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									                        Veritas North
                                                                                              Summer 2007
                       The Newsletter of the Harvard Club of Toronto

                       Harvard Global Series Conference a
•   Fall Opera Event
                        GLOBAL SERIES
•   Brown Bag Series    CONFERENCE PROMOTES
                        CLUB UNITY

                        By Nancy J. Coombs EdM ‘89
                        Chairman, Global Series Protocol
                                                                    Club unity was enhanced by the diversity of
                                                                   the committee: among its members, there were
                        The Global Series was a resounding         Harvard alumni from six graduate schools, as
Harvard Global
                        success, providing our club with a         well as the College and GSAS, representatives
Series Success          tremendous honour to play host to          from six decades. As committee members
                        visiting alumni. For members of the        worked together to assure the success of the
Dean Bill               Global Series Protocol Committee,          Global Series, closer bonds were forged within
                        the March conference was the culmi-        the club.
                        nation of months of work and effort
Visit                   behind the scenes.                         (continued on page 2)

A Look Back at
                                        Dean Bill Fitzsimmons’ Spring Visit
Spring Events
                                                    On April 26, 2007 we were honoured to have Bill
                                                    Fitzsimmons, the Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid at
Schools Com-                                        Harvard College, for a luncheon talk at the Dominion Club.
mittee News                                         The event was well attended with 50 members and their guests
                                                    and included 3 present and past Chairs of the Schools Com-
                                                    mittee here in Toronto. Rita Maxwell, AB ’98 and current
President’s                                         Chair of the Schools Committee, introduced Dean
Message                                             Fitzsimmons who gave an insightful talk covering a number of
                                                    topics. He thanked the large number of volunteers who give
                                                    their time to the Schools Committee each year and acknowl-
HAA Regional                                        edged the important role they play in executing the admissions
Director’s Mes-                                     policy to recruit the most talented undergraduates for Har-
                                                    vard. He also spoke about the class-make up and financial aid
sage                                                program, and the implications for Harvard in ending the early
                                                    admissions process. Wendy Burton AB’75 thanked Dean
                                                    Fitzsimmons for traveling north to speak with us and pre-
                       sented him with distinctly Canadian gift. It was truly an informative and lovely afternoon.
                                                                                             - Sue Wong, MD ‘98

(continued from page 1)                      Global Series brochure outlining the    Global Series Toronto will continue
                                             history of our club. Membership         in many ways to be both a highlight
                                             forms were also distributed resulting   in the history of our club and the
                                             in several new members.                 fulcrum for future club operations.

                                             These welcoming gestures did not        A very special word of gratitude
                                             go unnoticed. Many delegates com-       goes out to all fellow committee
                                             mented that Toronto was so              members and volunteers:
                                             “friendly”, and as Kate Ryan, HAA
The Marketing Sub-committee played a                                                 Jack Behrens PhD ‘73
                                             Director of International Affairs,
pivotal role in spearheading a Global                                                Ethan Bernstein JD/MBA ‘03
                                             expressed, “It really was remarkable
Series promotional campaign.           The                                           Wendy Burton ‘75
                                             to feel so welcomed by so many.”
resulting groundswell of interest was                                                Douglas Creelman ‘56
instrumental in helping the club                                                     Stan Feldman EdM ‘98
                                             In addition, a number of HCT vol-
achieve its ambitious target attendance                                              Wendy Feldman MPA ‘89
                                             unteers assisted the HAA during the
goal of 400.     In addition, the HAA                                                Liz Gill ‘85
                                             conference, acting as greeters and
turned to the Protocol Committee for                                                 William R. Horton, Jr. ‘77
help with conference planning, ranging                                               Gladwin Hui MPH ‘06
from venue selection, special interest
                                                                                     Sergei Kasyanov MPA ‘99
group meetings, gift sourcing, and mu-
                                                                                     Wendy Kennish ‘91
sic for the closing gala.
                                                                                     David Laird MBA ‘91
                                                                                     Jill Levenson AM ’64, PhD ‘67
The HCT Welcome Table was the
                                                                                     Ada Maxwell ‘02
“face” of our club at the conference
                                             helping with registration. We were
and provided a point of contact for                                                  Linda Maxwell ‘96
                                             fortunate to have three Canadian
visitors. A variety of materials was                                                 Cynthia Maxwell ’92, MD ‘97
                                             undergraduates on hand, as well,
handed out, including booklets from                                                  Rita Maxwell ‘98
                                             who provided key logistical help dur-
Toronto Tourism as well as a HCT                                                     Paul Muther ‘67
                                             ing the day: Rowan Dorin ’07, Mat-
                                                                                     Peter Tolnai MBA ‘77
                                             thew McFarlane ’08, and Nicholas
                                                                                     Nick Volk ‘53
                                             Moy ’10.
                                                                                     Mitchell Wigdor ‘77

