May 2004 TEXAS LOCKSMITH'S ADVISOR by hedongchenchen



        May 2004
        Texas Locksmiths Association                               PRESORTED
        Steve Sandlin, Editor                                       STANDARD
                                                                   US POSTAGE
        RETURN ADDRESS:                                             ABILENE, TX
                                                                   PERMIT NO 187
        Butch Titus, TLA Secretary
        P.O. Box 142
        Adkins, TX 78101-0142


                                AN AFFILIATE MEMBER OF ALOA

                TEXAS LOCKSMITHS ASSOCIATION                                                                        CHANGE OF ADDRESS
                        2004 BOARD OF DIRECTORS                                                                    Complete and Mail to Secretary
                                                                                                            Or email information to
PRESIDENT                                             1ST VICE PRESIDENT
Jim Hetchler                                          John Arnold                                  OLD:
409 Bob White                                         3201 Blue Jay
                                                                                                   Name ___________________________________________________
New Braunfels, TX 78132                               Corinth, TX 76210
1-888-539-7633                                        972-245-9583                                 Address _________________________________________________
Toll Free: 1-877-TLA-INFO                             Fax: 972-245-0219                                                 City, State, Zip ____________________________________________
2ND VICE PRESIDENT                                    SECRETARY
Ed Stites                                             Butch Titus                                  NEW:
RR 1 Box 49G                                          PO Box 142
Bay City, TX 77414                                    Adkins, TX 78101-0142                        Name ___________________________________________________
979-323-9919                                          210-649-2166                                       Fax: 210-649-2698                            Address _________________________________________________
                                                                                                   City, State, Zip ____________________________________________
Jim Ackerman                                          PARLIAMENTARIAN                              Phone (home) ___________________ (work) ___________________
5571 Diamondback Trail                                Richard Sanchez
San Antonio, TX 78222                                 4622 S. Hampton                              Email ____________________________ Effective Date ___________
512-844-9554                                          Sugarland, TX 77479
Fax: 210-648-9442                                     281-561-0060                                                               FOLD HERE

SERGEANT-AT-ARMS                                      EDITOR
Bill Bybee                                            Steve Sandlin                                                                                         PLACE
1705 Spring Branch                                    63A Summer PL                                                                                         STAMP
Cleburne, TX 76033                                    Huntsville, TX 77340                                                                                   HERE.
817-938-5940                                          409-291-6450                       

                                    COMMITTEES                                                                     RETURN TO TLA SECRETARY:

BOARD OF TRUSTEES                                     WEBMASTER
Michelle Spears                                       Kevin Farrell
P.O. Box 217                                          P.O. Box 551
Lake Jackson, TX 77566                                Riverside, TX 77367-0551
979-297-2413                                          1-888-924-0969                                           BUTCH TITUS, TLA SECRETARY
Fax: 979-297-1483                           
                                                                                                                       P.O. BOX 142
                                                                                                                  ADKINS, TX 78101-0142
Comments, queries, or material for inclusion in this publication should be sent to the attention
of the Editor at the address shown above. Changes of address should be sent to the Secretary.
Submissions must be received by the 10th of the month prior to the publication date. Other
associations wishing to use material from the ADVISOR are requested to give appropriate
credit to TLA. Articles published in the Texas Locksmiths Advisor do not necessarily represent
the views of the Texas Locksmiths Association or the TLA Board of Directors as a whole.
Some articles reflect the views and/or opinions of the individual writer only.
                                                                                  PRESIDENTS MESSAGE:

                                                                                  Dear Members,

                                                                                  All I can say is: WOW!!!!!!

                                                                                  I have been receiving a bunch of phone calls. It seems as though eve-
                                                                                  ryone wants to become part of TLA. That is really great news. I held a
                                                                                  Locksmith Licensing Forum on April 3, 2004, in Austin, Texas. We had
                                                                                  58 locksmiths show up. Everyone seemed to have a good time and
                                                                                  now a better understanding of the law. They now know how to file
                                                                                  their applications and what their obligations under the law are. Those
                                                                                  in the area that didn't attend will be left behind when they try to file
                                                                                  their applications. There are many things in the application that you
                                                                                  need to be aware of in order to avoid getting it rejected.
                                                                                  We also gave out 25 applications for TLA.

