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					                                                                                                                                                                           Friday, May 7, 2010 - BUTLER EAGLE 5

           S T ATE                                                                                                                               Sale                                   Jobs up 290,000;
                                                                                                                                                 ■ From Page 1
2 injured after SUV                                                                                                                                                                     April jobless
plunges 6 stories
                                                                                                                                                 Wagner painted the same pic-
                                                                                                                                                 ture in a conference call with         rate rises to 9.9%
   PITTSBURGH — Police say                                                                                                                       investors Thursday.                      WASHINGTON — More
two people are in stable con-                                                                                                                       “It’s the tale of the two port-     confident          employers
dition after being rescued from                                                                                                                  folios,” he said.                      stepped up job creation in
a vehicle that plunged six sto-                                                                                                                     The loans in Arizona, which         April, expanding payrolls
ries from a downtown Pitts-                                                                                                                      stem from NexTier’s lone loan          by 290,000, the most in four
burgh parking garage.                                                                                                                            branch in Phoenix, did con-            years. The jobless rate rose
   Authorities say they’re inves-                                                                                                                cern Wagner.                           to 9.9 percent as people
tigating why the sport utility                                                                                                                      Under the sale agreement,           streamed back into the
vehicle ended up tumbling out                                                                                                                    NexTier has already set aside          market looking for work.
of the structure Thursday                                                                                                                        more than $5 million to cover            The hiring of 66,000 tem-
night.                                                                                                                                           bad loans. Northwest expects           porary government workers
                                                                                                                                                 it will need to pump in about          to conduct the census
   Sgt. Daniel Connolly says the
                                                                                                                                                 an additional $7 million to cov-       helped overall payroll
driver lost control while
                                                                                                                                                 er those loans.                        growth last month. Howev-
rounding a bend then hit a
                                                                                                                                                    NexTier saw it’s “troubled          er, private employers — the
parked car and fell backward                                                                                                                     assets” rise from $5.2 million         backbone of the economy —
out of the garage to an alley                                                                                                                    in 2008 to $34.8 million last          boosted jobs, too. They
below. The vehicle plunged                                                                                                                       year.                                  added a surprisingly strong
about 70 feet and landed                                                                                            BUTLER EAGLE FILE PHOTO         That pushed the bank                231,000 positions last month,
upside down.                                                                                                                                     toward       Wednesday’s      sale     also the most since March
                                       Butler’s Centre City development project took help with the revitalization of the property in
   Police did not release the          a leap forward Thursday with the announce- the area of South Main, East Cunningham,                       agreement.                             2006, the Labor Department
names of the victims.                  ment of a partnership with the Pittsburgh His- South McKean and East Jefferson streets.                      “In the long run, it’s the          reported today.
                                       tory and Landmarks Foundation, which will                                                                 right move,” Weir said.                  “Clearly companies have
Deal for volunteers                                                                                                                                 She added the sale was an           a newfound confidence in
at Bushy Run OK’d                                                                                                                                independent decision by the            the future of the economic

                                       Centre City
                                                                                                                                                                                        recovery and on the part of