                                             The HCT can feel very proud that it     Suzanne Wong MD ‘95
                                             made its mark on the event.             Lisa Woznica ‘91

                      Saturday Conference Discusses Harvard’s Future;
                        Panels Explore Alumni’s Role in National Issues

Welcoming addresses were delivered           forum for key global issues. Following Chancellor of McGill University and
by Harvard Alumni Association Re-            President Faust’s remarks, Mr. Jorge I. David R. Miller AB ’81, His Worship
                                             Dominguez, Vice Provost for Interna- the Mayor of Toronto.
                                             tional Affairs at Harvard University
                                             and Antonio Madero Professor of
                                             Mexican and Latin American Politics
                                             and Economics in the Faculty of Arts
                                             and Sciences spoke about Harvard’s
                                             future role in diversifying its student
                                             body. His comments emphasized the
                                             importance of Harvard’s commitment
                                             enhanced international student repre-
                                             sentation throughout the University.

                                             The morning seminar: “The Role of
                                             the University in City Building”, in-
                                             cluded moderator Alan A. Altshuler,
                                             Dean of the Harvard Graduate School
                                             of Design and Ruth and Frank Stanton
                                             Professor of Urban Policy and Plan-            Interim President of Harvard Univer-
gional Director, William Horton, ‘77         ning. The panelists were George P.             sity, Derek Bok hosted a delightful
and Dean Drew Faust, the 28th Presi-         Baird, Professor of Architecture               luncheon that celebrated the 40th anni-
dent of Harvard University. She was          Emeritus at the Harvard Graduate               versary of William Lyon MacKenzie
warmly welcomed by the crowd and             School of Design and Dean of the               King Professors at Harvard University.
commented on the importance of the           Faculty of Architecture, Landscape,
University in providing a discussion         and Design at the University of To-
                                             ronto; Meric S. Gertler PhD ’83
                                             Goldring Professor of Canadian Stud-
                                             ies and Co-director of the Program on
                                             Globalization and Regional Innovation
                                             Systems at the University of Toronto;
                                             David L. Johnston AB '63, President
                                             of the University of Waterloo; former
                                             President of the Board of Overseers of                                (continued on page 6)
                                             Harvard and former Principal and Vice
    A video of conference workshops is available online:

                                    Connecting with Harvard classmates . . . Contributing to Harvard's community
 JOIN THE HARVARD                                                 Spring Social Highlights
                                     Connecting with Harv ar d cla ssma tes . . . C ontr ibuting to Harva rd' s com muni ty

 ALUMNI ALLIANCE                   On May 15, the Harvard Club of Toronto, along with the alumni clubs of Yale, Prince-
  FOR THE ENVIRON-                 ton, Oxford and Cambridge, took over the trendy downtown meeting spot, the Spoke

        MENT                         President’s Message
                                   Club to hear George Tolomiczenko MPH '95 speak. Professor Tolomiczenko is the
                                   Director of Research and Analysis at the Toronto Research Alliance and his consulting
    Under the auspices of          and research work is focused towards management approaches and client satisfaction in
  the Harvard Alumni As-           health care. Professor Tolomiczenko talk, "From Toronto the Good to Toronto the
   sociation, the Harvard          Great: From Reality to Perception - Why Did We Come (Back) Here?" generated inter-
    Alumni Alliance for            esting questions and discussion about the challenges facing Toronto and the types of
       the Environment             health, education and development initiatives required to keep the city relevant and influ-
     group was formed to           ential in the changing world. This sold out event was the first of its kind for the Harvard
   bring together Harvard          Club and we were happy to have friends from other regional clubs join us. The Harvard
      Harvard Club of To-
  alumni in support of the         Club looks forward to many more collaborative events such as this one in the future!
  environment protection. ronto
   This organization is be-        U.S. Consul General John Nay welcomed the Harvard Club to his residence for a
         organized Horton,
    ingc/o W. R. by Har-           spring garden party on May 31st. Incoming freshmen, alumni as well as newly admitted
    vard Club of Toronto   Pres.   graduate students gathered for an enjoyable evening. The Harvard Club extends a thank
  member Mark Moore ’00.           you to Mr. Nay and his wife, Judith, for their warm hospitality.
           221 Arichat Road
 Joining the Alliance offers
                Oakville, ON
an opportunity to network                                                                                                     Schools Committee News
  with Harvard Alumni in
                      L6J 6C6                                    The      Greater of the immense talent within our high school
  Toronto and worldwide,                                         Toronto area communities. As we approach the fall, the
  and to take action on an                                       will be well Harvard Club Schools Committee is preparing
          We’re issue. Uniting
  important on the web!                                          represented in for a busy and exciting year. With the phasing
  Harvard alumni from all                                        the     Harvard out of Harvard's early action process, this year
                                     News in brie f

