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					Walter Johnson High School
6400 Rock Spring Drive
Bethesda, MD 20814-1991
Office of the Principal
Office 301 - 803-7106
FAX 301 - 571-6986

August 20, 2009

Dear Walter Johnson Parents:

As we look ahead to the 2009-2010 school year, I write this letter in order to ask for your help. In so
many of our school programs and extracurricular activities, the school relies upon the support of our
PTSA, our all-school Booster Club and the Walter Johnson Education Foundation. At times, we might
take for granted the level of programs that we offer. Yet, without these three organizations, our programs
would suffer.

I am asking you to become a member of the PTSA and the Booster Club. We are a school community and
we need parent involvement. I understand that you cannot always attend the meetings, but I hope that you
can show your support for WJ by joining these two groups.

At the same time, the WJ Booster Club and the WJ Education Foundation need your financial support.
This year, the WJ Foundation, Booster Club and PTSA are joining together in order to co-host an early
winter gala. Please mark your calendar for the evening of December 5th and plan to attend this special
event at the Ratner Museum in Bethesda. As we modernize the campus, the work of these parent
organizations benefits Walter Johnson High School and allows us to provide state-of-the-art technology
and equipment in our new school. They are also dedicated to supporting our academic and extracurricular

Enclosed with this letter, you will find a brief publication from each of the organizations: the PTSA, the
Booster Club and the Education Foundation. Please take a few minutes right now in order to complete
these forms and return them to school. While you can mail the forms together in one envelope, please
prepare separate checks for each organization.

Together, we will make sure that WJ students continue to receive the very best programs and supports
that we can offer. Thank you.


Christopher Garran, Ph.D.
                    Walter Johnson High School Education Foundation, Inc.
                                6400 Rock Spring Drive, Bethesda, Maryland 20814

                 The Walter Johnson High School Education Foundation, Inc. is
                 committed to raising funds for school programs and activities to
supplement funding from MCPS and to enhance the modernization of Walter Johnson
High School with improvements that we believe our school and students should have.
The support from our families and community – current parents, parents of children in
our cluster schools, alumni, and others such the Kensington 8K Race, the Rod Bower
Memorial Foundation and family foundations-- has totaled over $200,000. We recently
funded a language lab, improvements to the stadium area, and spot lights for the
auditorium in addition to student programs and staff development grants.

The first installment of the bricks in the new walkway to the new stadium will be
completed late this summer. Please join us for an opening of the walkway celebration at
the Homecoming Game on October 2nd at 6:00 p.m. Information on purchasing additional
bricks for future installation is attached.

We need your continued support to meet our goals. We have opportunities for both
individual and community contributions as described in on this letter or on our website The website includes information on the joint WJ All-School
Booster Club, Education Foundation and PTSA “A Night at the Museum” Gala and
Silent Auction, purchasing bricks or auditorium seat plates, as well as more information
about the Foundation.

                                          Marney Jacobs, WJ ED Foundation President

                              Walter Johnson High School
                    “A Night at the Museum” Gala and Silent Auction
         The Walter Johnson High School Education Foundation, Booster Club, and PTSA will be holding
a Silent Auction to support the many varied programs in our high school. Spend an evening with friends at
the Ratner Museum, in our neighborhood, dance, and listen to the WJHS Jazz Band while you bid on
items that reflect the wonderful aspects of our school clubs and organizations. This is an opportunity to
bring all aspects of our community together and therefore ask that the Silent Auction items be donated by
the various clubs, teams and organizations at WJ. We want to highlight all the reasons that make WJHS
a great place and how each school organization helps provide an important aspect of why we have such a
wonderful school. Proceeds from the Auction will go to support Booster Club, Education Foundation and
PTSA, each serving academic and non-academic student programs as well as ongoing professional
development grants for teachers. Donations from the WJ community, as well as alumni, are welcome.

         Please mark your calendars and save the date. Please also check the WJHS Home Page link to our
Silent Auction book as we update it with new and exciting items. If you would like to make a donation to
the Silent Auction please complete the donation form in the link (to be established). In order to save our
trees (and the cost of a mailing), we will provide a link to order tickets using Pay Pal .
Walter Johnson High School Education Foundation, Inc. – Board of Directors
President- Marney Jacobs; Vice President Seth Meyers; Treasurer, Tom Murphy;
Board Members- Ottilie Droggitis, Maria Limarzi, Lin Lin Mao, Lee Moersen, Anat Schwartz
Run for WJ
An annual Kensington tradition since 1993, the Kensington 8K, 2 Mile Challenge
and 1K Fun Run on September 26, 2009 is a challenging race that supports three public
schools: Kensington Parkwood Elementary, North Bethesda Middle School and Walter
Johnson High School. For more information visit the website

Please use the forms and/or on-line ordering on our website to donate, order bricks or seat
or for Gala tickets or mail this form to:
                            WJHS Education Foundation, Inc,
                              Walter Johnson High School
                                 6400 Rock Spring Drive
                                  Bethesda, MD 20814

Contributor Contact Information:


Phone __________________________ E-Mail__________________________


Children/alumni date of graduation___________________________________
All contributions to the WJHS Education Foundation are tax deductible.

