to
                                                               accept expressions.
Minor     MULE-3818 Documentation / Website                    update Enabling WS-Security                         Bug
Minor     MULE-3467 Modules: XML, XSLT, XPath                  JXPathExtractor needs a new feature to be able      New Feature
                                                               to select Nodes and namespace support

Minor     MULE-3812 Transport: JMS                             Remove "recoverJmsConnections" property          Improvement
Trivial   MULE-1485 Build: Libraries / Dependencies            Upgrade JRuby jsr-223 engine with 0.9.8          Improvement
Trivial   MULE-3742 Core: Routing / Filters                    org/mule/routing/response/DefaultResponseRou Bug
                                                               terCollection.java logs to warn instead of debug

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Priority Key      Component/s                                         Summary                                              Issue Type
Blocker MULE-3701 Build: (other)                                      The 2.1.x build strips MANIFEST.MF of all entries    Bug

Blocker MULE-3635 Build: (other) Core: Configuration                  Bump schema versions                                 Task
Blocker MULE-2957 Core: Bootstrap / Java Service Wrapper              Fix startup script problems (exposed by groovy       Bug
                                                                      1.5.2 upgrade)
Blocker MULE-3585 Core: Configuration                                 recipient-list-router                                Bug
Blocker MULE-2903 Core: Lifecycle                                     Building with JDK 1.5 does not register              Bug
                                                                      notification types
Blocker MULE-3643 Core: Routing / Filters                             ChainingRouter does not use remoteSync for           Bug
                                                                      endpoint unless set explicitly
Blocker MULE-3740 Core: Transports                                    New retry policy implementation wraps                Bug
                                                                      send/dispatch exceptions and reports them as
Blocker MULE-3656 Examples / Tutorials                                Loanbroker BPM throws NullPointerException           Bug

Blocker MULE-3774 Examples / Tutorials                                Bookstore example from full distribution fails       Bug

Blocker MULE-3549 Examples / Tutorials Transport: CXF / XFire         Loanbroker example using CXF throws exceptions Bug

Critical   MULE-2303 Core: (other)                                    Rework recursive ConnectionStrategy behaviour        Bug

Critical   MULE-3703 Core: (other) Modules: Management / JMX          JMX interface no longer exposes Endpoints and        Bug
Critical   MULE-3759 Core: API Core: Routing / Filters                Remove the synchronous param from the                Improvement
                                                                      Router.route API methods
Critical   MULE-3719 Core: Bootstrap / Java Service Wrapper           Unable to override mule-core jar via                 Bug
Critical   MULE-3092 Core: Configuration                              Implement mechanism to configure IDs, encoding       New Feature
                                                                      and working directory when MuleContext is
Critical   MULE-3760 Core: Configuration                              mule-schemadoc.xsd needs to be deployed when         Bug
                                                                      Xml configuration is being used
Critical   MULE-3030 Core: Configuration Core: Endpoints Core:        Memory leak by using axis inbound endpoint           Bug
                     Queues (SEDA) / Persistence Core: Transformers
                     Core: Transports Modules: Management / JMX
                     Transport: Axis
Critical   MULE-3741 Core: Exception Handling Core: Transports        FatalConnectException is not serializable and        Bug
                                                                      therefore exception cannot be routed
Critical   MULE-3676 Core: Lifecycle                                  Attempts to stop a seda service hang if service is   Bug
Critical   MULE-3677 Core: Queues (SEDA) / Persistence                Service PoolingProfile configuration is ignored      Bug
                                                                      and it is not possible to enable persistence

                                                                                                                                         13 of 29
Critical   MULE-3678 Core: Queues (SEDA) / Persistence             Persistent queue recovery without muleContext      Bug
                                                                   disposal results in inconsistent queue state

Critical   MULE-3680 Core: Queues (SEDA) / Persistence             Deserialized instances of DefaultMuleEvent are     Bug
                                                                   missing endpoint instance.
Critical   MULE-3722 Core: Transports Transport: VM                Regression in VM transport (exposed by             Bug
Critical   MULE-3338 Documentation / Website                       Document "Creating Services" section of the 2.0    Task
                                                                   documentation ToC
Critical   MULE-3683 Examples / Tutorials                          Tests for the Echo example don't run in the full   Bug
Critical   MULE-3781 Examples / Tutorials Transport: Stream        Examples give a double prompt                      Bug
Critical   MULE-3493 Transport: CXF / XFire                        CXF Transport throws NPE for void messages         Bug

Critical   MULE-3500 Transport: CXF / XFire                        Upgrade to CXF 2.1.1                               Improvement
Critical   MULE-3685 Transport: CXF / XFire                        ServletTestCase fails and one test is commented    Bug
                                                                   out in WsdlCallTestCase
Critical   MULE-3584 Transport: Email                              SimpleMailMessageAdapter#textPayload() uses        Bug
                                                                   platoform default encoding.
Critical   MULE-3666 Transport: HTTP/ HTTPS                        MuleReceiverServlet endpoint object leak causes    Bug
                                                                   stack overflow - sample webapp fatally broken