fields, the Alliance will be a                                   College Class marks the first year in a very long time that all
    unique opportunity to                                        of 2011! We students applying to Harvard College will be
                                      Student Jobs                     mer job        your home
                                                                 are very pleased indoing so by one deadline, which means the
  bring together a range of
                                                                       town when you are living
 abilities as we draw atten-                  The Club receivesto report that 7 Schools Committee will be working overtime
 tion to and seek solutions           number of requests each              action to So please
                                                                 early in Cambridge. arrange interviews for all the applicants! If
   to the world’s environ-            year from Harvard stu-
                                                                       be     and you are your
                                                                 applicantsgenerous with not already an interviewer with the
                                        regular action applicants      ideas.
                                   12dents looking for summer were offered Club, please consider becoming an interviewer
          mental issues.                                                                              The Harvard Club of To-
                                   admission to the class for this coming aca- and assist in this crucial step of the application
                                      employment in Toronto.                                                     ronto
No greater challenge exists        demic year. Together with one admit from process. Email if you
                                      We are hoping to provide
than the quest to keep our                                                                                a an affiliate the inter-
                                   last year who will enroll this year, 20 stu- would like to become is member of of the
                                                                       Memberships (over)due
                                      them with some leads.
planet hospitable for ours         dents from the GTA have been admitted to viewing team.
                                      Please forward your ideas               If you have not yet     Harvard Alumni Associa-
and our children’s genera-         the Class of 2011. The admitted student
                                      about internships or and sent in your annual mem-                           tion.
 tions. All alumni are wel-        group includes 9 femalesum- 12 male stu- The Schools Committee is also seeking mem-
                                      mer job opportunities to bership, this will be your
                                   dents from across the GTA, with approxi- bers to join the committee to help with assign-
  come to join. If you are
  Veritas North                       the Club the admitted students com- the Harvard
                                   mately 50% ofat our e-mail last copy of ing interviews, high school outreach and event
 interested, please send an                                                                          Executive:
                                                          schools. Club also organization.
                                   ing fromr public: high h c t o - We are newsletter and Har- If you are interested in becom-
                                      add ess
email with your name, and
                             the Magazine. more re- Bill the Harvard Club
                                   very pleased to report that 18 of vard admit- ing Please involved inHorton ’77, President of
  is published quarterly by
 class year to Mark Moore
                                   ted students will forward the new your membership by would like to join the Schools
                                              We have accepted their offer of Toronto and
  the Harvard Club of
                                   admission to Harvard College and will be Ann Elizabeth Wendy Burton ’75, Co-
                                      information to the stu- contacting Committee, please contact me.
  Toronto. We welcome
                                      dents their bags                 Stuart Samson at our e- Chair,
                                   packing at Harvard. for Cambridge in the
  your                             fall! In what was a very competitive year,
                                                                                                                 Rita Maxwell ‘98
                                                                       mail address hcto-              Schools Committee
                                                     of you will
                                              Many excellent and are reflective
                                   these results are
 comments and submis-                                        
                                     remember how difficult it                                                                                                 Nancy Janes Coombs EdM
 sions!                                                                                                                               and keep in touch with
                                     can be to secure a sum-

                                Connecting with Harvard classmates . . . Contributing to Harvard's community
                                Connecting with Harv ar d cla ssma tes . . . C ontr ibuting to Harva rd' s com muni ty