Buy a Brick
Buy an engraved 4 x 8 brick that will be placed in the Wildcat Walkway leading to the new
                                                               options. Mini- replica bricks to are
stadium. Bricks may be personalized with a variety of clipart options and mini-bricks to keepkeep
are available for for each. Bricks can have 3 lines of of 20 characters or with art, 3 lines of of
alsoalso available $20$20 each. Bricks can have 3 lines20 characters or with clipclip art, 3 lines12
12 characters. cost $100 be added in lots be added
characters and Bricks willeach. Bricks will of 100. in lots of 100.
See our website for the order form with correct spacing and clip art options.
_____Engraved bricks @$100 x____                                     $____
_____Mini-replica bricks @$20 x____                                  $____
Mini-replica bricks will be mailed after 100 bricks are ordered. The WJ ED Foundation reserves the right to screen

Sponsor a Seat
a seat in the renovated auditorium by purchasing a 1” x 1 ! 1” x 1 ! “engraved brassbe displayed
Sponsor a seat in the renovated auditorium by purchasing a “engraved brass plate to plate to be
displayed on a plaque outside the auditorium. The have 2 lines of 2 lines of and cost $200 each.
on a plaque outside the auditorium. The plate may plate may have engraving engraving and cost
$200 each. See the website order brick order form. Seat plates lots of 10.
See the website for the brickfor the form. Seat plates are added inare added in lots of 10.

_____Seat plates @ $200 x ____                                                  $_____

Or just donate—we appreciate any amount large or small that benefits our students.
____Rainbow level $250                    ____Bronze level       $100
____Gold Level      $200                  ____Green level        $50
____Silver Level    $150                  ____Other amount $___
Walter Johnson High School Education Foundation, Inc. – Board of Directors
President- Marney Jacobs; Vice President Seth Meyers; Treasurer, Tom Murphy;
Board Members- Ottilie Droggitis, Maria Limarzi, Lin Lin Mao, Lee Moersen, Anat Schwartz
                                    Walter Johnson High School
                             2009-2010 Booster Club Membership Form
     Walter Johnson Booster Club is one of the few Booster Clubs in Montgomery County to support ALL
                                         extracurricular activities
Our major source of funding comes from your membership. This year we are offering TWO ways to join:
  (1) Fill out the form below and send along with your payment info to WJHS Booster Club, 6400 Rock
             Spring Drive, Bethesda, MD 20814; OR (2) Save the paper and join online! Go to Either way you choose, please be generous so that all students at
                                Walter Johnson High School can benefit!

Student Name _________________________________________Grade ____Activities______________________

Student Name _________________________________________Grade ____Activities_____________________
Parent Name(s) _______________________________________________________________________________

Street Address ____________________________________________ City___________________ Zip___________

Phone #________________________________________ E-mail ________________________________________

* WJ STAGE * Soccer * Forensics * Poms * TV Club * Swimming and Diving * It’s Academic * Track and Field * Robotics * Spectator *
Debate * Golf * Yearbook * Pitch * SGA * Baseball*Instrumental Music * Computer Club * Tennis * Lacrosse * Mathletes*Gymnastics* *
Mock Trial * Ice Hockey * Softball * Crew * Basketball * Common Interest Clubs * Cheerleading * Volleyball * Wrestling * * Cross
Country * Honor Societies * Field Hockey * Football * Photo Club* Peace Club * Choral Music * and more….

Grand Slam Membership:
Thank you for giving as much as your generosity and budget allow.                                                      $__________

Hall of Fame: Improve your student’s extracurricular experience for about $1/day                                       $ 150_______

Wild Cat:                                                                                                              $ 75
Home Run:                                                                                                              $ 50
IN ADDITION TO MEMBERSHIP, I would like to purchase Sports Passes for all home games:
(Enter qty. 1 person per pass /include name. Your laminated pass will be ready for you at the cash box at home games.)

Fall season:            ___ Adult $30 ___ Student $18                    Name to be printed on pass:            _______________________
Winter season:          ___ Adult $40 ___ Student $24                    Name to be printed on pass:            _______________________
Spring season:          ___ Adult $20 ___ Student $12                    Name to be printed on pass:            _______________________
ALL SEASONS:            ___ Adult $70 ___ Student $40                    Name to be printed on pass:            _______________________
Total Sports Passes: $________

TOTAL (membership plus sports passes)                                                                   $
Please make your check payable to WJHS Booster Club or provide the credit card information requested:
VISA/MC Account # _________________________________________ Exp Date __________________
                                                              (Please print!)
Signature __________________________________________
Questions??? Contact or You can also call Terry at 301-530-7342.