                                                                                  We have Forums scheduled for San Antonio, April 22nd, at IDN-Acme,
                                                         * CLASSES                Corpus Christi, April 30th at the Omni at 900 North Shoreline Blvd, May
TLA 42nd ANNUAL CONVENTION                     * FREE CLINICS / SEMINARS          15th, H.L. Flake at 4:00PM, and May 29th at Hans Johnson at 1:00PM.
       & TRADE SHOW                        * GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING           We are trying to schedule also for Fort Worth, Harlingen, Midland, and
                                         * ELECTION & INSTALLATION OF NEW
IN THE DOWNTOWN MARINA DIS-                               OFFICERS
                                                                                  Abilene. Look for a flyer from your local distributor.
                                                 * SCHOLARSHIP RAFFLE             As we are going around putting these Forums on you will be given the
       MARCH 22 - 27, 2005                * BANQUET DINNER, CASINO PARTY          opportunity to take the Electronic Access Control test. A study guide
                                                       * PRP TESTING              will be provided at the area Distributors or you can email me for one at:

                                                                                  This is going to be a large task to get everyone registered and tested
           SUBMISSIONS TO TEXAS LOCKSMITHS ADVISOR                                for EAC by September 1, 2004. If you feel you can help me please give
       Send your Comments, Questions, Suggestions, Articles, Letters,             me a call. If we have not covered an area with a Forum that you feel
       Tips & Tricks, News & Class/Event Information to the Editor by:            should be let us know. We will work on setting one up for you. We are
           Email to:         Regular Mail to:                 going to digitally film one of the presentations and hope to get it on a
                                Steve Sandlin                                     C.D. so that those that are unable to attend can get one. That way
                               63A Summer PL                                      they can see the Forum and if they have a question contact us to get
                            Huntsville, TX 77340
  Submissions for inclusion in this publication must be received by the 10th of   help.
  the month prior to the publication date. E.g., Submissions for the June issue
  must be received by May 10.                                                     Since this law is here and there isn't a whole lot we can do about it, lets
                                                                                  get together and make it work to our benefit. There is in place a com-
                                                                                  mittee of 12 Locksmiths/Distributors that is working directly with D.P.S.
                                                                                  Private Security Bureau to oversee and put together the definitions for
                                                                                  the law. Four of us report directly to the Texas Private Security Bureau
                   TLA IS AN AFFILIATE MEMBER OF ALOA                             regularly at the guidance of the committee.
                                                                                                                     Continued on Page 2

  16    TLA                                                                                                                                         TLA    1
PRESIDENTS MESSAGE Continued from Page 1

If you have suggestions (other than burn the law) or ideas you would
like to discuss please give me a call. I will direct you to the representa-
tive that is in your area. The Committee is made up of people from all
the major metropolitan areas and Local Associations.

Let's raise the standard of the profession and work together.         Until


            Visit TLA’s Website at

                        UP COMING EVENTS
MAY                                   JUNE

      FREE CLASS PLANNED              •   8TH - GHLA MEETS
•     8TH - V E DAY                   •   14TH - FLAG DAY / ALNT
•     9TH - MOTHER’S DAY                  MEETS
•     10TH - ALNT MEETS               •   20TH - FATHERS DAY
•     11TH - GHLA MEETS               •   21ST - GDLA MEETS
•     13TH - LASA MEETS
•     17TH - GDLA MEETS

                               In Memory
    Keith Knott, Life Member #0436, passed away March 13, 2004.
    Jimmy Rolison, Member #0382 passed away March 30, 2004.
    Hank Spicer, Locksmith writer, passed away April, 2004.