                                                                                                                         President’s Message

                                President’s Message
                                                        It Takes been named a co-captain of the Harvard
                                Nicole Corriero ’05 of Thornhill has a Community
                                Women’s Hockey Team for 2004-2005. It Shortly after the Global Series, we learned
                                                       What a year!
                                * Varsity hockey player was time Banfieldthat 19 local students had been admitted
                                                              Ashley of         ’05 of Toronto was “most improved
                                player” for 2003-2004.       firsts and mile- to Harvard College, the most ever.
                                                             stones. From
                                * Honorary Canadian Jamie Hagerman ’03 of Wenham, MA, who handled our
                                                             our opening
                                Club’s administration tasks this past year while playing for the Brampton Thunder
       Harvard Club of To-                                                    Your executive is busily planning the
                     ronto      of the National Women’s movie night with has been named assistant coachusual, the
                                                              Hockey League, Club’s events fro 2007-08. As of the
                                Harvard Women’s HockeyAtom Egoyan
                                                              Team.           Schools committee will provide a central
        c/o W. R. Horton,                                    last September
                    Pres.                                                      women’s 1500-meter We are the Out-
                                * Laura Maludzinski ’06 of Barrie won thefocus of our activities. event at planning an
                                                             to our volunteer
                                                                               by Brown. She October, more of our
                                door Ivy Heptagonal Championships hosted opera event inwas named 1st team All
          221 Arichat Road                                   and new admits
                                                                              highly popular Brown Bag lunches, a
                                Ivy and selected as the Women's Most Outstanding Performer for the Harvard
E. Mitchell Oakville, '77
            Wigdor ON            reception at the home of U.S. Consul
                                                                              turn our Veritas in Spring
                                She has been elected co-captain of the track & field team for next year. gala dinner and,
                                 General John Nay at the end of May
President                                                                     hopefully, a few surprises along the way.
                    L6J 6C6        Beverly Whelan ’04 of Toronto won
                                *through the Brown Bag lunches, Schools the Rita Raju Memorial Award at the
                                                                              A calendar of events should be distrib-
                                Women's Track awards dinner. and the
                                 Committee work, Holiday Party
                                                                              uted shortly after Labour Day.
E-mail: hcto-
                                *visit by Dean of Admissions Bill honorary degree recipients at Commencement.
                                  Two Canadians were among nine
       We’re on the web!         Fitzsimmons in between, our events at-
Phone: (416) 364-6800
    Http://    tracted the entire range of members rep- Needless to say, nothing happens on its
                                News in brie f

Fax: (416) 929-7208              resenting every Harvard school and fac- own. The success of the past year is en-
                                 ulty as well as almost every class from      tirely due to the hard work and dedication
                                 1950-2007. In May we held our first, but of so many people. They are far too nu-
Club address:                    certainly not last, joint event with the lo- merous and their contributions too great
Harvard Club of Toronto          cal alumni associations for Oxford, Cam- to name them all here or to adequately
                                 bridge, Princeton and Yale attracting over express my gratitude. I am truly apprecia-
c/o E. Mitchell Wigdor
                                 70 people (the largest contingent being      tive for all they have done. That’s not to
Suite 900                        from our club).                              say that we won’t be asking them to do so
95 St. Clair Avenue W                                                         all over again in the coming year. Remem-
Toronto, Ontario                 Biggest of all, of course, was the Global
                                                                              ber, we are always looking form people
M4M 1V4                          Series in late March which attracted over
                                                                              with idea and a desire to become more
                                 400 alumni and guests. Being honoured
                                                                              involved in the club. Do not hesitate to
                                 to host the flagship event in the HAA
Website:North                                                                 get in touch.
 Veritas                         calendar is a testament to the dynamism
                                 of the Harvard Club of Toronto. Suffice
   is published quarterly by     to say, it was a huge success and as one     Thank you and have a great summer.
   the Harvard Club of           very senior member of the Harvard ad-
   Toronto. We welcome           ministration remarked to me once it was
   your                                                                       Mitchell Wigdor ‘77
                                 over, we “hit it way out of the park”.
   comments and submis-
     (continued from page 3)

After the luncheon, the afternoon seminars were un-        The third panel was titled the “New Interna-
derway. The first concurrent discussion seminars in-       tional Lawyer” and was moderated by William
cluded a panel titled “Literary Voices” moderated by       P. Alford, Henry L. Stimson Professor of Law;
Homi K. Bhabha, Director of the Humanities Cen-            Vice      Dean for the Graduate Program and
ter at Harvard University, Anne F. Rothenberg Pro-         International Legal Studies; and Director of
fessor of the Humanities in the Faculty of Arts and        East Asian Legal Studies at Harvard Law
Sciences, and Senior Advisor for the Humanities at         School.
the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study.