WJ Booster Club is a 501(c)(3) organization #74-3086047, and all donations are tax deductible according to the current tax laws.
Please consult your tax advisor for more information

**Are you interested in volunteering with the Booster Club? Volunteer Opportunities are on the back of
this form!**
                   2009-2010 Booster Club Volunteer Form**
                                      (please fill out and return with your membership donation)

       The WJ Booster Club was one of the first in Montgomery County to support all extracurricular activities.
 The Booster Club relies on volunteers to contribute their time, talent and treasure to help the Walter Johnson community
                                             serve the needs of our students.

    Booster Club Meetings – every 2nd Wednesday @ 7:30 PM Media Center – all are welcome! Check
                              Website for details

Continuing event/volunteer opportunities

School Store – TBA – all year long      Volunteers are needed to operate the store at WJ throughout the school year
        and at special events. Contact Suja Ali and Dorothy Murdoch at

Concessions - TBA – all year long at various events     Concessions sell food and drink at sporting events
        throughout the year – MANY VOLUNTEERS are needed; student groups can earn additional funds for their
        activity. Contact Debbie Heagen and Valerye Strochak at

Sports Commissioners and Club Commissioners - Commissioners needed for every sport and club.
        Contact Jimmy Ellis (Sports) and Ann Gradowski (Clubs) at

Used Book Sale – Saturday, March 6, 2010- We need help setting up Friday, March 5, 2010 and during the
        sale on Saturday, March 6, 2010. We will accept book donations starting Wednesday January 6, 2010 through
        February 27, 2010. Contact Lisa Weed and Bonnie Fisher at

Mulch Sale – Saturday, April 10, 2010        Many student and parent volunteers are needed to deliver mulch on
        Saturday April 10. Contact

International Dinner- Friday, March 19, 2010- We need someone to chair this event and then lots of
        volunteers to feed the hungry crowd. Contact if you can help.

New Volunteer opportunities 2009-2010

Membership Liaison-We need liaisons from 9, 10, 11, and 12 grades, as well as North Bethesda and Tilden Middle
        Schools to coordinate our membership drive and support our membership efforts. Contact Terry Forline at

Booster “Bites”- We need volunteers to organize small meals before already scheduled events at WJ such as band
        and choral concerts. Dates TBA-contact

Stadium Kickoff- First home football game, September 2009- Volunteers are needed to plan and execute Booster
        spirit/fundraising event at first football game. Contact

Or, let us know how you would like to be involved…__________________________________

**The WJ Booster Club is a fun, exciting, energetic, supportive and enjoyable way to spend YOUR time in high
school – while your student enjoys his/her time. Note: your student need not be involved with any of the activities
you assist with, unless he/she chooses to do so. The Booster Club is open to ANY student and ANY adult who wishes
to be a part of a spirit-filled community, providing support for the larger WJ community.
            Walter Johnson PTSA Membership Form

By joining WJ’s PTSA, you have an important opportunity to play a valuable role in the continuing
success of Walter Johnson High School. Your dues and contributions will also help provide for a
variety of important activities that benefit the WJ community and make your child’s experience at
WJ outstanding. Each member is entitled to participate in, and vote at, WJ PTSA meetings.

Student Name(s):         ______________________________________________________

Parent Name(s):          ______________________________________________________

Address:                 ______________________________________________________


Home Telephone:          ____________________ Parents’ E-Mail: __________________

           Membership Categories       Amount          Recognition

_____      WJ Wildcat                  $100*           Your name in the Big Train Newsletter
_____      Gold Member                 $75*            Your name in the Big Train Newsletter
_____      Silver Member               $50*            Your name in the Big Train Newsletter
_____      Bronze Member               $30*            Your name in the Big Train Newsletter
_____      Contributing Member         $15
_____      Faculty/Staff Member        $7
_____      Student Member              $5
_____      Additional Contributions    ______          Thank you!
_____      Additional WJ Student
           Directories ($4/ea.)        ______

           Total Amount Paid:          ______

* Includes Dues of $15 Per Member

Contributions In Excess of Dues Are TAX DEDUCTIBLE
                   Please make checks payable to “WJ PTSA” and mail or deliver to:
                            PTSA Membership, Walter Johnson High School
                             6400 Rock Spring Drive, Bethesda, MD 20814

                Don’t forget to also join WJ’s Booster Club!

        Check No.:       _______________                       Date:   ______________________

        Cash:            _______________                       No. Add’l Directories: __________

                                    Total Rec’d: _______________

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