Critical   MULE-3250 Transport: JMS                                Rename                                             Improvement
                                                                   property for JmsConnector
Critical   MULE-3579 Transport: JMS                                JmsMessageUtils#toByteArray() uses platform        Bug
                                                                   default encoding
Major      MULE-2929 Build: Integration Tests Build: Libraries /   Move tck classes out of core's main sources        Improvement
Major      MULE-981  Build: Libraries / Dependencies Core:         OSGi component model support                       New Feature
                     Configuration Core: Lifecycle
Major      MULE-2955 Core: (other)                                 Context Classloader may be null in some rare       Bug
                                                                   cases, accomodate those in the code
Major      MULE-3574 Core: (other)                                 Resolve outstanding transaction issues/bugs        Bug

Major      MULE-3043 Core: Bootstrap / Java Service Wrapper        Ad-hoc option (-M) doesn't properly parse values   Bug
                                                                   with spaces
Major      MULE-3684 Core: Components                              Dispatching to a paused seda service blocks        Bug
Major      MULE-3709 Core: Components Core: Configuration          ComponentInterceptorTestCase fails                 Bug
Major      MULE-3589 Core: Configuration                           Support the Synchronous to Asynchronous            Improvement

                                                                                                                                    14 of 29
Major   MULE-3757 Core: Configuration                           Move catch-all-strategy blocks in the Xml to the    Bug
                                                                bottom of <inbound> and <outbound> tags

Major   MULE-3382 Core: Configuration Transport: JMS            Replace jms:xa-transaction node with a generic xa- Bug
                                                                transaction element
Major   MULE-3718 Core: Lifecycle Modules: Management / JMX     WrapperManagerAgent is not registered in the       Bug
Major   MULE-2139 Core: Registry                                Separate Registry layers/concerns                  Improvement
Major   MULE-3179 Core: Routing / Filters                       Inbound Aggregators should also have a timeout New Feature
Major   MULE-1321 Core: Transports                              The MULE_METHOD_PROPERTY is not being set Bug
                                                                when dispatching a message
Major   MULE-3503 Examples / Tutorials Transport: CXF / XFire   Add CXF bookstore example to 2.0                   New Feature
Major   MULE-3193 Transport: CXF / XFire                        CXF and typeMappingRegistry not working            Bug
Major   MULE-3592 Transport: HTTP/ HTTPS                        RestServiceWrapper can't use expressions if        Bug
                                                                serviceUrl starts with http://
Major   MULE-1150 Transport: JMS                                JMS SimpleRetryConnectionStrategy broken with Bug
                                                                WebSphere MQ
Major   MULE-3758 Transport: JMS                                A message containing a list of arbitrary objects   Bug
                                                                cannot be posted to JBoss Messaging

Minor   MULE-1173 Build: Distributions                          Build a mule-X-sources.jar bundle to accompany      Task
                                                                the "embedded" jar
Minor   MULE-3564 Build: Distributions                          Scripting and Profiler packs are built without a    Improvement
                                                                version suffix
Minor   MULE-639     Build: JDK Compatibility                   Investigate JDK 1.5 as base platform for upcoming   Task
                                                                Mule versions
Minor   MULE-3518 Core: (other)                                 Need to support the graceful shutdown feature.      New Feature

Minor   MULE-3565 Core: (other)                                 NPE in AbstractEntryPointResolver when passing Bug
                                                                an object array containing a null as message

Minor   MULE-570     Core: (other)                              A question about changing the synchronicity of      Task
                                                                an event once its "in the pipe"

Minor   MULE-3692 Core: API                                     Consider adding getStatistics() to                  Improvement
Minor   MULE-3134 Core: Configuration                           System properties should override settings from     Improvement
                                                                XML config for MuleConfiguration properties

Minor   MULE-3284 Core: Configuration                           We should really have renamed <outbound-pass- Improvement
                                                                through-router> to <pass-through-router>

                                                                                                                                  15 of 29
Minor     MULE-3412 Core: Configuration                            connector service-overrides should support       New Feature
Minor     MULE-3299 Core: Routing / Filters                        The Splitter router has a flag called            Improvement
                                                                   "honorSynchronicity" I think this can be removed

Minor     MULE-3595 Core: Routing / Filters                        NestedInvocationHandler chokes on no args        Improvement
Minor     MULE-3855 Documentation / Website                        Update Running Mule as a Win service with more   Improvement
                                                                   details on the env setup
Minor     MULE-3605 Modules: Security (Acegi, PGP, JAAS, others)   Cannot specify security manager to use for       Improvement
                                                                   authenticating an endpoint when multiple
                                                                   security managers are configured
Minor     MULE-3604 Transport: HTTP/ HTTPS                         HTTP transport does not honour the Content-      Bug
                                                                   Disposition header
Trivial   MULE-3665    Core: (other)                               Encoding information on splash screen            Patch submission
Trivial   MULE-3698    Core: Bootstrap / Java Service Wrapper      Reduce startup logging noise to make sense       Improvement
Trivial   MULE-3571    Core: Routing / Filters                     Error logged at debug level                      Improvement
Trivial   MULE-3657    Transport: File                             FileMessageProvider performance improvement      Patch submission

