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									                                                                                           Updated August 2011

                                  How to Recycle Anything in Branson

Branson’s Recycle Center Hours & Location
           Monday-Saturday 7:30-1:00 Thursday 7:30-6:00                   417-334-5277 or 417-337-8559

How can I get Branson recycling news and updates?
Follow us on FB & Twitter @recyclebranson for the latest in recycling specific to Branson and Taney County.

Or go to Recycle link click here. The Recycle Center is located at 601 Compton Drive,
just east of the 65/248 interchange. Or take the roundabout to Parnell, then immediate left to Eiserman. Map.

Where Can I Recycle My Glass?
Springfield Recycle Centers accepts glass from anyone. The nearest recycle center is at 3020 S. Lone Pine.
Open Tuesday-Saturday. 8-6 in summer and 8-5 in winter.
Directions: 65N to Battlefield. Left on Battlefield to bottom of the hill. Left at light at Lone Pine. Recycle
Center will be on your left. Self-serve bins. For more information:

How Do I Dispose of Old Paint, Cleaners and Other Household Chemicals?
The Branson Household Chemical Collection Center is located at the Recycle Center. We accept all household
chemicals including used oil, cleaners, batteries, solvents, spa chemicals, pesticides, fluorescent tubes, oil-based
paints, etc. No latex paints: Latex may be land filled. Latex should be dried out completely or hardened with
cat litter, then replace the lid tightly and dispose of in regular trash.

How Do I Recycle My Phone Books? 3 Easy Ways…
  1. You may easily opt out of receiving multiple phone books in the first place. To do so:
      No Book Left Behind (Opt Out):
                                    (Requires 90 days for processing.)
  2. To Recycle Phone Books You have Already Received:

The City of Branson partners to host a citywide phone directory recycle event each summer, with large bins
placed behind Hollister Elementary and at both Country Marts (Hollister and 248). The Girl Scouts will pick
up multiple quantities (over 50) phone directories from your place of business and recycle them. Call 527-5724
for pickup.

   3.   The Branson Recycle Center will accept your phone books year round.

What Else Does the Branson Recycle Center Accept? Cardboard, newspaper, magazines, mixed paper (mail,
envelopes with/without window, office paper, shredded paper), tin cans, aluminum cans.

How Do I Dispose of My Old TV or Computer Monitor?
Best Buy of Branson will accept all HOUSEHOLD electronic waste, regardless of whether or not it was
purchased there. Best Buy charges a small fee ($10) to recycle TVs or computer monitors; however, they issue
a gift card for $10 at the same time. There is no charge for other e-waste including keyboards, cell phones,
towers, printers, etc. Please see Best Buy Recycling for a complete list, under “recycling.”

How Can My Business Dispose of Old Computer Equipment?
A Springfield company will handle household, larger volumes & commercial e-waste. Small fees apply for
monitors and TVs due to lead processing. Call for specifics or see their website. Springfield Computer
Recycling is located at 1434 North National Avenue (417) 866-2588
   Does anyone provide pick up for business recycling?
    Yes. Tantone Sheltered Workshop will pick up recycling and fluorescent bulbs from your business for a
      very small fee. Tantone can also provide on-site paper shredding & disposal. Call 417-334-7447.
      Allied Waste and WCA both offer commercial recycling programs.

Where Else Can I Recycle?
Several local businesses will recycle household office-related items.
Cheers to these businesses that provide recycling of the following items:
    Batteries: Best Buy, Lowes, Staples, U.S. Cellular, RadioShack, Black and Decker Stores
                    Branson Recycle Center
    Books: Taneyhills Library 334-1418 Corner of 4th & Pacific, Branson. Accepts all books except
                Reader’s Digest condensed books or textbooks over 2 years old.
                    Branson Recycle Center
    Building Supplies, Furniture and Working Appliances:
            Mountain Country Homes of Hope” Warehouse, Hollister
                    #3 Gage Road, behind the Hollister Police Station next to Jiffy Lube
                           Open TUESDAY through FRIDAY 10:00am – 2:00pm and the FIRST and
                               THIRD SATURDAY from 8:00am – 3:00pm.
            Accepts new/used sinks, cabinetry, lumber, windows, doors, faucets, flooring, etc.
            Appliances must be in good, working condition and furniture free from rips, tears and
               broken frames
                  or 417-231-5710.

      Cell phones: Staples, Best Buy, Target, US Cellular, RadioShack, Laketronics
      Ink cartridges:
           Most cartridges come with a pre-paid, addressed mailer inside the box. Use that.
           Staples in Branson will give a $3 credit for each ink cartridge, up to 10 per month.
           Most schools recycle print cartridges as a fundraising project. Contact PTA.
      Compact Fluorescent Bulbs and Fluorescent Ballasts: (No Incandescent)
              Businesses: Tantone Sheltered Workshop will pick up & recycle all fluorescent bulbs for a
              small fee.
           Branson Household Chemical Collection Center, 606 Compton Drive 334-5277
           Home Depot (no incandescent bulbs) 1000 Branson Hills Parkway 336-2322
           Lowes 165 Mall Road, Hollister 334-8622

      Electronics (Household ONLY) (Computer components, accessories, TVs, cell phones, etc.)
           Best Buy of Branson (Household Only)
           Computer Recycling Center of Springfield, 1434 N. National 417-866-2588
                   Accepts all used appliances & electronic components.
                   Small fees apply
      Electronics (Business or Commercial) (Small fees apply to monitors and TVs)
           Springfield Computer Recycling, 1434 North National Avenue (417) 866-2588
      Plastic Bags: Wal-Mart, Target, most grocery stores.
      Styrofoam Peanuts: All UPS Stores.
      Styrofoam:
           All Points Recycling, Cassville, 417-847-4258
           Computer Recycling in Springfield.
                   1434 N. National 417-866-2588.
                   $1 charge per shopping cart full or $2 per trunk full.

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