2     TLA
The following persons have applied for membership in the Texas
Locksmiths Association.
Applicants will be listed in the Advisor for a period of 90 days to
allow members the opportunity to identify any applicant that may
be deemed “not suitable” for membership and allow proper notifi-
cation of the Membership Chairman, Butch Titus at 210-649-2166
or email, of such applicant.
                             30 DAYS
               Philip M. Anderson, Marble Falls, TX
                    Joel Ramirez, Houston, TX
                    James Murrell, Marshall, TX
                     Rickie Croxton, Olney, TX
                Michael Vaughn, San Angelo, TX
              Kenny Edwards, Dripping Springs, TX
                  Bill Winfrey, Seven Points, TX
                              60 DAYS
                     Alton C. Harp, Vernon, TX
                 Dennis Fitzgerald, Galveston, TX
                      David Abney, Lufkin, TX
                       Jeff Abney, Lufkin, TX
                 Roberto Rivera, Brownsville, TX
                 Judy Hyder, Buchanon Dam, TX
                   Stephen Craigen, Atlanta, TX
                      Kevin Moore, Belton, TX
                   Wilmer Frazier, Houston, TX
                    Curvis Knight, Houston, TX
                  Cindi Hallcom, Port Boliver, TX
                       Ken Foo, Houston, TX
                Frank Manning, Corpus Christi, TX
               Barry Elkins, Cedarwood, Spring, TX
                   George Aretis, Galveston, TX
                   Darrel W. Moore, Humble, TX
                 Clayton Goodman, Houston, TX
                   Steve Morse, San Marcus, TX
                            90 DAYS
                      Ralph Few, Fresno, TX
                    Bernie Cox, Childress, TX
                Baudilio Montalvo, Pflugerville, TX
                  Victor Oleson, Jr., Vernon, TX
                  Michael Eustace, Houston, TX
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                                                            TLA   3
             MEMBERSHIP Continued from Page 3                  IMMEDIATE OPENINGS FOR LOCKSMITHS                      AND SAFE IN-
                           90 DAYS                             King Safe & Lock, located in Houston, presently has openings for experi-
                   Elton Roberts, Lawton, OK                   enced locksmiths in both counter and mobile service. To be considered
                    Shawn Love, Lawton, OK                     trainees must have basic locksmith skills (on the job training or certifi-
                  Bryan Popham, Denton, TX                     cate of completion from an accredited Locksmith School).
                Roland Palomares, Pasadena, TX                 Safe installer must have a clean driving record and rigging experience for
                  Murray Starkey, Avinger, TX                  large safe deliveries. Basic safe skills for combination changing, service
               Loren G. Marshall, Marble Falls, TX             and repair are required.
                                                               Benefit package includes: Medical/Dental insurance, retirement plan, uni-
                   WELCOME NEW MEMBERS                         forms and product commissions.
                   Jason Damron, Tomball, TX                   All applicants must be eighteen years of age and not have been convicted
                   Pam Bonuelos, Houston, TX                   of any felony crime, or misdemeanor crime involving theft or crimes
                    Jack Goerz, Sugarland, TX                  against property or crimes that violate public trust. The applicants must
                    Paige Guidry, Houston, TX                  have or be able to readily obtain a current valid driver’s license for the
                   David Schmidt, Houston, TX                  State of Texas.
                  Randell Swafford, Houston, TX                All applications are handled in confidence and private appointments are
                   Dan Augustyn, Houston, TX                   available. Please send a resume with a recent photo to KSL, Inc., 8429
                    Brian Walker, Houston, TX                  Katy Freeway, Houston, Texas 77024. Information may be faxed to (713)
                 Barbara Vansickle, Houston, TX                465-0824 or e-mailed to ; or applicants may phone
                 Sam Rodriguez Jr., Lubbock, TX                (800) 546-4565.