   PITTSBURGH — The Penn-                                                                                                                        bank, and was not forced by
sylvania Historical and Muse-                                                                                                                    any federal bank regulators.           their      own      business
                                                                                                                                                    But despite those problems,         prospects,”     said     Joel
um Commission has agreed to                                                          ork begins with a study of the fea-
                                       ■ From Page 1                                                                                             Wagner still is excited about          Naroff, president of Naroff
let a volunteer group staff the
Bushy Run Battlefield in West-                                               sibility of the project, what kinds of build-                       the acquisition. The deposits          Economic Advisors.
                                          Work will begin with a                                                                                 in Butler, he said, are strong           By The Associated Press
moreland County.                       study of the feasibility of the
                                                                             ings that should be constructed and how
                                                                                                                                                 and will improve the economic
   The battlefield was one of a        project and what kinds of             they will interact. The study’s results will                        condition of Northwest.
half dozen state historic sites        buildings should be con-              be presented in about a month and a half.                              “This is not one we ever          one each in Valencia, Sarver,
the     museum       commission        structed and how they will                                                                                thought we’d get a chance to
planned to close last year due                                                                                                                                                        Butler Township. It also has
                                       interact. The study by Lloyd                                                                              acquire,” he said. “This came
to state budget cuts.                                                                                                                                                                 offices in Wexford, Gibsonia
                                       Jones of New York will be           could support a hotel and          plan, the Centre City project      out of nowhere.”
   Under the deal struck                                                                                                                                                              and Grove City.
                                       completed in four to six            miniconvention center.             will be “in the heart of But-         Specifically, he said, he was
Wednesday, the battlefield, its                                                                                                                                                          PNC Bank is the largest
                                       weeks, Ziegler said.                   The plan always has             ler’s historic district with       attracted to adding a strong-
visitors center and museum                Ann Lloyd Jones said her                                                                                                                    bank in the county.
                                                                           included those features, as        contemporary design that           hold in Butler County.                  A number of items in the
exhibits will still be owned by        firm’s representatives want         well as retail and apart-          can fit in the city, but also         “The most significant market
the state. The state also will         to hear from everyone on the                                                                                                                   acquisition are being worked
                                                                           ments.                             stand the test of time.”           here is Butler County,” Wagn-        out.
provide two workers to main-           project.                               O’Malley said for about           Business     owners     who      er.
tain the battlefield, but the             “We need to know what                                                                                                                          “A lot of the details, that
                                                                           three years Rite Aid has           attended the announcement             Most of the markets are not       comes next,” Weir said.
Bushy Run Battlefield Her-             you have, what you need,            been interested in buying          agreed it is an exciting time      growing, but Butler County is,
itage Society will otherwise           what businesses are here                                                                                                                          Those includes issues such
                                                                           property from the corner of        for the city.                      he told to investors during a
staff the facility.                    and why,” she said.                                                                                                                            as sponsorships in the commu-
                                                                           South Main and East Jeffer-          Ron Olsen, owner of Olsen        call Thursday.
   The park was the site of a             The study’s results will be                                                                                                                 nity, the roles NexTier officers
                                                                           son streets to the East Birch      Engineering; Joe Gray, own-           He doesn’t expect to close
battle in 1763 between Ameri-          presented at a public meet-                                                                                                                    will have at Northwest, and
                                                                           Street alley for the site of a     er of Gateway Engineering in       any branches or offices of
can Indians and British troops         ing in about a month and a                                                                                                                     the status of employees.
                                                                           large drugstore with a park-       Butler and the restored Odd        either bank, he said. However,
coming to break a siege at Fort        half, O’Malley said.                                                                                      the final decision will be made         Weir does not know what her
                                          Design work will follow          ing lot.                           Fellows Hall, now called                                                role will be at the bank after
Pitt.                                                                         “Unfortunately, no one saw      Cornerstone Commons, and           after the acquisition is fin-
                                       quickly afterward, Ziegler                                                                                ished and customer patterns          the October transition.
                                                                           the economic downturn or           several other buildings in                                                 NexTier employees learned
Movie theater slated                   said, with that report to be
                                                                           other economic problems for        the city; and John Mossman,
                                                                                                                                                 can be analyzed.
                                       done in another four to six                                                                                  The acquisition, which needs      of the acquisition Wednesday
to start selling alcohol               weeks.                              Rite Aid that has delayed          who is a volunteer with the                                             night. Wagner described that
                                                                                                                                                 the approval of shareholders
  EPHRATA — A movie the-                  “There is no assigned end        their plan,” O’Malley said,        Butler Multi-Municipal Plan,                                            meeting as “positive,” and
                                                                                                                                                 and regulators at the state and
ater in central Pennsylvania           date for this project yet,” he      adding property owners             a plan for five municipalities     federal levels, should get           Weir said it went as well as
will soon become the first in          said.                               along that stretch have            including the city, all said       worked out by October. That’s        could be expected.
the area to serve alcoholic               O’Malley pointed out it has      either closed businesses or        they are looking forward to        when people could see the               One of the next steps in the
beverages.                             taken the authority almost          let maintenance lapse on           working with the Landmarks         name change to Northwest.            sale for Northwest is to inves-
  In about two weeks, the              six years to reach this point,      buildings.                         group.                                When the merger is complet-       tigate NexTier’s ties to the
Ephrata Main Theatre in Lan-           but the project will move              “So as part of the feasibil-      “Its not too late for But-       ed, Northwest will be the sec-       community and work on the
caster County will start selling       forward quickly now.                ity study, we will look at         ler,” O’Malley said. “New          ond largest bank in the Butler       transition, Holden said.
beer, wine and cocktails at the           The original idea for Cen-       whether we should wait for         Castle, it looks pretty, but       market. It will have an addi-           Then, NexTier will switch
late showings of selected films.       tre City came from Rick             them or if the city should         you can shoot a canon              tional 12 offices and $345 mil-      over to Northwest’s processing
Only people 21 and older will          Hardman with Olsen Engi-            look to develop that land          through the downtown. For          lion of deposits here. NexTier       system and work on merging
be allowed to attend those             neering in Butler, who sug-         another way,” he said.             Aliquippa and others, it is        also has three branches in           the different work cultures.
showings.                              gested to O’Malley the city            Ziegler said whatever the       too late, but not for Butler.”     Allegheny County and one in          Easing that are four managing
    By The Associated Press                                                                                                                      Armstrong County.                    employees who have left Nex-
                                                                                                                                                    NexTier, founded in 1878 as       Tier in the past five years and