                                                                                                                                       16 of 29
Priority Key      Component/s                                  Summary                                              Issue Type
Blocker MULE-3314 Core: (other) Core: Transformers             Response messages in remoteSync=false                Bug
                                                               scenarios are corrupted by transformations that
                                                               happen in outbound phase
Blocker MULE-3390 Core: Concurrency / Threading                Disposing the context does not dispose the           Bug
                                                               NotificationsManager, which in turn holds the
                                                               work manager
Blocker MULE-3535 Core: Configuration                          Update Spring namespace location urls from 2.0       Improvement
                                                               to 2.5
Blocker MULE-3345 Core: Exception Handling                     TransactionTemplate swallows exceptions and          Bug
                                                               returns null instead
Blocker MULE-2961 Core: Queues (SEDA) / Persistence            Restoring persisted events does not reattach         Bug
                                                               event to valid UMOSession
Blocker MULE-3334 Documentation / Website                      Document "Configuring Mule " section of the 2.0      Task
                                                               documentation ToC
Blocker MULE-3375 Documentation / Website                      Document Using IDEs on the 2.0 wiki                  Bug
Blocker MULE-3406 Documentation / Website                      Document "Configuring Transformers" section          Task

Blocker MULE-3407 Documentation / Website                      Document "Configuration Options" section (i.e.,      Improvement
                                                               MuleConfiguration variables)
Blocker    MULE-3461    Documentation / Website                Document "Using Filters" section                     Improvement
Blocker    MULE-3550    Examples / Tutorials                   loanbroker bpm example's config is invalid           Bug
Blocker    MULE-3551    Examples / Tutorials                   Webapp example's REST Hello World fails              Bug
Blocker    MULE-3552    Examples / Tutorials                   Webapp "REST Put/Get" example does not work          Bug

Critical   MULE-3420 Build: (other)                            AbstractMuleTestCase does not delete working         Bug
                                                               directory causing test failures
Critical   MULE-3521 Core: (other)                             AbstractEntryPointResolver has serious memory        Bug
Critical   MULE-3561 Core: (other)                             Mule reports incorrect server start time on          Bug
Critical   MULE-3321 Core: Components                          Implement Component Notifications                    New Feature
Critical   MULE-2620 Core: Configuration                       BeanPayloadPropertyExtractor tests failing           Bug
Critical   MULE-3340 Core: Configuration                       There's no vm:transaction element in the VM          Bug
Critical   MULE-3315 Core: Queues (SEDA) / Persistence         No way to configure persistence strategy with        Bug
                                                               mule config and default doesn't persist
Critical   MULE-2962 Core: Queues (SEDA) / Persistence Core:   Misleading OptionalDataException in                  Bug
                     Transformers                              MuleEvent.unmarshallTransformers
Critical   MULE-3506 Core: Routing / Filters                   IdempotentReceiver does not filter                   Bug
Critical   MULE-2499 Core: Streaming                           No way to close streams (and release                 Bug
                                                               connections) if an exception occurs outside of the

                                                                                                                                  17 of 29
Critical   MULE-3429 Documentation / Website                  Update File Transport ref docs                     Task
Critical   MULE-3459 Documentation / Website                  Document the JDBC schema                           Task
Critical   MULE-3547 Modules: XML, XSLT, XPath                XML Routers/filters/transformers do not handle     Bug
                                                              all XML message types
Critical   MULE-3269 Tools                                    IntelliJ does not handle XML schema substitution   Bug
                                                              groups properly
Critical   MULE-3296 Transport: CXF / XFire                   WSDL-CXF transport cannot handle multiple non-     Bug
                                                              synchronous requests
Critical   MULE-3298 Transport: CXF / XFire                   MuleProtocolHeaders is not added to the out        Bug
                                                              fault interceptors
Critical   MULE-3383 Transport: CXF / XFire                   Serving out WSDL over the VM protocol with CXF     Bug
                                                              does not work
Critical   MULE-3476 Transport: CXF / XFire                   Port applyXXXToProtocol configuration switches     New Feature
                                                              to 2.x from 1.x CXF connector
Critical   MULE-3493 Transport: CXF / XFire                   CXF Transport throws NPE for void messages         Bug

Critical   MULE-3494 Transport: CXF / XFire                   NPE in CXF probably caused by MuleInvoker not      Bug
                                                              packing null return values
Critical   MULE-1720 Transport: JMS                           JMSConnector fails to reconnect when used with     Bug
Critical   MULE-3342 Transport: JMS                           Messages stuck in AMQ when used with               Bug
                                                              jms:transaction tag
Major      MULE-3385 Build: Distributions                     Release Mule 2.0.2 CE                              Task
Major      MULE-3447 Build: Distributions                     Update IzPack installer to generate proper 2.x     Bug
Major      MULE-3309 Build: Libraries / Dependencies          Bundle CDDL licensed libraries instead of          Task
                                                              dowloading at first start.
Major      MULE-3502 Build: Maven                             Project & Transport Archetype tests fail when      Bug
                                                              building from the root
Major      MULE-3239 Core: (other)                            DefaultMuleMessage.toString throws NPE if          Bug
                                                              MuleContext is unavailable
Major      MULE-3524 Core: (other)                            Message events should not be fired by default      Bug