                                                                                 TEXAS LEGISLATIVE FUND
   The $15.00 assessment portion of the annual TLA dues
is not tax deductible….only the $35.00 dues portion is a de-    The Texas Locksmiths Association monitors legislation, licens-
                                                                ing, and regulation to look after the interests of locksmiths in
                ductible business expense .                     Texas. A portion of the membership dues helps maintain this
                                                                program, but additional contributions are needed. Those wish-
                                                                ing to support this effort with a donation or donate items for
                                                                auction, please contact a member of the board or call 1-877-
                      Scholarship Fund
    TLA awards scholarships to sons and daughters of
    regular and life members who are entering or already                         COTHRON’S SAFE AND LOCK
    have attended college.                                     Now offering custom generated master key systems designed to
    Applicants need to submit a completed application to       your specifications. Bitting lists, pinning charts, keys cut and
    the Secretary postmarked between April and May 31.         custom stamped.
    Renewals of scholarships must be postmarked between        Also available, turn-key interchangeable core service. You pro-
    June 15 and July 15.                                       vide the specs, we’ll supply the cores, change keys, control keys,
                                                               master keys, bitting lists, pinning matrix. Shipped to you ready to
    For more information and to obtain an application, con-    install.
    tact the Secretary.                                                          Free up your time for other jobs.
                                                                      Pricing? Call Scott or Jim 800-294-6273; 512-472-6273

4   TLA                                                                                                                         TLA    13
                   Tips & Tricks of the Trade                                     MEMBER RECRUITMENT INCENTIVE PROGRAM
                                                                                In an effort to increase membership in The Texas Locksmiths Associa-
                                                                             tion the Board of Directors has voted to install a new member recruitment
Free Online Training Offered for Security Professionals                      program that will benefit CURRENT members.
Wheelock Inc. is offering a free online training program for contractors
and others in the alarm industry. The curriculum is designed to serve           We believe our best ambassadors are our current members. This In-
                                                                             centive Program will give you special benefits for bringing colleagues and
designers, installers, specifiers, contractors, end users and others in-     employees into the association in order to reach important membership
volved in the fire alarm, security and facility communications industries.   milestones. It's our way of saying "Thank You" for being an active mem-
Called “WheelockU,” the free program includes courses on voice sys-          ber.
tem layout as well as other training courses. The range of topics covers
                                                                                As our membership expands, so too will the service to members, creat-
technical, applications and sales approaches. Students in the program        ing even more reasons to join. Your participation and support will ensure
qualify for continuing education units (CEU).                                that your association will become a increasingly valuable resource for all
WheelockU is located on the Web at For more               Texas Locksmiths.
information, call (800) 631-2148.
                                                                             Effective immediately and dating back to August 2, 2003, any TLA member
                                                                             in good standing that first line sponsors a new member application shall
                                                                             be entitled to the following amenities:
Dedicated Micros has launched a 4 camera DVR that specifically
                                                                             1.   First line sponsor on 2 –3 new member applications shall receive one
targets new users of digital – opening up all the benefits of digital to          (1) free convention registration.
small business owners and bringing new business opportunities for in-
stallers.                                                                    2.   First line sponsor on 4 – 6 new member applications shall receive one
                                                                                  (1) free convention registration and one (1) free convention “party”
Aimed at standalone businesses such as convenience stores, the Eco                ticket.
(Economy) 4 has been priced to rival the traditional VCR/multiplexer         3.   First line sponsor on 7 – 10 new member applications shall receive
combination.                                                                      one (1) free convention registration, one (1) free convention “party”
Not only does Eco4 offer crystal clear image quality, low maintenance             ticket, and one (1) free sleeping room night during annual convention.
costs and an end to tape management issues, but provides remote              4.   First line sponsor on 11 – 14 new member applications shall receive
viewing options, video motion detection, professional spot monitor out-           one (1) free convention registration, one (1) free convention “party”
put and archive to external CD-R all as standard.                                 ticket, one (1) free sleeping room night during annual convention, and
                                                                                  a plaque.
DM’s interface keeps end-user training to a minimum. Live or recorded
images can be accessed quickly and easily either locally via powerful        5.   First line sponsor on 15 or more new member applications shall re-
GOTO functions, or remotely via a standard PC using free network                  ceive one (1) free convention registration, one (1) free convention
                                                                                  “party” ticket, one (1) free sleeping room night during annual conven-
viewing software.                                                                 tion, a plaque, and one (1) free class during annual convention.
The option to have a live monitor display acts as a visible deterrent to     This program is open to ALL TLA members in good standing with the ex-
the opportunist shoplifter, while any suspected staff pilfering can be ad-   ception of those members serving on the board. Member MUST be cur-
dressed via the Eco4’s covert camera options.                                rent with his/her membership dues during the year in which program is in                                                      effect. Program shall run from January 1st – January 1st of each year
                                                                             with the exception of the first year program is in effect (2003), which shall
                                                                             run from August 2nd to January 1st. This program shall remain in effect
                                                                             until such time the Board of Trustees votes to cancel the entire program.
             Send your “Tips & Tricks of the Trade” to the Editor
                                                                                As you can see, anyone first line sponsoring a new member applica-
            by one of the means shown on the inside front cover.
                                                                             tion will benefit greatly. Get out there and find locksmiths who are not
                                                                             current members and SIGN THEM UP NOW !
                                                                             Applications (updated to reflect recent changes) are available for
                                                                             download on TLA’s website at or call toll free:
        Visit TLA’s Website at                       1-877-TLA-INFO.