                                                                                                                                                 Citizens Bank, is headquar-          joined Northwest.
                                                                                          THEY’RE NO. 1                                          tered in Butler Township.               “We wouldn’t have agreed to
                                                                                                                                                    Northwest has now five            this merger if we didn’t

                                                                             Isabella, Jacob
■ From Page 1                       reactions to the program.                                                                                    branches in Butler County: two       believe in them doing the right
                                       Member Christian Ola said                                                                                 in Cranberry Township, and           thing,” Weir said.
puter since they perform every
                                    he would rather see such a sig-

function the school’s laptops

                                                                            top baby names
                                    nificant amount of money go to
                                    an online homework program.
   “The idea is to replace the      Ola said the district could rent
computers, ideally,” Pettigrew      laptops for half the cost of the                                                                             ■ From Page 1                        Riverside Beaver County dis-
said.                               devices.                                                                                                                                          trict created a 16-station well-
                                                                          By ASSOCIATED PRESS                    “People seem to be a little     middle school principals to          ness center with money from
   Cost of the program includes        Member Bonnie Weaver said                                                                                 argue for the proposal.
the devices, training and                                                    WASHINGTON — Scoot over,         bit more creative, inventive                                            grants and community dona-
                                    the program is worth a 30-day                                                                                   “This is a historic step being    tions after administrators dis-
monthly broadband charges by                                              Emma. Isabella is the new top       and flexible with their daugh-
                                    trial.                                                                                                       taken today,” James said in an       covered that 50 percent of stu-
Verizon Wireless. Pettigrew                                               baby name for girls.                ters’ names,” said Social Secu-
                                       “We’ve spent more in one                                                                                  interview outside the meeting.       dents were obese. Before stu-
estimated the cost of the 30-                                                Jacob is the most popular        rity Commissioner Michael J.
                                    night picking out bricks,”                                                                                   With respect to concerns about       dents took state assessment
day pilot program at about                                                baby name for boys, continuing      Astrue. “With boys, I think we
                                    Weaver said.                                                                                                 expenses and fitting in the          tests last year, they were
$12,000.                                                                  an 11-year run at the top, the      tend to be a little bit more
                                                                                                                                                 activity time, he said, “It can      encouraged to use the center.
                                       But Ola said, “Bricks will         Social Security Administration      consistent. The names don’t
   He said costs would be nego-                                                                                                                  be done if it’s a priority.”            “Our scores actually rose
                                    still be here in 30 years.”           said Friday. Emma’s reign was       change quite as much.”
tiated down if the district                                                                                                                         The state spends $1.5 billion
                                       Member Dayle Ferguson was          much shorter, lasting just a           A little more than 22,000                                            dramatically last year,” said
decides to use the devices per-                                                                                                                  to $2 billion a year in taxpayer
                                    surprised to learn teachers           year before slipping to No. 2.      girls born in 2009 were named                                           Steve Girting, the district’s mid-
manently.                                                                                                                                        money to treat the obesity-
                                    already had been trained on              Pop culture appeared to          Isabella, followed by Emma,                                             dle school and intermediate
                                                                                                                                                 related health problems of peo-
   “I really think this is what I   the devices, and that they were       influence many of the most          Olivia, Sophia and Ava. Nearly                                          principal.
                                                                                                                                                 ple enrolled in the state’s Med-
call cutting- edge technology to    to be distributed to middle           popular names in 2009. Barack       21,000 boys were named Jacob,      icaid program. Meanwhile, one-          Jim Buckheit, the executive
change the way you look at          school students on Wednesday          still didn’t crack the top 1,000    followed by Ethan, Michael,        third of all Pennsylvania stu-       director of the Pennsylvania
education in a very positive        without board approval of the         for boys, but a version of the      Alexander and William.             dents are overweight or obese,       Association of School Adminis-
way,” Pettigrew said.               pilot program or even written         president’s daughter’s name,           Mia was the only newcomer       with higher rates than that in       trators, said the trend in
   He likened the program to        information for board mem-            Malia, was the fastest riser for    to the top 10 for girls, rising    43 of 67 counties, James said.       schools has been to cut back
the district trying out its first   bers.                                 girls.                              from 14th to 10th. Among the          The measure would likely          on things like recreation and
Commodore computers in the                                                   “Anything can influence          boys, Jayden moved up from         banish many of the processed         physical education in order to
                                       “I feel dragged into this and                                                                                                                  reserve more time for subjects
early 1990s or the laptops that     the last one to know,” Fergu-         baby names, from pop culture        11th to 8th, and Noah moved        foods served in schools
followed.                                                                 to literature, to music and         up from 15th to 9th.               because of the guidelines that       on which students are tested.
                                    son said.                                                                                                                                            Also, he said some accommo-
   “If we don’t try it, we’re not                                         celebrities,” said Jennifer            The Social Security Admin-      it would set for fat, sugar, sodi-
                                       The board did not vote on                                              istration started compiling                                             dation must be made for stu-
going to know,” Pettigrew said.                                           Moss, author of “The One-in-a-                                         um and calories.
                                    the pilot program, but would                                              name lists in 1997. The agency                                          dents in after-school sports.
“It may work; it may not.”                                                Million Baby Name Book” and                                               In addition, it would require
                                    be required to vote to adopt                                              offers lists of baby names dat-    school districts to provide             Elizabeth     Walker,      who
                                                                          founder of
   Kolson said the devices          the permanent use of the                                                  ing to 1880.                       physical education classes and       directs a healthy schools proj-
                                                                             Many of the top names —
could not be used for tele-         devices.                                                                     Baby names often become         a minimum of 30 minutes of           ect for the National Associa-
                                                                          and the fastest risers — came
phone calls or texting friends,        A letter went home this            straight from the popular “Twi-     popular because of celebrities.    daily exercise; the state does       tion of State Boards of Educa-
and would be programmed to          week with students who are            light” series of books and          For example, Emma debuted          not currently set any minimum        tion, said Pennsylvania’s pro-
allow students to use them          using the devices requesting          movies, a collection of stories     in the top 10 in 2002, the same    physical activity requirements.      posal, if approved, would put it
only for school projects. He        parents agree to pay up to $100       about teen romance and vam-         year that Jennifer Aniston’s       Students in after-school sports      at the forefront of state efforts.
said a red “M” on its back          for the loss of or damage to a        pires. If that sounds hokey,        character on “Friends” gave        would not be excused.                   A number of states have obe-
would allow school staff to dis-    device.                               don’t bother naming your son        the name to her TV show baby.         The three principals who          sity-prevention policies, but
tinguish between it and a cell         Kolson said information on         Cullen.                                “Make sure the name can         appeared with James said stu-        many only encourage districts
phone.                              the program is available at              Edward Cullen is one of the      grow with your child and make      dents, as well as teachers, have     to take steps, while others do
   Board members had varying                       lead characters in the “Twi-        sure they can live with it,”       embraced similar steps they’ve       not extend the requirements to
                                                                          light” books and movies.            Moss said. “Don’t make it too      taken in their schools. The          high schools, she said.
                                                                          Edward moved up only 11             cutesy because think, can it
                                                                          spots, to No. 137 on the list.      work in the board room? Can