Major      MULE-2335 Core: Bootstrap / Java Service Wrapper   '-config startup switch is not being picked up     Bug
                                                              unless it's the first one
Major      MULE-3445 Core: Bootstrap / Java Service Wrapper   Mule startup script has error on Solaris           Bug
Major      MULE-3112 Core: Components                         Implement test cases for new component             Task
                                                              implementations in component hierarchy
Major      MULE-3123 Core: Configuration                      The test namespace should be used for              Improvement
                                                              configuring test services
Major      MULE-2720 Core: Endpoints                          userInfo is decoded twice in                       Bug

                                                                                                                               18 of 29
Major   MULE-3328 Core: Endpoints                          Jms credentials are incorrectly parsed from     Bug
                                                           endpoint URI
Major   MULE-3435 Core: Lifecycle                          The transaction action JOIN_IF_POSSIBLE creates Bug
                                                           transactional jms session in any case

Major   MULE-3305 Core: Queues (SEDA) / Persistence        Mule 2.0 <queue-profile persist="true"/>, but no   Bug
                                                           messages are persisted?
Major   MULE-3454 Core: Routing / Filters                  Can't configure ID stores on the                   Bug
                                                           IdempotentReceiver right now
Major   MULE-3556 Core: Routing / Filters                  ExpressionFilter treat a string return value of    Bug
                                                           "false" as true
Major   MULE-3329 Core: Transports                         HttpServerConnector is added a connector           New Feature
                                                           property "keepAliveTimeout"
Major   MULE-3261 Documentation / Website                  Document the Quartz transport according to the     Task
                                                           new configuration
Major   MULE-3265 Documentation / Website                  Icons for "Login" page are broken                  Task
Major   MULE-3333 Documentation / Website                  Document "Configuration Overview " section of      Task
                                                           the 2.0 documentation ToC
Major   MULE-3373 Documentation / Website                  Document Writing Functional Tests on the 2.0       Bug
Major   MULE-3428 Documentation / Website                  Update FTP Transport ref docs                      Task
Major   MULE-3460 Documentation / Website                  Document the scripting schema                      Task
Major   MULE-3639 Documentation / Website                  MuleClient/remoteDispatcher documentation          Bug
                                                           contains incorrect information about methods

Major   MULE-3743 Documentation / Website                  Mule Javadocs site 404ing                          Bug
Major   MULE-3313 Examples / Tutorials                     Improve scripting example app.                     Improvement
Major   MULE-3156 Modules: JSR-223 Scripting               Migration for Scripting module seems to be         Bug
Major   MULE-3421 Modules: JSR-223 Scripting               Scripting component not thread safe                Bug
Major   MULE-3422 Modules: JSR-223 Scripting               Bindings on the script component are not well      Bug
Major   MULE-3455 Modules: JSR-223 Scripting               Groovy script component could support              New Feature
                                                           component bindings
Major   MULE-1761 Modules: Spring                          Response router does not wait properly for         Patch submission
                                                           events coming back from spring
Major   MULE-3463 Modules: XML, XSLT, XPath                Create a Jaxen Filter                              Improvement
Major   MULE-3226 Tools                                    Transport archetype is out of date with current    Bug
                                                           2.0 API
Major   MULE-3409 Tools                                    A few issues with the transport archetype          Bug
Major   MULE-3444 Tools                                    Transport archetype is missing endpoint schema     Improvement
Major   MULE-3507 Transport: Axis Transport: CXF / XFire   Web Service Wrapper                                New Feature

                                                                                                                                 19 of 29
Major   MULE-3349 Transport: CXF / XFire                          Document the cxf schema                            Task
Major   MULE-3464 Transport: CXF / XFire                          Support DOM/Source/Other xml types in              Improvement
Major   MULE-2230 Transport: HTTP/ HTTPS                          errorExpression on RestServiceWrapper doesn't      Bug
Major   MULE-2925 Transport: HTTP/ HTTPS                          No transformers for HttpServletRequest to          Bug
                                                                  InputStream (and others?)
Major   MULE-3437 Transport: HTTP/ HTTPS                          Polling Http receiver transformers get copied to   Bug
                                                                  outbound endpoint when the polling occurs

Major   MULE-3441 Transport: HTTP/ HTTPS                          Document the http and https schemas                Task
Major   MULE-3451 Transport: JDBC                                 JDBC message dispatcher, (executeRequest)          Bug
                                                                  closes connection after select statement
Major   MULE-3452 Transport: JDBC                                 Single transaction tries to commit/rollback more   Bug
                                                                  than once
Major   MULE-2616 Transport: JMS                                  MuleWorkManager is stopped after JMS               Bug
Major   MULE-3307 Transport: JMS                                  Issues transforming ActiveMQStreamMessage to       Bug

Major   MULE-3492 Transport: JMS                                  Received Jms Message from JMSReplyTo               Bug
                                                                  destination doen't contain JMSCorrelationID
Major   MULE-3498 Transport: JMS                                  Default jms transformer doen't transform           Bug
Major   MULE-2905 Transport: VM                                   VM hangs on with transaction                       Bug
Major   MULE-3318 Transport: VM                                   VmTransactionTestCase failing in 3/4 test cases    Bug