                                                           The second set of concurrent discussions in-
                                                           cluded panels Multiculturalism, Immigration and
                                                           Social Integration, moderated by Theda
The other panel, “Health Care Reform: Myth and             Skocpol, Dean of the Harvard Graduate School
Reality” was co-moderated by Joseph B. Martin,             of Arts and Sciences and Victor S. Thomas Pro-
M.D., Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Caroline         fessor of Government and Sociology in the Fac-
Shields Walker Professor of Neurobiology and Clini-        ulty of Arts and Sciences.
cal Neuroscience at Harvard Medical School and
Barbara J. McNeil, M.D., Ridley Watts Professor
Health Care Policy and Head of the Department of
Health Care Policy at Harvard Medical School.

                                                           Howard H. Stevenson, Senior Associate Dean;
                                                           Director of Publication Activities; and Sarofim-
                                                           Rock Professor of Business Administration at
                                                           Harvard Business School oversaw the second
                                                           panel discussion, “Enduring Success”.

The third panel, “The Challenge of Human Rights in
the Age of Terrorism” was moderated by Jacqueline
M. Bhabha, Jeremiah Smith, Jr. Lecturer on Law at
Harvard Law School and Executive Director of the
Harvard University Committee on Human Rights
Studies at the John F. Kennedy School of Government
and featured a discussion by Michael G. Ignatieff
PhD ’76, Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada
and Member of Parliament for Etobicoke-Lakeshore.

 The Global Conference ended at the historic distillery district where guests enjoyed an evening of artwork,
 bagpipe music and conversation as they celebrated the close of a successful and informative weekend.

                                  Connecting with Harvard classmates . . . Contributing to Harvard's community
                                  Connecting with Harv ar d cla ssma tes . . . C ontr ibuting to Harva rd' s com muni ty

                                                                                                                               Message from the Harvard Alumni

                                  President’s Message
                                  Nicole Corriero ’05 of Thornhill has been named a co-captain of the Harvard
                                                                                                                                  Association Regional
                                  Women’s Hockey Team for 2004-2005.
    Mitchell Wigdor ’77,
                                                                                                                                   Director for Canada
                                  * Varsity hockey player Ashley Banfield ’05 of Toronto was “most improved
                                  player” for 2003-2004.      WILLIAM R. HORTON, JR. ’77
   Wendy Burton ‘75, Vice
                                  * Honorary Canadian Jamie Hagerman ’03 of Wenham, MA, who handled our
   President - Communications
     Harvard Club of To-          Club’s administration tasks this past year while playing for the Brampton Thunder
    Nancy Janes Coombs            of the National Women’s Hockey League, has been named assistant coach of the
                                                                               (22); BC (6); Alberta (4); Quebec (2);
         EdM ’89, Vice Presi-     Harvard Women’s Hockey Team.                 and, one from each of Manitoba and
        dent W. R. Horton,
       c/o - Marketing                                                         Newfoundland. The overall admission
                          Pres.                                                rate admission was 9% (2,058 of Out-
                                  * Laura Maludzinski ’06 of Barrie won the women’s 1500-meter event at the 22,955
   Rita Maxwell ’98, Chair,                                                     by Brown. She our Canadian rate was
                                  door Ivy Heptagonal Championships hostedapplicants) whilewas named 1st team All
          221 Arichat Road
Schools and Scholarships Com-                                                  just under 8% (36 the Harvard team.
                                  Ivy and selected as the Women's Most Outstanding Performer for of 463 applicants).
               Oakville, ON
                                                                               Canadian students make
                                  She has been elected co-captain of the track & field team for next year.up 1.7% of the
                                                                               admitted students and just over 19% of
Cynthia V. Maxwell ’92 MD         * Beverly Whelan ’04 of Toronto won the foreign students admitted, equaling
                                                                                    Rita Raju Memorial Award at the
                      L6J 6C6
 ’97, Vice President - Member-    Women's Track awards dinner.                 the figures from last year. Locally, 20
               ship                                                            students were admitted from the 235
                                                                               applicants interviewed by the Toronto
                                  * Two Canadians were among nine honorary degree recipients at Commencement.
Ann Elisabeth Stuart Sam-
       We’re on the web!                                                       Schools Committee under the skilled
son ‘97, Vice President Recent                                                 leadership of Rita Maxwell ’98. Thank
                                  Notes for Harvard North . . . you to all Schools Committee interview-
                                  News in brie f