   Car Accident?
 Butler PA - A new free report has recently been released
                                                                          But Cullen was the biggest ris-
                                                                          er among boys’ names, moving
                                                                          up 297 spots, to No. 485.
                                                                             Edward Cullen is, of course,
                                                                                                              they be a CEO?”
                                                                                                                 King made the third biggest
                                                                                                              jump in the rankings among
                                                                                                              boys in 2009, moving up 248
                                                                          a vampire. His girlfriend? Bel-     spots, to No. 462. Elvis came in
 that reveals information every car accident victim should have           la, a common nickname for           at No. 858, down from No. 713
 before they speak to anyone. Research shows that even a                  Isabella.                           the year before. Presley, how-
 “fender bender” can cause pain, headaches, even arthritis.                  Jacob is another character       ever, came in at No. 268 for
 Many car accident victims worry more about their car than                in the stories, but Jacob’s reign   girls.
 they do their rights. If you have been involved in an auto               at the top started well before         Nevaeh, which is heaven
 accident listen to the 24 hour toll-free recorded message by             the first “Twilight” book was       spelled backward, was the 34th
 calling. 1-888-821-0018.                                                 published in 2005. Isabella has     most popular baby name for
                                                                1080804   been in the top 10 since 2004.      girls. Heaven was No. 275.                                                                            1075785

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