Major   MULE-3387 Transport: XMPP (Jabber)                        XMPP namespace attribute                           Bug
                                                                  "createDispatcherPerRequest" causes
                                                                  configuration failure
Minor   MULE-3324 Build: (other)                                  Always add endorsed libs, irrelevent of java       Bug
Minor   MULE-2014 Build: (other) Modules: Security (Acegi, PGP,   MS specific tests for JAAS                         Improvement
                  JAAS, others)
Minor   MULE-3286 Build: Libraries / Dependencies                 Upgrade Groovy dependency to 1.5.x                 Improvement
Minor   MULE-3290 Build: Libraries / Dependencies                 Upgrade SLF4J to 1.5.0                             Improvement
Minor   MULE-1329 Core: (other)                                   Update usage message with new switches for         Task
                                                                  standalone Mule
Minor   MULE-2157 Core: (other)                                   The attribute "factory" has to be mandatory for    Bug
                                                                  transaction element
Minor   MULE-3419 Core: API                                       De-couple splashscreen logic from                  Improvement

                                                                                                                                   20 of 29
Minor   MULE-3480 Core: Configuration                          Wrong values in configuration-builders.properties Bug
                                                               for ScriptConfigurationBuilder

Minor   MULE-3427 Core: Configuration Core: Endpoints          Test case to ensure global endpoints do not       Improvement
                                                               require explicit connector specification
Minor   MULE-2724 Core: Exception Handling                     DefaultComponentExceptionStrategy should          Patch submission
                                                               route to all endpoints by default
Minor   MULE-3317 Core: Queues (SEDA) / Persistence            SedaService inconsistently uses queue member      Bug
                                                               variable and name to look up queue

Minor   MULE-3539 Core: Registry                               Allow Spring ApplicationContext to be looked up   Improvement
                                                               via Mule Registry interface
Minor   MULE-3453 Core: Routing / Filters                      The IdempotentReceiver could be improved by       Improvement
                                                               allowing the user to define an expression to
                                                               obtain the uniqueId
Minor   MULE-3456 Core: Routing / Filters                      ExceptionBasedRouter doesn't support              Bug
                                                               transaction mode
Minor   MULE-3372 Documentation / Website                      Update the Unit Testing page on the 2.0 wiki      Bug
Minor   MULE-3394 Documentation / Website                      The Transport Feature matrix could benefit from   Task
                                                               the new SchemaDoc approach
Minor   MULE-3430 Documentation / Website                      Schema Doc should hide empty attribute and        Bug
                                                               child element tables
Minor   MULE-3431 Documentation / Website                      Need better handling of Transformer and Filter    Improvement
                                                               schema elements
Minor   MULE-3381 Modules: Expressions (OGNL, RegEx, others)   map-property expression evaluator is missing      Bug
                                                               from the schema
Minor   MULE-3457 Modules: Expressions (OGNL, RegEx, others)   Add an Evaluator that will execute known          New Feature
                                                               methods on the these message i.e. ${message:id}

Minor   MULE-2713 Modules: JSR-223 Scripting                   Implement a "scripting" component type and        New Feature
                                                               update example/test file to use it.
Minor   MULE-3323 Modules: JSR-223 Scripting                   Allow parameters to be passed to a script via     Improvement
Minor   MULE-3341 Modules: JSR-223 Scripting                   Allow parameters to be passed to a script via     Improvement
Minor   MULE-3466 Modules: XML, XSLT, XPath                    Distribute Saxon as Mule's default XSLT engine    Improvement

Minor   MULE-3350 Transport: CXF / XFire                       Upgrade to latest CXF version                     Task
Minor   MULE-2627 Transport: File Transport: FTP               FtpConnector, FileConnector and OutputPattern     Bug
                                                               not being taken into account
Minor   MULE-1821 Transport: HTTP/ HTTPS                       Upgrade Jetty version                             Task
Minor   MULE-3442 Transport: HTTP/ HTTPS                       The RestServicewrapper could support using        Improvement
                                                               expressions for the service URL

                                                                                                                                    21 of 29
Minor     MULE-3443 Transport: HTTP/ HTTPS                        Configuration of the error filter is a bit dodgy.   Improvement

Minor     MULE-2899 Transport: TCP / UDP / SSL / Multicast        TcpMessageReceiver contains old, unused             Patch submission
                                                                  processData(Object) method.
Minor     MULE-3468 Transport: TCP / UDP / SSL / Multicast        SerializationException thrown by                    Bug
Trivial   MULE-3339 Build: Integration Tests                      Create a quick test to demonstrate compression      Improvement
                                                                  over JMS
Trivial   MULE-3380 Build: Integration Tests                      TestFunctionalComponent2 does not support           Bug
                                                                  "asString" property from FTC
Trivial   MULE-3297 Core: (other)                                 AbstractTransactionContext is not abstract          Bug
Trivial   MULE-3316 Core: (other)                                 Remove unused and incomplete code in                Improvement
Trivial   MULE-3469 Core: Configuration Core: Routing / Filters   message-chunking-aggregator allows                  Bug
                                                                  correlationExpression attribute but there is no
                                                                  matching attribute
Trivial   MULE-805  Core: Encoding / I18N Modules: JCA Resource   Resource adapter string are not internationalised   Improvement
Trivial   MULE-3545 Core: Transformers                            GZipUncompressTransformer accepts Serializable Bug
                                                                  but can not handle it
Trivial   MULE-3658 Documentation / Website                       Incorrect URL encoding in Mule documentation Bug