12   TLA                                                                                                                                         TLA    5
BASIC LOCKSMITHING CLASS                                                              ALOA Positive ID Policy
MAY 14TH, 15TH, & 16TH FROM 8:00A.M. TO 5:00P.M.                   ALOA locksmiths are instructed to use the following positive
943 W. 7TH AVE. CORSICANA, TX.                                     identification policy when servicing lockouts:
TLA MEMBER: $395.00 NON TLA MEMBER: $445.00
TO REGISTER CONTACT: ED STITES AT 979-323-9919 or                  * Notify Caller- When a call comes in to request lockout ser-
Email                                              vices, ask the caller if he/she has identification and authority to
                                                                   open the lock.
OTHER UPCOMING TLA CLASSES:                                        * Complete Form- Upon arrival at the job site, the locksmith
INTERMEDIATE LOCKSMITHING                                          should complete an Authorization Form that asks for the name,
HOUSTON (JUNE-DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED)                                address, phone number, identification number and property de-
                                                                   scription from the customer.
LIFE SAFETY & ADA                                                  * Verify I.D- Verify the customer's photo-identification card and
DALLAS (DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED)                                      compare it to the information provided by the customer. If no
ALARMS AND CCTV                                                    photo-ID card is available, ask for some other reasonable form
HOUSTON (DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED)                                     of ID.
                                                                   * Verify Authority- The locksmith should inquire as to what au-
AUTOMOTIVE WITH JIM HETCHLER                                       thority the customer has to open the lock, and request to see
HARLINGEN (JUNE DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED)                              any reasonable and appropriate evidence that could verify the
                                                                   * Ask for Signature- Ask the customer to sign the Authorization
                                                                   Form, which should contain a statement that (a) the information
NEW: TLA Members Area on TLA’s Website.                            given by the customer is correct, (b) the customer has the au-
Go to for the link and sub-        thority to open the lock, and (c) the customer shall identify and
scription instructions.                                            hold harmless the locksmith against liability.
                                                                   * Optional Last Resort- If you have any suspicions that the cus-
Subscribe to TLA’s eMailing List to receive this publication       tomer is giving false information or does not have authority to
[Texas Locksmiths Advisor] by email/download instead of regu-      open the lock, say that you will be happy to open the lock pro-
lar mail. Go to and Subscribe      vided a law enforcement officer is present. If the customer
to the eMailing List for User Name / Password to Members           agrees, call the police; if not, leave.
Area . Or, send an email to        * File the Form- Keep the Authorization Form on file for a rea-
with SUBSCRIBE in the Subject line. You must supply your Last      sonable period of time (Minimum of three years).
Name, First Name, TLA Member # and send from a valid email
address. Note: AOL has a bulk email blocking system; Please
use an alternate email account/address.
I encourage you to Subscribe to TLA’s eMailing List to receive             TLA’s Website (
important announcements and the most up-to-date information               Is Hosted by
as it is posted. By subscribing, you will also save the Associa-         Free Membership, Free Websites for Members
tion printing and mailing costs.                                              Locksmith Community / Resources /
Thanks in advance, TLA Webmaster                                             News / Forums / Downloads / more…