     university/hctoronto/                                                     ers for your efforts on behalf of both
   Jill Levenson PhD ’67,                                                      Harvard and Canadian high school stu-
     GSAS Representative          HAA Global Series. Congratulations dents.
                                  to the Harvard Club of Toronto for an
Wendy Feldman MPA ‘89,            extraordinary contribution to the success
   KSG Representative             of the HAA Global Series event in            In Cambridge, Drew Faust officially
                                  March 2007. The HAA Board was pre-           took office as the 28th president of Har-
  Jonathan Guss ‘68, Vice                                                      vard on July 1, 2007. In addition to her
                                  sented with a report on the event that
     President at Large           emphasized the inclusiveness and warm credentials as a leader in the academic
William R. Horton, Jr. ‘77,       welcome felt by the over 400 attendees. field, the wisdom, grace and sense of
                                  Special thanks to Club President, purpose she revealed to us during her
 Finance & Past President         Mitchell Wigdor ’77, and Protocol Com- visit to Toronto in March 2007 are per-
Sam Rea ‘66 PhD ‘72, Vice         mittee Chair, Nancy Coombs EdM ’89,          sonal qualities that will serve her well as
                                  for their leadership and to a committed she leads Harvard in the years to come.
     President at Sea
                                  group of volunteers for giving the event President Faust will be inaugurated in a
 Veritas North                    its unique flavour.                          ceremony in October of this year.
                                                                                                                                       President Faust will have a number of
  Veritas North is published
 is published quarterly by                                                                                                             key university positions to fill over the
  quarterly by the Harvard
 the Harvard Club of              Schools Committee. The Harvard                                                                       next months, including the positions of
                                  College Class of 2011 saw 36 students                                                                Dean of the Medical School, the College
      Club We welcome
 Toronto. of Toronto.             admitted from Canada with the prov-                                                                  and the Graduate School of Arts and
 your                             inces represented as follows: Ontario
   Editor: Ada J. Maxwell                                                                                                              Sciences.
 comments and submis-
The Task Force on General Education issued its final report in February 2007, recommending a new program to re-
place the Core Curriculum that was introduced in the late 1970s. The faculty will decide on how and when to bring the
proposals into legislation, and effect.
Please take time to explore the content and services at the HAA website,, and, as always, I
would welcome your email messages at
Best regards,
Bill Horton ’77
HAA Regional Director for Canada

Harvard College Applicants from Canada 2006-2007
             Canada               AB    BC    MB NB NL NS Ottawa Quebec SK Toronto Yukon
Applicants      463               38    106    10   3    2    19   18    27    4  235    1
Admitted         36                4     6      1   0    1     0    2     2    0   20    0
% Admits       7.8%              10.5% 5.7% 10.0% 0.0% 50.0% 0.0% 11.1% 7.4% 0.0% 8.5% 0.0%

Applicants                   % of Total
Female            213          46%           18       52           5         0    1     10        10        16                  1        99                       1
Male              250          54%           20       54           5         3    1     9         8         11                  3        136                      0

Admitted                    % of Gender
Female             20          9.4%           2        6           0         0    1      0            2      0                  0          9                      0
Male               16          6.4%           2        0           1         0    0      0            0      2                  0         11                      0

                                                  Harvard College
                                          Applicants from Canada 2006-2007


   200                                                                                                    Male

                                                                                                                                Harvard College
                                                                                                                        Applicants from Canada 2006-2007

                                                                                                                                                           Female, 213,
   100                                                                                                             Male, 250,
                                                                                                                     54%                                      46%


           AB     BC    MB         NB        NL       NS    Ottawa     Quebec    SK   Toronto   Yukon                              Harvard College
                                                                                                                       Admitted Students from Canada 2006-2007
  Male     20     54    5           3         1       9       8         11       3     136        0                                                 Female, 20,
                                                                                                                         Male, 16,
           18     52    5           0         1       10      10        16       1      99        1                                                    56%
  Female                                                                                                                  44%


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