Trivial   MULE-3425 Modules: JSR-223 Scripting                    The "result" binding default should be              Bug

                                                                                                                                         22 of 29
Priority Key      Component/s                                   Summary                                            Issue Type
Blocker MULE-3180 Core: Agents                                  Start up Agents in the correct order               Bug
Blocker MULE-3292 Core: Configuration Core: Routing / Filters   Loanbroker BPM example fails with                  Bug
                                                                selectorExpression error
Blocker MULE-3139 Examples / Tutorials                          Loanbroker ESB with EJB embedded fails on          Bug
Blocker MULE-3249 Transport: CXF / XFire                        CXF Endpoints cannot be configured with generic    Bug
                                                                endpoint elements
Blocker MULE-3255 Transport: CXF / XFire                        Inbound and response transformers configured       Bug
                                                                on CXF endpoints are ignored
Critical   MULE-2806 Build: (other)                             Incorporate automated license header check into    Improvement
                                                                the build cycle
Critical   MULE-3194 Build: Distributions Build: Libraries /    Loanbroker example's dist pom is missing the       Bug
                     Dependencies                               mule dependencies repo definition
Critical   MULE-3346 Core: API Core: Routing / Filters          Define each messaging exchange and determine       Improvement
                                                                exactly what you can expect from each one

Critical   MULE-3172 Core: Configuration                        Unable to declare an in-line transformer on an     Improvement
                                                                inbound endpoint
Critical   MULE-3280 Core: Queues (SEDA) / Persistence          FilePersistenceStrategy deletes peeked file when   Bug
                                                                queue.peek() is called
Critical   MULE-3065 Core: Streaming Core: Transformers         Review all transformers for streaming              Task
Critical   MULE-2699 Core: Transformers                         Add TransformerCollection test case                Task
Critical   MULE-3271 Documentation / Website                    Update menu bar to reflect the new docs            Task
Critical   MULE-3291 Examples / Tutorials                       Stockquote WSDL example throws SoapFault           Bug
Critical   MULE-3293 Examples / Tutorials                       Loanbroker ESB fails upon many requests            Bug
Critical   MULE-3094 Tools                                      Schemadocs - Generate Whole Transport/Module       Improvement

Critical   MULE-3238 Transport: JDBC                            JdbcConnector & JdbcMessageDispatcher are          Bug
                                                                leaving connections open
Critical   MULE-3174 Transport: JMS                             Replace a default jms message receiver with        Improvement
                                                                MultiConsumer receiver
Major      MULE-3085 Core: Configuration                        Review the use of <property-extractor> elements    Task
                                                                in mule.xsd
Major      MULE-3173 Core: Configuration                        When using the                                     Bug
                                                                ServletContext resources are not found
Major      MULE-3245 Core: Configuration                        spring.handlers for JMS lists                      Bug
                                                                ActiveMqNamespaceHandler which doesn't exist

                                                                                                                                 23 of 29
Major   MULE-3231 Core: Configuration Transport: Axis   mule-axis.xsd causes Unique Particle Attribution     Bug
Major   MULE-3184 Core: Routing / Filters               Unify the code for Async-Reply procesing and         Improvement
Major   MULE-3222 Documentation / Website               Create a new wiki space for anonymously-             Task
                                                        accessible docs
Major   MULE-3223 Documentation / Website               Clean out the MULE space (should only contain        Task
                                                        general info. about the Mule project)

Major   MULE-3273 Documentation / Website               Update Site Map to reflect new docs organization Task

Major   MULE-3287 Documentation / Website               Static export of wiki docs should not be available   Task
                                                        w/out login
Major   MULE-3237 Examples / Tutorials                  LoanBroaker pom.xml - missing Apache m2-             Bug
Major   MULE-3195 Modules: Management / JMX             MuleConfiguration API changes have broken JMX        Bug
                                                        style-sheet compilation
Major   MULE-3270 Modules: Management / JMX             The registerMx4jAdapter attribute of jmx-default-    Bug
                                                        config does not map to a object attribute

Major   MULE-2836 Transport: BPM / BPEL                 BPM originating message responses are not            Bug
                                                        routed properly
Major   MULE-3200 Transport: BPM / BPEL                 jBPM test cases throw a NPE on shutdown              Bug
Major   MULE-3193 Transport: CXF / XFire                CXF and typeMappingRegistry not working              Bug
Major   MULE-3198 Transport: File                       Unable to use java.io.File payload with file         Bug
Major   MULE-2749 Transport: JDBC                       JDBC seems to be lacking any kind of functional      Improvement
Major   MULE-3246 Transport: JMS                        MultiConsumerJmsMessageReceiver should               Improvement
                                                        detect topics and auto-adjust the number of
Major   MULE-3283 Transport: JMS                        JMSSupport is leaving connections open if session    Bug
                                                        cannot be bound to transaction
Major   MULE-3201 Transport: Quartz                     The Quartz endpoint schema needs some love           Improvement