6   TLA                                                                                                                         TLA      11
From Jet Keys:                                                                                LOCKSMITH REGISTRATION LAW
                                                                                                     OPEN FORUMS
Jet Hardware is pleased to announce the
release of a UNIVERSAL KEY for Chrys-                                                   An open forum discussion will be held at the
ler. This key blank is only for service and                                             following locations, dates and times:
is not designed nor made for general                                      May 15th, 2004, 4:00 P.M.
duplication. Our B15-NS for GM has                                        H.L. Flake Company
been well received and Professional                                       5005 Gulf Freeway (I45), Houston, TX
Locksmiths have asked for this to be                                      800-231-4105
added to our line. Available only in nickel                               May 29th, 2004, 1:00 P.M.
silver.                                                                   Hans Johnson Company
                                                                          8901 Chancellor Row, Dallas, TX
  Contact your favorite Jet Distributor                                   888-879-1500
                                                                          If you a Locksmith as defined by law and work on any
                                                                          “Mechanical Security Device’ for the public you will be required
                                                                          by law to become registered under the TBPS. You will have to
                                                                          obtain liability insurance and have a background check con-
                                                                          ducted. Also, if you are involved in Electronic Access Control
                                                                          you will have to be licensed.
                                                                          Further details and questions will be answered at these forums.
Used Safes For Sale
Sentry Steal-Safe Model # B40201C from Corporate Safe Specialists, Inc.   Seating will be limited to a first come, first serve basis.
Size is 20.5" wide, 41" tall, 20" deep                                    If you have a question you can call Jim Hetchler, TLA President, at
2 shelves inside with a key locking small compartment on top.             1-877-TLA-INFO or 1-800-906-7728. Email:
Sentry D880
21.5 wide, 33" tall on wheels, 18" deep
there is a slot in the top for a money drop
Bert Wallace, CML; Locksmith, Key Control Office                          Small Parts, Inc.
713-441-4376 (Phone), 713-404-8526 (Pager) (Email)                                              Materials, Components, Tools

                                                                          Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper, Bronze, Aluminum, Titanium, Iron, Rod,
                                                                          Bar Sheet, Tubing, Disks, Strips and more.
                                                                          Machine Tools, Hand Tools, Measuring Devices, , Calipers, Miniature
                                         Pliers, Burs, Screw Drivers, Hex Keys, Gauges, Magnifiers, Loupes,
                      -- Site Summary 4/2 - 4/8 --                        Jobbers Drills, Taps, Dies, Reamers, Soldering, Micrometers, Tweez-
                   Visits since January 1, 2003                           ers and more.
                   Total ........................ 3,029                   The catalog provides complete and systematic descriptions of hard-to-
                   Average per Day ................. 12                   find quality engineering tools and materials. The current catalog con-
                   Average Visit Length .......... 3:12                   tains over 450 pages and features over 15,000 items.
                   This Week ...................... 83                    1-800-220-4242 

