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					Core Values

   Core Values are the traits or qualities the company considers most
    important or worthwhile; they represent the company’s highest
    priorities and deeply held driving forces, the cornerstones for every
    stakeholder to do, accomplish and live by.

   Core Values are expressed in Value Statements that define the key
    behaviors or best practices everyone in the company must consistently
    perform, share and nurture to guide everyday work decisions, actions
    and relationships.

Workplace Golden Rules
To transform the workplace and make ordinary workdays extraordinary, habitually practice these:

Show High Integrity.
Honor your word, agreement or commitment. And do as you promise. If
you agree to keep a confidence, respect your accord. Take pride in your
strengths and accomplishments. But humbly accept your weaknesses and
mistakes. Do not take what is not yours. Do not accept what you have not
earned. (This applies to everything: from office supplies to getting credit
for work done by others.)

Be right and do right, not just sound right. Be open and candid. Always tell
the truth. Do not try to bull shit your way through a sale or any other
explanation or discussion particularly when you got caught in a tight spot.
If you do not know the answer, tell the person asking the question that you
will find out, do the necessary research then get back to him. Take pride
in being able to say that every answer you give is as right as it can be.

Respect the rights of and deal fairly with all stakeholders including
competitors. Seek competitive advantage through superior and honest
performance or service, never through unethical or illegal business
practices. Do not take advantage of anyone though manipulation,
concealment and abuse of privileged information, misrepresentation of
facts or any other dishonest, unfair practice.

Respect and promote strict compliance with relevant insider trading laws,
rules and regulations as well as internal company policies and directives
on unethical use of material non-public information.

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Core Values

Maintain Professionalism.
Remember that in business as in life, everyone has a role to play. Everyone
has to carry his own weight and to contribute his fair share. When you
accepted a job and you were being paid well to do it, then do your best
to perform excellently every day in every way. Always give value for
value. Take full responsibility for your own decisions or actions. But
demand the same from other team members. Do not allow free loaders.
Keep in mind that professionalism requires all concerned to know, to
understand and to be fully committed to the corporate priorities, to
substantially contribute in the accomplishment of the key objectives as
well as to clearly and openly communicate with everyone else before,
throughout and even after each task or project.

Be aware of what you are doing and more importantly what you must be
doing at the moment. In a world of mobile phones, Internet and multi-
tasking, being able to concentrate on the now can reap extraordinary
benefits. While very difficult due to lots of distractions, try not to let your
mind roam and go off tangents. Pay attention. Listen to what others are
saying. Honor the importance of each interaction, each moment. Plan
your day. Work and measure your performance according to plan.

Always Strive for Excellence.
Make the delivery of high quality products or services your number one
priority. Develop the attitude that anything worth doing must be done
very well. Always try to do things fast, efficient and problem-free. Treat
everyone as a customer. And treat every customer interaction (i.e.
moments of truth) as an opportunity to serve. But do not think that good
service consists only of grand gestures. Sweat the details.

Be extremely cautious because “the end does not justify the means” if the
means are illegal, too costly or unethical. Do not work through tasks only
to find that the results are tainted by questionable/less-than-acceptable
ways they are achieved. Study and understand the processes: the “how-
tos” so that depending on the results, if great they can be repeated and
continuously improved or if poor, these processes may be stopped or
revised. Do things right the first time if possible. And always try to do things
better the next time around.

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Core Values

Be Loyal.
Put the company’s interests over all other interests. Avoid actual or
potential conflicts of interest in your personal and professional relationships
or dealings. When and where conflict of interest exists, the Company first
policy applies.

Respect and comply strictly with the letter, spirit and intent of all the
relevant laws, rules and regulations of the countries in which the company
operates as well as with internal policies and directives. Know and adhere
to the standards and restrictions imposed by such laws, rules and
regulations to protect the legitimate interests of the company. Maintain
the confidentiality of certain information entrusted by the company and
customers, except when disclosure is authorized or required by pertinent
laws. Keep strictly confidential proprietary or trade secrets of stakeholders.
Disclose fully, fairly, timely and accurately information only in reports
mandated by regulatory agencies.

Advance the legitimate interests of Company whenever the chance to
do so arises. Abstain from personally taking advantage of or directing to
third parties any business opportunity that is discovered through the use of
company property, facility, information or position unless the company
has already been offered but turned down such prospect.

Protect Company assets and ensure their proper and efficient use. Except
when incidental personal use is allowed as part of approved employment
privilege or benefit, use company assets, equipment only for official
Company business.

Trust Your Teammates and Be Trustworthy Yourself.
Conduct yourselves in manners that are above reproach to live up to the
trust and confidence of the company’s stakeholders. Build openness,
integrity and community to develop strong teams. Align everyone’s
behaviors with preferred organizational values resulting to strong
motivation and performance. Help yourself and teammates gain the
confidence to admit and deal with whatever comes your way.

Keep in mind that the journey through life is hard, a real daily struggle. So,
everyone needs all the help he/she can get, even just “moral support”.
Encourage others you meet as they progress along their chosen paths.

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Core Values

Help others reach new levels of understanding of what life has to offer
and how best to cope by sharing your own experiences and learnings.
Living becomes easier and life’s load gets less heavy when you share the
burden: help others and get help.

Consider that nobody is perfect. Everyone commits mistakes, does
something wrong. Understand that when somebody asks your forgiveness
and you pardon that person, real forgiveness involves release of your
resentment and you granting the other person a second chance.
Transcend the human tendency to warehouse details of wrongs
committed and have the grace to give the person a clean slate to move
forward free from unnecessary baggage. Do not catalog the other
person’s mistakes but understand the reasons/causes of the failures so
they could be avoided in the future. Learn from the experience.

Accept that each stakeholder is a unique individual who contributes in
different ways. Understand that the objective is not to make clones: make
everyone think and act the same. Instead, unite and rally all concerned
into accomplishing common business goals. Take on the challenge of
turning diversity into a great strength and competitive business

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