Major   MULE-3230 Transport: VM                         When Mule Messages are written to VM queues,         Bug
                                                        they retain old thread information
Minor   MULE-3208 Build: Libraries / Dependencies       Upgrade to Spring 2.5.3                              Improvement
Minor   MULE-3260 Core: API                             Add a method to the message adapter for added        Improvement
                                                        a map of properties to a given scope on the
Minor   MULE-3253 Core: Components                      PassthroughComponent should implement                Improvement
                                                        Component directly rather than be used with
                                                                                                                           24 of 29
Minor     MULE-3248 Core: Configuration          Every wildcard filter should provide a            Bug
                                                 'caseSensitive' config attribute
Minor     MULE-2837 Core: Transformers           modification to MessagePropertiesTransformer      Improvement
                                                 allowing for properties names renaming

Minor     MULE-3197 Core: Transformers           It would be trivial to add a <auto-transformer>   New Feature
Minor     MULE-3221 Documentation / Website      Copy contents of MULEARCH and MULEPROG            Task
                                                 into MULE2USER
Minor     MULE-3228 Documentation / Website      Consolidate wiki spaces for Japanese docs         Task
Minor     MULE-3229 Documentation / Website      Garbage collect our wiki spaces                   Task
Minor     MULE-3233 Documentation / Website      Create a Mule 2.x Cookbook based on the Mule      Task
                                                 1.x Cookbook
Minor     MULE-1827 Examples / Tutorials         Servlet response causes a save dialog in Jetty    Task

Minor     MULE-2877 Modules: JSR-223 Scripting   GroovyRefreshableBeanTestCase fails after         Bug
                                                 upgrade to Spring 2.5
Minor     MULE-2829 Transport: BPM / BPEL        JBPM mule action: SendMuleEvent does not          Bug
                                                 accept payloadSource with more then 2
                                                 elements, like a.b.c
Minor     MULE-3212 Transport: BPM / BPEL        Upgrade jBPM to 3.2.2                             Improvement
Minor     MULE-3247 Transport: File              Can't configure FileRegexFilter in Mule schemas   Bug

Trivial   MULE-3267 Documentation / Website      http://mulejbi.org outdated?                      Bug

                                                                                                                 25 of 29
Priority Key      Component/s                                       Summary                                             Issue Type
Blocker MULE-3136 Build: (other)                                    Move xfire related modules out of the regular       Improvement
Blocker MULE-3155 Build: Distributions                              Exclude Visualizer from Mule 2 distribution         Task
Blocker MULE-3135 Build: JDK Compatibility                          JDK1.4 build fails due to tests requiring JDK5      Bug
Blocker MULE-3154 Build: Libraries / Dependencies                   Review libraries that are bundled with the full     Improvement
Blocker MULE-3133 Core: Configuration                               Rename <enviroment-property> to <global-            Improvement
Blocker MULE-3102 Core: Lifecycle                                   Remove retry logic from DefaultLifecyclePhase       Improvement

Critical   MULE-3140 Core: Configuration                            Spring 2.5.2 throws a NullPointerException when Bug
                                                                    default-mule-config.xml is parsed
Critical   MULE-3146 Core: Exception Handling                       Services should use the Model ExceptionStrategy Bug
                                                                    if none is specified on the service itself

Critical   MULE-1807 Modules: Spring Transport: TCP / UDP / SSL /   Tcp endpoint does not start under Spring            Bug
Critical   MULE-3161 Transport: JMS                                 wrong classloader used when generating proxy        Patch submission
                                                                    for XaTransaction.MuleXaObject
Critical   MULE-1984 Transport: VM                                  Messages lost while VM endpoint receiver is not     Bug
Major      MULE-1395 Build: Integration Tests                       Proper synchronization for callbackCount and        Improvement
                                                                    callbackCalled in functional test cases
Major      MULE-3177 Build: Integration Tests                       Migrate the DLQ exception handler testcase for      Improvement
Major      MULE-1370 Core: (other)                                  The property "soapMethods" from endpoint gets       Patch submission
                                                                    overwritten by the property from message.

Major      MULE-1987 Core: (other)                                  Reply-to property being handled to early in         Improvement
                                                                    message flow
Major      MULE-947     Core: (other)                               Unify access to shared variables by using proper    Improvement
                                                                    accessor methods
Major      MULE-443 Core: Agents Documentation / Website            Document the Event Logger agent                     Task
Major      MULE-1767 Core: Components                               RestServiceWrapper ignores                          Bug
Major      MULE-3080 Core: Components                               Separate Service and Component concerns             Improvement
Major      MULE-3113 Core: Components                               Service should do onward routing to outbound        Improvement
                                                                    routers not Component
Major      MULE-2802 Core: Configuration                            Resolve backwards compatability support in 2.x      Bug

Major      MULE-3145 Core: Configuration                            Attribute aliases for "class" are ignored in Mule   Bug

                                                                                                                                           26 of 29
Major   MULE-3128 Core: Exception Handling                 Improve the <default-exception-strategy>          Improvement
Major   MULE-1605 Core: Lifecycle                          DefaultLifecycleAdapter.intercept was causing     Patch submission
                                                           message properties set in UMO to be lost in
                                                           outgoing message.
Major   MULE-1399    Core: Routing / Filters               Improve UMORouter lifecycle                       Improvement
Major   MULE-3106    Core: Routing / Filters               Add an ExpressionFilter                           New Feature
Major   MULE-60      Core: Routing / Filters               JSR-94 rules engine- based router                 Patch submission
Major   MULE-949     Core: Routing / Filters               Provide cancellation strategy for aggregation     Improvement