10    TLA                                                                                                                               TLA   7
                  G.H.L.A. TO HOST AUTOMOTIVE CLASS                       I AM ASSOCIATED !
                            BY JIM HETCHLER
                                                                          I know for years I worked alone and did my thing making car keys.
                          FREE TIPS & TRICKS
                                                                          Then I observed others doing the same thing. I thought to myself,
                         FRIDAY, May 14, 2004                             “They are sure working too hard.” I do it is so much easier. Why do
                           7:00 PM—?                                      they work so hard? So I began to show some others how to do keys a
       CO-HOSTED BY AND AT: HERBERT L. FLAKE CO.                          different way to save money and time.
             5005 GULF FREEWAY, HOUSTON
                                                                          I was introduced to the local Association by another smith. I attended
             ALL DAY AUTOMOTIVE HANDS-ON                                  the meeting. There were some really nice locksmith’s with their wife’s
                   SATURDAY, May 15, 2004                                 there. We talked and exchanged ideas. I pickup up some really neat
                      8:00 AM—3:00 PM                                     things to make my job easier. And I gave some tips out to others.
    **There will be no break for lunch, bring a sack lunch if
                           desired !                                      The days when it is “my secret and I am not telling anyone” are over.
        LOCATION: HOUSTON HOBBY AUTO AUCTION                              There are no secrets to key making anymore. It is all over the Internet
               800 Brisbane Rd. Houston, Tx.                              and elsewhere. The only way one can grow and strengthen now is to
                                                                          help each other. How one can expect to survive on their own when it
                                                                          isn’t necessary just is beyond me. Do you have a friend outside of the
      $50.00 G.H.L.A. or TLA MEMBER   $65.00 NON-MEMBER
                                                                          trade? Then why don’t you have one inside the trade? Someone to
                                                                          share with, to develop a relationship with, to help you when you need
     VATS, PATS, TRANSPONDERS, GM IN DASH, FORD 8 CUT,                    it? I know I could not make it without the help of so many other
                       & THE FOCUS !                                      smiths that back me up. As I travel to meetings, classes and conven-
                                                                          tions I know that my business will continue as though I was still there.
A day of working hands on. We will try to find and work with the new
                                                                          Do you want to take a vacation and do things without the worry of los-
automobiles. You will be taking ignitions down and opening doors. We
                                                                          ing your business?
will try to locate and work on 2000+ auto’s. You will be shown how to
take out a GM 10 cut in dash ignition cylinder. Instructions will be
                                                                          Then get ASSOCIATED………
given on how to make keys on an Alpha-Tech Ignition cylinder. There
will be extensive use of the EZ Rader and Determinators system of key
                                                                          Join a Local or State Association. Many things are going on right now
making. The instruction will show you how to make keys on Ford 8 Cut,
                                                                          that will pay you a lot of dividends if you join now. Try to establish a
Chrysler 7 and 8 Cut and GM 10 Cut ignitions, column and in dash, all
                                                                          relationship that can help make your business grow.
within 10 minutes or less. There will be instruction on taking off Air
Bags, making keys on VATS vehicles. I will show you how to make keys
                                                                          With the introduction of the Licensing law many things are going to
on VATS cars without having to buy and interrogator device. We will
                                                                          change. TLA has been asked to be in the forefront for this process.
discuss the location of key codes and how to make keys without the
                                                                          Get on the inside track by becoming part of the solution instead of just
codes. You will be shown how to break down cylinders and make keys.
                                                                          sitting there and not even being a problem, to anyone but yourself.
There will be a free evening of tips and tricks. We will SHARE informa-
tion to make it easier to make keys for BOTH of us.                       Many things come and          go,   but   friendship   truly   lasts   for-
                         FOR INFO CONTACT:
        Judy Clifford @ 979-297-2413 or
                                                                          You can start this process by sharing this article and Advisor with
            Mail PAYMENT to: G.H.LA. C/O JUDY CLIFFORD                    someone that is not Associated. Pass it on!!!!!!!
              P.O. BOX 217 LAKE JACKSON, TX. 77566
                                                                                                                          Submitted by Jim Hetchler
8     TLA                                                                                                                                  TLA    9

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