Major   MULE-3365 Documentation / Website                  Update Managing and Monitoring Deployments        Bug
                                                           page on 2.0 wiki
Major   MULE-3366 Documentation / Website                  Update Monitoring Data page on 2.0 wiki with      Bug
                                                           link to Saturn docs
Major   MULE-1564 Examples / Tutorials                     VMLoanBrokerSynchronousFunctionalTestCase         Bug
                                                           logs a warning regarding a null
                                                           MULE_REMOTE_SYNC property
Major   MULE-1858 Examples / Tutorials                     Create test case for ErrorHandler example         Task
Major   MULE-1167 Modules: JCA Resource Adapter            JCA adapter in Weblogic: fix deployment and       Patch submission
                                                           message inflow issues
Major   MULE-1795 Tools                                    Publish Mule JavaDocs for multiple releases       Improvement

Major   MULE-1553 Transport: Axis                          Cleanup failing Axis test cases                   Bug
Major   MULE-927 Transport: Axis                           Axis connector uses local logic to set            Patch submission
                                                           sync/asynchronous messaging instead of using
                                                           environment's default setting
Major   MULE-909 Transport: CXF / XFire                    Remove Mules Dependecy on SOAP schema             Improvement
Major   MULE-1178 Transport: EJB / RMI                     1.3 have only partial impl of                     Task
Major   MULE-1162 Transport: HTTP/ HTTPS                   HTTP message headers are coppied between the      Improvement
                                                           routers via the UMOMessage property
Major   MULE-3712 Transport: HTTP/ HTTPS                   PollingHttpMessageReceiver only processes up to   Bug
                                                           32K bytes sometimes
Major   MULE-1242 Transport: TCP / UDP / SSL / Multicast   Non-materializing streaming receiver for TCP      Patch submission

Minor   MULE-2965 Build: (other)                           Move launcher scripts from tools to main         Improvement
                                                           distribution subtree
Minor   MULE-2249 Build: Integration Tests                 Failing test:                                    Bug
Minor   MULE-1533 Core: API                                EventContext is null in an outboundTransformer Bug
                                                           used in endpoint with VM transport

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Minor     MULE-1398 Core: API Core: Lifecycle                Make UMOConnector implement                          Task
                                                             Startable/Stoppable lifecycle
Minor     MULE-1975 Core: Configuration                      Spring option makes little sense in MuleServer       Improvement

Minor     MULE-3143 Core: Configuration                      Add a Mule Context expression evaluator          New Feature
Minor     MULE-863 Core: Exception Handling                  Clean up exception handling to not "log & throw" Improvement

Minor     MULE-1340 Core: Routing / Filters                  StaticRecipientList does not accept global           Patch submission
Minor     MULE-3034 Core: Routing / Filters                  NPE in ForwardingCatchAllStrategy without            Bug
                                                             configured endpoint
Minor     MULE-3150 Core: Routing / Filters                  Add the ability to return collections of messages    Improvement
                                                             from routers that deal with more than one
Minor     MULE-3151 Core: Routing / Filters                  The async-reply router has a timeout but the user    New Feature
                                                             has no option to ignore the timeout and return
                                                             the messages that have been received

Minor     MULE-2883 Documentation / Website                  Case 1350: Need to update transaction                Improvement
                                                             management page to reflect transport/action
Minor     MULE-3310 Documentation / Website                  JavaDocs should be accessible from a top level       Improvement
Minor     MULE-3367 Documentation / Website                  Update Controlling the Infrastructure page on 2.0    Bug
                                                             wiki with link to Galaxy docs
Minor     MULE-1026 Examples / Tutorials                     Automatically configure HTTP proxy settings          Improvement
                                                             based on ANT_OPTS
Minor     MULE-1463 Examples / Tutorials                     Update deprecated configs for example apps           Improvement

Minor     MULE-2285    Examples / Tutorials                  Migrate interceptors for hello example               Task
Minor     MULE-659     Modules: Spring                       Mule With existing Spring                            Patch submission
Minor     MULE-1903    Transport: (new transport)            Exec transport                                       New Feature
Minor     MULE-1230    Transport: Email                      Storing consumed messages should be disabled         Bug
                                                             by default
Minor     MULE-1525 Transport: HTTP/ HTTPS                   A Single Jetty HTTP/Rest Connector does not          Patch submission
                                                             support multiple endpoints
Minor     MULE-1768 Transport: HTTP/ HTTPS                   Query string is not encoded correctly                Bug
Minor     MULE-1594 Transport: TCP / UDP / SSL / Multicast   Consider dropping socket "blip"                      Improvement
Trivial   MULE-3149 Build: Integration Tests                 Add a "waitTime" to the                              New Feature
Trivial   MULE-1077 Documentation / Website                  Make the maven reports first class citizens of the   Task
                                                             Mule site (complete with consistent LnF)

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Trivial   MULE-2046 Documentation / Website   Update all install docs to avoid paths with spaces Improvement

Trivial   MULE-3162 Examples / Tutorials      duplicate message properties files              Improvement

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